Nerds Ahoy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Humor, White Female, Oral Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A pair of co workers meet a very sexy flight attendant on their way to a conference. As luck would have it, the FA is staying in the same hotel.

Less than three seconds after the pilot had announced the scheduled flying time to Toronto, Megan turned to her co-worker Ken, who was reading the aircraft safety card, and asked "were you always this nerdy or did someone teach you the finer art of being such a dork"?, pointing to the safety card and explaining to Ken that a seasoned flyer would never resort to such airline puppetry.

"Ohh hardy har har, so funny you are but I will be one who survives when this plane goes down in a ball of fire. But, if you must know, it comes fairly naturally to me as I come from a long lineage of complete nerds, but thank you for asking just the same" Ken replied with a smirk and tone that was a mixture of defensiveness and sarcasm.

"That's what I figured' Megan replied, with her typical cute smile and a slight wink of the eye. Megan was a self described card-carrying member of the nerd fraternity, which somehow made it acceptable to inform others afflicted by this same condition. Although her nerdy-ness had yet to spread its wings into the aviation industry. "Just so you know, if we are going down in a fiery crash, you will be writing your will on that card" she mused.

The two co-workers settled in for their flight that would take them to the island airport, mere minutes from their hotel and conference centre. Although the pair had grown to be quite close office buddies, they had in fact only known each other for approximately 10 months. Megan had transferred from another department in order to gain technical experience and quite often found herself in Ken's office as he attempted to transfer his obvious brilliance to her, one morsel at a time.

What had started as a purely professional relationship quickly blossomed into an interesting mixture of daytime business and evening jocularity. However, at no time did the two ever confuse the lines between office protocol and weekend shananigans, as each was still keen to continually prove their worth in the office.

Ken turned slightly in his seat, affording him a better view of Megan's pretty face and spectacular medium brown hair, which was styled just perfectly for the flight, mostly flowing down to her shoulders but with a distinct section that was styled up and to the side. Ken made no secrets about his love of great hair, knowing it was usually considered an office appropriate compliment. Although he felt a tad uneasy at first, he quickly realised that that his words were much appreciated by his travel mate.

The plane's nose up attitude slowly levelled out as the plane reached cruising altitude for what was scheduled to be a very short flight. Even in the dim cabin lighting, Ken could see how Megan's greenish eyes sparkled in the light above her petite frame.

"Ok, so what's the booze situation on this flight anyway'? Megan asked to Ken as she glanced at her watch.

"Umm I don't think there is a booze situation, so you're stuck with me as your prime source of entertainment, sorry', Ken replied with a smile, trying desperately not to glance at Megan's chest which seemed to be a tad more prominent tonight than usual. She was always careful to never show any cleavage in the office but occasionally would slip a photo Ken's way on the weekends just to show off her personal life and prove that she wasn't always belted up in office attire.

Ken had no sooner stuck his nose back in the inflight magazine when he felt a sharp blow to his left ribs, something that felt decidedly like an elbow. Ken looked to the side to see Megan's arm firmly planted in his side as she pointed to the aisle.

"Check THIS out!" Megan said with a distinctly excited tone of voice.

Ken craned his neck and bent to the left and looked up the aisle to see the flight attendant waltzing between rows C and D.

"Umm what?" Ken asked naively, not entirely sure they had reached a point in their relationship where they could openly discuss a woman's obvious curves.

"What???, are you blind man???, check her out, she's stunning" Megan remarked as the flight attendant slowly walked nearer.

"Ohh umm, umm yeah, I can't deny I'm a sucker for a woman in uniform and she's got all the right curves to fill out that uniform" Ken replied, still not entirely sure if Megan would approve of his comments.

"You and me both!" Megan replied, her eyes completely riveted to the woman who was fast approaching.

Ken and Megan watched the flight attendant intently, admiring how her knee length navy blue skirt framed her gorgeously athletic and curvy calves and how the skirt accented her tiny little waist. And although she wasn't huge up top, her blouse seemed to strain ever so slightly at the bust line between the buttons. Luckily for all on board, she had removed her standard issue jacket before take-off and was now simply wearing the skirt and flared collar blouse and shoes with a modest heel. But Ken's eyes had not yet seen the piece de resistance, the classic 1960s pill box hat that was sitting, perched on top of this most lovely woman and a sky blue scarf that was tightly wound around her little neck. She would have looked great without the hat, but the combination of the skirt, cute scarf, tightish blouse and the hat was almost too much for words. Ken tried to remain calm and professional but his lowered jaw and bugged out eyes were in obvious conflict with any form of professional demeanour.

"Holy crap, what a look, what a uniform, she really is a knockout, so curvy and so professional looking in that uniform, yet so cute and naïve too" Ken said, suddenly speaking to Megan as if she were another man.

As she approached, Ken could plainly see Megan's eyes roaming up and down the flight attendant's body, assessing her every curve. And to top it all off, the flight attendant had a lovely young and fresh looking face and shiny lustrous dark brown hair too, the total package, clothes, hair and body, Ken thought.

As she passed, the pair gazed intently at her every curve and smiled up at her in the hopes to somehow gain her attention, without actually forcing her to stop for no reason.

