The Special Masqureade Ball
Chapter 1: The Invites Arrive

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Invites Arrive - What starts off as an innocent sounding invite has special repercussions for a husband and wife.

It was 7:30 AM, the alarm clock had just gone off and Matthew Bell rose from his bed and made his way to the bathroom for a refreshing shower. As he stood with his six-foot frame underneath the shower he allowed his mind wander, he knew that he had an invitation arriving any day to go to a special celebration ball. He had received a phone call out of the blue telling him he had been nominated for a special award; when he asked who had nominated him, he had been told it was the local chamber of commerce. When Matthew asked what he had done to warrant this special award he had been told it was for his community activities to promote local well being.

Matthew never really believed he was actually in line to win the award, but he thought that it would still be a good night out, and of course his wife Penny would love to socialise in the upper circles of the Epping chamber of commerce. As the hot water cascading down his body he turned his thoughts to his wife who was still laid in that nice warm comfortable double bed and naturally he began to think about her curvaceous body. In particular he thought about how he had made love to her last night and he wondered if her extra excitement was to do with their new role play. For last night, by way of spicing up their marriage he had agreed to be her sex slave.

Being the sex slave for his wife had meant that he had agreed to do everything that she demanded of him and in return she had agreed to return the favour next week. As he now soaped his body, he noticed his 7 inch cock start to rise as he thought of what he would make his wife do when it was his turn to be Lord and Master. Last night Penny had made him do things that he would never have agreed to normally, secretly though there were some things that she had him do that he thoroughly enjoyed; it was also a mixture of things that he would be ashamed to admit he liked to his wife.

She had started the evening off by making him shave his cock and balls and then put on the leather harness which would best be described as an x-shaped leather strap but with rings at strategic places. The next thing he had to put on was leather cuffs around his ankles and his wrists; the wrist ones were then attached to a couple of the rings behind his back. Penny then produced a cock ring and slid it over his penis, before sucking his cock and making it go all hard. The process of his cock hardening caused it to swell and the cock ring then stopped the blood causing the swelling and his hard on from getting back out of his cock and thus making it stay harder for longer. As if this was not enough she then used a shoelace to tie up his balls individually before finally encasing his cock into a soft rubber sheath and fastening it in place with a rubber tie under his balls. In effect his cock was now twice as thick and five inches longer but for Matthew it also meant he could not feel any stimulation of his cock.

All of the above had worried Matthew as he really did not like any of it, although at a push he had to admit the sight of him sporting a twelve inch monster thick cock did make him feel good when he caught sight of himself in the mirror. The bit he did love and would be far too embarrassed to admit was when his sweet scheming wife made him bend over and then forced a large double ended rubber cock up his arse and insisted on fucking him that way for ten minutes while making him imagine that it was a real cock belonging to someone they both knew. You may well believe from the scenario that his wife was planning to introduce some large pricked guy into their life but you would be dead wrong; she was actually living out some snippets of information she had gleamed from her husband of twelve years.

As the refreshing shower continued to cleanse Matthew's body, his mind sank deeper into its dirtier thoughts, as so vividly in his mind's eye he could see his petite breasted wife working the rubber cock in and out of his arse as he verbally begged this man to fuck him. As with the previous night his cock was rock hard and he was just about to ease that hardness when without a single stroke he suddenly felt weak at the knees and as if by magic or the power of thought his cock began spewing forth its load; not as you may assume a weak load after the use it had last night but more spunk than he could remember producing for years. Its defiant arc starting almost level with his man breasts and as the spurts progress they left almost a score card ladder going down the shower wall. Without thinking Matthew leaned forward and scooped up the streaks of spunk with his tongue; something he would have found disgusting before last night.

Last night as the action in the bedroom had developed, his wife had released his hands and made him lie on his back on the bed and whilst tickling his balls with a feather, she had been savagely pumping his arse full of rubber cock, hitting as she knew she would his prostate gland and inducing a much heavier discharge of his spunk. When it happened she delighted in noting a thick creamy white pool of the stuff had developed just above his navel and whilst he was still panting from the thrill of it all she had scooped up the sticky goo and literally dripped it into his open mouth making him wait till she had finished before allowing him to swallow it. He had almost baulked at the thought but had actually found it did not taste as bad as he thought it would do.

