See the Future to Change the Past
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Magic, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, Harem, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - All John wanted to do was to see the future... and maybe find a girlfriend. When he gets there though, the future that is, things for humans (like him) aren't going so well. A decision is made, and he goes back far into the past to make it hopefully better for all, but misses the universe he knows on the way there. This is his epic journey. (No phone booths were destroyed in the making of this story)

I had wanted to see the future. How the human races had finally achieved peace, lived long and prospered, and all that, and to see some of the cool and benevolent aliens that helped create that utopia. That's not what I found when I finally got there, to the future that is.

What I found was the human race at war and basically on the endangered species list, and the aliens they were fighting were neither cool nor kind at all, the aliens were actually really ugly. The aliens were called the Razory, green bipedal things with more claws and teeth than they knew how to deal with.

The Razory also referred to their empire that had enslaved many worlds and races to their will. We, the humans, were next on that list, and those that were captured were "re- doctrinated" and used to fight their former friends and family on earth.

I had landed in the future San Francisco without much fuss but stupidly ignored the warning signs and got sucked up onto and alien ship that looked to be the Razory from what I had gathered so far.

That is where my story begins in the bols fo and elgant ship in an not so elegant makeshift cargo, captured with some other humans and what I like to call elves and dwarfs, since that's what they looked like to me, on our way to the mother ship that was the source of this foe and my doom, and that was going to be taking me farther and farther away from my time machine.

I looked around the cargo hold of the Razory ship and tried to see if I could find out what was going to happen to me, since I only got a general overview from my AI computer friend Fred when I was captured, and he was confiscated along with all my other stuff and tagged on the ear like some type of cattle.

My eyes stopped on a stoic elf girl near me in the corner. She was actually one of the few elves, and she had the classical long ears and beautiful figure that comes to mind when talking of elves, but she also seemed to have a slit on her forehead that I could swear was likely a closed third eye. She seemed like the best one to talk to, so I approached her and in the halting basic language of this time, it was relatively close to English so it wasn't that big of a problem, I said "Greetings."

The beauty replied "Greetings, what do you seek, mortal?"

"Well, my name is John, and I was hoping for some answers, 'cause right now I'm really confused" I replied

"I am Gilma Jaquearo* or Jill to humans. Answers will gain you nothing, as we are to die spiritually while our bodies remain to bring about hell." she said sadly.

"Ummm ... well, that's kind of morbid, but well, what exactly are they going to do to us?"

"You they are going to do a number of things to. Humans have a lot of potential, and thus are snatched up for the most part, instead of killed. First they are going to get rid of what makes you ... well you, you'll have your memories but be emotionally detached from them, so that the horrors you bring in the name of the Razoy will be so much more when you tell a brother or sister you know them, then end them...

"Anyways, after that, they will enhance you, your mind will be made to think faster, and may even become powerful enough to affect our reality, telekinesis and the like, by just imposing your will on it.

"Then your body will be changed to be more efficient, and all the functions optimized further with biomechanical grafts to make you the perfect servant for them."

"For me, though, my vast knowledge will be used to further the Razory's goals, but fortunately or unfortunately I will keep my personality, just enslaved by the collar you see on my neck."

I looked down, and wish I hadn't, because looking down and this close, she was no longer out of focus to me without my glasses. I saw the collar now, it was an ugly black thing around her delicate neck, but the rest of her took my breath away. I didn't think that was just a figure of speech, but 'wow', she was perfect. Her curves led to all the right places, and her slim waist and greatly toned body was amazing.

I stared for a while, I guess, because she said "Yes, it's black and saps my strength, but it's not that bad is it?"

I struggled to tear my gaze from drinking in her body and look into her eyes. 'Come on, man, she is just your fantasy girl, doesn't mean you can't hold a conversation' I thought.

"yes its ugly but, you're not." I blurted out.

