Chapter 1: Deanna Plays

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Deanna Plays - Deanna had Tom's number. She'd been in love with him since she was eight. Eight years later she convinced mom to leave her with Tom when mom had to take a work assignment offshore. Tara knew the score but she also knew Tom. Dee gets what she wants, then decides to share - a lot. The violence tag is for completeness - please read story note in the intro. Like a melodrama you'll stand and cheer when the black hat gets what is coming to him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Group Sex   Harem   First   Pregnancy   Violent  

Deanna had been teasing me for weeks apparently not knowing what it was she was doing to me. I would find out that she knew exactly what she was doing. It was all part of her "diabolical" plan.

She would chuckle at the lump in my pants that she had created with her skimpy dress and brush her hand up against it every chance she got.

Hey, I'm human and she is a beautiful young lady.

She would look up at me with her "puppy dog eyes" sparkling like diamonds and give me a smile, big, wide and innocent, as her hand would gently cop a feel thinking I would think it was just an accident.

Once or twice, ok, accident. Two or three times before you leave for school everyday, don't think so. There were times she was so blatant and obvious that she apologized for the bump, but that smirk on her face told me it had a purpose in her mind.

She has been staying with me while her mom was in Asia doing some work and she'd be gone for the better part of a year, so this was going to be a long-term situation.

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle a year or more of this teasing, but then I might just succumb. There were already some things that had happened and had been said as "mom" was leaving that leave me wondering what the whole thing is all about. I had a sense of being set up, but what the hell, she's a certifiable knock out so what will be will be.

With all the options that should have been available, why would one of my old bedtime buddies leave her 15-year-old daughter with me for a year? Don't mind me, I just thought it rather strange, but I wasn't going to argue with Tara; I felt like I owed her big time. She always said that I didn't, but she did pick me up, more than once, when I was down. Dee is beautiful and so is her mother. I'll have to talk about Tara a bit later, but first to Deanna.

At 15, nearly 16, Deanna was about 5'3" tall, fairly slender but certainly not skinny. Her hips were rounding nicely and you could definitely see the woman in her coming out slowly. While her hips were rounding nicely so was her scrumptious bubble butt. Her body was filling out with a gorgeous pair of B-cup breasts. Girls sure didn't look like that when I was 15.

Well maybe they did, and I just didn't notice. How the hell would I miss that? At 15 I knew what the ladies were hiding in those panties, because I'd already been in a few pairs.

I hoped that those breasts would stop growing right where they are. In my mind, they couldn't be more perfect just the way they are. They were a sultry handful each, pert, firm and proud.

Her light brown hair, when down would reach midway down her back but was always pulled back, sometimes in pig tails, some times in a pony tail, and those gorgeous light powder blue eyes could penetrate even the best hard-ass look you could give her. I gave up on that early in this whole experience. The "look" didn't work.

A big problem I seem to have with Dee is that she could be her mother's twin sister, about 14 years older than she really is. All the neighborhood boys are drooling profusely all over themselves and undoubtedly creaming their jeans over her.

She just politely declines any advances, telling them she has a boyfriend and wasn't going to be playing around on him and then just to be typical would sometimes add, "especially with you". Somehow I got the feeling that she likes to turn the knife.

Boyfriend? That was news to me. Tara didn't mention anything about a boyfriend. Shit, That's all I need with all the other bullshit.

I just hoped it was her way of getting rid of the roamin' hands. I think every guy around tried to put their hands on those luscious tits she was sprouting. She was very adept at avoiding stray feelie attempts and could throw you on the ground with her eyes if she meant to.

As I said, there were some things said at the airport that kind of had me wondering just what it is that was going on. After a couple more weeks of the provocative clothes she'd put on after school, the constant sideways looks and "accidental" feels, I decided to see if I could find out what was on her mind.

One Friday evening I told her to get cleaned up and dress up really nice so I could take her out to a nice dinner. We'll run this up the flagpole and see if there's a breeze blowing and in which direction.