Matthew had just managed to clean the spunk off the shower wall when the bathroom door swung open and there stood his naked wife, a five foot six goddess of pure sex, her dark hair framed her emerald green eyes and her petite 36C bust with the delicate cherry red nipples still pointing slightly upwards, her curvaceous waist sitting so neatly above her always shaved cunt and those cunt lips which always seemed to be wet and open for his tongue or fingers before he even touched her. She almost purred, why did you not wake me to share the shower with you, my he-man? He had to laugh as she said this for this was a reference to when they first met and he used to work out a bit and always claimed he would have a powerful figure within six months, of course it had never developed like he had imagined but he still felt good about his shape even now.

You looked so peaceful and sexy laid there, my heavenly Angel, he purred. It was Penny's turn to smile for he had always called her his heavenly angel from day one but she had been working on changing his mind about that with her insistence of the role play sex nights. In the last two years since they began their role play she had been a slutty schoolgirl, a stripper, a horny nurse, a sex maniac of a secretary, a hooker and a woman heavily into bestiality. It had always been in the safety of their bedroom and always with her loving husband playing the main role opposite her, including him having to dress up as a wolf with a fur costume from a costume shop. In return he had been a fireman, policeman, rapist, paedophile, john, adult film producer and pimp as well as his own fantasy roles as sex slave, bi sexual and gay lover. They tried to have a fun night like this every two months but not always was it possible if family would choose to visit on the wrong dates or some other event would hijack their fun night.

They both swore it kept their marriage fresh and healthy, neither of them really needing to seek sex outside their loving relationship because each was willing to adapt to the others moods and desires; unknown to Matthew that was about to change big time.

Matthew opened the shower enclosure and offered to stay in the shower and make up for not disturbing his wife earlier but she politely declined and told him to pop the kettle on for their morning coffee's before they both had to leave for work. Now in the solace of the shower cubicle, Penny allowed her mind to wander back over the events of last night, she had never challenged Matthew's size in the cock department before but she swore that her own orgasms he had given her whilst wearing the rubber sheath over his own cock had been more intense and more frequent that she had ever remembered in her past and that included their honeymoon when for virtually a whole week they had not left the hotel room and had worn nothing but a smile.

As she showered she absentmindedly stroked her cunt and suddenly bit her lips to stop from crying out as her orgasm seemed to gush from the very tip of her toes and then when it reached her brain it seemed to explode as if dynamite had gone off. She now quickly finished showering as the aroma of fresh coffee wafted up from the kitchen, she threw a wrap around her body and headed downstairs, she figured to play a little game of tease with her husband.

The silk wrap she wore was so gossamer in its material, that where it touched her wet skin it turned almost translucent and she knew Matthew would not be able to resist having a look and try to touch her. She planned to make him wait until tonight and then they would have a proper bath together and she would then and only then allow him to touch her body where ever he wished to do so.

Penny was shocked for when she arrived at the kitchen, there was her husband sat at the table with two mugs of coffee set out before him, he was clearly engrossed in reading something for he never even noticed she was there. She gave a slight cough and was told her coffee was there but he never even looked up from what he was reading. What is it Matthew? She finally had to say. Matthew slide the embossed card across the table and she saw the gold writing on the top, Epping Chamber of Commerce, cordially request the pleasure of Mr and Mrs Bell to attend their 2010 awards ceremony.

Penny smiled for they both knew this invite was coming so why should Matthew be so shocked; he then told her to read the rest of the card and even Penny had to read it twice, for in small writing at the bottom of the gilt edged card it stated that they had also been invited to the very select after event party from 10 pm till late and acceptance of the awards ceremony invite was deemed as acceptance of the after event invite too. Matthew admitted that the phrasing of the smaller writing sounded strange and almost alarming and they would have to consider carefully if they were going to accept. Penny suddenly said, but love you have earned this award and getting it would increase the revenue of your business twofold you cannot seriously be thinking of not going to accept the award you have been working for over the last five years.

Matthew knew what his wife was saying made sound financial sense but he still had something niggling at the back of his mind that was setting alarm bells ringing.

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