Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Historical, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Pregnancy, Violent,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Join Arnold "Conan" Schwartz as he has the adventure of a lifetime, or is it really a lifetime. Anyway, he goes into a coma and wakes up in Rome at the time of Claudius. He becomes a breeding slave and is 'forced' to fuck about every female in sight! He soon makes his way up the social ladder and becomes a friend of Claudius. He goes so far as to clean up Rome and become rich in the process.

Yeah, I know. My name is Arnold "Conan" Schwartz. The nickname is kind of obvious once you see me. By the time I was in middle school, I was 5'-9" tall and weighed 182 pounds, and none of it was fat. I played football, starting in Pop Warner, and played on the middle school varsity team as Tight End and Middle Line-Backer. By the time I reached high school, I was the starting Tight End for the varsity. I did miss playing defense, since I did love to hit people with tackles.

But my story really starts years before the big event. I must tell you something about my family. Both my mother and father worked in a local plant making sunglasses. My mother did piece-work and my father was the foreman on the plastics molding floor. They both worked the second shift, 3:00-11:00 PM, so there was a babysitting requirement for years. I have only one sibling, a sister who is four years older than me, so she got stuck with the babysitting chore during the week.

Mom was the suspicious type, so she started my sister, Eileen, on the Pill as soon as she had her first period. Mom was right in a way, because Eileen knew all of the effects of the Pill when she started taking it, and Eileen was out to take advantage of the opportunities offered. She had a boy visit during the evening several times a week, and I got a lot of opportunities to watch the ensuing festivities.

My cock was in proportion to the rest of my body, so I was generously endowed even at the age of 10. By the time I was 14, Eileen started giving me blow jobs and teaching me how to eat pussy. By the time I was 15 and Eileen was 19 and a senior in high school, she had stopped having boys come around in the evening. I was her sole source of entertainment, and the feeling was reciprocated. I got to expect at least one blow job and two fucks every evening before we went to bed during the week when Mom and Dad would be out of the house.

You would think that all of this sex would play hell with my grades, but I had one of those trick memories with which I could remember anything and everything I either heard or read if I wanted to. My mind was not cluttered with trivial stuff because my memory was selective to hold only what I wanted to remember. This was very useful in my youth, but it became a life saver when I got older.

The evening with my sister would usually start as soon as we were certain that our parents were not going to return unexpectedly after they drove away to work. Clothes came off as fast as we could peel, once the coast was clear. As a concession to my pussy eating, Eileen had started shaving her pussy back when she was first teaching me the art, so I never had to worry about the damned pussy hair getting in my way.

We normally went to her bedroom, since she had the larger bed. She grabbed a towel as we passed the linen closet, and we were in business at soon as we got to her room. I lay down on the bed on my back and she got on top in the classic 69 position. Eileen's cunt was kind of low-slung, so I had to have a pillow under my head in order to reach her conveniently. On the other hand, my extra long cock was easy for her to reach from almost any position.

We usually started out with her kissing the tip of my cock and laving it all around the head with her tongue. It never was necessary, but Eileen claimed that she did that to make sure that I was as long and as hard as I was going to get. Meanwhile, I would kiss her clit, which was just peeking out of its hood, and start to run my tongue the full length of her slit from nearly her ass hole to her clit. By the time I did that three or four times, Eileen was already shivering with the start of her first orgasm.

Eileen surrounded my cock head with her lips and pushed her way down my shaft about half its length until I could just feel her throat with the tip of my cock. She was only pulling a gentle vacuum at this point—not enough to be called really sucking, but enough that her cheeks were pulled in to rub on the sides of my cock as she slid along its length. Three or four bobs of her head at this point were enough to get us both warmed up for the main course.

After the third or fourth bob of her head, Eileen would push a little farther each time, gradually working my cock head down her throat. It felt something like her cunt, but it didn't. I don't know how to describe it, but the feeling was fantastic. While she was doing this work with her head, she was gradually increasing the vacuum. Let me tell you, you haven't lived a full life until you have had one of Eileen's blow jobs.

