Caught in the Headlights
Chapter 1

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Even an experienced DOM can he shocked if something totally unexpected occurs. Like a friends Step-daughter offering unlimited sex so long as you punish her like the slut she wants to be!!!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

Susie was the step-daughter of Steven; an old friend; who had by the time of this episode, divorced Susie's mother Katherine. I suppose you could say that I had virtually watched her grow up from a puppy fat awkward almost clumsy child to a studious intelligent teenager and seen her develop into the young beauty; the type found in any man's dreams.

The thirty-six year difference between us just did not count for anything in Susie's eyes for right from the start she confided her biggest worries and secrets to me and often told me of her most intimate activities, desires and secrets; knowing I would never judge her actions. At fourteen she even told me she had lost her virginity and who took her cherry, this was just one of the secrets she entrusted to me, why I cannot say but she did.

So now you can understand why this eighteen year old beauty freely told me; that she was into being spanked sexually and the more humiliating the situation was; the better. One concern for me was when she confided that she liked the sensation of being choked as she neared her orgasm and I took great pains to point out just how dangerous such actions could be. Laughing she even chided me that I was an old fuddy-duddy and just maybe I would like to spank her naked ass with my powerful looking hands and almost pleadingly asked what would she have to do to earn such a spanking from me. Of course I took all of this with a pinch of salt; that is until the other month.

Susie turned up at my home around 11.30 pm and initially acted much the worse for her having drunk alcohol; naturally I took her in and whilst I made strong coffee; I left her sat on my sofa. Upon returning to the living room I almost dropped the coffees I was carrying, for instead of finding a dead-drunk girl in a stupor I was greeted with a sight that was instantly seared into my mind. An eighteen year old blonde haired girl, stark naked kneeling on my sofa showing me her shaven, well fingered cunt and her tightly puckered anal ring. With a lusty gleam in her eye and a horny edge to her voice she pleaded that she had been a naughty girl and was here to be punished by her favourite uncle (even though I was not technically her uncle).

I tried to keep my voice under control as I told Susie not to be so silly and put her clothes back on; but all she did was slide her slender fingers over her arse cheeks and rub her anal ring. Placing the coffee cups on the coffee table I had intended to reason with her that whilst I found her attractive it would be wrong and inappropriate for me to do anything sexual with her, but as I approached her she slid off the sofa and kneeling now in front of me; she must have caught sight of the bulge in my pants.

With a wicked smile; she reached out and began stroking that bulge through the fabric of my trousers and the more I tried to stop her the more graphic vocally she got, telling me exactly how she needed my hard cock ploughing into her over heated cunt. My mind raced between the erotic pleasures being offered and the correct sensible thing to do! Difficult as it may be to believe, I really did not realise that Susie had now unzipped my fly and it was not until I felt her warm hand grip my semi hard on, that I realised what was happening.

Like the afore mentioned deer; I failed to register her actions until I heard her almost gagging on my cock as she tried to get my whole seven and a half inches into her mouth; now looking down I saw her mouth forming an almost perfect seal around my cock and the sensations she was generating blew my mind. It was only natural then that I began thrusting my cock back and forth as her tongue danced delightfully over my purple cock head. My mind kept telling me this was wrong as I was old enough to be her father and her real dad was my best friend; but my heart and cock just over ruled me by the sheer pleasure I was feeling.

I know I should have made her stop but even when she released my cock long enough to beg me to fuck her brains out; I really was powerless to resist. I do not recall who undressed me but it will stick in my mind forever how Susie held the base of my cock in her left hand between her legs and simply backed up onto my man meat; her cunt felt so tight and yet so wet and inviting. I threw caution to the wind as I gave in to my animalistic desires and began fucking her hard; Susie almost screamed out her encouragement and frequently begged me to slap her arse as we fucked. I barely managed to pull out before my cock seed began to spurt forth; spraying load after load of hot sticky sperm over her cherry red well spanked arse.

As we calmed down I began apologising for taking advantage of the situation; that was until she pushed me on to my back and now demanded I fuck her up the arse. I explained that not being in my first flush of youth I could not respond that quickly even if I wanted too. Suddenly Susie pulled her mobile phone from her handbag and dialled a number; I froze when I heard Susie say Hi Mom, I am a little worse for wear so I am going to crash at my friend's house and I will see you tomorrow.

With the grin of a Cheshire cat, Susie now informed me we had all night to fuck each other's brains out as she put it. Resigning myself to my fate I reached forward and gently stroked her breast; that is until she closed her hand over my fingers and began to squeeze them tightly. My fingers were trapping her stiff puffy nipples and she was obviously telling me she liked and wanted to be treated rough. Sensing her needs I demanded she open her legs and show me how many fingers she could push into her tight little cunt. Susie immediately opened her legs and began by pushing two fingers into her slick cunt opening, eventually adjusting to take all four fingers of one hand.

With prompting from me she then tucked her thumb into her palm and managed to slide her whole hand into her cunt; as she now fisted herself her hips began bucking and a look of sheer lust filled her eyes. Suddenly I demanded she close her hand, inside her cunt, into a fist and then begin really thrusting. It was as if she was sat on a metal plate charged with electricity as she bounced her arse high off the ground as she continued to fist her now steaming cunt. Suddenly Susie froze and a strange strangled groan almost shriek emitted from deep within her throat as she gasped she was cumming.

Her body now soaked in sweat glistening in the shimmering light of the living room; her breathing representing a marathon runner as she fought to fill her lungs with air and all the time she had the silliest of grins spread from ear to ear. Slipping her hand from within her cunt she gasped wow! I had never known a self-induced orgasm to be so electric. With that she raised her hand and began to slowly lick it like the cat that got the cream. Her display of sheer lust had worked its magic as my own cock now stood stiff and proud and Susie took little persuasion to allow me to slide it into her extra tight anal ring. Now both sated from our earlier exertions we took this fuck much slower and really took our time before building up a steady rhythm. Several times I paused with just my cock head still buried inside her anal chute before slowly and firmly sliding my entire length into her and again pausing before beginning to extract it once more.

That night Susie confessed that she had learnt some wonderful lessons mainly that fisting herself was a great way of orgasming and she was capable of vaginal orgasms by having her arse fucked slowly and intensely.

As we now rested; she brought up the conversation around her mother Kathy; she giggled as she said my mum would be so jealous right now for she had always had a soft spot for you and had confessed on several occasions, when the pair of them had spoken intimately, that she would have loved to have had me and her husband fuck her at the same time.

Retiring to bed Susie and I had one more; slow; leisurely fuck with her riding on top of me while I played roughly with her tits; I even squeezed my hands around her throat as she began to cum at her request. Strange dreams invaded my sleep that night; dreams I had never imagined I would have; Susie, Katherine, Steven and I involved in all sorts of sexual combinations. I woke next morning with Susie's hot mouth on my morning glory as she gently sucked on my cock.

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