He Just Had to Have Her
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man finds he can no longer resist kidnapping the woman of his dreams as his fantasises invade his life.

The Kidnap

The Coach was late, and Sandra was very irate, the idea of jetting off to a warmer climate was the only thing that seemed to slightly cheer Sandra up, work was shit what with her superior being a right cow. The weather was blustery and several times Sandra had struggled to keep her skirt from blowing up flashing her knickers, much to Tom's disappointment. Sandra had even tried to hide behind her suitcase in order to protect her legs from the biting wind. Tom had been watching this stranger and remembering his fantasy from the previous night. He was a loner and he had begun having wild fantasises a few weeks ago but it always ended up with him raping a blonde haired girl, not just raping her cunt but also anally raping her. Each night the fantasies got stronger and stronger and simply masturbating seemed no longer enough to satisfy his craving, hence he was now stalking his prey chosen at random.

As Tom turned up his collar against the cold, he knew he had picked the right victim, that is to say that Sandra matched what Tom thought would be his ideal partner. Obviously Tom was going on looks alone as he found it very difficult to talk directly to women. In his mind he figured that Sandra being some 4 inches shorter than him at 5'8" and as he estimated to have 38C breasts and of course the most important thing Sandra had short cropped blonde hair. Mentally Tom noted that if she had been his girlfriend he would have wanted her to dress pretty much as she had today, with a short jacket style coat, a frilly blouse underneath and a mid-thigh skirt, and finished off with ankle high boots. It never occurred to Tom that he was doing anything wrong, although he was intelligent enough to know that kidnap and rape were both illegal, at this moment in time he reasoned that watching girls, was a harmless pastime.

Despite his intelligence, Tom had not thought through the plan to kidnap Sandra, although he had his van parked just around the corner he had not considered how to get Sandra from the bus stand to his van and furthermore how he was going to tie her up in the back. Suddenly it began to rain and he thought it was the perfect excuse to offer her a lift. Nervously he went to get the van and driving round the block approached Sandra and with his best smile, wound down the window and said can I offer you a lift as these buses are notoriously bad. It took all of this courage to keep a straight face and a calm voice, but it seemed to work as Sandra thanked him and agreed to accept his lift.

He opened the door and she clambered in beside him, before turning to look at the suitcase she had left on the pavement, instantly Tom realised she was almost demanding without speaking that he gets out of the vehicle and go and retrieve her case. Tom jumped out of the van and immediately picked up the suitcase, using it as a shield to hide the piece of wood in his hand, as he handed up the suitcase to Sandra no sooner did she reach forward to take it, than he quickly launched a single blow to her head with the wooden weapon. It was as if someone had switched out the light as everything around Sandra went black.

When Sandra came round, she tried to sit up but found that her arms had been tied straight out to either side and that it was clear from the motion around her that she was in the van and it was still in motion, it was also just dawning on her that because she could not see even the half daylight that had been around the time of her accepting the lift, she must be in the back of the van. Sandra decided to try to get up onto her knees but again she was unsuccessful as the ankles had been tied to the side of the van as well. She breathed a sigh of relief that despite the back of her legs being cold if, her backside wasn't so therefore she had not been stripped naked. She felt a little comfort at this because there was still a chance that nothing untoward would happen to her and maybe she could talk her way out of the situation.

Suddenly the noises outside the seemed to change, no longer the firm sound of rubber against tarmac, no instead this was more like rubber against Gravel, as Sandra tried to rationalise the location and to keep her mind sharp for when a chance to escape presented itself. The van seemed to begin to slow down and eventually stop but the engine kept running, she heard what sounded like one of the doors opening and then a creaking sound, like you would get from a rusty old gate. This was followed very shortly after by the clear sound of a door slamming and suddenly the van began to move again. In Sandra's mind she envisioned that the van had turned off the main road, run down a gravel path and now had gone through a farm gate of some kind. If the truth was known then Sandra had been reasonably accurate for in fact the van had come down the street and turned into a hidden entrance to a set of allotments, and that road in fact brought you to the gate of these private growing areas for people who like gardening, and in fact was heavily covered with gravel up until you reach the entrance gate.

The van had gone to one of the furthest gardens from the main entrance, and had now pulled up outside of a large lock up shed. Suddenly the side door opened and a hooded man peered in, Sandra could not see his face because of the bright light directly behind him, which was a security light for the factory behind his allotment space. Sandra froze as a harsh voice told her to do as she was told or suffer further punishment; her hurting head led her to believe he really meant it. Sandra was then told to look the other way, and suddenly for her everything went black again. This time it was not from a blow to the head that caused the darkness but instead a smelly old sack was placed over a head and when she felt it tightening around her neck for a split-second panic set in as she feared she was about to be strangled.

Breathing a sigh of relief she felt that the tightening around her neck had stopped, and also now she felt she could move her arms and legs. She was just contemplating kicking out when the voice told her to stay still and he would guide her where she was going, in that split second Sandra realised that had she kicked out she would have missed by miles because the voice was nowhere near she expected it to be and she figured that having seen her intentions she would have been in for a lot of punishment. Allowing this person to help her stand-up she got her first smell of his aftershave and immediately an image of a young 23-year-old male popped into her mind. What she didn't know was that this male that was now guiding her was actually 43 and intent upon losing his virginity to her against her will.