She gave me a surprised look, but those eyes started to sparkle as she disappeared up the stairs into her room and shower. I called one of the local "high class" restaurants that I knew of, made reservations for 7:30, and set about getting myself ready. I wasn't quite sure how to interpret that look she gave me, but I guess I'd find out.

I put on a nice pair of slacks, dress shirt, tie and a sport coat that were almost a suit. I figured a suit would be a little much, but when I saw Dee come down the stairs I suddenly felt grossly under dressed. I should have been in a tuxedo!

She had put on a beautiful royale blue formal gown that was low cut in front exhibiting her beautiful breasts appropriately, well maybe not for a 15 year old but she certainly didn't look 15. It plunged all the way down to her butt in the back. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra, as it wouldn't go with the dresses spaghetti straps. For the most part she didn't need a bra most of the time anyway, at least not from my perspective.

I was about blow my cookies just watching her walk down the stairs. She slowly stepped down and stepped in front of me doing a quick spin so that I could catch the whole Deanna.

Holy shit. I'd never seen anything quite so beautiful in my life, that dress enhanced her natural beauty perfectly, and with the light powder blue eyes, the deep royale blue of the dress was dazzling.

Her hair was shining and loose for a change instead of tied up, and she had a smile on her face that would melt diamond.

"Oh my god Dee, You are absolutely stunning. I'm going to be the envy of the club tonight," I whispered. Now whom the fuck was drooling?

With another incredible smile, she said softly, "I'm glad you like it Tommy. It is all for you! I'd never dress like this for anyone else, because you always make me feel so special. I want you to be proud of me."

"Oh Dee. Proud isn't the word. I'm honored to have you as my date this evening. You ready to go?"

"Yep, Let's go. I'm famished."

It was nearly impossible to keep my eyes off of her as we drove the 10 minutes to the club restaurant, and as we drove I saw her looking over at me out of the corner of her eye. I was sprouting a boner already and it certainly didn't escape her notice. She squirmed a little but firmly put her hand on my thigh and began a slow gentle caress.

This was going to be a long night!

Little did I know?

When we arrived at the club and got the car parked, with a sensuous smile her sparkling eyes met mine, and I couldn't help but marvel at the depth of her look. It felt like she could see right through me.

After unhooking her seatbelt, she leaned across to me and put her lips to mine very softly kissing me. It wasn't one of those "little girl" kisses, but one of the most sensual, sexy kisses I'd ever had. But what startled me was when she put her hand directly on my stiffy and rubbed it gently for a moment while she finished her kiss.

Those beautiful eyes sparkled and danced furiously. With a sly smile, she whispered to me, "Is this for me Tommy?"

After the shock and awe of the activity, "It's yours if you want it my love. It's yours if you want it," I whispered back to her as I leaned my head towards hers and kissed her ever so gently.

She squeezed my boner lightly and gave me a mysterious glance that looked half lust and half apprehension.

I'd called her bluff and I think she was not only a bit surprised, but didn't quite know how to deal with it. But the die had been cast so we'd see what was in the mold later. She was a walking wet dream; I certainly couldn't escape that reality.

She had a real offer on the table and she was pleased, but she'd realistically never expected it. Not from "the old guy" who'd been trying to ignore her for the past couple months. Well yeah! Not ignoring what she was doing could lead to some severe trouble, but I think the ignoring is over. Time will tell.

We got out of the car and walked hand in hand slowly toward the door. She kept looking at me with those beautiful eyes and every time I'd meet hers with mine, she'd blush a little, smile shyly, and look away. I wondered what was going on inside that beautiful little head.

I looked at her again all dressed up and knew that she was going to be able to pass for "legal age" in the club which is kind of scary when you consider she is only 15. Yeah, she's almost 16, but still only 15.

The maitre d' smiled as we entered and she took his arm like she does it every night while he led us to our table. I had requested a small booth in the rear of the club in a more private area.

As we sat down, he looked at her and asked, "A drink for M'lady?"

Deanna turned to me with an almost panicked look, not really knowing what to say, so I told him that we'd start with a couple of Cuba Libre's please.

