Thesis Topic 23
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, DomSub, Humiliation, School,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young Lillian is a pretty but very demure senior psychology student that is close to graduate with honors; she just have to write a professional thesis. Unfortunately, instead of her planned thesis topic that would give her career a strong head start, she is assigned a subject that she is very uncomfortable with, because it goes against the feminism that she professes.

Lillian was the first to enter the small auditorium of the university. She was very nervous. Today the 30 students pursuing a psychology degree will be assigned their thesis topic by a draw. It was the first year that the students didn't choose their own topics. The previous year there were a couple of cases of academic fraud. In both cases the students confessed they had proposed a subject for which they knew the existence of an unpublished research paper. There were rumors that the practice was frequent. That scandal leaded the college authorities to choose a draw to avoid such kind of plagiarism.

Lillian was nervous and disappointed, the uncertainty was killing her. She was used to carefully plan every detail of her career and her life. She was a very focused girl, even a single minded one. Everything she did she did it for a purpose, always putting little pieces together to build the future that she had envisioned for herself. At 21 she was the youngest senior student and her grades were probably the best of her class. She was a pretty girl, with a slim figure and beautiful legs, her breasts were small but perky and she had a beautiful, innocent looking face with green eyes and long red hair that made her very attractive. In spite of her beauty she rarely dated. As everything in her life she had planned ahead the kind of man that she wanted and won't date anybody that doesn't fit that profile.

She was trying to figure up how this random thesis will fit in her plans. Many of her classmates were interested in the clinical and sociological aspect of psychology but she despised those areas. She wanted to use her knowledge of the human mind to build a successful business career. She had planned to do her thesis about the traits that made women succeed in business and politics, as a matter of fact she was already familiar of previous research and theories and had made a list of relevant persons that she wanted to interview for her own research.

As part of her career plan, Lillian had applied for an internship at Johnson & Carter, a very important personal recruitment firm and she got the position in spite of her young age. Her plan was to acquire experience and become very successful at predicting people success, especially women success. Her thesis and her access to hundreds of personal files will help her a lot. She had planned that after 5 years she will write her first book and then she will start consulting human resources departments all around the country. At any time she will find a business man that would be wealthy enough and a true gentleman that respected and encouraged her wish to develop her own successful career. She wanted the man to be wealthy not to maintain her but as a measure of success and self confidence and as mean to contribute with the right connections to push her own career.

The auditorium started to fill with students, everybody was talking animatedly. Lillian was quiet and fidgeted from one leg to another while biting her lower lip, she looked cute. Today she had rushed to the university and wasn't dressed in her usual business-like attires. She was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, snickers and no makeup at all and looked like a high school girl more than a senior college student. She hated her childish looks. She was the youngest in her class and looking even younger than she was only contributed to make her feel like she didn't belong which caused her some insecurities, that was why she always wore serious clothes, high heels and expertly applied makeup, specially to cover the freckles that still decorated her cheekbones and nose making her feel like a school girl.

In the last few weeks every graduating student had proposed a research topic and had made the sustentations of why that topic was relevant. Lillian had debated with herself if she should propose her favorite subject or not. It was very unlikely that she was assigned it and the possibility of other girl doing it made her jealous, but at the end she resolved that even a tiny chance was better than nothing and she found some relief thinking that her subject could be assigned to a male student, specially the machos like John Wallace, "That will teach them some respect for accomplished women", she thought.

The teacher entered the room and without saying a word he waited patiently until all the talking and whispering ceased completely. He put 30 identical envelopes and a bunch of printed sheets on the desk, and then turning to see the students he finally said.

"I have this list with your names that was sorted randomly with a procedure approved by the statistical department chief to be as fair as possible. When I call your name, you will come to my desk and you will choose and envelope, any envelope, you will write your name and the number of the envelope in this form and you will sign it, then you will leave the room and only then, you will open the envelope. This form states your acceptance of the topic. You may reject the subject and try again next semester but the failed thesis will be on your record and remember that you have only two chances to accomplish your thesis. Is everything clear?"

After a few questions everybody got the procedure and the draw started. After just 5 students, Lillian was called, she looked at the envelopes hesitantly. "Which one is my proposal?", she thought, "Well, it is impossible to know, I just hope that I get a good topic, one that let me shine, a paper that could kick start my career".

"Please Ms. Gordon, hurry with your pick there are 25 students waiting".

Lillian picked the one in the center of the pile of envelopes and quickly filled her form. "Lillian Gordon, Thesis Topic: 23". Lillian signed it and filled with apprehension and curiosity she left the room as fast as she could.

Once outside the room she opened her envelope:

"Assessment and Identification of core psychological features of young females working for the pornographic industry using a case study approach"

Lillian was red with shame and rage. "This is surely the idea of a stupid bastard like John Wallace. He surely wanted to have the opportunity to interview a porno star with the excuse of a psychological research. This topic is stupid and a drag and ... And it will be a shame to show in my curriculum. And What will I get from talking with those low life scums? Nothing! Shit!".

Lillian went home and tried to plan a way out. She had her first thesis counseling meeting in a couple of days and she wanted to change her situation. She analyzed her possibilities.

"I can't simply drop the topic, I would lose a semester and my almost certain cum laude. I may try to discredit the topic so it is declared unprofessional or something but a panel had already revised and approved every proposed subject. I can't allege religious reasons because to be admitted to this university I already signed that I won't claim such a thing.", Lillian saw no doors opened but she resolved, "I will try to get some sympathy from my thesis counselor and get her help to find a method to change the subject, I will suggest all these options maybe she could find a way to twist one of them into a feasible argument".

But a couple of days later her counselor was talking calmly with her, "No Lillian, there is no way to change the assigned subject, the rules are made to that objective.", she was thinking, "Not to mention that I was the thesis counselor of one of the cheating students of the last year, and I barely avoided an investigation. Trying to change the subject of my pupil will look very bad".

Lillian was on the verge of crying she was trapped with that stupid topic. She opted for her last resource, "Ms.Barbara, may I at least change the research approach. I could make a very interesting meta-study, I already have several hypothesis that could be better proven by a meta-study than by and individual interview."

Barbara Smith made a hand motion signaling Lillian to continue. "I have the hypothesis that the girls in that industry have sociological drawbacks but psychologically are people with low self-stem, maybe low IQ and no academic achievements and lacking clear goals for their lives, promiscuous people that most probably initiated sex life at a very short age in relationships without love. They most probably have a strong tendency to exhibitionism. I also think that they are easily manipulated thanks to their lack of goals and sense of direction as well as their poor will power. They were surely rose by dysfunctional families"

Barbara nodded slightly, she was a good psychologist, she was used listen the other people until they finish exposing their ideas.

Lillian continued, "I could make an extensive analysis of other people's researches, a meta-study, to see if my hypothesis could be proven thru them". Lillian was satisfied with her exposition, if she could not avoid that horrid topic, she could at least do it in the most detached way. She knew that doing a lot of library work wasn't as exciting as doing some real field research, and she knew that people in the field didn't give too much professional value to this kind of research, they often called those meta studies "high school papers", but given the subject she considered it a lot better alternative than expend weeks interviewing some bimbo.

Barbara silently analyzed the possibilities for a few minutes then said, "It would be a disappointment that such a brilliant student as you do a lame approach to an interesting subject. I think that the case study approach could suggest another causes than the stereotypes that you described. A meta study will simply make you walk the same trails that everybody else walked before, a case study approach on the other hand could lead you to find some new avenues for studies and researches that other students could continue after you".

"But Ms. Barbara...", Lillian was pale, she never considered that she couldn't get even this little concession, and was about to argument in favor of her proposal but this time Barbara decided to interrupt her, "Listen Lillian, I know that you feel uncomfortable with sexual subjects. I noticed since the first semesters that you had always a very clinic, very detached approach to the classes regarding sexual matters.", as a Psychologist Barbara couldn't refrain from some speculation, "Maybe it is because since you were young your classmates were always older and more sexually mature than you", Lillian blushed with shame and anger, since she skipped a couple of years in middle school she was always behind in her development but even now as a fully developed 21 year old woman some of her classmates called her "the nun" behind her back and John openly called her "the ice cube" saying that she was as frigid as the north pole. Barbara continued, "I am not criticizing you, nor judging you, as a matter of fact there is nothing to be ashamed of, but I believe that this time you aversion is blinding you, because you surely understand that the case study approach is better for this thesis than the meta-study".

"What aversion? I don't have any aversion...",

"My mistake, I shouldn't have say that, I am sorry. But that is not what we are discussing here, the question is: Is the meta study a better approach or could it only perpetuate the same ideas forever? Wouldn't it be more interesting and more likely to break new ground if you use the case study approach? Tell me, do you really believe a meta study has more potential or are you simply avoiding the case study because you are still uncomfortable discussing sex in a direct interview?".

Lillian felt trapped. She didn't like to do lengthy interviews to some whore but she didn't like to look childish either. "You are right Ms. Barbara. I hadn't see the potential of the case study, the way you put it make it look a lot more interesting than the meta study...".

Before Lillian could back off, Barbara continued, "Ok. See you in two weeks, I would like to see you plan to develop this project and a calendar. Now if you allow me, I have to see another student".

Lillian left the office defeated. For the next few days she submerged herself in her internship job. Well, the real job would start in a few weeks, for now she had to attend only once a week for training and some reading assignments. It was a really good opportunity, the job offered a good deal of experience in her area and it paid $25 per hour, not bad for an internship job, and the best of all was that they were strong chances of making a career there. She wanted to make a very good impression that put her well beyond the other interns, she had hoped that her thesis would be her presentation card in the business world, she had many times dreamed that she would subtly let her coworkers know about her thesis, maybe 'forgetting' her notes where somebody could see them or something like that. And at some point she would openly let them know about every successful and powerful woman that she had interviewed. In her dreams she got admiration and jealousy from her coworkers. In the reality she made every effort to keep her thesis topic secret.

Three weeks later she was finishing her meeting with Ms. Barbara," ... so this was my script for the first interview, next week I will present you a more detailed script for each of the rest of the planned interviews...", Ms Barbara saw the need to interrupt her again.

"Lillian. You know you don't need a more detailed interview script. You already have the general themes that you wish to talk about in each session. I had approved your approach since last week, you will have interviews with the selected person about her life history and backgrounds, her education, her motivations in life, her sexual life and desires, and finally her conscientious reasons to decide to enter the pornographic industry. You should detail the next interview only after you completed the previous one and see where it leads you. In my opinion the most urgent activity now is to find the research target individual. Are you avoiding that?"

"No. Of course ... I already have some alternatives...", but she really didn't have a clue.

A couple of weeks later Ms Barbara told her, "Lillian, you are putting your cum-laude at risk, even your graduation is in jeopardy. I don't see any effort to accomplish this task, and I am not willing to lose my time counseling you for a thesis that you are not really trying to write."

"No I am really trying ... Really"

"Who is your research target?"

"I had contacted several starlets but no one wants to talk with me for several long interviews, not even after I offer to pay them. Maybe I could change the thesis subject due the impossibility to find a research target..."

"That is out of the question. Are you or Aren't you capable to do psychological research? Right now I really don't know. Return next week with the transcript of the preliminary interview with the research target and prove me that you are capable".

The following week came too quick and she didn't want to go empty handed, so she fabricated an interview with some data she extracted from the biography of a porno actress.

Ms Barbara read the couple of pages with the transcript and said very seriously, "Listen Lillian this is not a game. This is a fabricated interview, this is academic fraud and I will report it, the board is very sensitive to these issues right now. Most probably you will be expelled, no graduation opportunities for you after that."

"Please Ms Barbara give me another chance...", Lillian never in her life thought she could be begging for academic mercy, she was openly crying and telling Ms Barbara that she really had contacted a few porno stars but everybody had rejected her approaches and she didn't know what to do. She begged for more time.

"OK. Lillian I will let this gaffe slip ... for now, but if you try to fool me again I will report you immediately and you surely will be expelled. Is that clear?",

Lillian was frightened and slowly nodded.

Ms. Barbara continued, "On the other hand, I am here to help you, let me think about your problem for a moment". For a few minutes Ms Barbara used her computer while Lillian managed to calm herself down. Finally Ms Barbara seemed satisfied and talked, "Listen Lillian, your approach could be wrong, it is hard to get the well established stars to talk to you, It could be embarrassing and time consuming for them and they really don't get anything from it, you have better chances with rookies and people just trying to enter the industry, and they would also probably be more spontaneous.", she printed something and handed the page to Lillian.

"These are the address and schedules for a couple of porno auditions for young women. The applicants are maybe struggling and I am pretty sure that with a little bit of money, you may be able to convince one to participate in your study.

Lillian felt relieved. She focused her efforts again. She had now a task at hand. She went to the first audition and she pretended to be one more girl while she observed the different girls. She found most of them intimidating, many looked like gang members or street whores. Most of them had tattoos that Lillian found both disgusting and intimidating. She wanted to run out of there but she managed to control herself and stay focused. She then saw small group of girls, they looked like sluts but were more normal, specially a beautiful brunette with what seemed to be only natural breasts around. She had a pleasant smile and looked more educated and classy than the rest even when she was dressed like a big slut with a tiny red short and an even smaller yellow tube top that barely covered her natural 34C cup tits. Lillian thought, "I rather talk with that brunette than with any other woman in this room, and she looks savable, maybe I can use my psychological knowledge to help her drive her life to a better direction". When the brunette entered the audition room, Lillian left and waited for her outside. The other girls made scornful sounds thinking that she had chickened.

When the brunette left the building she looked disappointed, Lillian approached her, "May I have a little chat with you?"

"If you want to know how it went, well they didn't even let me take off my clothes, the director said that I was very pretty but didn't have the look they were looking for", she sighed and said, "at least he gave me his card, and told me that a friend of his will be auditing girls in a couple of weeks or so and I should go and say he recommends me. If you want an advice, you have to go to every audition, it is the only way to get a job because you never know what are they looking for".

Lillian smiled nervously at being mistaken for an applicant, "No, listen I am a psychology student doing some research, and I would like to interview you..."

"Hey I am not a nut case! look anywhere else"

"No please is a research about women in the pornography industry, you know models"

"I told you. Look for another girl."

"I can pay you for each interview"

The brunette stopped. She looked interested for the first time, "How much?"

Lillian had not thought much about it but making a quick mental calculation of her available money and the estimated time she said "$25 per hour".

"Per Hour? What kind of interview is that?"

"It is for my thesis", Lillian then tried to keep it simple, "With the help of your interviews I will try to portrait the psychology of pornography models. It will take a few interviews of several hours each one. What's your name?"


Lillian remembered a sales training that she took some time ago and pressed for the closing, "When can we start Karen?"

"Hey, I hadn't accepted yet. I don't want to be your lab rat and be exposed to all your snotty classmates or something", She was jobless and completely broke at that moment and the money was pretty attractive.

"Don't worry your name and image will be known only by me and my counselor for the rest you will be known only as YOUNG WOMAN #1."