"Jesus!! what a hottie, holy crap" Megan stated as she turned to Ken with a nervous smile.

"Really, you don't mind talking about her?" as the two craned their necks to see the flight attendant walking to the rear of the aircraft, her perfectly formed rear end swaying from side to side in the tight skirt.

"Don't mind talking about her, what do you think I'm in a coma or something, or blind, of course we're going to talk about her!" Megan replied, almost incredulously.

"So umm, you have an appreciation for the female body I take it?" Ken asked, slowly and with caution.

"Umm duuuh yeah, can't you tell?" Megan asked in a slight valley girl accent.

"Umm ok, but I'm confused, you mean ... no I can't ask that' Ken stopped short.

"Would you stop being such a jack-wagon, go on... ' Megan replied and looked into Ken's eyes, waiting for the question.

"Well, I'm confused, you mean you like to admire women because you appreciate their curves, or you'd like to actually ummm do stuff with them'? Ken asked hesitantly, barely believing he was just so bold and feeling stupid for using the word 'stuff'.

'Change the tense of that question buddy, I don't want to be with women, I have been with women, many times, we are by far the fairer sex you know" Megan whispered without any obvious form of awkwardness provided the others on the aircraft could not hear.

"Seriously?????" Ken replied, his eyes nearly as big as the pill box hat adorning the head of the gorgeous flight attendant.

"Yup, I did the whole College roommate experiment thing and now I'm hooked. But don't get me wrong, I am not a lesbian, I love my husband and I will always be with him, but I am soo attracted to other women it's crazy' she replied with a wicked smile.

"So, umm, umm, you'd sleep with our flight attendant is what you're saying?" Ken asked seductively.

"Duhhhh, what planet are you from, of course I would, wouldn't you?" Megan asked while punching Ken in the left shoulder.

"Ok, first off, stop hitting me, and secondly, of course I would, but I'm a guy and she's a knockout so it's really not even a question".

"Well it hardly matters if you're a guy or a gal, she's smokin' hot and that uniform is just to die for" Megan replied while trying to get one last glance at the flight attendant before she disappeared into the rear galley area.

"Watch this' Megan said with a grin as she lifted up off her seat and pressed the call button for the flight attendant.

Within seconds, the gorgeous flight attendant was briskly walking up the aisle towards them, her curvy hips nearly brushing against the shoulders of the male passengers seated in aisle positions.

"Yes, what can I do to assist you'? she said in the most loveliest of tones and a winning smile to match.

Megan and Ken simply stared into her ice blue eyes and how the hat framed her lovely face and could barely even focus on anything else around them.

"Ohh yes, umm umm umm I could really use a pillow and my friend here would umm like one too' Megan replied, trying desperately to remain cool and collected.

"I will get you each one straight away' the young flight attendant replied and immediately raced up towards the front of the aircraft with her signature walk.

"I thought you were such a cool cat, I'm going to call Guinness Book of World Records and inform them that you just broke the record for the most number of consecutive "umms"' Ken stated with a smile.

"Ohh sure, nice appreciation for me, she's going to be getting you a pillow because of me, how much have you done for me on this flight other than give me further proof of your dorkiness?' Megan added, with a smile. "When was the last time someone other than your wife delivered you a pillow? Eh? Huh huh?" Megan asked.

"Umm she doesn't deliver me pillows either ... So umm this is a first.', Ken stated under his breath.

"Zactly, now zip it and enjoy!" Megan replied.

The flight attendant returned promptly with the pillows and delivered them to Megan, with a smile.

"There you go, just give me a buzz if you need anything else from me' she added.

Megan and Ken had simultaneously gazed at the flight attendant's chest area, only to spot her name tag which bore the name 'Sara Lee'.

"Jeez, what a name, is she a stewardess or a cake, and is that her entire name or does she have a last name too?" Megan added with a smile.

"I don't know, but I'm not thinking cake, I'm thinking about her pie, hair pie that is" Ken returned with a childish laugh.

"Ohh please, what do you think this is 1978 porn, as if she has hair, get with the times gramps!"

"Ohh, right, forgot about how you younger folk do things these days" Ken replied in a made-up octogenarian voice as he grabbed both completely unnecessary pillows and shoved them under the seat ahead of them.

"We really have to keep her working for us, she is spectacular, sooo my type, what a knockout' Megan stated, beaming from ear to ear about being locked up in the same flying machine as the most beautiful young lady she had seen in months.

"Well I hate to tell you but she is not our servant or slave you know" Ken cautioned.

"Mmmmmm slave' Megan replied with a wicked grin.

As the flight wore on, the pair soon realised they could not monopolize their new friend, as much as they may like to. They occasionally made up reasons to beckon young Sara, or Sara Lee, to their aisle but generally resorted to distant admiration as their primary form of appreciation. With each passing minute, the pair found something more to like about their new friend, her smile, her hips, her rear end, her calves were so well formed with a well pronounced muscle sitting atop what seemed like the narrowest of ankles. And the way her thigh started out narrow at the knee but flared out towards the skirt's hem line. None of these aspects were lost on Megan and Ken who would likely not even notice an uncontained engine failure if Sara were near at the time.

