Initiation Night at the Upper Bournemouth Saddle Club
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Winona is pampered and used to getting her own way. She wants to be a permanent member of the Upper Bournemouth Young Ladies Saddle Club at any cost. Her Father's money of course. She had her own training methods to improve her "seat" and keeps her bottom in tip-top shape at all times. Her first time alone in a room with a female friend shows her there is a lot more to life than getting married and having children.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex  


"Daddy, don't you hear me, daddy?"

Winona's plaintive whine filled the stuffy library with the unmistakable demand of a pampered offspring. Sir Rodney looked up from his crossword puzzle with a resigned shrug to his aging shoulders.

"Yes, my dear. What is on your mind?"

His reply was inevitable because his darling daughter Winona was the apple of his eye ever since her adventurous Mother had perished in an earthquake near some God forsaken primitive island off the coast of Indonesia.

Sir Rodney knew he was totally wrong in acceding to his pretty daughter's every whim but he could just not bear the thought of denying her anything her heart desired just to see the smile on her attractive face that reminded him every day of his beloved spouse.

"Father! You were just not listening to me. I told you the application to the Upper Bournemouth Young Ladies Saddle Club was approved and they want me there this weekend for my interview and final test."

"Saddle Club? What is wrong with our own Riding Academy? You have been going there ever since you got out of diapers, young lady!"

The devastatingly attractive Winona came very close to stamping her foot. She hadn't had to stamp her foot for quite some time. Her Father's forgetfulness was just so frustrating.

Winona was tall for her age.

She had recently turned 16 and her budding breasts were showing signs of almost needing a bra to keep them sorted out. The pretty girl usually kept her long flowing straight hair up in a knotted pony tail but this evening it was swinging freely as she moved her agitated head in every which direction at the same time. Her flanks were probably her best feature because she had been bouncing since early childhood perfecting a perfect "seat". Every male and even some females with a clear view of that part of her anatomy immediately focused in on it with a sense of pride that English womanhood was capable of producing such a work of art.

Her gentlemanly father had ceased to apply over the knee discipline to her perfect form shortly before her 12th birthday because he feared his manly instincts would be far too aroused. That and the fact that he had reached a point where he simply was unable to consider anything she said or did to be needful of any sort of correction. To Sir Rodney, his daughter was perfection in human form.

He was quite relieved that Mrs. Snachitt was in his employ to answer all her questions of a female nature because he would be altogether too embarrassed to discuss anything of a delicate nature with her.

"You have to give me a cheque for 500 pounds, Father for my Initiation weekend. Here is the release form you have to sign that says you give permission for me to obey the rules of the Initiation Committee in order to gain full membership to the Saddle Club."

Sir Rodney's lovely daughter was almost hopping up and down she was so anxious for her father to fulfill her wishes without hesitation. He could see that impatience making her more agitated by the second.

"Yes, my dear, give it here." He quickly scribbled his signature to the form without reading it and made out a cheque from the binder on his writing desk.

"Oh, thank you, Father."

The young girl wrapped her arms around the older gentleman and hugged him tightly with all her might.

"Let me breathe, child!" gasped the sedate older man. He calmed himself and returned to his crossword puzzle with only a fleeting thought to the existence of a "Saddle Club" in Upper Bournemouth.

The tall, shapely young girl danced up the staircase all the way to her bedroom.

When she got to her bedroom, she quickly shed all of her clothes with the exception of her school issue panties and her riding boots.

The contraption in the corner was her own invention. She called it her "riding horse". It was basically just a saddle with adjustable stirrups and a padded torso that resembled the barrel chest of a well-fed steed.

Once in the stirrups and holding the reins that were attached to wall, Winona started her "exercises". She began slowly squeezing the saddle with her inner legs and tightly clutching the padded barrel with her strong legs and knees. After a bit of warm up, she started to allow her bottom to hit the saddle with more and more force. Soon, beads of sweat started to form in the crack of her bum and she felt the liquids start to soak her skin. The naughty girl knew it was not all sweat pouring down her legs. Her female juices were adding to the little rivulets dripping down to the white fluffy carpet.

If her father could see his innocent little daughter at that moment, he would see a female in full blossom itching with passion to open her petals for the forbidden nectar of the Gods. She was panting like a winded filly at the finish line needing just a slight touch of the whip to spur her across with a winning spurt.

Winona shuddered and fell forward.

She groaned in complete orgasmic ecstasy and squirted copiously filling her school issue panties.

The pretty girl slowly stroked her developing breasts. Her nipples were as hard as little pebbles. She flicked them and felt the nerves in her pussy react with pleasurable contractions that made her wet once again.

She giggled at her reflection in the long mirror.

"No, you won't be able to wait until you get married, you silly twit!"

Winona told Alex, her regular driver that she would no longer require his services after he deposited her at the front door of the Upper Bournemouth Young Ladies Saddle Club.

