Last Stop Manhattan Beach
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A summer of hard work with a 2 hour subway commute. My uncle knew how to stick it to me real good. Then again, you never know what kind of perks you might find at the beach in the summer. It was the summer of the permanent erection.

For those well-acquainted with the New York City transit system, the distance between 207th Street in the Bronx and Manhattan Beach all the way down on the tip of Brooklyn is easily recognized as probably the longest distance one can travel for a single fare within the city limits.

With infinite wisdom, my uncle secured a job for me one summer working for the New York City Parks Department at Manhattan Beach. Up until that point, my exposure to beaches was restricted to Coney Island and Midland Beach on Staten Island. My favorite part of going to Midland Beach was the ferry ride back and forth from the Battery.

But I digress!

My job in Manhattan Beach left me with the deepest tan imaginable and a dangerous habit of falling asleep on the subway.

We newbies were all issued the most depressing uniforms I have ever seen in my whole life. Drab grey and inappropriately heavy for the heat of the New York City summer. I was assigned to crew 13 and I wondered if that was some coded message for me to get the hell out of there.

Our crew consisted of an "old hand" and 5 newbies learning the ropes. The "old hand" was a girl of about 18 called Trixie who had survived the previous summer and had returned for more of the same. The rest of us were a motley crew. Besides myself, there was Angel, a Puerto Rican boy my age of 16. He was sort of shy but I discovered in the shower that the very shy Angel had a real horse cock that looked dangerous even when at rest. There was Gloria with the reddest hair I have ever seen. The strange thing was Gloria was Jewish. I tried to hide my laughter because the very thought of a Jewish girl called Gloria and not Ester or Ruth was hilarious. Then, there was the red hair. This 16 year old girl looked like the map of Ireland but when she opened her mouth there was no mistaking the Jewish heritage. Our crew was rounded out by the Brown twins. They were a set of fraternal twins who had just turned 17. Sonny was "real cool" and was always combing his very short kinky hair. His twin sister Shawna had the most bodacious bottom that still stuck out even under the hideous uniform we all wore.

I was well-acquainted with Puerto Ricans and Jews as I had lived in both a mostly Jewish neighborhood and a mostly Puerto Rican neighborhood as I was growing up in the city. I have to admit this was my first experience in coming into contact with black people. A lot of the Puerto Rican guys and females I knew were kind of looking like they were black but they made great pains to assert they were Puerto Rican and not black. I would never say or ask anything that might hurt their feelings but I was careful not to say anything that would offend their sense of racial pride.

Right off the bat, I knew Trixie and I would not get along too well because she had absolutely no sense of humor.

When I told her my first dog was called Trixie (which was a lie) she just looked at me like I was some kind of insect and told me to keep my hat on so I wouldn't get sunstroke. I won't even get into how ugly that hat was.

I spent most of that day helping to move the trash bins and cart stuff off the beach. We were told not to talk to the beachgoers unless they asked a question like "Where is the first aid station". Then we had to be all polite and not make eye contact. I really didn't even have any idea what the hell "eye contact" was but just shook my head up and down like I agreed with everything.

The Jewish girl Gloria was very perceptive and she surprised me when she asked me real direct,

"So what's so interesting you got your eyes on the black girl's fanny all the time?"

If it were not for the fact that my face was already red from the sun, I am sure I would have blushed like a virgin bride.

"You shouldn't be such a miss smarty-pants, Red; on you it doesn't look so good."

"Don't call me Red, fatty!"

This girl was so exasperating. I was trying to be nice and right away she has to remind me I was a bit on the hefty side after chowing down on too many bologna heroes and cream sodas.

"Is that hair real or did it come from a bottle?"

This time I got her good and mad. I could see her breasts heaving under the work uniform. Boy, I had really shifted my attention from Shawna's luscious ass to the very delectable Gloria's upper body artillery.

"Is little Harry hot to get a piece of dark tail?"

"It sure looks a lot more inviting than that caboose you are hauling around behind you."

"Come with me, mister, I'll show you a caboose that will make you beg for it."

We both put up our hands to signal we were heading under the boardwalk to go to the bathroom in the cement block building for the public. When we got there, the red-headed Gloria walked around to the back where it came almost to the cement seawall. Without a word, she loosened up her trousers and let them drop to her knees. Her beautiful heart-shaped bottom was covered only by a thin wisp of frilly lace that barely hid her brown eye and the lovely red bush located between her long shapely legs. She pulled them up in a hurry and looked over her shoulder at me.

"So, which is better, my ass or hers?"

Of course, I told her that her bottom was the most beautiful in the land.

"Don't think you are going to get any of it, either, Mr. Wise guy!"

I wrapped my arms around the young girl's waist and let my fingers fall gently onto her soft sweet mounds. She was almost panting with her excitement. I lifted her cheeks in a tender grasp pulling them apart slightly.

Gloria gasped and laid her head on my chest.

