The Girl Across the Lake
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story that follows the life of a girl who escapes an abusive home with the help of her boyfriend and his family. She goes on be become a success and the matriarch of a large and powerful family.It's a lengthy story in it's entirety and spans several years.

Pamela Sue Henry was born into severe poverty, more than that she was born into a life of misery. She had a mother who didn't really want a child and a father who was not only a drunk but a mean drunk, worse than mean. Her mom, Jocelyn Henry, abandoned her to a life of hell at the age of six with no goodbye. Pam woke one morning and she was gone.

Jocelyn had always felt she was destined for more. When she had met Bryson Henry, he was different. He had big dreams and a good job working for a logging company. She believed him when he told her the logging job was just to get seed money. When they had enough saved, he told her they would go to Hollywood where she would fulfill her dream of being an actress and he would be the dashing and daring stuntman.

After a couple of years Jocelyn came to realize that Bryson's big talk was just that, talk. He lacked the ambition to make anything of himself. He took any chance to miss work at the logging company, often exaggerating injuries. Finally the company agreed to a disability claim just to get him out of their hair.

Then along came Pamela. She hadn't been part of the deal for Jocelyn. She stuck it out for another six years, nagging Bryson about their dreams. Never mind that she didn't actually have talent at acting or that she drank as much as Bryson did. So when Pam was six, Jocelyn took off leaving her to suffer. And suffer Pam did until hope had all but vanished. She had no way of knowing that when she had turned 16 her savior would be there soon and then her life of hell would take a drastic and miraculous turn.

Moving can be a traumatic event when you're 15. It was for Josh Peters. He knew the reasons for the move. The company his dad had helped found had acquired a software firm in Washington state. They had made a bit of a name for themselves in the business and his dad's company, looking to expand, had made the owners a lucrative offer that they happily accepted.

Josh's father, Dean Peters. was going to oversee the transfer and then run the operation. It would essentially be the same job he was doing now. He would run the new branch and his partner would stay and continue to run things here.

Josh's dad explained to him and his sister all of this and how they were going to have a bigger house and that they would be able to afford a better life style for them. It was a real boon to the company. Knowing all of this didn't make Josh feel better. He would be leaving his friends and the only home he had known.

Up until then Josh kind of liked his dad's job. The place he worked for made software for computers and different game platforms. Sometimes his dad would bring home new games, software, or pieces of hardware home for he and his sister to try out before they went on sale to the public.

Josh made his unhappiness clear to his parents but resigned himself to the inevitable. His dad tried to ease his pain by letting him know that now they would be able to afford a car for him when he got my drivers license. It took all of his strength not to show a crack in his resolve to openly display displeasure.

Josh's mother, Melinda, who was an RN had already sent out résumé's and even his little sister seemed excited by the move. Josh was definitely out numbered and out voted.

So, the first of June Josh said his goodbyes to his friends and they were off half way across the country. His dad's company had paid for a moving company to take their belongings to their new home. Their things were going to be the by the time they arrived.

They arrived in the town of Clearwater and Josh groaned as they drove through the town. There was nothing to it. They drove past the school the kids would be going to, then past where their dad would be working. He excitedly told them of the plans to expand the facility and what a bright future they would have.

Josh's gloom steadily grew as he looked dismally at the small town of maybe three or four thousand people. He just knew the place was going to be boring beyond belief. Hearing about how the place was a Mecca for campers, and outdoorsmen didn't put a dent in his opinion of the overwhelming dullness of the town.

They continued driving North out of town. Inwardly Josh had to admit there was a beauty to the pine forest that was springing up around them. About a mile and a half outside of the town they came to a drive that led east.

Josh's dad turned onto the quarter mile drive to a very large house that looked almost like a mansion to him. Now even Josh was impressed. He had half expected a run down log cabin but certainly not this. As they pulled in Josh saw a car already in front with a tall, nerdy looking guy standing next to the car.

"Company perk," his dad said with a grin. He had started Innovative Technologies ten years earlier with a college friend of his.

Josh had heard the stories of how when I. T. first started they couldn't even cover payroll at times. There was a lot of struggling and sacrifices in the beginning but his dad had stuck to it with his friend and now it was paying off in spades.

"It's beautiful!" Josh's mom exclaimed as his dad stopped the car in front of their new home.

"Four bedrooms, three baths, a formal dining room, modern kitchen, and a den among other things. The company bought it in a package deal. It was owned by the gentleman who founded our new acquisition. He had bought it from a family who had lived here for a couple of generations, then remolded it," Josh's dad explained.

"I love it already," Josh's mom said, giving his dad a kiss.

"Yes, well now we are buying it from the company for our own personal home."

"What?" his mom said not quite understanding what she was hearing.

"That was part of the deal for us moving out here. I told Trent I wanted to buy it after seeing pictures, if you liked it that is."

The nerdy guy walked up to Josh's dad extending his hand. "I'm Bill, lead beta tester. We've been expecting you, Trent said you'd be here this evening. I supervised the unloading of your belongings, the utilities are up and running, you should be good to go."

Josh's dad shook his hand. "Good to meet you, Trent told me you'd be here to meet us."

Looking at Josh and his sister his dad told them to go ahead and explore, he needed to talk to Bill for a moment. Josh's sister needed no further encouragement. She ran inside to check the place out. Josh followed her slower. His Dad had said the master bedroom belonged to him and mom but they could choose their own bedroom from the other three. Josh headed upstairs to stake his claim before his sister did as she scurried around down stairs.

Having staked his claim to a room that was twice the size of his old room, Josh headed back down stairs to explore the rest of the house. He grew more impressed as he went. Josh found his mom at the back of the house in the kitchen and he could tell she was in heaven. Looking around at the appliances it looked almost futuristic to him.

"Josh, Josh, come look!" Alicia cried out to Josh. She grabbed his hand and started tugging him.

He followed his sister, who was three years younger than he and more easily impressed, to where she was leading him. She led Josh out through sliding glass doors that led to an indoor swimming pool. OK, now he was forced to release his resentment of the place.

On the far side of the pool was another set of sliding doors that led to the back yard. Standing on a cement patio Josh scanned the yard. It was huge but the things that caught his attention were a basketball half court that sat next to a tennis court. Beyond those was a walk that led down to a lake with a dock.

They were really making it hard to be mad. Josh walked the length of the yard to the dock. Going out onto the dock he could see more docks to the North which apparently belonged to other homes. Across the lake he could see more. To the South he saw what looked like a campground.

Josh heard his dad yelling to him and his sister so reluctantly they turned and headed back up the house. He knew his dad owned half of Innovative Technologies with his uncle Trent, that was how they thought of him, and he started to wonder if they were like millionaires or something now. Josh's dad chuckled at that saying no not quite but that they were comfortable.

Josh knew that besides company stock and his salary his dad also held a couple of software patents but he never spoke of the specifics with Josh or Alicia. They knew he was excited about plans for their new acquisition and the prospects of watching it grow.

The family drove into town to the local diner for something to eat. People in the diner stopped by their table to introduce themselves and to let his dad know how happy the town was at the expansion plans. Even the town mayor stopped by. This was something Josh definitely was not used to. His dad later explained that it was an economic shot in the arm for the town which relied heavily on fishing, hunting, and tourists.

Saturday and Sunday were spent unpacking and getting settled in. Melinda went shopping for groceries as she was excited to put her new kitchen to use. Josh and his dad moved furniture to where it belonged.

Josh learned from him that there were indeed more houses North of them and the docks he had seen across the was belonged to some rustic cabins that people rented out by the week along with a couple of full time residents. There was also trails that went all the way around the lake. If they had kept driving North they would also have found a road that led around the lake.

Josh also found that dad's company provided the area with cable TV and high speed internet. The place wasn't as barbaric as he had feared. There was even cell phone reception.

On Sunday his mom and dad headed into town leaving Josh to look after Alicia. When they came back they had bought a pickup truck for his dad and a canoe for Josh. He had taken swimming lessons as had Alicia but they still made him promise to wear a life vest if he went canoeing, a small price as far as Josh was concerned. He could hardly wait.

Monday morning Josh's mom had to force him to sit down and have some breakfast before taking out the canoe. After his dad had left to get things rolling at the new I.T. branch and he had finished eating, Josh headed out to the dock where he had tied up the canoe.

The canoe sliced easily through the placid water as Josh paddled along. Crossing the lake, which was longer than it was wide, he came to a small cove where he saw a dock. Josh paddled into it looking for possible fishing spots. That was when he saw her.

She was sitting on the dock watching him. The girl looked about his own age with the blondest hair he had ever seen. Josh threw a wave to her and the girl tentatively waved back. Behind her he could see a run down cabin and Josh wondered if that was where she lived, or maybe she was one of those weekly renters here with her family on vacation.

Suddenly Josh saw a man come out of the cabin and he gruffly yelled for the girl. It sounded like he had called her Pamela though he wasn't certain. She scrambled to her feet and practically ran to the cabin. Josh shrugged his shoulders and continued his exploring.

The next day Josh's mom had to go on a job interview so she wanted him to hang around the house and keep an eye on Alicia. When she got home saying her interview went well. They had lunch, then Josh left to go explore the trails.

45 minutes into his trek he came to a wooden bridge that crossed over a clear, fast moving steam that bubbled over and around rocks. Josh figured it was this stream that fed the lake. Another 45 minutes later he saw that he had almost gone completely around the North end to the opposite side of the lake.

As he followed a curve in the trail Josh suddenly found himself face to face with the girl he had seen the previous day. She looked startled and Josh thought she was going to turn and run.

"Hi," he quickly said.

She looked down at her feet and returned his hi so quietly he almost didn't hear her.

"I'm Josh," The girl continued studying the ground saying nothing.

"Do you live around here?" Josh further ventured.

The girl nodded, "I'm Pam."

"You live in that cabin?" Again she nodded still not looking at him.

"We just moved in across the lake." Josh was perplexed by her continued silence and he wondered to himself if maybe there was something wrong with her.

Josh studied her closely. She had that very blonde hair and he saw a glimpse of light blue eyes like the actress Meg foster, whom he had seen in a couple of sci-fi movies. Her skin was creamy, almost pale with a light smattering of freckles that were also light in color.

She was actually very pretty even though she was wearing a very drab dress that hung loosely on her and worn sandals on her feet. It was hard to tell in her oversized dress but Josh had the feeling that in different clothes she would be pretty hot.

"You live there with your family?"

"Me and papa." she said.

"Cool, you're the first person I've met." Again she didn't say anything but just fidgeted.

"Whatcha doing out here?" Josh asked just to try and get her to talk.

"Just going for a walk, it's peaceful." she answered. "I better get back to finish my chores before papa gets mad." With that, she turned and quickly started walking away.

"Hey, you come out here every day?"

She stopped and turned her head towards Josh, "Yes."

"Maybe I'll see you then."

Pam hurried on her way without another word.

"OK, well bye then," Josh said to himself.

That evening around the dinner table they filled each other in on how their day went. Josh's dad was happy with how things were looking at work. His mom said she thought she was going to get the job she interviewed for. It was only part time working for a local doctor who actually made house calls two or three days a week and wanted a nurse to accompany him.

Josh's mom was astounded that there were still any doctors who did that but he explained there were some elderly who lived in some of the cabins and some who didn't have reliable transportation or phones.

Josh finally told them about the strange girl he had met. His mother suggested that he invite her over for lunch and swimming sometime. Josh explained he doubted she would, that she seemed kind of weird but it was hard to put it into words. His mom told me him he should still ask. Josh shrugged his shoulders. Maybe he would.

Across the lake in the little run down cabin Pam listened to her father, Bryson Henry, snore. She hoped he had drank enough that he would sleep through the night. More often lately he did but not always and she shuddered at the thought of the times he didn't. She didn't want to dwell on those thoughts though and she let her mind drift to the boy she had met today.

He had said his name was Josh and he seemed nice. It was the first time she had spoken to anyone from that side of the lake. The only people she had spoken to were the few permanent residents that lived on her side, most of whom she didn't like any more than she liked her papa. Mainly she kept to herself.

The people who lived in the cabins on her side were remnants of loggers, including her papa, who used to work here until logging was halted many years ago. New regulations had been enacted and the company had moved on to easier pickings.

A couple were also survival nuts sure that things were going to go to hell any day now. They made a living anyway they could like guiding men from the city who were up here to do some hunting or fishing in one of the many streams.

Bryson Henry received a little disability after he had injured his back while working for the logging company. It was after that he lost interest in working at all and spent most his time drinking. Occasionally he would go fishing or hunting with a couple of the other locals but that was it. Mainly it was just drinking and complaining about the snobs who lived on the other side of the lake.

A couple of years after his accident, which hadn't been as bad as he had let on, Pam's mama had left. she just disappeared one night. Pam was six years old then. She hated her mom for leaving her here with her papa and had never forgiven her.

He was drunk most of the time and he was a mean drunk. But the worst came a few years later. When she was twelve her papa stopped sending her to school, claiming she was home schooled with a couple other local kids. Truth be told there wasn't much schooling to it.

Things had started gradually when she was ten but after she turned twelve and had entered puberty, Pam also had to endure the sexual rape by her papa. One night he finally couldn't control his urges any longer and had roughly taken his daughter's virginity.

That was the worst part. Her papa often beat her with little provocation but on some nights he would also rape her. He was always rough and violent and if she tried to refuse him it was far worse. Pam had learned it was best to shut her eyes and let him have his way. He seemed to like being violent.

This happened once or twice a week. Most of the time he was too drunk. Heaven forbid she should talk to strangers, or worse yet, a boy. That would send him into a rage, calling her a tramp or slut and she would be punished severely.

Sometimes he would humiliate her when a couple of his drinking buddies were over and she was forced to do her chores in just her underwear. Fortunately, they weren't allowed to touch her and if they tried her papa was libel to shoot them. He said it was to teach her to be humble after being defiant.

There was a couple of times though, when he forced her to perform oral sex on one of his buddies who would sell Bryson homemade booze. If Bryson was hard up for a drink and had no money he would make a deal with the guy. Pam desperately considered killing herself after the first time. She was throwing up at the time.

Pam suspected he kept her away from school to control her. She looked at her papa passed out in a chair snoring heavily. The sight of him filled her with loathing and she wished he would die. That thought always made her feel somewhat guilty.

Forcing her thoughts away from that she again turned her attention to the boy. She hoped she would see him again. She didn't know why or what good it would do. She was after all, a prisoner. Still she liked to cling to any pleasant thought she could muster to distract her even if only for awhile.

The next day after lunch Josh was heading out to explore some more. As much as he wanted to be pissed about the move it had become impossible. Grudgingly he had to admit to himself that he liked the place. He even didn't complain when his mom suggested that he take Alicia with him.

Josh followed the same path he had taken the day before. Coming around to the other side he again ran into the girl. For some reason Josh had a feeling that she had actually been waiting for him.

"Hi again," Josh said to her.

"Hi," Pam answered nervously.

"This is my sister, Alicia."

"Hi," Pam repeated, and Josh thought he saw a hint of a smile touch her lips as her eyes briefly darted to Alicia.

"Josh says you live here. Don't you just love it, it's so beautiful," Alicia gushed.

Pam looked around as if she hadn't thought about it or noticed before. Josh saw that it looked like she was wearing the same drab dress that she had been wearing yesterday. It hung loosely but again he felt there was a nice figure underneath of it. Josh also noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. He felt a twinge of pity for her that someone as pretty as her was dressing herself in such drab, tattered clothes.

"Follow me," Pam said with a motion.

They followed her as she led them up another trail that went up a gentle slope deeper into the woods. After a short walk they came to a clearing with a small meadow.

To the east there was a rocky face with a small waterfall. It fell to a small stream that flowed towards the little river that they had crossed earlier. Josh could see a trail to the side of the waterfall that led steeply up into the foothills of the mountains not far to the east of them.

"Wow, it's gorgeous here!" Alicia exclaimed.

"Pretty cool," Josh had to admit.

"This is my special place," Pam told them.

Josh could see why. Pam walked to the center of the meadow and sat in the grass that was bathed in sunlight. Alicia and Josh sat down next to her.

They spent the next half hour talking. Pam, though still painfully shy, told them a little about herself and the area. Josh and Alicia discovered she was home schooled, which they thought was weird.

When Pam spoke it was mainly directed at Alicia, she seemed scared to talk to Josh directly. When Josh caught her glancing at him she would look away quickly and blush furiously. Josh was taken again by her natural beauty. It was like her eyes could look right through you.

Josh also noticed that when the subject of her father came up she was tight lipped and would say very little. He thought that he saw a hint of fear in her eyes. She definitely didn't seem to like him very well.

Finally Pam indicated she needed to get home. Before she left Alicia told her their mom said they should invite her over to lunch and for swimming in the pool.

"Oh, I don't know," Pam said with s fearful look on her face.

"Please, it would be such fun," Alicia pleaded.


Alicia and Josh headed back home. His mind kept lingering on the strange girl. She seemed nice and definitely wasn't slow or mentally handicapped as he first had thought, yet she was so quiet and shy. It had seemed as though she was almost afraid to talk to him directly.

The next day was rainy so Alicia and Josh stayed inside. Little known to them was that across the lake Pam was being subjected to more abuse from her father. He slapped her around for not getting her chores done fast enough. That night she also had to experience her fathers sexual desires once again.

Bryson had forced his daughter to strip, she wasn't allowed to sleep with clothes on. He then threw her roughly down onto her mattress and mounted her grunting like an animal. Pam endured the pain and humiliation as her father used her body. Tears streamed down her face as her dad slapped, hit, and bit her. Finally it was over and her dad grunted his satisfaction.

Pam took some heart when her papa informed her that the next day he and a couple of the boys were going up into the mountains to go hunting. She knew this meant that he would be gone at least for a couple of days, probably three or four while they illegally hunted dear and rabbits. Pam lived for his hunting trips.

Before leaving he took his pleasure of her forcing her to give him a blow job. He slapped her a few times and pulled her hair hard when at one point she had gagged. He told her she sucked cock good like a little tramp.

After her papa left, Pam stood looking wistfully at the houses across the lake. Josh and Alicia had pointed out which house was theirs and she looked at it now. Pam screwed up her courage and decided she was going to make the trek over there. She went into her cabin and fished out the nicest dress from the small collection her mom had left behind.

Pam knew that they didn't fit her very well, as she was more petite than her mama was but it was the best she could do. Pam changed into the nicest one she could find and set out around the lake. When she was almost there she came close to loosing her nerves as she looked at the large lawn with it's tennis court. Pam shored up her resolve and walked the rest of the way up to the back door. Holding her breath, she reached out and rang the door bell.

Melinda Peters, Josh and Alicia's mom heard the bell ring at the back door which took her by surprise. She opened the door and was looking at a thin, petite, blonde girl with striking pale blue eyes. Her hair and skin were so light in color that at first Melinda thought she was maybe albino but then she decided the girl wasn't, she was just very fair colored. The girl was actually very pretty and her coloring made her look almost ethereal.

"Is Alicia and Josh home?" she asked quietly.

"Yes they are. You must be Pam."

The girl nodded while keeping her eyes cast downward the whole time.

"Come on in," Melinda told Pam affably.

Pam hesitated for a moment, then followed, "Thank you."

Pam followed Melinda into the den where Josh and Alicia were playing video games. Pam was awe struck by the house. She felt her confidence crumble as she was completely out of place.

"Kids, you have company," Melinda said as she led Pam into the den.

Josh looked up surprised to see Pam. He first saw she was wearing a different dress and while it still hung on her loosely at least it wasn't as drab. She had on a white dress with blue flowers that almost matched her eyes. Pam flushed with embarrassment under Josh's gaze. Josh noticed and quickly looked away so as not to be rude but he was still amazed at how pretty she was.

Alicia, being Alicia, quickly jumped up and took Pam by the hand. "Come on, you can play with us. Josh is kicking my butt but he cheats so you and I can have a fair game," Alicia said with a flourish.

Where Josh was more reserved, Alicia never felt any such need. People were often disarmed by her charm and outgoing personality. She was the kind of person who it was impossible not to like.

"Now us girls out number you," Alicia declared to Josh.

Josh rolled his eyes at his sister but couldn't suppress a small smile. "We're playing some vintage Nintendo games. This one is Donkey Kong. Know how to play?" Josh said to Pam.

Pam shook her head no and was embarrassed by the fact that she had never seen a video game before. Her hands were shaking and she didn't trust herself to speak yet. She was on the verge of an anxiety attack.

"Here. I'll teach you," Alicia told her with a smile.

An hour later Melinda poked her head in the den to tell the kids she was getting lunch ready. She asked Pam if she liked BLT's.

Pam nodded her head, "Yes ma'am."

"Good, BLT's it is then."

About a half hour later, Melinda called the kids into the kitchen where she had lunch ready They sat at a counter in the kitchen rather than in the dining room, which was less formal. Melinda handed Pam a can of Pepsi. She couldn't remember the last time she had had a soda.

Melinda found out that Pam was 16, about 6 months older than Josh and that she was home schooled. She got the impression that the girl lived a very lonely life. Pam was unfailingly polite and very demure to the point of being introverted.

She also noticed the ill fitting dress that was surely a hand-me-down. Melinda found out through Josh that Pam lived in one of the cabins across the lake with her dad and that her mom had left them years earlier. The girl tugged at her heart.

Lunch was good, with BLT's and fresh fruit. The soda was sweet but Pam enjoyed it immensely. Thankfully Alicia chattered on and it required little talk from Pam. She decided that she really liked the kid. Her enthusiasm for everything was almost contagious.

After lunch Melinda suggested they go swimming. Alicia and Josh both thought that was a fine idea, but they noticed Pam's hesitation. It dawned on Melinda that she probably didn't have a bathing suit.

"I bet I have a swim suit that will fit you," Melinda told Pam. "Melinda mentally summed up her size, noting they were about the same cup size, though the girl was more petite than Melinda was.

"Oh, I couldn't," Pam replied in almost a whisper.

"Please," Alicia pleaded, "It'll be fun."

Pam glanced into the little girl's soft, brown eyes that had taken on an air of begging. Pam, above all, didn't want to disappoint her new friend. Finally she nodded her acceptance.

"OK," Pam said softly, not willing to meet anyone's eyes.

"Come on, I'll show you my room while mom finds you a swim suit," Alicia said to Pam, obviously pleased that she was going to swim with them. Alicia led Pam by the hand to her bedroom before the older girl could change her mind.

"Alicia sure has taken to her," Melinda noted as the girls made their way up the stairs.

"Yeah, guess so," Josh replied.

Melinda had also noticed her son had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Pam and she chuckled to herself. She also made a mental note to herself to make sure her husband had a talk with their son about girls, if he hadn't already.

Pam was in further awe by Alicia's bedroom. She didn't know bedrooms could be like this. The girl had a large collection of stuffed animals that sat on chairs, shelves, and her bed. She also had a desk with a computer.

Pam had never used a computer and again she was embarrassed by her own perceived inadequacies. Alicia was pleased that Pam was impressed by her animal collection, there was one stuffed dog that Pam had especially liked.

Melinda poked her head in the bedroom saying that she had found the suit she was looking for. It was a dark red bikini that Melinda hadn't used in a few years. Truth be told, it was a bit too small for her now. Alicia had giggled when her mom had admitted that.

"No comments from the peanut gallery," Melinda warned her daughter with mock anger. "You can change in the bathroom."

Pam followed Melinda to the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, Pam stripped out of her dress and looked at herself in the mirror. She quickly looked away as she didn't like what she saw. Putting on the bikini, Pam chanced one more glance in the mirror.

She was very self conscious about how much skin she was showing. She also wasn't used to wearing something so colorful and pretty. She could see the remnants of a couple bruises too. Her papa had told her so many times how ugly she was and how no boy would want her except for one thing if he were hard up, that she knew it had to be true. She felt like she was trying to be something she wasn't.

Pam opened the door to find Alicia waiting for her. Alicia handed her a large beach towel that Pam draped around her shoulders like a cape in the same manner as Alicia did. She was actually grateful for the towel as it made her feel less exposed. She followed the smaller girl to the pool.

Pam was relieved to see that Josh was already in the pool throwing a small ball at a basket that floated in the pool. Alicia tossed her towel onto a lounge chair and climbed into the water.

Pam hesitated and shot a nervous glance towards Josh and breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn't watching her, he was concentrating on his game. Pam quickly dropped her towel and got into the water before Josh could turn and see her. She was acutely self-conscious about her body and how much the bikini showed.

Pam sat in the water so that it came up to her chin. She kept her arms crossed in front of her and huddled in a corner. She was reluctant to move as she felt a little more safe huddled there.

Eventually Alicia coaxed her out of the corner. The more she swam with the girl, the more relaxed she became. Pam even found herself playing catch with Josh and Alicia. Suddenly Pam realized that she was having fun. That was a rare experience for her.

Josh managed to steal a few glances at Pam when he was sure she wasn't looking. His suspicions about her were right. She looked absolutely hot in the bikini. Pam was trim but not really skinny. She was actually kind of muscular. Hell, she had better abs than he did.

She also had even bigger tits than he had imagined. There was one glorious moment as they were getting out of the pool when Josh got a clear look at Pam's ass. It looked amazing in the bikini, then she wrapped the towel around her as Alicia had done.

Going back into the house, Everyone rinsed the chlorine off in a shower, then got dressed. Pam was surprised when Melinda told her she could keep the bikini.

Alicia took Pam back into the den to play video games again. Time flew by and Pam was surprised when Josh and Alicia's dad walked in the door. After kissing Melinda hello, Alicia pulled her dad into the den to introduce him to Pam. Pam once again was overwhelmed by anxiety and shyness as she was introduced. She was relieved when Mr. Peters left the den to spend time with his wife.

A short time later Melinda came into the den to ask Pam if she wanted to stay for dinner.

"Oh no, I shouldn't," Pam stammered.

"We can call your father if you like, for permission," Melinda offered.

Pam shook her head, "We don't have a phone. Besides papa is on a camping trip and won't be home for a couple more days," she was embarrassed to admit.

"Hey, you can spend the night, like a sleep over!" Alicia said jumping up, clearly excited now.

"Honey, we wouldn't want to get Pam in trouble," Melinda told her daughter.

Alicia clearly looked disappointed but brightened up when Pam quietly said her Papa wouldn't mind. This was the first lie Pam had told and she was terrified but at the same time she dreaded going back to her lonely, confining cabin where she knew nothing but misery.

"If your sure, I see no problem," Melinda said, "We have a spare room I can make up for you."

"No, Pam can sleep in my room like a slumber party," Alicia ventured, "It'll be fun."

Melinda wasn't sure that a 16 year old girl would want to bunk with a twelve year old. One look at Pam told Melinda that she did indeed like the idea.

"It's up to Pam," Melinda said with a smile.

"OK," Pam said quietly, but a smile touched her lips.

Melinda left the kids to their games. On an impulse she made her way to her bedroom where she went through her clothes and found a pair of shorts and a top she no longer wore. Melinda took them to give to Pam, hoping she wouldn't see it as an insult.

"Since you hadn't planned on spending the night, I found a nightgown for you and some clothes you can wear tomorrow," Melinda explained.

Pam looked embarrassed and uncomfortable at the same time. Melinda was afraid the young woman would misconstrue it as charity because the felt sorry for her. In fact that was exactly what Pam was thinking but at the same time she didn't want to insult Melinda by refusing the offer. Unknowingly Alicia saved the moment.

"More clothes that magically shrunk, like the bikini," Alicia whispered loudly with a giggle.

"No desert for you my ungrateful child," Melinda warned her daughter, "Pam didn't bring a change or anything to sleep in since it wasn't planned is all."

Alicia broke out into laughter that was infectious and broke the awkward moment. Pam accepted the clothes still a bit uncomfortable but also grateful, somewhat placated by Melinda's explanation which had made sense when she thought it over.

Pam felt another flash of anger at her Papa. For years he had indoctrinated her on how the people on this side of the lake were hateful snobs to be avoided at all costs. That they would never accept her or even give her the time of the day. She now saw that obviously not all were, maybe some were snobs but definitely not all. The Peters had welcomed her into their home and had been nothing but kind.

Pam also realized she was feeling an attraction to Josh. This was an unexpected and unwelcome development. She admitted to herself that he was cute and attractive as far as boys go. He was still a boy and she knew all to well what that meant. Pam promised herself not to let herself get too close.

After having a scrumptious dinner that Melinda and Mr. Peters made, she settled with Josh and Alicia to watch TV. They couldn't believe that Pam had never seen any of the shows they watched. Later Melinda got ice-cream for them.

In Alicia's room, Alicia showed Pam her computer and she marveled at things like face book. Pam had a hard time conceiving that they could talk to people all over the world using the computer. Finally Melinda told them it was time for lights out.

Alicia was finding it hard to sleep, she was too excited. Having Pam around was like having a big sister, something she always had wished for instead of a big brother. It wasn't as if she hated Josh but it just wasn't the same. Pam didn't mind listening to Alicia, she truly liked the kid.

Before falling asleep Pam reflected on the day. It had been the best one of her life. Unfortunately, she knew it was going to have to end. She had already taken a big risk though she felt fairly secure that her Papa wouldn't be back for at least a couple more days. In the dark Pam smiled and hugged herself. That night Pam had the most wonderful dream where she was actually a part of this wonderful family.

