Daniel's Enlightenment
Chapter 2

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Mom... son... education

Daniel Bennett's first sexual encounter was an act of oral sex, lovingly performed by his mother. After their first sexual encounter, Jenny left her son's room extremely pleased and satisfied. There were remnants of her son's ejaculate in her mouth, lightly coating her throat. Had she climaxed? No, she had not. Did the familiar sensations of orgasm place her in the paroxysms of ecstatic release with which she was no stranger? No, that didn't happen either. That would come a little later, when she showered while remembering her son's cock being very deeply embedded in her throat and the sensations she experienced while she made love to his penis. His ejaculation had nearly sent her over the edge, but not quite.

Jenny was one of those girls who learned quite early in life how to deliver a toe-curling blowjob and there was little more in the sexual world that she loved more. The sensation of having a penis deep in her throat was the epitome of sex for her. Although she loved outright intercourse, she seldom reached orgasm from screwing of any kind, no matter how a particular penis was delivered; whether it was from behind, on top, sideways, hanging from the ceiling or any other combination thereof, she seldom climaxed from intercourse, per se. No, she was virtually dependent upon clitoral stimulation for the culmination of her sexual pleasure. However, second only to her favored method was that of having a penis embedded deeply in her throat. She could climax that way, too.

It was very early in her relationship with her brother that she experienced the warmth of an orgasm without a bit of vaginal or clitoral stimulation. She was administering oral sex to him when she was fourteen, maybe early fifteen. His pants and underwear were down, exposing his penis and she was fully dressed in jeans and a light blouse. She knelt before him and administered the light kisses he loved so much to his erection. She gently cupped his testicles as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth, lathing it with her tongue, pressing it against her cheeks as she went farther and farther down the cock, toward its base. Her brother's hands rested, at first, gently on her head and he stood motionless as she ministered to him, her head bobbing on the divine treat.

As her brother became more excited, so she did. Her vagina began to secrete as it always did when she was even lightly stimulated and her clitoris became engorged. She was tempted to masturbate as she fellated but thought better of it and continued to provide all her attention to her brother. He was approaching completion. She could tell. His breath was coming more quickly, ragged and shallow, and his hands were forcing his penis in and out of her mouth with subdued abandon. Now, he was lightly forcing her to suck, moving her head on and off his cock with each of his short thrusts; she loved the sensation even though she knew she could withdraw at any time. In her fantasy, she was being forced to suck and even at fourteen, there was something deeply erotic about a man's hands on her head, or fingers curled in her hair, pulling and jerking, that excited her to her very core.

As her brother finally forced her mouth down on his turgid, pulsing boyhood, holding it around his cock, she buried her nose and lips in the soft curls of his pubic hair. She gently stroked his scrotum with her fingertips. She allowed her airway to be blocked for as long as he wanted, until he began to come. On this occasion, as her brother, began his eruption, so too, did she.

In a well practiced move between them, he withdrew only slightly so as not to choke her with his rather copious adolescent sperm. As he forcefully ejaculated into his little sister's mouth, her vagina flowed freely with her own orgasm and she shuddered slightly as she savored the milky sperm which had rapidly begun to fill her mouth. Her vagina felt warm and seemed to radiate heat throughout her loins as it had whenever her bother tickled, played with, licked or sucked her own genitals.

When he was finished pumping and he was spent, he stood motionless, staring at the ceiling in his little sister's bedroom, the ceiling fan turning lazily, his cock softening. She disengaged and sat back on her heels, her face turned upward to her brother. He looked down as she held her come filled mouth up to him, open. She formed her beautiful mouth into a delightful, small cauldron and pushed the slippery goo until it formed a small pool for her beloved brother.

"Wow," he said simply.

As much as she was able, Jenny nodded then pointed a finger at her mouth. Her brother immediately dipped a finger into her mouth and brought it to his own. He sucked and licked it clean, tasting his own sperm as his sister swallowed the rest of his libidinous fluid.

It was viscous and warm as she swallowed. She wanted it to slide effortlessly down her throat, and it did. She loved come. She swallowed lightly to chase the last traces of sperm down, inside her. Without looking, she knew she would have to change her panties and jeans before her mom and dad arrived home from work. The clothing was soaked through from her orgasm.

She stood and pecked her brother on the cheek.

"Damn, you're good at that, Jen," her brother said, awe in his voice.

She lowered her head and drew an imaginary line on the carpet with her toe. "Awww, shucks," she laughed when she looked at him again.

