Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, InLaws,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man, his mother in law, their mutual needs.

Her name's Marion and she's my mother in law, whilst not exactly the archetypical mother in law from hell, she does have her moments, frequently with me where I cannot do right for doing wrong, in her eyes anyway.

I met her for the first time when I started going out with her eldest daughter, I don't really believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in dislike at first sight and Marion had it for me in spades. I guess she suspected the intentions I had for her daughter and proceeded to put as many obstacles in our path as she could, though only occasionally successfully. As it was, Elaine and I eventually married and no, she wasn't pregnant when we did, I might be a randy so and so, but I'm not stupid.

Marion herself is about 5' 6" and in pretty good shape for a lady in her early forties who's had three kids, two daughters and a son, the youngest daughter having been some sort of accident and seven years younger than my wife. Her husband was a feckless sort, unemployed and unemployable, though somehow able to run a car and have some fairly top of the range electrical gear strewn around the house, I'm pretty sure he was also enjoying the charms of his best friend's wife when his best friend was at work too.

Marion though chose to ignore his lifestyle, putting all her activities into religion. Yes, she was a Godbotherer of a fairly strict evangelical church that seemed to be full of humourless and rapidly ageing women and a few henpecked husbands.

Humour was another trait lacking in Marion, she used to sit through comedy sitcom programmes and either go on about the language or content and these were the ones well before the so called UK watershed of 9pm.

As for me? Well I'm known as Fen, it's short for Fenwick and no, I don't know what my parents were thinking either. I work from home as a self employed carpenter, my rates are reasonable and I have a pretty good clientèle mostly from word of mouth. I run a reasonably honest business in the eyes of the taxman, declaring all 'official' income, though if you're a friend or a friend of a friend, cash in hand is fine, no questions asked.

I'm in my mid twenties and in reasonable shape, I play football for a Sunday league side and life is good.

Life got better when Elaine, my wife announced she was pregnant with our first, she's a nurse and intended to work pretty much through the pregnancy and look after the baby afterwards. Marion who ought to have been pleased with the impending approach of her first grandchild simply used it as another excuse to have a go at me over my working arrangements pointing out the precarious nature of being self employed as compared to her son who is a civil servant, a secure job, but my own income at times dwarfed his and even when it was bad I usually still had more coming in. I suspect this was at the core of her unhappiness, though with Marion it was difficult to tell, she went round with a face that could curdle milk whenever my name cropped up or heaven help her had to be in the same room as me.

As it turned out, Elaine's pregnancy was a difficult one she was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia and was under treatment with various medications as doctors monitored her condition very carefully. What it amounted to in practice was a lot of bed rest along with her magnesium sulphate tablets. She was told never to get out the bed without supervision, so I bought a small bell to summon me when she needed assistance.

Calling a truce, Marion and I divided up the care of Elaine, I needed to work so Marion looked after her through the day and I looked after her through the night. Though it was fairly obvious that I was running myself into the ground and my own health suffered mostly through exhaustion as I was burning the candle at both ends. Eventually it was Marion who put her foot down, by moving in with us temporarily and at least making sure I was getting fed and enough sleep. This also saved her a considerable amount of time too as she lived over 30 miles away and her hubby was not best pleased about the time it took to bring and collect her even though I was paying his fuel costs. The advantage for me was I was able to make a crib and a cot for our child along with a few toys. The disadvantage was Marion and I bickered like an old married couple.

Trivial things really, for all I was careful to keep my works gear and tools in a lockup, Marion swore I trailed sawdust all over the place (Ok, Ok, perhaps I did, a little, but it wasn't the mountains of the stuff that she claimed) TV too loud, heavy footsteps up the stairs, you name it she found it and commented on it. It got very wearing and I was loath just to let rip at her as I didn't want to upset Elaine. What wasn't helping either was I was getting progressively hornier by the day, not that I'd any plans to do anything about it, save give myself the odd hand job when I had some time to myself. Still, life can surprise you when you aren't looking as I was to find out.

I was sitting at my desk doing my books and as ever Marion chose that time to do the vacuuming and I was about to get my dig in when I paused, I'd never really taken much notice of Marion, beyond the superficial, our mutual dislike kept getting in the way, yet as she swung the vacuum around I couldn't help but notice just what a nice rear end she had and a delicious wiggle too despite the loose clothing she tended to wear for comfort. As my eyes tracked her I also noticed that she had lost a little weight too and had a rather impressive bust. I mean I'm sure I must have noticed all this in the past, but I'd never really viewed her in a sexual way before and despite the perpetual frown she wasn't bad looking at all as my rampant cock was telling me.

Finally she noticed my scrutiny.

"What are you looking at Fenwick?" She asked.

She's the only one I know apart from my grandmother who calls me Fenwick.

