Voodoo Princess
Chapter 1: A Date Gone Wrong

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Magic, Mind Control, Reluctant, Lesbian, TransGender, Incest, Sister, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Date Gone Wrong - A teenage boy has to learn to adapt after he is cursed during a family vacation in New Orleans. He is the victim of a misunderstanding. Now the curse is out of control. When the girl who first cursed him realizes she's lost control of the curse she leaves to find him so she can fix it. Starts slow.

Patrick sat alone, brooding in the hotel lobby. It was one AM in the morning on the last day of his family’s vacation to New Orleans. He knew he had to get back up to the room before his parents returned.

His sister would be back soon also, and he wanted to be in bed when she returned. He decided to take a few more minutes trying to figure out what exactly had gone wrong.

What did she think I was doing? I thought we were having a great day, and then suddenly she exploded on me. Hrmph, I wish I had gotten her number or something. Then I could call and apologize for whatever it is I did. I wonder...” he stared at the wall, his thoughts trailing off.

Patrick had just turned 14 last month. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was still short for his age, but his mom kept telling him he would catch up. He was also relatively thin and not muscular, but that was from spending his days playing video games and surfing the Internet.

He was a bit of a geek. He did not have very many friends, but the few he had were very loyal. The popular kids at his school did not bully him like they did some of the other geeks. He had also never been very good with girls, and obviously that had not changed today.

He raised his hand to rub the red mark on his face and winced. She must have cut him with a nail when she slapped him. He just wished he knew what it was he had done.

Patrick had spent the whole day with a girl he had met in the French Quarter. They had seemed to hit it off very well, laughing and joking the whole day. Things had been going so well, she had even invited him to join her for the day.

Things only went wrong when Patrick decided he would try a suggestion from his best friend Mark. He had figured “what did it matter” if it backfired, it wasn’t like he would have to see this girl every day. He sighed to himself and decided he was glad his family was returning to Ohio the next morning.

That morning, his parents decided to take the day for themselves. Patrick and his sister, Lily, had been starting to squabble and the adults wanted a break.

Sibling arguments were expected after being forced together the whole week. They usually got along just fine. But, they also usually got more alone time than they had on this vacation.

Patrick’s parents had left early in the morning to walk around the city and relax. They told Patrick and his sister that they would be back very late after the bars closed. They also instructed the two teenagers to stay near the hotel and behave themselves.

Just like any other kids their age, Patrick and Lily left the hotel within an hour of their parents leaving.

At first, the two of them stayed together and wandered the town. They were both enjoying the freedom of not having their parents around. By lunchtime, however, Lily had taken off on her own with a boy they met nearby.

This was typical of Patrick’s sister and it didn’t bother him. She was a bit of a flirt and never seemed to have difficulty finding guys who were interested. She was also a couple years older than Patrick. She didn’t want having her younger brother around to prevent her from having a bit of fun with her new friend before she left.

Patrick went to a cafe after Lily left. After eating he just sat wondering what to do now. He was just about to head back to the hotel, because he couldn’t think of anything.

He started to look for the waitress when a pretty raven haired girl walked up to his table.

“Do you mind if I share your table? All the others seem to be in use,” she asked.

Patrick smiled, answering her, “No, I don’t mind. I was just about to leave though, so you can have it for yourself if you want.”

“Oh ... I was hoping to have some company for my lunch,” she said with a bit of disappointment.

“Well, if you really want company, I guess I can stay. I’ve already eaten, but maybe I could get another drink while you eat,” he offered.

“Perfect! My name is Tara,” she said and a huge smile crossed her face, lighting up her eyes.

“I’m Patrick, nice to meet you,” he replied, smiling back at her. He started to extend his hand for a shake; but then drew it back, unsure of himself.

Not much later the waitress noticed Tara at Patrick’s table. She arrived and took Tara’s order. Tara ordered a grilled turkey sandwich and a cup of soup. Patrick simply asked for another coke. Shortly after, the waitress returned with the food.

“So, where are you from,” Tara asked in between bites of her sandwich.