But, that was years ago. This was now.

Jenny contemplated the afternoon's events as she busied herself in the master bedroom next to her sleeping son's. His cock thrilled her. She hadn't had a penis in her mouth since her husband (and Danny's father) departed on his fourth deployment overseas. She thought he might be in Afghanistan or some other hell-hole, but she didn't know. She never knew for sure. All in all, her husband had been gone far more than he had been home over the previous sixteen years but Jenny wasn't concerned. She loved him and this was his mission, his calling. He was a freshly minted "light" colonel in the Marine Corps assigned to special ops— black ops— at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, although he seemed to never be there. He was always off somewhere, in some dark corner of the world.

Although his unit, Force Recon, had never achieved the recognition of the Navy's Seal Team 6, she knew he and his men had been involved in some really hairy stuff over the years, from Iraq to his current duty station. Although she picked up the 'scary shit' lingo from other Marine wives, her husband never really spoke of his activities to his family. The most he would offer were three words or phrases: "Walk-in-the-park" was easy; "Exciting" was dangerous; And "Absolutely fascinating" was mind-blowing bad. Her husband never, ever spoke of these missions, of course. He never told her or Danny of the danger he might, or might not, have been in. Those conversations were reserved for the Marines who were present at the action, and only those present. It was the ultimate "well, you had to be there." And, of course, there were security concerns.

Jenny brought herself to a light orgasm in the shower after having nearly achieved a full climax earlier with her son's penis in the depths of her throat. She was smiling as she toweled off until she was dry. She rigorously and liberally applied cocoa butter to every part of her body and stepped naked from the bathroom she shared with her son.

She went to her bedroom and purposely left the door open. For a moment, she considered being naked, as she was when her mouth was impaled on Danny's sex candy, but then thought it might be a little much considering what her son had just been through. She slipped on a pair of her most full, white cotton panties, then shorts. A tee shirt was all she utilized to cover her breasts. Underneath the thick cotton shirt, she tweaked her nipples and fluffed her small breasts a bit. She ran another brush through her luxurious dark hair and studied herself in the dresser mirror.

Jenny returned to the kitchen to re-start the dinner she abandoned earlier. She returned the burgers to the broiler, pulled salads from the fridge, and turned the burner under the chili to medium.

She left the kitchen, walked the few feet to her son's room and sat on his bed. He felt her and stirred.

The sheet blanket was down, around his waist and she placed a warm and tender hand on his naked chest. She did not speak until he opened his eyes.

"Hey, Boy-o," she greeted him, softly.

She watched as her son used two index fingers to slowly and simultaneously rub his eyelids.

"You ready for dinner?"

Daniel blinked a few times. "Not even," he said.

"Yeah, I know," Jenny agreed. "Even so, dinner will be ready in about fifteen. Grab some clothes. Wash your face. And wake up. Okay?"

"What time is it?" he asked, looking around for a clock.

"6:15" she answered simply.

"Wow," was all he could muster from his fog.

"I know," she answered, "but you have to get up or you won't be able to sleep tonight. Come on." When he didn't respond, she pinched one of his beautiful boy nipples and twisted.

"OW! Damn, Mom!"

"You awake?" she asked, laughing.

"GOD! YES! I'm awake! Jeez, Louise! What are you thinking?"

A long few minutes later, Danny plopped down on a chair in the small kitchen. His face was freshly scrubbed and his hair was combed but she could tell he had a few winks to go before he was completely awake. He was wearing shorts, a tee, and flip flops. Jenny served him with the salad, burgers, and chili and then sat across from her son.

They didn't speak for a moment until Jenny asked, "So, how was your day?"

Although this was a question his mother asked him nearly every evening at dinner, this time it was different. Earlier that afternoon, he first witnessed his mother masturbating and then, later, she performed oral sex on him as he lay naked on his bed.

"I'm confused," he said. "Well, a little, anyway," he added as he ate.

"I can imagine you are," his mother answered. "I threw a pretty major curve ball at you this afternoon."

"You threw two of 'em' actually."

Jenny laughed. "So I did. Tell me about the confusion."

"I don't know. It was a little weird to look down and my penis in my mother's mouth. I don't know, it was just a little strange."

"Yeah, I suppose it was," she agreed.

"You know," he started, "I've looked at you before. You know. Your body, I mean. But I don't think I've ever thought about sex with you."