"OK. Deal"

Then she exchanged some personal data and Lillian took a photo of Karen alone in her slutty outfit and one with her as a proof.

Her next meeting with Barbara was a success, she applauded her bravery and told her that she expected that the project marched well from then on.

Lillian agreed with Karen to make the interviews at Karen's apartment. She shared it with another girl but she wasn't there during most of the day due to her job. The first couple of interviews where very useful for Lillian although she felt very uncomfortable because Karen always was dressed in scant clothing. She had managed to profile a good part of Karen's biography and academic life. Her mother had died when she was eleven and her father loved her but worked in a sea oil platform and came to land only a few weeks per year. She had been a pretty good high school student but it wasn't enough to get a scholarship. She studied accounting in a community college but she didn't graduate because she had to quit when the money got tight and she had gotten a full time job as a waitress. She felt trapped and lonely, her father was rarely home and most of her friends had gone to colleges outside her town. So one day she traveled to the west coast looking for better opportunities. Things hadn't improved much, she had had a few temp waitress jobs and she had danced in a strip club and had posed for a couple of nude photo shoots. The money was good and quick, so she was looking for more jobs in that vein.

When Lillian presented her interviews to Barbara, she was very pleased with her advance, even when it was still only superficial, it was promising and she already had a talkative research target.

On the third appointment Karen received Lillian wearing nothing but an almost transparent robe. Lillian thought that was just too much, "Listen Karen, it is important that you feel comfortable in our interviews but that attire is frankly outrageous. I know you are a slut but come on, you are practically naked, and the way you sit, well, you are not hiding anything. You must understand that we are not such close friends, you must wear more conservative when we met. Don't you have any jeans and t-shirts, like decent people?"

Karen felt a wave of humiliation and rage and exploded, "I can't do this anymore. You are what?, three years younger than me? and you are always patronizing me, judging me. You don't even know pornography and you try to explain why people acts in those films. You are a self centered bitch. The deal is over, go away"

Karen was not entirely convinced to stop the interviews but the reality was the money was less tight now that she had earned $200 and she thought that she had a better leverage to bring down that uppity bitch a peg or two.

Lillian panicked, that would return her to square one and she had a very tight schedule to end her thesis on time after all the weeks that she lost with her indecision. She admitted to herself that her outburst was really stupid and inopportune. She decided to control the damage so she could restart her work. She feigned repenting trying to tranquilize Karen.

"I am sorry, you are right. I was really insensitive.", but she could not avoid to transparent her real feelings and lack of interest, specially when she didn't even pause for Karen's reaction and said, "Could we continue now? I need to talk about the beginning of your sex life and..."

"NO. Listen. ", now Karen was really pissed, "This little bitch is trying to manipulate me, let's see who has the upper hand", she thought.

"Lillian, you are analyzing me like if I were a lab animal, you are not even trying to really understand me at a really human level, you are just trying to comply with some academic requisite but you are asking me to bare my soul while you judge me and despise me. I really can't take it anymore. I quit.".

Lillian realized that the situation was turning really serious and pondered her options. She could bluff and accept that the deal was over and then maybe Karen would back off because she needed the money, but that was really risky, if Karen really backed off, she simply would fail her thesis, she just didn't have time to find another research subject, and catch up with the interviews, not to mention that losing her subject would look very bad to Ms. Barbara. No she had to cool down Karen and make some compromises in order to continue.

"I am really sorry. I accept my mistake, I will really try to understand you this time, and we can make the interviews in the way that you feel more comfortable. Could you still be my subject, please?"

Karen saw weakness and for a moment thought in saying no just to make her suffer but she managed to remain rational, take advantage of the situation and get some money and fun.

"OK, but it had to be under my rules"

Lillian didn't like her position but she kept herself focused on her goals, "I just have to interview this bitch three more times for 4 hours to complete the 20 hours required for the thesis. I can swallow my pride to get my goals", she thought, and said

"And what are those rules?"

"First. If you really are trying to understand this world, you have to know it. You will come here and look at porn for two hours in your laptop before the interviews. I will send you links and I will test you to know that you really looked at them"

"I don't think that is necessary..."

"Then you may go", said Karen hopping that she didn't.

"OK. Can it be half an hour, I am really very busy and..."

"NO. I think it is very necessary so we can talk on a common ground. But I will make a compromise my self: I will wear jeans and a T-Shirt for the interviews"

Lillian saw a little victory and agreed on the two hours. "Maybe that bitch Ms Barbara would like me to know more about porn anyway", she thought.

"Second. When you are at my place you will wear what I tell you. Being the less dressed person in a place will help you get some of the feelings of the porno models that you are trying to analyze."

Lillian instinctively closed the upper button of her blazer, she was wearing a business attire as usual. That was just too much and unjustifiable and she decided to set a limit, "No Karen, I need to maintain my professional image, it is better for the interviews..."

"Bullshit, your image of authority is intimidating and a barrier for a better communication and you know it and you still don't want to empathize with me, you don't even dare to dress like me. You'll surely portray me as a degenerated monster and I don't want that". Karen eyes were teary and Lillian felt bad, maybe she was right.

"OK. I can do that. Just to make you feel better. It is not big deal".

Karen smiled slightly and said, "Thanks, Lillian I really appreciate it, maybe we can restart tomorrow on better terms. And don't worry it could even be fun".

The next morning Lillian arrived at Karen's department, she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and no makeup. She thought "Why bother?", She was received by Karen that was dressed very similar. Lillian was surprised, with this more standard attire Karen looked not different from Lillian's classmates. This time Karen leaded Lillian to her bedroom instead of the living room as usual. There over the bed was the same outfit that Karen was wearing the first time they met. Lillian blushed the symbolism was too much, but she shake out the idea and changed into it. She had to spare the bra because the tube top won't cover the straps and it would look worse than nothing. She was a bit shorter than Karen and a little bit flatter so the short and the tube top covered her a little more, still she had never wore anything that small, she even had to take off her granny panties because they showed over the shorts and under them. She was wearing high heels as usual trying to disguise her short stature, but now she regret it because using high heels with shorts looked extremely slutty, after a little hesitation she decided to go barefoot thinking she would look casual like just getting out of the bed. She looked at her reflection in a full body mirror that was attached to the bedroom door. "I look like a high school girl in a pajama party", she thought while biting her lower lip, "like a slutty high school girl". She was having second thoughts and had to summon all her courage to leave the bedroom. Karen immediately closed it with key, leaving Lillian's clothes locked inside.

Lillian felt a wave of apprehension being trapped in those slutty clothes, but she calmed herself thinking that nobody but Karen would see her and Karen knew she wasn't like that, that she wasn't a slut.

"Hey, You look great"

Lillian blushed, she hated the way she looked, it made her feel dirty and low class, but most of all she felt insecure, deprived from her make up, high heels and clothes she felt that she didn't portray the image of a self confident college girl who was near to finish her bachelor degree with honors instead she looked like a slutty high school girl, still she didn't want to contradict Karen. She didn't know what else to say so she just replied meekly "Thanks" while looking at the floor.

"Come on, you may work on the kitchen table. Check your email, I already sent your 'assignment' for today. I will back in a couple of hours for the interview. Enjoy"

She left a bunch of links and a long questionnaire. It looked like Karen had put a lot of work in this. First there was a list of 20 links, each one pointed to a video of a girl stripping, and some times touching herself. According to the questionnaire, Lillian had to say how the girl looked in terms of age, education and lifestyle. She then had to answer if the girl was aroused, ashamed or both. And explain why. She had to explain which videos were hotter and why. If the girl was masturbating, Lillian had to describe her technique. Lillian felt very strange, it was almost surrealistic, if anybody could see her now, they would only see a slutty girl barefoot and barely dressed with cheap clothes looking at internet porn in the deteriorated kitchen of a low class neighborhood apartment in the middle of the morning. She shivered, "I guess that no one of my classmates looks like this as they research for their thesis", she thought.

She shacked that thought away and concentrated in the task at hand. She really had to pay attention to be able to answer Karen's questions, but she managed to remain as detached from the pornographic scenes as possible by answering with technical words and clinical descriptions of the videos, her text was full of phrases like, "The blond girl looked probably lower middle class with no education beyond high school and manifested an intrinsic exhibitionism because in spite of her normal body reactions to embarrassment like her slight blushing, she nonetheless got sexual gratification from the exposure as noted by her obvious arousal ... The brunet cheerleader masturbation technique consisted mainly in the stimulation of the clitoris using a couple of fingers in a circular movement while the red head preferred a deep vaginal penetration alternated with the manipulation of her mammary glandes which seemed to be very erogenous for her".

When Karen arrived she grabbed the questionnaire and after a brief look, she stored it in a brief case that she had been carrying and they started with the interview. The interview proceeded more less normally except for a power shift with Karen taking more and more the authoritative role. It was maybe because of the weakness that Lillian had shown or maybe because the insecurity that her state of undress caused her, specially when Karen was fully and decently dressed. During the interview, Karen forbid Lillian to use technical words arguing that she could not follow the conversation but when Lillian offered to explain the meaning of the words Karen protested that she only was trying to make her feel ignorant. In the end Lillian agreed to avoid those words. Karen was amused and soon asked Lillian to stop using other words that she said were complicated. By the end of the interview Lillian was using mostly the language of a High school student.

After just an hour of interview, Karen said, "Listen Lillian, I am tired, these interviews are exhausting, I think that from now on we will keep them under one hour", seeing Lillian desperate face, Karen continued, "but we can have them daily if you want, and you may stay after the interviews, maybe you can get some things by just observing me instead of your tiresome questions".

Lillian thought about the implications, she had originally planned a couple of 4 hours interviews this week and one for the next.

"I need another 11 hours of interviews and I just have this week and the next to complete them. It is only Tuesday. Can you help me make this on time?"

"Don't worry, you may come on Saturdays too and I will give you an extra hour one day so you can complete it within time. I only have one condition: I am telling you all about my self and I don't know anything about you, I would like that you stay for a while, maybe an hour or something like that after the interviews, so we can share some time together. It would really make me feel more comfortable because the interview questions are getting more and more personal".

Lillian hated the deal. She would have to come daily for almost two weeks and comply with Karen's foolish rules and invest 4 hours for each hour of interview, but she didn't want to argue with her and risk worsening the situation, at least with this arrangement she won't delay her thesis.

"I would have to make arrangements with my internship job to enter at 13:30 instead of 13:00 for a few days".


The next day Lillian started a new routine. She arrived to Karen's apartment a few minutes before nine wearing her business outfit and carrying a bag with her makeup. She took off all of her clothes except a white bikini panty that she bought for the occasion so her panty didn't result bigger than her outer clothes like the previous day. Then she dressed in the tiny purple mini skirt and a short white thank top that left most of her abdomen visible and was made of a very thin fabric that barely covered her. She noticed that Karen had escalated the slut level of the outfit but didn't say anything, "If she wears this kind of attire in public I can be brave enough to wear it inside the apartment". The reality was that Karen had never worn these clothes outside her apartment, the outfit that she wore for the audition was in fact her most daring one, she bought it specially for the audition thinking that a slutty look would help her get the job. When she agreed to make the interviews with Lillian she felt a bit insecure, after all she didn't considered herself a porno model, yes she had made that photo session with Mark, but he probably didn't even sell it. As a matter of fact the audition where she found Lillian was her first one since she broke up with Mark. She decided that she needed the money and this research thing was a less stressful way to earn it, so in order to avoid Lillian to decide she wasn't a good research subject she thought that she needed to look more like a real porno actress, so she had gone to a second hand clothes store and had bought a few items that she considered helped her to look the part, including her transparent robe.

She had felt uncomfortable wearing those clothes in front of Lillian, but she imagined with amused satisfaction that the proud and mighty Lillian must be feeling much worse.

After locking her bedroom with Lillian clothes inside, Karen said, "I am leaving again, I have to keep looking for a job. I left you a new 'assignment', you may work in the kitchen, but this time remember to avoid using fancy words while answering the questionnaire, as a matter of fact you have to start using the porno vocabulary so we can understand each other better. So remember no more 'vagina', 'penis', etc. I want you to use real life words like pussy, cunt, dick, whatever suits you, just don't use medical words."

After that she left, and Lillian started her job again, just this time it was getting frustratingly hard to try to remain detached from the videos. First because the videos were getting more hard core, not that she hadn't seen things like that before, as a matter of fact she had seen porn as part of her sexual psychology classes, but having to comment them with crude words somehow crumbled her defense of coldness. She started writing things like, "The blond slut is surely a high school drop out and she blows a black man's dick mainly licking all over his dick and balls but he seemed to prefer the cheap whore looking brunette's job who swallowed his entire dick while touching her own fake big tits".

When Karen returned Lillian was completely absorbed in her task and was beginning to feel aroused. Thankfully she could hide her arousal and handed her answered questionnaire. Karen took a brief look at it and then stored it with the other one. Lillian managed to compose herself and interviewed Karen for an hour. She didn't advance all that she had planned maybe because she was a bit distracted and maybe because in her state she didn't want to talk much about sex for fear that her arousal returned. After the interview they chatted for a while and then watched tv until the agreed time. Then Lillian was allowed to dress in her business outfit and she expertly applied her makeup. In the end she looked maybe like a 23 or 24 business woman instead of her real age of 21 and far from the teenager slut image that she portrayed all morning. She went to her internship job, she was full of anticipation, it would be her first real day in the job.

The next day was pretty much alike but in the fourth...

Lillian had just changed and was wearing just blue bikini panties and a yellow t-shirt that went just a few inches bellow her tits. She was barefoot as usual and didn't wear makeup, her red hair was tied in a pony tail. She still preferred the just out the bed look because wearing makeup or shoes with these outfits would look absolutely slutty. She looked at her image in the full body mirror, this time however she surprised herself because her first thought was not how shameful she felt about dressing like that, which of course was still true, still this time she could not avoid to think, "How would I look with bigger tits". She felt more ashamed of this thought than of her state of dressing. She had always despised that kind of thinking that she believed belonged to women that let themselves to be objectified by a misogynist society that established a standard of beauty for them.

"What am I thinking? I am an independent woman not some eye candy for a bunch of bastards. All this porno is getting into my mind but it only will make me more resolute to fight against sexism", she said to herself. Just then Karen entered the bedroom and said, "Lillian, I want to ask you a favor, you know as a friend. You may say yes or no, I won't push you or anything to get it.", Karen paused for a few seconds but Lillian made a sign for her to continue, "You know I have been looking for job, not only the audition, I have applied for several waitresses jobs and for a few clerical position. Then I found this add about a position in an accounting department, they offer a good pay and I know I am fully qualified but I don't know if I look the part and I am very weak at job interviews. I don't know if it is because of my looks or the way I talk but they usually don't take me seriously, if the interviewer is a man he could even flirt with me and I confess that I had slept with more than one of them hopping to be hired but it never happens", she sighed deeply and then said, "The interview is in three hours, I know I am a good candidate, and you work for a personal department, you must know some tricks. Can you help me?"