"Crap, we're descending, our time with Sara is almost up" Ken stated with a slight sadness.

"Crap indeed, this sucks, why can't we be headed to Japan with her' Megan complained.

"Umm yeah, you don't want to be hopping into bed with the flight attendants that have enough seniority for the Japanese flights' Ken laughed.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, short flights equal young and inexperienced ... and great calves" Megan replied.

"Great calves, great waist, great thighs, great rack, great everything" Ken returned.

Upon arrival to the gate, Sara bolted up from her jump seat to open the cabin door and stood at the front of the aircraft to say goodbye to the disembarking passengers. Megan and Ken walked as slowly as possible as they approached their beauty queen and sadly wished her a good evening, knowing the odds of flying with her again were as slim as her waistline.

"Ohh this is just not right, we can't just let her go" Megan complained, looking back at Sara and whining to Ken about the lost opportunity.

The pair walked a little more briskly towards the baggage area once they were beyond sight of Sara and assumed they would never see her again.

Twenty minutes later...

Ken and Megan stood between the velour ropes that marked out the lane for the lesser privileged hotel customers, pining about the loss of their new friend when suddenly Ken yet again received a sharp elbow to the bread basket.

"Would you stop ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, very nice!" Ken whispered, stopping himself in mid sentence as he realised the source and rationale of the elbow.

"Ok, seriously, stop doing that, but ok this is very cool!" Ken whispered in an even lower tone as the pair's eyes gazed at the velour ropes that marked a path for the high end clients, which were now guiding their friend Sara.

"Can you fucking believe this??? " Megan stated with as much mouth movement as a mediocre ventriloquist on amateur night.

"I know, I know, this is unbelievable luck' Ken replied quietly, admiring how Sara's bust line was still visible even with the stock jacket.

Ken and Megan advanced through the lines, always keeping their eyes on Sara, and quickly got themselves checked in to their respective rooms, which had been pre-booked at the conference rate. Just as the pair began heading towards the elevator they became aware of Sara's voice, which seemed somewhat different than what they had heard on the plane.

"But I don't understand, our airline always has rooms here, there should be an entire floor for us, there must be some mistake" Sara demanded to the hotel employee.

"I'm so sorry ma'am but we aren't showing anything for your airline tonight, I'm afraid we are all sold out for tonight, I could try to find you another room at another hotel across town if you like, but everything else is booked up with this huge conference" the man explained with a somewhat unsympathetic tone.

Sara's youth was beginning to show as she crumbled under the tone of the much older and experienced hotel employee.

"But I don't understand, I have a 6 am flight, I need to sleep, can't you help me at all' she complained.

"I'm sorry ma'am there is nothing I can do' the man replied again and raised his eyes to the couple waiting in line behind Sara.

Without even asking Megan, Ken walked over to Sara and tapped her gently on the shoulder.

"I don't mean to sound forward, but do you remember us, we were on your flight and we can't help but want to help you out here, we heard what is going on, we have two rooms and if you don't mind, we would like to give you one, or you could stay with Megan, or whatever suits your needs" Ken stated in a charitable voice. "We feel terrible that our conference is keeping you from having a room so you can stay with us".

'I'm blown away, you would do that for me, but surely you need your rooms, won't I be a bother' Sara asked sweetly while walking slowly away from the front desk area.

"Sara, may I call you Sara, or is it Sara Lee' Ken added as Sara nodded and said 'Yes, call me Sara'. We want to help you, you were so kind to us and this hotel is obviously not going to help, so why don't you come up with us and we can figure something out ok? Ken added, smiling coyly to Megan who was in complete amazement at how smooth her nerdy friend had become.

"Well as long as you promise it's not a bother I will take you up on this, thank you for being so kind to me, no one has ever done this for me" Sara replied sheepishly.

"It's the least we can do for you after all you did for us on the flight" Megan added.

"Ohh please, I didn't do anything but bring you some pillows" Sara returned.

"Trust us, you did plenty!" Ken replied, secretly beaming that she had remembered him and Megan.

"Ok, let's go, we're up on three, rooms 341 and 343, let's go figure out who gets which room" Ken said in a somewhat scheming voice.

Sara beamed with joy, knowing she would be getting her much needed night's sleep before her 6 am.

The three entered the elevator and made idle chit chat with each other. Ken and Megan exchanged many furtive glances that screamed 'holy crap' as they realised they were about to be in the same hotel room with the very woman they assumed would only ever be seen in their respective fantasy lives.

"Ok here we are, let's go into 341 and figure out what's going on" Ken stated in a confident tone, almost wanting to usher Sara inside before she could change her mind. But in fact, Ken and Megan had an air of professionalism that most certainly defied their perverted desires and served to make Sara feel completely at ease.

Sara, Ken and Megan entered the first room and dropped their bags between the door and the bathroom and closed the door behind them.

"So Sara, do you have to get to bed immediately or can you stay up with us for a bit and talk" Megan asked, knowing full well that Sara would likely be more trusting of a young lady than an older man.