"Really?" Jenny asked, somewhat incredulously, "because, I've been thinking about sex with you for over a year." There, she'd said it. "Does that creep you out?"

"No. No," he answered softly while they continued to eat. "I think I kind of like that thought. Am I your boy toy now?" he asked, laughing.

"Absolutely not, Danny," she answered, smiling with him. She took his hand. "No. You're not my boy toy. You're a young, highly attractive, handsome young man. I remember the first time I was attracted to your body. You were mowing the lawn in shorts and "tennies". It must have been late summer, because you were dark tan and even though you were young, you were starting to buff up."

Danny laughed out loud. "I'm not buff. Dad's buff, but I'm not."

"You and Dad are different. He's muscular. You're firm and hard. Dad is tall and fair skinned. You're darker, like me."

"So, I'm not going to be 6'3"?"

Jenny laughed. "The way you're growing, you might be!"

Danny was already an inch, or maybe two inches, taller than his mother's 5'6", so his Dad's height was certainly within reach. However, his dad was of strong, muscular Scandinavian stock with sandy brown hair and dark blue eyes. Danny had dark hair and eyes and possessed of a lithe, athletic body, just like his mother.

Danny was silent for a moment. "Are you going to tell Dad?"

Jenny was equally silent. "No."

They were both quiet.

"Are you ashamed of anything that happened today? Do you feel guilty about it?" Jenny asked.

He was quiet.

"No," he answered, finally.

They changed the subject and spoke of inconsequential things for the rest of dinner until they finished. Jenny asked her son to do the dishes, and then went into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, as she always did after dinner, and returned to the kitchen. Danny was almost done with the dishes and was attacking the broiler pan with an SOS pad. Jenny pulled the bottle of brandy from under the sink and fished a real snifter from the top shelf in the glassware cupboard.

"Got homework?" she asked.

"A little. Not much."

"Okay, I'll finish this, You go do your homework."

After she finished the pots and pans, Jenny took her drink to the living room and curled up in the large, overstuffed chair in the corner of the small room, next to the lamp and end table. Even at 7:00 o'clock, in late April, it was still very light out; nonetheless she turned the switch on the light and began to browse the Vanity Fair she abandoned earlier.

A few minutes after 8:00, her son emerged from the bedroom and slumped down, on the couch. He flicked the TV on and surfed until he found a documentary on the local PBS channel.

"Done with homework?" she asked.

"Yeah. I've got a history test tomorrow," he said to no-one in particular. He removed a cushion from the back of the couch and propped it against the arm. He lay down and stretched out.

Jenny watched her son from a few feet away. The events of the afternoon were still fresh in her mind and the sensation of her son's penis deep in her maw, smothering her, was impossible to forget. Merely the thought of what she had done with her son earlier in the day excited her again.

In all the time she and her husband had been married, Jenny never cheated, until this afternoon when lust for her fourteen year old son was more than she could bear. She was unable to resist the sight of her son's beautiful erect penis, bobbing with each beat of his heart as she watched him. She remembered sucking him and the sensation of his semen erupting into her mouth, coating her throat to its very depths.

The sensory awareness of ejaculate cascading into her mouth never failed to excite her, from her earliest encounters with her brother over twenty years before, to this afternoon when her son erupted into her windpipe, or nearly into her windpipe, anyway. She remembered savoring the texture of the warm slippery fluid as it filled her cheeks and, as she had many times before, she nearly came to orgasm any time a boy or man dispensed his essence into her penis loving mouth.

She remembered a night in college, a long time ago, when she and some girlfriends were watching an old VHS copy of "Deep Throat", the porn movie made famous in the 70's with a premise that a woman, Linda Lovelace, possessed a clitoris in her throat and could reach climax merely by deeply sucking a cock, any cock.

Although Jenny knew it was impossible, she actually wondered if, perhaps, there was some mechanism in her throat that connected to the sensory synapses in her brain that responded to sex, for she had erupted in orgasm many times without vaginal or clitoral stimulation when a man or boy's penis was plunging into her throat, especially if the man was a tad bit rough with her.

Over the years, Jenny realized that she liked sex when it was somewhat rough. Not in a masochistic way, but in a rather indulgent service of the boy or man she was with. In other words, there was a certain stimulation to the very core of her being when a man used her mouth forcefully, either forcing her head down and holding it on his erect penis until he ejaculated, sometimes choking her to watery drops of tears in the process; or there was the slow and gentle process (well, except for the times she bit down on his shaft) with which she had engaged her son earlier in the day.