While she was doing that, I was running my tongue back and forth along her slit from one end to the other. Somewhere along the line, I stopped doing that and pushed my tongue as far as I could get it into her cunt hole. I hoped one day to reach her G-spot with my tongue, but I knew intellectually that it would never happen—my tongue was just not long enough. I continued to fuck my sister with my tongue through her first orgasm, and I was sometimes amazed that she never bit me while she was going through her release.

I let her back down from her cum before I pulled out my tongue, but, when I did, I moved to sucking on her clit. After sucking for a while, I began to flog her clit with my tongue. That got her attention! She never seemed to tire of that through all of the years of our sucking and fucking.

By the time I had moved to her clit, she was ready to take me all of the way down her throat as far as my cock would reach. By this time, the novelty had worn off, and it was taking maybe 10 pumps before she could make me cum from the deep throating, but when I did cum, it was a blast of pleasure like no other.

Just as I started to shoot my first stream of jizz, I nipped on her clit with my teeth, not enough to hurt, but enough for her to feel it. That caused her biggest orgasm and she buried her face in my pubic hair as we both came explosively.

At that point, she rolled off me and turned so that we could kiss. We lay side by side as we recovered and waited in anticipation for our first fuck of the day. Eileen would gently fondle my cock and I sucked on her nipples, neither one of us trying to force anything; we were just trying to give pleasure to our partner.

It usually took 20-30 minutes for us to recover, and when we did we were fully recovered! Our first fuck of the day was always in the missionary position, because that was the favorite for both of us. There was no question of Eileen being wet enough, by now she was dribbling on the towel. Sometimes, she pushed so much fluid out of her pussy that we had to wash the pillow case as well as the towel after we got through.

She had to have a pillow under her ass during the fucking because that was what made it easy for my cock to rub against her G-spot. I found the position really comfortable, so I never complained. I was able to slide my cock all the way in until I bumped her cervix with my cock head. I also banged her clit with my pubic bone at the same time when we fucked in this position, so she was doubly stimulated.

We had both cum enough already that we were in no hurry, so this was a leisurely and loving fuck. I moved in and out slow enough that we could both savor the gentle friction as my cock slid against the velvet-like surface of her cunt. I often could draw this out for half an hour before Eileen started calling for me to pump harder. If I could, I would tease her a little by making her beg for me to pump harder and faster, but that didn't happen very often—I usually was ready to bang even before she was.

Anyway, we wound up fucking away with me driving in as hard and as fast as I could while she responded by humping her hips to meet me. The combination felt so good that neither one of us could last long like this, and we came at almost the same time. It was another of those explosive cums that seem to make the world shake with pleasure. Yes, it was definitely worth the effort!

It was usually 5:00 o'clock by the time we recovered enough to feel hungry. Mom had always fixed a big dinner for her and Dad at noon, so we only had to warm the leftovers for our supper. Eileen was in charge of that, but I helped as little as I could get away with. We normally sat down to supper by 6:00 o'clock, and we were finished eating and had the dishes washed and dried by 7:30. I put stuff away while Eileen started on her homework. All I had to do was to read whatever the assignments were to commit the important stuff to memory, so I was finished before Eileen.

I watched something on TV until 9:30, and that was when I attacked Eileen for our last fuck before bed. It was always a pretend rape, though she knew that I would stop the moment she wanted me to. I'm sure that was why she preferred me to fuck her. She knew that she could trust me to stop if she needed me to, and that was never a certainty with other boys. She was the one who wanted to play at rape, and I didn't mind after she explained that she got a real charge out of the feeling of being totally at my mercy. I thought that was kind of weird, but I went along with what she wanted.

Eileen was never dressed in more than a light robe when I attacked her, so there was never much to getting her clothes off. I won't spend much time telling about this because I am never comfortable with the idea of rape in any of its forms. Fortunately, once I get her robe off and have her lying on the bed, all thought of force goes away and the act turns into one of mutual consent. As I said, I don't understand it, but I try to go along since my sister did ask me to do it this way.