When she woke, Pam was in the best mood that she could remember ever feeling. She slipped into the khaki shorts and light green top Melinda had given her. She felt somewhat self-conscious in that the top clung to her bosom more than she would have liked. Pam followed Alicia down stairs for breakfast.

Pam sat the table next to Alicia for a breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast. The rest of the family sat down and Pam was somewhat amazed and felt like a fish out of the water. She had no idea that families sat around for a meal like this and happily chatted with each other.

After they had finished eating, Pam helped Alicia clear the table and with Melinda, they rinsed the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher while Josh took out the trash and did a couple of other chores. Even doing chores somehow seemed nicer here. Pam had marveled at the dishwasher. She knew she had sounded silly, going on about it but she couldn't help it.

As Josh's dad was leaving for work he lightly poked Josh in the ribs with his elbow, "Pam's quite the looker, huh?"

"I guess," Josh replied with a deep blush. Indeed, he thought Pam looked smashing in clothes that fit her better and flattered her figure.

Josh, Pam, and Alicia took the canoe out for a spin around the lake, then they went swimming again. Later more video games again. Josh noticed that Pam seemed more relaxed around him and more at ease talking to him. He found that he liked her company more than he thought he would.

Finally Pam told them she needed to go home. Alicia tried to talk her into staying another night and as appealing as that was to Pam, she had to decline. She explained that she had chores to get done before her Papa returned. Truth be told, Pam didn't want to push her luck. Staying two nights was more risk than she was willing to take. She was pretty sure her Papa wouldn't be home tonight but better safe than sorry.

Melinda told Pam she was welcome anytime and Pam had no doubts that Melinda was being sincere. Then Melinda suggested that Josh walk her home to be safe, which Pam agreed to quietly. Inside she liked the idea more than what she was comfortable with. Josh liked the idea more than he was willing to admit, also.

When Josh and Pam first started out they walked the trail in uncomfortable silence. Half way across, Josh started pointing out things that he had never seen back home. Pam began telling him about some of the local plants and creatures. It turned into a very pleasant walk.

When they had gotten close to her cabin, Pam told Josh he didn't need to walk her the rest of the way. She was being cautious incase her Papa had returned or one of the neighbors came by and would inadvertently say something to her Papa about the strange boy who had been there.

"I really had fun," Pam said quietly.

"Yeah, me too," Josh admitted. He suddenly felt an urge to kiss Pam, but resisted as he instinctively knew that would be a mistake.

"Maybe see you tomorrow?" She asked, staring at her feet.

"Sounds good," Josh answered, "Later."

"Bye." Pam was painfully aware that her nipples had become hard under her shirt. She hoped Josh hadn't noticed.

That night Josh went to sleep thinking about Pam. He envisioned her blonde hair, creamy complexion and her supple legs. Not to mention the nice set of boobs she had.

Across the lake Pam lay on her bed. Thankfully her Papa hadn't come home. She had stashed the clothes Melinda had given her where her Papa wouldn't find them. She lay thinking about a show she had seen while with the Peters where there had been a love scene. Not an explicit one, thank God. She would have been mortified watching that around the Peters family. Still, the couple had been romantic and gentle towards each other.

Pam hadn't known sex could be like that. A thought entered her mind and she wondered if Josh could be like that. She blushed furiously and as quickly as the thought had come to her. Pam ignored the warm feeling she got in the pit of her stomach, and that her nipples had become hard again.

As she relived the time she had just spent with Josh and his family, a sense of loneliness over came her. Pam sighed, and let herself drift off to sleep thinking on the pleasant feelings the last couple of days had given her.

Melinda lay in bed talking to her husband. She was telling him how Pam had tugged at her heart. How things they took for granted were new and wondrous to her and how sad it was that she seemed to live in such abstract poverty. Dean agreed with her. The girl had seemed so sweet and shy. Soon they would discover that things were far worse than they knew.

Friday came with good news for Melinda, she had gotten the job and was to start Monday. Financially she didn't really need to work but she wanted to, she liked the work she did. It was only part time anyway.

Josh was chomping at the bit to get out of the house, he wanted to see Pam. Alicia wanted to tag along which Josh wasn't thrilled about. His mom came to the rescue, telling Alicia she wanted help with gardening. Alicia liked gardening with her mom, so she relented.

Pam had been outside and she saw Josh leaving his house. She smiled to herself and walked a ways down the trail to meet him. Josh tried to act casual but he was walking at a faster pace than was his normal.

Josh got around to where Pam was waiting for him. He smiled when he saw her and raised his hand in greeting. Pam still couldn't meet his eyes but she did manage to say hi as he approached.

Josh saw she was back to another oversized dress, this one a faded black that was somewhat worn and frayed. Still, she had to be the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

"To your meadow?" Josh asked.

"Sure," Pam turned to lead the way.

They walked to the center of the meadow and sat down in the grass next to each other basking in the sun, neither of then spoke at first.

"So how come you don't have a boyfriend?" Josh finally asked.

Pam shrugged her shoulders and looked embarrassed.

"Guys I know back home would be stumbling all over themselves to get to you," Josh told her being uncharacteristically forthcoming.


"Sure, why not you?"

"It's not like I'm pretty or anything," Pam replied, staring down at her hands.

"Are you serious? You're probably the prettiest girl I know," Josh told her earnestly.

Pam felt that Josh was probably just being nice, he seemed like that kind of boy, but still she liked to think that maybe he was being serious.

"You really don't know, do you?" Josh said as he studied her reaction.

"I know I'm plain and unattractive but it's sweet of you to say otherwise." Pam said quietly with a sad look in her eyes.

"Look at me."

"I can't."

"Pam, look at me," Josh repeated more emphatically.

Pam screwed up her courage and lifted her eyes to meet his. As she looked into his dark eyes, she saw nothing but sincerity. She dropped her eyes again and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Wow, what ever made you think you weren't pretty?" Josh asked, shocked that she really believed it.

"I just know I'm ugly. It's OK."

"Are the guys around here really that stupid?"

"Papa doesn't let me date any boys if there were any who wanted to," Pam admitted to him. "He'd be mad if he knew I was out here with you."

"Really? Then what makes you think you're ugly?"

"I just know."

"Well, hate to tell you but you're wrong. You're not just pretty, you're a hottie," Josh replied dryly.

"Come on," Josh said taking Pam's hand and pulling her up.

They walked to the stream that ran at the edge of the meadow and sat down on a rock. Both dangled their bare feet in the clear, cold water. Josh continued holding her hand. Pam was surprised that she felt comfortable with this small intimacy.

"You really think I'm pretty?" Pam asked.


They sat there for awhile, not speaking.

"Does that mean you'd maybe be my boyfriend someday?" Pam asked.

"Of course." Josh answered honestly.

"You wouldn't be embarrassed by me?" She asked further.

"Hell no, I'd make my friends jealous."

"That would be nice someday. I like you," Pam admitted.

"I like you too," Josh replied.

Josh sat holding her hand and he told her about Chicago. Pam was fascinated by what he was telling her. She wondered what it would be like to visit a city. She was enjoying listening to him.

"You're getting kind of pink," Josh noticed, looking at her shoulder.

"Oh, I'd better get home or papa will be angry if he thinks I was just loafing in the sun," Pam said hurriedly.

"You have too?"

"Yes," Pam answered and Josh detected a note of fear in her voice

They walked back down the trail and Pam said bye before heading back home. Josh walked home slowly, thinking over their conversation. Something seemed odd in it all.

That evening Josh brought the subject up at dinner. Josh told his parents that he thought something was weird with Pam and her dad.

"What do you mean?" Melinda asked her son.

"I don't know. When she talks about him, which isn't much, it's like she's terrified of him."

"Well, it's not uncommon for friction between a teen and their parent," His dad ventured.

"No, it's more than that," Josh said shaking his head.

"You think he's mean to her?" Alicia asked, concerned.

"Maybe," Josh answered. "Also she isn't allowed to date or have a boyfriend."

"He might think she's too young," his dad replied.

"Or maybe she shot Josh down," Alicia giggled.

"Shut up," Josh told his sister. "You know she thinks she's ugly too,"

"What? She's pretty," Alicia protested.

"Well, she thinks she's downright ugly and no boy would want to date her," Josh finished.

Melinda shot her husband a look that said maybe Josh was on to something.

Across the lake, Pam ate her meager dinner, then laid down in her bed. She was relieved that her Papa hadn't come home again. She closed her eyes and fantasized that Josh was her boyfriend. She imagined them walking, holding hands, maybe letting him steal a kiss.

Pam didn't let it go beyond that for thoughts of sex invariably would bring about images of her Papa and the things he did to her. She wanted this to be a good fantasy. She imagined herself at his home with his family, playing games, swimming, and having fun.

Saturday brought thunderstorms that forced Josh and Alicia to stay inside. Josh was disappointed that he wouldn't see Pam and he puttered around the house restlessly.

Saturday also brought the return of Pam's Papa. Her anxiety and fear rose when she heard him come in. Pam held her breath as her Papa walked in. To her relief she noticed one of his buddies had given him a big jug of homemade gin. She knew that meant that tonight he would drink himself into a stupor. She wished again that he would just drink himself to death.

The rains continued on Sunday, but not as hard. Josh decided he was going out anyway. It was warm and the rain actually felt good. Josh couldn't put it into words but he just didn't want to see her, for some reason he also thought it important to make sure she was OK. Dark suspicions had been nagging him from the corner of his mind. Things he couldn't really put his finger on.

Across the lake Sunday brought pain and misery to Pam. Her Papa had been in a foul mood ever since he had woken up nursing a wicked hang over. He belittled, bullied and punished Pam all day.

In the afternoon the thing she dreaded most happened. One of the locals who made homemade booze stopped by with a jug of gin for her papa. He reminded Bryson he still owed him for the last one and needed to pay up before getting another one.

Pam knew what was coming next, she was expected to perform oral sex, not for the first time. The guy, who Pam knew as Hank, was expecting it when he came over.

Pam tried to beg her papa not to make her do it. He turned her over his knee and whipped her bare ass with a belt in front of Hank. She could tell from the look on his face that it had turned him on.

Pam cried softly as she took him into her room and gave him a blow job. He grunted his pleasure as he came in her mouth. Pam dutifully swallowed all his cum as she was expected to do. Fortunately her papa didn't allow him to ever fuck her. Her papa had staked sole claim to that. His few friends knew what was going on but never did anything about it, as though they felt it was her papa's right.

Not for the first time the thought of suicide entered her mind, then the thought of killing her Papa herself after he passed out. She quickly banished those thoughts.

Pam needed to get away from her cabin so she made an excuse to her papa. He had his liquor so he really didn't care as long as she didn't go too far. Pam headed for her meadow. She was shocked to see Josh was there. She almost turned to leave.

Taking a deep breath she walked up to Josh. She knew it was risky, if her papa found out there would be hell to pay but she really wanted to see him. Right now Pam was hurting inside and she knew Josh would help ease that. Pam had a hard time looking Josh in the eye. She worried somehow Josh would know what she had just done with Hank.

"I wasn't sure you would be here," Josh told her.

"I come here as much as I can," Pam explained.

"I'm glad, I wanted to see you."

"I can't stay long,"

"Your dad?"

Pam nodded her head. "He'd be real mad at me if he knew you were here talking with me."


"No, it's OK. I'm glad you're here."

"Having a bad day?" Josh asked when he saw the look of sadness on her face.

Pam nodded and tears ran down her face. Fortunately rain water running down her face concealed them for the most part. Josh slipped an arm around her shoulders and she lay her head on him. They stood there letting the rain water sluice over their bodies.

They sat down in the wet grass and Pam allowed him to put his arm around her and pull her close. Normally the touch of a man would cause her to jump or go into a panic attack. She was surprised that Josh didn't cause her to react that way. Once again she lay her head on his shoulder and they chatted for awhile. Pam told him about some good places for fishing.

"I better go," Pam finally said.

"You have to?"

Pam nodded her head. "Thank you, I needed that."

Pam cried harder heading home. She knew what awaited her but for a little while she had felt safe.

That night Bryson took his daughter again. She lay back on her bed and quietly wept as her father fucked her. She hated the sounds he made, she wanted to cover her ears so she didn't have to hear him grunting his pleasure. At least he hadn't been as violent as he usually was.

On Monday both of Josh's parents had to go to work so he was charged with watching Alicia. It wasn't that big of a deal though as Alicia really didn't cause problems and almost always listened to what he said. He thought about dragging her across the lake to see Pam, but he remembered what Pam had said about her dad and getting mad if she talked to boys. He was unsure how to proceed.

That afternoon Pam's Papa laid down for a nap. She knew he would sleep for a couple hours. Pam sucked in her breath and headed to Josh's house. She knew she was really taking a chance, but if her Papa woke up while she was gone she hoped she could convince him she had been out picking wild flowers to spruce up their home. Her Papa sometimes allowed for girlie things with nothing more than some grumbling.

Pam hurried up to the Peters back door and rang the bell. Josh opened the door and his face brightened when he saw Pam.

"Hey there," Josh said, clearly pleased.

"I don't have a lot of time. Can we talk?" Pam asked nervously.

"Hi Pam!" Alicia called from behind Josh. "Come to swim?"

"Sorry, I can't right now," Pam answered apologetically.

Josh stepped outside and walked down the yard next to Pam.

"I cant's stay," Pam said quickly, the nervousness still in her voice. "You really want to be my boyfriend?"

"Sure," Josh replied, looking over at her. Pam cautiously avoided his eyes.

"Then meet me in the meadow tomorrow afternoon, OK?"

"I can do that."

"OK." Pam summoned all her courage and kissed Josh on the cheek.

Pam hurried away without another word, or looking back She was afraid to look back incase Josh was laughing at her as he played out his cruel joke. She knew that was silly, Josh wasn't that way but years of indoctrination had her always expecting the worst.

Josh walked back into the house a little bewildered. That had been an unexpected event. He was still mulling it over when he heard Alicia ask where Pam was.

"She had to go home," Josh answered her absently.

"Did you make her mad?" Alicia asked with her brows furrowed.

"No, nothing like that. You remember what I said about her dad?"

"That maybe he's mean to her?" Alicia asked

"Yeah, I think maybe that's it. She didn't want him to get mad. I don't think she's supposed to come over here," Josh surmised.

"Well, that's just stupid and unfair!" Alicia said, disappointed that she wasn't going to see her friend.

"Yeah, it is," Josh agreed.

By mid-day Melinda knew she was going to get along with Dr. Grayson just fine. He was a slender man who had an unfailing good sense of humor, and put his patients completely at ease no matter the age.

Most days he worked at the county hospital, but two or three days a week he spent half his day making house calls to certain local residents, longer if he felt the need.

Melinda decided to broach a subject that had been on her mind ever since Josh had brought it up.

"Do you know a local girl named Pam, blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes?" Melinda started to ask.

"Pam Henry, yes. Why do you ask?" Dr. Grayson answered.

"She has become friends with my kids but I've noticed some unusual things about her."

"Friends? Really? I was under the impression her father discouraged her from making friends, especially with people who live on the West side of the lake."

"Well, my son is under the impression that she is terrified of her father. From what he has told me, I'm wondering myself."

"I don't doubt it. I think her father is mean as a snake."

"Has anyone checked for abuse?" Melinda asked further.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Nothing has been proven as far as the law goes but I'm convinced of it."

"I was afraid of that," Melinda "I think my son has a crush on her."

"Can't say I blame him. She's a beautiful young lady. He'd do well to stay away from Bryson Henry though. Aside from being a serious alcoholic he has the temperament of an alligator with a tooth ache. You might meet him Wednesday when we go out there to immunize the home school kids. It's part of the county outreach program."

Hearing all of this left Melinda feeling unsettled. At dinner she asked Josh if he had ever met Pam's dad.

"No," he replied with a shake of his head. "Why?"

"Just curious," Melinda told him.

Josh studied his mom for a moment, then let it drop. He didn't tell his parents about his conversation with Pam earlier today.

The next day Josh was anxious for his meet with Pam. Pam was prettier than any girl he thought he would ever have for a girlfriend. Damn sexy too. So sexy that it kind of scared him. Funny that she didn't seem to realize her own appeal. Then again, maybe that was part of her appeal.

She wanted him to meet her in the afternoon though, so he waited. When the time came, he took off. Alicia wanted to come a long but Josh refused. He promised her next time when she pouted at him.

Josh got to the meadow and saw that Pam wasn't there yet. He walked to the center and sat down on the grass to wait. About 15 minutes later her heard footsteps behind him. Josh looked over his shoulder and saw Pam walking towards him, head down, not looking at him.

"Hey there," Josh said with a smile. His smile faded when he saw a bruise on her cheek.

"Hey," Pam said in her quiet voice, sitting down next to him.

Pam had been half sure that Josh wouldn't show. After all, he must think her awfully weird. She would have been devastated but not surprised. She had waited impatiently for her Papa to take his usual nap. She was afraid he was going to skip it when she finally heard him snoring. She left quickly for the meadow.

Pam was unsure what to say. In her mind she had convinced herself that if Josh was her boyfriend then maybe his family would let her stay with them and end her nightmare existence.

She knew she liked Josh a lot. He was cute, sweet, and he made her feel things inside that she had never felt. He was the kind of boyfriend she had dreamed of but never dared to actually believe she would meet.

Josh reached out and tenderly caressed her cheek. "How did you get that?"

Pam shook her head, "I don't know." Pam knew how weak that sounded.

Josh, sensing the turmoil her emotions were in, reached over and took her hand. They sat there quietly for a few moments then Pam surprised herself by laying her head on his shoulder and placing her hand on his thigh. Josh slipped his arm around her slender waist. This was the first time Pam had this kind of closeness with a male and she didn't recoil or go into a panic.

In fact she actually felt safe. At almost 16, Josh was already an inch or two taller than her Papa. Josh was nicely built, not too skinny, but slender and sinewy. Her Papa had at one time been a rugged man but now he was wasted away from booze and laziness with a pot gut and thin arms and legs. Josh felt smooth and solid by comparison.

"You want to kiss me?" Pam asked in a small voice.

"Yes," Josh answered.


Josh lifted her face and lowered his mouth to hers. Pam closed her eyes tight and pursed her lips in anticipation. Josh pulled back and looked at her perplexed. He leaned in and kissed her again with the same result.

"You need to relax," Josh told her.


Josh kissed Pam again and still it didn't feel right. He could tell that she wasn't into it. Pam had actually liked the feel of Josh's lips on hers but she was really unsure what was expected.

Josh sat upright next to her, "You don't have to kiss me if you really don't want to."

"No, I do," Pam said in a bit of a panic.

"You don't seem like you're that into it," he replied.

Tears were starting to well up in her eyes, "I'm sorry I'm not a good kisser."

"What wrong?" Josh asked.

"Nothing. I'm just not good at it I guess. Does that mean you don't want to be my boyfriend?" Pam said fearfully. She felt comfort and safety in her fantasy she was building around Josh and she was afraid it was crumbling.

"Don't be silly. I'm probably no good at it either. I've never kissed a girl before, not like a girlfriend kind of kiss," Josh admitted.



Pam chewed her lower lip and her stomach ties up into knots. She decided she was going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she was going to make Josh her boyfriend. Pam hoped he would be like that couple they had seen in the movie.

"Would it help if we had sex?" Pam asked, scared to death but willing to see it through.

"Huh?" Josh asked, not believing what he thought he had heard.

"Would it help if we had sex," Pam said again, trying hard to hold back tears.

"No!" Josh exclaimed in shock.

"Because I'm ugly and you don't want me?" Tears were flowing freely now.

"What? No! You're not ugly and none of this has anything to do with any of it," Josh stammered completely taken aback.

"It's OK. I understand," Pam said between sobs. She started to get up and leave.

"Now hold on a minute," Josh said as he grabbed Pam's arm and pulled her down. She landed in his lap.

Josh pulled her close and pressed his lips against hers again. He held Pam tight.

"You don't get it at all. Yes I'd love to have sex with you, believe me there. No, not here, not now. And having sex with me has nothing to do with wanting to be your boyfriend. I'd want that anyway. So what if we didn't do a great job kissing, we can get better together."

Pam carefully looked up at Josh and into his eyes. What she saw brought more tears from her. She saw acceptance, maybe even love in those pretty, dark eyes. She could tell beyond doubt that he was being sincere. She allowed him to hold her and once again she felt safe.

They sat there like that for some time. Josh was in heaven feeling this girl, no woman, in his arms. Her body felt really nice. Then Pam murmured against him that she had better go. Josh let out a sigh. He held her tighter and Pam sat with him for a few more moments.

Pam faced him and leaned in to kiss him once again, this time feeling more relaxed and more importantly, safer.

"Wow, now that was a lot better," Josh told her breathlessly.

Pam giggled and stood up. They walked out of the meadow hand in hand just like in her fantasy. They stopped when they came to the fork in the path.

Josh turned to face her, "When can you come to my house again?"

"I don't know," Pam answered sadly.

"Because of your dad?"

Pam simply nodded.

"Guess we're going to have to find some way around that," Josh told her.


"Yep," Josh pulled her close to him and they kissed again. Like the last time Pam's lips were yielding as she kissed him back

"See, we're already getting good at that already."

Pam blushed furiously and lowered her eyes. The two parted and headed for their own home. Josh whistled and felt really good the whole way.

On Wednesday Melinda got to see what Dr. Grayson had meant. Pam wasn't present for inoculations with the other kids, so they went to her cabin. Pam had seen Melinda right away and feared her secret would be blown but her Papa shooed her inside the cabin before Melinda could say anything to her.

Melinda was appalled by the general state of the place. No electricity though they could have, no real running water, there was a pump and well. The place looked like it could fall apart at anytime.

"What you doing here?" Bryson growled.

"I just wanted to look over Pam while I was here, maybe giver her a booster shot," Dr. Grayson explained patiently.

"We don't need nothing from you people so you best just leave," Bryson answered with apparent anger.

"Come on now Bryson, it won't take long."

"I said no, God damn it!" Bryson yelled taking a step closer to the doctor and Melinda.

Inside the cabin Pam was mortified that Melinda had to witness this. There was no way she would let her be Josh's girlfriend now she feared. She also knew that this was going to put her Papa in a foul mood and she would pay the price.

"OK, OK, calm down Bryson. I just thought I would ask while I was here. We're going." Dr. Grayson told him.

"Good, get the hell out of here," Bryson glowered at them with hate filled eyes.

Melinda got back in the doctor's SUV while fuming the whole time. The doctor climbed back into the drivers side.

"Asshole," He grumbled as the left.

"Can't we force him to let us see her?" Melinda asked still fuming.

"No, at Pam's age the law is on his side. Unless she was seriously ill and he was refusing her treatment or if there were proof of abuse." Dr. Grayson replied.

"What about the place they live? Surely it isn't fit for a child," Melinda ventured.

"The place is ramshackle, I'll grant you, but she has her own room and all the legal necessities. The system is so over worked, again unless they have signs of abuse they won't act except to maybe order some repairs be done within a certain time frame. If he is beating Pam as I'm pretty sure he is, she'll be the one to suffer his wrath. That or he'll just dissapear with her." Dr, Grayson sighed wearily.

Melinda could sympathize with his sigh. Inside though, she was trying to figure out some way to help the poor girl. She felt for her son also as Melinda knew Josh was taken with Pam and she knew her son had a serious uphill battle with Pam's father. She also feared for her son's safety if the two of them should meet.

Then again Melinda thought that at 6'2" it might not be Josh's safety in jeopardy. Pam's father looked old and weathered. Josh out weighed and out gunned Pam's dad. Josh was built like his father. None the less, Melinda feared a confrontation, her son wasn't one to back down when cornered.

That evening, Josh and Alicia both could tell something was bothering their mom. Their dad noticed too though he knew enough not to press until Melinda was ready to tell him, so he waited.

After dinner Melinda motioned her husband to follow her. They retired to the master suite were Melinda finally vented to her husband. Josh and Alicia were extra quiet hoping to over hear what was going on.

"Jesus Dean, you should have seen the place! It wasn't fit for a dog! And that Man, what a prick!" Melinda's voice had raised, Josh and Alicia heard most all of it though they weren't sure who their mom was talking about.

"That poor sweet girl, stuck there with that no good drunk!" She continued and now Josh had a sneaky suspicion who his mom was talking about.

"No wonder she latched on to Josh and Alicia. She has to be scared and lonely most every day. There has to be something we can do." There was no doubt who she was talking about now.

"I'm not sure what," Dean said to his wife, letting her vent further.

"She needs to be removed from that place. Dean, you should have been there. Pam deserves better that that."

"I believe you. I'm just not sure if realistically there is anything we can do."

"We'll see. There must be something, someway." Dean recognized the look in his wife's eyes and the set of her jaw. He knew Melinda wouldn't let this go until she got her way.

After she had calmed down Melinda joined her children in the den to watch TV. She really didn't pay attention to it though as her mind furiously worked on the problem involving Pam. She looked thoughtfully at her son and wondered if Pam might open up to him.

That night Bryson took his anger out on Pam. After slapping her around she sat on the floor hugging herself and crying. The sight brought our his lust. He grabbed her and turned her over so that she was laying on the floor face down. Her papa yanked her underwear off and parted her legs. He mounted her and fucked her hard, still hitting and slapping her.

The next couple of days brought more thunderstorms and Josh was almost frantic. He worried about Pam. Josh wasn't the only one now, his mom and sister also worried. Melinda debated talking to Josh, but was reluctant to involve him.

Friday was still rainy but Josh didn't care. He went to see if Pam would be in the meadow. Melinda would have objected but truth be told, she was concerned about Pam also and liked the idea of Josh checking on her.

Pam had snuck off when her papa had fallen asleep for his afternoon nap. The previous night had been a bad one for her. Her papa was out of booze and he was in a very bad mood. He had repeatedly hit or kicked her. He also had been rough when he had taken her that night. She knew she had bruises on her back and hips. She hoped against hope Josh would be there.

Sure enough, to her relief, he was there. She wanted to feel his arms around her, to feel safe for awhile. They sat in the wet grass and let the rain wash over them. Josh brushed Pam's wet hair out of her face, then he kissed her. She huddled next to him and relished the warmth of his body.

Josh couldn't help but notice how Pam's rain soaked dress clung to her body alluringly. He could almost see her nipples through her dress and he felt himself becoming aroused. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him.

"I'm glad you came," Pam told him.

"Maybe if I talked to your dad he will let you come over to my house," Josh suggested.

"No, you mustn't," Pam answered fearfully.

"You really that afraid of what he would do to you?"

"I'm afraid of what he'd do to you," She answered and hugged him tighter.

"I'm not helpless," Josh told her indignantly.

"I know."

"Then let my parents talk to him, they can help."

Pam shook her head thinking about what had happened to her after the doctor and Melinda had been there Wednesday. Josh sighed, wishing he could do more. He definitely wasn't going to let things go as is much longer.

"Tell me more about Chicago," Pam requested.

Josh pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. She melted against his body relishing the sense of security he gave her. She had no idea any boy could make her feel wanted and safe like Josh did. She listened as Josh described the Navy Pier and Lake Michigan to her. She could almost see them in her mind.

Every so often Josh would stop to kiss her. His kisses were so tender and sweet. She felt a warmth in the pit of her stomach again. Without knowing it Pam had started caressing his arms that were holding her gently. She was surprised when she realized what she was doing.

They were reluctant to leave but Pam finally told Josh she had to get back home. They walked hand in hand and Josh kissed her goodbye.

"I'll be here tomorrow." Josh told her.

Pam nodded her head, "OK." She actually smiled at him.

That night Pam's dad was especially rough with her. She knew she brought some of it on herself as she had been more defiant than usual. Thoughts of Josh had given her more courage but she had paid the price. After he was through with her that night she had bruises on her ribs, legs and buttocks.

He had also been especially rough when he had raped her. She hurt between her legs and he had sodomized her too which had been painful and she was still sore the next day.

Saturday afternoon came and Josh practically flew out of the door. This time Alicia refused to be left behind. Josh sensed she was worried too, so he really didn't protest too much.

Josh got to the meadow and prayed that Pam would show up there. Thirty minutes later he was relieved to see Pam walk into the meadow. She glanced uncertainly at Alicia and Josh understood that Pam wasn't sure how she should act with Josh in front of his sister.

Standing up, Josh took Pam's hands in his, then softly kissed her. Pam heard Alicia giggle at this and she blushed deeply. They walked over to Alicia who had a mischievous gleam in her eyes and sat down next to her.

"Not a word," Josh warned his sister.

"I was just going to tell Pam that she is far too good for you," Alicia replied coolly. Pam favored Alicia with one of her rare smiles.

"I hear mom was at your place with Dr. Grayson Wednesday," Josh ventured.

He hoped the doctor had seen something that could help but he doubted it after overhearing his mom talk. Pam had seemed so upset yesterday that he didn't want to bring it up then.

He saw Pam wince. As she nodded her head.

"It didn't sound like it went too well," Josh continued.

"No. Your mom probably doesn't like me too much anymore," Pam told them in a small. Frightened voice.

"You don't know Melinda Peters very well. She probably likes you even more than she did," Josh informed Pam dryly.

Pam glanced at Alicia who was nodding in agreement. "Really?"

"Yeah but I gotta warn you, I think our mom is going on a crusade to have to moved out of your home."

Pam looked at Josh and Alicia Frightened but at the same time hopeful.

"Is your daddy really that mean to you," Alicia asked with her customary forwardness.