It excited her when she, as a person, was treated just a little bit poorly. She was never offended when someone called her names during sex, or 'talked dirty' to her while they were fucking as long as there were offsetting sessions of lovemaking and genuine affection, too.

In the twenty-two years since her first sexual encounter, she had been open for almost anything remotely having anything to do with sex and her experiences were more than a little varied. From the many things she tried over the years, she had rejected very few propositions or experiences.

As she reflected, she came to consider herself to be a woman on the 'cafeteria' plan for sexual escapades and as she remembered, she moistened slightly.

Jenny left the chair and walked into her bedroom. She dropped her shorts, removed her panties, and pulled the shorts back up and on. She left the clasp at the top of the fly unbuttoned. "Might as well make it easy," she thought, smiling, "if it goes there."

She returned to the living room, drew the sheer outer curtains closed, and stood at the side of the couch. "Move over a little?" she asked.

Danny wasn't certain what his mother had in mind but he did as she requested. His mother removed the remaining cushions on the couch, making room for two, and let them drop to the floor before she lay down next to her son. She snuggled against him, ostensibly to watch television, but the way she spooned her body to his suggested otherwise. Her round bottom was perfectly formed to the concave curve of his body and she snuggled, warm in her son's embrace as she allowed her legs to mimic his in their posture. They were cuddled together, warm and cozy.

Danny was pleasantly surprised to find his mother lying next to him. He could feel the warmth of her body and, with her head next to his, he luxuriated in the hint of her perfume and the warm, dusky odor of her luxurious hair. He draped an arm over her tummy and gently pulled her closer in an affectionate embrace. They lay there, luxuriating in each other's presence.

Danny didn't know quite what to do with his left arm. After he pulled his mother to him and snuggled against her, he allowed his hand to fall rather limply along his mother's waist, not quite knowing what to do. "Damn," he thought, as he pondered the thought of touching his mother's breast. He still wanted to see them, if not kiss and suckle them. He couldn't help it.

Jenny sensed her son's discomfort and gently took his hand into her own. She moved it upward until it fully cupped her left breast. She gently squeezed her son's hand, thus compressing her breast as many men had done before and releasing familiar, pleasurable endorphins in her brain. She squeezed again, as if giving him permission to affect her in any way he wished.

Daniel was not amazed or even surprised. After what had transpired earlier, mere hours before, he savored the contour of his mother's breast. It was round and firm and even with the most insensitive part of his hand, he could feel the small nub of his mother's erect nipple. He snuggled next to her and, finding a way through her hair, he gently kissed her on the nape of her neck.

"Thank you," she whispered, responding to her son's obvious affection. "Thank you," she whispered again and clutched his hand. She could resist no longer and guided Danny's hand down and then up, under her tee until she felt his hand gently holding her tit. His hand was warm, although she didn't care one way or the other. Cold, wet, warm, hot, she didn't care. The important thing was that there was true affection for her body and she certainly felt that from her son.

Danny was lost in the beginning of lust. That the object of his desire was his mother never crossed his mind. To him, he was on a couch with a beautiful girl and he had no obstacles in his way to satisfying his personal curiosity regarding sex. His hand was on the girl's breast, having been placed there by the girl, herself. There was no way, in all of his masturbation fantasies, that he could imagine a girl guiding his hand under her shirt or blouse to feel a breast. From the things he heard from some of his older classmates, there was usually a battle before teenage hands found teenage breasts. Nonetheless, his mother had done so. She seemed to be luxuriating in his touch.

Jenny was secreting. Her vagina was moist from her son's attention to her breast and her continuing thoughts of sex with her son. Yes, there was a naughty aspect to her desire, but not from any sense of immorality. No, this was just plain naughty sex. That she was going to continue sex with her son, she had no doubt. Neither did she possess the desire to stop. Her husband had been gone so long and jerking off was an unsatisfactory option for her. Oh, yes, her climax was still possible, even inevitable when she touched herself, but it wasn't the same as a real, live body of another person being with her.

Sex with Danny was special. She snuggled again, pushing her bottom into her son's crotch.

"Roll over, Mom," he whispered.

Jenny seemed to be awaiting his instruction and she complied quickly, without thought.

He removed his hand from her breast and gently brushed her dark hair from her face. They stared at each other for a brief moment. Without words, their love was conveyed as he planted soft, clumsy, yet tender, kisses on her. His fumbling touch was glorious. His sex was evident. She could feel it as he pressed against her. He lightly kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her nose, cheeks and finally, her lips.