Without batting an eye he turned and moved off to let our table service know the drink order, and also to let them know that we were "VIP's" and to provide extra special service. As if they needed to be reminded.

Deanna looked at me with wide eyes and asked, "What's a Cuba Libre?"

I focused my gaze on her and sighed slightly. "It's just a fancy name for a Rum and Coke angel. I think you'll like it, but don't drink it too quickly – you're not used to alcohol, and I don't want you getting drunk."

She smiled at me sweetly and cuddled up next to me closer and held my arm in her hands, and let out a heavy sigh.

We talked a bit waiting for the waitress to come with our drinks, menu and bread.

"Tommy. I've never been in a place this fancy, I'm afraid I'm going to do something stupid and embarrass you."

I looked at her in surprise, "Don't worry about it sweetheart, you'll do just fine. Just act like the lady I know you are and everything will be perfect. I want you to enjoy the evening out, but I can't wait to get you home later."

I got an excited look of trepidation from her. We hadn't really talked about "later" so I left it to her mind to calculate. There was going to be no pressure and there was no hurry, so whatever she decided was ok with me, but I was definitely calling the bluff she's been pushing for the past few months.

I was keeping in mind what her mother had said at the airport when she left. If it was intimacy that she wanted, intimacy is what she's going to have, but it'll be slow, passionate and tender. It's hard for me to fathom my feelings for Dee. Shit. She's only 15, yeah, almost 16, but acts like she's much older. That's a testament to the way Tara has raised her, but she's 15 nonetheless. Before Tara left her with me, if you'd have said I'd be lusting after a 15 year old I'd have said you were bug assed crazy. But here it is.

I just have this funny feeling that there's something here that I've missed. Something between Dee and Tara that I've never been privy to. I guess I'll find out sooner or later because I'm completely lost. She's got me wrapped, hook, line and sinker. My biggest problem is that she knows it!

As if it were planned, with perfect timing, the waitress showed up with our drinks, a basket of bread and the menus. She went through her list of the specials for this evening and said she'd be back in a few minutes to take our orders.

Deanna nervously leaned in to me and kissed me gently, but this time I felt her tongue touch my lips and immediately opened mine so she could play. As her tongue entered my mouth, mine found it and we played tag for a short time. I felt her breathing become a bit more rapid as she let out a small moan. She was "probing". Let's see how far the "old guy" will go in public. She just didn't understand that she didn't look her age and that anyone observing would just think that the old guy was fuckin'-a lucky, which he is.

This was going to be a most interesting evening; I could feel it in my bones. No not that one! Well ... Maybe that one too.

She clung to me like a magnet all evening, as we had our meal, which was absolutely excellent as usual at the club. We both had sautéed fresh ocean scallops with asparagus tips, baked potato with all the fixin's and a glass of wine each.

As we finished up with our meals and kind of kicked back to let things start to digest, I asked Dee if she wanted to go next door, listen to some music and perhaps dance.

Getting an excited look and a positive response, she looked at me questioningly, "How are you going to get me in a bar Tommy? I'm not old enough and I don't have fake ID."

I smiled at her, "You let me worry about that sweets. Nobody can tell your true age, and the staff here wouldn't think I'd bring someone so young to the club."

We stood up and slowly made our way to the other side of the club where the bar and dance hall is located.

The bouncer at the door gave Dee a close look trying to figure out whether or not to ask for ID. I'm sure he also noticed a couple other attributes that would not betray her true age. Especially in that dress, but seeing that she was with me let her pass without a second glance. Well, except to watch her walk away as we proceeded through the door.

I was pretty sure there wouldn't be a problem at the door.

I guess I should admit here that I am one of the founding members of the club, which as it turns out, had become the most exclusive in town. Having been on the board of directors since day one, everyone here knows me but discretely and professionally keeps that familiarity to themselves. They also know that I tend to tip very well!

At present I'm the president of the board and have been for 8 years. It's something I enjoy a lot, though at times it can be quite a challenge. I'm a pretty progressive thinker and have what I consider to be good ideas on improving our offerings, but there are some curmudgeons on the board that try to rain on the parade at every turn. Thus far they haven't prevailed on any issue they've presented, so you'd think they'd just give up.

