Chapter 1

Clouds rolling through the sky were quickly turning black and ugly. I was on my way to perform a magic show for a birthday party of 11 year olds in my very old beat-up looking rag-top 1963 Volkswagen beetle.

It was the same car my dad had when he was in school. Sybil, my girlfriend who was also my magician's assistant had recently broken up with me both as my girlfriend and as my assistant.

The hard and blistering rain started quickly and without warning. I heard lightning, in the distance, but it sounded like it was all around me.

Suddenly, my car was hit by the lightning. It seemed to dissipate throughout the vehicle, although I felt a slight electrical wave go through me from my head down to my toes!

Out of nowhere, a truck drove by just missing my little bug and me. My car started back up on the first try and I went on my way to the address of the party.

I pulled up to the address, and it was an empty lot. Maybe I wrote the address down wrong, so I checked it again - I was correct the first time. I guessed I wasn't doing a magic show today so I headed back to my apartment and decided to crash for a while.

My phone ringing got from a deep sleep. It was my sister Janice.

"Ryan James Douglas, what's this, I hear about you and Sylvia breaking up?" she said sounding upset.

"It wasn't working out at all, Sis - she had gone from girlfriend to mental patient. We just weren't on the same wavelength anymore, either as a couple or as a magic act," I added. "Are you OK at the house? That storm sure came and went quickly. I was in my bug, and it was struck by lightning?"

"What storm, it's been clear all day?" she said. "You said you were struck by lightning? Did you take yourself to the hospital and have them check you out?"

"I'm fine, really - the bug handled it like a champ. Do you still need me to take you to the mall?"

"Yeah, but only if you're sure you and the bug are fine?" she said reprovingly.

"Yeah, let me change and I'll be there in 30 minutes, OK — Jan?"

"Sure, see you then!" she said.

Janice and I are the only two left of our family!

There had been a family reunion about four years ago and some crazy ex-boyfriend of a woman on my mom's side of the family showed up drunk and pissed off with an automatic weapon and mowed down 27 of the 53 people there.

Those killed included our mom and dad, my three older brothers and two younger sisters. This left Janice and me alone in our town in a very large house.

I had already moved out of the house, but Janice had stayed living at the house that we all grew up in. She'd wanted me to move back in order to keep her company. It was a pretty big house for a single 30-year-old-woman to rattle around in. A couple of times a year Jan would make a plea for me to move back in. I think she was wearing me down a little, but I liked my independence.

I could have girls over without an older sister giving me grief about it. I could keep it as messy as I wanted to, including having the sink full of dirty dishes most of the time.

The old house did have a pool and a spa, so I would go over to avail myself of these amenities from time to time.

I showed up, honked and she came out looking pretty nice actually in a tan blouse and gray skirt.

Halfway to the car, she yelled, "At least you could open the door for a woman? Didn't Dad and Mom teach you any manners, Ryan?"

"Opening the door and those kinds of things are old fashioned, Jan — get in!"

The moment she touched the car I realized just how beautiful my sister was. She didn't have giant tits, but she was pretty - really quite pretty. She caught me looking at her and said, "What? Do I have something in my teeth or something?"

"No, sis — I just realized that I don't see my pretty sister as much as I'd like. If you still want me to move back in I can, this coming weekend?"

"Oh Ryan - thank you! That place is so creepy sometimes. Having my little brother around would make me feel safer?"

I added, "Would you feel even safer if I moved into your bed as well?"

Why the hell did I just say that? It's like she's not my sister anymore but a really hot girl, and I'm coming on to her!

"Maybe ... I would — but first to the Mall?" Jan said.

I don't understand ... why I suddenly started to flirt with my sister? She seemed to be flirting back. On the trip to the Mall, she put her hand in mine occasionally looking at me with a big smile on her face. In kind when not shifting with it, I placed my hand on her thigh. We both seemed to be enjoying each other - but things got very sexually tense.

When we got to the Mall, and got out of the car the feelings went away. Now she was just my sister again. What the hell?

After an hour and a half following her around, we got into the car, and the feelings came back. I started on the way home, and she put her hand on my shoulder.

"Can I go by my place and get some stuff to take home. Then I could actually sleep in my own bed tonight?" I said.