Pam couldn't even look at Alicia now. She was the verge of crying. All she could manage was a nod of her head.

"Does he like hit you?" Alicia asked and she received another nod of the head from Pam.

To Alicia the thought of a daddy beating his daughter was a new and scary proposition. In her world that was unheard of. She moved closer to Pam and held her other hand. A 12 year old girl comforting a 16 year old. It made Pam want to cry even more. Pam wanted so badly to tell Josh and Alicia everything, but the shame was too strong.

Josh slipped his arm around Pam and felt her flinch. He looked up at her and saw the pain in her face. "What is it?"

"Nothing," Pam told him unconvincingly.

"Pam, you've got to tell us," Josh pleaded.

With a red face burning with shame and embarrassment Pam slowly lifted her dress up to her ribs. Josh and Alicia looked with stunned horror at the ugly bruises and welts that covered Pam's body.

Josh jumped up, fists clenched, his face contorted with rage and pain. "I'm going to kill the bastard," Josh growled through clenched teeth.

Pam was terrified. In her Papa's alcoholic haze she thought Josh could probably do it easily. She knew now just how strong Josh was. He lifted her like she was nothing more than a doll when he had sat her on his lap. She also knew her Papa kept guns in the cabin. She couldn't bear the thought of loosing Josh, her gallant knight as she saw him in her fantasies, or of him going to jail.

"Please Josh, no," Pam sobbed.

"Then you're coming home with us right now. No more," Josh declared

"I can't, he'd kill me, maybe you too," Pam said as she openly cried now.

"You have too," Alicia pleaded, crying also. "Mom and dad will know what to do, please trust us. They can help."

"It ends now," Josh told her firmly.

Josh took Pam by the hand and pulled her up. The look on his face said the subject was not up for debate. Alicia took Pam's other hand and the three of them headed for the Peters home. Pam had never been so scared.

Half way home they suddenly heard Pam's dad yelling for her. He sounded very loud and very angry. Pam's worst fears were coming true. Josh hurried them along faster. He knew they had the advantage of knowing where they were going, while her dad didn't.

Running into their yard, Josh could hear Pam's dad not too awfully far behind them somewhere down the trail. "Too late for you, fucker." Josh thought to himself. He yanked open the back door and practically pulled Alicia and Pam inside behind him, then he slammed the door shut.

Dean and Melinda heard the slamming of the door and looked up, knowing something was up. Just then they saw the kids rush into the den.

"What's wrong?" Melinda hasked the kids worriedly, she saw that Alicia was sobbing.

"He's after us," Josh replied, anger still in his voice.

"Who is after you?" His dad asked Josh.

"Pam's dad."

"Why is he after you?"

"Because of me," Pam answered miserably.

"Show them," Josh told her.

Pam looked at Melinda, then fearfully at Mr. Peters, then back to Melinda. Melinda got up of the sofa and walked over to Pam.

"Come with me sweetheart," Melinda told her gently. She led Pam upstairs

In the master suite, Pam peeled off her dress, flush with shame and embarrassment. She had began crying again as Melinda examined her Melinda couldn't believe the awfullness of what she was seeing.

Along with the shame Pam also felt relief creeping in. Relief in unloading the burden she had been carrying. Melinda sat Pam down on the bed next to her and hugged the young woman tightly. In a flood, Pam told Melinda everything, the beatings, the rapes, all of it. It was like she was cleansing her soul.

Melinda looked at Pam who seemed so fragile, so vulnerable, yet so strong to have endured her hell, "Never again."

Melinda got one of her robes for Pam to wear. "Wait here honey," She said gently.

Melinda walked back into the den and with tears streaming down her face she called first Dr. Grayson, then the police.

"That girl is never going back to that fucking place," Melinda spat out with barely controlled rage. This stunned everyone as they had never heard her drop the F-bomb before.

"That bad?" Dean asked his wife with concern.

"That bad," She confirmed.

Within minutes the police arrived, followed shortly after by Dr. grayson. Melinda led them upstairs. It didn't take but a few minutes before the cop was stepping quickly back down the stairs. He was talking angrily into his radio.

"The bastard needs to be found now," Was all that Dean and his kids heard.

20 minutes later, Melinda and the doctor came back down. Melinda looked pointedly at her husband. "Get Jerry on the phone, we need guardianship until this all gets straightened out." Dean knew who Melinda meant, Jerry was their lawyer.

"Does that mean Pam is staing here?" Alicia asked her dad.

"That's what it means," He confirmed to his daughter. Alicia was pleased by this.

"I'm going to make up the guest room for Pam. Dr. Grayson gave her a sedative to calm her down. She probably won't be awake for long."

"My room," Alicia told her mom.

"Honey, she's very upset," Melinda explained to her daughter, touched by her concern.

"My room," Alicia repeated. "At least for tonight.

"We'll leave that up to Pam," Melinda said, smiling at her daughter.

Josh wanted badly to see Pam, to be with her but he sensed this was not the right time so he would wait. He wasn't happy about it but he'd wait. He still carried all that unleashed anger inside too. Josh wished Pam had let him go kick her dad's ass.

"You kids did the right thing, I'm proud of you," Dean told his children

"I wanted to kill him, Pam wouldn't let me," Josh admitted.

"I'm sure you did. I can't say I blame you for feeling that way, but Pam was right and in the end, like I said, you did the right thing."

"I could have taken him, I wasn't scared."

"I know and sometimes vengeance seems like the right course but where would Pam be right now?"

Josh thought it over and realized down inside that his dad was right. He let his anger burn out and concentrated on his concern for Pam. Dean smiled at his son, who was growing up right before his eyes.

Going back upstairs, Melinda sat with Pam. It was still only late afternoon but the sedative was making Pam drowsy.

"Alicia wants you to stay with her tonight, but I can make up the guest room for you if you prefer," Melinda told her.

"No, Alicia please," Pam answered sounding helpless and defeated.

"OK, Alicia will be thrilled." It amazed Melinda how perceptive her daughter was. "I'm going to get you a nightgown then tomorrow we'll get you some proper clothes."

Pam was wracked by more sobs. It tugged at Melinda's heart. "I won't be able to face Josh anymore," She sobbed. "He isn't going to want to be with me."

"Oh honey, this won't change how Josh feels about you," Melinda reassured her. Pam had a hard time believing it though.

Melinda got Pam the nightgown, then walked her to Alicia's room. Pam lay down and soon the sedative did it's job. She was fast asleep.

"She's going to need all of our support," Melinda told her family. "That girl has been through hell. Especially from you Josh."

"Why especially from me?"

"I take it she sees you as her boyfriend," Melinda said without judgment, "Do you see her as your girlfriend?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Josh admitted.

"I saw them kiss!" Alicia interjected with a twinkle in her eyes. Melinda threw her daughter a stern look which she knew would have no effect.

"Pam is very much afraid that you will see her different, that you'll think less of her," Melinda continued.

Josh was surprised Pam had opened up so much to his mom and he was uncomfortable talking about his personal life with her but decided in the end it didn't really matter.

"That's ridiculous, there's no way," Josh protested.

"It's very real to her, I just want you to be aware. Your opinion of her seems to matter a great deal to her," Melinda informed him. Josh nodded he understood.

Josh was flattered the he meant so much to Pam, whom he had only known for a few weeks. The Fourth of July was in a couple of days. He hoped Pam would feel up to the festivities, he really wanted to go with her. Of course he'd understand if she didn't and he had already decided in that case he would stay home with her.

A couple of hours later the bell at the front door rang. Dean answered the door to find the chief of police. Melinda met them in the front hall.

"Dean, Melinda, can we talk in private?" the chief asked.

"Sure, come on," Dean replied, leading him into the kitchen.

"We got Bryson. It didn't take the K-9 unit long to track him down. He's a guest in the county jail now," the chief told them.

"Thank God!" Melinda exclaimed with relief, "I think Pam will relax some knowing he can't get to her."

"He'll see the judge Tuesday morning. The county prosecuter is going to go for no bail," The chief continued.

"Think he'll get it?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, I think he will. Bryson isn't going to get out for a very long time."

"We're going to try and get temporary guardianship, maybe permenent," Melinda told him.

"You got my support, hell, the whole town's support for that matter. I just wanted to tell you we got him myself."

The last few weeks Dean had been taking his lunch in the town diner. The chief had been dropping in for coffee and to chat with Dean. The two had hit it off pretty well, the chief even promised Dean he would show him some of his best fishing spots.

"Thanks chief," Dean said, walking the chief back to the front door.

Pam had been sleeping a few hours when Alicia crept into her room and gently woke pam, "Mama ordered pizza, you hungry?"

Pam shook her head groggily. She slid over and Alicia climbed in bed next to her, Pam was happy for the company. Alicia put her arm around the older girl and hugged her.

Melinda had just gotten back from Pam's cabin where she had picked up Pam's meager possessions. Pam had told Melinda where she had hidden the clothes Melinda had given her and she had gotten those too. Now she stood outside of Alicia's bedroom and listened to the girls through the door that was ajar.

"We're gonna take care of you now," Alicia said softly, "Daddy sais you are staying here."

"OK," Pam answered, crying softly.

"You're a part of our family now, it's almost like we're really sister," Alicia continued, crying now with Pam.

The two girls hugged each other and cried. Melinda was touched by her daughter's words. Instead of going in the room, Melinda quietly continued to the master suite. She sat down on the edge of her bed and cried herself.

The next morning Melinda let herself into Alicia's room. Alicia was already down stairs and Pam was lying awake in her bed. Melinda brought in the shorts and shirt she had given Pam.

"Come on honey, let's get dressed and get some breakfast."

"I can't face everyone," Pam said fearfully.

Melinda knew she meant Josh and Dean, "It'll be OK. Besides, Josh is chewing up the furniture. He's worried and very anxious to see you."

Pam allowed herself a small smile at that. Slowly she got out of bed and began to get dressed. As she did Melinda told Pam that the police arrested her father and he was now in jail. A wave of relief flooded Pam and she shuddered with it's release.

Pam followed Melinda into the dining room where everyone had been waiting. Dean had made a breakfast of sweet rolls, fresh fruit and tosted bagels with juice and milk. Josh got up and pulled out a chair for Pam. She walked over and sat down. Josh sat back down next to her.

Pam was surprised to find she was actually famished. While she had cantaloupe before, she couldn't remember it ever having tasted so sweet or so good. Thankfully Alicia was there because soon she filled the air with her pleasant chatter. She was going on about how excited she was about the Fourth of July. Pam had forgotten the holiday was tomorrow. For her papa and his buddies, it always meant another excuse to get very drunk, and very rowdy.

After they had finished eating, Alicia and Josh cleared the table so that her parents could talk to Pam. Josh wasn't happy to leave her side but he understood the need for privacy.

"Honey, we're petitioning the judge for guardianship of you," Melinda told her.

"If you want," Dean added.

"Why would you want me?" Pam said quietly.

"Sweetie, why wouldn't we?" Melinda answered.

Pam could think of several reasons, not the least of which was this was something she had been fantasizing would happen and in the beginning a big reason she wanted to be with Josh. She knew now that she wanted Josh no matter but she still felt guilty.

"Not to mention Josh wouldn't forgive us," Dean told her with a smile.

"OK," she answered in a quiet voice, still not meeting their eyes.

"Alright, why don't you help Josh and Alicia. Then we're going into town. There's a little clothes boutique where we can pick you up a few things." Melinda told her.

Now Pam did look up, her eyes open wide, "Oh no, you can't do that. I'm fine," she stammered, dismayed that this family who were already doing so much for her were going to spend money on her too.

"Oh yes I can and I know you're fine," Melinda countered.

"No point in arguing with her. When Melinda makes up her mind on something it would take an act of congress to change it," Dean said with a chuckle.

Pam nodded and left for the kitchen to help Josh and Alicia.

"You think we'll have to watch those two?" Dean said to his wife, meaning Pam and Josh.

"Not for some time," Melinda answered, patting his hand.

Melinda, Pam, and Alicia looked at clothes in the boutique. The selection was limited but Melinda had found a cute pair of shorts, a skirt, a couple of tops, and a flowery summer dress that would fit Pam. She protested that Melinda was spending too much money. Melinda ignored her and also grabbed some socks. Then they were off for a couple of bras and some panties.

While Pam obediently picked out a few pairs of panties, Alicia spied a lacy, black nightie. She held it up for all to see.

"Josh would like this," Alicia declared with a giggle.

"Alicia!" Melinda admonished her daughter, then leaning over to Pam she whispered, "He would, but we'll save that for a later time, much later." Pam blushed furiously.

Next they headed for an outdoors outfitting store where Melinda found a pair of hiking boots and a pair of tennis shoes that fit Pam. Pam was mortified at how much they cost. On the way home, Melinda told Pam that Thursday they would go to one of the lager towns close by and pick up more things that Clearwater didn't have.

"More?" Pam said unbelieving.

"There are things you still need, more bras, some jeans, personal stuff. Alicia needs a few things too," Melinda explained.

"I need bras too, I'm getting my boobies." Alicia chimed in, delighted by the prospect. Melinda let out a laugh and shook her head.

"But Mrs. Peters," Pam began to protest.

"Melinda or mom," Melinda corrected her.

"But this is already more than I have ever had," Pam admitted embarrassed and uncomfortable with the money being spent on her.

"Honey, it's a woman's perrogative to have more clothes than they actually need. Plus there are necessities that women need and men don't, like make up," Melinda told her with a smile.

Pam had never worn makeup and was embarrassed to admit it. As much as it had made her uncomfortable to have Melinda spend the money on her, she was also excited to wear her new clothes. She hoped Josh would like her in them.

When they got home, the women of the house went up to the guest room, which was now Pam's room. Melinda took note of things that she would need. A few furnishings and some decorations. Pam almost paniced when Melinda mentioned a desk for a computer and homework station.

"School?" Pam said with a sense of dread.

"An education is important," Melinda explained.

"I'm probably pretty stupid compared to others my age," Pam said dismally.

"Sweetheart, I don't think you're stupid. Far from it. Maybe behind the others which isn't your fault. Josh and Alicia will help you catch up, so will I," Melinda tried to reassure the girl.

Pam nodded but still had her doubts. She suddenly had a strong desire to see Josh. He made her feel safe like no one else could. Quietly Pam helped Melinda make up her bed. Alicia slipped out and returned shortly carrying the stuffed dog that Pam had really liked. She placed it at the head of the bed, in the middle.

"He looks happy there," Alicia proclaimed.

Pam hugged the little girl. She loved Alicia almost as much as she loved Josh. Melinda felt a swell of pride for her daughter. She wondered again at how lucky she and Dean were when it came to their kids.

Pam found Josh in his room, playing a game on his computer. Quietly, she stood next to him, grateful to have his company. With out a word, Josh slipped an arm around her slim waist and pulled her close. Pam closed her eyes and relished the feel of him next to her as she pressed against him.

Pam was disappointed when he removed his arm from around her. Josh stood up and motioned to the chair.

"Here, you try it,"

"I don't know how," Pam told him.

"I'll show you."

Pam sat in the chair and Josh started explaining to Pam how to play. He stood behind her and she felt him rest his hand on her shoulder as he leaned over to help her play. Again Pam was comforted by this simple contact.

Alicia poked her head in the doorway, "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Josh answered.

Happily Alicia entered and stood next to Pam as Josh instructed her on how to play. Pam was glad Josh had allowed his sister in his room with them as she didn't want Alicia to feel left out.

"This is the first time I've used a computer," Pam said with wonder.

"You'll be a pro in no time," Josh told her. Impulsively he leaned down and kissed her cheek.

Pam blushed but smiled as Alicia giggled at his display of affection. In short time Pam was having fun like a normal teenager. Pam had never been as happy as she was at this moment with Josh next to her and Alicia close by, the two people she cared about most in the world.

"You girls want to help me start getting things ready for tomorrow? Melinda asked, coming into Josh's room.

"Ready?" Pam asked.

"We're having a bar-b-que tomorrow, before the fireworks," Melinda explained, "We have potato salad to make and pies to bake."

Pam felt her anxiety growing again as she realized there would be a group of people here tomorrow. Pam was sure she would be completely out of place. She also imagined that she would be the topic of conversation.

Pam was reluctant to leave Josh's side but she wanted to help Melinda anyway she could so she followed Alicia and Melinda. As it turned out she enjoyed working in the kitchen with them.

That evening they had a quick and easy dinner. Sitting next to Josh at the table, Pam wanted to hold his hand badly but was too self-conscious in front of his parents. After they ate, the three returned to Josh's room to play on the computer some more. Pam was fascinated with the computer but it also gave her a chance for some personal contact with Josh away from Dean and Melinda's eyes.

At bed time Pam gave Josh a kiss goodnight before heading to her room. This time there was even a little tongue involved. Josh thought to himself that they were definetly getting good at it and he felt a pang of desire for more. He also knew that this was definitely not the time.

Pam had slept better than she had for years. She looked at herself in the mirror as she dressed. The ugly bruises and welt marks were still there but she hated what she saw a little less. She decided to wear her new summer dress. She wanted to show it off to Josh. She had just finished dressing when Melinda knocked on her door.

"It really looks good on you," Melinda told her when she saw the dress.

"Thank you," Pam flushed with embarrassment.

"Come with me, I'll show you how to put on makeup."

Pam had never worn makeup before and she was excited to try, "OK."

When she looked in the mirror after Melinda had finished, Pam actually almost felt pretty. Melinda raved about how good she looked and Pam wanted to believe it. She was still painfully self-conscious but when she headed downstairs she also had a tad more confidense. Not a lot but it was a start.

Josh's jaw almost hit the floor when he saw Pam. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Pam blushed as he stared openly. She also smiled knowing that Josh liked what he saw.

"Wow, you look beautiful," Alicia gushed.

"You really do look lovely," Dean agreed, then sliding next to his son he whispered, "You can close your mouth now."

"Come on," Josh said as he pulled out a chair at the dining table.

Pam's confidense faltered when Josh didn't say anything about her new dress or her makeup. She wondered if maybe he didn't like the new look. Pam sat sat down in her chair without a word, her eyes focused downward.

After breakfast, Josh, Pam and Alicia cleared the table. When Josh was sure he had a moment alone with Pam, he pulled her asside.

"You look really great," He told her, taking hands and pulling her closer.


"Yeah, my girlfriend is a total babe."

"I'm glad you think so," Pam told him, smiling now.

Josh wrapped his arms around her and leaned down to kiss her. It was the longest, most passionate kiss they had shared yet.

Pam felt the heat build inside of her. She pressed her body tight against his. There was an unknown desire building in her. She couldn't seem to get close enough. Josh held her tighter and they kissed harder. Pam suddenly realized she could feel Josh's erection pressing against her. Startled, she pulled away from him. Josh gave her a puzzled look.

"I don't want to get caught by your parents," She told him.

Josh was disappointed but he really didn't want to either. Reluctantly he and Pam joined the rest of the family. They decided to play video games until it was time for the bar-b-que to start.

Pam had asked who was coming and he told her that Chief Johnson and his family, a couple of people from Innovative Technologies and their families. That was all that Josh knew for sure. Pam was feeling apprehensive about it.

Melinda noticed during the bar-b-que Pam didn't leave Josh's side. A couple of the boys who had come with their families were obviously taken with her but she had eyes only for Josh. Melinda had worried how she might react if she were hit on but it was obvious that she was oblivious to their advancements.

Melinda also noticed that she touched Josh constantly. She would place her hand on his shoulder, or his back, sometimes they held hands, things like that. Melinda was pretty sure that what Pam felt for Josh was stronger than a crush and more than gratitude for being her friend, she was actually in love with him. Melinda hoped Josh realized it too, she hated the thought of the girl being heart broken. At least it seemed Josh was pleased with her attention and he returned it.

"We really have a budding romance on our hands," Melinda said to her husband.

"I noticed. You think it's time to keep an eye on them?"

"Mmm, no not yet. Probably not for a while with what Pam has been through. I just hope Josh has enough patience."

When it was getting close to the fireworks show everone piled into their cars and headed for the town park where they could see the show. Thanks to a donation from Innovative Technologies the town could afford an impressive firework display. Pam had been thrilled by it. She and Josh sat next to each other and forgetting about anyone seeing them, she lay her head on his shoulder.

"Well, that turned out really well," Melinda said to her husband when they had returned home.

"I'd say so," He agreed. "You worried about the whole Josh-Pam thing?"

"In a way. I'm happy that they seem to have found each other but I don't want to see them get hurt either," Melinda explained.

"Well, nature will take it's course. I think that even if Pam didn't live here we wouldn't be able to keep them apart," Dean replied.

"I really don't want to keep them apart."

"Then we'll just have to wait and see."

Pam had the best day of her life. People hadn't snickered or looked down on her as she had feared. Her sweet Josh had stayed by her all day and had helped her feel more comfortable. She was becoming more at ease over her feelings for him, she couldn't stop smiling to herself. By the time they had gotten home and ready for bed she felt exhausted.

As she lay in bed she thought on how lucky she was to have met Josh and his wonderful family. She felt like she was in a fairy tale. Then unwanted thoughts entered her mind. What if Josh decided she wasn't worth being his girlfriend? What would she do if she lost him? Never had she felt about anyone the way she felt about him. After all, she knew that she must seem awfully squirrelly.

Josh was so sweet and good looking, surely he could have his pick of girls. He had told her how beautiful she had looked today and she wanted to believe it but a part of her still thought it wasn't so and he was just being nice.

Pam's anxiety rose and she couldn't banish these unwanted thoughts. Quietly she got out of bed and slipped down the hall to Josh's room. She slowly opened the door and snuck in. Josh was still awake and he watched her as she came in.

"Is it OK?" she whispered in the darkness.

"Yeah," she heard him reply.

Slowly she walked to his bed and lay down next to him, "I just wanted to be with you for a bit."

"That's fine," Josh said, pulling her into his arms.

Pam snuggled up next to him and put her head on his chest, she could hear his heart beating. The warmth of his body felt comforting. She sighed deeply in the darkness.

"Are you happy that I'm your girlfriend?" Pam asked, looking for reassurance.


They lay holding each other in the darkness, kissing every once in a while. Often during the day Josh had looked at his gorgeous girlfriend and tried to imagine what she looked like without the dress on. Now holding her in the dark, feeling her body against his, he ached to find out.

He wanted to touch and caress her all over. Josh also instinctively knew Pam wasn't ready for that and might not be for a while. He was prepared for that and contented himself knowing that she wanted to be with him.

Josh had never really thought of himself as that good looking. He thought he was kind of nerdy. He was OK at sports but would never be a star athelete. He knew he wasn't really ugly but rather plain and average. His physique wasn't bad, but he wasn't exactly muscle bound.

Pam was far more attractive than he had hoped to have for a girlfriend and considered himself lucky. She also seemed so vulnerable that it had brought out a fierce protective streak in him.

They lay there holding each other until they started nodding off. Reluctantly Pam slipped back to her own room but she was feeling better. She slipped off into a sleep that was unperturbed by nightmares as her sleep so often was.

The next day Josh and Alicia tried to talk her into swimming but she was too self-conscious about the marks still visible on her. She contented herself sitting poolside and watching them. Melinda even joined her for a while. After swimming, they all went into the den for some video games.

Dean also received good news. The chief stopped in the diner at lunch time to tell him that Bryson had been denied bail. The prosecution maintained that due to the heinous nature of the crimes and given Bryson's backwoods skill, with hundreds of miles of wilderness and mountains, if he were to flee they might never find him. The judge agreed. He was going to be in jail for a very long time.

That evening Dean told this to Pam and she felt even more relief. The spectre of her papa and the things he had done were slowly being banished. It would take some time yet but he was slowly loosing his hold on her.

Josh and Pam were also slowly becoming more open with displays of affection. They still didn't kiss in front of Melinda and Dean but they did often touch or hug. It was still all very chaste and proper.

On Thursday Melinda took the kids to a neighboring town for some shopping. Again Pam was embarrassed by the money that was spent on her. Melinda had her pick out some jeans and other garments.

Pam found herself looking at some rather sexy undergarments. When Melinda joined her, Pam was again self-conscious. Finally she managed to speak in a voice that cracked and trembled.

"Do girls really wear these," She wondered.

"Sure, I have some things like these myself," Melinda answered.

As she stood there Pam wondered if Josh would like her in them. She blushed hard at the thought of him seeing her in something so sexual and risqué. Melinda noticed her blush.

Melinda quietly picked out a few things that were lacy and sexy for Pam, "Let's add these to your cart," she said.

Pam protested she could never were panties or negliges like these but inside she was curious to see how it would feel to be so feminine and girlie. Melinda knew she secretly liked the idea, so she ignored Pam's protests.

It dawned on Melinda then that the young lady probably knew little about the birds and bees, only the twisted view that Bryson had given her. Melinda decided she was going to have to have a talk with her.

The thought of being sexual with Josh still scared the bejesus out of her but Pam realized it would have to happen someday if she wanted to keep Josh. She just couldn't yet. She prayed he understood.

They also picked out some personal products for Pam, then a few things for Josh and Alicia. Where as bras and panties had made Pam uncomfortable, Alicia was elated. She was ready to show off her first bra to everyone. Pam marveled at the girl's enthusiasm.

That night Melinda had pulled Pam away from Josh and took her into the master suite. She had told Dean that she was going to have "the talk" with Pam. Dean had wished her good luck. Now sitting on the bed next to Melinda Pam wondered what she had done wrong.

"How much do you know about boys and making love," Melinda began.

Pam was horrified. "Why?" she asked as her body and voice trembled.

"I'm guessing you know how babies are made," Melinda continued gently.

"Yes," Pam answered in a whisper wanting to run away.

"Well, when two people love each other and want to express that, making love can be a beautiful thing."

"Beautiful?" Pam asked, wonder how such a violent act can ever be beautiful.

"It's like two people join together as one, their mind, body and their soul." Understand.

Pam slowly shook her head no. As she listened to Melinda speak, she became aware that the sexual lessons her papa had taught her weren't the only ones to be taught and were in fact were the wrong ones. Melinda made sex sound so wonderful. She felt more anger towards her papa that he had so damaged her view of sex.

She had thought maybe there was another side to it and now she knew. It still didn't remove her fear, though her fear had been reduced just a little. When Melinda had finfished talking to her she quickly left the room, thoughts and images swirling in her head.

When they were alone again, Josh and Alicia were curious what that had been about. Pam was ashamed to tell them but she admitted what Melinda wanted to talk to her about. Josh knew of the beatings Pam had suffered but he still knew nothing of the rapes.

"Ah," Josh and Alicia had said in unison.

"The talk. Been there, done that," Alicia said.

"Really?" Pam asked, relieved that maybe this talk was common and normal.

"Yep. Didn't your daddy or mama talk to you about it?" Alicia asked.

Pam just shook her head. She squirmed under Josh's gaze, wondering what he was thinking. But they said nothing more about it and returned to video games as if it was no big deal. That made Pam feel more at ease.

By the next week Pam's bruises had faded enough that she went swimming with Josh and Alicia. Josh couldn't keep his eyes off of her in her bikini. He kept finding excuses to put his arms around her or grab her around the waist. Pam didn't mind at all.

When Alicia and Pam got out of the pool, Josh hung back for a moment beause he had a hard on and didn't want anyone to see. It didn't help that he got a perfect view of Pam's bikini clad ass as she got out. He groaned as he watched her walk over to one of the chairs and get her towel. When he got out, Josh had to relieve himself as he showered off.

Alicia retired to her room to chat with friends on the computer. Pam followed Josh to his room where they played on his computer. Josh was surprised when Pam sat on his lap after he had sat down in his chair. He was surprised but pleased.

She leaned back against him and he had his arms around her waist as the played on his computer. Impulsively he kissed the nape of her neck. Pam shivered pleasantly, the fire started burning inside of her again and she felt her nipples harden.

"That was nice," she told Josh.

He smiled and hugged her. Pam still wasn't ready to try more but she thought about the things Melinda had said and she had hope that maybe sex with Josh didn't have to be bad.

"You two look cozy," They heard a voice say behind them.

Pam jumped up guiltily and averted her eyes away from Melinda. "Sorry," She stammered feeling shame.

"Relax honey, I wasn't mad. It's not a big deal if you want to sit on Josh's lap. It was actually cute, too bad I didn't have a camera. I'm the one who's sorry, I should have been more sensitive," Melinda walked to Pam and gave her a reassuring hug.

Pam still felt bad but Melinda had eased things. Josh wanted Pam to sit back down on his lap when his mom had left the room but she didn't feel comfortable doing that right now. Josh hated the walking on egg shells around his parents but he had to admit that displays of affection in front of them made him uncomfortable too.

Melinda felt bad, she should have thought before she spoke. It was nice seeing Pam starting to come out of her shell, but she was still emotionally fragile. She made a mental note to be more careful.

That night Pam snuck into Josh's room again and climbed in his bed. She knew it was risky but she needed to feel him again. She snuggled close to him and Josh kissed her softly.

"I love you Josh," She murmured to him.

"I love you too," He was surprised to hear himself say.

"Why do you love me?" she asked.

"Well, you treat me good, I like being with you, you're fun and you're the prettiest girl I know," He told her.

"I'm not a good person," She said.

"What makes you say that?"

"I wanted you to be my boyfriend because I didn't want to be around my papa. I wanted to be with your family," She told him in the darkness.

"I can't say I blame you."

"But maybe you might think I tricked you into being my boyfriend," She continued.