Her son could be a great lover, she thought, as she wrapped her arms around his body. He felt firm and strong as she arched her body into his. Even though they had two layers of clothing between them, she could feel his erection against her burgeoning clitoris and it excited her greatly. She allowed her son to explore her body with his tongue and he took full advantage of the privilege. He gently, softly kissed his mother bestowing his measure of affection for her. His love was unbounded as he pulled her tee up and kissed her nipple.

They kissed, gently at first, then more fervently. Danny followed his mother's lead as she kissed and touched him in return. Their hands were all over the other, first at faces as they held each other, kissing, staring, loving, and caressing the lover they saw in each other's eyes. Jenny was milky. She was limp and at the same time hardened by desire. She wanted her son. She wanted to feel him inside her, plowing her, taking her, using her with abandon.

Without thought, only desire, she fished for her son's shorts, unbuttoning them in a practiced fashion. Her fingers went straight to her son's erect cock and she did not resist the urge to move deeper and cup her son's balls.

She stopped kissing.

"Oh, god, baby," she moaned as she arched her neck and reveled in the touch of her son's testicles.

Her son was not immune to the ministrations his mother was delivering. He confidently moved his hand to her shorts and found they were open at the top. He zipped her pants down and moved his hand inside, and as she had touched him, he touched her. His fingers moved slowly past her short, neatly trimmed pubic hair. And then he found it. His mother's vagina was warm and slippery and wet. He reveled in touching her as he had never touched any girl, ever before. He used one finger to gently split her labia.

"Oh, God," she thought as her son roughly fingered her vagina. It felt so good. Even though she could tell he was exploring, nervously, not making love, it was all right with her. He was clumsy, as any virgin boy his age would be, but what he lacked in finesse, he certainly made up for with enthusiasm.

"Danny, slow down a little bit," she said softly.

He was alarmed and stopped completely. "Am I hurting you?"

"No, baby, you're not hurting me," she replied softly. "Just remember it's called 'petting' for a reason. Here, let me help."

Jenny raised her bottom from the couch and slid her shorts down to her knees, then off completely, exposing her lower body in the most tantalizing manner Danny could imagine. She lay on her back, her legs slightly spread opening her vagina to the gaze of her youthful son. She guided her son's hand to her opening.

"Like this," she said, inserting one of her son's fingers barely inside her. "You're exploring when you do this. You're trying to learn about the girl. It's not like you're assaulting a beach head on Iwo. Gently, like that," she instructed.

Danny moved his finger slowly inside his mother, alternating between in and out motions and side to side. He truly was exploring his mother's vagina and to her, it felt wonderful. His finger was partially inside her vaginal canal, luxuriating in her warmth. She no longer held or stroked his penis but he didn't seem to mind.

Jenny lazed as her son continued his journey. "There's a place inside some girls that, some people say, when you touch it makes them feel really, really good. You should be looking for it when you get this far with a girl. It's like a treasure hunt. That's what the exploration is. It's discovery. It's learning about stuff."

"Where's yours?" Danny asked.

"Hm," Jenny pondered. "It's in there. I have one. But you have to find it. I could tell you where it is but then, I'd have to kill you," his mother laughed.

"Cute, Mom," Danny smiled.

Danny considered his circumstances. He was lying on a couch with his stunningly beautiful mother and his mother was naked from the waist down. With her guidance and instruction, he cupped his mother's breast and pinched her dark nipple. He kissed her as deeply and emotionally as he had ever done anyone. His mother's legs were slightly spread as she lay on her back, just as they were earlier, on her bed. He was lazily fingering her moisture. His mother seemed to be offering herself to him by opening the holy vault between her legs and yet, she seemed to be guiding and instructing him in the art of sex more than she was making love or having sex with her son.

Danny rose up, propping himself on an elbow. He stared at his mother's body. Her breasts were covered again.

Jenny followed her son's eyes as they slowly scanned her body.

"Want me to take this off?" she asked, indicating her tee-shirt, her last remaining article of clothing. Her son nodded, silently. "Okay," she agreed. "You too," she added as she raised herself to strip off the offending fabric. She let it drop to the side of the couch.

Danny quickly stripped his shorts and underwear down, then off. It took him only a second to remove his tee. He let all the articles fall to the floor to pool on top of his mother's shorts and shirt.