"Or mine?" Jan said.

"Hey Sis - how do you feel about us making love tonight?"

"That sounds wonderful! They say Incest is Nicest!"

"Yeah, that's really cute Jan!"

"No, you're really cute Ryan!" Jan said touching my face lightly.

We pulled up to my place. I told her I'd be right back. Once again, the moment I left the car my feelings seemed to go back again to be strictly brotherly. I seemed to remember the fact that I lusted for her when I was in the car. Man, this is truly bizarre. I was back in the car in less than ten minutes with a bag of clothes and some toiletries. After I got in ... but before I started the car, Jan leaned over and gave me a nice kiss.

Could the car itself be causing this — nah! That's not possible? It did get hit by lightning again! Maybe that imbued the car with feelings for whoever got into it? Wasn't there a movie about a car ... Ryan you're losing it thinking your car can cause the people in it to fall in love with each other.

Jan looked over and grabbed my hand saying, "I love you Ryan!" I saw a tear falling from her eye - Could this be happening to both my sister and me?


Getting out of the car, I grabbed my stuff, then helped Jan out taking her hand to hold it. She let me hold it for a moment then shook it off. I must be getting a stronger dose from the car then Jan, because I'm remembering both before and after. I did get a bolt of lightning! Maybe that's what triggered everything?

"Where am I setting up, Jan — in my old room?" I asked.

"Where else, dork!" she said - looking at me like I was stupid.

There's the Jan I remember from days long gone. I wonder if I could find a safe way to shock her - maybe I could get her to remember her 'feelings' from in the car. That's just stupid, but the idea stuck in my head as I lay down contemplating how I really feel about my sister. I must have fallen asleep because,


I went downstairs and saw real food.

I cook, but it never looked or smelled this good.

I went over to Jan and gave her a peck on the cheek saying, "Thank you for saving me from myself."

"Don't be so dramatic, Ryan! After dinner do you want to watch a movie or something?"

"Sure — I'll pick something out!" I said as I left the room.

After dinner, I went through and found some interesting movies, but I wanted to test my theory again about my car.

"Hey Jan, let's go to Blockbuster and find something new. I've seen all of these movies before?" I yelled.

"Then go and get some!" she yelled back.

"I don't want to get something you don't like. Come with me please?"

"OK!" she grinned.

We got back in my car, and I started driving to a Blockbuster, but it wasn't the closest one. I wanted her in the car for a while. Within thirty seconds of us getting in the car, we were holding hands again at every opportunity.

She didn't seem to mind I was taking such a long time. She took her hand and put it high up on my thigh, causing me to have a bit of a ... reaction. I found myself back in that part of town where I was this morning.

Again, the clouds started to get grey and dark. I thought that I probably needed to be on the same street in front of that same vacant lot. Jan was getting a bit anxious when she heard thunder and lightning nearby.

There was a flash of light and a boom of thunder, and my car was again hit by lightning ... scaring the living hell out of my sister. I held her in my arms the best I could.

After about five minutes, everything went back to normal but Jan was still trembling in my arms.

"Take me home Ryan, please?"

"Sure sis!"


When we got home, I got her back inside and she was still a little shaken. I put in Sound of Music, which I knew was her favorite, movie of all time, and we watched it together falling asleep long before the Von Trapps make it across the Alps. I woke up and picked her up and took her to her room.

As I was leaving to go to my room, I heard her say, "Don't leave Ryan - stay with me tonight?"

"Do you mean?"

"Yes, I do — make love to me!"

I reached over and started to kiss, her and she aggressively began kissing me back.

It seemed to work!

The next few hours we proceeded to make wonderful incestuous and crazy love to one another with Jan having loud orgasm after orgasm.

Sometime in the middle of the night a rainstorm came that seemed to be a very loud and hard rain.

Janice and I were asleep in the afterglow, holding each other when it stopped abruptly. We each pulled a few things on and went outside. I saw that it had rained so hard that a coat of paint started actually peeling off my VW, exposing parts of an earlier paint job. Jan was cold, so she ran inside the house.

I got my hand on a corner of the newest paint and peeled it back to reveal the numbers 53 and some red, white and blue racing stripes.


The car tooted its horn back to me in response!

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