How to Tame a Dragon
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She only agreed to do it as a favour to her sister – but he more than made up for the inconvenience...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

"Come with us!" her sister asked her for the third time. "You know that you're not fit for work just yet, and the change will do you good."

"Yes I know." Izzy said reluctantly. "But as I've already said, I really don't fancy the idea of playing third wheel to you and Richard."

"Oh bother that!" Jessie sighed, "Richard's going to be working with his brother Daniel all day; and I'm going to be on my own an awful lot." She smiled in a wheedling fashion, which Izzy knew only too well. "Please, please say that you'll come."

She sighed in exasperation. "Where will we be staying exactly?"

"It's his brother – Daniel's place ... apparently it's a big country house, with huge gardens! You'll love it; it's just your kind of thing." She paused and looked pleadingly at her little sister. "So will you come? Pleeease!"

Izzy gave another sigh and said. "Oh well ... all right then – I'll come."

"Excellent!" Jessie positively smirked with satisfaction. "We're leaving first thing in the morning." She raised her brows in query. "You can be packed and ready by then?"

"I'm not a complete vegetable." Izzy glowered at her older sister, as she flicked back her shoulder length dark blond curls; and her blue eyes wrinkled in offence.

"Great! I'll love you, and leave you to it then..." She jumped up off Izzy's bed. "I'll give you a call a bit later; to let you know exactly what time to expect us in the morning," she promised as she opened the bedroom door.

Izzy was lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling when there was a soft tap on the door. It opened and her mum poked her head around. "I gather she talked you into it then?" she asked as she entered the room.

Izzy groaned. "Yes! She just wouldn't leave me alone until I agreed."

"Perhaps it'll do you some good?" Mrs Parkinson suggested hesitantly.

"Oh well it'll only be for a week or two..." She got up of her bed and started to pull clothes out of her wardrobe, she stopped suddenly to glare down at the small pile of clothing. "What on earth am I supposed to take with me?" she ground out in disgust.

"Well ... jeans and trousers are always a safe bet ... and you know that you're more comfortable in them," her mum suggested. "And maybe something pretty in case you go out at all?"

Izzy laughed bitterly. "Me and pretty just don't go together – I'm afraid..." she looked up at the ceiling and her features took on a slightly tragic look. "Oh joy!" she sighed dramatically; "I always did want to play the green prickly fruit!"

Her mother gave a little laugh before giving a little sigh herself, and looked worriedly at her. "Are you sure you're feeling better?" she asked anxiously. "You're still awfully pale – and thin."

"I'm fine mum – honestly." Izzy smiled tiredly. "The doctor did say it would take me a little while to build up my strength again ... that's why they call it convalescing I guess!"

Her mum's eyes filled with sudden tears. "We were so worried when you got so sick, and when the doctor said pneumonia!" She whispered, her lips trembling. "We thought we were going to lose you!"

Izzy felt her chest tighten, at her mum's distress. "Well I'm all better now." She said cheerfully which changed rapidly into a frown. "I'm afraid that I pretty much ruined Christmas for all of you though!" she said apologetically – for the hundredth time. She gave her mum a kind of pathetic smile as she sank tiredly down on the bed.

"Don't be so daft!" Her mum begged her as she opened the bedroom door. She was just about to leave when she suddenly remembered why she had come up in the first place.

"Oh, by the way," she said taking an envelope out of her cardigan pocket. "This letter came for you not long ago."

"Uh oh." Izzy sighed as she recognised the senders stamp on the envelope.

"What is it?" her mum asked anxiously.

"I've been expecting this." She felt a little twinge of regret as a chapter of her life seemed to be closing on her. "It's work ... or rather it's the sack."

"Oh love no!" her mum seemed to be more upset for her, than Izzy was herself.

"Well I have been off for nearly six weeks now mum, and there's not much sign of me going back any time soon. It's not fair for Sheila to be doing her work – and mine indefinitely."

"But what will you do?"

Izzy gave another little sigh. "I've got quite a bit of money saved what with one thing and another. With this illness going on for so long I've not had a chance to spend anything in ages ... And work will owe me some holiday pay." She gave her mum a smile full of a confidence she didn't actually feel. "Maybe this little break is exactly what I need right now. I'll come back refreshed and I'll go out and get another job. Arthur will give me a reference ... I'm sure of it." She had quickly scanned the letter as she spoke to her mum. "He's asking me to give him a call so that we can sort something out, but I think it best if I just resign."