"Well," his mother started, giggling softly, as she embraced him, his warm body against hers. "Here we are, again. We don't have any clothes on." She allowed her hand to lightly brush her son's penis and to play in his short, silky pubic hair. He was hard.

She gently kissed one of his breasts, paying special attention to the lust hardened nipple as her son moved a hand to her breast. "You can kiss me like that, too," she said. "I'm your mom. You're my son. A fourteen year old son, I might add. And a lot of people would be appalled by this. Probably disgusted," she added.

"I'm not going to tell anyone," Danny said.

"Neither am I going to," she answered

"Are we going to make love?" Danny wondered, asking out of the clear blue.

"I'd like to," she answered. "But there's some other stuff, first."

"Like what?"

"Hm," she thought. "Well, I'm not quite ready yet. We need to play a little more. We need to kiss and caress and tease for a while before you put that poker in me," she laughed. She was holding her son's hard shaft in her hand and gave it a soft squeeze.

"And I want to suck your big, beautiful fucking cock before you put it inside me."

Danny was completely unaccustomed to his mother using the words he was hearing now and he found them to be tremendously exciting, coming from his mother.

"You don't need to do that," he said.

"Danny, listen," she commanded. "If you put your penis inside me right now, it won't take you very long to come and that's not really the best outcome for your partner. By your partner, I mean me, so let's play a little more. You'll know when it's time. Or I'll tell you."

"Why," he asked plaintively.

"Danny," she began. "We'll have sex tonight. Don't worry about that. If you want to, we will. But, there are more that few ways to have sex. You can have sex by making love: softly, gently, kissing and loving. That's one way.

Another way is you can just get hammered. I mean, you let your lover use you. It can be fast and furious and usually is. Sometimes he or she just hammers away and sometimes you just hammer him or her. It's selfish, but it's a good kind of selfish and your partner knows it. You're being screwed. And you're letting it happen, not for your pleasure, but your partner's. It's a gift for him or her. But, it's not for you. There's usually not much foreplay. And you know it will be okay.

"How does that happen?" he asked inquisitively.

Jenny rolled up on her side to face her son. "At school, have you ever been walking in the hall and seen a girl? You know, one that has all the right stuff? You know, boobs, legs, hips?"

"Carolyn Olsen," Danny said. Carolyn was arguably the cutest girl in Danny's class. She was older than Danny and she was tall and languid and moved with the grace and dignity of a professional dancer.

"Yeah, like Carolyn," Jenny agreed, before continuing. "Well, if at that moment, that brief second, if you wanted her, sexually, would you be able to go over to her and just take her. Use her for your own pleasure without regard to hers? Could you just fuck her?"

Danny remembered seeing the girl of his dreams in a hallway at school and laughed at the thought. "I don't think Carolyn Olsen is going to let anyone have sex with her in a hallway at school."

"Probably not," Jenny agreed, "but do you see what I'm saying?"

"Do you and Dad do that?"

Jenny laughed. "Oh, yeah, we do that."

"What else?"

"We play!" she laughed.


"Yeah," she paused," "Playing. It's just what it sounds like. It's laughing and giggling and smiling and sex. It can be dancing and singing. It's exploring. It's discovering. It's learning. It's flirting, being naked, and being naughty. It's being up for anything your partner wants to try. It's knowing that you can say anything or suggest anything and your partner won't be freaked out. It's fun. It's joy. It's not much different than being a kid again."

"Huh," Danny said taking it in. "What do you and Dad do when you play?"

"Hmm," Jenny murmured. "Ever since this afternoon, I've thought about what I should tell you about Dad and me. But I decided I'm probably not going tell you much about your Dad's and my sex life."

"Why not?"

"Well, first, Danny," she answered. "That stuff is kind of private. You know? It's what makes your Dad's and my relationship special to us. It's what makes us. Because it's OURS." She pointed to her son's chest, tapping softly at his heart. "Ours is special too. And the sex you have with a girlfriend will be special, and private, too"

"Okay," he accepted.

"But the other thing is, as we go along in this sex thing, to a certain extent, you're going to have to find your own way. It's what boys and girls your age do. I'll help with the mechanics- how to kiss and touch and stuff- but you're going have to do the rest on your own. A lot of it will come naturally, instinctually. But, you're going to have to use your imagination and creativity, too. But, you're growing up. You're developed pretty well. So, you'll have to figure out how you feel about girls. You're going to have to figure out how you feel about me and about having sex with me. We can explore and discover together. We'll have fun, if you want to."