Suddenly she was told to stop and having done so she heard the creaking of the door opening and then she was guided inside and had the same door slamming shut. Her first reaction was that she was unsure if she was alone or what dangers lie around her, she began to raise their arms to reach for the cord which secured the sack around her neck when suddenly her arms were grabbed by Tom. In the same instant she felt both her wrists being drawn together against her will and realised that the person was trying to bind her hands together, the first feeling was to fight it but again being unable to see she realised any resistance was futile. She just hoped to remember enough about her attacker to bring him to justice later on, although she did have panic attacks about the eventual outcome of her captivity. She kept fighting the fears that ultimately she would be killed and left to rot somewhere, as she tried to push these feelings from a mind she kept seeing images of the now deceased mom and dad and that of the living sister with whom she had quarrelled a few years ago.

Secretly Sandra now wished that she had ended the quarrel and made up with her sister so that if this dastardly deed did go the way she hated to think about, at least her sister could mourn a lost sister and friend and not a sister and enemy. By now her hands were tightly bound together and she felt her arms be drawn forward as if being pulled lurching forward she stumbled several times and each stumbled was greeted with the cursing voice. Suddenly instead of being pulled forward she felt her arms being pulled upwards so much so that she had to stand on tiptoe to try to take some of the strain.

The next thing that Sandra felt something soft almost velvety being fastened around the shin area, but what she couldn't see was the 3 foot metal bar attached to the Velcro cuff. Suddenly the pain shot through Sandra's arms as her left leg was suddenly pulled from under her, and the voice cursed even more as no matter how hard he tried he just could not get enough of a gap between her legs to fasten the other Velcro cuff onto her left shin. The more that Tom pulled the more that Sandra cried out in pain, it felt like this guy was trying to break her pelvis to make the bar fit. Suddenly with a cacophony of verbal abuse, her left leg was free but only for a few seconds. She then felt her ankle boots being removed followed by the removal of the cuff around her right leg, this was replaced now around her right ankle and once more her legs were spread and this time she felt the cuff locked into place on her left ankle.

In Sandra's mind she thought she must look a right sight, she could imagine the image but only as an exaggerated triangle with her hands being the apex of the triangle and her feet being the bottom angles of the triangle. Whether it was the stress of the situation or whether it was just a release the fear but the image in her mind suddenly made Sandra giggle. This giggle surprised and shocked Tom as he misread the situation as being that Sandra was into the bondage scene and therefore was enjoying what he was doing to her. This enraged Tom even further as he thought to himself that this bitch should not be enjoying what was basically supposed to be for his own enjoyment only.

Sandra suddenly froze, when she felt the cold steel of a pair of scissors up inside the sack against her cheek, Tom leaned close and whispered in her ear that he was going to enjoy the next few minutes. Suddenly Sandra's body shuddered as he slowly withdrew the scissors and she feared that he may decide to stab her with those scissors. What she didn't know and could not know was what Tom had actually planned with those scissors, but she was soon to find out as the pushed the scissors into the waistband of her skirt. Sandra felt the cold steel against her stomach and she feared for where it may be heading because what she couldn't see was the fact that the scissors were open and trapping the waistband of her skirt between the blades. The first she knew she was safe was when she suddenly felt more exposed as with a simple snip her skirt was gone and now ended up lying on the floor.

Leering into the area where her face would be inside the sack, Tom suddenly growled so my bitch likes Lacy panties and he immediately began to rub between her legs. This rubbing was not as one would expect of a 43-year-old man but more like the inaccurate fumbling of a teenager, it just seemed to Sandra like he had got no idea about the make-up of a woman's cunt, she felt his rubbing was like someone would do with a towel to dry oneself off.

Despite his attempts, Tom was unable to juice up the cunt and so after about 5 min he gave up but not before he had delivered several extremely hard spanks to Sandra's unprotected backside. Even the pitiful begging of her sorrowful voice had no effect upon him as he cursed her and called her a spiteful bitch. Suddenly Sandra held her breath as once more she felt the cold steel of the scissors, this time they slid into the right side of the panties and with what seemed like a deafening click she felt the tightness of the panties disappear. She immediately felt a similar situation on the left side as she now imagined that her panties joined her skirt on the floor. Despite trying not to think of the situation Sandra's body betrayed her, knowing that she was naked now from the waist down suddenly her cunt was on fire and her cunt juices flowed like there was no tomorrow. She could not explain why this reaction taken place because whenever previous boyfriends had suggested even play bondage she had been turned off by the idea and found it to be of no interest.

Feeling so exposed to this stranger's glare, seemed to do strange things to her body, for the tell-tale itch in her cunt began to grow and Sandra began to visualise the heat in her pelvic area as a glowing light and the hornier she got the brighter the light got. At that exact moment she suddenly felt the sack being removed from over her head but the voice warned her not to open her eyes. After a few seconds; in her state of mind this seemed like an eternity, she felt a soft material pressing over her eyes. She was rather matter-of-factly told to open her mouth and then felt what seemed to be something rubber being pressed against her lips and into her mouth, as she felt the straps being tightened she realised this was a ball gag.

