The Guardian Angel
Chapter 1

I found a muse. Perhaps my guardian angel gave me a swift kick to make me see the light.

This little thing just popped into my head tonight. I was sitting here thinking about Angels for some reason. Maybe I thought about all the people, and animals, and creatures in the world. It just came in and sat down. I welcomed this into my senses and I came up with:

Where could she be? I was walking along at the local carnival. I had my eyes peeled for a neighbor's daughter. I had just been told that she had run off from their group. Two moms were walking down the fairway. One from the north side, the other from the south side.

Within a minute of hearing this distressing news, I came upon mother and re-found daughter. I could see the relief in the mom's face. The daughter was just her typical 10 year old self.

I immediately told another neighbor that Nina was found, and to let the other mom's know all was fine here.

I remember walking back home from the noise and lights at the local church. I turned the corner into our development and then suddenly felt a massive pain in my middle chest.

I was aware. I cannot say I was awake. I could not see, though actually did not know if I even had eyes. I felt a calmness come over me like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night. I recall thinking about Heaven. Or my version of the place we (mostly) hope to rise to when we "meet our maker".

As I became more and more aware of the world around me, I could hear a voice, or a thought, that I was being given my Guardian Angel assignment.

Then it hit me. I remember once, when about 10 years old myself. I thought I had a Guardian Angel looking over me. I don't think I looked at is as the stereotypical, "Devil on right shoulder, God on the left". But I distinctly had this memory revisit my being that moment. I had prayed to God that when I die, could I help out in the next round of Guardian Angels?

The answer, "Yes, my son. You are here to receive your Human to watch over for the rest of her life. The stars aligned with you tonight when your prayer to above matched your situation on Earth. You will return in spirit form to watch over young Nina for a very long time. I have it on very good authority. Cough. Cough. Well, my authority. That she will benefit from future medical advances and live to the ripe year of 138."

I felt such calmness in hearing this. The Creator was giving me a chance to help this young girl for her entire lifetime.

The Creator then went on to tell me, "You have provided much good in your own lifetime. I believe that you will be able to impart a similar path on our young Nina to help make a difference in the world. I know you have heard about the great flood, the plague, the disasters that are blamed on the devil. Just as some are actually blamed on me."

I could feel the sadness, the foreboding of chances wasted. I knew the Creator was allowing me to feel the emotions that drove the entire world as it had been created.

Continuing, "I find I give mankind many chances to take their true course in the world. All this devlish interaction makes it hard to not want to start all over once again. I fear that the devil may win this round, and then we go to the 7th round, in our best of 7, to see who makes the choices for the next million years."

I was laughing inside as I realized this was just like many of our sporting final series.

I was shown, in some way, the Creator winning many of the battles to keep more souls on the path of good. I could see the devil winning a good number of battles also. I was shown the ending of the dinosaurs. I was shown the true nature of many cataclysms before man got his start in Eden.

I was shown the antics of the devil in that garden with Adam and Eve. The Creator actually 'won' that round when the Devil broke one of the rules of engagement. He spoke to poor Eve in his shape as a snake and scared the poor girl so badly that she bit down on the apple. They were given another chance.

And now we are here. June of 2012. Many attempts have been made to defeat all devlish actions. This new plan has the Creator feeling positive on the outcome. I can feel this happy, vibrant feeling as I absorb all that will be required of me.

I was suddenly here. I was sitting in a room. I could sense solids, liquids and gasses. I could literally 'see' all the creatures moving about the room. From mites to humans. All sizes and shapes. As I solidified into my surroundings I "knew" where I was. I could see the furniture. The bed with the pink comforter. The bookcase with volume upon volume of youth type stores. The young girl, sitting at her vanity, brushing out her hair. I could "hear" her counting out the brush strokes. "97, 98, 99, 100. Ok, that's done".

I "watched" as she went to close her door. She turned off the overhead light. She walked over to her bed, climbed in, and brought the comforter up to her neck.

I wanted to get this started now. I'm working on a quick outline. It's been a while since I've written a story so this may come along slowly. I do hope to keep it going with reasonable updates. And if not, for any reason, I'll be sure to post something in my blog on here.

Please accept that this is a fictional story with no connection to anyone, living or deceased, except in my poor mind.

No animals were harmed in the electronic writing of this pamphlet.

I accept total responsibility for any and all typso (typos) lol. I'm writing, editing, and proofing all at the same time.

As this is MY little story, I ask that all respect my ownership of the story as I've written it. Good or bad. Nonsensical or funny. This is my rubbish. So there!!

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