Jill just stared at me for a second, then raising her slim eye brow said "You're not from around here, are you, most humans hate us. We brought peace to your race, but because of that you all were ill equipped to battle the Razory. That lead ultimately to this your home world, that we're leaving the orbit of, is the last planet even partially in your race's control. Most blame us for that."

'Wow' I thought 'so we did achieve peace, but I just overshot that time by a bit, dang... '

Out loud I said "You're right, you could say I've been living under a rock for a while" scratching the back of my head, it is a nervous tic that I get when I talk to a beautiful girl so close. "But you seem all right in my book."

"Book?" she asked

"What I mean to say is, you're the kind of alien I wanted to meet" I replied, not realising I was digging myself into a hole.

"Is that supposed to be some kind of human pick up line?" Jill asked, her tone starting to get a bit chilly.

"No! What I mean is that you're great, and when I came out of hiding I didn't expect the first alien I meet to be so ugly and take me captive. You would have been way more welcome to be my first alien to meet."

"That's better, yes, I can see why a human like you would not know much about my race, growing up in those huge shelters of Gotu the humans made, which is keeping the Razory from completely enslaving you planet. Those places were of course designed by my people, so the Razory will not be getting in to those anytime soon."

I had no clue what she was talking about, but I would just let her fill in the blanks of my back story. I made up to hide that I'm a time traveling super geek.

"Yep, you got me; I'm from that place ... Anyways, what of escape? I don't want to become a mindless drone." I said.

"There is none, now that they have us, we of the Regyturatugiji (wow, that's long, still elves are cool) have tried to free our brothers and sisters for centuries, but to no avail. Also, trying to get spies within their ranks is very difficult, since the things that are done day to day in the empire are against some of the most basic moral teachings of my people, so most can't stand to do so for any length of time, unless they're forced like I will be, to be there. No, I'm sorry, John, there is no escape."

Looking around now, I could see that most seemed to either be in shock or denial, sometimes both. Also, with one small window and only the massive door they shoved me into here through, there didn't seem to be any easy way out. Looking up now, I saw the slightly rust covered wall went up quite a way to some vents that looked big enough for someone my size, but I had no way of getting up there ... Maybe a human/not so human pyramid? 'No' I thought 'there are not enough people for that.'

"Well, I guess were stuck here for now, but there's always hope, right? But what about those other guys, the dwarfs, don't they have the forces to combat the Razory and get us out of here?" I asked.

"John, the yohengagh ('dwarfs' I thought) were once a proud race, that is true. But no longer, their forces have scattered, and have mostly left this galaxy a broken people, much like what my people have been doing. I was one of a group of my people that were trying to get your people offworld, but that was for naught, as we were captured before we could make it to your base. What you see here, now probably represents the last of my people on this side of the galaxy."

Before I could ask more questions, the door had swooshed open and the Razory came in. To really describe them, they looked like bald green pig men with lots very pointy teeth like sharks, their stumpy legs ended with claws, same as their hands, and each had a tail varying in length that had another mouth on it. They now used their tails and snapping/hissing voices to start lining us up into rows. It seemed we were about to arrive.

I glanced over to Jill, realizing this might be the last time I saw her, and said "Well, it was nice knowing you. If you ever manage to get out of here, save my friend Fred, he's an AI that I built, he should help you get out, and maybe me too."

"Sadly, John, I don't have much hope for that." she stated from my side, as the ugly Razory lined us up next to each other. "But if I do, I will find you, John, you are unique, and I've enjoyed our conversation. It was very different than what I thought you were going to say when you walked up, you would have been good to know if we could have met on earth."

"Thanks" I said from the side of my mouth as a Razory passed. Turning my head now, I looked into her eyes and asked "Do you think we could have been friends?"

Before she could answer, though, another Razory came between us hissing out "move", and separated us, putting me with the humans and she with her people. All the while we didn't break eye contact, she didn't speak, but she nodded sadly to my question before getting pushed through the huge black rusty door.

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