"Have you lost weight?" I asked.

She frowned, obviously looking for some sort of criticism implied or otherwise in my question.

"A few pounds." She finally ventured.

"Suits you." I said.

She frowned at this, I'm sure in her mind she thought I was implying she was fat before.

" ... Thank you." She said grudgingly.

"Would you like me to order in some dinner then we could relax and watch a dvd?" I asked.

"I had planned on cooking you a meal." She stated.

"That would be good too, but as you've obviously worked hard today why not just relax?" I replied.

"Well ok. What would you like?" She said.

Indian or Chinese." I replied. "I'm not too bothered as I like both."

"Chinese then, if that's ok with you." Marion said.

"Ok, I'll order in, we'll eat and then get Elaine settled, then watch a dvd." I replied.

Dinner was superb and we managed to get Elaine bedded down for the night, I had to be careful choosing a dvd as I knew anything a bit risqué would cause Marion to go off in a huff. Still, I thought, perhaps 'Titanic' it's a romance and despite the one naughty bit, perhaps she'd enjoy it.

I put the film on and we settled down to enjoy it. I asked Marion if she wanted a beer and although she rarely drinks, I guess tonight she was letting her hair down. We had a few more beers until the movie reached the carriage sex scene and all hell didn't break loose. Marion was just watching the film, blushing slightly, but otherwise not going into her 'it's a sin' mode. We carried on watching and I kept her topped up with beer until the end.

"Oh that was just lovely." Marion sighed.

"Glad you enjoyed it." I said.

"Was a wee bit naughty and her a married woman too." Marion replied. "But sometimes I guess these things happen."

"I guess it does." I replied. "Though I think God would forgive her."

"I think so too." Said Marion, struggling to get to her feet.

I reached down to help her up though in the narrow space between the coffee table and the sofa we ended up almost face to face and in very close proximity. Struggling for balance our arms ended up around each other in an almost hug. The longest and most awkward silence settled upon us as we just stared into each others eyes and then I leaned forward and kissed her.

Marion turned beetroot red and attempted to slap me, however our restricted proximity prevented her from getting a good ding in whilst our lips remained in contact.

"I'm sorry." I said eventually. "I don't know what came over me."

"Your wife is upstairs!" Marion said furiously.

"I know." I said with a sigh. "And if I could, I'd be with her now cuddling her in, but I can't. So I'm sorry, for just one second I just wanted some closeness with someone."

Marion just stared at me for the longest time.

"I'm sorry too Fen. I didn't realise just how hard things are for you." She said looking slightly embarrassed. "I'd assumed you were taking care of yourself that way, like my oaf of a husband does."

"I try to avoid temptation." I said. "But I can't avoid you."

"Not sure what you see in me, just some old hag who constantly gives you grief." She replied.

I leaned in and kissed her again.

"You aren't old and you're no hag, but you could smile a bit more." I teased.

"Precious little to smile about." She said and then kissed me back.

This time our tongues entwined and the kiss became more passionate until Marion broke away again.

"We shouldn't be doing this." She said downcast.

"I know." I said. "Just like Rose and Jack."

Marion smiled at me.

"There's a difference, you love Elaine." She said.

"Yes and I miss her terribly." I said, "But I'd rather abstain than go looking elsewhere."

"That's not good for you." Marion said. "Longer it goes the more temptation you'll be under and you'll opt for some cheap floozy to satisfy your needs."

"I don't think you're cheap or a floozy." I joked and kissed her again.

"I'm not." She giggled, the first time I'd ever heard her do that. "I can't say I'm not tempted either Fen. Last time I er 'did it' was the time my youngest was conceived and that seemed to put my husband off as he's never bothered again." She said sadly.

We kissed again and I nuzzled her neck gently with my teeth.

"May God forgive me I want you so much, but, if I let you." She said. "Elaine must never find out, I don't want her hurt like I was."

"I wouldn't want it any other way." I said.

We sealed the deal with a kiss, our tongues swirling around each others mouths and our arms and hands running up and down each others body's.

"Oh Lord that feels so nice." Marion said.

"You feel good too." I said as my hands crept up inside her top to run up and down her spine causing Marion's back to arch and her hips to press against me.

"Let's go upstairs to my room." Marion said. "Elaine won't hear us there."

She lead the way holding my hand, here lovely rear wiggling gently at each step until we slipped into her room which was at the front of the house with a faint background noise of traffic masking all other sounds.

Sitting on the bed we recommenced kissing, though this time our hands started to undo buttons and zips to allow further exploration of each others body's. I slipped my tee shirt off over my head only to hear Marion gasp.

"I didn't realise just how well muscled you are Fen." she said.

Her fingers traced the various muscles on my chest whilst I undid the final few buttons on her blouse and slid it off her shoulders and onto the ground.

