Patrick Becomes a Norseman
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Slavery, Heterosexual, Historical, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Public Sex, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Patrick is captured when very young and soon learns the trade of raiding the British coastline for booty and young females. Most of the young females are quite happy with the change in lifestyle suddenly forced upon them.

Patrick lifted his head up from the grindstone and looked out over the ship's rail. He could see the beach off the bow. His task was to have all the spare axes sharpened to a keen edge before the band of Norse invaders returned from a busy day sacking the little village in the distance. He could see the plumes of smoke rising from several different locations. The normal plan of attack was to overwhelm the tiny center of activity and then mop up the outlying areas with small farms and grain houses.

Only he and the one-legged cook were left on board the small raiding vessel. At seventeen, Patrick was larger in size than most of the full grown men in the ship's company. It was not his age that tied him to the menial task at hand. No, it was his status of "ship's boy". He was a captured laborer destined to serve the needs of the council as they saw fit. Seven long years he had labored under the strict discipline of a Viking warlord. Patrick knew he was lucky to be alive. Many of the other young people taken to the harsh Northern lands had not survived. The group of a dozen or so taken from his coastal Irish fishing village, had been cut to only three remaining alive. The other two were females, Brianna and Moira, bedded and wedded to lusty Norsemen. The Northern males loved the freckles and red hair of the Irish maidens.

Patrick was called simply, "boy", thus he barely remembered his name was Patrick. He had not heard it uttered in the past 7 years.

Yes, he could see the line of weary invaders and their newest prisoners approaching the beach. In the distance, Patrick could also see the cloud of dust coming from the South. He tried to wave to the men, but they ignored him. His status was so low that they seldom addressed him directly. They just pointed to his new task and a good kick to get him started right away.

He started to stow the axes and the long knives securely along the oar wales. They would be readily available in the case of trouble but out of the way to avoid an accident.

He could see that Hogarth and Sven were aware now of the approaching danger from the South. The Norsemen loosed the tethers on several of the prisoners, mostly small children. The remaining prisoners, almost all female were pulled alongside them into the shallow water. In a matter of minutes the sweaty, bloody, invasion force was back on board the little vessel.

Sven called the cadence and the oars hit the water in unison. They turned and fled into the open sea just in time to escape the wrath of a fairly large force of armed men from the larger village to the South.

A bedraggled lump was curled up at his feet. The long hair betrayed the lump to be a female of very enticing proportions. Patrick was aroused by the long absence of female flesh being in contact with his skin. His only memory of female flesh was his own sweet Mother and his Sister Moira. The girl's bare ass was rubbing up and down his muscular leg as the little ship pulled away from the shore. The soft, smooth touch of the dark haired girl's pussy pushed into his body with nervous twitches. One eye peeked out from her hood as she viewed him from head to toe.

The crowd on the beach was incensed at their escape. They were jumping up and down in anger and several loosed arrows in their direction. It was to no avail because the distance was much too far.

Hogarth had all the prisoners line up in the center of the ship. They were all on their knees and shaking with fears. Patrick knew it could go either way. If Hogarth was in a foul mood, they could all go over the side to a watery grave in an instant.

There were 6 new prisoners in the group. Three of the girls were blonds, two were redhead, and only one with hair as black as a witches tresses at midnight. Hogarth was upset, but not incensed into doing anything nasty. His rages were the glue that kept the entire ship's crew on their toes.

He ordered the girls to be stripped and inspected for cleanliness and physical beauty. Most of the females were kept as additions to the Northern village, but some were so desirable, he had no choice but to turn them over to the court of the King for his own voracious pleasure.

As usual, with very few exceptions, the British women were more than happy to be set free of their dreary existence as serfs in a divided land.

Patrick was struck with the overall sexuality of the females. They all were more appealing than the lean, hard faced females of the Northern climes. These young pussies were all curved and lush in the right places and their tits and nipples hung nicely in front of them. Their stark white breasts swayed in a tempting motion with the rocking motion of the little ship. When they were told to turn around, Patrick was aroused with their fat ass cheeks. His huge cock began to stick out under his jerkin. Most of the ship's crew appeared in a similar state of arousal.

It was determined by inspection that four of the women were still maidens. It was unusual since they all were at least 16 winters old. They were given a white strand of cloth to keep in their hair at all times. All of the men were trained to not touch the unbroken hymens of any girl wearing a white scrap of cloth in her hair. Loss of virginity was a serious issue in the Northland. The four girls were placed on barrels and the men began to open their tiny rear doors with much enthusiasm. The sweetmeats and the beer kept all four of them in a happy frame of mind while they became well acquainted the ship's crew.

The other two females, a dark haired, proud girl in her mid-twenties and a tall, blond woman in her early twenties waited for the Captain's decision. He picked the blond to take to his cabin. The sounds from that hidden room were a cause for much laughter from the crew. The remaining black haired wench was spread wide over the axe chest and she drained the rough seamen of their precious bodily fluids with a terrible smile on her face. It was as though her sweet little pussy took their spirit as well as their creamy cum.

The men pushed me forward to the black haired girl telling me, "Get your cock wet, boy. She's a tight one."