"Maybe it's what I wanted too which means you didn't trick me into anything, I got what I wanted," he reasoned.

Pam thought about what he had said, "Did you? Did you want the same thing?"

"Hell yes."

Pam lay next to him and gave in to her tears, "I love you," She said again.

They held each other for the next hour, then Pam slipped back to her room. Josh had made her feel vindicated. She was amazed by him and his whole family. She had no idea that there were people in the world who were so kind and giving.

The next day Melinda pulled Pam asside again. "I've made a Doctor appointment for you," she told Pam.

"A doctor appointment?"

"Sweetheart, you need to see an OB-GYN," Melinda told her gently.

"What's that?" Pam asked nervously.

"Honey, it's a doctor for women. You need to get looked at, all women do. We also need to think about birth control," Melinda explained.

"Birth control?" Pam's eyed widened, "But Josh and I aren't doing anything wrong." She sounded like she was pleading with Melinda.

"Honey, I know, but rember what I said. When you are with someone you care about, lovemaking isn't wrong when the time is right. One day you're going to decide it's right. If not with Josh, then with someone else. It's good to be prepared."

"It's always going to be Josh," Pam told Melinda while shaking her head, "There'll never be any man but Josh."

"Well, I hope so. That would make me happy. The appointment is for tomorrow. There is one other thing. Next week I made an appointment for you with a therapist.," Melinda let her know.

"A therapist? Isn't that for crazy people?" Pam asked sadly.

"No honey. You have been through a great deal in your young life, a therapist will help you sort it all out. You have done a remarkable job, now we want to help you heal the wounds completely," Melinda tried to ease her fears.

"OK," Pam was very nervous and fearful. She suddenly wanted to feel Josh's presense, it always comforted her.

Josh could tell that something was bothering Pam, after talking to his mom she had become even more quiet and she wouldn't look at him. He took Pam's hand and motioned her to follow. He led her to his room and closed the door.

"What's wrong?" Josh asked her.

"Nothing," She replied.

Josh sat down on the edge of his bed and pulled Pam onto his lap, "I can tell something is bothering you, you can tell me what it is."

Pam broke down and told Josh about the appointments.

"Well, I know mom goes to the OB-GYN sometimes, so maybe she's right about that being a normal thing. Besides mom wouldn't lie, you can trust her."

"I know that, I'm just nervous. What if I really am crazy?" she voiced her fears.

"Well, you did say you loved me. Alicia would probably think that was crazy," Josh said with a grin.

Pam gave him a small smile.

"You're not crazy, it'll be OK."

"I wish you could go with me."

Josh gave her a kiss, "Come on before everyone thinks we up to some hanky panky."

The next day Pam's OB-GYN appointment was an ordeal. She was thankful the doctor was a woman. It would have been torture for her if it had been a man. On the way home Melinda stopped for a couple of milkshakes. It was the first time Pam had one. She didn't think anything could taste better than her chocolate malt.

Pam was glad the ordeal was over and to be home again. She realized then that she already considered the Peters' home as her home too. She knew it was because of the way they had welcomed her in. She changed into her bikini and joined Alicia and Josh in the pool. Melinda watched the girl and wished she still had a figure like hers.

All three were splashing each other and laughing, cutting up like kids will do. It would be obvious to anyone that Josh and Pam were a couple, sometimes they almost seemed joined at the hip. Melinda realized that Pam drew strength from Josh and she was more relaxed, less fearful when she was near him. She was pleased that the twosome often included Alicia and that Pam seemed concerned that Alicia not feel left out.

Pam would have liked sneaking into Josh's room every night to snuggle for awhile but she didn't want to push her luck too far and get caught. They weren't doing anything but she knew how it would look so most nights she contented herself with just a kiss.

Pam was dragging her feet getting ready for her therapy session but Melinda kept her moving. She knew Pam was feeling anxiety but this was important. Pam expressed again the desire for Josh to go with her but Melinda explained that the therapist would want to talk to her alone. Pam gave Josh a big hug before leaving, she looked miserable.

Her session was by far worse than the OB-GYN was. She spent a chunk of it crying but at the same time when it was over she felt a little better. Inside she was actually looking forward to her next session. Pam had hope that maybe things really would be OK. Her therapist had told her that it would take time and patience though.

Josh asked Pam how it had gone when she and his mom were home, he had been worried. Pam hugged him and told him it was OK. They went to his room and Pam sat in his lap again while they played on his computer. They heard a giggle behind them and knew right away it was Alicia.

"Are you guy gonna get married, make kissy kissy?" Alicia asked with a giggle as she walked by Josh's doorway.

"Shut up," Joah warned her.

Pam smiled to herself, she hadn't thought about being married but now it seemed like something pleasant to dream about for her future. She snuggled in closer against Josh and turned her head to kiss his cheek. Josh wrapped his arms around her and realized her had placed them across her breasts.

"Sorry," He told Pam as he moved his arms.

"That's OK," Pam said softly. She took his hand and slid it to one of her breasts.

Josh felt like his face was on fire as his hand cupped the ample swell of her boob. He could feel her hard nipple underneath. Josh felt his erection grow and he slowly lowered his hand.

Pam felt the heat build in her as Josh touched her breast, then she felt his erection press against her. She closed her eyes tight as she waited for what she was sure would come next. Then she felt Josh move his hand. She looked at him, unsure why had hadn't tried for more. Pam knew better than anyone that men had urges and needs.

"Nice," Josh said with a smile and a kiss on her lips, then he turned back to the computer.

Pam was surprised but relieved. She loved Josh but the thought of physical intimacy terrified her. Still, he was right, it had felt nice when he had touched her. She imagined what it would feel like to have him touch her bare breasts. She felt the heat build in her again as she thought about it. She also felt more safe with Josh since he hadn't gone into some kind of sexual frenzy when he felt her breast.

August arrived and Pam had her third session with her therapist. She had stopped dreading her sessions. She didn't like talking about her papa but the therapist felt it was necessary. They also talked about her new family which she liked much better. After her session this time, her therapist wanted to talk to Melinda. That made Pam uneasy.

"I wanted to talk in private for a moment," Pam's therapist told Melinda, "As you know, Pam is emotionally fragile and rightfully so."

I'm surprised she's a balanced as she is considering what she went through," Melinda commented.

"She does seem very resilient. I understand she is dating your son, Josh."

"They consider themselves a couple, yes," Melinda replied.

"And Josh returns the feelings she has for him?"

"He is very taken with her."

"My concern is that she has a great deal invested in him. He seems to be her greatest source of emotional support and if he were to take that away right now it would devastate the poor girl. I wanted to make sure she isn't reading more into their relationship than what is there."

"I'd have to say no," Melinda told him.

"Good, I wanted to be certain she wasn't fixated on a fantasy relationship."

"I think he feels the same way, my worry is that they are so young that it might not be good for them to be so tied up in each other," Melinda admitted.

"I see no problem there. You never know, I married my high school sweetheart. The thing is she is terrified at the prospect of sex and sometimes teenage boys can be a little insistent with hormones raging and all."

"I've seen no indication of anything like that. In fact I've been surprised by Josh's level of patience and concern for her feelings," Melinda replied.

"Good, hopefully it will stay that way for a while yet. Some people, even teens, are more attuned to the feelings of others and act accordingly.

"Is something wrong?" Pam asked nervously after Melinda and the therapist were finished.

"Not at all honey. As your guardian, he wanted to make sure we agreed on the direction your therapy should go is all," Melinda explained.

"Oh, OK." Pam thought that made sense.

School would be starting in less than a month and Melinda had to get the kids registered. Pam was a special case as well, since she had been home schooled and there were no records.

The school administrator told Melinda that Pam would have to take placement tests so that they knew where she stood. Melinda scheduled that and she knew that is was going to be another source of anxiety for Pam.

Pam and Josh continued to grow closer as the days went by. She fretted about having to take the placement tests so for the next few days they spent every moment on Josh's computer studying different subjects. Josh could tell she struggled with reading so they concentrated on that. At times Alicia helped too but Josh seemed tireless in helping her. She loved him even more for it.

She had been afraid he would think her stupid, but she should have known better. He was her sweet Josh. He had shown nothing but concern. Pam didn't know what she would do without him. She loved the whole family and was fiercely loyal to them, but Josh was by far number one.

Pam struggled through the placement tests and was relieved when done. The school informed Melinda they were going to place her as a sophomore despite her age and that she would have to take some remedial classes. Some of her placement scores were actually below high school level.

Pam was disappointed that she wouldn't be in the same grade as Josh as he was a junior this year and that they wouldn't have classes together but at least they would still see each other between classes and at lunch.

Two days before the first day of school was Josh's birthday. Since he hadn't made a lot of friends yet, Dean and Melinda planned an intimate celebration. Melinda had taken Alicia and Pam shopping to get him a gift.

Pam had Melinda help her with makeup again because she wanted to look nice for Josh. She wore a new skirt and a top that felt silky. They drove to a Chinese restaurant in one of the larger cities close by since Chinese was Josh's favorite.

Chinese food was new to Pam so she had no idea what to order. Josh suggested she start with some chicken lo mein, egg rolls and some hot and sour soup. Josh got his usual, twice cooked pork, crab rangoons and hot and sour soup.

When the food came, Pam was happy to discover she liked it. Josh let her try some of his and she had liked that too. Then they drove home for cake and ice cream and to open gifts. It had been a very good day for them all.

That night Pam slipped into Josh's room and crawled next to him in his bed. She snuggled up close and they slipped their arms around each other and kissed.

"Happy birthday Josh," Pam whispered to him.

"Thank you baby," Josh said, using a pet name for her for the first time. It made Pam feel good.

She kissed him again. Josh softly caressed her back as they kissed and Pam found it to be very pleasant. She took his hand and slid it under the material of her nightie. Josh's hand found the round globe of her bare breast. Pam's breathing came in quiet gasps as Josh caressed her breast and lightly rubbed her erect nipple. They continued kissing.

Finally Josh removed his hand, "We better stop," He breathlessly told Pam.

Pam slipped back to her own room. It had felt nice having Josh's hand on her bare breast she thought as she lay in bed. She felt a stirring in her loins and a pleasant heat building in her.

She knew from her therapy sessions that what she was feeling was sexual desire but what she couldn't understand was how you could desire something you were so scared of. She could tell from Josh's reaction that he wanted her sexually and she wondered how long he would wait.

The first day of school arrived and Pam wished she could share Alicia's enthusiasm. Pam felt nervous, anxious and a little excited as well. Melinda drove them to their school. They could have taken a bus but Melinda wanted to atleast drive them on their first day. Josh and Pam held hands as they walked up to the building.

There was a lot of curiosity about they new kids. The buzz on them spread quickly. It went through the girl grapevine quickly that Josh's dad owned Innovative Technologies and he lived in the big beautiful house just outside of town.

Here was a cute guy who was wealthy by Clearwater standards. This made him the newest most eligible bachelor. It had also spread amongst the boys that there was a new girl in school who was totally hot.

When it started coming out that Pam was a foster child of The Peters this raised the stock for both Pam and Josh. Boys thought maybe if they were Josh's friend then maybe they could get to know the new girl and the girls thought if they were friends with Pam then maybe they could get to know Josh.

The first day of school went well for all three kids. Alicia had always been quick to make friends and it was no different at Clearwater. Her teacher quickly found the girl to be a delight. Both Josh and Pam had thought most of the kids seemed OK and had been fairly welcoming. A couple of the kids in their school had met the two previously at the Peters' bar-b-que and they showed the two around.

By the second day it became apparent that Pam and Josh were a couple and spoken for. That still didn't completely stop other kids from trying to flirt. There was one girl in particular who set her eyes on Josh.

Abby Marsten was a ambitious junior. She was a very attractive brunette who was a cheerleader and student council member. She had formed the idea that if she could land Josh then her station in the school and community would be secure.

Besides being cute, several of the parents of other kids worked for Josh's dad, including her own dad as their corporate lawyer. True Pam was gorgeous, but she seemed beyond shy and somewhat slow. She was even in some of the dummy classes. Abby felt Pam was below her station and also below Josh's. So she decided to try and steal him away.

Abby quickly saw that getting Josh alone wasn't going to be easy. His locker was next to Pam's and they were always together between classes and at lunch. She was undaunted.

After school Josh and Pam did their homework together. Josh had a way of explaining things to Pam that made it easy for her to understand. She felt that she was catching on nicely.

They found out that on Labor day weekend the town was having a fall festival. Josh looked forward to taking Pam, she was excited about it too. Pam knew of the festival but her papa had never let her go so she had never actually seen it.

By the third day Pam was starting to become aware that Josh was drawing attention from other girls. There was one in particular who seemed interested in him. A very pretty dark haired cheerleader who insinuated herself between them whenever she could. She sat with them at lunch and though she didn't ride a school bus she would wait and talk to Josh before they got on the bus. She was far less friendly towards Pam.

To Pam's dismay she even asked Josh if he would be at the fall festival and that she hoped to see him there. Maybe they could go on a ride or two together and she did this right in front of her. Pam's self confidense, which was already low, took another hit in the face of the very confident, brazen girl. Josh had been polite to her and even friendly but he didn't seem to give her any overt attention.

While doing their homework Josh was still very affectionate towards her and they still touched as much as possible so Pam could see no change in Josh's attitude towards her. At her next therapy session she tentatively broached the subject. Her therapist had asked how much she trusted Josh and she had said completely. Her therapist suggested that when she was ready, maybe she should tell Josh about the rapes she had endured but there was no way Pam could do that. She was sure that Josh wouldn't look at her the same.

The second week of school came to an end and Pam's teachers had expressed their satisfaction with Pam's progress which was a boost to her confidense. She had started to make friends with a couple of girls too. The only blemish was that now Pam had become very aware that this Abby girl wanted Josh and that she was willing to compete for him.

Friday afternoon Melinda had to take Alicia to a dentist appointment. Pam had already been to one and except for one filling, he had said her teeth were in pretty good shape. Alicia though was going to see if she needed braces. She had made it clear that she did not approve of that idea.

Pam and Josh were left alone in the house, for which she was glad. She was scared to death about loosing Josh to Abby and she had stewed on it for days. She was sure that Josh cared about her but she also knew that guys had urges and needs. She feared that if Abby offered him the sex that Pam wasn't giving him, he might go for it.

Pam realized what she had to do in order to keep Josh. While Josh was getting ready for homework, he wanted to make sure they got it done early so that they could go to the festival that was this weekend, Pam went to her room. She removed her clothes and slipped into a robe. Slowly she entered Josh's room.

Josh looked up puzzled when he saw Pam enter wearing her robe. She took his hand without saying a word. She pulled him towards his bed not looking him in the eyes. Pam opened her robe and let it fall to the floor. She stood before Josh completely nude.

Josh's mouth hung open and his eyes were wide as he looked at Pam's nude form. She had full, ample breasts with pink nipples about the same color as bubble gum. He looked at her trim waist and the flare of her hips. He thrilled at the sight of her blonde pubic hair nestled just below her flat tummy. Her legs looked supple and smooth. Josh felt his erection spring up immediately.

Pam lay on his bed and closed her eyes tight. She motioned for Josh to join her. He sat down on the bed next to her and leaning over he kissed her slowly and passionately.

"Go ahead, do what you need to." Pam whispered, steeling herself for what would come next.

"What do you mean?" Josh asked as he stretched out next to her. He could see the tension in her body as she lie stiff with her fists clenched.

"I know men have urges, you can do what you have to do," She said barely audible.

Josh leaned over the edge of the bed and grabbed Pam's robe. He laid it across her, covering her body.

Pam opened her eyes and looked at Josh timidly, "You don't want me?"

"Hell yes. More than anything in the world, but not until you want me too," Josh said in a husky voice choked with raging hormones.

"I do want you, it's OK," Pam practically pleaded.

Josh smiled at her and gently stroked her cheek with a finger, "Dad has told me that sex is no good unless both people are ready and willing. You may be willing baby, but you aren't ready. I'm really flattered that you're willing to do that with me but you're not ready so we'll wait until you are. Dad is pretty smart after all."

"I don't want to loose you to someone else who offers you sex," Pam said with tears welling up in her eyes.

"You're not going to loose me, I love you. You're my girl, I'm you're guy," Josh told her softly.

Pam sobbed sofly and held onto Josh tightly, "I love you,

"Love you too, now lets get our homework done so dad and mom will let us go to the festival this weekend,"

"There's something I want to tell you. I want you to know why I'm scared to have sex with you, even though I want to."

Pam took a deep breath and told Josh about the rapes. She told him how violent her papa had been and how painful the sex had been. She was crying hard by the time she finished. Then she realized that Josh was crying too.

"I'm sorry," Josh held her tight against him.


"I'm sorry I didn't meet you sooner so that I could protect you."

"You saved me," she said, kissing him.

They lay there holding each other, Josh softly caressing the bare flesh of her round hip, both seemed to have forgotten she was laying there naked.

Finally Josh got out of the bed and pulled Pam up. He held her hand and walked her to her room. Josh picked up her bra that was lying on her bed and put it on her. He then got a pair of her panties, and kneeling down he slipped them on.

Pam felt the desire build in her stronger than it ever had with him. It was making her whole body tremble. Josh kissed her tummy as his hands held her hips. Pam shuddered and sucked in a deep breath.

Josh got a shirt and helped her put it on, then a pair of jeans. When she was dressed again he pulled her into his arms. The process had been very powerful to both of them. Josh held her with one hand on the small of her back, the other hand rested on her well shaped ass. Pam draped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply and let it linger.

"Now all I want is for you to take my clothes back off," Pam whispered breathlessly to him."

"No time now anyway, come on, we have work to do. I want to be able to show off my girl this weekend."

Pam met his dark eyes with her icy blue ones and again she thought how pretty his eyes were. She followed Josh to his room and sat on his lap at his desk and they prepared to do their homeword.

Pam was still trembling slightly and she could feel the muscles in her pelvis contracting. She could also tell that Josh still had an erection. She suddenly wondered what it looked like and what it felt like. These thoughts only made her desire flare stronger. She squirmed and had a hard time sitting still.

They had a hard time concentrating on their homework but they made it through. They heard Alicia and Melinda return home. Josh was a little disappointed, he was relishing his alone time with Pam.

That evening at dinner he informed his parents that he and Pam had completed all of their homework. After dinner, everyone gathered in the den to watch TV. Josh and Pam sat next to each other on the floor never seeming to loose contact with each other.

Josh decided he wanted a glass of juice which sounded good to Pam also.

"I'll get it baby," Pam told him without thinking.

Pam froze, her eyes comically wide and she loked up to Dean and Melinda to see their reaction. She saw that it looked like they were trying to supress a laugh, she also heard Alicia giggle. Pam was like a deer frozen in headlights.

"Better get baby his juice," Melinda said with a smile and a wink. Alicia giggled some more.

Pam hurried to the kitchen, blushing wildly. Josh was blushing too. When she returned she silently apologized to Josh. He just smiled and shrugged. That night Pam had a hard time going to sleep.

It had been an emotional day for her and added to that she was excited about the festival. Josh had also seen her naked now and she was confident that he had liked what he saw which made her feel good.

The next day Alicia, Pam, and Josh all three were chomping at the bit to get to the festival. Dean and Melinda watched them with amusement. Dean gave the kids an allowance to spend at the festival. They then piled into Melinda's car and headed into town.

Clearwater's town park had been transformed. There were carnival rides, games, souvenir vendors and vendors selling all kinds of food. The air was filled with the aromas of corn dogs, funnel cakes, fried doughnuts, cotton candy and various other foods. Everything looked so appealing that Pam didn't know where to start. She felt dizzy by all of the sights and sounds.

"Meet back here by 10 o'clock and keep an eye on Alicia," Dean called to Josh before they were lost in the crowd. Josh waved an arm in acknowledgement.

Dean and Melinda figured they would look around for a while, then head back home for a few hours of alone time before picking the kids back up. Josh led Pam and Alicia to get some tickets for the rides. Alicia was delighted to see a couple of girls she knew from school, Josh warned her not to stray far. As they were in line to by tickets who should show up but Abby.

Melinda and Dean were standing not far away looking at some crafts that were for sale when Melinda saw a pretty brunette walk up to Pam and Josh. She noticed that the girl was standing very close to Josh and smiling at him. She also noticed the unhappy look on Pam's face.

"Uh oh, trouble," she whispered to Dean.

Dean looked over to where Melinda was looking and he summed up the scene quickly. Pam had a girl trying to compete with her for Josh's attention. They could see Josh was talking to the pretty girl and also that she ignored Pam.

Melinda worried for a moment. Then Josh took a sidestep closer to Pam and slipped his arm around her waist. Pam returned the gesture. Then arm in arm they headed for the ticket booth with Alicia in tow. There was an angry look on the dark haired girl's face.

"Crisis averted," Dean chuckled. Melinda smiled, pleased with how Josh handled that. "They kind of remeind me of us when we were young," Dean continued.

"Really," Melinda smiled at her husband.

"Yep," He replied taking his wife's hand. They walked around the stalls hand in hand like a couple of teenagers.

Melinda practically dragged her husband to their car when he suggested they go skinny dipping while the kids were occupied. After all their years together dean was still very attracted to his wife and wanted to ravage her badly. Melinda wanted the same thing.

The kids spent the next hour and half riding the rides. Pam was practically giddy. All three decided they were hungry so they went to get something to eat. Josh and Pam got a corndog and funnel cake. Alicia went for a gyro and curly fries.

Pam relished every moment. Every now and then someone they knew from school would walk by and say hi. Josh was proud of Pam every time he saw one of the guys checking her out.

After they ate there was a magician on a stage performing so they watched his show which was pretty good. When he finished a band was getting ready to take the stage. Alicia wanted to go through a fun house with a couple of her friends. Since it was in eye sight Josh nodded and she was off. Josh pulled Pam onto his lap as country music began filling the air. She was all too happy to oblige.

Coming out of the fun house Alicia trotted over with her two friends. She wanted to hit the rides again and Pam said she'd like to also so they went back to buy more ride tickets. They headed for the rides with Alicia's friends following.

She introduced them and Pam was very pleased when Alicia introduced Pam as her sister. She had thought she was going to tear up. Apparently Alicia's friends were out of money but Josh wasn't worried they had enough to share.

Abby made another attempt to peel Josh away from Pam, begging him to go on a ride with her that Pam had been too afraid to get on. Pam had told Josh she didn't mind if he wanted to ride it with Abby but Josh on some level knew that Pam did mind. Josh gave Abby an excuse and headed off with Pam and the younger girls in tow.

"You could have gone with her if you wanted," Pam said quietly.

"I didn't want to, Abby is a bitchy snob. Besides, this is our first carnival and I want to spend all our time together," Josh explained.

"I didn't like her," Alicia said in a dead serious voice. Alicia sensed the tension between this Abby and Pam.

Pam smiled and squeazed his hand. Josh liked how everything was new to Pam. Her excitement and the way she was in awe of everything made it feel new to him too.

As the sun began to set, all the carnival lights came on. Pam marveled at how pretty they were. She slowly turned in a circle to take it all in. They hit their favorite rides, then Josh said it was time for games.

Pam and Alicia didn't do so well at the games but Josh won enough stuffed animals and trinkets for all the girls. One of Alicia's friends had told her how cute he was, to which Alicia made gagging noises. That brought on a fit of giggles from the three younger girls.

10 o'clock came and Josh told them it was time go leave. Alicia said bye to her friends and reluctantly they left to meet their parents. The day had been like a wonderful dream to Pam. She was sorry to see it end but she was also a little tired.

Pam was sleepy but before going to bed she went to Josh's room. "Thank you for a perfect day," She told him with a hug.

"It was perfect for me too,"

Pam went to her room and was soon asleep. Often she was still plagued by nightmares of her papa and the things he did to her but tonight she had nothing but good dreams.

October brought a crispness to the air. The weather was definitely changing now. The fall foliage was starting to blaze with hues of yellow, orange and red. Pam was making progress with her therapy. She also found herself fantacizing about seeing Josh naked. She had recently even thought about what it would be like to touch him.

Pam was confident now that he wouldn't hurt her like her papa had and she was becoming less fearful about intimacy with him. She still became anxious if another boy flirted with her, she wasn't ready to trust other guys.

Dean's birthday came and He and Melinda planned on going out to an intimate dinner and a show. This year it fell on a Saturday and Alicia was already off to spend the night with a girlfriend. They debated whether it was wise to leave Josh and Pam alone in the house as Melinda had been noticing that Pam was becoming more at ease with diplaying affection towards Josh.

"If something happens then it's going to happen. There isn't much we can do to stop it even if she weren't living with us," Dean told his wife.

"That's true," Melinda agreed, "Thankfully Pam is on birth control. I'm not ready to be a grandma."

"You also have to admit, in a lot of ways Pam isn't a typical 16 year old. She's far less innocent and more pragmatic when it comes to sex. There are times when she seems younger than Alicia, and at other times she's more like a jaded 30 year old."


"It would be a mistake to treat her like a typical teenager. She's more like someone who has been in a coma for a couple of decades. The world around her has changed and is new. There is the temptation to treat them like a child but there is an older soul in them. She's living the teenage life she had been denied but the older woman is in there too."

Melinda understood what Dean was trying to say. Pam was a special case and the rules that normally applied to someone her age didn't apply to her. She had been forced to prematurely grow up. There was no turning back time to transform her into a typical 16 year old, no matter how much she delighted in the new and wondrous things she was experiencing now, like carnival rides.

In essence, her innocence had been stolen and there was no recovering it. Trying would only reinforce the feelings that she was a bad girl who had done bad things in her life. It was like chastising a child for masturbating and telling them it was bad.

Melinda decided whatever happened between Pam and Josh sexually, they had to play it off as normal and be supportive. Melinda felt it may be Pam's only chance to take back control of her sexuality and have a healthy relationship.

Josh and Pam were swimming when Dean and Melinda were leaving. Josh was looking forward to having the house alone with Pam, she was looking forward to it also.

After his parents had left Josh suggested they go and heat up a frozen pizza and then kick back to watch a movie. Pam thought that sounded like a good idea. As she got out of the pool Josh watched her, wishing he could see her naked again.

Josh jumped out of the pool, grabbed his towel and chased Pam upstairs trying to tickle her. She ran laughing. He trapped her at the doorway to the bathroom and tickled her ribs. Pam tried to tickle back, both were laughing hard. Josh suddenly picked her up and sat her down in the tub. He quickly turned on the water. Pam let out a shriek as the cold water hit her.

Josh let her out of the tub and Pam playfully swatted his arm. She stepped into him and wrapped her arms around him. She kissed his chest then lay her head against him. Pam looked up at him and Josh lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her. They held each other tightly and began kissing passionately.

"We could rinse off together" Pam told Josh.

"Yeah?" He asked nervously.

"Mm Hmm."

Josh reached behind Pam's back and untied the strings of her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Taking a step back Josh slid off his swimming shorts. Pam did the same. Josh got the shower going and adjusted the temperature. They stood and looked at each other for a moment. Josh was again amazed at how sexy Pam was. He loved looking at her body.

Pam looked at Josh nude for the first time. Her eyes went to his erection. The only man she had seen fully naked was her papa, which she didn't like to think about. She saw that Josh was a little bigger in the manhood department. She felt the desire in her building stronger. She wanted to touch him badly now.

They stepped into the shower and Pam was surprised when Josh started washing her body. It felt wonderful. She closed her eyes and let the feeling run through her body. Then she felt his hands caress her breasts, she shivered with pleasure as he gently played with her nipples.

Josh stepped close and kissed her. Pam could feel his erection pressed against her. Josh moved his hands to her firm ass and massaged it. Pams was taking in deep breaths and she trembled all over. Tentively she slid her hand down and touched his hard penis. She looked down at it as she ran her fingers along the length of him. Pam wrapped her fingers around his hard shaft and Josh let out a moan.

Josh couldn't believe that Pam was holding his cock. It was like a dream. Her hand slowly rubbed and stroked him. He kissed her passionately, his hand sliding between her legs. His fingers explored her warm pussy. Pam let out a moan as Josh fingered her. Suddenly Josh felt a pressure build in him and he ejaculated over Pam's hand and stomach.

"Sorry," Josh stammered with embarrassment.

"That's OK," Pam said with a smile.

They cleaned off, then got out of the shower and dried themselves. Pam wasn't ready for them to get dressed yet so they went to Josh's room and climbed onto his bed. Pam's fingers touched and explored Josh's balls and cock. Josh was playing with her wet pussy again. She gasped when he sucked on one of her breasts, taking her hard nipple into his mouth.

Josh pulled her on top of him. Pam lay on Josh, her legs straddling him. She kissed him all over his face. Josh ran his hand over her ass, massaging and caressing it. Pam could feel Josh's hard cock pressing against her pussy and she wanted him in her. She reached behind her and guided his cock into her. She gasped as he entered.

Josh moved under her, sliding his cock in and out of her. Pam began moaning softly. Josh wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ears. Pam tangled her fingers in his hair as he pumped his hard cock in and out of her. She wiggled around on top of him and pressed her mouth to his, kissing him hard.

Josh knew he was about to cum again and he moved himself in her faster. He looked into her blue eyes and the expression he saw was beautiful to see.

"I love you," Pam gasped breathlessly.

"I love you too," Josh panted.

Josh grabbed Pam's ass and held her against him tight as he slid his cock in her deep. He felt himself cum hard into her warm, wet pussy. He gasped loud as he came hard.