Lillian thought, "I can get this girl out of the sex business and win a battle against this sexist society, even beat those sexist bastards at the personal departments. And Karen will be thankful and surely would make my life a lot easier"

"OK. I'll help you. First let's see you wardrobe. There must be something better for you to wear, something that reflects confidence and capability"

They browsed for Karen's clothes for a while, Lillian could not find anything that sent the right message, all of her clothes looked cheap, no-brand jeans and shirts, inexpensive skirts and quite a few slutty clothes, short miniskirts, tank tops, etc. Lillian felt disappointed, with those clothes she would be in disadvantage from the moment she entered the interviewer office. But Lillian was a very determined person and after just a little hesitation she said.

"Why don't you try my business outfit?"

"Are you sure?"

Of course she wasn't sure, she hate the idea of this porno actress wearing her expensive clothes but she was determined to get a triumph for the feminism.

"Yes, It really will improve your chances"

Karen jumped at the chance, she quickly dressed in the outfit. The skirt was shorter on her, slightly above mid tight but it was still acceptable for business, the blouse was a little tighter but the blazer concealed the fact pretty well. She looked pretty good, serious with an air of restrained sexiness. Lillian looked at her and then said, "Ok, it is good so far, come on here".

Then using her own cosmetics she started applying expertly the makeup and combing Karen's brunette hair in a wavy style. She looked at her art and said, "You look now more like a successful young executive than an accounting applicant but I am sure that it will help you to make them listen you. Now let's prepare the interview"

They went to the kitchen table and Lillian pretended to be the interviewer, she had experience doing that, in the last few weeks she had made a lot of mock interviews in her training sessions at her internship. She used her experience to couch Karen in how to avoid common pitfalls. "What are you doing now? Are you working for another company at this moment?"

Karen always feared that question, "no ma'am, I am currently unemployed".

"No, no, no. Never say a thing like that, it makes you look defeated and it looks that you don't even control your own life. Better say something like: "I am re-launching my career, I felt that my life was stagnated when I lived in my hometown, so I took the chance and made this trip of self discovery. I feel a lot more self confident now and I really know what I want for my life. I have used this time to know my self better but I also have been preparing with a lot of self studying of business issues.", Lillian paused a bit to say, "that is true, isn't it? You told me that you spend a lot of time reading business magazines and internet sites", then she continued, "so now I am ready to launch my business career, and I am pretty sure I can make a difference on your financial department, even if I start from a entry level position.", She paused a few seconds to see Karen's reaction and then concluded, "then you may add a few comments that make the person think that you really know about finances".

After a few practices Karen was feeling more and more confident, maybe the fact that she was neatly dressed while her interviewer was dressed with tiny cheap clothes make her feel powerful enough to rebuff her and win the little mental matches that a job interview is full of. She thought amused, "Maybe I should picture my interviewer dressed like that". Lillian on the other hand was feeling more and more self-conscious and insecure and her questions and little traps were getting more obvious and childish, and she finally said impatiently, "Well, it is enough I think you are ready".

Karen left her home feeling like a new woman. It was maybe the dress, maybe the little training or maybe after a few years accumulating defeats the fact that she was able to manipulate and boss around that educated girl made her feel powerful and capable of many things.

Lillian felt relieved when Karen parted. On one hand she felt proud of herself because she had really boosted Karen's chances. "If she really gets out of this dead-end life of hers it will be my accomplishment, and I did it in less than two hours", but on the other hand she felt jealous, Karen was on her way to an interview which could get her dream job and she was well prepared and projected an image of success while she was stuck in an old kitchen projecting the very image of female failure, she was barely dressed and was looking at porn in the middle of the morning.

She tried to shake that though out of her mind. She decided to concentrate in the task at hand, she opened Karen's email looking for instructions. There was the list of links and the questionnaire as usual, just this time it was accompanied by a new and strange request, "Please answer every question in first person as if you were the protagonist. It may sound weird but I sometime read that this exercise will further enhance your empathy with the models and thru them with me. I hope that this will really speed up and enhance your research interviews".

For a moment Lillian considered the possibility that Karen was using psychological techniques to manipulate her, but then discarded the idea, "She is not that smart, and she is definitely ignorant, She must have read that in one of those girly magazines that have recipes for everything. She is most probably trying to impress me with her ideas, this won't help much but I' ll give a try to avoid pissing her, and if she is trying to manipulate me, she will soon know that I am not easily fooled and I have a very strong mind and will".

But as she started to look at porn and write "her" doings, she was getting more and more involved in the porn scenes, and her language was becoming raunchier by the minute. Soon she was writing things like, "I am sucking a man's cock while doing a hand job to another man using my right hand and my horniness grows and grows until I feel the need to touch myself and I start first rubbing my clit then I fuck myself with two fingers. After I made them cum on my face I finally cum myself.", She was writing with her right hand while gently rubbing her pussy over her panties with the other. She became all flustered, then she realized, "oh, no my panties are all wet. I need to do something or that bitch will think that I am horny slut like her". She went to the bathroom, took off her panties, washed them in the lavatory and then used a hairdryer for maybe half an hour to dry them. When she was satisfied, she smelled them, and smiled satisfied, they smelt like soap.

She was about to put them on when she decided to put them on the chair next to hers. "I don't have time for another wash. It is not that I will get aroused again, it's just that I don't want to sweat them and that Karen gets the wrong message"

She restarted her viewing and her writing, "I am naked in the center of a rom, my hands are tied behind my back and I am sucking a black man's cock...", her arousal grew and grew and she decided to take off her shirt. She was now completely naked in other's people apartment. After just a few minutes of writing, she felt more daring, she took her tiny t-shirt and her panties and carried them to the living room, she put them over the low table and returned to the kitchen. Her heart was pounding hard, if somebody entered the apartment at that moment, the first thing they would see would be her clothes laying on the low table. "They would think I am the worst slut", but somehow that humiliating thought or the adrenalin of the fear of being discovered was making her hornier and the scenes in her computer weren't helping her. A wicked idea crossed her mind. It was completely stupid but she was too horny to think straight. She activated the webcam in her laptop then retired her chair 8 feet from the table and after a few adjustments she started recording. She touched her tits and pussy like she had seen the models do a thousand times in the last few days. She imagined that the video was being seen by a lot of horny teens and older guys. She even licked her fingers clean after inserting them in her very wet pussy, then she winked at the camera. Fortunately for her, she was so aroused that she came very fast, otherwise who knows to what point she would have taken her show.

After she recovered from the best orgasm that she remembered, she felt immediately repented and exposed, she ran to the living room and got her clothes, she went to the bathroom and showered, taking care of not wetting her hair. She dried herself and put her t-shirt but decided to save the panties for the last minute because she still had 9 links to 'analyze'.

At two o clock the front door opened startling Lillian, who quickly put on her panties, by then she was all sweated and had came two more times, all in all she had been seeing porn for three hours. The whole kitchen smelled of sex and her panties showed a wet spot in spite that she had just put them on. She closed her laptop and mumbled that she had been working in her notes. Then she realized the hour and panicked, she should had been in her job 30 minutes ago. She started screaming "I got a go now! Please give me my clothes", they both ran to the bedroom and Lillian immediately took off her t-shirt while Karen undressed fast. Lillian picked her clothes from the floor and put on her skirt over her stained panty and her blouse, there was no time for the bra or the pantyhose. She put the blazer, undid her ponytail and combed her hair using her hands while steeping over her shoes. She ran to the door and in a few minutes she was on a taxi on her way to her workplace.

At the end of the afternoon she was sat in her boss office, hearing him lecture her. That day signified a big step back in her career and her boss was letting her know it. She was not only more than an hour late even after the 30 minutes permit that he had accepted. She was also reflecting a poor personal image. The quality of the business suit was simply not enough to make her look professional, it was all wrinkled, she was sweated and her hair was in disarray, she wasn't wearing any makeup, and she smelled ... strange. But the main complain of her boss was the way that she conducted a couple of applicant interviews. They videotaped every interview for legal reasons and he had reviewed her performance because he had some doubts after the way she was dressed.

In the videos she was nervous and was quickly overpowered and outsmarted by the novice job candidates. The reality was that by then she had thrown her panties in the trashcan because they smelled a lot, but being panty-less and bra-less aroused her a lot and soon she was sitting her bare ass on the chair for fear of leaving a wet spot in her skirt. In that state of undress she made the first interview and she was constantly distracted by the memories of Karen's practice and her shameful morning in Karen's kitchen, so she quickly felt her self confidence fly away while her arousal grew. She had to use her computer to remember the script of the interview and she even stammered and blushed ashamed in the last few questions.

Mr. Palmer finally talked, "I had my doubts of hiring somebody so young as you but you made a very good first impression to us. I still have faith in you, and I believe that this was just a very bad day that doesn't show your real capacity. I will give you one more chance to show me that you are indeed a valuable professional", Lillian breathed with relief, she was expecting she would get fired. He continued, "but I can't risk our company reputation, the last person complained that your interview was too childish and he even thought that you may have been flirting with him with your body language". Lillian could not avoid to blush, she wasn't flirting, at least not on purpose, but she remembered that she was wondering how his penis would look like and maybe her body or face betrayed that thought. "I will maintain your internship but you will be working in the file department". Lillian was open mouthed, "One little mistake and this creep is sending me to do secretarial work", but she managed to calm herself and answered, "I am sorry I disappointed you, I am not normally like this, believe me, I had a very bad day. It is not an excuse but it is only to say that this was exceptional, and from now on you will have in me your best and more professional intern and I hope that once I recover your trust you may assign me more challenging matters". He softened a bit, "Yes of course, just show me that and you will be on a successful career path again", she smiled more at ease now, but he finished, "But I have to tell you: One more irresponsibility and you are out, we don't have time to work with unprofessional people. And by the way, while you are assigned to that department you will earn $12 per hour instead of $25 and you will have to change your shift for this position, now you will work from 9:00AM to 1:00PM ". The new schedule just complicated things but she didn't dare to protest, she only said, "Yes, sir".

She went home depressed. "My career is going nowhere, not only I was assigned the most stupid thesis topic but now I had been demoted in my internship job", she sobbed for an hour or so, savoring her sadness until she finally fought back. "They want me to fail but I won't. I will be the best internship worker ever and I will make the best thesis even if it is about the worst subject". She went to bed more relaxed, and motivated. "I will get the most from Karen, even her more secret motivations. She was right in something, now that I had seen some porn, I got a lot more questions to make her and I think those questions will lead me to more interesting insights".

The weekend was a blur, on Saturday afternoon she had meet with Karen at her apartment while her roommate was shopping. She interviewed her for couple of hours to make up for the missing Friday interview. The interview advanced slowly, maybe because Karen wasn't in the mood to talk about her sex life and maybe because Lillian didn't felt comfortable talking about sex sat scantly dressed in the same kitchen where she had that shameful behavior last Friday. The conversation constantly drifted out of topic and she learned that Karen had made a very good impression in her interview, and that she was very confident that she will receive an offer soon.

On Monday Lillian went to her job neatly dressed as a successful young executive with a perfect makeup and perfect hairdo with the hope to impress her boss. But the day was very bad for her. First, the filling department was mostly isolated from the rest of the company, so nobody important will see her there. Then she noticed with anger that most of the girls assigned to the same job as she were high school girls. She felt humiliated but it got worse when she was assigned as a member of one team and she was put under the orders of a high school girl. The team was scanning and destroying all their old paper documents. Lillian as the newest member of the team was assigned the worst part of the job. Behind the filling department was a big warehouse full of boxes with old documents. The warehouse was dirty and lacked any air conditioning. Lilllian's job was to bring a box from the warehouse and then take an already processed box full of just scanned documents and carry it to the warehouse where she must use the document shredder to completely destroy the documents and then pick another box to take it to the filling office.

Her clothes were completely inadequate for the job, soon she was sweating and her feet were in pain. She hid behind some boxes and took off her pantyhose, her blazer and quickly arranged her hair in a ponytail. When she returned from the office the next time she left her shoes beside the door, and then worked most of the time barefoot only putting her shoes to enter the office. At noon everybody went to lunch and she had to wait for them to give her another bunch of documents to destroy. Lillian returned to the warehouse and sat by the paper shredder she was bored and depressed and then a wicked idea crossed her mind. An hour later she was finally going home. She wasn't wearing any underwear, because the panties and bra that she had worn to work were now shredded into little pieces that laid bellow layers of destroyed documents.

When she was leaving her new boss, Jean, said to her, "Listen Lilly, you did a great work today, but you are a little bit overdressed, you know it is your job which will cause a good impression, not your dress", Lillian had to swallow her pride, she hated being called Lily and she hated being patronized. Jean continued, "as you see we all come here in jeans and comfortable clothes. It is acceptable because we work in the background out of the sight of the customers and the bosses. You will be working the warehouse for the week, I know it is tiresome but it is the rule here for the new kids", Jen noted Lillian despair and tranquilized her, "Don't worry it will pass flying, and I recommend you to wear shorts and a tank top or something like that to cope with the heat. Don't worry, you are allowed to break the dress code while you are working at the warehouse, after all it is technically outside the office".

She went to her home, took a long shower and dressed informally. She wanted to put the memories of her morning behind her. She tried to contact Karen but she didn't answer at home nor in her cell phone. She finally decided to check her computer and found an email from Karen.


We can't met today at 2:30PM because I already had an appointment for today and I wasn't able to change it in so short notice to adapt to your new job schedule. My roommate would be home early, so we better met at your place. I will be arriving at 6:30PM.

I think we are really making a progress in the interviews, you are making a great job that surely will impress your teachers and classmates. However in spite of your effort to empathize, You surely had noticed that there is still a barrier in our communication, I am talking about the sexual aspects of the interview. For today's meeting, I promise to make my best effort to open up with you and tell you anything you need to know, but you need to loosen up and do the right questions. I think a symbolic act of waxing all of your pubic hair as most of us porno models do, will tear down the last barriers between us by showing me that you are really committed and by making you feel that it is not really a big deal. I will understand if you are not brave enough to do it, but I will think that you are not committed to really communicate with me at that level and I will quit so you don't lose any more time with me and go to find another person with whom you can really communicate."

"Grrr", Lillian thought, she hated being manipulated. "She is surely just looking for an excuse to break our deal. She probably thinks that she will be working soon and she won't need the money anymore. She surely thinks I will chicken out, but she really doesn't know me".

She went to the nearby mall and found the beauty parlor. She felt a little bit nervous to ask such a treatment, specially now that she knew that most porno actress did it, but she reunited her courage and said.

"How much for a full bikini area wax depilation?"

"It would be $50.00"

Lillian expected it to be less expensive, but she was determined to do it. "Ok, let me pay you"

The clerk opened a book and said, "Ok, we can schedule on Thursday afternoon, which hour would be better for you?"