I suppose we could just vote them off of the board, but their inputs tend to keep the rest of us on an even keel. They just don't see the value added in progress or at least what the rest of us consider progress. They're the old stuffed shirts that will sit in the corner smoking cigars and make snide comments about anything and everything they see come in the door.

The staff knows me and is very familiar with my attitude towards things that make their world happen so they tend to take very good care of me. By the same token, they try to move the old geezers out as quickly as possible because they always try to make a scene alluding to their importance so they can stroke themselves. Being on the board of such an exclusive establishment is like the proverbial notch on the gun handle. They are of the opinion that the world owes them a life because they have a few dollars in the bank, and they're used to having their asses kissed and their boots licked.

I take it upon myself to ensure that when their asses are kissed there are teeth involved, and their boots are very scuffed before they reach the door. They try to make trouble at the board meetings, but I've got about 85% of the rest of the members "with me" so they rarely make any dent in the overall makeup of the board, and though they do rain on the parades we try to run, they do act as the conscience and temper our enthusiasm. It seems like a necessary evil.

I think every eye in the place was on us as we found our way into a darkish corner booth the house kept "reserved" for just such a guest. I could see a bunch of the fellows wince as their dates gave them elbows in the ribs for lustfully staring. I'm also guessing that there was a significant bit of blood migrating southward in more than a few of them as well. The little guy was trying to take control, but "mama" was there to keep 'em honest.

Why is it that women always seem to be in competition with each other, and if a guy looks at a pretty girl it somehow means the lady he's with has been moved down a notch. Not true ladies. Just as you admire a tight buff body walking by, so do we. We know who we're with, and we intend to go home with you! If you looked like that, you probably wouldn't be with me. Deal with it.

Deanna is an eyeful, I wouldn't argue with that for an instant. Definitely sweet eye candy and as I said before, an absolute walking wet dream. And for Christ sake, she's fifteen!

As we sat down, the bar girl came over to get our drink orders. "Hi Tommy. The usual?"

"You know it Carol, thanks," I answered immediately.

She would have normally taken Dee's order first, but she was being friendly with a regular, so as she looked at Deanna she apologized, and asked her what she was going to have.

"It's no problem. I know Tommy's here a lot. I'd like a Cuba Libre', please" she said with all the confidence of her looks rather than her true age.

None of the people there would ever think that I'd bring a 15 year old into the club for any reason, much less to have dinner, drinks, dancing and later on, perhaps a little play.

Deanna was glued to my side in the booth, on the dance floor and everywhere else that evening, as we "partied" the way adults do. I wanted her to know that she was going to be treated as an adult as long as she continued to act like one. Even at home.

I've always been a firm believer that young adults should be treated as adults and given positive instruction and reinforcement for appropriate behavior. That would always allow them to grow into their age with confidence born of positive experiences. It also helps them understand that respect is earned and as they give respect, they'll get it back.

There is too little respect being taught to youngsters these days. Parents don't seem to take responsibility for raising their kids anymore. They figure the teachers will do it in the schools so they can just wash their hands of the task. How wrong they are, but that's a soapbox that I will pass on here. It's pretty rickety these days.

I wondered how much confidence Dee was going to show later when I got her home, undressed and into my bed. For now she was showing all the confidence and maturity of someone at least 10 years older than she truly is.

I told her that I was not only proud of her, but that I was still very honored to be seen with her as my date for the evening. Perhaps we could do this more often before her mom came back from her Asia trip.

Of course, Tara would probably have had an absolute fit if she knew what we were doing. I'm sure she would not approve of what I was thinking for later either, though going back to what she said at the airport, I'm not so sure.

But for now she was 10,000 miles away, and I'm sure Deanna wasn't about to blow the whistle on these experiences. She enjoyed and appreciated being treated as a woman should be treated. Perhaps later I would "make her a woman," as the saying goes. What a misnomer, but it is what it is.

