Chapter 1: Up, Up and Away

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, DomSub, Harem, Interracial, Black Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Up, Up and Away - Char is a very unusual concubine, who will do anything to get picked up, even reveal his big secret!

I jumped as my crotch started vibrating. My ears faintly picked up the strains of the Imperial March and I knew it was my Mom calling. Her timing was awful, but it was my fault for not calling earlier to let her know I would be busy. I also knew she would keep calling until I answered. Rolling my eyes and feeling like a teenager, I excused myself from the group and pulled my phone out. Bars like this did not have many quiet spots, but after yelling into the phone to wait a minute, I hunted around until I found one by the bathroom. I hated talking on the phone with a finger jammed in my ear, but that beat the guilt trip my Mom would lay on me for not, as she puts it, "taking the time out of my busy life to spend a few precious seconds with my lonely mother." I may be a take-charge, go-getter at work, but with family I was an absolute push-over.

"Hey Mom," I said loudly.

"Hey pumpkin, where are you? It sounds like a party." She almost sounded hopeful, like she was really saying, 'are you really being social? Maybe you'll finally meet that someone special!' I guess hanging out with drinking buddies watching whatever game was on did not count in her eyes.

"Yeah Mom, remember when I told you I got salesman of the quarter? Well, the boss decided to spring for a surprise dinner party in my honor and dragged the entire staff along." I was SO not telling Mom that I was screwing the boss in her office a couple of times a week.

"That's great, Hun. I knew with all the pickups going on it would make getting a sales job much easier, especially for someone with an associate degree. I'm glad you are doing so well at it. Winning an award the very first quarter you're there is pretty surpr, err amazing," I know Mom did not mean that to be as much of a back-handed compliment as it sounded, so I took it at face value -- even though I kept hearing the words 'only a' before associate degree.

"It's pretty sad how pathetic the rest of those bozos are," I said, not trying to hide my contempt. The beers I had drunk earlier were making my tongue looser than normal. "If a twenty year old with no job experience can outsell and come up with better market campaigns then those so-called professionals..." I trailed off, shaking my head.

"Be careful hun, that attitude will get you in trouble. Someday you might need their help and they will laugh at you when you ask."

I knew she was right, but it was frustrating having to be nice to them, they were such idiots! Just as I was about to reassure her I would be fine and play nice, a group of large men in uniform came out of the bathroom. I was pretty sure I had not seen them earlier, but I had been pretty focused on my beer and trying to ignore the others around me. A quick glance down revealed they all had extremely nice butts that were nicely shown off by their uniforms.

"Excuse me sir," looking up and up and up from their butts, I realized one of the huge men was talking to me. 'Oops, busted' I thought, blushing slightly. "This is a pick-up sir. Would you please head into the main area until we can get everyone sorted?"

"Holy crap Mom, it's a pick-up," I said, shocked.

"Good... ," she was cut off as my phone suddenly went dead. Pocketing it, I hoped she had been saying "good luck or good bye" although there were days where it might have been "good riddance", not that I would ever admit to how trying I could be sometimes.

'Damn, it's a pickup and I don't know what to do, ' I thought in a panic. Without thinking about it, I had followed the Marines' directions and went to stand with the hopeful men that were desperately hoping to attract the attention of a sponsor. Now I was stuck here, which was kind of where I belonged I guess. Needless to say, the women were getting a lot more attention than the men were. All eleven of the volunteers were men, so our only hope was a high CAP guy looking for a living marital aid to help in the bedroom. I mean honestly, how many men in that situation would be rational enough to realize they would need help satisfying all those women and choose a guy instead of another soon-to-be-super-hot babe?

The other guys and I watched the circus going on across the room with more than a little jealousy. In my case, three-fucking-tenths of a point would have put me on the other side of the room where all the sex was. Even though I could only watch, seeing all those women doing literally everything they could think of or were told to do to those hot guys -- well ok, only a few were hot -- to get chosen made me pretty damn horny.