"Well while you go and give them a ring; I'll dig out that suitcase for you."

Izzy sat talking to Arthur for a little while. He was a good man and she had been an excellent worker for his accounting firm. "We'll all miss you my dear, but we've just had a young woman come in on a government grant and she's very interested in the book keeping side that you and Sheila have been covering."

"I know Arthur and I really appreciate how long you've kept the position open for me. I'm only sorry that it's taken me so long to realise, that I just won't be fit for work any time soon."

"Don't you worry about it my dear, Sheila was adamant that you be given every opportunity to come back to us."

Izzy gave a watery smile as she replaced the receiver. She picked up a notebook and pen and wrote a brief note to Sheila; which she shoved in an envelope and quickly scribbled the address on the front. She stood it up on the shelf; confident that someone would see it and realise that it needed posting.

She was just finishing her packing, when her mum came back into her bedroom, carrying a small tray with a mug of coffee and a plate of sandwiches on it.

"I thought that you might like these," she told her daughter. "And then you must lie down and rest for a bit!"

Izzy leaned across to hug her mum. "You're brilliant!" she told her gratefully. "I just keep on making work for you though, don't I?" she gave a bitter little laugh.

"You've left a space?" her mum questioned pointing at a place in the otherwise crammed full suitcase.

Izzy laughed. "You bet!" she said. "I may be playing gooseberry all week, but I fully intend to have plenty of books to hide behind."

"Oh you and your books!" her mum exclaimed. "You should read less and live more."

"Hey I have been ill you know!" Izzy protested.

"Yes you have," her mum allowed. "But you weren't always sick ... and apart from work and family, you hardly ever go out!" Her mum was fretting and Izzy felt another pang of guilt at the worry she seemed to keep causing her parent.

She suddenly felt a shot of relief that she was going away for a bit. She and her mum seriously needed a break from each other!

"I'm just not that sociable mum, you know that I find it difficult talking to people I don't know very well. Give me my books any day they are so much less complicated and lots more fun."

Seven o'clock the next morning and Izzy was crammed into the back of Richard's fancy sports car. He dumped her suitcase in the boot and climbed behind the wheel. "So how is the little invalid today?" he asked mockingly, although he wasn't being unkind.

"Oh I've been better..." Izzy said dryly "But I promise to try and not throw up all over you nice shiny new car."

Richard gave a little shudder. "Yes please do try to control yourself!" he begged dramatically; and Izzy laughed.

Jessie giggled and looked back at her with her eyebrows raised questioningly. "Are you ok?" that look asked worriedly.

Izzy gave a little nod, and a smile to indicate that she really was fine, and her sister sighed with relief.

She sank back and relaxed against the leather seat, with a soft murmur of contentment; the motion and the warmth of the car lulling her into a light doze. She could hear the murmur of the two in front, but she was just so relaxed that she couldn't have spoken, even if she'd tried.

"I think she's asleep," she heard Jessie say softly.

"Are you sure that she'll be alright?" Richard asked.

"She needed to get away from home for a bit, she was in serious danger of vegetating. Have you explained anything to your brother about her?"

Richard gave an abrupt laugh. "He wasn't too happy about her coming in the first place! He didn't like the idea of having his home invaded by all and sundry ... and creating more work for Mrs Coats; without the fact that she's convalescing as well. Besides he'll be working a lot and she'll be resting a lot; so the two of them should barely meet up, it's certainly a big enough house to lose yourself in!"

Izzy felt that she should feel concerned about her lack of welcome in brother Daniel's home, but for the life of her she just couldn't seem to drum up the energy for it.

"Nearly there now." Richard's satisfied voice sometime later, disturbed Izzy from her lethargy. She felt the car turn and crunch down a gravel driveway and then pull to a stop.

"Izzy." Jessie's voice sounded close. "Wake up love, we're here."

The car door was pulled open and Izzy was blasted by the cold air. She peeped up to find Richard grinning down at her. "Come on you," he said good naturedly. "Or do I need to carry you inside?"

Izzy gave him a lazy smile. "Somehow I don't think that brother Daniel would approve," she said sweetly.

Richard winced. "I thought you were asleep!" he said wryly.