But it's totally up to Dee. Nothing ever forced nor coerced. Anything will be at her behest.

Slow, gentle seduction was in order. She is still a child in many eyes, but in that dress, in this club tonight, she's hardly a child. I know 30-year-old women that don't display the level of maturity Dee is showing tonight.

On my suggestion, she milked her drink for the rest of the evening and to provide a good example I did the same with my double JD on the rocks. I didn't want to be overly buzzed either. I certainly wanted my full faculties later. No dull head. If she was going to let me seduce her, I was intent on making it the most memorable night of her life. A memory she would take with her to the grave.

It's the way every girl needs, no, deserves to be treated on her "virgin night". And at 15, if she decides that she wants to do that, she's going to have it done right! She would get the advantage of my teacher's lessons. There will be a whole chapter later on my teachers.

Guys don't tend to think of things in that light for the most part. The male brain is primitive, and deals with primal instincts. Pussy is pussy, and if it's virgin, oh well. It's one big reason there are so many bi-sexual women that prefer girls. Most are just sick and tired of putting up with guys and their BS.

If I was a woman, I'm sure I'd be bi-sexual. No doubt in my mind. I think I'd want a good stiff cock once in a while, but for "true feelings" in love making you can't do better than another woman!

Dee and I had already had "the talk." Especially the one about guys her age and how their hormones take over the brain and the little head starts trying to do the thinking, a task that is far beyond its capability.

Guys her age will tell her anything they think she wants to hear to get into her pants. Then he'll give her a quick wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, and shoot his rocks. He certainly won't give a damn about her, leaving her high and dry, then pull up his pants and go tell 500 of his closest friends. You know what kind of rep that gets a teenaged girl.

She knew exactly what I was talking about; girls talk. There were a couple of the girls at school that got the rep of being "easy", so every guy around was hitting on them but only to get their dicks wet, and in so many words say, "Next".

Dee didn't want that kind of reputation and knew about it up front, so the talk was pretty easy. I think she was rather surprised that I would actually sit her down and without any embarrassment have that kind of discussion with her, but I also think it garnered some respect on her part. I care an awful lot for her and her mom, so I owed it to both to be frank, honest and totally up front about those kinds of emotions.

In retrospect, I'm sure that Tara had a similar discussion with her before leaving her with me. My overall relationship with Tara will come out later, but suffice it to say that Tara and I have been quite close for many years. After all, she trusted me with her daughter.

I just told her that I didn't want to see her get hurt or pregnant! At the same time, I had also taken her down to the local clinic and got her on the pill – just in case! When we talked, Tara approved.

She was an absolute knock 'em out, drop-dead stone fox, and it really was only a matter of time. She knew how she affected the opposite sex and surely used it to her advantage. I know she had me wrapped! Unfortunately, she knew it too.

Little did I know what she had on her mind? As I said before, she wasn't letting anyone male, with the exception of me, get close enough to her to touch anything intimately.

I asked her about it regularly and she'd just blush and get a nervous smile. Being a guy, I didn't catch the blatant clues.

She'd say, "I already have a boyfriend and I'm not going to betray my feelings for him by going out with any of the local stud wannabe's." She was very good at evaluating motivations.

She was very adamant about it. I told her that if she wanted to have her "boyfriend" over for a visit or dinner, that I didn't mind.

She just smiled, said thanks, and gave me a sultry look. Gadzooks, those eyes.

Of course, again, being a guy, I didn't have a clue. I didn't see the look for the way she was projecting it. I guess I just never expected it from her, so it didn't register, at least not at first.

It was getting on to be a little after midnight and we'd just finished a very sexy slow dance. She only wanted to do the slow dances, and when she did she pressed herself against me like I was a second skin. She wiggled her hips against my cock and moaned quietly as my hands caressed her back and ass.

The others at the club would watch in awe as she moved to and from the table, so when we returned to our table, started picking up our things and headed towards the door I could hear a few moans of disappointment from the crowd.