"Why don't you at least lose the jacket and get comfortable, I'm sure you've had a long day" Megan asked sweetly, desperately hoping Sara wouldn't remove her heels as part of the comfort concept. "My name is Megan and this is Ken and we really want to make you feel comfortable here' Megan said sweetly.

"It's very nice to meet you both, but umm, umm, is this the room I'll be staying in do you think?" Sara asked politely.

"Sure, we haven't really decided the arrangements yet, but yes, you can sleep here' Ken added. Megan immediately was impressed at how Ken didn't actually imply that this was her room in which to be alone, just that she would be staying there.

Sara quickly removed her jacket and placed it gently on the TV stand. "Well, I can stay up for a bit but I must retire soon, 5 am comes early and I have to iron the top of my dress for the flight and get my clothes in order. The airline is very picky about how we gals look and act, I'm not sure if you have any idea what we go through to look like this!!" Sara added with an adorable smile whilst looking down at her uniform.

"Well, we're not sure what their regulations are or what you endure, but we love the result!" Megan replied, pointing to the pill box hat and in complete awe of how good Sara looked in her tight white blouse and form fitting skirt.

"Ohh that thing, well these are a major pain but the airline likes them, I guess it makes us look like we're flying in the 1950s" Sara replied with slight resentment.

"I'm being rude, perhaps I should remove my hat" Sara asked.

"Nooo, we LOVE the hat, leave it on please, the skirt is great, but the hat is sooo perfect, we were talking about it the whole flight, it looks great on you Sara' Megan added, starting to try to work a little on Sara's obvious, and highly ironic, lack of confidence in her look.

"Well, trust me, once you've worn this getup for a week you learn to hate it' Sara replied.

"Ohhh we just love it, we really do, you look fabulous, but tell us more, what do they make you wear, are there options" Megan asked, trying to weasel her way into Sara's life.

"You know you can have a seat Sara, you've been standing all day" Ken remarked, pointing to the edge of the bed. Sara immediately obliged and sat down on the edge of the bed and instinctively crossed her legs such that her skirt rode up slightly on her thighs, affording an incredible view of her calves and lower thighs for her new roommates, who remained standing before her.

"So anyway, the hat and neck scarf are mandatory, but we can choose the blouse and jacket, a sweater, the short skirt, the long skirt, the dress, or pants. Only the grannies chose the pants and the younger ones tend to choose what I have on now or the dress of course. Tomorrow I'm wearing the dress.

"Well, we really like that you chose that outfit today, it's very appealing to us and we appreciated it a lot on the flight' Megan replied.

"Really, wow that's so kind of you to say that" Sara replied, seeming completely unaware of her obvious sexual charm.

Megan and Ken exchanged glances again, trying to figure out exactly how far this could possibly go before spooking their guest.

"I saw a documentary once that all flight attendants have to wear panty hose even though they are a risk to your health in a fire, is that correct?" Ken asked, exercising his aviation nerdyness to new levels.

"Yup, these are standard issue and mandatory' Sara replied as she uncrossed her legs and pulled at the nylon material. "My legs would melt in these if there was a fire, but we have to wear them so we can look good in flight I guess" she added.

Megan and Ken could not take their eyes off Sara's legs, so athletic and curvy and so visible as she shuffled and moved around and arranged her skirt.

"Any of the hippy flight attendants go braless?" Megan asked sarcastically.

"No they have a policy against that too, everyone must, umm, be well supported in flight, you wouldn't want gravity to take over at 20,000 feet" Sara replied sheepishly as she looked down ever so slightly to her own chest and then back to Megan's eyes. "Some of us don't really even need bras of course, but they do force us to wear them' Sara added, once again, seeming to illustrate a lack of confidence in her figure. "And they don't allow a single inch of cleavage either, they are very serious I guess" Sara explained.

"Wow that would be a cool job, flight attendant cleavage and bra checker-upper guy" Ken added with a stupid grin as he very obviously stared at Sara's chest which was still rather prominently displayed now that the jacket was long gone...

"Yeah how do I get that position?" Megan added as she stared directly at Sara's chest and noted how the second and third buttons seemed to be straining ever so slightly.

Sara smiled nervously with Megan's comments and squirmed a little on the edge of the bed, suddenly feeling like she was an object of affection.

"Is there really a person who checks that Sara?" Ken asked while advancing ever so slightly to the bed.

"Well no, not every day, but if you're reported, there is a crew chief that will come down to check you out and make sure' Sara replied in a nervous tone while watching Megan advance to the bed too. "They check for how the clothes fit and if you're wearing proper shoes and bras etcetera" Sara confided in the pair.

"Yeah they want to make sure you're conforming, or Maidenforming, to the policy" Ken added, knowing full well his reference to 1930s Life magazine ads would be lost on his younger friends.

"Do they care what colour bra you wear, does it have to match the outfit, the blue? Megan asked sweetly as she approached to within touching distance of Sara, who was starting to look visibly nervous.

"Ohh god you wouldn't believe it, they make us wear white bras with what I have on today but blue or black bras with all the other outfits, especially the dress, so I have to keep a full stock with me at all times" Sara replied.

"Wow, that's really strict, we don't have such policies here do we Megan?" Ken asked.