Since my boss was the only female in the office, most of my co-workers were standing here with me. It was pretty obvious I wasn't the only one affected by all the sex going on across the room. The men around me all sported bulges in their pants and I watched a few who were openly jerking off. If I had been any drunker, I probably would have been jacking off as well. Shit, I was jealous as hell! Those eleven guys had around sixty women trying desperately to get their attention, and it was pretty much anything goes to get that coveted invitation to the stars. Hell, even my boss Melissa was there, on her knees trying to suck her way off the planet. Honestly, I felt a little betrayed. She and I had started having an affair only a week after I was hired at the company. I'm not sure affair is the right term, since we were both single, but she also wasn't my girlfriend. As much as I enjoyed fucking her in her office and getting blow jobs from her, I didn't dare ask her out. Even though I had real feelings for her, I knew it would not work if we went to the next step, which she had been trying to get to for a while now.

I was little shocked to see the guy she was sucking off was Brian, a righteous prig from the same office as us. I can not believe he made the grade to be a sponsor. Just goes to show, personality is not an important factor for a high CAP score. As if to prove my point, he shot his load all over her face and hair, then grabbed the next girl, who looked about twelve, but must have been legal since the Marines had let her stay over there. He jammed his cock in her mouth and she started sucking frantically, while Melissa just sat there looking dejected.

There was one guy I especially noticed, even from across the room. He looked to be about my height and had dark brown hair. He was in good shape, but did not look fanatical about it. What really caught my eye was that even the women he fucked that he did not pick still had a smile on their face because of the kind way he treated them. You could tell he was looking for just the right bedmates, but still treated the women as people with feelings instead of warm holes to evaluate like the other guys were. I pretty much made up my mind right then that he would be the only one of these guys I would go with if asked, the others were just assholes who treated women like crap. I don't know what it is, but there is a difference between treating a woman like a special sex toy and treating her like a fuck-slut. He managed to do it, but the others didn't even bother trying.

All the sex going on had me really aroused and my mind was a bit foggy with lust -- not to mention the beer I'd drunk to get through the boring award ceremony, surrounded by jealous and spiteful co-workers. The award plaque I'd worked so hard to earn was lying abandoned on our table. If I got chosen, it was meaningless, and if I didn't, well, it still just did not seem too important anymore. After one last fuck, the hot guy fixed his clothes and said something to the older black woman he had just finished with. She gave him a huge smile and threw her arms around him, kissing him passionately before heading in the direction he pointed. I sighed, realizing she was one of the lucky ones. After watching her leave, he smiled happily and looked over at the men waiting on this side of the room.

'Oh God, he's coming this way!' I thought distracted from Melissa's plight, 'and he's so hot, but what if he wants me to... ' The thought was terrifying and exciting at the same time. I really wanted him, but knew he would completely reject me the moment he found out my secret. I shivered and averted my eyes, hating myself for being a coward while hoping somehow he would stop here anyway.

"Excuse me sir, my name is Steve." 'God he even has a sexy voice, ' I thought. 'Wait, he's talking to me?!'

"Um, hi, I'm ah Char," 'Shit that was so lame, ' I thought to myself, followed immediately by, 'damn those green eyes are HOT!'

"Char?" he asked, raising one eyebrow in a very sexy manner.

"Um, Charles sounds so stuffy and, well, Charlie is too Peanuts," I replied, trying to focus on something besides how hot he was.

"Listen, this is kind of awkward, but I am putting together a harem, well that is pretty obvious, sorry. Anyway, I ah, have one more slot to fill," 'I so wish he would fill my slot!', "and need a guy to help me with the women. May I see your CAP card please?"

With my inhibitions lowered anyway, I couldn't resist any longer. Blushing hotly, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Being fairly tall, almost 5'9", I barely had to tilt my head to meet his lips. Mmmm, his lips were sweet and tasted like pussy. I stumbled as he pushed me away. Dimly, I heard the guys around me, including some of my co-workers, making sounds of shock and disgust, but I didn't care. One even said, "There is no way I'd go that far for a ride off this world!"

"What the hell are you doing? I'm looking for guy to help me keep my women happy, I'm certainly not looking for some fag! Yuck!" He spun and started to stalk off, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

'Oh shit, he's pissed off and leaving! God, what do I do now?' I thought desperately.