“Oh, I’m from Ohio. A small town, south of Cleveland. We don’t live on a farm, but it’s pretty rural,” Patrick explained.

He then asked, “Are you on vacation also?”

He wondered, because he wasn’t used to girls his age not traveling in groups. He had noticed that she was also very pretty, and pretty girls really didn’t seem to go out alone much.

“No, I’m from here. I’ve never even left Louisiana. I was s’posed to meet a friend of mine for lunch here. But, she needed to stay home and do some chores,” she answered.

They began to hit it off very well and Patrick learned the basics about her quickly.

Tara was three years older that Patrick and lived in the eastern part of the city. She was going to be a senior next year, and had no idea what she wanted to do in the future.

Patrick was a bit surprised the she wanted to spend time with him since he was just going to start his freshman year. But, he figured that he was the only one around and her plans had been ruined when her friend couldn’t join her.

They spent the rest of her lunch chatting about what he thought of the city. For a while they discussed what he had, and hadn’t, seen.

After she was finished they continued to sit at the cafe drinking for another hour just talking about themselves. Patrick didn’t know why, but he was very comfortable talking and joking with her. He suspected part of the reason was that there could be no expectations, since he was leaving in the morning.

Suddenly, Tara stood and grabbed his hand. Throwing down enough money to cover the bill; she dragged him out of the cafe.

Shocked, Patrick couldn’t seem to get the words out to ask her where they were going. It did not take long, however, until they turned the corner and stopped beside an old beat up Chevy pickup.

Tara turned to Patrick and said, “Get in, I want to show you somewhere outside the city. You just must see it before you have to leave tomorrow.”

“Hang on a second! I’ve only just met you, and now you are dragging me out of the city? Are you some kind of weirdo,” Patrick asked with a smirk on his face.

Patrick could barely keep the laughter out of his voice, he was so happy. He felt pretty comfortable with her, however, he also knew he should find out where she was taking him before he got in the truck with her.

“Where are we going,” Patrick asked with just a bit of hesitation, and quite a bit of excitement.

“Oh! There’s an old church out in the bayou, about 45 minutes from the city. It’s just absolutely beautiful. You have to come with me to see it before you go home. You’ve never seen anything like it. Please, tell me you will come with me,” Tara was practically out of breath, trying to explain everything at once.

Patrick checked his watch, seeing that it was only three in the afternoon. He had plenty of time before his parents would return to the hotel. They wouldn’t expect him and Lily to be there until eleven. Also, knowing his sister, she probably wouldn’t return until after midnight, since she knew their parents were going out to the bars that night.

He thought about it for a moment and realized he should just go for it. He was surprised by how much he trusted Tara in such a short time.

What’s the worst that could happen,” he wondered to himself.

Climbing into the truck he said, “Well? Let’s go!”

Tara beamed when he agreed to join her. She knew she liked him, and wished that he didn’t have to leave in the morning. Knowing she couldn’t change things, she decided to just go with it and have a fun day with him. And, maybe they could email each other once he got back home.

Starting up the truck, Tara pulled into the light traffic and headed out of town.

The first half of the trip, Patrick pointed out parts of New Orleans he had visited. After they drove out of the city, she pulled onto a two lane highway and headed further into the wild. Pretty soon, Patrick had no idea where he was. Not knowing didn’t really bother him, he was just having a great time with Tara.

As they drove beside the green trees, their conversation quieted and each teen became lost in their thoughts.

Patrick was transfixed by the beauty of the surrounding environment. The highway slowly became a twisty road with sharp turns. He was fascinated by the trees, many of types which he didn’t see in is native Ohio.

Tara seemed to be focusing on the road and Patrick did not want to distract her. Soon, he began to notice small streams of water running along the road. As they continued to drive further from the city the streams opened into standing pools of water. Shortly after that, Patrick started to have a hard time telling the difference between solid ground and muddy water.

Tara pulled off the road and onto a dirt path. She drove for another five minutes. She then pulled the truck over, turning off the engine.

“We have to walk the last few hundred feet if you don’t mind,” Tara explained while getting out of the truck.