"Together?" Danny said.

"Together," she answered. "I've already learned something about you," she continued.

"What's that?"

"Well, you really like oral sex," she teased.

"You're assuming there's a boy on the planet that doesn't like it?"

The both laughed.

Danny's erection had returned to is former state of rigidity. Jenny stroked her son lightly as she felt his hand seek the warmth between her legs, inside her cunt. The kissed softly, placing small pecks on each other's face. They kissed deeply, mouths open, then softly again. Danny was content with his mother. He knew, at some point, he would be inside her.

It had been less than six hours since he interrupted his mother while she masturbated and yet, he was oddly at ease with the way the day progressed. It seemed not unusual at all that his mother reclined, naked beside him. That his fingers were gently exploring his mother's vagina seemed to be one of the most natural acts in the world, even though he knew it wasn't and that very few, if any of his friends had ever been intimate with their mother. He stopped at a small bump between his mother's labia.

"Is this your clitoris?" he asked.

"Right the very first time," his mother moaned as he lightly massaged the pea-sized love button. "Oh, God. That is so good. Just like that. A little softer, please."

"Do you want me to kiss you down there?" he asked as they kissed.

"Ooo..." Jenny smiled mischievously. "That is sooo naughty, Danny. I'd love to have you kiss me down there."

Jenny stood suddenly. She took Danny by the hand.

"Come on," she urged.

In Danny's room, she turned to face him and dropped to her knees. In one quick motion she engulfed his turgid penis, taking it deep into her throat where she held it. She guided his hands to her head and without prompting, he began to move his cock into and out of his mother's warm, slippery mouth using it as a receptacle for his hard manhood.

"Oh, fu..." he began and then checked himself.

Jenny stopped. "It's okay," she whispered. "You can say it. You're fucking your mom's mouth. Do you like it, Baby?" she asked. "Do you like being in your mom's mouth?"

Like it, he thought? Jesus. That didn't cover it. He loved it. He was looking at his mother and she was staring up at him with a lusty fire in her eyes he had never seen before as he forced his erection deep into her. He was holding her by two handfuls of her dark, thick, luxurious hair and he found it was holding the reins on a horse: he could guide her, force her to do anything. He was sensitive to any resistance from his mother or any sign of discomfort, but none ever came. She seemed to enjoy his thrusting, his fingers in her mane, and even encouraged him with her hands on his bottom pulling him forward as he forced her mouth to accept him.

Although he was being forceful, there was nothing brutal about her son. They were staring into each other's eyes as he pistoned into and out of her mouth. He seemed to have discovered the perfect rhythm for her; it was an agreeable combination of being deep in her gullet and a withdrawal before she choked. She was in heaven. Her vagina was sopping wet and her clitoris was at its maximum size, engorged with sex. Although inexperienced, her son seemed to have a natural affinity, or talent, for fucking his mother's mouth.

"I'm going to do it!" he exclaimed, suddenly.

Jenny barely had time to move her son's cockhead from deep in her throat before the warm slippery boy-essence escaped from her son's hard rod and into her waiting mouth. She reveled in the sensation. She had sucked her son to completion and she loved the feeling. He was fourteen. She was thirty-six and notwithstanding that they very close blood relatives, she felt no guilt. No, instead she experienced a sense of sexual delirium that penetrated her loins and rocked her world to its very foundation. There was a delicious naughtiness about sex with her son. It was secret and it was fiendishly devilish in its ability to arouse her.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby," she whispered as she planted small, sweet kisses on her son's penis. "Baby, baby, baby," she continued, to whisper over and over as if in trance. Her orgasm swept her as she tickled the fuzz on his testicles and continued to kiss him between his legs. Finally, his hands rested softly on his mother's head.

Danny seemed incapable of coherent thought for a moment or two, first during his ejaculation and now as he softly and affectionately caressed and ran his fingers through his mother's thick, dark hair.

After many long moments, he took his mother's hand in his and pulled her up. He kissed her deeply, tasting the remnants of his own ejaculate in his mother's mouth. Its slippery texture excited him, for some reason and although he wanted to fuck his mother, having another erection so soon was out of the question. From what he could taste, it seemed nothing more than bland and he wondered if the stories he read online were exaggerating when they described sperm as tasting like cinnamon or honey or some other equally sweet flavoring.

When he stopped kissing her, Jenny stripped the bed down and scooted onto it. Danny watched her bottom and melted at its beauty. Jenny was aware of the sight she was providing her son.