"No, no we don't at all, but I'm confused, aren't you wearing a blue bra today, I'm sure I saw a little flash of blue on the plane' Megan asked, winking peripherally to Ken so he would understand her ruse.

"Umm no, I am wearing white for sure, I can't be caught without the proper clothes in the first three months of working in this job' she confided.

"Hmm well that's really strange, I could have sworn I saw blue young lady, I wonder what the inspector would do in a case like this" Megan asked with an air of authority.

"Umm well I don't know, I've never been inspected that way, I'm not sure what they do I guess you have to prove it somehow" Sara replied.

Without considering any possible negative consequences, Megan slowly extended her hand and placed it on Sara's shoulder and gently pushed her blouse to one side until her sensible white bra strap was plainly visible.

Sara recoiled slightly but did not push Megan's hand aside as Ken and Megan stared at how Sara's blouse was now pushed aside off her one shoulder, exposing flesh and bra strap fully.

Sara gulped, 'ummm ok what are you doing, this is weird?" she asked as she looked at Megan.

"Well I just had to make sure you were conforming to the rules, I could have sworn you were wearing blue' Megan replied while continuing to push Sara's blouse off her shoulder until the buttons resisted any further movement.

Ken could already feel things moving around down below as he watched Megan working her magic on their friend.

Megan's hands trembled slightly as she continued to push the material aside for Ken to see.

'Very nice, it looks like you will pass this test" Megan added as she proceeded to push the blouse off her left shoulder to inspect the other side. Sara sat motionless as Megan touched her gently and explored.

"So what about this cleavage rule, are they really serious about that too" Megan asked.

"Umm this is kind of weird you know, I don't think my fiancé would want some guy from the flight seeing this" Sara replied, her lips trembling, as she stared into Megan's eyes.

"Well ok, and nor would my husband allow Ken to touch me, but your fiance surely would not mind if another woman was touching you right?, all guys love some good girl girl stuff' Megan added with a smile.

"What do you mean girl girl, I'm confused, I am so not into girl girl stuff, what are we doing here, why did you bring me here?' Sara cautioned while feeling how Megan's warm hands were pushing her blouse open as much as the buttons would allow.

"Don't be afraid, we just want to see how you would look if you broke some of the airline's silly little rules, and Ken will just sit on the chair over there, right Ken?" Megan commanded.

Ken nodded and waited in anticipation and sat down in the desk chair that was not more than five feet from Sara's extended legs, which were now moving around with nervous energy.

"Don't worry sweetie, you're safe with us, now let me loosen you up a little" Megan said sweetly as her warm hands slipped down Sara's upper chest and found the button that was preventing cleavage viewing.

Sara sat motionless with a very worried look on her face and gulped as she felt Megan not only open the button, but slowly push both sides of the blouse wide open for Ken to see.

"Ohh my, now doesn't that look nice' Megan said while standing back slightly to see how Sara looked with just a hint of cleavage showing, her firm white breasts being pushed together by her sensible white bra which was now clearly visible.

"So even this would be illegal Sara?" Megan asked while admiring the top of Sara's white bra.

"Yes, totally, this would be soooooo illegal" Sara responded while looking down quickly to look at her state.

"Umm this is really strange you know, you're making me kind of nervous" Sara cautioned once again as she grasped her blouse and closed it up.

"Don't you worry my love, we will take good care of you" Megan said with a motherly tone and slowly guided Sara's hands away from her blouse.

"I'm just going to undo one more button ok, and then I will let you sleep' Megan requested. "Unless you'd like to do it for us" Megan added.

Sara shook her head from side to side nervously and bit her lower lip a little.

Megan instinctively brushed her hands over the tops of Sara's breasts which were heaving up and down with her breathing and pushed the blouse open as much as the buttons would allow and proceeded to undo the next button and pushed the blouse open further still, suddenly exposing all of Sara's bra and all the breast mass that was pushing out the top. Sara gasped out loud, feeling completely exposed for Megan and Ken to see.

"Mmmm what a shame they won't allow that look, ohh Sara you are so sexy, you would have all the men and most of the women literally begging for your attention if you looked liked that" Megan added while making sure the blouse was open as much as possible for Ken to see. Sara's chest heaved in and out as she took every breath, her demi cup white bra barely holding in the tops of her breasts which seemed to be at the upper end of the B scale. A B+ for sure, Ken had already sized her up.

Megan continued to hold the blouse back and admire her friend. Sara looked up to Megan with puppy dog eyes, completely speechless at what was transpiring. Without asking, Megan moved her hands back to Sara's neck and loosened the scarf that was wound so tighty. Megan's hands slowly moved from Sara's neck, back down to her upper chest and then the palms of her hands slipped directly over Sara's boobs, gently caressing them as her hands moved over them.

Sara gasped out loud and closed her eyes, not knowing what to do. "Please, this is going too far, we have to stop this now, we can't do this, I can't cheat on my fiancé, why are you feeling me like this' Sara fought back, trying to push Megan's hands away from her. "You have to stop now, please, I'm begging you" Sara added.

"I promise we won't keep you too long dear, we just need to see what you would look like with your blouse totally open, can we try that please' Megan asked politely.