"Wait, please wait a second," I begged.

He stopped and turned back looking at me angrily. Opening his mouth to say something, I raised my hand to forestall him. Ignoring the guys standing nearby watching us, I took a deep breath and pulled off my shirt and tie to reveal the band across my chest that hid my breasts. I had played the androgynous, metrosexual game for so long that it was extremely hard to reveal myself, especially in such a public place. But with so much on the line, I had no choice. My hands were shaking so much, it took twice as long as it should have to undo the band and reveal my C cup breasts. His eyes went wide and he blushed. Several other guys gasped also.

"Holy shit!" Mark, one of my beer buddies, exclaimed, followed by an encouraging, "what the fuck are you?" I could feel my bridges burning around me as my co-workers realized I had tricked them, and prayed mightily I could make this work.

"I'm sorry," Steve said, "I honestly thought you were a guy. I apologize for shoving you." Taking a breath he added a little wistfully --at least I wanted to think it was wistful, "I kind of wish you'd been with the women looking to be picked up. I've already picked all but one of my concubines. Now I'm looking for a man to help me keep all five of them happy, and take over bedroom antics while I'm deployed. If I'd known you were a woman, I wouldn't have approached you, since what I really need is a guy." He started to look at the other guys around me.

'Five women! Shit, he's an 8+. I have to reveal my secret, maybe he'll be open minded enough to accept me.' Slowly reaching for my zipper, I said, "this is really hard for me, but I want you to know, you weren't entirely wrong about me." His eyebrows flew up toward his hairline as I pulled out my painfully hard 6" cock. I saw disgust coming back into his eyes. To forestall it, I quickly added, "My pussy is also extremely wet from just looking at and kissing you."

He just stared at my hotly blushing face for a long moment while my words short-circuited his brain. With a quick shake of his head to focus, he said, "you're a transsexual then? Still not my type at all, no offense, but I..."

"NO!" I cut him off, "I'm not, this is the real me. I was born this way." 'God my pussy is an oil slick and my cock is so hard it feels like it's going to explode. Please let him accept me, PLEASE!' I begged mentally

"You were born that way? Wait, you're a hermaphrodite? I've never met one before. Wow, this is weird, I don't know how to react now." He was totally thrown off and hesitating, but not leaving, thank God.

"Holy shit, for real? That's so hot!" Said a familiar voice I did not bother trying to identify, focusing totally on the hot guy in front of me.

'Damn it, ' I thought as my eyes filled with treacherous tears. With a shaky voice, I said, "I understand, I get that whenever I reveal myself. Straight guys don't want me since I've got a dick, gay guys don't want me since I've got tits and a pussy. Same goes for women, straight chicks won't sleep with me and dykes hate me because I've got a man-part. A very few truly bi-sexual girls accepted me but it never worked for long. I'm so tired of being alone. Please take me with you; you can fuck me as much as you want and I can have sex with your women, maybe even get them pregnant if you let me. Please, please!" 'Crap, I'm begging and these fucking tears won't stop. What the hell happened to the strong, cut-throat businessman I was a few minutes ago? I used to always be so cool and aloof, now I want this guy so bad I can barely think, and I want the chance to please his women for him as well. Oh God please let him want me!' I was shaking with fear and desire, terrified he would leave.

He hesitated for a long minute, staring. I knew he was looking at me, the tall woman/average height man crying and shaking, desperate for his acceptance. But could he accept me? I could see the thoughts chasing across his face. He had no desire to sleep with a man, but the kiss had been so hot and she was really beautiful now that she was not being a guy. But she was a guy.

He reached out and gently touched my smooth, tear-streaked cheek, raising my face up so I was looking straight into his eyes. "I'm really conflicted by this. You are really hot and have a great body, but ... Yes there's that damn but, and I'm honestly not sure I can get past it."

I looked at him wide eyed, "Would you at least give me a try?"

As quickly as I could, I undid my pants and dropped them. Turning around I bent over a table and flashed him my tight ass and hot, wet pussy. From this angle, I was pure woman.