Tom then delighted describing to her what he was doing, as he told her how he was cutting off each of the buttons of her blouse one at a time beginning with the lowest one first. When he got to the one which was at her neck she once more felt the cold steel of the scissors, just as she did as he cut up the back of the blouse and down each arm. The only thing that Sandra was now wearing was so bra and pretty soon that was removed in the same fashion as all her other clothes. The next 20 min Sandra had to endure the almost slobbering and drooling examination from Tom as he prodded and poked at her private bits.

His rather amateurish feeling of her cunt and the almost sadistic way in which he pinched and pulled on her nipples, told Sandra he was not experienced in sexual things at all, yes he talked a good game but when it came to actions he was strictly third class. His rough fingers explored or rather fumbled against her cunt and almost by accident he found her clit and instead of stroking it gently he pinched it like one would do to a nipple. A grunted squeal escaped Sandra's mouth around the ball gag, when suddenly Tom threw caution to the wind and whipped off her blindfold as he declared that he wanted her to see what was going to happen to her.

Tom simply undid his belt and let his trousers slip to his knees revealing he was not wearing pants allowing his six inch cock in its semi hard state to begin to point out towards her cunt. He slowly advanced between her legs and told her that he was going to fuck her sluts cunt and then she was going to clean his cock in preparation for him fucking her whore's ass. Tom suddenly felt a tingle in his balls like he had never felt and as soon as his cock head touched her cunt area he found himself spurting semen all over her.

In Sandra's eyes he could see her laughing at him and scolding him for his premature ejaculation and that made his raging mad, so much so he quickly removed his trousers from around his ankles and stormed off. He was still mad as a hatter when he returned and looked at the spunk on her stomach slowly drying; suddenly he revealed a steel bucket and simply threw its contents all over her. Sandra was dowsed in freezing cold water and then had to endure Tom, using a broom to clean away the traces of spunk. He then reached forward and grabbed her throat and began to squeeze, as she began to struggle he told her in no uncertain terms that he had the power over her life and death.

In an instant he released his hand and stormed off, Sandra began to wonder what he had planned next as she struggled against her bonds, but it seemed ages and still Tom did not return. Sandra began to wonder if he had given up on his kidnap plans and maybe someone would come and rescue her at long last, but no such luck for four hours later Tom returned in a much calmer frame of mind. Then in clear view of Sandra he began to construct a contraption the like of which, Sandra had never seen; it seemed to be just a jumble of scaffolding poles, but slowly it dawned on her what he was making it was a stock of some sort she could see where her head would be held firm and her hands trapped.

As if to inflame her terror further, Tom stopped at one point of the construct and then demonstrated how the thing was coming together. He showed her how a single bar supported her stomach as he showed how her ankles would be splayed apart at one end and her hands would be held really wide apart and then how her head would be forced into a low position. He laughing told her that once strapped in he would have access to her mouth, her cunt and more importantly her arse.

Sandra was by now pleading to be released and promising not to tell anyone of what had happened so far if only he would let her go right now. The only problem was that Tom did not understand a single word that Sandra said because of the ball gag.

Suddenly Tom stood up and approached Sandra, he stroked her cheek as he whispered close to her ear, so you want pity, even though you laughed at me earlier!

Sandra violently nodded her head, and she did not see Tom's right hand rise and then suddenly fall catching her in the left side of her cheek, suddenly the pain was intense and her cheek smarted and began to colour up like the red of a fire engine. Tom bent over and Sandra could not see what he was doing but her arms ached and her thighs felt stiff from being locked in the one position for the last six hours. Soon her arms dropped by her side although still bound together and she then fell backwards as the whirring sound of a hoist dragged her feet off the floor; falling backwards she passed out as her head hit the floor.

Once more Sandra was woken by the freezing cold water from her captor, only this time when she began to focus she noted everything was upside down. Just then Tom appeared and he was dragging a large barrel towards her. Raising her up with the hoist as far as he could he positioned the barrel beneath her head and as she looked straight down she could see the barrel was empty, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Over the next hour Tom put water into the barrel until it was about a foot deep, the reason it took an hour was that every time he fetched a small amount of water in the bucket, he would spin Sandra round and the effect was beginning to make her feel sick. Tom then undid the gag and demanded to know what Sandra was? When she did not answer he slapped her arse real hard, he repeated the question and when Sandra said she was a victim he went ballistic spanking her arse as hard as he could and not every slap landed on her arse. Her entire nether region was a deep crimson colour from the attack and in the finish Tom said, when, will you learn that you are a common whore of a slut!

When next Tom asked her what she was, she meekly replied that she was a whore and a cock loving slut and she added Master at the end to try to make Tom happier and less likely to punish her further. Tom who was still naked from the waist down suddenly demanded that she suck his cock to prove the point and as he approached her she began to open her mouth only to be rewarded with a stream of yellow piss hitting her chin and finally her tongue inside her mouth. This led Tom to burst into laughter as he turned and said, wait till I need to go shit, bitch.

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