Sara sighed out loud, 'Why, that would never happen, I don't understand, this is weird" Sara complained.

"It may be weird but you're turned on aren't you Sara", Megan demanded.

Sara didn't reply in so many words, because words were not necessary, her eyes and body language screamed out the answer, loud and clear.

"I suppose we could do that quickly, you've been so kind to me so far but I don't understand why you're doing this' Sara conceded.

"Why don't you open it up for us please, pretend we just hit the call button and asked for this, pretend we are important customers and you want to please us" Megan asked, wondering if Sara was a true submissive.

Sara gulped again and looked to Ken and then to Megan. "ok, I will do that for you" Sara whispered.

Sara slowly lowered her fingers to the last two buttons on the blouse and slowly undid the top button, and then the second one until all the buttons were completely undone.

"Ok, now pull the blouse out of your skirt please dear' Megan asked.

Sara sighed and delayed but slowly pulled both blouse panels out of her tight skirt and opened up her blouse for Ken and Megan to see.

Sara's pearly white skin, her tight white bra and her tight little tummy were such a turn on to her companions as she sat there, nearly topless.

"Ok now open it up some more so Ken can see you dear' Megan added.

Sara slowly pulled her blouse open from the top, all the way to the bottom, exposing herself for the pair to see. Megan stood to the side to allow Ken a clear view of Sara's assets, which were so perfectly formed.

"Ohh my, Sara, you are perfect, did you know that?" Megan asked kindly.

Sara blushed and attempted to close up her blouse in embarrassment.

"I am so not perfect, I am flawed all over, and really should get to bed now" Sara argued as Megan approached her again.

"Sara, you can pretend to fight us, but it's no use, we know you like this, and we know you don't really want to sleep, and you ARE perfect in every way' Megan added, placing her hands back on Sara's shoulders.

Sara sat motionless, kicking her legs back and forth nervously in anticipation of Megan's next move.

"You've never even kissed a girl have you, you are so nervous but I know you want to try it with me now?" Megan asked sweetly.

Sara shook her head from side to side and smiled innocently.

"ok, But you've thought about it haven't you?" Megan asked with a confident tone.

Sara sat on the edge of the bed, her bra fully exposed, her nipples now starting to protrude heavily into the thin bra material as she contemplated the question.

"Maybe this will help you decide" Megan stated as she leaned in and lightly pressed her warm lips against Sara's ruby red lips. Megan did not press firmly, rather she kept her lips lightly touching Sara's mouth and waiting for approval. Sara's lips were frozen and motionless in shock until Megan began pressing hers slightly harder and opening them ever so slightly. Sara's resolve quickly melted as she opened her lips up ever so slightly to accept Megan's kisses. Megan continued to kiss Sara, pressing a little more and parting her lips ever so slowly for Sara to feel her very first girl kiss.

Ken watched on in delight, seeing how Megan's lips brushed against Sara's, slowly seducing her, kissing her gently and breathing into her young mouth.

Megan broke the kiss and looked deeply into Sara;s blue eyes. "You're not going to fight me anymore are you dear?" Megan asked.

Sara shook her head again from side to side and smiled sweetly to Megan and looked up with a desire and a need and newly found lust.

Sara waited patiently for Megan to move in again and begin kissing her lips, this time with a fully open mouth, which Sara accepted with her own open mouth. The two lovely ladies continued to kiss gently, slowly opening their lips and mouths to accept each other. Megan's tongue darted out quickly to find Sara's tongue still in her mouth, causing waves of pleasure to run through Sara's body.

"Ohhh god you're making me crazy here' Sara conceded, "I've never done this before, it feels so good" Sara stated with a glazed look in her eyes.

Megan knew the time to pounce was now and slowly slid her hands along Sara's tummy and then higher until she was grazing the bottom of her bra. Sara gasped into Megan's mouth as she felt Megan's little hands cup each of her breasts, squeezing them outside the bra as the pair began deeply kissing, probing each other's mouths with their darting tongues.

Sara groaned out loud as she felt two small hands caressing her chest, moving over her hard nipples and pull at the bra material. Sara leapt with excitement as she felt Megan's hands exploring her chest. Sara and Megan kissed, touched, licked each other's lips lovingly, all for Ken to see and observe, not more than five feet away.

Megan needed more, and began pushing Sara's blouse off her shoulder and down her little arm.

"Ohh no, you can't do that, that's too much" Sara complained as she felt Megan pushing her right bra strap off her shoulder.

"Sara you have to trust us, let me see more of you' Megan whispered and continued to push the right strap down off Sara's shoulder and down her arm as Sara's body loosened up slightly to allow Megan access.

"Now, you sit here love, and don't worry ok, let me do something' Megan cautioned.

Slowly, gently, Megan pushed Sara's blouse down to her elbows, exposing all of Sara's beautiful shoulders. Then, without asking, Megan began pushing both of Sara's little white bra straps down her shoulders, off her shoulders, and down to her elbows, just about the blouse material.

Sara's eyes widened with nervous energy as she looked over to Ken and then back to Megan.

"I can't believe I'm letting you do this" Sara said with a broken and shaken voice, but did not resist any further.