I wasn't disappointed to say the least. I was taking this gorgeous young lady home to see where the rest of the evening would take us. I would make very passionate love to her if that were what she wanted.

Before this night was out, she would know orgasm. She would know pleasure. She may know the feel of a hard penis inside her vagina and the feel of fresh sperm being deposited inside her young womb.

I just had to be careful not to scare her off by going too "fast." She deserved nothing less than all the passion I could muster.

I'd planned on taking all night if necessary, I was in no hurry, but the seduction was on! These were the vibes I was getting from her almost daily, so I was just calling her bluff, but I was beginning to get the feeling that she wasn't bluffing.

On the ride back to the house Deanna couldn't get any closer to me unless she sat in my lap. She purred like a kitty when I put an arm around her shoulders to hold her closer to me.

She looked up at me with those deep penetrating blue eyes asking me what was in store for the rest of the night. I looked down at her momentarily, gave her a gentle smile, and whispered softly, "In a minute honey. Let me find a spot to pull over."

Hearing that, she displayed a small, nervous smile and let out a sigh holding me even tighter.

I knew of a secluded spot on private property where we could take a quick stroll under the stars if that's what she wanted to do. I pulled off the main road onto the dirt trail that leads off into the distant forest beyond the cool meadow. I knew the spot I was looking for, but everything looked so different in the dark.

When I pulled off to the side stopping just short of the forest and turned off the lights and engine, she looked at me nervously, her eye's pleading lustfully for me to reach out and hold her again.

I looked into those deep pools of blue that were so desperately searching mine for any sign of what was coming up. I put two fingers under her chin and pulled her face up while lowering mine. Slowly, carefully, I put a gentle, sensual kiss on her hungry waiting lips. Mine barely brushed across hers causing her to let out a small moan of approval while one hand moved up to the back of my head to hold it gently in place.

When the delicate kiss ended, our eyes met in the kind of union that she would feel later when we got back to the house. Her young body quivered slightly in anticipation. Her hand returned to the back of my head when she slowly but deliberately moved her face back up towards mine. Her eye's continued to melt me, while at the same time she put her soft lips gently against mine, but didn't move them off as I had done. I felt her tongue start to lick my closed lips and immediately opened them slightly allowing her to explore.

Dee's moans were becoming a little louder while our tongues played serious tag with each other, touching tip to tip sensuously. The pressure got greater as we pressed our mouths into each other.

The girl knew how to kiss! I'll have to remember to ask her where she learned to kiss like this. Quite honestly, it wouldn't totally shock me if she told me that it was her Mother. I can see Tara doing that to help Dee, but Dee would have needed to ask first.

Both arms came up and wrapped around my neck as she moved her body a bit to see if she could get closer to me without actually getting in my clothes with me. That's not something I'd object to, especially if she got out of hers first.

After the glow of the kiss, my hands came up to her face and gently brushed her cheeks as I looked into those gorgeous blue eyes and whispered to her, "Thank you Dee. That's one of the nicest kisses I've ever had," totally meaning it. This girl now had me in the palm of her hand. I was rapidly becoming putty.

Who was seducing whom?

She was breathing a bit more quickly and much harder than before, looked at me with a grin but didn't let loose of my neck at all. She moved her lips back up to mine and gently pecked a quick kiss on me and whispered back, "Oh Tommy, I've never felt like this inside. I'm getting all tingly and itchy. Can we do that some more? Later too, when we get home?"

I gave her a wry smile and whispered back, "Kitten, we can do that as much as you like, whenever you like."

As we were basking in the warmth of those feelings she moved one of her arms from around my neck putting her small hand on my inner thigh just below my stiff cock. It was trying to push its way out while her hand moved gently up and down, stroking me slowly. She rested her head against my chest, still purring softly.

Well, not being one to take an invitation like that lightly, I gently moved one of my hands from her back to her side slowly moving it upwards to cup one of her proud breasts in my palm.

She let out a loud gasping moan. Her hand moved slowly, softly caressing my stiff penis.