Patrick followed her and glanced around nervously, realizing how deserted this place looked. He followed her footsteps, picking his way among the pools of water.

Patrick was used to living in a place where there are not many people. But this place was very different. In the farming community he lived in there weren’t many places where someone could go that was truly isolated. He was not sure how comfortable he felt with coming on this trip any longer. The only reason he followed Tara, at that point, was because he could not think of a polite way to back out now.

“How long do you think we’ll be out here? I’m not sure when my sister will be back to the hotel and she’ll be waiting for me,” Patrick said trying to hurry things along.

Tara didn’t have an immediate answer. She continued to pick her way carefully across the ground, and Patrick did not want to repeat his question.

Soon, they broke through the trees and came upon a church. The building was uneven, since one side had sank further into the wet ground. There was a path of boards and small dirt rises leading from the path Tara was taking to the entrance of the old chapel. The constructed walkway made it clear to Patrick that the church was probably used by the local teens.

“Don’t worry, it’s still safe here. It just looks unsteady,” Tara tried to reassure him, misunderstanding his sudden reluctance.

Tara carefully made her way across the walkway and to the doors of the church. The doors no longer completely closed and Patrick was surprised that the local officials had not tried to close up the building with boards, not that signs and boards would have kept out teenagers.

“It doesn’t look like much, but in the evening when the sun is setting the whole place glows from the inside.”

Patrick followed her in through the creaking doors. When they got inside he was surprised at how dry and clean the chapel was.

“Wow, this is something else. How do you know about this place?” Patrick asked somewhat in awe.

“Some friends and I’ve been coming here for quite a while. There are about ten of us. We built the pathway to the door and have patched holes as they appear in the roof.”

Looking around, Patrick noticed that most of the stained glass windows were cracked and broken. But, he could see that the sparkling colored glass was clean and clear where it remained. Most of the holes had been covered with clear plastic to keep out the rain. There was also a plastic lawn table with five chairs around it. There was also a couple run down couches that were probably rescued from the dump when Tara and her friends had seen them left on people’s curbs. The back corner of the chapel was separated from the main area by black sheets hung from the rafters. Patrick wondered what was back there, but then thought that if Tara wanted him to know she would show him.

Tara walked over to one of the couches and spread out, making herself comfortable. Patrick decided to sit on the couch across from her, not sure what her intentions were. Now that they were somewhere isolated and she was busy staring into space, he took more time to really look at her.

She had midnight black hair down to her shoulders and pale gray eyes. She was dressed in a fitting white t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts that went down to about the middle of her thighs. The shorts hugged her ass very closely, in an appealing way. Her figure was womanly but streamlined, her small breasts only slightly pushing out the front of her t-shirt, and her hips were sleek.

Patrick knew from talking to her earlier that she was somewhat of a tomboy, spending most of her free time outside running around with her friends. This had given her body the smooth lines and deep tan many people would be envious of.

He realized he was starting to stare and turned away, blushing slightly. She was definitely a woman he wouldn’t mind getting to know better if he was given the chance.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about the church and what Tara and her friends had done with it. Patrick was very impressed. He wished he had a place like this at home.

They had even worked out a system to keep some drinks cold by tying a rope to a small cooler and lowering it below the surface of the water outside the back door. When Tara offered him a drink, he was amazed to see her pull up the cooler and bring out an ice cold beer for him.

He was nervous accepting the beer, as he had never drank one before. Except for New Years Eve, when his parents gave him a small glass of champaign, Patrick hadn’t tried drinking. After a moment he decided to just do it.

“What’s the worst that could happen,” he thought to himself.

The hours passed with them drinking and talking, neither of them really noticed the time.

In the middle of telling a joke, Patrick noticed that sunset was approaching. He was about to ask about heading back when he realized that the sun was going to shine directly through a window above where the altar would have been.

He thought to himself that when the light hit the window it would be scatter throughout the entire chapel, causing every surface to glow, just as Tara had told him.