"It's amazing how looks can be so deceiving isn't it?" she asked. "I always thought that you looked like a good guy."

Richard laughed and leaned in to help her out. Izzy's feet touched the gravel, and she straightened up with her hand still held by Richard, just as the double front door of this massive house was suddenly thrust open.

"Richard!" the deep gravelly voice sent shivers down Izzy's spine. She looked to her sister briefly, as Richard left her side to join Jessie; and then turned to see the owner of that wonderful voice. "Oh my!" she murmured softly.

The man in the door way fitted this house perfectly, he was huge well over six feet, Izzy thought hazily. His thick dark hair streaked with silver highlights to give him a kind of austere dignity. As he walked towards them, the lines fanned around his eyes, as he squinted slightly in the glare of the winter sun.

Easy strides brought him effortlessly to them and Izzy envied him his obvious strength and energy. Izzy had always thought that Richard at six foot two was on the big size if a little thin.

But Daniel dwarfed his brother in every way possible. Richard's open friendly attitude and bright blue eyes against Daniel's closed guarded expression and dark serious eyes. The brothers were like mirror images – one positive the other in the negative. Both handsome and sure of themselves, both in their mid thirties, but where Richard hinted at sex appeal, Daniel just oozed it. Richard looked like the perfect catalogue model, with his groomed smooth look; whilst Daniel looked weather beaten, and well ... sex on legs! Izzy could feel herself almost drooling and hastily pulled herself together.

"Daniel this is Jessie." Richard was saying as he put his arm around her sister possessively.

Izzy rested her hand on the still open car door as she felt a wave of dizziness wash over her.

"And this is Jessie's little sister Izzy." She heard Richard as they all turned towards her.

"Welcome to my home ladies, I hope you'll both be comfortable here," Daniel said politely. His cold disinterested gaze ran over her.

"I'm sure we will." Izzy nodded from a pale face.

His eyes narrowed on her and for a moment there was a small questioning look there, but all he did was turn around and stride back to the door.

"Well come on inside then all of you." He said a little impatiently just as he disappeared inside the huge building.

Jessie came and looped her arm through Izzy's to offer her some discrete assistance.

"Dare we face the dragon in his lair?" Izzy asked dramatically and Jessie giggled. "Maybe we can tame him a little." She whispered back.

"I doubt that." Izzy grunted with a little shiver. She squared her shoulders and the sisters marched boldly towards the house. They stalked defiantly through the double doors to come to an abrupt halt just inside.

"Oh wow!" Izzy exclaimed in delight.

They stood in the large hallway with a marble tiled floor. There was a massive stairway that rose up majestically to a small landing and then forked left and right to continue on upwards. There were several doors leading off in the hall way and Daniel was standing in the first watching them with a cynical eye.

"I'm glad that you approve." He said with a wry twist to his lips.

Izzy's head came up and her eyes flashed blue lasers at him.

"It's a little flamboyant." She said pompously. "But what is that old saying?" she paused as if to think. "Oh yes that's it ... If you've got it then flaunt it." She grinned naughtily at him.

"Izzy!" Jessie exclaimed in rebuke.

As Daniel turned away though Izzy could have sworn she saw his lips twitch into a semblance of a smile.

"I'll show you the rooms you'll be using." Richard offered as he came in with their luggage.

They both looked at him and grinned, looking so much alike that Richard blinked in confusion. Izzy was the plain one of the family whilst his Jessie was the beauty.

Her long golden hair streaming down her back shone with health and life, whilst Izzy's frizzy mop looked dull and lifeless after her illness. She looked pale and underweight her skin dull and her blue eyes which could have been beautiful were listless, whereas Jessie's green sparkled at him. Izzy's face had always been small and heart shaped almost too small for her features. But again her illness had thinned it out to make it look longer and gaunt. Her eyes were huge and the only colour in her pale face. Jessie in contrast glowed with health.

They followed Richard up the stairs and across the landing. The first door he came to he pushed open with his foot. "This is your room Izzy." He said as they followed him. The room was large and airy with a double bed in the centre. It was decorated in soft lilacs and peach colours with pale curtains at the window and a matching bedspread. The deep burgundy carpet sunk beneath her feet as she looked around the room with a sigh of content. There was an armchair just behind the door with a beautiful thick red throw draped across it. Across the side wall was a massive double wardrobe and next to this was a dressing table.