"Thursday, No. I needed today", then she realized she looked too anxious and said, "I have a pool party and I need to look good in my new bikini", she blushed, she never had cared by that kind of things, she didn't even had a bikini.

Lillian never had been at a pool party, and she wasn't a party girl, the clerk on the other hand, looked precisely like that kind of girl and she looked at Karen with sympathy. "Sorry, we really are full today, I wish I could...", then she paused for a moment and said, "Wait a minute, let me check something", she then entered the back room and after a few minutes she returned and said smilingly to Lillian, "Maybe there is a way to solve your problem, come inside and Sandra, my boss, will propose you a solution. This way ... it 's the first door"

"Hi, I am Sandra Mayers. As my assistant told you all of our beauticians are already fully scheduled We have however a new treatment and we have slots available for today. It is called laser depilation and it is very effective and permanent so the cost is considerably larger, we can do that area for just $250 or the full body for $700".

Lillian felt disappointed, that wasn't really an option, she simply could not expend that kind of money. She made a motion to stand up, "Thanks for the offer, but I really can't expend that money".

"Please sit down. I suspected that and the reason I am talking with you personally instead of my assistant telling you about the alternative is that I have a proposal for you"

"Here it comes", Lillian thought, "we have payment plans and bla bla bla". But then she heard something and her attention returned.

"Excuse me. What did you say?"

"I said that we have been looking for a model to record a treatment in video. You know people hears laser and thinks star-wars guns and pain, and the treatment is pretty safe and hurts a lot less than waxing. We plan to make some publicity in our site and have a video there of the full treatment, so people could see that there is nothing to fear"

Lillian blushed puzzled and was about to stand up again when Sandra continued, "We are willing to make you a full treatment for free and today, and in exchange you will agree that we film you and publish the video. The camera will be handled by another woman and your face won't be visible in the video and you will be completely anonymous. Think about it, you get not only to look great for your pool party today but also forget forever to shave your armpits, legs and of course your bikini area."

Lillian thought, "The shaving thing is attractive, on the other hand I didn't planned to get rid of my pussy hair permanently. I don't have too much alternatives, it is this or failing and to have to beg for Karen's mercy. I bet she would think that I am not brave enough to do this, but I am, I am capable of many sacrifices to get my goals".

"OK. I'll do it".

They made her sign several forms about the treatment and it's permanent condition. Then she had to sign a release form for the video, in which it stated clearly that her face, her voice, and any clearly identifiable feature of her body would be hidden or blurred and her identity will be protected at all times by the company, otherwise they would suffer a big penalty. Lillian considered the contract fair and that it reflected what she been told, still her hand trembled a bit when she signed.

"Just one man had seen me naked in my life and now who knows how many people will see this video", she shivered but then relaxed a bit thinking, "but nobody will know it is me".

A couple of hours later she was on her way home. The whole treatment had been surrealistic, she had been completely naked the whole time. She first rested on her belly while Sandra worked on her legs, then on her butt and lower back. She was then turned around and Sandra worked her armpits and finally Lillian had to put her legs on the stirrups and her legs become open wide and Sandra started working on her pussy hair. Lillian blushed, she felt wantonly exposed and the worst part was that she knew that not only Sandra and the camera woman will see her like this. The process took around three hours, Sandra had frequent stops to turn to the camera an comment one thing or another and indicating the camera woman to zoom in an area from time to time. The camera was Professional and HD and Lillian's body was illuminated with potent photography lamps. She was sweating which was both a torment and a relief because when Sandra constantly dried her sweat she also cleaned her soaking pussy.

She returned home physically and emotionally exhausted, she took a quick shower and was getting out of the shower when the bell rang. It was 6:30PM exactly. She pulled a big white towel robe that had long sleeves and went bellow her knees. She tied the belt very well and went to open and found Karen dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans. She was carrying her purse and a small sports bag. They went to the living room and Lillian saw with some apprehension the sport bag, expecting that anytime soon Karen would pull out her outfit for the interview. Karen instead opened her purse and pulled out a small bunch of tightly packed fabric. "Here, put this on".

Lillian blushed, she recognized the garment, it was the semitransparent robe that Karen was wearing when all this mess begun. She was going to march to her bedroom to change but Karen stopped her. "You may change here, after all I have to see if you complied with the waxing". Lillian blushed once again and took off her comfy, conservative robe and after a little pause in which Karen checked out her pussy and affirmed, "Very good! It is definitely a waxing, shaving would had left stubs, porno producers prefer waxing because it looks smoother ", Karen saw Lillian worried face and added, "don't worry it will grow back in a few weeks, see it's no big deal it is not like you will have the porno model look forever ". Lillian blushed even more, she hadn't thought it that way, and now she indeed will have that look forever. She shivered ashamed and full with regrets and then put on the shear robe, it was worse than she remembered, the fabric wasn't solid it was more like a very tight net, but what surprised Lillian the most was the length. When Karen had worn it, it came to just above her knees, while now it barely covered Lillian's buttocks. She looked at Karen puzzled, and Karen said. "Oops, looks like I miscalculated your height. I cut a bit of the robe so it will fit in my purse and I thought it would be a little longer than mid tight for you."

"Ok. Give me the belt"

"Sorry but the belt didn't fit in the purse"

Lillian pulled the robe closed with her hands and then said, "Ok, let's proceed with the interview", but she couldn't concentrate too much, she was just too nervous and thought, "Here I am, dressed worse than when I called her a slut, and the worst is that my bald pussy is on display and I don't even count on my pussy hair to hide my arousal.", she was blushing, specially when she thought, "mi permanently bald pussy", she was so distracted and her questions were so clumsy that Karen finally said, "Lillian, you are too edgy, why we don't we chat a little so you can relax? Tell me about your work day, how did you feel in your new schedule, did you do something interesting."

"The schedule was right and the day was ... mostly boring", The last thing that Lillian wanted was to talk about her humiliating work day, she really didn't want to talk about herself, her recent actions and thoughts were something so shameful that she wouldn't reveal to anyone, not in a million years, so she quickly changed the conversation to focus on Karen. "And what about you Karen, how was your day?"

"I am glad you asked. My day was excellent, I received the job offer that I have been looking for and I will begin my training tomorrow! Isn't it wonderful?"

"Yes, of course, it was something to be expected you did great at the interview, didn't you? ... Congratulations", answered Lillian, somehow Karen's success only contributed to her own insecurity in spite of the fact that she had been trying to convince herself that any achievement of Karen would be only the result of her own superb help.

"I already have a position as accounting assistant for accounts payable, at $29 per hour the pay is better than any waitress job but the chief of the personnel department told me that they were impressed with my interview and exams, and if I do really well in the two week training, he will recommend me for the position as an accounting analyst which is really well paid, I think at least $40. And I am sure I will impress them, I have the knowledge, did I tell you that my hobby is to play with business simulations? Thanks to you I also have the self confidence, I am just missing the image ... Maybe you can help me"

Lillian said, "Do you want me to go shopping with you?"

"No, Lillian, I can't afford that at this moment, maybe with my first paycheck. For now I need you to lend me some clothes. Maybe I may rent them, let's say that I won't charge you for the interviews the days that you lend me an outfit. And I will pay for the laundry or the dry clean of any item I use. It is just for a few days. What do you think?"

Lillian tried to say no, she really tried, she hated to lend her clothes, and to lend them to a porno actress was even worse. She felt that even after laundry she would feel the clothes were filthy, but she was having problems sustaining her arguments against Karen, maybe it was her growing insecurity, or the fact that she was indeed falling in some money problems making the payments to Karen while her salary had dropped to the half and she counted on her salary for the next rent and she really didn't know how much time she will be earning just $12 per hour. She was still trying to resist when Karen trying to break the awkward moment casually said, "Hey, you waxed all your body, don't you? I remember that you had some stub in your armpits. I have never tried waxing my armpits, it must have been very painful. I have heard that there is a new treatment with laser, they say it is not as painful and that it is permanent. When the cost comes down I will give it a try with my armpits and legs, of course I wouldn't do it with my pubic hair. Who would want to be stuck with the porno actress look forever?"

Lillian blushed once again, this conversation was very uncomfortable for her and it was quickly becoming personal as Karen continued, "What do you think Lillian?"

Lillian was startled and didn't want to answer, if they stuck to that subject sooner or later the truth would surge and she could not bear the shame. So after a pause of a few seconds she tried to change the subject, "Sorry, I was distracted thinking about your other question. OK, I will lend you some clothes, but I rather like that you pick them here each day in the morning", this last condition was an improvisation, she wanted to make it hard for Karen so maybe she would end using her own clothes instead of traveling across the town early in the morning just to use one of Lillian's business outfits.

"OK, Thank you Lillian", Karen even embraced Lillian sincerely and gave her a peek in the cheek. All of which felt strangely odd to Lillian given her state of undress and maybe influenced by all the lesbian porn that she had been looking at. She felt oddly aroused feeling Karen's warm hands traveling her almost naked back, so she once again broke the silence with a change of subject. "So Karen, following with the interview, at what age did you started your sex life?"

That broke the embrace and Karen started talking, "It was when I was 18 years old. I had a boyfriend then, he was 19. We had been dating for four months and on a Saturday he took me to a cabin that her parents had just outside town and we make love two times that day. It was a little bit painful but he was tender and patient with me. He had only made love once before but he was very good at it, the first time I didn't came but the second one was quite a discovery for me, It was maybe the mix of love and lust but it was something well beyond any masturbation. Unfortunately he moved to a college 400 miles away and our young love didn't resist the distance, so instead of cheating each other we broke up a few months later and we remained in good terms."

Karen sighed at the memories.

Lillian was startled, that beginning didn't match her stereotype at all.

"And what about you Lillian?"

"Err ... me ... well I started my sex life at... 17", She remembered it very well it was her first and only time with a man, she was at her late 16's in her high school senior year, with all of her classmates at least two years older than her she was frequently teased and treated as a child, so when Norman said that he could see the real woman in her, she fell in his clumsy seduction. She expected to be taken in a date to a restaurant or the movies, instead he took her to a motel that rented by the hour. When she started to freak out he said, "Are you a child or a woman? I know you are a woman but if you still think yourself as a child, then we can go back home right now". She didn't want to go back home defeated and didn't want to look childish in front of Norman, so she accepted. She was then clumsily fucked while she was naked and Norman fully clothed. It was more painful than anything else, and they quickly left the hotel room. They didn't even use the full hour. Of course it was all too shameful to be said so she simply added, "It was a friend from a school and he was clumsy but had good intentions, we never were a couple, just friends you know", she felt awkward and her talk reflected her nervousness so she once again diverted the conversation to another path.

"And what about ... you know ... what about women ... had you been with another woman ... You know ... sexually?"

Karen smiled, "No, not really but my roommate surely had tried. And you?", she said with a laugh.

"No ... of course no", said Lillian but she could not avoid to remember a night when she was 18. In those days she had a roommate and once they slept in the same bed because there was a leak in the pipes and one of the beds was soaked. She remembered that she pretended to be asleep while her roomie passed her hands all over her body, she remembered even kissing her back and then dreamily mumbled "Norman", to save face, that woman really made her come, twice in that night. After that she was however so ashamed that she made the arrangements to move to an apartment of her own.

After that they talked for a while and Lillian learnt that Karen had had another couple of boyfriends and she had only had sex with those three men in her life. Then Karen leaved, "I think we made a real progress today, I already emailed you your 'homework' for today. I will be here tomorrow at 8:00AM to choose and outfit and change, my job is near you apartment so it won't affect my schedule. Lillian realized that her tactic wouldn't have the effect that she expected.

Once alone, while she started browsing the porn, she realized that Karen didn't fit the stereotype that she had anticipated, after a little thought she admitted that even herself filled the stereotype better, which oddly made her pussy drip.

Her two hours of porn passed very quickly, and writing all the events in first person as she was the main character aroused her a lot, specially the scenes that portrayed girls naked in public and she found also the scenes of bondage very hot, she didn't like pain but the humiliation aroused her. Lillian closed her browser and tried to open her thesis project, she didn't have much to show Ms. Barbara in the next meeting, the few hours of the recent interviews had very little facts. She normally recorded every interview and then made a transcript. The transcripts were a disgrace, they showed very little text, as so much time of the interviews was filled with silences and unrelated talk, there were also a lot of repeated questions which make her look very disorganized, not to mention that a very low level of language was used and not even a single psychological term. She knew she needed to do some serious work to rewrite the transcripts and then comment them with her professional knowledge. But she was tired today, so she simply started typing the transcript of today's interview. After just five minutes she opened a browser window and started to surf porn alternating the two activities. After one hour, she had only typed 15 minutes of the interview, in the end she just typed half of the interview and masturbated three times before sleep, her dreams filled with porn scenes mixed with her own humiliating day.

The next day she awoke to a bang on the door. She was still very sleepy and smelled of sex and sweat. Still half awake she opened the door to find Karen. "Hi sleepy head, it is already 8:15AM, you should hurry to get to your job on time", That awakened Lillian a bit but the realty was the she didn't have slightest wish to work in that boring warehouse. Still she started to move slowly to the bathroom and heart Karen said, "I am glad you liked the robe". She blushed, she didn't even had bothered to change. "Am I turning into a slut?", she though but immediately put that thought away, "No, of course, I simply was tired after yesterday nightmare of a day".

When she got out of the bathroom covering her body with a long towel, she saw that Karen was already dressed in one of her favorites business suites and was finishing applying her makeup, or better said, Lillian's makeup. Lillian noticed but she didn't have the time to argue that it wasn't part of the deal. Karen said, "I hope you haven't planned to use this one today. Tomorrow you better choose first".

"Yes of course", Lillian put on a business outfit too, but without make up and waited for Karen to leave. Then she quickly took off her clothes except for the underwear and looked for something to wear that help her manage the heat of the warehouse, after all Jen said that the dress code wouldn't apply to her. She browsed her clothes but she didn't have too much summer clothes, most of her shorts were pajamas. The only thing she found was her volleyball uniform. She had been in the high school team, in spite of her short height she was very agile, energetic and had good technique she was a great defender, of course in the university she was immediately discarded because of her height. She put her uniform and tennis shoes, it still fit her well, even when it was a bit tight. She pulled some pants and put them over her shorts for the commute.

