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It's often struck me that we get introduced to a lot of characters in the course of a serialized novel and, because of the nature of the novel, we never really get to know them. During the writing of Model Student, I was often asked if I'd write the next book from Kate's perspective, or from one of the other female characters. Well, that's difficult and would significantly change the story. But it did get me thinking about what readers don't know about the characters.

Part of my normal working process as an author is to conduct periodic interviews with my characters so I know where they're coming from since half the time I'm in the dark. Most of the interview is just so I'll understand the character and be able to write genuine reactions and emotions. But it never makes it into the book. It's just stuff I need to know.

Well, without putting in any spoilers, I decided to share some of these interviews with you, the readers.

So here is how it works: Each Saturday, I'll post an interview with one of the characters from Triptych. The interview will be appropriate to information in the chapters that were posted on Monday and Thursday of that week. They will be dated according to the timeline in the story. The first interview is with Tony and is here just to get the ball rolling. We know a lot about Tony because the story is told from his perspective. But, as I told him, not everything in his life is relevant to the story. The interview was conducted on Saturday, July 2, the day before Triptych begins.

Let me know if you enjoy these interviews or if they are a waste of time. Please don't suggest that I just spend my time writing the story, because I have to do the interviews in order to write the story anyway.

Oh. And there's no sex in the interviews, though occasionally a character will talk about their feelings toward the subject. Really. What kind of an old pervert do you think I am?

Here's to an exciting new adventure!


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