"Holy shit, he really does have a pussy," some guy exclaimed, making me even more self-conscious if that was possible.

Reaching back, I grabbed my would-be master's belt and pulled him forward. Encouraged by his lack of resistance, I undid his pants and pulled out Steve's cock. God, he was as hard as I was despite all the women he'd already fucked. His dick was just a little bit bigger than mine and felt so good in my hand. Lining him up with my hole, I pulled him forward into my pussy. He slid full length into my body in a single thrust! The ease was not due to overuse, that's for sure; rather I was so wet that he was able to slide into my tight pussy without effort. The feeling of his large cock stretching out my pussy was pure heaven. I was actually panting in lust as he slid in and out of me. His groans of pleasure at the feel of my body only aroused me more. I squeezed his cock with my pussy as he slid out of me and relaxed as he slid in, making him gasp every time. God he felt so amazing inside me!

Just when I didn't think it was possible to feel any better, a mouth suddenly latched onto my aching cock, swallowing it completely. Looking down between my hanging breasts in surprise, I could only see the person's feet, back and short black hair. I couldn't even tell if it was a man or a woman, not that it mattered.

It only took a minute of the intense double pleasure before my pussy clenched around his driving cock. I screamed as my orgasm swept through me, causing me to twist and writhe in pleasure. I was so out of it, I completely forgot about the other men surrounding us. Somehow, despite my writhing, neither Steve nor the other person lost contact with my body and they continued to pleasure me. Even as the starbursts cleared from my eyes, I could feel my body starting towards an even more intense orgasm. The feel of the man's large, strong hands sliding up my sides and capturing my bouncing breasts was amazing. His hands alternated between squeezing my tits and stroking my breasts, stoking the flames even higher.

Thrusting my pussy back against his driving cock, then moving forward to slide my hard cock into the talented mouth sucking me was driving me insane with pleasure. Over and over, faster and faster, penetrating and being penetrated, I could feel an unbelievable orgasm coming on. With a sudden yell, the man squeezed my breasts and yanked me backward onto his cock, which he slammed as hard as he could into me over and over, filling me with his hot cum. That was enough to send me into a mind-blowing orgasm. Crying out as my nervous system overloaded, I was utterly helpless and unable to control my writhing body or even think as wave after wave of incredible pleasure swept through me until everything went dark. Slowly I recovered enough to feel my cock still spurting into the mouth that was eagerly drinking my cum. The feeling of the mouth on my cock quickly became overwhelming and I started writhing in painful pleasure which caused the cock still in my pussy to stimulate those nerves as well, causing yet another almost painful orgasm.

"Oh God, please stop, you're killing me!" I begged.

With a rather evil and very satisfied chuckle, the man slowly pulled himself out of my still twitching pussy. The mouth that had been driving my cock crazy quickly slid back to my pussy to catch the flood of cum that poured out of me. No one had ever done that to me before and it felt wonderful. It was also kinky as hell having someone lick a guy's cum out of my pussy like that. Seeing his semi-hard cock out of the corner of my eye, I quickly reached out and pulled it to my mouth. Cleaning him up was the least I could do for him after the best fuck I'd ever had. Besides, the mingled taste of my pussy juice and his cum was delicious.

Almost every straight guy I ever talked to about it dislikes the taste of cum, and most would not even kiss a girl after she gave him a blow job, much less lick her pussy after sex. I really don't understand why not. I mean, I have a cock also, but I absolutely love the taste of cum, mine especially, but every guy's cum I've ever tasted has been yummy. Hell, I've been drinking my own cum since I was twelve and figured out how to contort myself enough so I could suck my cock while fingering my pussy and ass. In the eight years since I started doing that almost daily, I've probably cum in my mouth more than two thousand times!