Pam lay on Josh, resting her head on his chest, Josh's arms wrapped around her. She softly kissed his chest. Josh felt a wetness on his chest and he realized it was her tears he felt.

"Are you alright," He asked concerned.


"Why are you crying?"

"I didn't know that sex could be that wonderful or special. I love you so much."

"I love you too," Josh kissed the top of her head.

Josh and Pam dressed and went down stairs to get something to eat. They put a pizza in the oven and some cheese stuffed bread sticks. They then went into the den to find a movie to watch. Josh kept his arms around Pam and seemed to need to be in constant contact. Pam liked it and felt the same way right now.

When Dean and Melinda go home they found Josh and Pam curled up on the sofa together fast asleep. Dean shut the TV off as Melinda woke the two kids.

"Off to bed you two," Melinda told them. Josh and Pam headed off to their rooms walking hand in hand, still half asleep.

Monday when school let out Josh was in a rush. His mom was taking him for his driving test to get his license. He was impatient for the bus to leave. Pam had agreed to stay home with Alicia. She was happy to have some girl time with Pam. She wanted to do make overs. Josh practically dragged his mom out the door after a quick good luck kiss from Pam.

Pam had an enjoyable time with Alicia. They did each others hair and nails. Alicia chatted on about kids at school. She talked about one boy who was a year older who was mean. Pam told Alicia she had best not see him being mean to her.

When they heard Josh come in, the girls ran to see how he did. Josh held up his license and grinned for ear to ear.

"I'm a driver," Josh announced proudly.

"Heaven help everyone," Melinda teased her son.

"Congratulations honey," Pam said and she lightly kissed him.

"Yuck," Alicia snickered.

Pam suddenly looked up at Melinda, "Sorry, I wasn't thinking."

"Nothing to be sorry about dear," Melinda said.

Melinda was surprised that Pam hadn't shown her usual embarrassment when she inadvertently showed public displays of affection. Something had changed and Melinda was suddenly sure they were having sex now.

That night after Pam was certain everyone was asleep she snuck into Josh's room. She crawled into bed next to Josh and kissed him. He pulled her into his arms and they snuggled close. Josh caressed her hip and discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. Josh let out a small groan as he touched bare flesh.

Pam's hands slid to his shorts and she started taking them off. Josh helped getting them down. She took ahold of his stiff cock and gently stroked it. Josh let his hand slip between her legs and found her warm, wet center. They enjoyed exploring and feeling each others bodies as they kissed.

Pam lay back and spread her legs, pulling on Josh to her. He climbed between her legs and guided his cock into her. He slowly began moving him self, pumping his hips. Under him Pam matched his rhythm with her own hips.

They tried to be keep the noise down as they slowly made love. Josh savored the feeling of Pam's pussy wrapped around his cock, she was so warm and soft. Pam could feel every inch of him moving in her, stoking her.

Josh sucked and nibbled on her nipples which brought more pleasure to Pam. She softly moaned underneath of him, Her whole body shivered. They made slow, gentle love until the pressure built up in Josh until he could contain it no longer. With a gasp his seed exploded deep into Pam.

Josh collapsed ontop of Pam, breathing hard. They held each other and softly kissed. Josh felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Here he was with, as far as he was concerned, the hottest girl around. With one last kiss and an "I love you" Pam snuck back to her own room.

That weekend Josh got a huge surprise. His parents bought a car for him. A used black Dodge Avenger. His dad made sure that Josh knew that it was conditional on his grades staying good and that he would be expected to help with driving duties if Alicia or Pam needed a ride, or they had an errand for Josh to run. Josh didn't care, he would have agreed to almost anything. The car became his second greatest love behind Pam. The first thing he did was take Pam and Alicia for a drive.

Pam got shotgun honors and she felt like a really big deal riding around with Josh in his new car. He drove them around town then on a whim she asked Josh to go by her old cabin and Josh obliged.

They pulled up in front of her old home. Pam got out of the car and walked up to the cabin. She looked at it and it seemed like a fifetime ago for her now. She picked up a big rock and threw it at the cabin, then she flipped it off as an after thought.

Pam got back in the car and broke down crying. Alicia wrapped her arms around Pams shoulders and Josh held her hands. She cried for a good 15 minutes, then wiping away her tears she told Josh she was ready to go. As they left, a few of Pam's old neighbors came out to look. She smiled and gave them an exaggerated wave as they drove by.

Getting back home, Pam found Dean and Melinda in the kitchen. She walked up and hugged Melinda, then surprising everyone she hugged Dean too.

"I love you both," Pam said softly.

"We love you too honey," Melinda told her.

Pam hurried out of the kitchen. They wondered what that was all about and Josh told them about her trip to her old cabin. Dean and Melinda understood she was cleansing her soul.

On Monday Josh was the center of attention. He pulled in to the school parking lot in his new car with Pam, the hottest blonde girl in school next to him. He knew he was the envy of other guys. He unwittingly had made Abby even more determined to steal him away. Josh and Pam got out followed by Alicia. Pam took Josh's hand and they walked into the building. Josh gave her a kiss before heading to class.

After school let out, Josh was waiting for Pam and Alicia by his car. Alicia showed up moments later and Pam right after with another girl. Pam introduced her friend Marcy to Josh and Alicia. She told Josh that a few kids were going to the diner for milkshakes and wondered if they could go.

Josh called his mom on his cell phone and she was ok with it, she just wanted them home for dinner. Pam asked if Marcy could go with them and if Josh would mind giving her a ride home after. Josh said he didn't mind so they piled in his car.

There were a couple guys and a couple other girls there when they arrived. Everyone piled into a big round booth in the corner. Josh got a chocolate malt for him and Pam and a vanilla one for Alicia. As an after thought he ordered a large basket of chili-cheese fries that everyone shared.

As the group sat around, chatting, and joking with each other Josh heard a familiar voice as Abby walked by their table.

"Hi Josh," She said sweetly and flashing him a smile.

"Queen bitch," One of the girls at the table said.

"I take it you don't like her," Josh said.

"She's a mean bitch who thinks she's better than everyone else because her dad is some bigshot lawyer," the girl replied.

"Better watch out Josh, she has her eyes on you. She'll have your balls for breakfast," One of the guys said with a laugh.

"Why would Josh want her? He has Pam and she is way prettier," Alicia spoke up.

"You are way prettier and way nicer," Marcy agreed, "Besides, if Pam gets tired of Josh she already told me I inherit him." Even Pam laughed a little at that.

"Well, come over here and she'll get the message," Josh said to Pam. Pam slid on to Josh's lap.

"Oh God, here they go again," Alicia groaned with a roll of her eyes, which brought another round of laughter.

"We'd better head out, mom wants us home before dinner," Josh said.

Josh and Pam led the way out holding hands. Marcy and Alicia followed close behind.

"I don't know what he sees in her," Abby said after they left.

"Have you seen her," one of the boys with her said.

"She's like some poor, mentally stunted person who has to take remedial classes. She's beneath him," Abby continued.

"I wouldn't mind her beneath me," He replied. Abby shot him a dirty look.

Another change Melinda noticed was that in the beginning you couldn't separate Pam from Josh. Now she had started helping Melinda in the kitchen more. Pam took great pleasure in learning to cook. She also went swimming for at least an hour every day, even if Josh didn't.

Melinda liked having the girl in the kitchen with her. After you got through Pam's shell she actually had a keen sense of humor that was a delight. Pam had also taken to calling Melinda mama which was an improvement from Mrs. Peters.

Melinda mentioned to Pam's therapist that Pam was coming out of her shell and lowering her walls. The therapist said that it was a good sign. She was becoming more secure with herself, her place in the home, and in her relationship with Josh.

Melinda told him she suspected they had become sexually active. The therapist had thought so too from comments Pam had made. He explained that while he wasn't advocating teen sex, it was also a good sign indicating that Pam would be able to have a healthy, normal relationship. Melinda also told him about Pam spending more time with her in the kitchen.

"That's because she wants to learn to be like you," He explained.


"Pam sees you as the ideal woman and she sees you and Dean as having an ideal marriage. She's convinced that she and Josh will be married one day."

"It wouldn't surprise me," Melinda admitted.

"She wants to be like you so she can be the kind of wife that in her eyes, you are to Dean," He further explained.

"Well, nothing or no one is perfect," Melinda said, feeling flattered.

"I can't counsil on how to handle the issue of sex, that's for you and Dean to decided what's best as Josh's parent and Pam's guardian."

That weekend Pam cautiously asked Melinda if she could have a friend over, "Josh said he would pick her up and drive her home."

"I think that would be fine, will she be staying for dinner," Melinda asked, happy that Pam had made a female friend.

"Would it be OK?" Pam asked.

"Sure, if her parents are OK with it."

Pam called Marcy and the plans were set. Josh drove Pam to Marcy's house to pick her up. While they were gone, Dean set up a TV in Pam's room that he had taken from his own. Pam beamed with delight when she saw it.

"Thanks daddy," Pam told him with excitement as she hugged him.

"You're welcome sweetie," He said, kissing the top of her head.

Going downstairs he told Melinda that Pam had called him daddy. His voice was filled with emotion.

"You're doing good old man," She said giving him a squeeze.

The first thing the girls did was go swimming, Josh and Alicia joined them.The four had a blast. When they got out of the pool, the girls decided they wanted a drink. Josh went and got them one while they lounged on chairs.

"Thank you my love," Pam told Josh.

"You're very welcome," Josh replied as he leaned down to kiss Pam.

"Nice ass, pool boy," Marcy called out to him as he walked away.

Josh paused for a moment then walked on with a shake of his head. Pam looked at Marcy with a look of surprise.

"Sorry, couldn't be helped," Marcy replied with a shrug.

The girls both giggled in unison. They decided to go to Pam's room and give each other manicures and pedicures. Alicia wanted to tag along but Melinda told her daughter that she needed to give the older girls some privacy. Alicia pouted at her mom.

"How about we go in town for milkshakes," Josh said to Alicia, "If it's OK."

Melinda smiled at her son, " Don't spoil your dinner."

Alicia ran to put on her shoes, happy once again. Josh went to tell Pam he was taking Alicia for a milkshake.

"OK sweetie," Pam replied.

"You want anything while I'm out?" He asked.

Pam shook her head no, "See you when you get back." Josh gave her a kiss.

"Where's my kiss?" Marcy asked. "Well, you can't blame a girl."

At the diner Abby was happy to see Josh there without Pam. It was too bad his sister was with him. She sat down next to Josh without being asked. Josh was more than a little annoyed.

"I was here having a malt with friends when I saw you come in. How lucky," She said pleasantly.

"Yeah, how lucky," Josh replied without much enthusiasm.

Abby was undaunted. "My father is throwing a dinner party for some of the areas upper crust this weekend. You're invited as my guest if you like."

"Look Abby, I have a girlfriend and I don't think she'd like that very well."

"Well, when you get tired of playing with the child, let me know and we'll hook up. Then you can see what it's like to be with a woman who is better suited for you," Abby said as she squeezed his thigh, then let her hand slide up. Josh jumped in his seat.

"I don't like her," Alicia said again as Abby left them.

"You're one lucky chick. Beautiful home, great family, awesome boyfriend who treats you like a queen, and you get to live with him," Marcy told Pam as they did each others nails.

Pam told Marcy a little about what had brought her to this house, though she didn't mention the rapes by her papa. "The Peters rescued me."

"Wow, must have been awful," Marcy told Pam, feeling greater respect for her friend.

"It's over now," Pam replied with a sad smile.

"So are you guys doing it?" Marcy asked out of the blue.

"Huh?" Pam asked confused.

"You and Josh, are you guys doing the dirty deed?"

"Oh, you mean sex," Pam said with a blush.

"Yeah I mean sex. Spill it woman, have you guys gotten naked together?"

"Yes," Pam admitted in a hushed voice.

"Well? How was it? I want details!" Marcy pressed.

"Amazing, better than I had fantasized," Pam said in a rush.

"I knew it," Marcy said with a sigh. "Josh seems so sweet I figured he was a good lover. Do his parents know?"

"No. I'm afraid they would make me leave."

"I doubt it. You guys making a baby?" She asked.

"I'm on birth control. Melinda insisted."

"She probably knows more than you think," Marcy said.

"you think?" Pam asked worriedly.

"Probably. At least she suspected that you two would be and apparently she isn't too put off about it. You make a good couple."

"Thanks. We have a strong bond. Josh tried to protect me from my papa. He wanted to kill him," Pam told her friend.

"Josh is sweet but he's no wimp. He probably would have."

"I know he would have and I love him for it but I couldn't let him get in trouble because of me. He's like my guardian knight. I know, it sounds corny."

"It sounds romantic, I'm officially jealous of you guys," Marcy told her, "I need to find one like him."

"You will," Pam stated.

"I hope so, I'm tired of being horny all the time," Marcy winked at Pam. Both girls giggled.

At dinner Melinda suggested Marcy spend the night, if it were alright. They called Marcy's parents who were fine with her spending the night. After dinner Josh and Alicia joined Pam and Marcy in Pam's room to watch a movie.

"Let me know if you need some privacy," Marcy told Josh with a wink as they settled down.

Josh looked at Pam who was blushing and wouldn't meet his eyes. Pam must have told Marcy they were having sex. He actually didn't care that Marcy knew.

"Unless you think three's company," she added.

Josh almost choked and Pam looked at Marcy with shock. Alicia looked at them quizzically unsure what they were talking about though she had suspicions.

"I know, I'm incorrigable. That's why you love me," Marcy told Pam with a kiss on her cheek. They all laughed then.

Monday at lunch Marcy joinged Pam and Josh at their table. "Hey gang."

"Hey Marcy," Josh replied as she sat down.

Abby walked over and put her hand on his shoulder, "Let me know when you want that hook up."

Pam looked furious, hurt, and worried all at the same time.

"Three's a party, four is, well, just vulgar," Marcy said to Abby with a sugary sweet voice.

"Hm," Abby snorted then she left.

"What was that about?" asked Gail, another friend of Pam and Marcy, as she sat next to Marcy.

"Just getting rid of the trash," Marcy replied. "You know, I could cook better lunches than this." She continued as she ate.

Josh took Pam's hand and squeezed it. He mouthed "I Love you" to her when she looked at him. Pam took heart.

Between classes Marcy reassured Pam that she didn't need to worry about Josh. Pam knew Marcy was right and slowly felt better. Josh however, knew how fragile Pam could be and why. He worried the rest of the day.

Pam, at the insistence of Marcy, had volunteered to help raise money for the school dance that was planned for right before Christmas break. Pam didn't have confidence yet to speak up to the others on the committee so Marcy did it for her.

"Pam has a great idea for a bake sale to raise money," Marcy told them. The other girls, excluding Abby, all thought it a good idea.

"I'll ask mom if we can meet at my house to bake," Pam told them quietly.

The committee voted on it and it was decided to go with Pam's plan. After that they began debating other ideas for revenue, including things like a craft sale or taking items for donation that they could use at an auction. They also discussed asking local businesses for donations.

After school Josh made an excuse to go into town after dropping off Pam and Alicia. He grabbed his allowance that he had been saving up for some time and went to a boutique in town.

Pam joined Melinda in the kitchen, she had really started to show an interest in baking lately. She even hard started to experiment with different flavors for cakes and cupcakes. Melinda told her she was going to make the family fat but she seemed to have found her niche.

Melinda had to admit Pam was good at it. Melinda liked working with Pam as they had grown closer. Alicia even joined in at times, though she had far less interest in baking. She did like the eating though.

She had started writing down her own recipes in a notebook and used the family as guinea pigs. Pam had been doing this for a few weeks now.

"That's why I swim everyday," Pam said with a smile.

"Remind me to join you from now on," Melinda said patting her tummy.

She asked Melinda about a few of the girls coming over and making things for the bake sale. Melinda thought it a splendid idea. She was happy to see Pam getting involved in school functions.

That eveing after dinner, Josh pulled Pam into his room. He sat on his bed and pulled her onto his lap. At first when Josh had taken off earlier she had worried that he was going to meet Abby for their "hook up" but then she ralized that she was being paranoid. Josh wrapped his arms around her, she leaned against him enjoying the closeness.

"Do you like Abby?" She asked him.


"Do you think she's pretty?"

"She could be but her personality makes her look ugly," Josh replied, "So when we get married will you use my name or keep your own?"

"Married? You want to marry me?"

"When we're old enough. I kind of figured that we would, didn't you?"

"I had hoped so, but."

"So, Pamela Peters or what?" He asked.

"Pamela Peters." She repeated, "It has a nice ring to it."

"Yeah it does," Josh reached around her and pulled a box out of his nightstand. He gave it to Pam.

Pam heald her breath and opened it. She had to surpress a squeel of delight when she saw a marquise cut diamond ring.

"It's not real big, but it's the best I can do right now."

"Oh my god, it's beautiful," Pam said on the verge of tears.

"Try it on," Josh encouraged her.

Pam placed it on her finger. She kissed Josh all over his face, her tears were flowing now. She wanted so badly to make love to him here and now.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," Pam rambled at him.

"I love you too but hold your enthusiasm. We have to tell mom and dad," Josh reminded her. Pam nodded at him, she was too excited to be scared.

Josh entered the den holding Pam's hand, she stood slightly behind him. Melinda could tell she had been crying.

"What's wrong?" Melinda sked.

"Well, I have something, um, we have something to tell you both," Josh started.

Melinda's first thought was pregnancy but Pam was on birth control unless she had forgotten to take them or something.

"You have our attention," Josh's dad said.

"I um, I gave Pam a ring." Josh finally spit out. He held out her hand and showed them her ring.

"Are you asking our permition to get married?" Dean asked them.

"No, no, we're not wanting to get married now or anything like that but later. When school is done," Josh quickly explained.

"So you're telling us you are engaged," Melinda said.

"Yeah, something like that. Everyone knows we're together. I just wanted to make it official," Josh continued.

"So you're saying you're going to wait until after college?" Dean asked.

"At least high school," Josh said.

"Pam still has two more years after this one," Dean reminded them, "that means another two and half years at least."

"We'll wait," Josh said.

"If you can wait until you both graduate, keep grades up, keep with activities, and no pregnancies, then I'd say you were both mature enough. You'll have our blessing and we'll throw a big wedding," Dean told them. Melinda agreed with her husband.

"No worries about pregnancy," Josh told them and Pam echoed that sentiment.

"Uh huh," was Deans reply.

Pam felt giddy as they left the den. She had to go show Alicia who was in her room Alicia squeeled in delight. She hugged Pam enthusiastically.

"Am I going to be ab aunt?" She suddenly asked.

"Not for some time," Josh said with a laugh as Pam stared at the younger girl flabbergasted.

"Oh well, this is still great," Alicia declared. "We really will be sisters."

"We already are." Pam told her softly. Alicia hugged her again.

The next day Pam told the other girls on the dance committee that her mom had agreed. All of the girls were going to get their parents to donate ingredients. Pam had already shown her ring to Marcy, then the other girls noticed and she was surrounded by girls all shooting off questions. Pam was embarrassed with the attention. Leave it to Abby to be the lone voice of negativity.

"With his families money, I would think he could get something a little more impressive." Pam ignored her as she was proud of her ring.

The girls decided that they would do the baking next Monday and have their sale on Tuesday during lunch period and after last period.

That day after class, Pam was heading out to Josh's car when she saw what looked like some kid picking on Alicia. It had to be the one she had told Pam about. Pam walked up to the two. She could see Alicia was on the verge of tears.

"What's going on?" Pam asked.

"None of you business," The bully retorted.

"He won't give me back my book bag," Alicia told her.

"I think you best give it to her now," Pam told him.

"Screw you," He said to Pam.

"Give it to her now and if you ever bother my sister again, I'm going to castrate you like a defective bull, then force feed you your own balls," She told him taking a step closer.

The bully was about to make a smartass reply when he saw the cold look in Pam's icy eyes and realized she was dead serious. He tossed the book bag at Alicia's feet and walked off grumbling.

Pam put her arm around Alicia's shoulder and said, "No guy treats my sister like that." Alicia stuck her tongue out at the kid as he walked off. Together Pam and Alicia headed for Josh's car. Marcy caught up to them and asked for a ride home.

"Hop in," Josh told her.


Alicia told Josh and Marcy about her and Pam's encounter earlier. "Damn," Josh said, "My girl's a tough chick."

"You know it turns me on when you act butch," Marcy told her.

"Who's Butch?" Pam asked. Which brought out a laugh from both Josh and Marcy.

Josh explained the term to Pam who blushed.

"The girls all liked my ring," Pam said proudly.

"Good, I'm glad baby," Josh replied.

"Again, where's mine?" Marcy asked. Josh just shook his head and Pam giggled.

That night Josh snuck into Pam's room. She was happy he did. After Dean's pregnancy comment she was nervous that they knew about her trips to Josh's room and was afraid to go tonight.

Josh climbed into bed with her and she eagerly made love to him. Her carnal appetites towards Josh had been growing. She wished she could wake up next to him so they could make love first thing in the morning. She was ready to try different positions and different things with him that she hadn't been ready to before.

The following Monday Marcy and Gail rode with Josh, Alicia, and Pam back to their house. The other girls arrived right after to start the baking. Most of them had never been in the house before and they were impressed. Melinda led the girls into the kitchen.

"Wow, great kitchen. We picked the right place," Gail said.

In the kitchen a different Pam emerged. She was like a general guiding her troops. She gave out assignments to the girls as they went to work. Melinda was impressed by how she came out of her shell and took charge. Pam was in her element.

"You have a lovely home Mrs. Peters," Melinda heard a voice say. It was the dark haired girl she had seen at the festival talking to Josh.

"Thank you." Melinda noticed eyes rolling and frowns from a couple of the girls.

"Hey, no boys," Marcy said when Josh poked his head in to see how things were going. "You can do without Pam for an evening and if not, I'll help her make it up to you later sexy," She finished with a wink.

"Oh, sorry Mrs. Peters," Marcy said with a sheepish grin, as she remembered Josh's mom was right behind her. The girls started giggling.

Melinda raised her eyebrows but had to fight from laughing in spite of herself, "No harm done Marcy."

Marcy shot Pam, who looked mortified, a silent apology. Melinda noticed the dark haired girl gave Marcy a dirty look.

When things started coming out of the oven, Pam had the girls sample them.

"These are your own recipes?" One of the other girls asked.


"You're good," she said to Pam.

"Yeah, You have to teach me," Marcy agreed.

"You should go out for cheerleading next year," A girl with honey colored hair told Pam. Now the dark haired girl shot her a dirty look.

The girls made cupcakes of different flavors, cookies, and popcorn balls. They cheared Dean when he ordered pizza for them. While they were letting things cool before decorationg them, Pam gave the girls a tour.

"Do you play tennis?" the honey haired girl asked.

"No," Pam admitted.

"I can teach you when it warms up again."

"OK," Pam was uncomfortable with her new popularity.

Abby could feel her spot being usurped by this blonde floozy so she retaliated by turning her attention to Josh. She started openly flirting with him and she was pleased to see that she had hit a nerve with Pam.

Annoyed, Josh said he was going to go play video games with Alicia. For good measure he kissed Pam's neck as he walked by. Pam patted his butt in an unusually brazen move.

Josh paused for a moment waiting. "Where's mine?" He heard Marcy say.

"There it is," Josh said and then went on.

"I'm becoming too predictable," Marcy told the other girls.

The girls went back into the kitchen to finish up.

Josh took Gail and Marcy home while Pam stayed befind to finish final details. Melinda helped her wrap things up.

"Things went well," Melinda told her.

"Yes, they did," Pam agreed.

"Honey, I know"


"That you and Josh have become sexually active," Melinda told her.

"Oh god mama, I'm sorry. I didn't expect it and I'm so sorry. I won't let it happen again," Pam stammered with embarrassment and fear.

"Honey, calm down. I'm not upset. I'm also not prepared to let you two share a room but if you are going to be active all I ask is be careful and be discreet. I don't want Alicia learning things before her time." Melinda gave Pam a reassuring hug.

"OK." "I love you," Pam told Melinda.

"Honey, I love you too. You're going to be the daughter-in-law that every mother hopes for."

The next day the bake sale went better than they hoped for. Even all the teachers came back for seconds. The home ed techer told Pam she could be teaching class herself.

"Sex ed too, from what I hear. I know why your dad was arrested." Abby sniped.

Pam turned on Abby with tears in her eyes. She stared at the girl for a moment, then ran off to the girls room where she cried hard.

"Way to go," Marcy said chasing after Pam.

"Why are you so mean?" Gail said to Abby.

Marcy found Pam in the girls' room sobbing hard. "Oh sweetie, don't let her get to you. So she knows about you and Josh and we know your dad was like an alcoholic who didn't take care of you and hit you. Big deal if everyone knows."

"It's not that," Pam said between sobs.

"What is it?"

"I was raped by my papa. He made me have sex, violent, rough sex, for years until Josh and his family saved me. Now everyone will know."

"Oh my god," Marcy said, putting her arms around Pam, "I had no idea."

"Abby will tell everyone I'm like a dirty slut and I'll be humiliated, worse yet, Josh will be humiliated."

"You're not a slut, you're the victim of a horrible crime. The fact that you're here getting on with your life means you're one hell of a strong chick."

"I don't know how Abby found out. Maybe her dad."

"Josh doesn't know?"

"He knows. See why I love him so much. He knows and he wanted me anyway. He taught me making love could be good and gentle." Pam said sobbing harder again.

"Sweetie, it's not your fault what happened. I'm sorry but your dad is a sick son of a bitch."

"I'm going to tell the nurse you don't feel well and you need to go home."

"OK," Pam nodded.

The school called Melinda and she picked Pam up. Pam told her what Abby had said. Melinda reassured her adopted daughter all the way home but inside she was fuming.

Marcy found Abby, walked up to her and slapped her across the face, "Fucking bitch!" she spat out at Abby.

The other girls looked coldly at Abby when Abby explained why she had said what she said. She didn't know the whole story but enough to piece things together. One by one, they turned and walked away from her.

Between classes Marcy found Josh and told him what had happened. He threw his books in his locker and left to be by Pams side. He found Pam and his mom in the den talking, Pam was still crying. She looked up at Josh with uncertainty. Josh spread his arms open and Pam ran into them. Josh hugged her tightly and stroked her hair.

About 3 hours later Melinda heard someone at the door. She opened the door to find Marcy. Melinda let her in and told Marcy that Pam was upstairs in Josh's room. The fall out had already begun. Melinda had been on the phone with the principle of the school who had been more than sympathetic towards Pam as she adored Pam who was a model student.

Marcy had been suspended 3 days for the slap, and punishment was going to be meeted out to Abby also for her harrassment. Melinda had also been on the phone to Dean and Dean had promptly been on the phone to Abby's father. He was embarrassed and angry that Abby had used information that she had over heard to hurt the poor girl. Abby ended up being suspended for 3 days also, plus she was banned from any activities for the rest of the school year including cheerleading and the dance.

Pam sat on Josh's bed flanked by himself and Marcy as they comforted her. Marcy told Pam how the bakesale was a complete success and they had completely sold out. Later Josh drove Marcy home while Alicia kept Pam company.

Melinda told Pam she thought it would be good if she went to school tomorrow as normal but she understood if Pam wanted to take the day off. With Josh by her side, she decided she would go.

"I'm sorry I brought this shame on you," she quietly told Josh. He had to strain to hear her.

"What shame?"

"Everyone will know what your girlfriend is," She told him.

"My fiance is the prettiest, sweetest, and hottest girl in school. Everyone already knows that." Pam smiled when Josh used the word fiance.

"Everyone will know that I'm..." Josh cut her off.

"Perfect. You're perfect and I'm proud that you're my girl," Josh said.

The next day Pam was scared to go to school. She wouldn't have if not for drawing off of Josh's strength. Pam had underestimated her own popularity. When she entered the building some of the girls were gathered, talking amongst themselves.

When they saw Pam, Gail walked up to her, "You're bake sale was a hit, now we're discussing our next strategy."

The honey haired girl, Jenny, also walked up to Pam and hooked her arm around Pam's arm, "Excuse us Josh, girl talk. Now about that cheerleading, we have an opening." They led Pam off to join the others.

Jenny actually talked Pam into the cheerleading and though she had no experience Jenny had told Pam it was no problem they would teach her and that all the members wanted her in. Jenny presented her with her uniform at lunch and Pam was thrilled inside.

"Hey, I'm dating a sexy cheerleader," Josh had whispered to her.

Cheerleading practice was a couple days a week and both Josh and Alicia were happy to watch the practices and wait for Pam. Melinda was excited for Pam as she had been a cheerleader also. Alicia couldn't wait to be one herself. Dean commented to Josh that they lived in a house full of girly girls.

Friday Josh cheufered a few of the girls on the dance committee around as they hit up businesses for donations. He had Gail, Marcy, Jenny and Pam with him. The girls were pleased with their results. They went on and on about how the dance was going to be a success. They had already lined up a D.J. and were now concentrating on decorations and refreshments.

Monday, the first week of November, was an inservice day for teachers so the kids only had a half day. Josh, Pam, and Alicia met their dad at the diner for lunch. As they sat in the booth the chief walked up and asked to talk to Dean and Pam in private.

"It's OK. You can talk in front of my family," Pam said.