She arrived just a couple of minutes late but Jean made no big deal about it. She went immediately to the warehouse and after carrying the first box, she decided to take her pants off and work the rest of the shift only clad in her volley ball uniform. The short was made of an elastic fabric and fit her like a glove, it even showed her panty lines. After a few boxes she started to sweat and decided to take off her tennis shoes and her socks to try to cope with the heat. The day was boring and tiresome until a few minutes pass noon, she came to the office and saw that the girls weren't there, "Of course, it is their lunch time, I will get one box to the shredder so they know I am busy and don't interrupt me". She carried the box to the shredder but she was so tired and so bored that almost without thinking she started taking off her blouse, she bitted her lower lip and looked all around to check that she was indeed alone and then unclasped the bra and pulled out of her body. She contemplated the white garment for a while then glancing again all around she thrown it on the industrial shredder. After a few seconds and some worrying sounds the bra was turned into a bunch of little cloth pieces. Lillian shivered with arousal but she quickly put on her blouse, she wanted to keep things under control. Still her nipples poked very obviously thru the thin fabric. She started working lazily on the documents and then after around one third of the box had been destroyed, she felt kinky again, this time was less hesitation and less glancing around. She took off her shorts and panties in one quick motion and then threw her white bikini panties in the shredder that barely made a sound while completely destroying the garment. She quickly put another bunch of documents in the machine to cover the pieces of fabric clearly visible on the top of the container. She was putting her shorts when she heard a voice yelling at her. "What are you doing?"

Lillian was paralyzed, "I ... I am..."

"We have been looking for that box, that box wasn't scanned yet you moron!"

Lillian tranquilized for a second, maybe she didn't see me.

"It didn't have the red flag, remember that I told we mark every box ready for destroying with a red flag"

Lillian panicked again realizing that she had made a serious mistake. "I thought it had fallen, there was a flag just outside the box"

"You let that flag there. I told you to put them over the table when you return them but you simply let the last one fell on the floor".

"I am sorry"

"Just wait here and don't touch any more papers. OK?"

"Yes Jen"

Jen took the box with the remaining documents and returned half an hour later.

"The Boss want to see us", she said.

Suddenly the entire world seemed to fall over Lillian's head. She couldn't see her boss now, not after that stupid mistake, and not dressed like this. Nothing good could come out of that. She started to babble.

"I can't go inside the office dressed like this ... it breaks the dress code ... and I..."

"I know it breaks the dress-code but you may tell that I authorized you to use shorts at work given that you would work in the warehouse. However, to be frank, I didn't expect that you wear a short so tiny or so tight, and the decision to wear that tight sport blouse without a bra was entirely yours"

"Please", Lillian begged.

"Come on the more we delay this, the worse for both of us. The boss hates to wait. So come on, lets go"

Lillian was pale, she started walking toward the west part of the warehouse.

"Where are you going? The office is this way."

"I know, I only want to put on my tennis shoes and my pants, I let them near that bunch of boxes"

"There is no time for that. I won't be scolded for being late in top of the punishment I would have to take for your stupid mistake. And who authorized you to take off your shoes. This is not an amusement park as you may think little lady", she said the last phrase with scorn and Lillian blushed realizing that she had been caught. Jen who was at least 8" taller than Lillian quickly grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her like a little girl towards the office door. Lillian was to shocked to resist, and soon it was too late because when they entered the office any attempt to stop now would necessarily cause a scene that only would draw more attention to herself.

She walked without taking her sight from the floor. She was hearing whispers, gasps and even muffled laughs all the way. They presented a bizarre image, at least by office standards. The young brunette high school intern was carrying her shorter and probably younger companion like if she was a little girl. The younger girl was barefoot and her sporty clothes looked more apt for a pajama party than to play sports and much less to be in the office.

"This is got to be a nightmare, this couldn't be happening to me", she thought ashamed. She was leaving faint prints with her soiled soles all over the gray carpet as a probe that the scene was not part of the imagination of the employees. Lillian realized that she never had been so badly dressed in public. She wasn't wearing underwear and her tight clothes did nothing to conceal the fact, her shorts showed a clear camel toe and her nipples were poking thru the shear fabric of her top. All the humiliation hadn't stopped her horniness or maybe it even contributed to it. She had many times mocked or scolded women dressed much more decently than she was now. "What would everybody will think of me now? Sure that I am a little bimbo". She regretted her clothing choices and was on the verge of crying when they finally arrived to Mr. Palmer office. She paled, he was the very same person that had sent her to the file department as a punishment. "I am dead", she thought. The surprised face of Mr. Palmer when she saw the little red hair girl wearing a pony tail, no make up at all and just barely dressed was fast replaced by a gesture of disapproval. He motioned the pair of girls to sit, then he directed his talk to Jean.

"So tell me Jean. What did happen there?"

Jean cleared her throat and controlled her fear and nervousness. Then she repeated what she had been mentally rehearsing.

"Mr. Palmer, as you already know we made a serious mistake, the box labeled A-345-01 was partially destroyed before we scanned it, right now we have stopped the operation and my team is identifying the missing documents. When we have the complete list we will try to see how many we can recover from other sources"

Mr. Palmer said, "Your plan of action is good, but we can't afford these kind of mistakes. Didn't you tell me that your system was fool proof? Tell me what happened".

Jean stammered a bit but then recovered her composure while Lillian was blushing bright red. "Well as you know we mark boxes ready for destruction with a red flag, but during our lunch hour Lilly took one box because she saw a red flag near it"

"Jean, just tell me that was what you tough her?"

"No sir. She knew that the red flag must be stick to the box and that the box must be handed to her by one of the scanning girls. I am sure she was capacitated properly, I have here her written exam on the procedure, she was trying to be helpful but she forgot the procedure".

"One more thing Jean. Do you approve her attire?"

Jean was silent for a couple of seconds and then said, "I authorized her to work using shorts and fresh clothes because the warehouse is very hot as you know, but to be frank I didn't expect her to dress so ... well ... You know".

"That's ok Jean. I think you handled yourself very good giving the circumstances, but you surely understand that we can't afford more loses, so we will apply the penalty for this cases as stated in your contract. Your whole team will be charged with one day of salary. But Jean ... You impressed me, I am pretty sure you will be a very good executive once you finish college. Now you may go, I need to talk with Ms. Lillian for a moment"

When Jean left the office, Mr. Palmer exploded. "What are you thinking? Are you deliberately trying to make look bad or what?"

Mr. Palmer was in a tall white man in his late forties. He was normally very controlled but now he was red with anger.

Lillian felt afraid, she was pale and started to stammer some excuses when he interrupted her.

"Lillian, when I sent you to the filling department, I expected that you being the most educated and experienced would rapidly take charge and will give the operation more certainty, maybe reviewing the procedures to make them even more secure. Instead of that you accommodated yourself as the lowest employee of the group and not only that but you showed less maturity than them and made a costly mistake"

Lillian was on the verge of crying, "How could I have been so stupid? It wasn't a punishment job, it was a new challenge, He still trusted me when he sent me there to improve the department, and I failed miserably, I didn't even fight them when they put me in the lowest position". She was so ashamed that she just said, "I am sorry", in a barely audible voice and looking at the floor.

Mr. Palmer, didn't want a conversation, he just wanted to release his anger. "You know Lillian business is war, war against competitors and war against inside rivals. That is the name of the game. I have been competing with Bob Carling from the west office for a new position as a branch director. You just have sabotaged one of my pet projects. I was the one that made the bet to hire young women to do that job, they are not only cheaper than other alternatives but they are careful and pay attention to the details. Bob mocked me, but I knew that if I took the risk and got the results he had to eat his words at the next meeting. Now I won't be able to report a 100% error free operation that I promised, all because your mistake".

Normally Mr. Palmer wouldn't talk about his personal affectations by his employees, but he was seriously distressed that day. He was in the course of a very nasty divorce and just that morning his soon to be ex-wife had won a very important legal battle. He continued reveling his thoughts, "You know Lilly, we are in the business of predicting people's success at certain job or career. That is what we do, all the interviews, all the tests are just for that. It is very bad that I have failed to predict your failure, and this is going to cost me, just yesterday Bob was bragging about one of his interns that comes from your university, maybe you know him, John Wallace. Bob said that he is doing a thesis researching factors to predict women success in business careers. He had already interviewed Carly Fiorina, Heidi Miller and many local business woman. See, that is the kind of thing that I would like to brag about my interns in the regional meetings. And what would I tell them now? That my supposedly star intern was not only a failure as an interviewer but she was a clumsy filler, not to mention the way she is dressed".

Mr. Palmer took a moment to catch his breath. He felt more relaxed now that he had ranted all that he wanted. "You are fired Lillian".

Lillian was pale, the whole conversation, the firing, the fact of being a disappointment, and the way she was dressed while she listened to all that, were things that never in her life crossed her mind as a possibility. She had often imagined herself conversing with executives but in her dreams she had always impressed them and either was receiving important assignments or receiving praise for her work. She was paralyzed but then regained some control, she knew she must do something, if she was fired, she won't complete the required professional practice hours and won't graduate on time, and would have to hear a lot of crap from Ms. Barbara. Then she thought, "unless the school is not informed".

"Mr. Palmer. I would ... would like to ask you ... ask you a favor ... Could you delay for a while to inform this to the university, you know so I have chance to get another internship?"

She half expected for Mr. Palmer to yell at her or something, but he kept quiet, which encouraged Lillian to continue, "please Mr. Palmer, I am very sorry for everything and I understand that you fire me but please don't inform my college, I'll do anything", she said the last phrase without giving it too much thinking.

Mr. Palmer pondered the situation for a second, on one hand he was really pissed at Lillian, after all, at least in his view, she had damaged his reputation in two ways: She had destroyed the possibility for he to brag that he got a great intern after taking the risk of selecting the youngest candidate. He couldn't talk about his vision and ability to pick the candidates more likely to succeed. But his candidate turned to be a shame and not only that but she also hit his pet project. On the other hand, however, he understood that firing her after just two weeks will look bad on his image too. But he really wanted to punish this girl. Maybe he was projecting toward Lillian his rage against his soon to be ex-wife but anyway she deserved it.

"I can't do that Lillian, the moment I put you out of the payroll an automatic message would be sent to your college...", Lillian paled but he continued talking, "however I could maybe retain you on another position", Lillian saw a glimpse of hope, "What position sir?", she asked timidly.

"Lillian, it is a fact that I can't have you near our job candidates or customers because it would severely damage the image of our company, just look at yourself", Lillian blushed and she was so nervous that she couldn't even defend herself, "you may not be anywhere near our important documents because they would be at risk, so the only solution I see is to send you to do janitorial work, we have the warehouse #2 already empty and we need to clean it because next month we will receive the documents from the west office. Of course we will adjust your salary accordingly", Lillian was stunned, a week ago she was a rising star and now her boss said that she could not be trusted more than janitorial jobs. She had to fight back, she had to ask for a more dignifying way out.

She was trying to organize her reply when he continued. "Of course I said I could retain you, not that I would, unless your promise to do anything is real".

"What... ?", it was all that she managed to say, her lower lip was visible trembling by then. She had to make up her mind quickly, "I may find another internship and I just have to inform the university about the change and that's it. No big deal.", but she wasn't as sure as she tried to convince herself and finally her doubts started to surge in her mind, "But it could take days or even weeks and what if the internships are already closed?, I simply can't risk that, I have to stay focused to graduate on time, I am still able to graduate with honors and he will see who am I. But I need to buy time."

He interrupted her thoughts, "So, Do you want this chance or not?"

"Yes sir", she said in an almost inaudible voice.

"Ok. I am willing to concede your wish but you have to earn it. Take off your blouse".

She was stunned; she couldn't be asking that, "but sir ... People will know ... and this is sexual harassment".

"Let's stop the bullshit. You are already fired and may walk out right now, you may accuse me of sexual harassment if you want but I don't think you will get much sympathy after I show the prosecutor the videos of you walking the aisles in your skimpy outfit and you know your contract termination is perfectly justified after your costly and documented mistakes.", Lillian swallowed, she knew he was right, her credibility would be extremely low. She remained quiet while he continued, "and regarding what people think, let me tell you two things: First, if I don't fire you everybody would think bad about us anyway and second as long as real evidence does not exist, rumors of mixing power and promiscuity seems to be good for a man's image in the executive world. At least Bob had benefited from his womanizer fame. Everybody admire him and envy him. So would you give me your blouse or should I call the guard to escort you out of our facilities?".

She was trapped and she needed time, she wasn't ready to fail yet, she rationalized, "I can make sacrifices to get my goals. I can't give this pervert a peek show, it is not like I am a slut or something, I just want to keep this job for a few days until I am on my feet again", the reality was that part of her, a small part of her she wished to think, wanted to do it. The whole scene reminded her the scenes of countless videos of submissive girls that she had seen in the last few days. She started to slowly peel off her blouse and blushing deeply she handed it to Mr. Palmer.

Mr. Palmer took the blouse and stored it in the top drawer of his desk. Lillian felt a knot in her stomach and a tingle in her pussy. Mr. Palmer was high on his power, after all this time on the receiving end because of his humiliating divorce and the way that everybody looked at him with condescending sights, he was finally feeling with satisfaction his old power return. "It seems like you forgot your bra. Looks like you are not smart enough to pay attention to such details. Are you? Well, it's no problem, it speeds up things. Now give me your short".

This time it was almost too much. She was being treated like some bimbo and now he was asking for the last piece of clothing that she was wearing. She tried to resist to regain some control of the situation but she was getting hornier by the minute and that was clouding her mind. Her heart was beating fast and she really wanted to submit, to act like the sluts in the countless videos that she had narrated and described in first person, she was biting her lower lip with shyness and anticipation, she really wanted to do it but she wasn't ready to admit it to herself, she was thinking, "I need to comply with his orders, after all he is blackmailing me and if I don't obey it can seriously harm my career. It is not that I am slut or something, it's just that I need to comply in order to gain time".

She pulled her shorts down and handed them to Mr. Palmer. Her hand was trembling slightly and her respiration had become short and fast. A thousand emotions overwhelmed her, she felt fear, shame and arousal, and in someway she felt more alive than ever.

Mr. Palmer smiled with satisfaction. He silently folded twice the little garment and put it over some stack of papers at the right corner of his desk. "You are a very dirty girl Lilly. Don't you ever wear underwear?"

"I ... I always ... I usually do ... sir", she felt very self conscious having that conversation without a stitch of cloth covering her body.

"Well. I see that you are really willing to do anything to get this position, but I am a professional man, I need to know if you are really qualified. Do you have experience as a cleaning girl?"

Lillian blushed. "What is he talking about? I already took off my clothes wasn't it what he wanted?", she thought.

The long silence was interrupted by Mr. Palmer. "Listen Lilly, if you don't want to be interviewed for the position, then you may leave. Maybe you can't manage an interview not even from the job candidate side"

"OK. Sir", she said resigned, "I really don't have ... you know...", she felt very nervous, being naked made her very insecure, " I never worked as a cleaning girl sir, but ... but I am sure I can do the job ... I clean my house and...".

He started filling a form, "Ok, no professional experience", he said out loud while writing in the form. "Most other candidates have professional experience, why should I choose you over them?"

She had prepared herself a thousand times to answer such typical job interview questions, but she never expected to answer them naked and in regard a cleaning girl position. She didn't know what kind of game was Mr. Palmer playing but she knew she had to convince him somehow. "Maybe if I do a good interview under this circumstances I'll gain his respect again", she thought.