Wow, that's a lot of cum and I can feel my face getting hot. Geez, the things you think about when you have a tasty cock in your mouth and a tongue in your very happy, well fucked pussy. Finally the cock and tongue moved away and I straightened up, only then realizing how big an audience we had. I was torn between humiliating embarrassment, outrage and a little bit of arousal. I forced myself to stand straight up and keep my hands at my sides although my face must have been bright red judging by how hot it felt. The worst part was the looks on the other guys' faces that worked with me and knew me as a man. The looks ranged from anger and betrayal at my tricking them into accepting me as one of them, to lust after seeing me getting fucked as a woman right in front of them, but none of them looked friendly or kindly. Except, that is, for the man I was now hoping and praying would take me to the stars and be my master for the rest of my life. His face was almost blank and he wasn't even looking at me, instead he was looking at the faces of the men around us. It looked like he was checking their reactions for some idea whether to accept me or not -- at least I think that's what was going on. After the one quick glance at their faces, I dropped my head down. I was no longer hiding behind my strong male mask and could not face them, especially as a just-fucked, naked woman.

That was when the other person from our impromptu ménage-a-trois came over and pressed herself against Steve's arm. She was a beautiful, petite Asian woman who could have been anywhere from 20 to 40 or older and was maybe five feet tall. She was wiping the last bit of cum that she had drunk from my pussy off her chin.

With a wide grin she said, "I like him, she has a beautiful cock and his pussy is really tasty." I think she deliberately misused both pronouns to get his attention. She may have been a new concubine that he'd only owned for a few minutes, but he seemed more than a bit smitten with her. I could tell her opinion mattered to him. Seeing my chance, I pressed my breasts against his other arm while carefully keeping my cock away from him. I kissed him close-mouthed with everything I had and then leaned over and french-kissed the small Asian woman, sharing the taste of cum and pussy with her.

Straightening, I looked him in the eye, "So Steve, are you interested in owning me as a lifelong sex toy or was that just a one-time amazing fuck?" I mentioned owning me to try and get his balls to speak up a bit and drown out any rational objections. God, I can not believe was using marketing techniques to sell myself!

Instead of answering immediately, he led us away from the men surrounding us who were watching so judgmentally to a quieter area. Turning to face me, he surprised me by hesitantly touching my cock as if to see if it was real, then snatching his hand back with a grimace. "I'll be honest with you, I'm a homophobe, but you are an incredible fuck and have plenty of meat to make the women happy," he said, then added, "that is a part of you and I can't ignore it, so I'll just have to get used to it, not that I'll ever experiment with it, ok?"

Tearing up again, but with a big, happy smile, I said, "That's fine, by the time all your other girls are through with me, I'll be thrilled to just lay back and take it like a woman."

With a big leer at me, he draped his arms over our shoulders and, ignoring the men's looks and comments as he walked us past them, led us to his other women, concubines, sex-slaves, whatever we were to be called. He certainly got points for variety. Besides my tall, blonde, blue-eyed hermaphrodite self and the very short, ageless Asian woman with tiny breasts who was hugging a young teen girl that must be her daughter, he had gathered a short, stocky, huge-breasted -- like DD or DDD -- Hispanic teenager who looked around 15, an older, maybe late-30's plain-looking black woman with a really cheerful smile who was slightly above average height, thin and showed definite signs of mother-hood, a tall, athletic woman in her early twenties with bright red hair that a quick glance down confirmed was natural, amazing gray eyes and a chest about the same size as mine, and finally a pretty, slightly older Pakistani woman who was of average height and build, but was gifted with a beautifully large, firm set of D cup breasts that made me jealous. I had always secretly wanted to have D cup breasts, even though I hide mine most of the time. Although I go as a guy or androgynous most of the time, I looked killer in a dress, and if I had boobs like her, I would cause accidents where ever I went.

As I checked them out, they were checking me out as well, wide eyes bouncing up and down from my perky boobs to my dick, trying to wrap their brains around what they were seeing. Seeing the looks they were giving me, Steve, or I guess I should start thinking of him as my master now, said, "I told you I was looking for another swingin' dick to help me satisfy you ladies. I also warned you that you would be expected to be equally happy with a cock or pussy depending on my mood or availability. Well Char here is both in one very hot, very skilled, all-natural package."