A skinny young wisp of a girl in a maid's uniform informed her that she would be #6. Winona had no idea what the demented girl was talking about until a dark-skinned girl her own age told her there would be 6 new girls to be initiated this weekend and that she was #5 and Winona was #6. Apparently the other four candidates had already arrived and were ensconced in their rooms. The pretty dark complexioned girl told her that her name was "Jasmin" and that her Father was a benefactor of the Saddle Club.

A quartet of footmen appeared and facilitated their move to a room on the top floor of the extremely large building. Both she and Jasmin would be rooming together and Winona was happy to have someone to talk to in the strange surroundings.

After getting settled in, they both joined the others in the dining room. There were six new girls and six senior members of the club acting as guides. The head instructor was Mrs. Finch who always seemed to be carrying a rather intimidating riding crop in her hand. Whenever she wanted to make a point, she would bring it down with a whistle and a crack on the most convenient flat surface. Later in the initiation, Winona would appreciate the full measure of that tool when she received a taste of the whip delivered by Mrs. Finch on her soft, white bottom. It would be a moment of supreme humiliation made more palatable by the tingling sensations of pleasure totally unfamiliar to her.

All of the names were swirling around in her brain like an alphabet soup of crazy letters. It was far easier to think of the others by their numerical designation and she was able to sort them much better that way. # 2 made a distinct impression on her. It was not the fact she displayed a rack on her chest that would do credit to any porn star of superior quality, nor was it the prominent bum that insured her safety against bruising when riding the most spirited of steeds, it was rather her sultry voice that seemed to draw in males and females alike just like moths to the flame.

Winona was fully ashamed of her quivering pussy lips that came alive whenever she heard that trembling "come fuck me" voice. She did not think she was particularly twisted in the sense that she would prefer female company to male company in matters of things of a sexual nature. Perhaps tonight would be a good opportunity to test her resolve with the pretty Jasmin sleeping close to her in their locked bedroom.

The main point that she took away from the meeting was that she, #6 was under the supervision of the #6 mentor. Her mentor was a rather large girl of somewhat plain features but possessed of impressive upper body strength and leg muscles better suited to a male rather than a female. Her #6 mentor was very free with her hands showing her the correct positions for certain jumping techniques. She did not hesitate to push her fingers between her legs to guide her into a better stance. Winona blushed at the familiarity but was more upset at her own trembling reaction that caused her female juices to wet her under-drawers with sticky residue.

Jasmin was crying when they returned to the room. She told Winona that her #5 mentor had pushed her fingers right up into her bum crack to see if she could "take" a good spread. Her tears confirmed that she was thoroughly humiliated by the episode and felt like she was a piece of meat for the mentor's use. Winona held her and comforted her like she would a baby needing love from its mother.

They both used the bathroom at the same time because it seemed like the right thing to do in the circumstances. Winona watched Jasmin pull her panties down and pee with absolutely no shame or sense of false modesty. She was a little more reserved but when she did the same, she was suddenly suffused with a sense of great calm knowing that Jasmin was watching and listening to her tinkles go into the bowl. They both decided to wear only their panties to bed because the sheets were certainly warm enough to keep them more than comfortable. The both crowded into Winona's bed because neither one of them could bear the thought of sleeping alone.

When she crawled in behind Jasmin, Winona was filled with the good intentions of only holding her and cradling her into a restful sleep.

She found that her spirit was certainly willing, but her flesh was indeed far too weak for such resolve. The feel of Jasmin's soft creamy skin next to hers filled her with relentless passion to learn more about the lovely girl's body. She nuzzled her neck and licked her ears with tender touches of feminine love-making that women seem to love the most. The sudden feel of Jasmin's fingers on her most sensitive part of her pussy mound made Winona groan in repressed desire.

Before she could say anything at all, Jasmin dove down between her legs and buried her face deep into her pussy slit. She spread it open with her lips and shoved her wet, inquisitive tongue right up inside her vagina. In a matter of seconds, Winona was orgasming repeatedly. She held the back of Jasmin's head and pushed her friend's face right up deep in her pussy slit. The flood of female juice squirted right into Jasmin's mouth and she struggled to lap it all up before it made the bed wet.

Winona pulled her friend's face up to hers and French-kissed her with a greedy tongue. She licked her face clean and kissed her all over for a very long time.

Jasmin leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Would you make me take it the same way, dear Winona? I want to feel your tongue inside me down there. Please make me shoot my juices the exact same way."

The passionate young girl bent down and pushed her lips into Jasmin's pretty pussy. She was already wet from her anticipation of Winona's oral ministrations. It did not take very long for her to wail out her pleasure inside the locked room. Her quivering brown eye was opening and closing from the wonderful feelings speading out from her heated vagina.

The two girls left their panties off all night and stayed wrapped around each other like inseparable Siamese twins.

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