Lillian breathed deeply and tried to abstract herself from her situation and return to her well-practiced interview script. "Well, I know other candidates could have more job experience than me but, I can bring a lot to compensate for that...", it was her old script but now it didn't sound as good because her voice was slightly trembling, she continued," I am a team player ... and I am a smart person ... I ... I can learn fast and ... I am very responsible ... and have initiative ... I am a very successful person ... and".

Mr. Palmer interrupted her. The whole scene was surrealistic and he was enjoying the situation a lot.

"Let's go for parts, you said you are very successful but I understand that in your last job you were first demoted and then fired, Isn't it?"

She slightly nodded her face full of shame, "but in school...".

"Don't interrupt me, I have not finished yet. You say that you have initiative but when I put you in the filling department instead of changing things for good you complied with everything and just followed orders until you made a huge mistake in just your second day, which speaks very bad of your touted intelligence. Your responsibility is a joke, and your team play well, you seem more like a team drag, you cost your team a day of salary for each one of them."

Lillian was getting more nervous by the minute, she didn't know how to handle Mr. Palmer answer, she replied what came to her mind first in regard his last phrase.

"I ... I ... really can be a team player, i ... I can make mistakes but I take my responsibility and protect the team".

"Well, you may have the chance to prove that later, anyway Team play is not nearly enough to get a job so You better tell me some real assets or I could not give you the position"

Lillian felt very nervous, she didn't know how to defend her case after being so cruelly disarmed by Mr. Palmer, finally she blurted the last resource of the mediocre applicants, the lamest asset that anybody can flaunt: "I am good obeying orders ... Without questioning...".

Mr. Palmer seemed pleased with her answer and said, "Yes Lilly, I think that is your best asset, as long as the orders are not too complex. You see, it is better to be sincere and talk about your real assets instead of pretending to be a successful self motivated responsible woman which we both know you aren't"

Lillian blushed with humiliation but she didn't dare to contradict him, she really didn't have much arguments right then.

"Ok. We only need to test the second part of your statement and I quote 'Without questioning', so come on, sit on my lap".

Lillian was in a trance like state, it was like the whole scene was part of a dream or a nightmare, her pussy was dripping and she hopped he didn't notice it. She walked around the desk and sat on his left leg, she was very nervous and horny.

"Now, tell me again about your assets", said Mr. Palmer.

Lillian lower lip was trembling, she looked at the floor and said, "I am very obedient...", her voice was very insecure and barely audible.

"You already said that, what else do you have?"

She couldn't talk anymore, her heart was beating too fast, she simply took his hand and put it over her tits.

"OK, I see. And what else?"

Lillian respiration was short and fast, she raised his hand and first kissed his hand and then sucked his index finger. She didn't dare to look at him. Then she took his hand and guided it to her pussy.

He smiled and said, "That's good, these assets and your obedience really can help you get the cleaning girl position that you want so much, even when you are unqualified. Let's put your assets to work. Get on your knees ... good. Now crawl under the desk ... very good."

He then made his chair roll as close to the desk as he could. He opened the top button of his pants, lowered the fly and let his cock out.

"Now, you may suck it while I do some paperwork"

Lillian was blushing red, but somehow being hidden under the desk made her feel a little bit more at ease, at least he wasn't seeing her now. She never had sucked cock before but she had look a lot of porn so she knew what to do, she started licking his balls and up and then started trying to swallow as much of his dick as she could, she gagged a couple of times but then managed to find the distance and rhythm to do it without gagging. Keystrokes sounded lightly on the background as Mr. Palmer was typing something in his computer. Lillian felt humiliated giving this man so much while he barely paid attention, but it only aroused her more. She concentrated in the task at hand, for a moment she forgot about her predicament, she was just finally acting the fantasies that had filled her mind in the last few days. Suddenly her abandonment was interrupted by Mr. Palmer voice, he was talking on the phone.

"Kathleen, could you bring me some coffee please"

Lillian panicked and stopped her blow job, she tried to be very still avoid making any sounds, but Mr. Palmer said

"I didn't tell you to stop"

Lillian continued her job, trying to be as quiet as possible. Just then the door opened and she heard Kathleen entering the office. Kathleen was a tall blonde and Mr. Palmer's secretary. When Lillian met Mr. Palmer for the first time she had thought that Kathleen was a slut. The reality was that Kathleen dressed in conservative business attires but her skirts were a little shorter than mid tight, they were maybe in the boundaries of what was acceptable for the office but still she looked classy but sexy.

Lillian remembered that first impression and thought, "Her attire was a thousand times more conservative than the one I used today". Kathleen put the coffee cup over Mr. Palmer's desk and looking at her puzzled face he said.

"She was very nervous, so I let her use my private bathroom".

"Oh. I see ... Boss I want to ask you a favor ", said Kathleen.

Lillian felt very ashamed sucking that man's cock just a few feet away from that girl that she once considered a slut but that now seemed like miles above her in terms of moral, feminism and self respect.

Mr. Palmer just made a hand motion encouraging her to talk

"You know, Mark, my boyfriend just returned yesterday from his business trip to Spain and he is inviting me to an expensive restaurant to celebrate. I am really looking forward to see him. I really missed him so much, so I would like to leave early so I can do my hair...", she said letting her excitement show in spite of her effort to sound neutral and professional.

"Oh. A long trip, an expensive restaurant, maybe Mark will finally get lucky", said Mr. Palmer playfully.

Kathleen smiled warmly reflecting her emotions about Mark and her good relationship with Mr. Palmer and she said, "No. Mr. Palmer, I'd love to, but he knows that I made a promise and I am still a virgin and I will be until the day that we marry, fortunately it will be very soon. I'll be graduating my MBA this summer and then we will marry as soon as possible"

Lillian was feeling more naked than ever, she had misjudged that girl and she was even a virgin, "How could I have felt superior to her, she is a decent girl while I am... ", she didn't dare to finish the phrase, she thought bitterly, "I am very bad at judging people, all my supposed psychological ability to read people and to anticipate their success is a joke. My opinion about her was as wrong as the image of success I got of myself"

Before Kathleen left the room, Mr. Palmer noticed that she had took a quick look to the little piece of fabric folded over his desk. He noticed with satisfaction that she seemed to identify it as Lilian's shorts. She of course couldn't be sure, still she will probably gossip about it, and that it was he wanted, a rumor but not a proved one.

Once Kathleen left his office, he ordered Lillian to get out from under the desk. She was blushing red. She looked at the floor humiliated. Mr. Palmer took Lillian's chin a made her look at his eyes. "Stop the shy act, by the way that you sucked my cock I bet you have done it a lot of times. No innocent girl does what you just did. Well, it's good for me anyway. It's good to do it with an experienced slut for a change"

Lillian blushed with shame, for a moment she thought of replying, but her mind was blank, she thought, "What could I say? That I am not experienced but I look a lot of porn?".

"You convince me to hire you. See those papers? It is your new contract, you will be working 4 hours a day for $8 per hour."

Lillian blushed, in a few days she passed from earning $25 to $12 and now $8.

"But before you sign your contract, you have to sign this paper to prove me that you are really a team player and that you will protect your team"

Lillian turned to see him puzzled.

"See, there were 8 people in the team including you. Each one earned 12/hour, a penalty of 8 hours for each member would cost you... 768 dollars"

"But I ... I ... don't have that money ... I..."

The company will lend you such amount and then discount you $120 per week, which is the maximum allowed and you will get $40 in cash, at least for the next 6 or 7 weeks.

"I ... I can't afford that ... I already have problems to pay the rent with the new salary ... please sir", Lillian had moved to a more expensive apartment outside the campus the moment that she secured her internship, after all with $100 of daily income she could afford something a little better. Now it seemed like a bad decision.

Mr. Palmar was implacable, he said, "No. Sign it if you want, but if you don't you may walk out of this office and I will be informing the university of your firing and putting a complain of your unprofessional behavior."

Lillian felt trapped, she could not let the university know about this, she had much troubles with her thesis already, she would lose her cum laude for sure and things could even be much worse. She had to stay focused on her objectives, and after all she already had sucked this man cock, wasn't that much worse than paying 768 USD?

"OK. Sir I'll sign it"

"Then bend over the desk and do it while I review your other assets"

She bended over the desk and was signing the papers when she felt Mr. Palmer penetrating her vagina from behind. She felt very ashamed but at the same time she was thankful, she was so horny that she just wanted, needed, deserved an orgasm, that came just a few minutes after, followed closely by Mr. Palmer explosion.

A couple of hours later she was showering in her apartment. She wanted to clean herself, to retake control of her life. Mr. Palmer was very cruel, Lillian was reliving her last moments in Mr. Palmer's office. After their orgasm and while she was still naked, she listened as he called the janitorial chief and told her about Lillian and that he had hired her as a favor to her father who told him that she needed some discipline. Her duty was going to clean an empty warehouse, he warned her that Lillian wouldn't use uniform because she was a temp but that she needed to be strict because Lillian tended to dress too slutty. Then turning to Lillian he said, "If you come to work with clothes that cover you more than the ones that you were wearing today, you are fired. And don't worry the janitorial chief may scold you but can't fire you"

Lillian was depressed, she was completely ashamed of her behavior. She wasn't in shape to talk with Karen about sex, she didn't want to talk about sex in her entire life, it will only spark memories of this shameful morning. She called Karen and told her that something had come up and that she could meet with her that afternoon.

Lillian decided to work in her thesis, she was unfocused and even the simple task of making the literal transcript of the interviews was getting more and more a challenge. The constant sexual references were distracting her. After a couple of hours her advance was little. She felt tempted to open one of her now favorites porno sites but she resisted the temptation. She went to her email trying to find something upbeat to encourage her, she had a bunch of spam and a few real emails. There were a couple of emails from Barbara her thesis advisor. In the first one dated the day before, she scolded her for missing the last appointment, she said she was concerned because she was missing deadline after deadline and she would need to work really hard to recover for the lost time, she finally urged Lillian to send her immediately the transcripts of the interviews with her interpretation. Lillian was afraid, she had not ended the transcripts and there were interviews still missing and she hadn't even started with her interpretations. With dread she opened the second email received just an hour ago, her counselor repeated that she was worried that Lillian hadn't even replied to her last email, "I think from your reaction (or lack of) that you are falling behind and you had not anything to show yet. I am willing to wait a week for you so you can put your notes and recordings in order but after your antecedents with this project I need proof that you are really working on it. You may send me copy of your tapes or at least send me a copy of that girl porno portfolio, because at this moment I can't even assure that you are really interviewing someone in the industry".

Lillian apprehension returned, on one hand Ms. Barbara was showing her some mercy on the other she had not much to show, the tapes were simply to shameful, without her professional vocabulary and with her nervousness her interviews sounded childish. If she had some transcripts and professional interpretations she could claim that she used that language and behavior to gain her interviewed trust, but at this moment they were simply shameful and she revealed to much of herself, even when she had decorated the true it was still too personal and was also very unprofessional. Her best shoot was to get Karen's portfolio. She called her but only got her voice mail. She sent her an SMS saying that she needed a sample of her "modeling" jobs.

Just a few minutes later she received Karen's reply. "No. That was not part of the deal and it could affect my current job".

Lillian was afraid, so she insisted via another message, "It could be anonymous, you know with your face hidden or something."

Karen responded with a simple "No. If you need that, find another person".

Lillian tried to stop things from getting worse, "No, Sorry, I won't bother you again with these kind of requests. Let's restart the interviews tomorrow.".

She received a last laconic message, "Agree".

Lillian felt relieved but then she realized that her only chance was to finish some presentable work for the next day. She however opened the rest of her email first. One was from her landlord reminding her that the rent was due this weekend and she had to pay $480, the email was redacted in a very friendly way giving her a welcome and stating that they appreciated having her as an inquiline but it had also a note at the bottom reminding her of a clause in the contract that stated that as it was her first payment there would be absolutely no mercy, if she fail she will be evicted the very next day and her deposit returned to her after 30 days if the property hadn't damages or liabilities.

Lillian was getting more and more anxious, she expected her internship payment will help her cover those expenses but the payments to Karen and her new diminished income made her impossible to pay on time. She will have to think of something.

She went to the kitchen and took a bottle of wine and started drinking to calm herself down. She needed to relax, she drank a glass of wine and started feeling better, she returned to her email.

She opened the last email and found out it was from the depilation clinic, they thanked her for her modeling session and they gave her a link to the video. She clicked it with dread and found that it was just as she had been told, her face was always blurred and her voice mostly blocked, even some skin marks that she had on her right thigh had been Photoshoped, otherwise she was visible in all her naked glory and in a very high resolution. The page with her video showed a counter, "30 visitors".

Lillian shivered, 30 people had seen her naked and even spread to show all her charms. She felt a tingle in her pussy. The idea that it was completely anonymous took away the guilt and the fear leaving only the excitement of the situation. She wanted to know how much further the counter would get, she wanted to feel the rush of being seen by more and more people. She refreshed the page several times but only after 15 minutes she only got "31 visitors".

She was getting frustrated, she wanted to feel the rush again but the site seemed stuck at 31 and she thought, "Maybe most of them are serious adult women just analyzing the procedure". She needed more, she wasn't thinking clearly. She went to some amateur site and posted a link to the video with the title, "College girl getting her pussy hair permanently removed by laser".

After an exciting hour, she saw the counter grow from 31 to 300 and then to 500. Lillian shivered with arousal, just the thought that more than 400 perverts had seen the video was overwhelming. She returned to the amateur site just to see 10 comments and a bunch of thanks. Some of them had noticed that her pussy was wet, and several requested the original poster to post more pictures or videos of her.

She tried to cool herself down. She closed her email and the amateur site and returned to her wine. "I need to cool down a little bit if I want to get some work done. I need something to get those images out of my head". She turned on her tv and poured herself a second glass of wine.

A couple of hours later, she had drank all the bottle and was clumsily trying to type in her computer. She realized the futility of her efforts, her mind was blank and her fingers seemed disconnected from her brain. She thought, "I can't advance too much for tomorrow. I need that portfolio, it is my only way out"

She pondered the idea of calling Karen again but even as drunk as she was she realized that a new call could make Karen brake her commitment after all she seemed to be looking for an excuse to do it. "I don't know why is she so prudish, It is not big deal, I said her I will blur her face, even I have a public video with my face blurred", then her foggy mind came to a realization, "hey, I could send photos of myself, who would know and Karen and I have the same skin color.".

She went for her camera and put it with a little tripod over the kitchen table and she sat over the couch in front of it. She used the timer to shout herself for a total of 16 photos in 3 different positions. Laying face down on the couch, laying face up covering her tits with her hand and sat with her legs wide open facing the camera, again covering her tits with hands. All the photos showed her smiling sexily, and her drunk state was pretty clear. She opened the files on her computer and she was too drunk too made a good editing, so she simply put a black square over her face in each of the photos. She saved the 'portfolio' and before thinking, she sent it to Barbara.

Feeling she had accomplished her mission, she masturbated to sleep.