The chief looked at her for a moment, "Fair enough. Bryson made a plea bargain. He pled guilty to the more serious charges to have some lesser ones dropped. There won't be a trial, no need for Pam to testify. He'll be very old if and when he ever gets paroled."

Pam felt relief flood through her. No need to testify.

"Do you know what it's like for a child predator in prison? It won't be a pleasant time for him," The chief continued.

"That's good news, thanks chief," Dean told him.

"Now on to the second thing. One of the county deputies is retiring and we're having a send off for him. My son Pete tells me Pam, that you are better than any of the bakeries in the area. I was wondering if you can make a cake for us. We'll pay you of course."

Pam's face brightened, "What were you wanting?"

"Well, I'll leave the details for you. Think you can have something by Friday?"

"I can do that," Pam assured him. "I can bring it to you Friday after school." Her mind was already running through what she wanted to do. She was going to have to have Josh take her somewhere where she could get a few supplies.

"If you can drop it off at the station that would be great."

"We can do that," Josh said.

That night Pam visited Josh's room. She touched and kissed Josh all over. She loved the feeling of him and the taste of his skin on her lips. Josh was in heaven under Pam's attentions.

Pam climbed on top of Josh and let his hard cock slide into her waiting pussy. She sat on him just relishing the feeling of his stiff member in her. Josh held her waist as she began moving her hips around him. She was so hot and wet on his cock.

Pam leaned forward and kissed Josh passionately. She slid herself up and down his hard rod. She thrilled as she felt him sliding in and out of her. Her muscles tightened as she moved up and down on him.

Pam rode Josh slow and luxuriously, while he caressed her full breasts. They murmured words of love to each other. Josh couldn't get enough of her body, his hunger for her was so great.

Laying against Josh, Pam kissed his throat, then his face. Josh brought his knees up for leverage and with one arm around her back, his other holding her ass, Josh thrust his hips, pumping himself in and out of her. Pam moaned softly as his cock stroked her.

Josh panted as he thrust himself in and out. Passion had built high in both of them. Pam burried her face against his neck. She lightly bit him which sent new shivers through him. Josh pumped his hips faster.

Pam lost herself in the sensations she was feeling. Time had lost all meaning. She felt him moving in her and she concentrated on the pleasure he was giving her. His cock felt so big and hard in her pussy.

She loved feeling his skin against hers, the smell of him, the sounds he was making as they fucked each other. Her whole body tingled. She even liked feeling his hands on her ass.

"Oh god, yes baby," Pam moaned.

Josh gritted his teeth and his muscles contracted as ecstasy built in him.

"Cum in me, cum hard," Pam encouraged him.

Josh groaned as he felt his semen erupt from him, deep into Pam. He held her tight as he thrust his cock into her deeply. She took all of him in and moaned as she felt his hot seed flowing into her.

They held onto each other as they breathed hard. Neither of them moved and every nerve in their bodies seemed to be on fire. A fine patina of sweat covered their bodies.

"I love feeling you cum in me. It makes me feel good," Pam said in a whisper.

Josh felt bad because something inside told him Pam didn't orgasm and in fact hadn't ever when they made love.

"Did you cum?"

"I know I felt good and that I loved every moment." Pam was a little uncertain, she didn't know what an orgasm felt like so she wasn't sure if she had or hadn't.

Still, Josh was bothered. He wanted Pam to feel what he felt when he had an orgasm. They lay there for awhile until Pam felt herself getting drowsy. Reluctantly she left for her own room.

The next day Dean told the kids that his parents were coming for Thanksgiving and would stay a couple days. It was decided that Alicia would sleep in Pam's room and Dean's parents would sleep in Alicia's room. Pam thought it was too bad that she couldn't sleep with Josh in his room but she wasn't about to suggest it.

Alicia was excited that grandpa and grandma were coming for a visit. Melinda told Pam that they were good people and she would like them. Pam hadn't thought about thanksgiving as her papa never really celebrated it, or any holiday for that matter.

Thursday Pam made the cake for the Chief. She had made both vanilla and chocolate and again it was all scratch. No box mixes. Josh watched as Pam worked, cutting the cakes this way and that way, then putting pieces together.

When she had finished, Josh could see that Pam had made a giant sheriff's badge. After she had frosted it using a butter cream, she decorated it using a gold icing. By the time she was finished, her cake looked as good as any he had seen in a bakery.

Melinda came into the kitchen to see how it was going and she was surprised by what she saw. The cake was beautifully done. They had to rearrange the refrigerator to get the cake to fit in. Melinda commented that they were going to have to get a second one.

When Pam and Josh delivered the cake, the Chief was delighted with what he saw. He told Pam if it tasted as good as it looked, then they were in for a treat.

That evening the whole family went to the basketball game at the school to watch Pam cheer. Josh admired how sexy she looked in her uniform. Marcy was sitting next to the Peters.

"She looks hot, even I'm getting turned on," Marcy said.

Alicia giggled and Josh snickered but his dad looked at Marcy with raised eyebrows. Marcy grinned at him and shrugged her shoulders. Melinda patted her husbands leg and shook her head no. Dean understood it was a joke.

Saturday the kids were swimming with Marcy who was there for a visit when Pam received a phone call. It was the chief to tell her how everyone had loved the cake and that he was going to spread the word that Clearwater had it's own elite baker. Pam relayed the chiefs message to her family with a sense of pride.

"We really might have to look into a second refrigerator, maybe in the laundery room," Melinda told her. Pam was positively beaming.

"You have to teach me," Marcy said again.

Now that Pam had several recipes for cakes and cupcakes she was turning her attention to breads. She had several ideas she was anxious to try.

"What I really want to know is how you can bake like that and still keep the figure you have. It's not fair," Marcy told her.


"We're going to go play on my computer," Josh told his mom as they headed upstairs.

"Or maybe a manage a trios," Marcy said with an exaggerated grin. Melinda shook her head, she had become accustomed to Marcy's off beat sense of humor.

"That girl really needs a boyfriend," Melinda commented to Dean.

"She probably scares the hell out of boys her age," Dean replied.

They didn't have to wait long for Pam's next order. On Sunday Mrs. Grigsby, the mayor's wife, stopped by. She explained that the following Sunday she was having a luncheon for her garden club ladies and she wanted to place an order with Pam.

After listening to what She wanted, Pam suggested mini cup cakes. Pam showed her the pan size so she could get an idea on the size the cupcakes would be. Pam explained she could make a variety of flavors and icings.

Mrs. Grigsby declared that they would be adorable and she agreed to them. Pam was excited and discussed her plans with Melinda. Melinda told her that she could make quite the career out of her baking if she wanted.

"You really think so?" Pam asked.

"Absolutely. Look at the baking shows on TV." Pam liked the idea and it gave her another pleasant thought to fantasize about.

She talked to Josh about it and he agreed with his mom. They got on his computer and looked at bakery sites. Pam got a few more ideas and was excited again. She had so many things she wanted to try.

After they finished looking at web sites, Josh checked to see if his old friends were on. His friends Bobby and Casey were on. They all turned on their web cams. Pam was hit by a wave of shyness and climbed off Josh's lap.

"Hey dude, how you liking the great Northwest?" Bobby asked.

"It's pretty cool," Josh replied.

"Not missing city life," He asked.

"Not really," Josh answered.

"Must be hot chicks," Casey guessed.

"Well, now that you mentioned it," Josh said. He took Pam's hand and pulled her back onto his lap. They could see a gorgeous blonde with ice blue eyes.

"Whoa, who's the babe?" Casey asked.

"This is my girlfriend. Actually my fiancé, Pam. Here, wait," Josh told them.

Josh had Pam stand up and he positioned his cam so they could get a better look at her. She was wearing a cute mini skirt and a spaghetti strap top that clung alluringly to her breasts and flat tummy. She blushed hard when Josh's friends whistled and made appreciative comments.

"OK. You're pulling my leg," Bobby said. "No way you rate a hottie like that."

"Eat you hearts out," Josh said, pulling her back onto his lap.

"You live in the same town?" Casey asked Pam.

"I live here, with Josh and his family," Pam answered.

"When you realize what a loser Josh is, you can call me," Casey told her.

"Screw that, I'm moving there," Bobby said.

"I got a new car too. A Dodge Avenger," Josh told them.

"You suck," Bobby said.

"You suck big time," Casey agreed.

They spent some time chatting and catching up. Pam wanted a soda and told Josh she would get one for him too.

"Damn. She looks just as good walking away." Casey told Josh.

"You should see her in her bikini. Yes, we have an indoor pool," Josh bragged.

Pam came back with the sodas, she kissed Josh when he thanked her. After a little while Pam said she was going to help mom get dinner ready. She said bye to Josh's friends and left. Josh basked in the glory of his friends' envy.

Pam was happy to see that Abby kept her distance from her these days at school. It made things more pleasant. Her week went by fast, with cheerleading, experimenting with her baking, the damnce committee, and the time she always made sure she spent with Josh. In fact, sometimes she would get an immediate urge to be near him, like a drug user who was jonesing.

She had snuck into his room on three occasions this week for sex. She knew they were pushing their luck but she had needed him. Friday though, they really pushed their luck. Melinda and Dean went grocery shoping and took Alicia with them. Melinda knew that Josh and Pam wanted some alone time but she pretended that she didn't really know. So they left them to their swimming.

Josh and Pam went up stairs to rinse of the chlorine, entering the bathroom together. Josh stripped off his swimming shorts and Pam removed her bikini top. Josh didn't think he would ever get tired of looking at her breasts.

He had seen naked women on movies and the internet but there was something about Pam's boobs that he found especially erotic. Maybe it was the way she had such light pink nipples.

Josh started the water and when he turned back around she was completely naked. He felt his erection pop up instantly as he looked at her. She was so damn sexy. The full breasts, her flat tummy, the light blonde pubic hair, the flair of her hips, and her supple legs. She was breath taking.

They got into the shower and Josh turned to her. Pam immediately took a hold of his hard cock. She loved touching and feeling it. They kissed as she held on to him. Reluctantly she let go of him as he started washing her.

Pam felt like a princess being attended to as she stood there letting Josh wash her. He started at her neck then moved down her chest. Her breathing became more rapid. Josh washed her with her loofa down her stomach to her hips. Slowly he woked down each thigh to her feet, which tickled a little.

Josh stood up and had Pam turn around. He then started the process over again. Starting at her neck he slowly worked his way down her back. Past her tapered waist to her hips, then to her ass.

Josh linger there, admiring her form. Her round, firm cheeks combined with her hips and trim waist combined to form an erotic heart shape. Pam shivered pleasantly as Josh massaged and caressed her ass. Impulsively Josh kissed one of her firm, fleshy, cheeks. Pam felt goosebumps appear over her flesh.

Moving down the back of her thighs, Josh noticed how her vagina seemed like it was peeking out at him from between them. He let his hand slip between her legs to her womanhood. He massaged her labia softly.Pam moaned softly. She bent forward at the waist and rested her arms on the shower wall, then her head on her arms. She spread her feet a little further apart giving Josh better access to her pussy.

Josh sliped a finger in her waiting hole. He wiggled it around in her, touching and exploring her resesses. He kissed and nibbled on the backs of her thighs, then the round globes of her ass. Then he ran his tongue up her thigh as he fingered her. Pam's moans became more insistant.

Spreading her lips apart with his fingers, Josh plunged his tongue in her. Pam gasped as his tongue probed inside her, licking at her. Josh liked the salty-sweet taste of her juices. He pressed his mouth against her tighter, while spreading her pussy open with his fingers. He ran his tongue all around. He flicked it against her silky lips.

Pam started moving her hips, squirming against Josh's face as he licked and sucked on her. Josh was loving the reaction he was getting from her. His face was slick with her juices.

She tossed her head back with her eyes shut tight. She pressed herself back against Josh's mouth. He felt her muscles contract against his and her body seemed to spasm.

"Oh god Josh, oh god," She moaned at him.

She was trembling as he stood up behind her. Moving in close, the head of his cock pressed against her slit. Pam reached between her legs and guided him in. Josh pushed his hips forward and his cock slid in easily. Once again his stiff penis was nestled in her pussy.

Josh loved the feeling of his cock in her, wrapped in soft flesh and warmth. He grabbed her hips and pushed himself in and out. Looking down, he watched his shaft sliding back and forth in her.

"Oh god baby," Josh groaned as he watched himself fucking her.

They lost themselves in the waves of pleasure, their bodies giving and taking. Their breathing coming fast and hard, shallow pants of ecstasy. Josh felt like he couldn't push his cock in deep enough, or get his body close enough. Josh pumped his cock in her faster.

"Oh baby!" Pam voice was husky and breathless.

His loins slapped against her ass with each thrust. Pam clenched her muscles against his cock as he stroked her. She felt the presure building in her again. She felt Josh thrust himself into her and he held himself in deep, lifting her onto her tip toes. He groaned and she felt his hot semen flowing in her. Pam gasped, feeling Josh cumming in her put her over the edge and her body was wracked with waves of ecstasy. She cried out in pleasure.

They got out and dried off, Pam's eyes were watery. She was still breathing hard. Josh knew she had an orgasm this time. He wrapped his arms around her and she almost collapsed into them. She didn't seem to be able to speak.

Pam stood up finding her legs. She led Josh to her bedroom. She crawled onto her bed and Josh crawled in next to her. Pam moved to him and kissed his chest. She kissed his body, moving downward. Josh sucked in a deep breath when Pam took him into her mouth.

She sucked on his head and ran her tongue around it. He was instantly hard again. Pam flicked her tongue against the underside of the head of his cock. Josh thought he would go mad from the feeling running through him.

Pam ran her tongue up and down his swollen shaft, then took him into her mouth again. She moved her head up and down while sucking on him. Never had Josh felt anything like having her lips wrapped around his hard cock. She took him all the way in and Josh moaned his pleasure.

He reached down and tangled his fingers in her hair and watched as her mouth slid up and down. Pam stopped and licked all around his head again and then up and down his shaft. Once again Pam sucked him in deep, taking his whole length into her mouth.

Josh pushed his hips up to meet her. Pam moved her head up and down in a steady rhythm. Her lips stroking his shaft, her tongue pressed against his throbbing flesh. This wasn't the first time Pam had performed this act but it was the first time she had wanted to and the first time she enjoyed herself doing it. She actually took pleasure in doing this for Josh, which was an unexpected but happy event. She sucked on him faster and harder

"Baby, I'm going to cum!" she heard him moan.

Pam lifted her head long enough to tell him she wanted him to, then she went back down on him. She wanted him to come in her mouth, she wanted to taste him. She felt Josh stiffen. His hands clenched her blanket. Then his cum erupted into her mouth and down the back of her throat. She continued sucking on him, swallowing every drop.

Pam had no intention of telling Josh that sometimes her papa forced her to do this to him. She hated it but feared what would happen if she refused. It was bad enough when she had gagged and threw up the first time. And she sure wasn't going to tell him about her darkest memory when her papa had forced her to do this to a guy he owed money to. She still had a few secrets that she hadn't the courage to tell Josh or anyone yet.

Pam crawled next to Josh and they entwined their bodies.

"Wow, incredible baby," Josh said breathlessly.

"I'm glad you liked it. I'll do that for you any time you want my love," Pam told him with a smile.

"You had an orgasm this time, didn't you?" Josh said.

"Two. The first time I've ever had one," She admitted with a kiss.

"Good," Josh told her satisfied.

"I love you more than anything," Pam told him.

"I love you too. Very much."

They didn't want to, but they got up and got dressed before their family got home. By the time Melinda walked in, she found Josh and Pam in the den playing a video game. She eyed them for a second.

"Josh, help your dad with groceries, please," Melinda told her son.

"Sure mom," Josh replied jumping up.

Pam got up and joined Melinda in the kitchen, "Want help with dinner?"

"Thank you honey but we picked up fried chicken on the way home. I'm too bushed to cook."

"I'll set the table then," Pam said.

"We're going informal tonight. Dinner in front of the TV," Melinda said with a smile.

That night Josh was floating on clouds as he lay in bed. This afternoon had been incredible. Even though it was his first experience with oral sex, Josh suspected that Pam was too good at it for her first time. He decided not to dwell on that though. She would tell him what she could, when she could and he wasn't about to push it. Besides, it was the future that mattered most and she was going to be his wife.

The next day Pam made the mini cupcakes for Mrs. Grigsby. Melinda was again impressed with her skill, especially since she was self-taught. She and Josh delivered them and Mrs. Grigsby was very pleased with how they turned out.

Sunday evening Melinda got a call from Mrs. Grigsby to tell her Pam's cupcakes were a smashing success and were the talk of the garden party. Melinda swelled with pride when she told this to Pam.

Monday all the kids were excited as it was a short week. Thursday was Thanksgiving and Dean's parents would arrive Wednesday. He was going to pick the up at the county airport.

After school, Marcy came for a visit and a swim with Pam. Alicia swam for awhile, which neither of the older girls minded as they both adored Alicia. Eventually she decided to go play on her computer and left Pam and Marcy alone.

"So, how's the romance going?" Marcy asked.

"Good, real good," Pam replied with a smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

"OK, spill it. Give me the juicy stuff," Marcy said, knowing something had happened.

"I can't," Pam said, blushing.

"Come on, I'm your best friend. I'd tell you if there was anything to tell."

"We did something new," Pam told her.

"What?" Marcy asked excited.

"Oral sex."

"You or him?" Marcy asked with keen interest.


"Well, what was it like?"

"Incredible. I've never felt anything like that," Pam said in a rush, she shivered with the memory.

"I knew it. Damn I want someone to do that to me! What was it like doing it to him? Was it yucky?"

"No, I liked doing it for him. I felt good and at the same time powerful knowing what it was doing to him."

"So, did you swallow or spit?" Marcy asked with a grin.

"Swallowed," Pam said with a giggle. It wasn't that long ago she never could have admitted something like that. In fact, the whole conversation would have mortified her.

"I'm afraid I'd puke," Marcy said.

"Something that is going to take some getting used to for sure," Pam told her, not wanting to let on it wasn't her first time doing it. "But I liked doing it so much I told Josh I'd do that for him anytime he wanted."

"Well, he's definitely gonna marry you now, if not before,? Marcy said and both girls giggled.

"He made me orgasm twice," Pam let her know.

"You lucky bitch. I have to make myself orgasm," Marcy told her and both girls laughed.

Josh gave Marcy a ride home while Pam helped Melinda with dinner. Alicia was feeling helpful, so she joined in. Josh didn't mind driving Marcy home, he had grown to like her. Though sometimes her flirting made him uncomfortable. He was never quite sure if it was all joking or some serious, but she was Pam's best friend and if Pam wasn't offended, then neither was he. Plus, she never did it when they were alone.

He wished Marcy could meet the right guy. She was cute and a load of fun. He decided he would try and find a guy for her. It would be fun double dating with her. He would bring it up to Pam later.

Pam and Josh had a clandestine meeting both Monday and Tuesday night as they knew that they wouldn't be able to while Josh's grandparents were here and they were staying until Sunday.

Dean had told his parents about Pam so they knew to expect her. He told her to call them grandpa and grandma, same as Josh and Alicia when he introduced them. Pam sat in the den with everyone else while they talked. Neither had seemed disaproving of her and Josh. Infact his grandma asked Pam to show her her ring.

Much to Josh's horror, His grandma then regaled Pam with stories of him growing up. Pam was relieved that they didn't ask her questions about her past. Pam then helped Melinda make a quick dinner. The evening went well and Pam liked Dean's parents.

Thanksgiving day, Pam spent all day in the kitchen. She had gotten up early to start things. Melinda told Pam she was way too ambitious for her. Pam knew that wasn't true and that Melinda worked hard.

Grandma Peters as Pam thought of her, asked if they needed help but Melinda assured her that she and Pam had it under control. So she went to spend time with Alicia who was pleased to have the attention.

Thanksgiving dinner went splendidly. The grandparents were amused to watch Pam wait on Josh. He didn't have to hardly move a muscle. Grandpa had teased Grandma that she should take lessons. When Dean's mom commented on it to Melinda, she had smiled.

"It's like that all the time and Josh is just as bad. Pam snaps, he jumps. It's terribly cute."

"She really is a lovely young lady," Dean's mom said.

"And a total angel, we're happy she joined the family," Melinda added.

Everyone raved to Melinda and Pam about the dinner after they had had their fill. The turkey was juicy, dressing delicious, and so on. Dean's dad also complimented Melinda on the homemade bread. He asked what was in it as he hadn't had any like that before.

"That was Pam. She made it from her own recipe," Melinda told him.

"Really? What kind was it?" He asked Pam.

"Parmesan-cheddar bread," Pam answered, a little embarrassed by the attention.

"Your own recipe, no mix?" He asked.

Pam nodded her head.

"That's a lost skill amoung most young people," He replied impressed.

"You should try the jalepeno bread she made for me," Josh bragged.

"You can also thank Pam for the desert we'll have later. She made the pies completely from scratch. She peeled the apples, cooked the pumpkin and made the crust herelf. Pam is getting quite the reputation around town for her baking," Dean told him.

"I helped peel the apples," Josh informed them.

"Yes baby, and I appreciated it," Pam told Josh, then got flustered when she realized she had used a term of endearment in front of the grandparents.

Dean chuckled and Melinda patted her reassuringly. "It's OK honey," Melinda told her.

After desert, Josh's grandpa informed him he had a keeper. He told everyone the the Peters men had been fortunate. Three generations who had found a good woman.

The weekend went well, Pam enjoyed the company of Josh's grandparents and they seemed to enjoy hers. They even hugged her as they were leaving. Pam was kind of sorry to see them go but she was also anxious to maybe have some fun time with Josh. She was actually feeling horny.

When she briefly had Josh alone, she kissed him, "I want you bad," She whispered with a deep sigh.

"Me too baby, me too," Josh agreed, he thought he was going to burst.

After Dean left to take his parents to the airport, the kids went swimming. Josh got an erection just looking at Pam in her bikini. To make matters worse, Pam touched him or brushed up against him at every chance. Her nipples also seemed to be constantly hard.

After swimming, Pam changed into one of her cute dresses. It was light blue with little white flowers, thin straps kept it on her shoulders and it hung to about mid-thigh. She joined Josh in his room to play on his computer. He inwardly groaned when she sat on his lap.

"I'm not wearing panties," Pam whispered to him.

Josh felt dizzy when he slid his hand under the hem of her dress and found the warm, soft center between her legs.

"Mmmm," Pam purred in his ear as his fingers touched her pussy.

Josh thought he was going to blow his wad in his jeans right then. He reluctantly removed his hand fearing that they would get caught. Pam let out a deep sigh. At dinner, the sexual tension was palpable. It was in the way theu looked at each other, the way they were constantly touching, and neither could seem to sit still. Dean felt a bit sorry for them as he could remember what it was like at their age.

"Wow, I was starting to think they were going to jump each other at the dinner table," Dean told his wife.

"Tell me about it," Melinda replied for the master bathroom.

"I kind of felt bad for them, I remember what it's like." Dean continued.

"You mean like when we were in college and had sex on your parents' living room floor as they slept in the bedroom,? Melinda asked.

"Yeah, just like that," Dean replied with a chuckle.

"How about now?" Melinda asked, coming out of the bathroom wearing a sexy little nightie.

"Yeah, just like now," Dean answered.

That night Josh went to Pam. She was laying in bed waiting and when he pulled back her covers to get in next to her, Josh saw she was already naked. He took in the view of her laying there nude, waiting for him. She reached for him and he moved to her.

Pam quickly began removing his clothes. She lay back, her legs apart and knees bent. Josh knealt between her legs, his cock rested on her. Pam reached down and her slender fingers wrapped around his swollen member. She loved to touch him, to feel him in her hand. She marveled at the softness of his skin, the wramth, and the way he seemed to throb as she touched him. She slowly stroked the length of him.

Pam guided his head to her wet slit. Josh entered her with one smooth stroke. Pam gasped as he entered her. Josh stretched out over her and she wrapped her legs around him. They gave in to their passion and made love, relieving themselves of their sexual tension that had been building.

Monday at lunch Marcy was sitting across from Josh and Pam. A boy named Mark, whom Josh had been making friends with, sat next to Marcy. Usually Josh ate school food, but today he had brought his lunch. He had made a sub sandwhich using the jalepeno bread that Pam had made him.

"You gotta try this," Josh said to Mark, giving him apiece of his sub.

"Good," Mark said.

"Jalepeno bread, Pam made it,"

"I really like it. Could you make me some?" He asked Pam.

"Sure," She replied, pleased he had liked it.

When school let out, Josh, Pam, Marcy, Mark, and Alicia went to the diner for milkshakes. After Josh took Marcy and Mark home.

"Mark doesn't have a date for the dance," Josh commented as they drove home.

"Neither does Marcy." Pam told him.

"So, how are we gonna get them together?"

"Saturday we'll have them over to go swimming," Pam suggested.

"Good idea."

They asked their parents about having them over Saturday, which Dean and Melinda said was fine. Josh and Pam smiled at each other. Pam also got her next order that day. One of Alicia's classmates was having a birtday party. Her mom had been to Mrs. Grigsby's garden club luncheon and wondered if Pam could make the cake. Pam discussed what she wanted for the cake, then told her that it would be ready Friday.

"We're going to have to get you business cards," Dean said.

"You know what else would be good, take pictures of your products and put them in an album like a portfolio. Then you can show them to people so you can get a better idea of what they're looking for," Melinda told her.

"You think so?" Pam asked.

"Bakeries do it, why not you?" Pam thought about it and liked the idea.

Thursday evening Pam made the cake for the birthday party. Josh sat in the kitchen and kept her company. He liked watching her work. She would get a little flustered when he made comments on how sexy she looked or how hot it was watching her being all domestic.

Friday Josh took Alicia to her friends birthday party and Pam to deliver the cake. Alicia's Friend was delighted with her cake. Alicia and a couple of the other girls were spending the night so after Josh had dropped Alicia and the cake off, he and Pam headed for home.

Josh and Pam settled down in her room to watch a movie. Josh was educating Pam on the world of vampires and zombies. They lounged on her bed but made sure to leave the door open so as not to make their parents nervous. Later Melinda brought them a bowl of popcorn that she and Dean couldn't finish and a couple of sodas. Both thanked her.

"Probably checking on us," Josh said with a snicker.


Dean and Melinda made a late night of it since neither had to be up early. When they headed for bed, they found both Josh and Pam sound asleep in front of the TV. Dean turned off the set.

"Forget it, let them sleep," He said to Melinda. She smiled at him and took his hand as they walked off to bed.

The next morning when Pam woke, something was different. As she came more fully awake she realized what it was. She was curled up in Josh's arms. She woke Josh up.

"We fell asleep together," Pam told him worriedly. "Mama and daddy are going to be mad."

Josh looked around the room uncomprehending, then he slowly came around.

"What are we going to do?" She asked.

"I'd say they already know." He replied.

"Oh god, you think so?"

"Well, they walked by to get to their room and the door was open. Plus someone turned off the TV," Josh told her.

Pam thought about it and decided he was right. She relaxed a little, not completely, but a little. Josh leaned over and kissed her.

"It was nice waking up in your arms. Too bad I couldn't have relaxed and enjoyed it more. That was the first time," Pam said.

"True," Josh agreed.

They climbed out of bed and headed downstairs. Pam went into the kitchen to start breakfast, Josh headed for the shower. Melinda and Dean entered the kitchen shortly after.

"Coffee is made, breakfast will be ready shortly," Pam told them.

"Honey, it's ok, we decided to just let you guys sleep. You looked so adorable," Melinda told her, lightly pinching her cheek, "This time I did get my camera."

"I wasn't trying to be disrespectful to you and daddy in your home," Pam told Melinda.

"Your home too, and you weren't."

"So what's for breakfast, it smells damn good in here," Dean commented.

"Bacon, French toast with powdered sugar, cinnamon, and berries, hash browns with onion and green pepper in them," Pam said, her face brightening.

Josh joined them in the kitchen and the four of them finished breakfast. Pam really felt like family. After breakfast Pam went to shower before getting Marcy and Mark.

"Maybe I'll see if Pam needs help washing her back," Josh ventured.

"And maybe instead you'll clean up breakfast dishes," His mom told him.

"And maybe I'll get the dishes," He agreed. Melinda shook her head in ammusement.

Josh, Pam, Marcy, and Mark had fun swimming and goofing around in the pool. Mark and Marcy seemed to be getting along fine. Still, Mark had a hard time not gawking at Pam in her bikini even though he knew, as everyone did, that She and Josh were a couple.

After they finished swimming, they got out to play video games. The four were having a good time. Mark had to admit Marcy was fun to hang out with, she was funny.

"You got a cool place here," Mark told Josh.

"So, you know what would be cool? If the four of us went to the dance together," Josh told them.

"Yeah, that would be fun," Pam agreed.

"Um, yeah, that could be a blast. If you want too Marcy." Mark said.

"Sure, why not?" Marcy replied.

"Here's what I'm thinking, I'll pick up Marcy, bring her back here so the girls can get ready together. Then I'll pick up you Mark and we'll come back here to pick up the girls."

"Fine by me," Mark said.

"Good, it's a plan." Josh told them.

Pam got up to go get them a soda. Diet Pepsi for herself, and Pepsis for the others. Marcy went with her.

"You and Josh had that planned, didn't you?" Marcy asked Pam.

"Yeah, you mad?"

"No, it'll be fun and my first date though I think Mark would rather be going with you." Marcy said.