I could not help but preen a little at his words. A day ago I would have punched a guy for telling a group of people I was a good fuck, now it was really hot having him talking about me like that. Despite what feminists wanted you to believe or even macho guys said, there was something both very liberating and very reassuring about giving myself to someone, knowing he would take charge and make all the hard decisions for me, while also taking care of me. Complete obedience seemed a small price to pay for such security, awesome sex, and hopefully, love. I was amazed at how fast I'd gone from being a strong, in-charge, take-charge guy to being a happy, obedient slave girl, but I'd never been happier or felt more accepted.

With a 6.2, I had some chance of improving my CAP score to a point where I might become a volunteer, assuming this new submissive streak does not actually drop my score! But at the moment, I don't have any interest in improving my score. 'God, how the hell can I be so happy when I've been (voluntarily) enslaved by a man I don't even know, to be used as a female sex toy and stand-in stud for most of the rest of my life?' I asked myself, 'I don't know, but I am!'

I suspected that there would be bit of awkwardness in most multi-male groups. Since most men are straight, being around another man while having sex pushed buttons most guys would rather ignore. With me though, he would hopefully be fucking me silly, so there would be a whole different level of intimacy and comfort. I mean a tall sexy blonde with nice boobs is much easier for most guys to cuddle with than a hairy-chested dude, even though we both have dicks. There is also a level of dominance everyone feels when they stick their dick in you, whatever hole they are in. On the flip side, there is a submissive feeling when you have someone else inside you. Ste, err, Master will feel that dominance with me, even if he doesn't consciously realize it, so he will feel more comfortable around me than he would around another male he was not fucking, -- HA, and I thought all those psych classes in college were useless. The other women will feel that submissiveness toward both of us. That is not to say I would not completely obey whomever he puts in charge of course. Still, it is a turn-on to look at someone and know you can slide into her pretty much whenever you want.

After a final assessment of each other's bodies and introductions that bounced in one ear and out the other, Master -- wow, that is getting easier and easier to think! -- herded us over to a pair of Marines standing by what must be a transport ring, and we each verbally confirmed our willingness to become sex slaves for life, utterly obedient and with no recourse if we did not like what happened to us. It was put as bluntly as possible by the Marines just in case any of us had the slightest doubts about our future. No one refused to become Steve's concubine, and he accepted all of us. The only deviation from the routine question and answer was when the two towering Marines laid eyes on me and immediately started blushing like kids caught doing something nasty. I noticed a naughty bulge in both their pants that had not been there a few moments ago. It was kind of funny as one tripped over his words. "Sir, do you accept this wom ... err man, well person to be your concubine?"

"Yes, I do," he said with a grin. Now that he was getting past the initial shock of having a chick with a dick, he was highly amused at other people's reactions to me.

"Do you Ma'am, Sir, I mean, crap, do you accept Steve's offer to make you his concubine to do whatever he pleases to, I mean with?" I could almost hear the 'lucky bastard' lurking in the Marine's thoughts. It's funny, in the old life almost no one accepted me sexually, but in this new, super-sexual life, two presumably straight men were immediately aroused just by the sight of me. Maybe something about having a herd of well-satisfied female sex slaves stroked the male ego enough that they could look at the dick hanging off my hot chick's body and be aroused without their manly macho self-image being threatened. As I went between them toward the green glowing transport disk on the floor to be swept away to somewhere, I gave each of them my best sex kitten smile and brushed my hands over their bulges, giving each a quick squeeze. My grin widened as they both gasped with pleasure. Then I stepped forward and vanished, hopefully leaving behind all my bad old memories.

Steve-Caucasian 28, 8.1, hospital administrator

Xifeng-Chinese, 42, 6.0, trauma nurse, child-13F Meili,

Meredith- black 40, 6.1 lawyer, divorced, children-3F Naomi, 4M Jason, 7M Carl

Chital-Pakistani 27, 5.5, housewife, married, child-8F Suda

Moira-Irish, red/grey, 19, 5.8 college sophomore, geology

Tina-Hispanic, 15, 5.1 HS student

Char-Caucasian, blonde/blue, hermaphrodite, 20, 6.2 sales/marketing

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