Richard put her suitcase down and pointed towards a door at the far end. That's your en suite bathroom; you'll be the only one using it so don't you worry about anyone walking in on you." He grinned. "Jessie's in the room opposite." He didn't add the 'with me' so Izzy assumed that they would be playing musical rooms at night.

She smirked at him. "Course she is." She said knowingly.

Richard grinned sheepishly but refused to meet her eye, as he led Jessie from the room. "Meet you downstairs for lunch in a bit Izzy." Jessie called over her shoulder.

She sank down on the bed tiredly for a minute before deciding to explore her temporary accommodation. She opened the door to the bathroom and let out another sigh of pure delight. The bathroom was tiled pink with fluffy towels folded neatly to one side. On the counter where the sink was, was a tray of shampoos and soaps and baths salts. Izzy took the tops off some of the bottles and sniffed delicately at the contents. Oh she was going to be living in the lap of luxury for a bit she thought happily.

She pulled a brush rapidly through her hair and tied it back out of her face to hang limply down her back.

She looked at her reflection with dissatisfaction before poking her tongue out and deliberately turning her back and walking out of the room. She looked at her watch to see that it was nearly mid day and figured she'd better hustle or she'd keep everyone waiting.

She went uncertainly down the stairs and headed for the first door where Daniel had stood when they had first arrived. She opened the door and poked her head inside. The room was yet another large one with sofa and chairs scattered haphazardly around. With large windows and a double patio door there was a large amount of natural light to give the room an airy feel. Sitting in an armchair by the roaring fire, sat brother Daniel reading some letters, Izzy gave a little snort that fire was totally unnecessary, there were warm radiators scattered discreetly all over this house. She shuddered as she thought about the expense in keeping this place warm.

Daniel looked up suddenly to see her hovering in the doorway staring at him.

He stood up and looked questioningly at her. "Please don't wait on ceremony." He told her quietly, "feel free to treat this place as your home while you here."

Izzy felt that she should enter the room but still felt like she was intruding.

"Jessie said she'd meet me down here for lunch." She said defensively, as she perched on the edge of the sofa he'd guided her to. "I wasn't sure where to go so I went for the first door I came to."

He gave a little smirk. "It is rather a big place." He murmured with satisfaction.

Izzy felt discomforted by his apparent gloating and she withdrew into herself.

Daniel frowned across at this pale mouse of a girl sitting so still and quiet. He was used to dealing with women who twittered on in high pitched tones and fluttering lashes at him in an effort to keep his interest. Izzy looked like she was trying to be invisible. He looked at her pale complexion and wondered again, there was just something he couldn't quite put his finger on. He leaned forward to speak just as the door opened and Richard and Jessie entered laughing quietly together. He looked at the beautiful Jessie and then at the dull Izzy and saw her face shining with relief and affection for her sister. Her eyes shone softly and he thought how fragile she looked.

He shook off the surprising feel of protectiveness towards her and stood up abruptly.

"I'm sure that Mrs Coats has already put lunch on the table so can I suggest that we go and eat it." He said briskly

They ate there lunch in the dining room which could have easily seated a couple of dozen people. Izzy kept her head down and munched her way through salads and soups and heaven only knew what. She was opposite Daniel and was conscious of his puzzled gaze on her a few times.

Mrs Coats brought in the coffee while a girl cleared the plates away. Izzy caught the plump little woman's eye as she handed her the coffee and they smiled at each other.

Again she was aware of Daniel watching and she ducked her head back down.

It was a huge relief to Izzy when lunch was over and she could escape that brooding presence across from her.

She looked briefly at Jessie and her sister understood the message in her eyes. She frowned but nodded slightly that she understood Izzy was going to rest.

Jessie caught Daniels attention as they went back to the living room so that it wasn't until they were all seated that he realised Izzy was missing.

He frowned across at Jessie. "Is your sister alright?" he demanded suspiciously.

Jessie gave an uncomfortable little laugh. "Izzy?" she shrugged. "She fine she's just a bit of a recluse, you'll find that you'll hardly see her while we're here, she'll find some quiet corner to curl up in and read one of the books that I'm sure she bought with her." She gave a fond little laugh as she pictured her little sister doing just that.

It was Izzy right down to her toes.

Upstairs Izzy curled up on her bed and fell into a light doze. Lunch had been an emotionally draining experience and she felt washed out.