"Nonsense," Pam replied.

Melinda had overheard and she felt bad for Marcy because she was right. Melinda had noticed the way Mark watched Pam when he thought no one was looking. She didn't blame him, Pam was a very attractive girl.

Marcy was cute though she was a little on the chubby side and she sure didn't have Pam's attributes in the boob department. Melinda knew how most teenage boys think. She suspected that Mark agreed just to be around Pam. She didn't think he would try anything but it was nice to fantasize.

Pam was oblivious to the effect she had on boys. Partly due to her own low opinion of herself that bordered on self loathing at times, and partly due to the fact that she had eyes only for Josh. With her petite frame, she was only 5'3" and with practically no waist, nice hips, and nature had endowed her with ample C-cup breasts. Pam was also firm everywhere. Melinda had seen Josh watching her backside when she walked.

Add that to her very fair complexion that was almost exotic, her blonde hair, and eyes the color of glacial ice, she was bound to attract attention. Melinda was glad she had met Josh, Pam was the type to do anything to please. With her low opinion of herself, she probably would have endured more abuse because she felt she deserved to be abused. Josh would never abuse her and eventually she would come to believe she deserved that.

Josh and Pam played on his computer after they had taken Marcy and Mark home. Pam told Josh about Marcy's comment about it being her first date.

"You know, it's our first real date too," Pam observed.

"You're right, we'll have to make it special," Josh said.

The week seemed to drag on to Pam. She was so excited about the dance. She had Dean teach her to dance as she never danced with a boy before. Alicia gave her pointers too as she said that daddy knew old people dancing. Melinda took her shopping for an apropriate dress.

Dean and Melinda had starting asking her what she wanted for Christmas which surprised her, she hadn't considered it. Her papa didn't celebrate Christmas. She told them she had all she needed.

Finally Saturday came, it wasn't fast enough to suit Pam. She went to the school for a couple hours to help decorate. Marcy rode back with them from the school. Josh stopped at Marcy's house so she could get her dress. She and Pam went to Pam's room to get ready. Marcy showed Pam her dress, which Pam was impressed with. The girls sat down to do their hair, with Alicia hovering.

Pam was self-conscious at first, they were just in their underwear as they did their hair before putting on their dresses. Pam was still new at hair so Melinda helped. Then they did makeup. Melinda and Alicia left when it was time for the girls to get dressed. Marcy watched Pam as she moved.

"I am so jealous of you." Marcy said as she looked at Pam in her pretty purple panties that were lacy and sheer, and her matching bra. She had told Marcy she had picked them out with Josh in mind.

"Me? Why?" Pam asked as they sat on the edge of her bed.

"Look at you. Next to you I look like a boy," Marcy said.

"What are you talking about, you're cute, definitely not like a boy," Pam told her.

"You have a figure to die for and boobs out to here that defy gravity. I'm too fat and have no boobs to speak of."

"Well, boobs aren't always a good thing, sometimes they get you unwanted attention. Plus with my complexion if I'm not careful in the sun I burn like a vampire. Besides, everything about me screams victim."

"Everything about you screams survivor. To be a survivor you have to be tough," Marcy corrected her. The girls hugged.

"Also, your boyfriend is the closest thing I have to a boyfriend. How sad is that? I live vicariously through your relationship. Hell, if I could I'd hide in your closet to watch you two having sex just to know what it's like to have someone care for you like that," Marcy continued.

"Sex doesn't mean someone cares for you," Pam reminded her.

"It does with you two. Also to be honest, I'm just perverted that way," Marcy said with a grin. Both girls giggled.

"Well, if we have too, then we'll share Josh for now," Pam said.

"We'd wear the poor guy out," Marcy retorted. They laughed some more.

"We better get dressed before we're late." Pam told her, "And be ready, mama likes to take pictures."

Sure enough, when the girls came down stairs Melinda was ready with her camera. Josh was amazed when he saw Pam. She was stunning. She was wearing a pastel dress so that it didn't make her look too pale.

Josh walked up to her when she was at the bottom of their stairs. He took her hands in his and told her she looked beautiful. Josh leaned down and kissed her, it was the first time they had kissed infront of their parents. The moment Josh kissed her, there was a flash from a camera. Josh shot his mom an annoyed look.

Melinda took pictures of each couple and then all four together. Then it was time to go. Pam was excited for Josh to see the decorations as she had been on the committee.

Josh held Pam's arm as they walked into the gymn as she was unused to her high heels and was a little unsteady.

"Wow, it looks great," Josh said as they walked in.

"Yeah it does," Mark agreed.

Pam was proud of the work they had done. It was just before 7 o'clock and the D.J. went ahead and started. Pam wanted to take it all in for a few minutes so Josh got the four of them a table, then he and Mark went to get punch.

"You look gorgeous." Jenny said walking up to the table, "Both of you."

"Thank you," Both Pam and Marcy said.

Mark and Josh came back and sat down. The four chatted until Jenny, who was president of the student council as well as head cheerleader called Marcy, Pam, and the other girls from the dance committee onto the stage. Jenny told everyone to give all of them a round of applause for the work they did. Pam was in her glory as everyone gave them a standing ovation.

Finally Josh got the girls onto the dance floor. Pam hadn't known how much fun it would be. She was having a blast. Marcy being Marcy kept them in stitches. Even Mark was busting up as she critiqued other couples.

After they had taken a break, Josh suggested they switch partners for a dance. Pam agreed that was a fine idea, much to Mark's delight. He and Pam went to the dance floor for a slow dance.

Josh got up and offered his arm to Marcy, "Shall we my lady?"

"By all means my good sir," Marcy repplied taking Josh's arms.

Marcy was a few inches taller than Pam but she still felt dwarfed by Josh's six foot two frame. He was built like his dad, trim but not skinny. Marcy loved Pam to death and though she wished she had someone like Josh, she was also happy he and Pam had found each other. Still, Marcy liked having his arms around her for one dance. She was taken aback when Josh kissed her cheek after their dance was over.

Josh knew he was the envy of the other guys. He was aware of the eyes she was getting as several of the guys were checking out Pam. He felt pride in her. They'd be even more envious if they knew how great the sex was, but he wasn't about to fill them in on that.

Not every guy stared at her, he noticed that a few concentrated on their dates and he was pleased to see that at least some had propriety. So he was comfortable when Jenny asked him for a dance and her boyfriend asked Pam. Jenny's boyfriend was completely enamored of her and rightfully so. Josh indicated it would be fine, so Pam agreed.

Jenny and her boyfriend were seniors so it was considered a compliment that they asked Josh and Pam for a dance since they were in lower grades and in Clearwater school there was a definite sense of a hierarchy. Josh explained this to Pam later.

The night was nothing less than magical to Pam. Her feet were starting to hurt but there was no way she was going to ask to leave. It was getting towards the end of the evening and though a couple of other guys asked her for a dance, she reserved the remainder for Josh. The last dance of the evening was an upbeat one so Josh, Pam, Mark, and Marcy, all four danced together.

Pam took one last look before leaving and she hugged herself. Josh drove Marcy home. Mark walked her to her door and gave her a chaste kiss, telling her how much fun he had. It was no lie, Mark had enjoyed the night. He was right, Marcy was fun to hang out with. Pam leaned against Josh as they drove home, after dropping off Mark.

"Mark liked Marcy but I don't think a romance is going to bloom soon. He thinks of her like a friend," Josh told Pam.

"I know," Pam agreed with a sigh.

Getting home, Pam took her shoes off in the car before going in. She confessed her feet were killing her. Dean and Melinda were waiting for them as they came in.

"Well, how was it?" Melinda asked.

"Perfect," Pam answered in a dreamy voice. She excitedly told them all about it.

Pam was reluctant to take off her dress, looking at herself in the mirror but she finally did. She pulled out a pair of Josh's boxers and one of his T-shirts out of her dresser and put them on over her bra and panties. Pam was known to raid Josh's clothes from time to time.

Josh was a boxer-brief person, like his dad. He didn't like boxers or tighty - whities so Pam procured a couple pairs of his boxers that he didn't wear. She liked to wear them like shorts as she had seen girls do on TV and movies. She also confiscated T-shirts that were too small because they smelled like him.

The first time Melinda had seen Pam dressed like that she had smiled at how cute it was. Pam didn't realize it but she was really a girlie - girl like Melinda herself was. Alicia was the tomboy of the women of the house, which was adorable but she had more in common with Dean and was a daddy's girl.

Josh entered Pam's room with a soda for each of them and sat on Pam's bed. She snuggled up to him and they turned on the TV.

"Thank you," Pam whispered to him.

"For what?" He asked.

"The most perfect day I've ever had."

"It was for me too," He said kissing her.

Josh noticed Pam flexing her feet, "Here," He told Pam, pulling her feet onto his lap.

"Oh man, that is heavenly," Pam told Josh as he massaged her feet.

"Your father could take lessons," They heard their mom say from the doorway. "Wait there."

Melinda came back with her camera and snapped a picture. Josh smiled at her ruefully. He continued massaging her feet. When Pam thanked him for the foot massage, they propped themselves up against her headboard with pillows to watch TV.

About an hour later Melinda showed up at her door again. "Your dad and I are heading to bed, try and keep the sound down. Love you both, good night," she said to them, then she shut the bedroom door behind her.

Pam and Josh looked at each other uncertain. Were their parents really giving them the OK to sleep in the same room? Truth be told, Dean and Melinda had lost their virginity when they were the same age and they knew about the night time rendezous. They still didn't want to condone a sexual relationship but were also pragmatic. Both were 16 and actually old enough to legally marry with permission. They also had to admit, Pam was a special situation and normal rules didn't apply.

Josh decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Pam agreed though she was more uneasy about it. In the end though, waking up next to her Josh was just too appealing to pass up.

They snuggled up to watch more TV. In the end they fell asleep holding each other but were both too self-conscious to make love knowing that their parents were down the hall knowing what they were doing. Josh thought it ironic.

The next morning Pam woke before Josh but she lay still in his arms watching him sleep. Slowly Josh woke up and felt Pam watching him.

"Good morning baby girl," he said kissing her forhead.

"Good morning love." It was a perfect morning after a perfect night.

Josh was aware of his morning wood and watching Pam stretch luxuriously didn't help. He wanted to take her right then and had the feeling Pam wanted the same thing but both were still thinking of his parents. Feeling sexually frustrated both went downstairs to the kitchen.

Dean, Melinda, and Alicia were already in the kitchen when they walked in.

"Good morning mama, daddy," Pam said kissing both on the cheek. "Morning sissy," Pam said to Alicia, sitting on a stool next to her. Alicia liked it when Pam called her sissy.

Alicia wanted to hear about the dance and Pam told her all about it. Josh got some cereal for himself and Pam, then sat on a stool next to her.

"I'll be damned, nothing happened last night," Dean whispered to Melinda.


"I know the signs of sexual frustrations when I see them," He replied.

"Really?" Melinda asked with raised eyebrows.

"Not now, but remember when we were young and well, couldn't due to circumstances," He explained quickly.

"Nice save old man," Melinda said swatting his butt.

Later that day Pam and Josh went to the school to help with cleanup. They picked up Marcy on the way. Marcy thanked them saying she had a great time the night before.

Later when she was alone with Marcy as they were working on the cleanup, Pam told her about the previous night and what Melinda had said and done. Pam admitted nothing happen sexually because they were uncomfortable with his parents knowing and right down the hall. Pam told Marcy though how wonderful it had been waking up next to Josh.

Marcy sighed, "How romantic."

"Josh also massaged my feet. They were hurting by the end of the night, I'm not used to heels."

"OK, now you're just bragging," Marcy told her.

"Alright, ready to go baby girl?" Josh asked when they were finished.


Josh slipped his arm around Pam's waist as they headed out. Marcy walked next to him and he slipped his other arm around her waist.

Pam got a huge cookie and cup cake order for a Christmas party the county hospital was having for the children's wing. Even Pam wondered if she had bitten off more than she could chew. She asked Melinda if it would be OK to have Marcy spend the night Friday night and help her. Melinda agreed knowing if Pam could do this, her reputation as a premiere baker would grow dramatically.

Since it was for the hospital and especially the children's wing, she quoted them a good price, a fair amount lower than bakeries the hospital had talked to. It was a nurse who was married to a deputy that recommended Pam. Her husband told her of the retirement cake she had made.

Pam called Marcy who was delighted to help. Pam told Melinda that since she intended to share the money with Marcy, she would just break even. Melinda's position was that she was doing a good thing and that the amount of business she received from this would probably be more than she could handle.

"Josh, my love," Pam called to him.

"Where we going?" Josh asked, looking up from his video game. Pam smiled at Melinda who smiled back.

"Can I come?" Alicia chimed in, not even knowing where they were going.

"Of course," Pam answered.

Monday started the last full week of school before Christmas break. You could feel the buzz and excitement in the air. The weathermen were also calling for snow this week. Not enough to close school, but still the first real snow. They had a few flurries but not enough to even cover the grass until now.

Pam filled Marcy in on the game plan for Friday. She would bring clothes and overnight stuff to school with her Friday, then go home with Pam after school. Marcy was excited to help.

At lunch Jenny and her boyfriend joined the table with Josh and Pam, along with Mark, Marcy, and Gail. Josh was surprised. Jenny chatted with the other girls, while the guys talked amonst themselves. Josh figured that Jenny had grown to really like Pam while working together on the dance.

Josh didn't know it but he and Pam were becoming the "It" couple at school. Their popularity had been growing and were now the kids others wanted to be around. They had become the "cool kids".

It was a big deal that they were officially engaged and also lived together. They helped out with activities, Pam was a cheerleader and come spring Josh had made it known he would be playing baseball. Josh drove a cool car and was willing to give rides. They were both attractive and had influential parents but neither were snobby. They were just plain fun to be around.

So, without any fanfare, Josh and Pam's table had become the cool kids' table. They didn't try and be in a clique but the clique found them, except there was no criteria to join, anyone was welcome. Well, maybe not Abby and her very small entourage of fellow mean girls. Abby was still an outcast.

That evening Pam joined Melinda in making dinner as she did whenever time allowed. Melinda looked forward to it as it gave her girl time with Pam. Sometimes Alicia would join, more often than not Alicia spent time with her dad.

Melinda loved that Alicia and Dean had a close relatgionship but sometimes she was glad to have Pam for more girly things. She had grown to love Pam as much as she loved both Josh and Alicia. She knew Dean had too.

After dinner, Pam donned her often worn boxers and T-shirt. Josh thought she looked sexy when she wore those. They finished homework in Josh's room, then went to hers to watch TV. Alicia joined them for awhile until her mom told her it was bath time. She washed up, then went to her room to play on her computer until bed time.

Pam went to shower next. Josh stayed in her room watching TV while she showered. Pam put on fresh panties, her boxers, and T-shirt sans bra. When she finished, Josh jumped in. Pam and Josh snuggled up for more TV, when he was finished.

Melinda told Alicia it was bed time and she went to say good night to her dad. Poking her head into Pam's room, she told them not to be up late. They promised not to be. Melinda shut the door.

Pam curled up and rested her head on Josh's lap. Josh put his arm across her shoulder, his hand rested between her breasts. Pam softly caressed his thigh. Josh pulled her shirt up a bit and caressed her bare tummy. Pam sat up and removed her shirt, then lay back down, kissing Josh's thigh.

Josh moved his hand up to a breast and he gently caressed it, Pam sighed softly. Taking a nipple between his fingers, Josh lightly rubbed it. Pam reached up the leg of his shorts and rubbed his cock. She pushed up the leg a little further to expose him. She kissed his head, then licked it, Josh shivered.

She took the head of his penis in her mouth and sucked it. She flicked her tongue against the underneath side. Josh slid his hand inside the back of her panties, between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

Pam pulled Josh's shorts off, then resting her head back in his lap, she kissed and licked his ball. Josh gasped at the sensation. He grabbed her boxers and panties and pulled them off. Pam climbed on him as he lay back, she took his cock in her mouth as she straddled Josh. He pulled her juicy pussy to his mouth and licked at her.

Moving her head up and down, Pam sucked on him while squirming around on his face. She rubbed her pussy against him as he licked her. He pushed his tongue in her, licking all around, lapping up her juices. Pam moaned against his cock as she sucked on it.

Josh loved the taste of her and licked at her greedily. Pam was in heaven, having her pussy licked while she sucked Josh's cock. She didn't know which she liked better. They continued giving each other pleasure until Josh felt his orgasm coming on.

He urged Pam to get on him. She positioned herself over his hard rod then her pussy swallowed him up and she settled down on him. She leaned forward, resting her hands on the bed between his legs. Bouncing on him, she slid her wet pussy up and down his swollen cock.

He watched her hole take him in each time she sat back down on him, her ass slapping against his groin. Both were moaning low, trying to be mindful of being too loud.

Pam slid off of him and got on all fours. Josh positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock into her. He pumped himself in and out, stroking her pussy with every inch of himself. Pam loved the feeling of getting it from behind, Josh penetrated her deeply.

He continued pumping himself in and out of her for what seemed like an eternity, lost in pleasure. Josh felt his orgasm building again and he thrust himself in deep and held himself in her. His cum exploded into her waiting pussy which took it in. When Pam felt him cumming in her, she experienced her own orgasm.

Josh lay down and Pam curled up against him. They spent several minutes just kissing each other.

"I love you," Pam told him, slowly drifting back to earth.

"I love you too."

Pam got up and slipped her clothes back on. Josh followed suit. They turned off the TV and lights, then climbing under the blanket, the held each other.

Marcy said she'd like to hide in the closet and watch us so she could know what it's like," Pam told Josh with a giggle.

"I'm not surprised," Josh replied with a chuckle.

Pretty soon sleep pulled at both of them and they couldn't fight it any longer.

The next morning when Pam's alarm went off, she was reluctant to get out of bed. She would have been happy staying there all day with Josh, but school called. They got out of bed and dressed, then went for breakfast.

When Dean came home, he had a surprise for Pam. Business cards with the name Cakes and Things by Pam Peters. They had a list of products, cakes, pies, cookies, breads and more. Pam teared up when she saw the name Pam Peters.

"Thank you daddy," Pam hugged him and kissed his cheek.

The rest of the week actually seemed to go by quickly. Pam was in an especially good mood and more outgoing which she told Marcy was do to waking up next to Josh every morning that week.

Friday came and the girls got right to work almost immediately, there was a lot to do. Josh got his MP3 player, which he told Pam played digital music in several formats, and the speaker dock for it so they could have music while they worked.

Pam liked that, Josh had music she had never heard before. Her papa often listened to the radio but he listened to a country station that played oldies. Josh listened to all kinds of music, new and old, but he confessed he had developed a love for 80's music which his parents often listened to when he was a child.

So now songs from groups like Chicago, The Eagles, and singers like Billy Joel and Don Henley played. He also listened to newer stuff and was a big fan of Daughtery and Kid Rock. Pam was a little shocked by his lyrics, but she did enjoy the music.

Josh kept the girls company while they worked, singing along with the songs. Pam thought he had a nice voice. Marcy seemed to agree as she had made the comment about him singing at school with the choir or glee.

They laughed when Josh danced around sining with Billy Joel's "It's Just a Fantasy" and Kenny Loggins' "I'm All Right". He was hamming it up for them. He didn't hear when his parents pushed open the swining door to the kitchen. They stood there watching him, Dean covering Alicia's mouth to stiffle her laughter, Melinda took a few pics with her digital camera. Then at one point he spun around and saw them.

"OH, Jeez!" He said startled, "That's just wrong!" Pam and Marcy were laughing hard now.

"We just wanted to tell you we're ordering pizza, want anything in particular?" his dad said still snickering.

"Chicken bacon ranch," Josh said still blushing.

The girls went back to work. Josh starting singing along again with someone called E.L.O., but more subdued and with one eye on the kitchen door. Pam was pleased with the progress they were making. Marcy was having fun doing it.

They took a break when the pizza arrived to eat. A song came on and Josh pulled Pam off her stool to dance with her. It was a pretty song but as she listened to the words it was also probably the saddest song she had ever heard.

As Josh danced with her and sang about 2 out of 3 aint bad, singing it a little too well Pam thought, she suddenly had a vision of Josh breaking up with her and playing this song. She felt anxiety building in her which she knew was irrational but she couldn't help it. When the song ended she actually had watery eyes.

"Don't ever play that song to me again, please," She told Josh.

"I'm sorry baby girl, I have a better one for you," He said leading her back to her stool. Pam sat back down.

Josh searched until he found the song he was looking for. Suddenly Pam was being serenaded. Pam liked this much better as she heard Josh singing the he was made for loving her and that she was made for loving him. Marcy was giggling as Pam blushed. Once again though, Josh missed the swinging door opening and his parents standing there. When the song finished he heard their applause though.

Josh whirled around, "Quit doing that!"

"You can serenade me, Josh," Marcy told him grinning.

As the went back to eating, a song came on about some guy being in love with a girl named Sherry. There was something familiar about it and Josh told Pam it was by a singer named Steve Perry, then it hit her. Josh sounded a lot like him when he sang.

The girls went back to work and Josh kept them entertained. Marcy took in all that Pam was doing and tried to learn as much as she could. She had a feeling she would never have Pam's talent though.

Josh was dancing again to a song called "Wishing Well" that even had Pam swaying. She admired the way Josh could move when he wanted to.

"Whoaaa sexy," Marcy said to him.

"Not bad for a white boy, huh?" Josh grinned.

They had been working for a good six hours when they finished but it was still alittle earlier than Pam had expected considering nothing had been made up. Melinda and Dean were impressed with the final products. Pam had made an extra cupcake for each of them. Tired, they went to Pam's room to relax and watch a movie.

"I'd have had a real hard time without your help," Pam told Marcy

"It was fun, I'll help anytime."

Pam changed into a pair of boxers and one of Josh's olf T-shirts, Marcy had on a long sleep shirt and her panties when Josh joined them for a movie. They sat on Pam's bed as they watched TV.

Josh and Pam kept a little distence in deference to Marcy, though it seemed to Josh that Marcy wasn't overly big on the whole modesty thing as more than once she managed to flash him her panties. Pam either didn't notice or wasn't put off.

After the movie, Josh kissed Pam, saying he was heading for bed. Marcy informed him there was room for him between them. Pam chuckled and Josh shook his head.

"Good night ladies," He said, leaving the room and pulling Pam's door closed.

"Im sorry if I'm cramping you two," Marcy told Pam after Josh had left.

"You're not," Pam reassured her.

"Things still going hot and heavy with you two?" Marcy asked.

"Oh yes."

"What do you like best?"

"Best?" Pam asked.

"About making love to Josh," Marcy said.

"Oh," Pam blushed. "I like feeling him cum in me," she admitted.


"Yeah, I don't know why but it drives me nuts feeling that."


"I like tasting him too,"

"You mean oral sex?" Marcy guessed.

"Yes. I like doing that to him. I like it when he does it to me but I like doing it just as much."

"You like it when he cums in your mouth?"

"Yes, am I weird?"

"How would I know?" Marcy answered with a smile. "If you like it, go for it is my opinion."

"Have you guys tried anal sex?" Marcy asked.


"That's something I'm curious about, just to see what the big deal is," Marcy admitted. "If I had your figure I'd probably walk around naked all the time."


"I like it when someone looks at me. I like giving people little peeks. They call it exhibitionism," Marcy told her. "It gives me a kick."

"I'm the opposite, I don't like it when guys look at me, except Josh." Pam said.

"Well, you two are like the perfect couple," Marcy told her.

"Mom and dad are."

"You're more like them than you think," Marcy said.

The girls talked a little more before falling asleep. The next morning Marcy watched Pam dressing and again she wished she had a body more like Pam. She looked at Pam's tight ass as she slipped on a cute little pair of panties and matching bra. She had a sudden urge to grab the round globes of her cheeks and squeeze them. She resisted the urge.

They went down for breakfast then Josh helped them load his car. It had taken almost every cake box Pam had. Marcy rode up front next to Josh and Pam climbed in the back to keep an eye on the goodies they were taking to the hospital. Josh drove as easy as he could, especially since there had been a little more fresh snow last night.

The hospital staff were elated this Pam's products. She gave them business cards and they gave her a tour of the festively decorated children's wing. Pam silently wept at the plight of some of the young patients.

"Monday I'll have daddy cash the check they gave me, half is yours," Pam told Marcy.

"Not half, you paid for the ingredients and such," Marcy pointed out.

"We'll work it out Monday," Pam said.

They went back for some swimming before Josh took Marcy home. Marcy would look at Josh every now and then in his swimming shorts and try to imagine him naked, she imagined he looked good. She wondered to herself how big he was.

When Josh took Marcy home Pam went to help Melinda with dinner. Pam told Melinda about some of the kids in the hospital and how it affected her. Melinda was moved by the girl's sensitivity.

"We're going to decorate after dinner, Dean and Alicia are putting up the tree now." Melinda told Pam. Pam was excited about decorating for Christmas.

The Peters always put up their tree the weekend before Christmas and left it up until after the First. The felt it made it more special than if you decorated early. Melinda lamented about how early stores were putting out Christmas stuff these days.

Pam marveled at how pretty everything was. She loved helping with the decorating. The excitement of Christmas was palpable. Pam had told Dean and Melinda that she needed nothing for Christmas, still she was looking forward to it.

That night after making love to Josh, Pam lay next to him on her stomach. He was on his side next to her softly caressing her magnificent butt. This was the first time she hadn't dressed immediately after sex and he was enjoying it. Pam was enjoying the feeling of Josh massaging her butt, she hadn't known how pleasant it could be.

"I feel bad for Marcy. I wish she could find what we have." Pam told him.

"I know what you mean," Josh agreed.

"She asked if we had tried anal sex, is that something you want?" Pam asked him.

"We can try it sometime, that's up to you," Josh said while looking at her ass with desire.

"Anything for you," She told him.

"And anything for you too," Josh replied.

Pam reached over and lightly fingered his penis until he was hard again. She climbed on him and they made love a second time that night.

The next morning Pam made cinnamon rolls for the family at breakfast. Dean made the comment that they would have to put in an exersize room in the basement. The rest of the day Pam spent time with Josh and Alicia watching TV or playing games.

Monday brought a little more snow, everything was coated in a white blanket. Even at school, Pam noticed there was an air of excitement. Wendesday would be the last day of classes until Monday, January 4.

Tuesday night Josh helped Pam make up a bunch of sugar cookies that she wanted to take to school on Wendesday. Pam's sugar cookies didn't taste quite like ones he had before, they were better. He could taste a hint of cinnamon but there was more too, a spice taste similar to pumpkin pie.

The next day at lunch, Pam brought out her cookies. Jenny, her boyfriend Craig, Mark, Marcy and Gail got first dibs, then Pam gave a cookie to anyone else who came up and asked, including the Principle.

"You make the best," Jenny told her and Craig agreed.

"How are you not fat?" Craig asked Josh.

"We keep him busy," Marcy said with a grin.

Josh snickered and shook his head. Craig and Mark gave him some good natured ribbing. Even Pam was amused. After class several of the kids lingered wishing each other a merry Christmas. Jenny even gave Pam a hug which surprised her.

Josh gave Mark and Marcy a ride home, then he, Pam and Alicia went home excited to start their break from school. When they pulled up they saw their dad was already home and there was a truck in the drive.

The three rushed in to see what was going on. Melinda met them as they came in. "Your dad's downstairs,"

They went downstairs to see what was up. There were a couple of men putting together equipment.

"I told you I was going to make an excercize room down here," Dean told the children.

They looked and saw a ski machine, some free weights and bench, and the men were putting together a universal, there was also a wooden object about the size of a small shed, Dean explained it was a sauna. Off in the corner was a big refrigerator. Dean said that was for Pam's baking.

"An early Christmas present for the family," Dean told them.

After the workman left, Pam donned her boxers and T-shirt, then she went down to help Melinda with dinner. She and Melinda discussed Christmas dinner, Pam looked forward to it. Though she loved baking most, she enjoyed cooking in general.

Josh was downstairs testing out the new workout equipment. He was really excited about it. He and his dad went around testing everything. Josh understood his parents for the last couple of years were trying to make up for when he and Alicia were little and Christmas was lean due to them not having money.

Pam, Josh and Alicia lounged in Pam's room after dinner watching TV. Alicia was aware that Josh and Pam were sleeping together. Asside from occasionally teasing Josh, which she couldn't resist, Alicia took it in stride. Pam was, after all, her big sis and Alicia loved her unconditionally.

Thursday was Christmas Eve and it was nice. There was no reason to get up early so Pam and Josh lounged in bed after they woke. Pam enjoyed laying in Josh's arms. Finally they got up and headed down stairs. Alicia talked her into playing outside in the snow. They nade a snow man, made snow angels and had a snowball fight.

Pam was frozen when she cam back in, putting on her bikini she jumped into the warm water of the pool, with Josh joining her. They played in the pool for awhile, then went down to try the sauna.

Pam loved the steamy heat, it relaxed her. She sat on a towel she had lay on the bench and let the heat work through her. Josh was liking it too. He looked up and watched the sweat trickle down Pam's body. She felt his eyes on her and she smiled at him. She pulled a side the crotch of her bikini and flashed him her pussy. Josh blew a kiss aimed at her crotch and Pam felt a tingle between her legs.