Megan leaned back in to plant yet another kiss on Sara's full, young lips. "mmmmm ohhh you kiss soooo well" Sara gasped between licks into Megan's open mouth.

"You ain't seen nothing yet honey" Megan returned before darting her tongue once again inside Sara's waiting mouth.

Megan continued to seduce their young inmate, swirling her tongue inside Sara's mouth, biting her lips and cupping her breasts firmly outside the bra which was now barely supporting Sara with the straps so far from her shoulders. Sara gasped and breathed deeply with each passing second, squirming and moving on the edge of the bed. Megan's fingers roamed around gently until finally slipping inside the material and locating Sara's pink nipples which by now had become nearly fully erect. Without wasting any more time, Megan's fore finger and thumbs began manipulating Sara's hard nipples, tweaking them lightly and brushing against them. "Ohhhh god you better not do that, that drives me crazy" Sara groaned as Megan began turning and twisting both of Sara's hard nipples. Sara gasped and groaned into Megan's mouth and clutched onto Megan for support as she became weak in the knees.

Ken continued to watch this action, but could barely contain his obvious excitement which was now making a distinct tent in his jeans. But he resisted the temptation to unzip, for now, and continued to watch how Megan's fingers danced over Sara's nipples, gently easing her out of her bra, slowly.

Sara's mouth slowly opened up more and more, accepting Megan's swirling tongue, even darting her own tongue quickly into and out of Megan's mouth, much to Megan's delight.

Megan could wait no longer, and peeled both bra cups down, fully exposing Sara's chest for all to see, which Sara accepted finally. Ken and Megan could barely believe their eyes, two most perfect orbs, all white and pink, so firm and perky for them to see.

Megan's hands cupped Sara fully as the pair exchanged kisses, with Sara now gasping and grunting into Megan's mouth each time Megan moved her hands along Sara's chest, squeezing, rubbing, touching, twisting.

Megan could wait no longer and began kissing Sara's lower lip, then her neck, then her upper chest. Sara gasped and held her breath, watching how Megan traced a line of kisses lower and lower until finally reaching Sara's erect right nipple.

"No, no, no, you can't do that, I won't last two minutes if you do that" Sara complained as she looked down to see Megan's outstretched tongue just millimetres from the very tip of her pink right nipple.

Megan, of course, ignored this request and began slowly flicking and licking Sara's nipple, swirling her tongue around in a clockwise fashion, resisting the temptation to latch on.

"Ohh Godddddddddddddddddd, don't do that, that's too much, you're going to make me explode' Sara gasped and squirmed and bucked on the edge of the bed. Megan smiled as she latched on to the right side and flicked and licked Sara's pink nipple which was now easily half an inch long.

Sara grabbed the back of Megan's head and pushed her into her bosom and gasped for air while Megan lovingly licked and flicked away.

"Don't stop, ohhh don't stop" Sara moaned and gasped and looked over to Ken with her upper teeth firmly clamping down into her lower lip.

Megan expertly licked and flicked and kissed Sara's right nipple and then began carefully manipulating her left side between her thumb and forefinger, much to Sara's delight.

"Ohhh Megan, don't stop, ohhhhh my god, yes yes, oh yes, suck me, suck me' Sara gasped, much to Megan's delight!

Ken could barely contain his excitement as he egged on the two young ladies and edged his chair a little closer to afford a full view of Sara's young body and how Megan had arranged herself in front of Sara.

Without asking, Megan's hands began pushing on Sara's hips, trying to guide her skirt a little higher while still continuing to lick and flick her aching and hard nipples.

Sara, thinking that all of the action would be above the border, did not lift up, nor did she attempt to assist Megan with skirt removal.

"C'mon sweetie, just let me push it up a little..." Megan begged as she continued to push that little skirt up over Sara's curvy hips.

"Ohhh no no no, we can't do that, I'm so not ready for that' Sara argued while Megan continued to push and push and push on the skirt.

Megan's hands moved quickly down to Sara's beautiful legs and began sliding up and down her thighs, pressing her skirt open and up, a millimetre at a time. Sara continue to resist as Megan pushed up, higher and higher, rolling her skirt up a little at a time until it had reached her gracefully curved hips. Sara's thighs were perfectly formed, with just the right muscle tone that Megan had hoped to find. Megan's heart was in her throat and her underwear were soaked through as she carefully lifted Sara's rear end off the bed long enough to push her skirt high enough out of the way to finally see the gusset of her charcoal panty hose. Sara sat motionless and waited as Megan continued to press her skirt up and out of way, until it was bunched up around her waist for all to see.

Sara remained silent and waited, watching Megan's hands glide along her inner thighs, caressing them gently and dragging her fingers along the muscles that formed Sara's legs.

"What are you doing, you're crazy!!!" Sara yelped as she felt Megan begin ripping and tearing Sara's panty hose open just below the crotch, roughly ripping to gain access to the goods.

"No no no, you can't do this... " Sara complained again but did not offer any physical resistance while Megan firmly ripped open her panty hose and spread her legs as far as they would go, without hurting the young lady.

"Nooo, please please please this can't go on" Sara protested, her saliva coated nipples hard as pebbles and her skirt completely pushed out of the way and her panty hose completely torn to shreds.