I was suddenly between her legs. My cock was shaking with desire. I saw her pink pussy looking up at me saying, "What are you waiting for?"

I looked into her eyes. They were a strange shade of green. I felt lost in her eyes. She pulled my head down and whispered in my ear,

"Stick your cock in deep, young master. My pussy wants to drink your man juice. I will open wide for you and give you delights you never dreamed were possible."

I was confused, but I pushed my rock hard cock as deep as I could go. The green eyed girl with the black hair gripped me with her strong vaginal walls. She milked my long shaft with a practiced ease. My creamy cum began to spurt long before I wanted. I wanted to stay inside her beautiful pussy as long as I could. I was pushed out of the way, my turn was finished. I looked at my dripping cock in wonderment. Had I really been up inside that strange girl's pussy?

The four ass fucked girls were giggling and laughing. They were both pleased and proud to be the objects of attention from so many handsome men. A couple of them were begging the seamen to relieve them of the binders of their virginity. There were no takers. The Norsemen all knew the penalty for disobedience on a voyage.

The blond girl staggered from the Captain's cabin. The men laughed. The Captain had a truly huge cock that stretched most women beyond their limits. She went down on all fours hoping for some respite. I saw two of the men flip up her skirts and introduce her to the anal delights being practiced on the four young virgins on the deck. She seemed almost relieved to find their interest was in her secret little opening and not her well-stretched vagina.

We sailed further south into a rocky seacoast. There were hardly any beaches in this region. We anchored to get some fresh water on land. The girls were all allowed to go ashore and bathe in the River water. The sight of six girl's bare breasts, pussies, and softly curved ass cheeks was a source of entertainment for all the ship's crew. The lookout called a warning. A large group of armed men were approaching from inland. It was time to get back onboard. We were underway, just as the mob erupted onto the shoreline. I figured our activities were well known and the villages were banding together against us.

The Captain decided we would make our way back to our coastal village in the Northland. Wives and children were waiting in hope of seeing their husbands and fathers once more. Our ship was heavy with booty. Yes, it was time to go home.

Hogarth called me to his cabin. He gave me my first axe. I was now to be a Norseman. I would be a protector of the village. I was now a warrior of the Council and duty bound to serve our King. I would share in the booty and have access to village females eager to receive my warrior seed.

The black haired girl crept to my side in the darkness. She begged me to fill her pussy with more cream. She told me her name was Gwen. She was of the traveling family folk and was much feared by the village people. She had a gift of prophecy and could divine many things. I did not laugh. Her pretty pussy clutched at me with tight firm bands of muscle. My load shot out and into her deep wet pussy with forceful spurts of creamy cum. I stayed inside her for a long time. I wanted to be a part of her. We clung to each other most of the night. We were wrapped in each other's arms. Two hearts beating as one.

There was much celebration in the village long house when Hogarth's ship made it home.

The two non-maiden passengers were big with child. It would be impossible to determine patrimony other than to say it must have been one of the ship's crew. The other four girls had well-trained asses and very ready mouths for the eligible males in the village. Their hymens were intact for detailed inspection by concerned mothers-in-law.

Hogarth took the blond home with him. His wife was advanced in years and would welcome the respite from his anticipated marital demands on her tired body. His eldest son, Gareth, was much impressed with the blond girl's ample ass cheeks. His hands roamed all over them at every opportunity. Hogarth was quite amused at his son's unabashed yearnings. He had been somewhat worried his son had been put off of female companionship by the acidic tongue of his middle-aged mother.

The buxom blond British girl was very aware of Gareth's attention and made certain she bent over several times while within easy reach of his long, muscular arms. His mother looked with disapproval, but with a certain air of resignation at the inevitability of their eventual coupling.

Patrick was called by his Norse name now. He was Ronin the axe keeper. He could bring a fine edge to even the most damaged of Northland steel. The black haired, dark skinned, pregnant Gwen stood forlornly at the shore as everyone left for their homes. She looked up at Ronin with damp eyes and said not a word.

"Odin's Teeth", he muttered to no one in particular.

"Get your fat little ass moving, little witch girl. You can come with me. Keep your mouth shut unless my mother asks you a question. Make sure your head stays down and they don't see those green eyes of yours."

The British girl's bottom was larger now that she was with child. If anything, that made it even more attractive to Patrick aka Rodin when he pulled it into his heated loins. Gwen was most hospitable to Rodin in all things sexual. It was obvious to all of the ship's crew that she was obsessed with the handsome young man.

Rodin's stepmother was not pleased with his companion. She immediately went outside and cut herself a switch to use in training this young female friend of her son. The sting of that switch was laughable to Gwen. She had been trained much more harshly by her own foster parents.

That night, Gwen took Rodin into her arms and held him in her loving grip. Her deep, hot pussy squeezed his rampant cock with a tender sheath of soft, wet, comfortable velvet.

Soon it would be time for another voyage.

Rodin wondered if he would survive the next journey to return to this beautiful girl and a child of an unknown father. He hoped that fate had made him the sender of virile seeds into Gwen's fertile womb. He would get busy in the morning and get the axes ready.

The time for seeking booty was near.

He was Rodin, the axe keeper. A warrior of the Nordic Gods.

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