The next day she awoke with a terrible headache. She vaguely remembered last night, then suddenly a memory came to her mind and she panicked. She ran to her computer and realized that she indeed had sent her naked photos to Ms. Barbara. Things were spiraling down very quick. She really had to do a very professional work with her thesis otherwise these stupidities could come back at her. She didn't want to go to her new job, she had decided last afternoon to never go back to that company anymore, but now the possibility of Mr. Palmer calling her school to report her firing and her lewd behavior would be simply devastating to her sinking career. Lillian breathed deeply trying to remain focused. She tried to convince herself, "There is still no real harm to my career. I just have to juggle these balls for a little time and everything will be OK. I could even still get a cum laude and put my career back on track. I just have to finish my thesis in a professional way and keep my job for a few weeks and I am done. Given that I complied with the portfolio requirement, I will ask Ms. Barbara for another week to show her my advance and I will impress her with something really polished".

Feeling more relaxed she planned her day, "Now I only need something suitable to wear at work, my only daring outfit was the volleyball uniform but if I wear it today everybody would relate me to the ongoing gossip about my yesterday's disgrace. My only hope to skip that shame will be to wear something else",

She then realized, "It is still early, Karen probably hadn't left her home", so she called her. "Karen, good morning...", "no, don't worry I won't ask for your portfolio again...", she said while thinking, "it is useless now anyway, Ms. Barbara would notice the change of model immediately", and continued her talk, "No, I am wondering if you can lend me an outfit...", she tried to sound casual, but her voice was reflecting her nervousness. "you know to take it to today's interview... ", Lillian couldn't come with a reason why she wanted the outfit in advance, after all she was supposed to be repulsed by those clothes but she really need them now, she invented, "I was thinking ... to knock at your door this afternoon wearing the same clothes that you wore for your audition ... You know to empathize, to know how it feels to wear them ... you know ... in public".

Karen was perplexed. She didn't know what was it all about but she found the whole situation amusing and quickly agreed.

Lillian was more at ease when Karen arrived to her apartment and gave her the requested slutty outfit. Karen then dressed into yet another one of Lillian's business outfit. She hadn't returned her the other two but it was normal, she had to clean them up first, still Lillian felt a knot in her stomach when she gave her another one.

Lillian dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, but put her slutty outfit in a backpack, She didn't have snickers anymore, so she packed a pair of flip flops. Once in the company, she changed into the outfit that brought her humiliating thoughts, after all it was the outfit that a porno model chose for an audition, and now she was wearing it to work hopping that Mr. Palmer didn't find it too modest for her. She breathed deeply and then reported to her new boss.

The morning was mostly uneventful, she was scolded by her new boss that resulted an overweight matron in her forties with very bad temper. For her having Lillian in her team was mostly an annoyance. She instructed Lillian to sweep a large area of the warehouse. At first the matron constantly corrected her technique but later she was mostly left alone. At the end of her shift she was sweated and very tired. She put her jeans and t-shirt over her slut clothes. She will make the commute decently dressed. Once in the train, she was somewhat satisfied with her achievements so far, she had complied with Mr. Palmer orders and had managed to preserve her job and her reputation for one more day. It had been very tiresome and a bit humiliating to be treated like an irresponsible child by that ignorant matron but she thought that she could bear it long enough to fix her situation.

Her only problem now was the rent. She had only $180 for rent and was $300 short. She had 'invested' most of her savings in the $480 deposit and first rent. She realized she could not afford to stay, even if she could negotiate to pay later there was no way that she could catch up with that amount of rent without her job. The worse part was that she knew it would be very hard to get a department for only $180, the only ones in that price were the cheapest campus accommodations and they were most probably already full by this time. She regretted her decision once again but decided to stay focused. She could ask a classmate to take her in for a few weeks but it would require a lot of explaining and also would make very hard to keep her shameful job and interviews a secret.

Lillian decided that her best chance was to ask Karen for that favor. She could even give her $20 per week or something. She concluded that she could make her accept, she seemed a good person after all, but as she approached to her destination she felt more and more insecure.

She arrived at Karen's apartment. The thought of living there was scaring and a disappointment at this point in her life but beggars can't be choosers. She went behind some stairs and took off her shoes, jeans and t-shirt, she put her flip flops and stored her clothes and shoes in her backpack and nervously walked to Karen's door wearing only her well sweated slut outfit that clung to her body like a second skin.

Karen opened the door. She was surprised, Lillian looked really different, she looked not only slutty but cheap. Her hair was in a very lose pony tail with strands mated to her face. The little clothes were obscenely clinging to her body and she obviously wasn't wearing any underwear. She smelled bad, it was hard to believe that she was just returning from an office work. She looked like if she had walked all the way, even worse than that, like if she had been exercising in a very dusty environment.

"Come on inside", Said Karen. After she assimilated the surprise she could not avoid to enjoy the look, "No so high and mighty now", she was thinking. Karen was neatly dressed in a business suit and in spite of the commuting not a single hair was out of place and her makeup was still perfectly done. That fact didn't go unnoticed to Lillian who felt humiliated by the contrast.

Karen had planned to change into jeans once in her house but now she wanted to stay as she was for more time to enjoy the contrast. She asked Lillian why she was so sweated but she didn't answered. She just asked for a shower and Karen pondered the situation. Lillian's stench was uncomfortable but it made her very insecure, so Karen decided to hold a bit and said, "You better do your assignment first. You may use the kitchen, just open the window please. No offense but you smell like the building's janitor"

Lillian wanted to shower first but she didn't want to contradict Karen, after all she was going to ask her a big favor that very same day. So she went to the kitchen, and after opening the window she used her computer to look for Karen's email and started to work in her 'assignment' watching a bunch of porn. Soon she was getting horny, her notes about the scenes had become more and more unarticulated over the last few days, they were so distracting so arousing that it was getting hard for her to narrate them. Her first person sentences were becoming simpler and simpler, "I am very horny ... a stud is fucking my ass while I suck another cock, I lick their cum from the floor", she wanted desperate to touch herself but she could see Karen reading some business book in the living room while taking notes in her laptop that was in a little buffet table. Lillian felt even worse than the first time she stayed in that Kitchen, now the kitchen felt too classy for a stenching cleaning girl. And Karen, looked so smart, it was not only her dress but her concentration, she seemed to be flipping pages quite fast and looked like she was accomplishing a lot of work.

Lillian envied her, nowadays she could not concentrate in anything for more than a few minutes before her mind started wandering towards porn. She tried to fight her horniness but just the thought that Karen now earned $29/ hour while she after the deductions to pay the debt made only $2 was extremely humiliating and oddly arousing. She could not avoid to touch her pussy and after a few minutes she was wantonly masturbating with her hand under her short completely absorbed in the computer screen. Her moans attracted Karen's attention who looked at her amused and satisfied. Somehow the new Lillian was her creation and that made her feel more powerful than ever. The excitement of the power to control Lillian was becoming addictive.

Karen continued her work, just glancing in Lillian's direction from time to time. Every time that Lillian turned to see her, she was busy with her book, so Lillian turned bolder and had pulled down her shorts to her ankles and was pushing three fingers noisily inside her pussy. Before she could orgasm for the umpteenth time, Karen talk. Ok, Lillian time is over, send me the email with your notes and you can take a shower. Lillian almost felt from the chair, and pulled up her shorts as fast as she could, she realized that Karen had seen her. She felt ashamed and her notes well, her notes were very short, she had stopped writing in the last few videos. She handed what we she had anyway and ran to the shower.

Karen glanced Lillian's notes. They didn't reflect any education and the lack of concentration was more than evident. It was obvious that Lillian was having a hard time controlling herself. It was like if she had unleashed some very powerful bottled force.

Lillian showered for a long time, she had to cool down and she wasn't ready to face Karen after what she just saw. She was completely ashamed. But after a while she couldn't postpone her exit anymore. She wrapped the small towel that Karen gave her, it barely covered her nipples and the top part of her pussy at the same time. She would have to ask for her jeans and t-shirt but she knew Karen would not give them back until the end of the interview.

Lillian approached Karen. She blushed and looked at the floor. "Sit", said Karen.

And Lillian complied. She was to ashamed to talk and her mind was very confused and unfocussed to restart the interview, the details of what she should ask today escaped her mind. She just wanted to leave right then, well no, she wanted to ask Karen for a place to stay and then leave.

Karen broke the uncomfortable silence. "Let's clear this thing first so we can talk. Yes I noticed that you were touching yourself, and no is not a big deal. It is just what healthy young women do when exposed to such stimulating scenarios. Don't worry I don't judge you and you were discrete enough", that last part was a complete lie, "but even if you weren't we are all girls here, I understand you and I really don't care".

Lillian felt relieved, the fact that Karen wasn't judging her was tranquilizing her, still she was unable to talk, she simply didn't know how to respond or what to say.

Karen enjoyed the unarticulated Lillian and said, "Well, let's forget about that and proceed with the interview. What do you have in mind for today?"

Lillian blushed, she was clueless, she simply hadn't planned anything for today's interview. The reality was that her mind was filled with just one idea: To make Karen accept her as guest for a few weeks so she could stand on her feet again.

"K ... Karen ... I have not ... You know ... Prepared an interview for today ... I had ... well ... a hard day ... and ... And I want to ask you ... a big favor"


"I need a place to stay ... just for a few weeks..."

"What happened to your apartment?"

Lillian was very confused, she did not know what to say to save some face, finally she decided to tell the truth, well sort of

"I made a mistake in my job, a costly mistake and I have to pay them a lot of money and I can't afford to lose that job right now because I need those work hours in order to graduate and I don't think I can find anything else because by now all the internship jobs are already taken. Next month I will receive my rent deposit and I would be able to rent another place again."

"A costly mistake", Karen repeated and Lillian blushed ashamed. Karen was amused and thought, "While I am starting to build a solid career path, this snob is falling.", just thinking that she was contributing to derailing this girl career was exhilarating. She knew it was cruel but the power rush was just too much and she could not avoid to project to Lillian all the hate that she had felt during the last couple of years for those girls that had it too easy and felt so superior making her feel like shit.

Karen knew that having Lillian living there would be an annoyance but on the other hand she could not avoid to think that having Lillian there she could easily control her and made her fall further. She was curious to know how much farther from her goals she could make Lillian go. She had a little voice inside her trying to stop her but the mixed memories of the first interviews with the fancy dressed and ever judging Lillian and all those mighty rich girls in her past were enough to clear any remorse.

"You know this place is small. Why don't you go with a college friend? You must have rich friends that are more able to help you than I am".

Lillian expected that. The place was small indeed, just two small bedrooms with a shared bathroom and an open area that had the living room and the kitchen which had a small table for four. She replied what she had practiced

"My friend's places are already full. You know ... the college's apartments are smaller than this and..."

The reality was that she had not so close friends and that many of her classmates would greatly enjoy the reason of her need. Just to have to explain that she had been demoted and that she had to leave her apartment due to her poor planning was too shameful.

"It is hard for me to believe that but OK. Still I don't get it why you can't afford a small apartment. I know that they could not take more than 75% of your salary, so you must be doing $125 a week", She knew Lillian that she worked 4 hours daily and that her salary was $25 per hour, after all that was why she asked for $29, just to earn a little more than Lillian.

Lillian blushed, she didn't expect that Karen did the math. If she could make at least that money, she could afford a low rent apartment, tomorrow she will receive $400 from her trust fund and in other circumstances she could use the whole amount to pay for the first month and the deposit of low rent apartment and she could live from those $125 a week the rest of the month but the reality was that she would only make $40 a week after the deductions and she still have to pay $20 a week or transportation.

"I ... I ... don't have enough money for the deposit and the first rent ... And it is too rushed to find something in just a couple of days..."

"So you are just a couple of days of being evicted?"

"No ... well yes...", Lillian was feeling more and more insecure and being covered just by an small towel didn't help at all, " ... Please, wait a second I am going to dress and I'll be back immediately ... to answer all your questions..."

Karen was enjoying the situation a lot, and sensed there was more that Lillian was hiding, "No, there is no need, we are all girls here and we need to settle solve this fast, my roommate is about to come. Maybe I can help you to find something, at least provisionally, you told me that you received $400 a month for your expenses, that is enough for a rent and a deposit in a place like this, you may pay the rest of your expenses from your salary, let's say $20 for transportation and $100 for food and other expenses. I could talk with my landlord right now, there are several vacancies in this building."

"No ... I can't afford it now...", she was biting her lower lip and looking at the floor.

"Why? Did anything else happen?"

"Yes ... I was ... I was demoted ... because of my mistakes ... and my salary...", she said without taking her eyes from the floor. She didn't complete the phrase, her voice faltering. It was so humiliating to let somebody know her shame but it was better than telling anyone related to her college life, it would be unbearable.

"I see", said Karen amused, "and what is your salary now?"

Lillian hesitated for a moment, she was ashamed and thought of lying but it would only make things worse.

"$8 per hour", she said almost in a whisper.

Karen almost laughed, but managed to control herself. The amount of the damage was bigger than she thought. "$8 per hour! You may make more in a McBurger! What kind of position pays that low, cleaning?"

Lillian didn't answer.

Karen interpreted Lillian's silence as an acknowledgement. She was high on her power, this was just too fun.

"OK. I see that you don't have many alternatives. I would like to help you, maybe you could sleep in this couch, it would be a little uncomfortable for us, this is where we watch tv and all...",

Lillian had expected to share Karen's room but still she jumped at the chance. "I'll do my best to avoid being an annoyance, if you are here I may go to the kitchen and...",

"That could help but my roommate ... well I don't think she would agree. After all we work hard and why would we support a rich girl?"

Lillian was thinking "a rich girl ... ha ... all of my money is trapped in a very strict trust fund designed by my late parents to help me graduate from an Ivy University". For a moment she relived the rage to her parents for treating her like a little girl even after their death but quickly she returned to the task at hand.

"Please Karen ... there must be a way."

Karen kept quiet for a couple of minutes. She looked concentrated and typed something in her computer, while Lillian nervously waited.

"OK. There is only a way to manage this but you have to agree to everything I say. What I am asking you to do is not a whim of mine, this could cause me a lot trouble with my roommate and it could cost me a lot in the long run so it had to be my way or nothing at all."

"OK", said Lillian who was a little more at ease, after all she was about to solve her housing problem.

"1. You'll be my little cousin Lilly from Indiana, you'll be 18, otherwise my roomy will think you are too old to be helped. You are just out of high school, maybe dropped out. You came to California looking for a modeling job in the porno industry and you want me to show you the ropes and in the meanwhile you work as a cleaning girl. That would help her to sympathize with you because she is a former porno model."

Lillian's head was spinning, she didn't expect to be forced to pretend to be somebody else. The idea of being a cleaning girl aspiring to be a porno model humiliated her and aroused her to no ends.

"2. We will go tomorrow to your apartment and pick all your belongings. You will lend me all your business clothes while you are living here, and I will say to my roommate that I bought them second hand, we can't say they are yours because my roomy will suspect. You will fill one suitcase with the clothes and belongings that you want to bring to my house. We will put the rest in a storage facility".