"I never knew you were so well blessed either." I said gazing at two firm but large breasts straining at her bra.

Marion just giggled and reached behind her to unclasp the bra and allowed her breasts to spring forth.

"Mmmmm." I murmured as my head dipped and my lips traced a spiral pattern around her breasts before suckling on each nipple in turn.

"Ohhhh!" Gasped Marion. "That feels divine."

We laid down on the bed and I continued to pamper her breasts gently drawing on her nipples with my teeth and blowing a stream of cool air over them as the grew engorged under my ministrations. My hands were busy too, running all over her soft skin, making her shiver in delight until I unpopped the button at the top of her pants and continued to unpop the others one by one. My fingertips caressed her still hidden mound over the top of her panties. Marion's body tensed and relaxed at each circle of my fingertips and I felt the fabric of the panties growing wet under my touch. Lifting myself up and moving beside her I slipped my fingers into the waist of her pants and drew them down taking her panties with them, Marion looked good enough to eat and so I did. Reaching down to kiss her breasts then down her tummy swirling my tongue in her navel for a few seconds before planting soft kisses on her luxuriant untrimmed bush. My tongue snaked out to seek out her slit and I tasted Marion for the first time drawing a gasp of pleasure from her slightly twitching body. I swiftly found her clitoris and gave it my fullest attention feeling Marion squirm with pleasure underneath me, her gasps becoming louder and more prolonged by the second until with a deep shuddering sigh she came, releasing a new fresh flow of vaginal fluids in her ecstasy.

"Oh God, that was wonderful." She sighed. "But your needs have to be met too."

I rapidly slipped out of my pants and kissed Marion as she moved to the centre of the bed and pulled me onto her, her hand frantically guiding my cock to her hot wet entrance.

"Oh yes!" I hissed as my cock slid into her welcoming pussy, she may have had three kids but there was no obvious signs of it by the way her pussy gripped me tightly.

"Oooooh! So good "whispered Marion.

I rapidly began to thrust into her, the time for finesse would come later, but at the moment the needs of my body overcame my normal technique, not that Marion seemed to mind as she appeared to be having the ride of her life. Giving out a small 'uff' of exhaled breath at each hard buck of my hips. Her body moving in time with my own as we took pleasure from each other until I felt my orgasm beginning to boil down in my balls.

"I'm going to cum!" I gasped.

"Oh yes!" Crooned Marion in my ear as she clamped her thighs around me and drew me close.

Rope after rope of my seed blasted into Marion's waiting pussy as I unloaded weeks of sheer frustration into her.

"Oh wow! That was so good." I sighed as we lay cuddling each other in the afterglow.

"I shouldn't have let you do that Fen." Said Marion. "But it's been so long since anyone's taken an interest in me I just couldn't resist."

"I think it's best this way." I replied. "We both love Elaine and don't want to hurt her and we both have needs we want met."

"I know." Said Marion. "I'm just worried that we'll get careless."

A thought occurred to me.

"Er ... I don't suppose you're on birth control?" I asked.

Marion chuckled.

"Bit late to worry about that." She said. "But don't worry; my tubes were tied after Christine came along."

I kissed her and ran my hands over her body, my erection had restored itself and I hadn't finished with Marion yet. Rolling onto my back I had Marion straddle me and sink her pussy down onto my cock feeling her internal heat and wetness mingled with my previous offering.

"Mmmm." Marion almost purred in pleasure as my hands reached up to fondle her heavy yet firm breasts. Her own body moving up and down with a delicious little flick of her hips as she reached the bottom of the movement to maximise the contact of her clitoris.

It was soon clear that Marion was experiencing a wave of pleasure as her throaty gasps and the squeezing of her internal muscles gave chorus to her movements. Finally though she went over the top in another shuddering orgasm just as my own peaked and I again flooded her womb with my seed.

"You naughty man." She said with a smile. "But how I love what you do to me."

"Takes two." I said. "I'm enjoying you immensely Marion."

"Why thank you kind sir." She replied and kissed me deeply and softly.

We exchanged kisses for a while until I guided her hand down to my once again erect cock.

"Again?" She asked. "You're insatiable."

I just smiled and guided her into a kneeling position before sliding hard into her doggy style and proceeded to give her a good hard pounding as she buried her head into a pillow to muffle her cries of joy and pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes!" She cried as again her body tensed as another orgasm overcame her almost making her collapse underneath me. However all good things come to an end and my third orgasm erupted into her wonderful pussy.

We just hugged each other for a long time after that enjoying the closeness of each others body's.

"You'd best go to your room." Said Marion eventually. "I know Elaine's not supposed to wander, but best you're there if she does."

We kissed and parted now friends and lovers and I knew it wouldn't be too long before we enjoyed each other again.

I was quite looking forward to it, I'm sure Marion was too.

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