"Like my butt?" she asked over one shoulder as she giggled impishly, reminding her son much more of a grade school girl rather than his mother. She patted the bed next to her and held her arms out for her son.

They snuggled silently for a minute.

"You're really good at that," he announced out of nowhere.

"I know," she giggled again. "Lots of practice. Lots and lots. Years, in fact," and she laughed outright.

He looked at his mother skeptically. "Really?"

"Yeah," she said thoughtfully. "I was protecting my virginity."

Danny laughed. "By giving oral sex?"

"Yeah," Jenny turned onto a side. She softly rubbed her boy's beautiful chest. "I was seventeen when I let my first boyfriend make love to me- er, well, actually, he fucked me." Her son seemed to wince. "Okay, listen. The words you can't use in the house and in public are okay in bed. They can be exciting because they're naughty. And they're only naughty because you never use them anywhere else. Got it?"


"Anyway, my boyfriend and I had been going out for about two or three months and one night I let him fuck me. It was more out of curiosity for me, than anything else because I was still, technically, a virgin, but afterwards, that's all he wanted to do. To him it was some kind of conquest. I was just a notch in his sexual belt. Before that, we had done other stuff and, you know, and it was fun. But after we did it, he got so clingy I nearly wanted to throw up every time I saw him. Anyway, I broke up with him and didn't have another boyfriend until a couple months later. Oh, and the first boy? He told just about everyone in the school about sex with me."

"Asshole," Danny commented.

"Precisely," she agreed.

"And the virginity thing?" Danny prompted.

"Oh, yeah," his mother said, as if remembering. "Well, high school boys and college boys generally want to do one thing and one thing only with a girl: get in her shorts. It 'ain't' about love and it 'ain't' about emotions or building a relationship. It's about fucking. And giving a boy a blow job was an easy way to keep him out of my shorts. You know: he climaxed, ejaculated, and it was over. He was satisfied, and spent, and I didn't have to do intercourse if I didn't want to."

"Wow," Danny said simply.

"There's another thing, too. High school boys and a lot of college guys generally don't know how to do sex. They don't have any idea. If a girl let's a boy make love to her, generally, they're so inexperienced, they climax really fast. And that's a shitty outcome for the girl. Girls need a lot of foreplay. They need hugging, kissing, touching. And afterward, girls need even more TLC."

"Jeez, Louise," Danny marveled. "How many guys did you have sex with?"

"While I was in high school or in college?"


"Can I take the 5th?"

"Nope," he laughed.

"In that case: a lot. A lot," she added for emphasis.

Jenny rested her head on Danny's shoulder and cuddled next to him.

"You didn't know your mom could be such a slut, did you?" she laughed into his shoulder.

"No, I didn't" he said as he joined her laughter. "But, I have a question," he started. "What kind of a reputation did you have in high school?"

"Eh," she said, holding a hand out, rocking it from side to side in a universal 'so-so' motion. "But you have to remember, I was in a really, really big high school. Sixteen hundred students. And your grandfather was really, really good to Mark and me. We always had nice clothes and enough spending money to buy sodas or burgers, sometimes for our friends if they needed help. And we could pay for the occasional movie ticket and treats for a needy friend. And both of us had new cars almost from the time we got our driver's licenses.

The other thing is, your uncle Mark and I are both smart. I mean SCARY smart. We were both our class valedictorians. Fortunately, you got our gray matter, not your dad's. But don't for a second think your dad is dumb. He's not. He just doesn't have quite the brain power Mark and you and I have. But, he's up there.

The other thing is, you know how handsome uncle Mark is. Well, I was drop-dead gorgeous, way back when, and a lot of things came to me just because of the way I looked."

"Was Gramps rich?" Danny asked.

"Danny, I have a Range Rover. You're dad has an Audi A6 in the garage at LeJeune. They're both paid for. Wait... ," she paused, starting over. "Let me put it like this: Uncle Mark and his family and your Dad, you, and I will never need to worry about anything financial. Not unless we screw it up so royally that Gramps would spin in his grave."

"Wow," was all Danny could manage. He kissed his mother's forehead before continuing. "Are you and I ever going to make love or fuck each other?" he asked sincerely, using a word he was unaccustomed to using in his mother's presence.

"We're going to the lake this weekend. We'll be alone. And we'll have time on our hands. What do you think?"

They slept soundly through the night.

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