Now, the undies, Megan thought as she completely ignored young Sara's pleas for it to end. Megan fought off Sara and spread her legs open and continued to tear and rip at her panty hose until she could see all of her white underwear, which were slim fitting yet still sensible. Sara gasped and complained and whined as Megan grasped the right side of the material and yanked it hard to one side, exposing Sara's tiny little landing strip of hair above her opening.

"Ohh God no, no don't, this is too much, please stop" Sara begged just as she could see Megan licking her lips and leaning closer and closer. "No, no, I don't even let my fiancé do that' Sara groaned in complaint, trying to push Megan back.

Megan looked up to see young Sara, her pretty face, the way her breasts were hanging out of her white bra and her panty hose in shreds and how sexy she looked, how desperately in need of an orgasm she looked.

Without any more delay, Megan leaned in and began placing light kisses on Sara's thighs, which were now partially covered and partially bare. Megan found as much bare skin as possible as licked her way up Sara's muscular leg, licking, kissing and depositing saliva all the way, getting closer and closer., easing her curvy legs apart slowly. Megan knew Sara's resistance would be temporary, she had converted gals before and she wasn't about to fail this time.

Sara watched helplessly as Megan licked her way up the young flight attendant's thighs, getting closer and closer to her love canal. Sara held her breath and closed her eyes, feeling how Megan's warm finger began gliding through her folds, caressing her slit which was now dripping fluids onto the hotel carpet below. "Ohh dear, look at all this Ken, look how excited she is to be with us" Megan taunted as she licked her fingers and then inserted it back inside Sara.

Sara gasped and groaned out loud, recoiling with pleasure with Megan's expert touches. Megan inserted her longest finger inside Sara, hooking it up and sliding it in and out slowly and first, then more rapidly while Sara looked over to Ken, who was now completely in awe of Megan's techniques and watched with great interest.

Megan could not hold back any more, her face so close to Sara's mound, with one fluid motion, Megan bent over and slid her hot tongue inside Sara, darting it in and out and flicking her gently.

"Ohhh Christ, ohh my god, ohh what are you doing to me" Sara groaned as she grabbed the back of Megan's head for support.

"Just sit back and enjoy this' Megan said in a muffled tone from below, her tongue now slithering quickly in and out of young Sara.

Ken watched on in delight, focussing on how Sara's breasts had fallen out of her white bra, and how Megan licked and flicked young Sara and how Sara was now leaning back a little, totally enjoying what was happening to her. The tension was too much for Ken to bear as he quickly unzipped his jeans to release what could not longer be held back in such a confined space. Sara's eyes opened up wide as she looked up to see Ken unzipping and pulling out his hard and throbbing member for her to see.

Megan's tongue darted in and out until finally she allowed it to slither up slightly, between Sara's folds and find her waiting clit, which was hard as a pebble and primed for action.

Sara's eyes flicked between Ken's rubbing and Megan's licking, her eyes glazed over with erotic pleasures. Megan grabbed Sara's rear end and pulled her into her face, burying her face inside Sara while flicking her hot tongue rapidly over Sara's clit, side to side and then up and down.

"Ohhhh my god, ohh my god, don't stop, don't stop" Sara moaned as she grabbed Megan again and forced her face into her and spread her legs as far as possible within the confines of the skirt that was wrapped around her waist.

Sara sat on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide open to accept Megan's face, now drenched in fluids, moaning out load and bucking her hips rapidly against Megan's face.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christ, yes, ohh lick my little pussy like that' Sara screamed, easily loud enough for anyone in the next room to hear. "Don't stop, don't stop, I'm so close" she moaned out load as Megan continued t lick and flick and dart her tongue over young Sara's clit.

With one fluid motion, Megan inserted one finger, then two finger deep inside Sara and began gliding them in and out with a rhythmic motion, curling them and twisting them inside her, making Sara writhe in ecstasy on the bed, putting her hands back on the bed for support and leaning back so she could force herself into Megan's pretty face.

Sara grinded her hips back and forth, leaning way back on her arms on the bed and moaning in delight, 'ohhhh don't stop, don't stop, lick me like that, I'm going to cum on your face sweetie' she cried, grinding herself against Megan, whose tongue was rapidly flicking and licking her young flight attendant.

Sara's breathing became shallow and rapid, her eyes closed and her entire body tensed up as Megan licked her clit up and down, knowing how close she was, dragging her fingers inside her and searching for that perfect pressure point. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk' Sara groaned as her entire body convulsed and shook like a magnitude 8.0 earthquake had struck inside her body just as a small stream of fluid exploded out onto Megan's face. Megan continued to lick slowly and bring Sara back down and slid her two fingers in and out until withdrawing them and licking them clean for all to see, her sweet juices going down the hatch.

Sara collapsed on the bed, her panty hose ripped and soaked and her underwear and bra still pushed down and out of the way.

"Wow that was intense" Sara groaned as she tried to compose herself and regain her breath while Ken zipped up and realised that his climax would have to wait for later...

"May I sleep with you tonight?" Megan asked sweetly of Sara.

Sara nodded her head with delight...

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