"Oh my god Tommy, that feels so good. Please don't ever stop," as her face moved up to mine to kiss me once again. This time the kiss was not just sensual; this kiss was sexual, demanding. I could feel a deep desire I hadn't sensed in her lips before, but I also felt the nervous quivering, as these new feelings were moving rapidly through her body. It felt like she was calmly starting to experiment now, and I let her do whatever she wanted, trying to support and follow along.

I moved my hand away from her breast, which was met with a little cry of disappointment. It changed to a loud moan and she sucked in some air when I took both of the spaghetti string straps on her dress and lightly moved them down off of her shoulders, laying bare the two firm orbs that I couldn't wait to get my mouth around.

She had that special look of anticipation, her breathing hastening again. She was hungrily looking into my eyes analyzing the new sensations she was experiencing. She knew where my hands were going to go next and was letting me know it was ok. I smiled down at her and smoothly moved my hands to take each breast gently into my palms.

The electricity was more than static; it was sparking everywhere. She moaned again moving her lips to mine kissing me once more. I took each nipple between my fingers and gently twisted and pulled on them until they were upright and stiff. Her hand hadn't moved off of my hardness, but the motion had slowed while she started concentrating on those incredible sensations traversing her young, willing body.

This "make out" session lasted for another 10 to 15 minutes before I allowed one hand to find its way to one knee moving it slowly up her inner thigh towards the dampness that was seeping into her panties. Her scent was delicious and without the slightest touch I knew she was well lubricated for an invasion.

Had she been a little older, a little more experienced with what she had been asking for before we left the house, she would not have worn any panties.

I thought she was going to jump out of her skin when my hand reached her panties. I pressed softly against those tender, young, virgin lips moving the edge of one finger up and down feeling the wetness surrounding the tight slit that led into her womanhood.

She already had a huge wet spot on her panties. She was breathing extremely hard and fast now, but opened her eyes looking at me wantonly whispering, "Oh god Tommy, that feels so good, but please stop. Not now, not here. Please, let's go back home. I've had a wonderful evening, but I want to get back where we can be totally comfortable and alone. I want you to take me to bed sweetie. Your bed."

I immediately stopped caressing her pussy, cursing myself for proceeding too quickly though it was only "not here". If she was going to do something she didn't want it parked in a car. I moved my hand cautiously back to her breasts. I leaned down and gently kissed each nipple bringing out yet another serious moan but I put the top of her dress back into place and returned the straps to their proper place on her shoulders bringing a disappointed heavy sigh from her.

In all of this she never stopped her motion or pressure on my cock, but as our lips met one more time both of her arms once again surrounded my neck as she notched up the intensity of the lip-lock and gave my tongue a lashing that it would not soon forget.

When the kiss was over, she looked at me with tears forming in those two blue eyes, and whispered to me, "I'm sorry Tommy," beginning to look down at the floor.

"Kitten. There's nothing for you to be sorry about," I said putting two fingers under her chin and raising it so that I could make positive eye contact. "I also had one of the most wonderful evenings I've ever had out with a woman. I've so enjoyed your company, your kisses, and your affection like no one ever before. I understand honey, I really do."

Then I added softly, "We're not ever going to do something you aren't ready for or want to do, so if it starts moving in that direction, I expect you to do exactly what you just did tonight."

She looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, as I continued, "You should be able to do that with any man, and if he continues against your wishes, he's really not much of a man."

"Oh god Tommy, you're such a fantastic man. Let's get back to the house," and with a wide grin on her face, "Maybe you can make me one of those Cuba Libre's before I drag you kicking and screaming?"

I chuckled at that, and moved around to start the car and head on back to the barn. As I turned the key, she put her hand gently back onto my thigh, leaned up and whispered into my ear, "I love you so much Tommy. I always want to make you happy."

"You already have sweetheart. You already have." Our eyes met with an understanding that the night was yet young. She exuded anticipation, not knowing exactly what was to come, but having a pretty good idea. Her panties were already very wet, so I knew that those itchy feelings were in her. She just didn't quite know how to scratch them adequately. She just knew that she wouldn't be able to take care of these wants by herself.

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