I had only recently been rescued from the gaggle of virgin cocks at my Catholic high school by my very attentive Aunt who had been languishing in a strictly masturbative state ever since the premature departure of her bookish spouse. Since I had been adopted by my parents who were incapable of having children, there was no incest involved when she guided my inquisitive little pecker into her garden of delight. When I first felt that tightness all around my happy little fellow it almost made me want to cry. My utter lack of experience didn't seem to bother my Aunt Kitty because she was kicking her heels into my 16 year old ass with total loss of control. Her depraved abandon forced me to shoot my virgin load long before I wanted to.

My mom asked Aunt Kitty why she always seemed to "need" me to fix something in her apartment just when I was supposed to be doing my homework. Her carefully detailed tutoring covered many perverted activities that I am certain her fastidious husband had never ventured to submit her to. I suspected she was experimenting with my horny and desperately willing cock in new and exciting territory for her still-tight pussy.

Getting back to matters at hand or I guess I should say matters at cock, I turned Gloria around and quickly lowered her ugly uniform down to her ankles. With my thumb, I pushed her flimsy thong aside and rubbed my leaking bulb on her red tinted pussy hairs. Her slit was wetter than my pre-cum oozing cock letting me know how bad the naughty girl really wanted it.

Gloria groaned and pushed back against my rock-hard pussy tickler. She must have been getting it somewhere because I slid in without any problem at all. Later she confided in me that her girlfriend at the Jewish youth organization was always nailing her at in the shower room with a makeshift dildo. In fact, she told me the first time her friend Nora took her like that; she had lost her cherry right on the white tiled floor. It had hurt her to walk home that early spring day but it seemed a fitting way to celebrate her 16th birthday. I was a little jealous of Nora when she told me that but in some ways I had to thank her for making Gloria so open and ready to take my cock in all the way.

The feel of Gloria's beautiful ass cheeks kissing my groin made me want to wrap her up and take her home to mama. I think my mom would have had a fit if I walked in the house with a red headed Jewish girl. We did an awful lot of grunting and whimpering on our way to a very satisfactory orgasm. I made sure that Gloria had hers first just like Auntie Kitty had taught me in our special sessions.

A couple of young girls peeked in at us going at it like a pair of rabbits. I recognized them as the Maloney sisters from my old neighborhood downtown. They were both older than me but with their strict upbringing it seemed likely they were both still virgins. I hoped they didn't recognize me but it seemed like all could see was my chubby ass humping a red head with a big bottom. I didn't chase them away because I didn't want to startle Gloria who was settling down into a nice orgasm and it kind of felt good to have them watching me give it to Gloria nice and hard in my favorite "doggy style" position.

The older sister Eileen was rubbing her camel-toe and craning her neck to see my cock going into the whimpering Gloria. I think she was trying to see if I was putting into her female slit or if I was shoving it up Gloria's brown eye. I made the mistake of looking in her eye and I could see that Eileen recognized me. It didn't stop her from milking her pussy for some nice squirts of pussy juice that ran down the inside of her sensuously shaped legs.

The younger sister Colleen reached out with her hand and lightly touched my naked ass just as I was giving Gloria my heated spurts of creamy cum way up deep in her vagina. I really like the soft touch of her fingers and the dirty girl even put one of her fingers right on my quivering pucker hole blinking open and closed due to my spirited ejaculation into Gloria's pussy.

They both ran away before we straightened up and rearranged our clothing. I was a bit worried because I knew Eileen knew my Aunt Kitty and that she was certain to gab about my activities as soon as she saw her.

I would have to visit Eileen and Colleen before they had a chance to screw things up with my loving Aunt.

Gloria was like all cuddles and tender looks now that she had a full load of my creamy cum filling her tight little pussy. I hoped that the others in our crew didn't notice her 180 degree change in attitude.

The rest of the day went quickly. I was careful to restrain from looking directly at Shawna's lovely ass because I knew it would make the fiery haired Gloria less than happy. I told Gloria we could meet up on Sunday night for a shake and a movie since Monday was our day off from the job. She kissed me on the cheek just like my mom and ran off to the train that would take her to some godforsaken place in Queens. I generally made a habit of staying away from Queens because it was like a no-man's land filled with danger.

When I was changed and ready to leave, I thought I saw Shawna giving me the eye, but her brother grabbed her arm and they took off on bicycles to go back home. I was a bit envious because I had to face a two hour subway trip to make it back to the Bronx.

Trixie blocked my exit and gave me the evil eye.

"I am on to you, Mister, you think you can just come in here and screw any female you can make believe your shit."

"I take it then, Trixie; we won't be going on a date anytime soon?"

"Not if you were the last man on Earth, you fat piece of shit!"

I had to laugh at that because in all honesty it was the pot calling the kettle black because Trixie was not so little herself. In fact, she was quite top heavy and her bottom was shaped generously enough for any guy to get a nice hold onto. I started to say something nasty but realized she was my boss so I just shrugged and acted like she knew all the answers.

Trixie came close and whispered in my ear.

"Don't wear this out before the end of summer, you little pervert!"

She grabbed hold of my satisfied cock and squeezed it until I nodded agreement.

I thought that I was beginning to like this assertive female.

Maybe this would be an all right summer after all.

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