The Case of the Reluctant Informer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Violent, Workplace, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A forensic female investigator with sexual appitites for any thing new and dangerous. She has seen it all and had tried it all. Her only motivation is to make all guilty perps face the music.

Sandra grasped the mutilated breast of the victim firmly in her rubber gloved hand.

The perverted creep that had visited this world of hurt on an innocent young girl needed to be brought to justice. She swabbed cautiously in the wrinkled creases of the dead girl's nipple. A smile crossed her intently focused face.

There was a faint residue of an unknown substance lingering on the surface. Almost too tiny to be seen with the naked eye. She prepared the slide with a practiced ease that spoke of a decade in forensic investigation. She was a little out of her bailiwick here with the operational forensics. This top grade lab was far better than the facility at her home base just outside of Washington, DC. No, her specialty was in the "connecting the dots" process. A process that took all the sources of data and derived a matrix of possibilities. The selection of avenues of investigation would follow and she generally never questioned the direction decided by those above her pay grade.

This was a special case.

The girl on the table was Josefina Rodriguez, better known to her friends as "Josie". Josie was a young 21 year old Hispanic girl. Just one of the many millions of young people lacking the proper "documentation" to be a first class citizen.

Only 6 short months earlier...

Sandra had first met Josie when the young Latina had been picked up in a sweep of prostitutes on 15th Street in the District.

She had been tasked with interrogating the girl because they were shorthanded at the center and she spoke excellent Spanish. After only a few minutes, she discovered the girl spoke better English than she spoke Spanish and their conversation reverted to Sandra's native tongue

Josie was a dark, sultry beauty. She was short and compact with luscious curves and fully rounded breasts. Her ruby red lips enticed and moved with seductive attraction. During the interrogation, Sandra noticed Josie would nervously lick her lips with a sexy wet tongue. At those moments, she had difficulty in meeting Sandra's eyes. It is a dead giveaway tell. Sandra was easily able to determine which answers were out and out lies.

The pattern of the lies told Sandra that the well-organized Central American gang she had been researching had moved into the flesh trade in the District big time and were also pushing the meth business with the whores as a distribution back up. These girls with no clout and no motivation to talk were the unpaid workers of a sex and drug operation that saturated the entire District of Columbia and reached into both Virginia and Maryland.

The nervous young girl was pulling her hair now and squirming in her chair.

"Can I go to the little girl's room, ma am? I got to go real bad!"

Sandra made sure the handcuffs were in place and led the girl to the ladies room. The place was empty. Not unusual for this time of night. Now she had a dilemma. Should she take off the cuffs or help Josie to pull her panties down in the small stall. She opted to safety and left the cuffs on.

"OK, Josie. Turn around. I am going to pull up your skirt. Good! Now, let's get these undies down. Spread your legs a bit. Good. Now turn around and sit. Good! Lean forward so it all goes into the bowl and not on my leg."

The girl looked up at her with a helpless naive look and said,

"Oh, Miss Sandra, I would never do anything like that to you. You treated me nice when I was so frightened."

The tinkling sound sounded like a waterfall. The young Hispanic girl had held it for a long time. Now it was time to wipe. Sandra was really embarrassed as she reached in between the Josie's knees and patted her damp little bush.

Josie whimpered at the soft touch and unconsciously moved her legs together, trapping Sandra's hand inside. Quickly, she parted her legs and apologized to Sandra. Sandra could see it was not intentional.

When they released Josie and most of the other girls a few hours later, Sandra pressed her cell phone number into Josie's hand and told her to call her if she had a bad problem. She was not quite sure why she did that and forgot about it almost immediately.

Unfortunately, that cell phone number is probably what put Josie on the cold metal slab in the lab.

Back in the lab, Sandra was studying her results.

Derek, the hunky young Technician who was giving her free run of his lab space, came in with two Starbucks coffees in his hands.

"Sandra, you are working much too hard! When do you ever get any free time?"

Sandra smiled in gratitude at Derek and slugged down a jolt of the House Blend coffee. Her favorite. She felt herself tingle with the soothing effect of the caffeine into her system. The slide revealed to her that the young Hispanic girl had recently been working stark naked in a coke cutting operation somewhere nearby. The little telltale residue in her skin folds and some traces under her toe nails confirmed her sweaty absorption of the opiate.

No, poor Josie was not a druggie, she just happened to be an unfortunate victim of the system that kept the poison moving into all segments and classes of American society.

"Derek, look at these lacerations on this subject's wrists and ankles. Do they look like restraints to you?"

The muscular young man moved in close behind Sandra and inspected the areas pointed out by her. His large hands turned the wrist slightly. Sandra could feel the outline of his manhood pressing gently into her bottom and she found it to be somewhat pleasant and exciting. She knew she would do whatever this young man asked of her, but he had not asked anything as yet.

So, the physical contact was most welcome.

She was far too shy and too reserved to even show her appreciation for the attention. Her only physical contact with men was with her live-in boyfriend of long standing. Unfortunately, he had not asked her for anything in ages. She was cursed with the common affliction of many intelligent women of never initiating any physical contact with men. She had always been a person who wanted to be forced into something. She felt that men should "make her do it". That way she was able to feel innocent of any badness on her part.

"Affirmative! Definite restraints were used. She struggled pretty hard. It looks like she was being tortured for information from the marks on her buttocks and the signs of clamps and teeth on her nipples. Her anus is torn up pretty bad and it was all anti-mortem over a long period of time."

Sandra agreed with everything Derek surmised and realized they were probably trying to get the name of her contact in the Department. With a sinking feeling, she knew it had to be her phone number that caused the young girl to be terminated with such brutality.

Derek was now leaning over and viewing her slide of the coke residue. Her bottom was hanging out over the edge of the small stool. Not that it was a big bottom. It was really more petite and heart shaped. She could feel his oversized tool getting harder the more it rubbed on the opening between her rounded cheeks. She didn't say anything because she wanted it really bad now. Sandra leaned forward and let her cheeks slide back a little more for Derek to plunder with his rock hard cock.

It was so very nice right now.

She could feel her juice filling her panties in the front. They both were into it now and didn't try to hide their heightened pleasure at the "outside the clothing" impalement. Derek slid one hand around her waist and cupped her swaying breast in a firm grasp. That was enough to make her lose her liquids in a gush of juice that ran down her legs and the front of the stool. She heard Derek groan and she knew he was shooting his sticky creamy cum into his trousers. The fluid oozed through the material and found its way deep into her ass crack and glistened in a creamy gel on her buried thong.

"Thank you for that, Sandra. One day we have to do this for real. You sometimes make me feel I am still in high school under the bleachers. Yes, I agree completely with the coke cutting scenario. There can be no other explanation."

Sandra patted Derek's hand now resting sedately in her lap. The thought of him pounding her pussy was enough to make her wet all over again. She tagged everything into evidence and shut down the equipment.

Now it was time to start putting the bits and pieces together and solve the puzzle of the dead girl's murder. It was time to start figuring out the patterns that led up to her demise.

Time to find justice for a girl without hope.

A girl without clout.

A girl with a checkered past.

Sandra went to sleep that night with her task certain in her mind. She would speak for the dead. She would speak for Josefina Rodriguez.

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