They showered, then Melinda and Pam fixed dinner. She asked Melinda if it was OK for her and Josh to eat in her room because she wanted to watch "Miracle On 34th St." and "It's A Wonderful Life" Her papa didn't have a TV, just a battery operated radio which didn't have batteries half the time, so she had never seen them. Melinda told her that was fine.

Pam was enthralled by the movies. Josh had seen them more than once but seeing them with Pam was almost like seeing them for the first time. She was crying at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life." She was still wiping away tears when she took their plates downstairs and got a drink for her and Josh.

"You have to love Frank Capra," Dean told her after she explained the tears.

"Want anything while I'm in the kitchen?" she asked.

Dean said he was fine but Melinda asked for a cup of coffee. Alicia went with Pam to get herself a soda. Pam brought Melinda's coffee back and handed it to her.

"Thank you honey," Melinda said taking the cup.

"You're welcome mama."

It was only 10 o'clock so they were going to watch "A Christmas Carol" next. It was the older version. Dean assured her she would like it.

"You notice how she'll call me daddy, but never papa, not once." Dean said to Melinda after Pam had left.

"That's a good thing," Melinda replied.

"You're right," Dean agreed.

"Well, you are daddy to her, like me," Alicia told him.

"Yes baby," Dean kissed the top of his daughter's head.

Pam got back back upstairs just as the movie was starting. She snuggled up with Josh and prepared to watch the movie.

The next morning Pam got Josh and Alicia up early. They crept downstairs and discovered during the night presents had appeared under the tree. Alicia was ready to tear into them but Pam reminded her why they had gotten up early. The three went in the kitchen and made breakfast in bed for their parents.

Josh and Pam carried the trays upstairs and Alicia knocked on their door. Dean and Melinda expected the kids wanted to open presents and were surprised when they came in with breakfast. Blueberry pancakes and syrup, sausage, eggs, and toast with peach jam which was Melinda's favorite.

"It was Pammy's idea but we all helped," Alicia informed her parents.

"It's wonderful, thank you,"Melinda told her children feeling a bit choked up.

"Wow, it looks delicious," Dean added.

"Merry Christmas," Alicia said as they left to let them eat.

"Damn, did we do good or did we do good father," Melinda said after the kids left.

"We sure did mother," Dean agreed.

After they ate their breakfast, the both showered together and indulged in a quickie like when they were younger. They took their trays downstairs. Josh and Pam took them and together they cleaned up breakfast dishes.

They decided to open gifts after an early dinner. Alicia and Josh added a few more under the tree. When Melinda went into the kitchen Pam had already started preparing things.

"Honey, you are taking on too much of the work," Melinda told the young woman.

"I like it mama, plus you and daddy do so much for us, it's the least I can do," Pam told her.

"We sure were blessed the day you joined the family," Melinda said with watery eyes.

"I was blessed," Pam said quietly. "And every day since then."

The two women went to work preparing the Christmas meal. It wasn't long before delicious aromas where coming from the kitchen. Josh and Alicia had sat down to watch classic Christmas cartoons with their dad.

After awhile Josh started poking his head in the kitchen every so often to see how things were going. The smells were too good. Pam would promptly chase him out. Melinda had the most fun making Christmas dinner that she could remember.

By about 2 in the afternoon dinner was ready and none too soon as Melinda noted that the natives were getting restless. Pam had laughed at that. Josh, Alicia, and Dean set the table as Melinda and Pam brought food out. They all sat down to say grace.

The Peters weren't church going people but their were certain traditions they upheld. Saying grace at Christmas dinner was one.

Melinda had made a honey baked ham, mashed potatoes with garlic, feta cheese, and bacon bits in it. They also made a green bean casserole, pickle wraps, and deviled eggs. Pam had also made cheddar biscuits and for desert, two cheesecakes. One blueberry and one cherry with homemade whipped cream.

Dean and Josh stuffed themselves. Dean made the comment that he was glad for the exercize room. Pam took Josh's plate for him when he was done. She told him and Dean to go relax in the den while the women cleared the table. They were going to open presents before desert.

"You shouldn't let the men off the hook like that, they'll get spoiled," Melinda told Pam good naturedly.

"Sorry, it's what I'm used to," Pam said apologetically.

"That's OK honey, you'll learn," Melinda told her with a smile. Pam smiled back.

They cleared the table and put left overs away then joined the men in the den. Alicia was chomping at the bit so Dean gave her the honor of passing out gifts. Pam received a new stuffed dog from Alicia to go with the one she had already given her. Pam immediately put it in a place of honor in the middle of her bed.

Pam gave Josh a bass speaker for his car amoung other things, he also got the Star Wars box set, all 6 movies. Josh told Pam she was in for a treat. Melinda looked at her apologetically, Pam smiled at her.

Both Alicia and Pam got bath sets and Pam couldn't wait to try the bubble bath. She also got an Ipod from Josh. Then Pam opened a gift from Dean and Melinda. She looked at it for a moment thinking she knew what it was.

"It's an airbrush for decorating your cakes," Melinda told her.

Pam stared at it for a moment longer, then she started bouncing up and down where she sat. Jumping up she rushed to hug her parents.

"Thank you mama, thank you daddy," She said excitedly. She couldn't help crying with joy. "I'm sorry I'm crying."

"No need to be sorry honey," Melinda said.

Pam flopped down on Josh's lap facing him and she hugged him, then she hugged Dean and Melinda again. Slowly she regained her composure but it was too late, Melinda was crying with her, she was so touched by Pam.

Alicia's turn was next when she opened a fish aquarium kit. Alicia had been showing a great interest in animals of all kinds. She was almost as excited as Pam had been.

After gifts, the family sat down to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas", Alicia's favorite, and have desert. Pam liked the cartoon as much as Alicia. The family spent time enjoying each other, Josh promised Alicia to take her to get fish for her aquarium Sunday. Pam told Josh she'd like it if she and Marcy could go.

Josh hooked up a blue ray player he had got to Pam's TV, then he dragged her off for a Star Wars marathon. Alicia went off to set up her aquarium. Melinda sat in her Husbands lap to watch TV with him.

After watching two of the movies, which Pam actually liked, They went to the kitchen to make a ham sandwich and Josh wanted another piece of blueberry cheesecake. Then it was back for another movie. They watched 2 more of the 6 movies, then fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day Dean helped Josh install his bass, then he helped Alicia with her aquarium. Pam practiced with her airbrush. In the afternoon, Pam and Melinda went for a swim. Then she joined Josh and Dean as they worked out. Pam had enjoyed that. After a shower and a dinner of leftovers, Josh dragged Pam upstairs for the last two Star Wars movies.

Pam was exhausted by the end of the night and she and Josh fell asleep in each others arms fully clothed. Melinda struck again with her camera when she saw them curled up together on her bed.

On Sunday Josh kept his promise and took Alicia to get her fish. They stopped on the way to get Marcy for what Pam said was some girl shopping. Josh was taking them to a lager city about 20 minutes away. Dean and Melinda were thrilled to have some time alone for nude sauna time and a bath in their garden tub.

While Alicia looked over fish, Josh looked over electronics and Pam and Marcy were in the lingerie department. Marcy kept insisting that the things Pam was picking for her, she could never wear. Pam insisted she could, finally Marcy gave in. Pam also picked acouple of thong panties for herself and a sexy nightie.

The Peters and Marcy's parents gave Marcy permission to spend the night as there was no school Monday. When the shopping was finished, the four drove home. Josh's new bass sounded good in his car and he sang with songs all the way home.

Josh, Marcy, and Pam went swimming while Alicia showed off her fish to her parents. After the swim they went downstairs to work out, then some sauna. Josh and Pam wore Marcy out but she liked it. Pam and Marcy both helped Melinda make dinner after they showered.

Pam, Josh, and Marcy went to Pam's room to watch TV while Alicia chatted with old friends on her computer, telling each other about their Christmas. Pam really wanted to model for Josh what she bought but it would have to wait. It wasn't Marcy she was worried about, it was Alicia and their parents.

Josh felt himself getting drowsy so he told the girls he was heading for bed. Marcy told him she could sleep in his room but he said it was OK, she was there to see Pam. Marcy felt like she was coming between them but Pam told her it wasn't so.

"He'll just want me even more," She told Marcy. "When we go a couple days without sex things get intense when we do again. So we make up for it."

"Sounds nice," Marcy told her.

"It really is. Don't get me wrong, if I had my way we'd stay in bed all day having sex everyday. I told Josh I've become depraved."

"Now that really sounds nice!" Marcy exclaimed. "And you say depraved like it's a bad thing." Both girls giggled.

"I can't wait to model my new things for Josh," Pam told her.

"I wish I had someone to model for," Marcy replied.

"Maybe we'll both have to model for Josh," Pam said and they giggled again.

"Seriously, since I've learned that sex with Josh was good not like, you know. It's like I can't get enough of him but it's only him, I have no desire for anyone else. It scares me if another guy even flirts. I hate it if they do." Pam shuddered.

"Sweetie, with what you went through it's no wonder. You and Josh made a special bond you won't have with any other guy." Marcy said.

"I really don't want to. I want to be with Josh forever."

"Everyone can see, he wants the same. He worships you."

"I worship him too," Pam said with a smile.

The next morning the girl's got up just as Dean and Melinda were leaving for work. Alicia was leaving too. Dean had told her she could go to work with him for the day. It made her feel important. Josh was still sleeping. Pam decided it was time to get him up.

"Good morning love," Pam said kissing Josh on his face.

"Good morning baby girl," He replied in a sleepy voice. Josh pulled her on top of him and gently squeezed her.

Josh slowly realized they weren't alone and he remembered Marcy spent the night. Josh rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he looked at her.

"Good morning Joshy babe," Marcy said jumping into his bed with him and Pam.

"Careful," He said laughing as he protected his body.

"Oh, morning wood, huh? We wouldn't want to break anything."

"Funny," Josh replied. He yawned and stretched, "OK, I'm up." The three went downstairs for some cereal.

After they ate, Pam showed Marcy her airbrush for decorating which Marcy thought was really cool.

"I can do some really nice cakes now. In fact, I'm going to make some cupcakes later and practice."

"I'd like to help," Marcy replied.

Then they showed her the workout equipment and the sauna. Marcy was keen to try it.

"I wish I had brought my bathing suit," Marcy told them.

"Just wear your underwear," Pam suggested. "That's about the same as a bikini. You can wear your new ones after."

Marcy thought about it and Pam had a point there. "Fire it up," She said.

Pam went and got towels for them, then the three stripped to their underwear and got in. It didn't worry him having Marcy see him in his underwear as she has seen him in his swimming shorts and if it didn't bother Pam, it didn't bother him. The only problem was that seeing Pam in her sexy panties, he had to fight to keep from getting a hard on.

"Wow, this feels good," Marcy said.

"Pretty nice," Pam agreed.

Josh glanced at Marcy and he felt bad for her. She wasn't what you would call pretty like Pam was but she was cute in her own way. She wasn't fat but she had a figure that made her look chubby, she didn't have a tapered waist. She also had small tits, not much there.

However, Josh thought her personality made her attractive. She was funny and fun to be around. If she found the right guy she would make a cool girlfriend. They sat sweating and chatting.

"You should feel honored Josh," Marcy told him.


"You're the first man to see me in my underwear."

"A momentus occasion," Josh replied, smiling at her.

"It is. The first of many I hope."

When they were done in the sauna, they went to shower. Pam and Marcy went upstairs while Josh used the bathroom on the first floor.

When Melinda got home, the girls were in the kitchen working on the cake. She watched as Pam experimented. She had read techniques on line, using Josh's computer. After they were done with the cake Josh and Pam took Marcy home.

Josh stopped off at the video store on the way home and grabbed the Twilight movies for Pam to watch. He told her that he thought she would like them and she had sat through the Star Wars movies for him.

They got home just as Dean and Alicia were getting home. Josh told his dad they had dropped off Marcy and Picked up the Twilight movies for Pam to watch. Alicia asked to watch them also.

"Of course sissy," Pam told her. "Now I'm going to help mom get dinner going."

After all was done, Josh, Pam and Alicia went to watch movies. After they had watched a couple of the movies Pam and Alicia went to get cake and a drink. Josh had been right, she did like the movies.

After the movies, both He and Pam were ready for sleep. Josh was thinking they had sex more often before sharing a room. Maybe it had been a devious plot by his parents he thought.

The next morning they made up for it. They took their time making slow, passionate love. Both were breathless when done. They got up and dressed, heading down for breakfast, Alicia was just finishing up her cereal.

"About time you two got out of bed. Had to get in your kissy kissy," She snickered.

"I had to have my Josh fix," Pam told her fondly.

"You're selling yourself short," Alicia told her.

"Shut up squirt," Josh told his sister, smiling in spite of himself.

New years eve Pam and Josh were allowed to have one glas of champaign. Pam tried it and it tickled her nose. Pam was leery of drinking, she saw what it had done to her papa and she didn't want to be like that. They all counted down to midnight together.

Christmas break would be over soon and she was anxious to get Josh alone tonight. Pam changed into her new nightie. It was a sheer, light blue baby doll. It was the first time she wore it for him, Josh was blown away when he saw her.

Pam pulled him in to the room and shut the door. She stood him next to the bed and slowly turned to let him have a good look at her. She stepped up to him and undressed him.

Kneeling in front of Josh, she took his cock in her hands. Leaning forward she sucked on his head. Josh gasped as her lips wrapped around him. Pam pushed her head forward and took all of him in her mouth. God he loved being in her mouth. Pam rocked her body back and forth, sliding her mouth the leangth of his cock. Her tongue pressed against the underside of his swollen shaft as she sucked him.

Pam slipped him out of her mouth and holding his cock up, she ran the tip of her tongue the length oh him, then leaning her head down she licked his balls. Josh shivered with pleasure. Pam took him back into her mouth and sucked hard. Josh put his hands on the sides of her head, his fingers in her hair.

Josh moved his hips, sliding his cock in her mouth as she sucked him. Even the sounds she was making as she slurped was turning him on. He moved faster, fucking her soft mouth, Pam took all of him in each time.

"I'm going to cum baby," He said in a low moan. Pam sucked harder.

Josh pushed his cock into her mouth and held her head against him. His hot cum erupted down her throat. Pam swallowed all he had to offer, licking the last bit off the tip of his head.

Josh Picked Pam up and lay her on the bed. He pulled her panties off and crawled between her legs. He pressed his mouth to the warm, soft center between her thighs. Pam moaned softly as he sucked on her labia. He reached up and caressed her breasts.

Plunging his tongue between her lips he licked at the salty-sweet folds of her pussy. The air that moved against her as he breathed added to the sensation. Josh's tongued probed her all over, licking quickly and darting in and out. Pam held his face to her as she moved her hips up and down.

Josh slipped his hands under her ass and raised her hips to him, holding her pussy against him tight as he licked her. Pam bit her lower lip and let out small sounds of pleasure. She felt not only his tongue licking but also his lips that rubbed against her. She had her knees bent and pushed against the bed with her feet to press her hips up against Josh. He licked and sucked on her for all he was worth. He felt an animal hunger inside of him.

The feeling of ecstasy had grown so intense that Pam thought she might faint. She felt the pressure building in her and gave in to her orgasm with a gasp.

Josh moved up between her thighs and guided his cock into her awaiting pussy. He propped himself up with his forarms and kissed her neck as he pumped himself in and out of her. Pam had just felt her orgasm when she felt the new sensation of Josh's hard cock penetrating her.

"Oh my god," she moaned as he entered her. She was panting hard.

Pam drew her legs back so that her feet didn't touch the bed, giving Josh better access to her. He wasn't rough, but he thrust himself in her at a fast pace. She felt herself bounce each time Josh pushed himself deep into her.

Pam wrapped her arms around him and dug her nails into his back. Josh nibbled at her neck and ears which made Pam's face feel like it was going numb. She could hear his grunts and moans and feel his breath on her neck as he pumped himself in and out.

Time was lost as Josh continued fucking her. Both were riding the waves of pleasure. Pam softly bit down on the top of Josh's shoulder which drove him nuts. He stroked her wet pussy with every inch he had, pulling out to his head, then pushing in deep. Pam desperately wanted to feel him cum in her and she urged him on.

"Cum in me love, I want to feel it," she said to him in pants.

"Oh god baby girl," Josh moaned as he came deep inside her pussy.

Pam let out a moan and she came to a climax as she felt his hot seed flowing into her. Josh collapsed on top of her then rolled off to the side. Pam draped a leg over him and held him tight, their bodies intertwined. They lay there catching their breath.

"That was the biggest orgasm I've had, now I'm all warm inside," Pam told Josh when she was ready to talk.

"I'm glad, that makes me feel good to hear," Josh replied, kissing her forhead.

"You know what makes me feel good? When you cum in me," Pam told him.

"Me too," Josh replied with a smile. "I'll cum in you anytime you wish."

"Good. I wish I could have your baby," She told Josh wistfully.

"When the time is right, you will. It's just not right, right now."

"I know but I look forward to when the time is right."

Josh kissed her and gave her a squeeze. They drifted off to sleep in each others arms. The had become accustomed to spooning with Pam on her right side with Josh spooning up behind her. Josh had gotten to where he had a harder time falling asleep if she wasn't next to him.

The next morning when they got out of bed Pam got a look at Josh before he put his shirt on and was horrified. On his back where several angry looking red scratch marks on his back. She could see where her nails had dug in. When Pam told him, Josh tried to look at them in the mirror.

"Oh god baby, I'm so sorry," Pam said, still in disbelief. How had she gotten rough?

She had images of the violence her papa had perpetrated. She was scared to death that she was now turning into him. She sat down on the edge of her bed and started crying.

"I didn't mean to hurt you my love," She sobbed.

"Hey, hey, you didn't hurt me," Josh told her. I didn't even know they were there until you told me."

"I swore I would never be violent like that."

"You weren't violent baby girl."

"I promise it won't happen again Josh, please don't leave me," she pleaded with him."

"Whoa! I'm not leaving you and I hope it does happen again. It means I did something right. I think it's kinda cool," He explained with a grin.

"I need to talk to mama, would you get her please," Pam sobbed.

"Of course baby girl."

Josh went to get his mom and though it embarrassed him, he explained a little of what was going on. She didn't judge or lecture about teen sex but went to Pam.

Pam told Melinda that she needed an emergency therapy session because she was turning into her papa.

"Honey, if you want a session I'll make the call but hear me out first," Melinda told her.

"OK." She replied after a case of sniffles.

"Did you scratch him out of anger?"

"No," she replied with a shake of her head.

"Did it excite you to do that?"

"I didn't know I did until this morning."

"Did it upset Josh?"

"No, he seemed kind of pleased."

"I'm sure he was. If he were the kiss and tell type, he'd be bragging to his friends," Melinda told her.


"Because you did that in the heat of passion. Who brought you to that level of passion?"


"Exactly. He's pretty proud of himself right now. It's a badge of honor," Melinda explained.

"Really? Have you ever done that to daddy?"

"Oh honey, more than once. Men love it. Believe it or not, daddy can be a passionate man," Melinda told her.

"So it's not abnormal?"

"Heavens no, and trust me, you just made Josh's day. It's like an ultimate compliment."

Pam gave one more sniff and wiped her tears, "I'm sorry I was all drama on you. I was scared. I read that kids who come from what I did repeat the cycle."

"Honey, nails on the back and abuse are very different animals. Feel beeter?"

Pam nodded her head and hugged Melinda, "I love you mama."

"Sweetie, I love you too." Melinda left her room and got Josh.

"She better?" He asked his mom.

"Yes, just remember from where she comes," Melinda told him. Josh nodded his understanding.

"Hey baby girl," Josh sat down next to her.

"Mama sais what I did wasn't a bad thing and it's like a compliment. Is that true?"

"Hell yes. You know how you like it when I cum in you? Well, I like what you did in the same way," Josh told her.

"Really?" Pam looked at Josh thoughtfully.

"Yeah, it means the same thing to me. Also, you never have to worry about me leaving you. It's not going to happen."

"I hope not," Pam said.

"I'd have to be nuts," Josh gave her a long kiss.

"What was that about?" Dean asked Melinda. She explained the situation to him.

"Apparently Josh takes after his father in the satisfaction department."

"That's my boy," Dean replied.

"It's something that in some ways Pam is so mature that you forget her true age and in other ways she is so child-like and innocent," Melinda mused.

"She is definitely a woman-child, but it's part of her charm," Dean replied.

"True," Melinda agreed.

Josh and pam made their way downstairs to the kitchen. After a late breakfast they went to play video games. Josh was playing something called Fable, it was either 2 or 3, he had all three. She liked to watch him play, the game looked cool.

This was their last day off before returning to school. Pam was both excited to get back and at the same time disappointed that their break was over. She had been enjoying the time with Josh. She sat in his lap as he played. He liked explaining to her what he was doing as he played.

That evening Pam fought sleep, trying to draw out laying in Josh's arms for as long as she could. Eventually she couldn't hold out any longer and she drifted off to sleep.

On Monday kids were all buzzing about their Christmasses. At lunch Josh and Pam were talking with the ususals. Jenny asked them about their Christmas break. Marcy piped up and told everyone at the table they she had sat around in her underwear with them. Jenny raised her eyebrows and looked questionly at Pam.

"Dad had a sauna installed, we were sitting in the sauna," Josh explained.

"Cool, a sauna?" Craig asked intrigued.

"Dad had it and an exercize room put in so we wouldn't get fat eating Pam's food," Josh told them.

"Sweet," Craig said.

"I mainly swim," Pam added.

"You have a heated pool?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah, an indoor pool," Josh told her.

"That's the thing I don't like about winter, I miss swimming," She told them.

"Why don't you guys come over Saturday and go swimming, then," Josh suggested.

"I'm up for it," Craig said.

"Sounds fine to me," Jenny agreed.

"Cool, it's a plan," Josh said.

Marcy felt a twinge of jealousy. Pam and Josh were her friends and she wasn't sure she wanted to share.

In Clearwater high school, Jenny was close to royalty. She was head cheerleader, president of the student council and on just about every committee that came her way. She was super popular and though she was a nice person, anytime she took the time to talk to you, you almost felt privileged.

A social call from her was a big deal in most kids' minds. Someone like Abby would do anything to get Jenny to come over just to hang out. It was a social status thing. Jenny was like the Kate Middleton of Clearwater school. Josh and Pam were oblivious to this but Marcy was well aware.

Pam had also started getting more orders, word of mouth was spreading in the community. Infact she had 2 orders for this Friday. One was a cake, the other was a cupcake order. Josh told her they could deliver them before Craig and Jenny came over. Then for the following week she already had a cookie order and a cupcake order.

"I may start needing your help on a more regular basis," Pam told Marcy.

"I'd love that."

"Me too," Pam told her.

Friday evening Pam got her orders prepared. When she was pleased with them she joined Josh to complete her homework. While she was making her cake, Josh moved his computer into Pam's room since he was there most of the time.

Saturday Josh and Pam made their deliveries then headed for home before Jenny and Craig got there.

When they got there, Pam took Jenny to change in her room and Josh showed Craig to the bathroom. Josh thought how guys and girls were weird that way.

Jenny donned her swim suit and she looked around Pam's room, "Nice computer set up," she commented.

"That's Josh's. I really don't know much about it to be honest," Pam told her.

"In your room?"

"He spends most of his time in here," Pam said a little self-conscious.

Jenny noticed he had some dirty clothes in there and figured he spent more time in there than Pam admitted.

"Over Christmas break, Craig's parents went out of town for two nights. I stayed there, my parents thought I was with a girlfriend. Isn't waking up next to them the best?"

Pam looked at Jenny for a moment then decided she was sincere. "I love it," Pam said in a rush.

"Don't tell anyone. No one but Sharon; who was Jenny's best friend; knows Craig and I are sleeping together." Jenny told Pam

Pam knew Sharon, she often sat with them at lunch, "Josh and I are the same."

"Do his parents know?" Jenny asked.

"We didn't think so at first but they caught more than we knew, so it's out now," Pam told her.

"I wish I could be open with my parents,"

"Come on, I'll show you the rest of the house," Pam suggested.


Pam gave Jenny a tour and she was impressed. "Nice home you have Mrs. Peters"

"Thank you, we love it here," Melinda said

The four of them went swimming. Josh had suspected that when Jenny let her hair down she was cool, he was right. They had a lot of fun together. Melinda called to them that she had made lunch if they wanted. After a couple hours of swimming, Craig admitted he was hungry.

"You're always hungry," Jenny teased him.

"I'm a healthy man."

"Mama, I would have helped," Pam told her.

"You have company, have fun," Melinda told her.

After they ate, they went downstairs to sit in the sauna. Josh noticed that there was an elegant gracefulness in every movement Jenny made. She had a classic prettiness to her face. She was much taller than Pam, Jenny was six foot tall. She had smallish tits, between Pam size and Marcy size, and slender hips that gave her body a slinky look. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her, she looked like she could be a runway model. She also had long hair to the small of her back.

"You could have some hot, sweaty sex in here," Craig said in a hushed voice as if he was conspiring to committ a crime.

"Craig!" Jenny said mortified.

Pam looked at Jenny and winked her eye, "He's right."

"Actually, I was thinking the same thing," Jenny admitted.

"We're way ahead of you," Josh said and all four laughed.

The four got out and changed back into street clothes. Josh and Craig played video games for awhile while Pam showed Jenny her baking things then had some girl talk. Eventually Jenny told Craig they needed to go.

"She seems really nice, Melinda said to Pam after they left.

"She really is but I feel for her,"

"Why is that?" Melinda asked.

"She has an idea of how she has to act that is strict, so she doesn't often allow herself to have fun. It's like she doesn't allow herself to be herself except on rare occasions." Melinda was again struck by Pam's perceptiveness.

Over the next few weeks Pam had to have Marcy's help a couple of times. Even Dean was impressed with how her business was growing. Pam was quite the teenage entrepenuer.

Pam's birthday was February 21 and Josh planned a party for her. She was thinking it was a pizza and movie night with Josh and Marcy. While Josh and Pam went to get Marcy and pick up a couple movies, Alicia and Melinda decorated the pool area. Alicia was excited and gabbered on in her typical way.

Craig and Jenny arrived, followed by Mark, then Gail. A couple other kids from school showed up. Last to arrive was Sharon. They gathered in the pool are. Gail and Sharon had never been there before and told Melinda how nice it was.

When Josh and the girls got home He made an excuse and led them to the pool.


Pam jumped a little as everone yelled. She was speechless at first.

"Oh my god," She stammered.

Everyone started singing Happy birthday. Pam couldn't hold back the tears. Melinda brought out a cake with candles burning. Melinda told her they thought they would give her a night off from baking. Pam hugged her family.

"Why don't you all get ready for some swimming. We're going to order pizzas for dinner, then we'll do cake and presents." Dean suggested.

"All right Mr. Peters, let's get this thing going!" Craig exclaimed.

Josh put his I pod and speakers in the pool room and started music going. The kids changed into swim suits and hit the pool. It didn't take long for Alicia to work her way in with the older girls, she was so adorable. Melinda had worried she would be left out then she realized Pam would never let that happen.

Things went better than Josh had hoped, everyone was having a great time. The only moment was when Craig noticed a few nail marks on Josh and whispered to him 'way to go." He hoped Craig wouldn't embarrass Pam but he didn't. When the pizzas arrived, everyone dried off and ate around the pool. Then it was cake time and when Dean told Pam to make a wish, she told him all her wishes had already come true.

"Not as good as yours," Jenny told Pam as she ate a piece of cake.

The rest of the evening went just as well. The guys drifted off for video games on his X-box in Pam's room while the girls played dancing games in the den on Alicia's Nintendo WII.

By the time everyone left, Pam was dizzy from all the excitement. They all told Pam it had been a great party. Even Dean and Melinda had fun joining in on the dance games. Josh gave Marcy and Mark a ride home, then rushed back to be with Pam.

Pam hugged her parents and Alicia. She told them that it was the first time anyone had given her a birthday party. She had to rush from the room as she was tearing up again. Pam gave Josh a special thank you that night.

The next day at school, Pam's party was the talk at lunch. Jenny told Josh he had great parents. Everyone that went was glad they had been invited.

During March Pam was still getting busier as she had people from surrounding communities who had started making orders with her. Marcy was helping her more. Josh had also tried out for the baseball team and made it. Pam was his biggest fan. He had become regular in his workouts and had put on some muscle. Pam joined him whenever she could and she did her swimming, her body had added more muscle tone which made her look even sexier than she did before.

In April it was Alicia's birthday and Pam made her a special cake. It was a large cake in the shape of a stallion as Alicia's interest in horses and animals in general had grown. Pam spent a fair amount of time on it and she wouldn't let Alicia see it until her party. Alicia squeeled in delight when she saw it. She bragged to everyone that it was a Pam Peters exclusive cake. She also bragged to Pam and her mom that her boobies had gotten bigger.

In May when it was getting close to graduation for the seniors, Jenny told Pam she would nominate her for head cheerleader but that honor was traditionally reserved for a senior and Gail had deserved it. She told Pam she was sure it would be hers when she was a senior. Pam was happy for the compliment. She and Josh received an invitation to her graduation party.

Finally school was out for the year. Summer officially began for them. Josh still had his baseball and Pam was still busy with her baking but they had more time for each other which made them happy.

Pam and Josh's anniversary was coming soon. It had been a great year for them and their lives had just begun. Pam was happier and more hopeful than she had ever been in her life. She had a lot to look forward to.

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