He stood up and walked around for a moment trying to find the perfect spot to watch the sun descending. Patrick realized the couch Tara was now sitting on would be give the best view. He then continued to pace as he tried to work up his courage to sit beside her, hoping she would not be upset by his sitting next to her.

He thought she liked him, but wasn’t completely sure. He also didn’t know how far she would go, even if she was interested. He felt like he knew quite a bit about her from talking all day, but they hadn’t really talked about dating or sex. The only thing he could do was sit by her and see how she reacted.

While he was pacing, he started thinking about the suggestions Mark had given him about picking up girls before he left. Mark had also never had much luck with girls, but he had more than Patrick. Mark often told Patrick, that his problem was that he wasn’t forceful enough.

“Women want a man who knows what he wants and is willing to take it,” were the words Mark had told Patrick over the phone right before his vacation.

Patrick had never given Mark’s ideas much value, but was wondering if this wouldn’t be the perfect time to test the theory.

Deciding that he had nothing to lose, he started to move towards the couch she sat on.

What’s the worst that could happen? if I make her angry I have my cell phone and can call for a cab. It’s not like I would ever have to see her again” Patrick thought to himself.

Deciding to go for it, he sat next to Tara and after a moment shifted until his leg gently pressed into hers. Tara did not even seem to notice when Patrick sat down, she intent on watching the sunset. She did notice when he pressed his leg against her but did not say anything, it felt kinda nice.

Patrick nervously placed his arm on the back of the couch behind Tara, watching her face for any reaction. Again, she did not really react. At that moment the sun dipped lower and the light scattered through the window he had noticed earlier. The entire room was bathed in the warm golden light. Patrick decided this was his moment to act.

He leaned towards Tara and slid his hand off the back of the couch onto her shoulder. That drew Tara’s attention, and she finally noticed what he was doing.

She began to turn away from him. Because, she knew, even though she liked him she wouldn’t be seeing him again. She didn’t want him trying to kiss her. Tara was not the type to start something long distance.

Patrick saw her turn away. He hesitated briefly, and then decided to press forward with Marks advice. Showing her what he wanted, he took her chin in his other hand and started to turn her back to face him.

She still resisted slightly but allowed him to turn her chin.

That was the moment it all went wrong. Patrick hadn’t adjusted his arm around her since she had turned. As he pressed his lips to hers, she pulled back slightly. His hand slid down off her shoulder. Falling to cup her breast, his hand pressed into her.

For one brief moment, Patrick was stunned by the feeling of her firm orb in his hand. Before he could remove his hand, Tara gasped into his mouth. She drew back, shock on her face.

Looking into his eyes with anger, she slapped his face as hard as she could. When her hand stuck him, her middle finger scratched his face under his eye.

“You bastard!” she yelled. “How dare you just fucking grab me like that? I have been nothing but nice to you, and ... and ... you repay me by treating me like a fucking slab of meat! Get out, Get the fuck out!”

Patrick, shocked, was at a loss for words. He tried to explain what happened, but couldn’t get much more than a few stammered syllables out.

As he continued to try to explain, Tara just started repeating, “Get out! Get out! Get out!”

Patrick knew of nothing else he could do. He stood and silently left. Walking back to the highway he called for a cab. He arrived back at the hotel at ten that night and had been sitting in the lobby feeling sorry for himself ever since.

Even after Patrick left; Tara sat, still fuming in anger. She did not understand what had happened.

I befriended him, brought him to my special place, and this is how he treats me! I just don’t understand boys! Maybe Ashley is right, maybe they are all fucking bastards! I wish I could teach them all a lesson.”

It then dawned on her, maybe she couldn’t teach all boys a lesson, but she could teach this one.

Angrily, she stood.

She quickly swept past the black curtains hiding her personal altar in the chapel.

Grabbing a bowl she glanced down and was glad to see Patrick’s blood was still on her finger under her nail. It would help her accomplish her revenge much better. She carefully scraped the blood into the bowl, added several other ingredients, including her bra, and lit a candle. Then she dropped a match into the bowl igniting the entire concoction and releasing its energies into the universe sending them on their way toward their intended target.

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