From here on, it is a very loving fuck that we both enjoy, and that's what makes me keep up the game. This often turns into a doggie-style fuck, and I have to be careful that I don't drive in too far. My cock is long enough to cause Eileen real pain if I push in as far as I can in this position, so I am careful not to do more than touch her cervix. This does let me put a lot of pressure on her G-spot, so it makes up for not banging on her clit with my pubic bone.

We finish by 10:30 and are asleep in our own beds before our parents get home. I can't help wondering sometimes if they really know what is going on while they are out of the house and put up with it because they know that we are safe where we are. I suspect that's the case since neither one of them are real dumb.

OK, that brings us up to date and the point where the store really gets weird. It was the night of the homecoming game, and our parents and Eileen were at the football game to cheer me on. This was unusual for a homecoming game, since we were playing our arch-rival, and that was normally the last game of the season.

Anyway, the game was tied in the third period, and we had the ball. The coach was getting kind of frustrated at the lack of production by the offense, so he called for a play that we had practiced a few times, but had never used in a game. In this play, I'm supposed to make a token block and then run down about 10 yards to catch a pass. Meanwhile, the Quarterback fakes a running play to the Fullback before tossing me the ball. The play always worked well in practice, but the coach was not really confident with it. However, he was now desperate, so here we went.

Everything goes well, and I catch the pass for a first down. Always one to push for an advantage, I look to see what I can get by running with the ball now that I am holding it. I take one step forward and feel a crash into my head as I am tackled by a defensive player. The damned fool speared my helmet with his helmet as he hit me. I don't remember a thing after that until I finally woke up.

"Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz, I don't know what to tell you. Arnold is in a coma. He had a broken neck from the impact. He is going into surgery as we speak. We may know something more when he comes out of surgery. If not, we'll just have to put him on life-support and wait. I wish that I had better news, but that's all I can say at the moment."

"Thank you, Dr. Simmons. Can you tell us what happened to the other boy?"

"All I can say is that he was Dead on Arrival. The impact severed his spinal cord."

"Oh my God!"

I have no idea how long I was unconscious, but I woke up feeling pretty damned dizzy. It was daytime, and I seemed to be lying in an open pasture. There was a cow about 10 feet away from me. The other odd fact was that I was naked!

I lay there for a while trying to get my wits to settle down in one place. All I could tell for sure was that I was not in the football stadium. I could not seem to get myself all together until a heavy net suddenly dropped over me, and four men were standing around me shouting in a language I could not understand and brandishing some mean looking clubs.

I just looked at them kind of blankly. Apparently, the man in charge gave up in disgust and had two of his minions hoist me to my feet, but they did not remove the heavy net. I was still so dizzy that I was not going anywhere, but the men acted like they expected me to fight them. The foreman yelled, and I just stood there. Finally, one of the men was sent running off and he returned with what looked like primitive handcuffs. My hands were pulled behind my back and the handcuffs were attached.

I was then pushed in the back to get me to walk, but all that did was push me back to the ground. I could tell the foreman was cussing, even though I could not understand the words, and two of the men grabbed me by the ankles and dragged me about a hundred yards across the pasture. Fortunately, we crossed nothing but grass, so I still had my skin when they stopped at a caravan of two-wheeled carts pulled by oxen.

I wondered if I had fallen into a movie set and been mistaken for one of the actors, but I figured that wasn't right when another guy showed up to unlock my handcuffs. None of the men were gentle when they threw me into a cage on the back of a cart. He whipped the shit out of two guys to get them to move back to make enough room for me. When I saw the blood flow, I knew that this was no movie!

I was still pretty much out of my head, so I just lay on the floor of the cage while the cart moved down the very rough road. Hell, the bouncing was enough to wake me up so that I tried to stand. I grabbed the bars of the cage and pulled myself to my feet. It took about 15 or 20 minutes, but I finally shook the cobwebs out of my head.

Now that my senses had returned, I figured that I had better find out what was going on. At the moment, we were passing some little stone houses spaced along the road. Stuff was chiseled on the doors and walls. It was a combination of lettering and pictures in bas-relief. Damned if that didn't look like the small burial chambers that Romans put up beside major roads to honor their dead. I couldn't read the writing, but it sure could have been Latin for all I knew.

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