There was a light knock on her door and it opened slightly. Mrs Coats poked her head round. "I thought you might like this miss." She said quietly as she came in with a tea tray.

Izzy looked at her watch and was shocked to see she had slept for a couple of hours. She sat up and smiled from a pale face at the little lady.

"Thank you Mrs Coats. You are very kind." She said quietly.

"Not at all miss, I saw you come up here looking pale after lunch and when you weren't with the others for afternoon tea I thought you might like it up here." She fussed gently. "Are you ill miss?"

Izzy winced at the concern from the little lady. "No Mrs Coats I promise I am quite well thank you." She told her quietly.

"Getting over something then?" she observed shrewdly.

"Something like that." Izzy admitted and then smiled brightly at the little housekeeper. "I'm sorry to make extra work for you, I really didn't mean to."

"Don't you worry about it my dear that's what I get paid for." She grinned and then left the room.

Izzy sat up and sipped at her tea; it flooded through her and warmed her cold insides nicely.

She thought that she should see about sorting out her clothes and changing for dinner but couldn't quite find the energy. Jessie knocked on the door and walked in. "Hello love how are you feeling?" she asked a little worried at Izzy's paleness.

"I'm fine Jessie that nap did me good and I feel a lot better." Izzy began to picture her head stone. 'Here lies Izzy she was fine really.' It was all very depressing!

Jessie closed the door and picked up Izzy's suitcase. She opened the lid and began to fold her clothes neatly away. "You didn't bring much did you?" her sister frowned

"I don't own much sis." She grinned cheekily. "Besides I'm sure you've got one or two things that you won't mind lending me."

Jessie laughed "I've certainly brought enough so I'm sure I can find something for you."

She slammed the lid down on the suitcase and wandered over to the door. "I'll go and have a look now." She promised.

"Thanks Jessie you really are a good sister." Izzy called softly.

Jessie's eyes misted over but she sniffed and left the room without further comment.

Izzy sighed and headed for the bathroom to have a warm invigorating shower. She was wrapped in a bathrobe and towelling her hair when Jessie marched back in with an arm full of clothes. She hung them up in Izzy's wardrobe and then turned her attention to her stunned sister. "Right then," she said purposefully "let's sort you out"

She brushed Izzy's hair out and started to pin it up in a complicated style, she brushed, looped and pulled pins out of her pocket in a professional manner. By the time she was finished Izzy felt like a hedgehog stuffed full of spikes. She grabbed Izzy's makeup bag off the dressing table and peered inside. "Is that it!" she exclaimed in disgust. "Honestly Izz I wonder why you even bother."

Izzy closed her eyes as a wave of fatigue washed over her. "Don't start on me Jess. Please." She begged quietly.

Jessie hugged her from behind. "I'm sorry." She said softly. "I just thought if we could make you feel like a million dollars you wouldn't be so intimidated by Daniel."

Izzy gave a little laugh. "How can you not feel daunted by brother Daniel and his 'lord of all I survey' thing he's got going on." Izzy protested. "Tell me honestly Jess doesn't he intimidate you?"

"Actually I think that he's rather a dear once you get to know him." Jessie said as she started to brush makeup onto Izzy's face.

"Now then don't you move." Jessie ordered as she went to the wardrobe and pulled out one of the dresses she'd brought in with her. It was a deep blue with a deep cleavage which would show off Izzy's full bust, and then narrowed at the waist to flare out from the hips and flow down around her knees. Jessie had purchased it because she'd loved the deep blue colour but had never worn it because it didn't sit right on her slender figure.

She opened the zip and helped Izzy to step into it.

Izzy felt the zip run up her back and finally Jessie said with a touch of satisfaction. "Right now you can look."

Izzy turned towards the full length mirror and gasped at the elegant young woman looking back at her. Jessie really was a master at the use of cosmetics. She'd been so subtle with the colours and the blending of shades and her eyes looked huge and dark and mysterious, in her glowing face.

"Is that really me?" Izzy gasped. "I actually look quite pretty don't I?"

"You're beautiful Izzy," Jessie said quietly. "And don't let anyone ever tell you different."

Jessie came and took Izzy's arm again. "So are we ready to go and face 'the lord of all he surveys' again?"

Izzy giggled. "Maybe we can even tame him a little."

They squared their shoulders as if for battle and marched from the room.

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