Lillian was stunned, things were deteriorating fast. She could not even talk.

"3. Money. I need to sweet the deal to my roomy so she doesn't bark. I will offer to give her $100 for this month rent and to cooperate with $35 each week for your food and other expenses. Of course you'll pay for that and of course you'll pay for the storage which according to this site is $70 per month and the transportation of your belongings to the storage center in a pick up truck that I can get for $100."

Lillian started mentally making numbers. Seeing her confused face, Karen handed her a calculator. Lillian saw that her cost of staying four weeks will be $410, but she will have food and board. She had to pay anything else with her $20 a week income after deductions and transportation. She will even have to pay $10 from that money.

Lillian knew she had to stop all that non-sense, but she couldn't think of another solution, not in a so short notice. She could go to a hotel just to get more time to think and find another affordable place but she will have to pay for the truck and the storage anyway and each day would reduce her options as she could not afford more than a few days in a cheap hotel, maybe 10 or 12.

"Ok. But you still help me with my thesis right? after all you will use my business outfits and all.

"Yes, don't worry but you will owe me one. This will take a lot of work and a lot of lying. One more thing Lillian, while inside the apartment you have to look the part. Do you have any cash?"

"Well ... I have $60. Why?"

"Listen, most of your casual clothes are expensive designer jeans and trademark shirts, that will ruin the lie, so I will lend you some outfits to wear while you are here and you should keep your clothes hidden. But I don't have much clothes that fit you, so you will have to buy a small wardrobe in the second hand shop. With your money you may buy maybe 5 outfits, but don't forget that they should be something daring, after all you must pose for a girl wanting to model naked. There is a store just around the corner, you should go there before going home."


A few hours after that, she was alone in her own apartment contemplating her new outfits with some remorse. Mr. Palmer's dress code rule and the fact that she was extremely horny while shopping didn't help at all. All the outfits were extremely skimpy, a mini dress, three very small shorts and a couple of equally revealing micro skirts, a couple of tube tops that left her shoulders and navel exposed, one of them barely reached the bottom of her tits. A couple of button up shirts, one of them missing several buttons and a little thank top. It seemed that her navel and legs won't find refuge for a while.

She modeled her new clothes in front of the mirror for a while. She looked cheap and slutty, "It is not too much, I have seen classmates wearing worse things on Halloween", but she thought bitterly, "but they were never would go to work dressed like that". For a moment she considered if that long time could have any permanent effect on her personality or self image, for a moment her old self started a philological analysis of the situation. A few theories and experiments came to her mind. She knew that nobody will really listen to her ideas while dressed in those outfits, that nobody will see her as a successful woman but as an ignorant tramp. Men will look for one night stands instead of a relationship, women will only have contempt, even if she gives the right answer she will considered dumber than any better dressed peer. She knew that the constant negative reinforcement could affect her ego, her own self image. She could end believing what others see in her is true. It was too painful to think about it seriously, instead her mind started wondering, if she turned off the reality a little bit, she found herself aroused by the idea of people thinking of her as a bimbo. It was so humiliating and oddly so arousing.

It was getting late and she was tired but she took her last bottle of wine and turned on her computer. She wanted a little farewell party to ease the pain of leaving her beloved apartment and soon she was drinking and looking at porn. She browsed the forum where she had posted the link to her laser depilation video. There were a lot of new requests for more photos or the identity of the girl. The comments were so praising but so dirty and so objectifying. For most of the posters Lillian was nothing but the carrier of that pussy, somehow being reduced to that made Lillian rub her pussy with frenzy. At some point she was so horny and so drunk that she clicked on the folder with the photos that she had sent to Ms. Barbara. The ones that showed her naked body in all her glory but that she had edited by putting a black squares over her face. With trembling hands she uploaded one that showed her posing face down in the couch which really showed her great ass. When she refreshed the post and she could see the new photo, she almost came. Breathing fast she uploaded a second one with her laying face up and covering her tits with her hand. It hinted that her tits were small but her legs looked great. She contemplated the third photo, her heart was beating fast. This photo showed her siting on the sofa with her legs spread as far as she could, she was again hiding her tits so all the attention concentrated in her hairless pussy. Her arousal was clear in her puffy and very wet lips. Her respiration was getting fast and short, her face was bright red with shame and arousal, she even edited the post to add some text, "She is Lilly, a college student from California. Isn't she a big slut?".

After she posted she masturbated to orgasm.

The post had a very quick response and before the night ended, with humiliating comments about "Slut Lilly". Lilly masturbated several more times reading the comments and seeing her own photos and videos until she fall sleep.

The next day she woke up late and simply skipped work. She had a terrible hangover but the moral hangover was even worse. She tried to withdraw the photos from the forum but found that it was impossible, apparently it was very common that people regretted their posts sooner or later so the site simply obviated the delete option. By then her posts had 3000 readings and quite a few thanks and responses, most of them asking for more photos. Some of them asked for photos showing her face or in a more daring poses or situations.

Lillian was pale, "3000 readers", She kept repeating to herself, a few weeks ago only one man had seen her naked and now her body was intimately known by 3000 people. She was getting very apprehensive, "This could have lifelong consequences, Those photos could come back and chase me in the future. What if I become a famous and successful woman and somebody shows those photos, it would be so embarrassing and so shameful. How can I be so stupid to post my real name and state, somebody could recognize me", But then she cooled down, "3000 is a lot of people, but in terms of the world population is a very small number, so the probability that one that knows me personally had seen the photos are very low and even in that case, the probability that he recognizes me is very little and even if he did, my face is hidden so I'd simply deny it's me ".

She dressed informally but conservative with Jeans and a t-shirt and tried to work on her thesis to forget about this new nightmare and as a matter of fact she advanced a bit on her literal transcripts, she didn't feel like doing anything that required more mental effort. Before she knew, Karen was knocking at her door to help her pack and make the transportation arrangements.

The whole process was a lot more stressful than Lillian had anticipated. Karen had come prepared with quite a few boxes, markers and tape. First she had to carefully pack every business outfit and even several casual but expensive outifits in a couple of big boxes for Karen. Then Karen made her pack every piece of jewelry, every equipment that she possessed. Including her stereo, smart phone and her tv. Karen even brought an used pink laptop and started copying all of Lillian's documents and bookmarks from her computer. Seeing Lillian's desperation she said, "That is a very expensive laptop, my roomie won't believe you are in need if you have all that equipment, but I understand you need a computer to finish your thesis, so I borrowed this one from a friend. It will make your character more believable, and don't worry you will have the key to the storage, you may access all your belongings anytime you want.".

Karen also brought a suitcase, it was all ragged and was midsize, Lillian looked at it in disbelief, there is no way that she could fit her things in such a brief space. "Karen, I already put my most needed things in this pair of suitcases". The suitcases were full size and looked almost new.

"No Lillian, you know those expensive suitcases just won't cut it, and we can't use boxes or something if we want to make it believable that you just arrived. Let me help you. Let's put the content of the suitcases over the bed.

Karen observed in disbelief how Karen started to fill her suitcase with her new slutty clothes, her old volleyball uniform and then added a couple of old jeans and a few of the t-shirts that looked less expensive. She put just a couple of underwear sets and from her toiletries and makeup she only packed her toothbrush and a bright pink lipstick that she never used. Her special shampoo and soaps went directly to a box, as well as her expensive makeup kit. She begged to Karen, "Please at least let me have the base, I need it to cover my freckles, otherwise people would think I am a tee...", she interrupted herself but Karen finished her sentence, "otherwise people will think you are a teenager, but that's exactly the point isn't it?". Lillian didn't answer, just looked how Karen put her purse and a couple of handbags in the boxes. "Hey I need that!".

"You may use this", say Karen, giving her an old small backpack. The backpack had no shape and was nothing more than a bag with straps, it's color was un-discernible, it was once probably red or pink but now it looked mostly gray.

Karen instructed Lillian to put her vast collection of high heel shoes in boxes and just packed the only pair of flat shoes that she possessed. She was wearing flip-flops and feeling more and more nervous. She shouldn't have agreed to all that crazy shit that Karen imposed over her. She wanted to back off but she was out of ideas. Lillian and the driver went back and for taking boxes to the pickup truck until finally, everything but her suitcase was there. Lillian was all sweated and wanted to take a bath.

"Lillian, there is no time to take a bath, the storage will close soon"

Lillian summoned her courage and decided to stay firm, she won't let Karen manage her like that. "No. Karen I will take a bath now", and with that she marched to the bathroom. She took a long shower, and she felt better than any time in that day, or the last few days for that matter. It was maybe because of her assertion somehow empowered her or maybe it was because the soothing properties of the long bath or a combination of both. But when she finished she found her apartment completely empty, there were no boxes, no suitcases just the old backpack and a little handwritten note.

"Lillian, I know you are a bit stressed by the moving and I understand that you had to change but I really had to go, the storage closes in less than an hour and we had to get there, make the contract and download the boxes, all before closing time. We can't postpone it for tomorrow because I already hired the truck and you promised your landlord to leave the apartment today so he could give you back your deposit back in 30 days.

I understand that you were not thinking clearly, so I decided to help you, otherwise it would cost you $100 from the truck and maybe the lost your $450 deposit. I went to the storage, and took your purse to pay for it as we agreed. Our little arrangement for a month will cost you $410, you had $390, so you owe me $20. I left you clothes and your bus card in the backpack, the landlord already have the keys."

Lillian panicked her landlord could come any minute. She was angry at Karen, and angry to herself. She felt stupid and childish, her bath could have cost her $530, maybe more. Her self confidence was flying away from her, if Karen wouldn't be helping her, she would have done a very costly mistake. She opened the backpack and found her flip flops, the bus card and the outfit Karen selected, it was one of her new slutty outfits a little yellow short and a pink tank top that didn't cover her navel, and that was it, there was no underwear. She dressed and tried to comb her hair with her fingers but she was doing a very sloppy job. She found a rubber band in the bathroom and she arranged her hair in a ponytail.

She looked at herself in the full body mirror in her room. She almost didn't recognize herself, she looked younger, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, she remembered the way she looked when she saw this very same mirror for the first time. She had just finished negotiating the rent contract with the landlord and feeling that she could eat the entire world in one bite. She was wearing a business suit: a perfectly tailored dark skirt went bellow her knees, a white long sleeved blouse, a dark blazer, a pantyhose and an expensive pair of high heels. A discrete gold jewelry set of ring, necklace and earing completed the success image.

Lillian shivered, instead of that businesswoman of just a few weeks ago the mirror showed a young tramp, a cheap young tramp. Just the thought of leaving the apartment looking like that overwhelmed her with humiliation, shame, disgust, fear, and arousal. She could not avoid to think that she looked like those teen porn models that she had been looking at a lot lately. They usually didn't wear a bra, even when they had tits bigger than hers, but they always wore panties, even when they were mere thongs that didn't really cover anything. The thought that she was less dressed than them and that she will be trapped most of the time in that character for an entire month almost made her cry but at the same time her shorts were starting to show a little wet spot.

She put her towel in her backpack and quickly got out of her apartment. When she closed the door behind her she felt a tight in her stomach. She felt like if she was leaving part of her life, an important part of her life behind. She didn't dare to take her sight from the floor, just the thought that one of her neighbors, well former neighbors could see her like that ashamed her to no ends. She looked out of place walking like that in that nice neighborhood. When she finally climbed her bus she tried to reassure herself thinking that she would have complete access to her stuff, well except for her business clothes that she would have to ask Karen for if she needed them. That thought gave her some piece of mind. She went to sit in the back of the bus, trying to avoid the gazes of the passengers that started to fill the bus. But her hopes of being ignored was short lived when some high school students boarded the bus and started hitting on her, she was so surprised that she didn't know what to say, she simply blushed and kept quiet while looking at the floor. One boy sat beside her, and started to casually touch her tights, she felt her face so hot that she thought it would explode. She didn't want to get the other passengers attention, so she simply pushed the boy's hand away. The boy took the weak response as a 'go' signal and restarted his touch, this time he was a little bit bolder touching the hem of her short. Lillian was so aroused, she put the boy's hand away and turned to see the boy with the most stern sight that she could make at the time which due to her state of arousal wasn't as tough as she intended. The boy put his hand again over her legs, touching skin and the short's fabric. His hand was very close to her longing pussy, she tried to sustain her though sight but she simply couldn't, she was overwhelmed by her arousal. She looked down and the boy felt encouraged to go for the killing and started a heavy petting session, right there on the bus, he was rubbing her pussy while touching her tits and giving her an occasional kiss in the mouth. Lillian breath was becoming short, the whole scene was surrealistic, she was dressed like a teen slut but she wasn't like that, was she?, her mind tried to fight, to stop acting like that, but her body felt so god. She closed her eyes trying to abstract herself from the situation when she was returned to reality by the voice of the driver. "Hey, you two, get out of my bus immediately. This is not a motel little lady". She was shinning red when she stepped down from the bus under the scornful sights of the rest of the passengers. Fortunately the boy didn't follow her.

An hour later she arrived at Karen's home. She was tired, she felt insecure, she was taken for a high school girl once again during her long walk to Karen's home. It was hard to overcome the way everybody looked down at her, like if she had no value, no future, she felt defeated.

When Karen opened the door, she looked at the mousy slutty girl in front of her and smiled. The contrast of the high and mighty Lillian of a few weeks ago was just too much. Lillian interpreted the smile as a welcome and fell a little bit comforted.

That evening she met Megan, Karen's roommate. Megan was an extroverted and very talkative 25 years old Afro-American woman. She immediately approved Lillian's wish of entering the porno industry. "I was in the industry myself, but I left it because a boyfriend asked me to quit. I got this job as an organizer and photographer of parties and events and I found the job pretty entertaining even when the payment is not as good. I think you got future, young innocent looking models are always on demand, but you need to get rid of your shyness or you will freak out in the auditions. I am a photographer, I can get some equipment and take some nude pictures of you to start your portfolio".

Just hearing Megan's words Lillian blushed, she tried to avoid that without destroying her cover. "I think I am not ready yet", she said in a low voice.

"Yes I see that. I think it would help you get down your inhibitions if you remained topless when you are here. We are only women after all".

Lillian tried to resist but when Karen insisted that it was a good idea, she ended accepting. It was weird to be barefoot and wearing only the little yellow shorts while the two other women were fully dressed, and she had no privacy, her 'room' was the living room and both girls looked at tv until very late.

The next day she went to her cleaning job. The morning was mostly uneventful, she had to stand the rage of her boss for her absence. She said, "You need some serious discipline, I think I am going to fire you right now", Lillian couldn't know that she wasn't allowed to fire her, so she begged and accepted her insults when she called her a "little tramp" and finally said, "Well you'll have to do the work of yesterday and today".

A few hours later she was traveling in a bus completely exhausted. She didn't change back into jeans and t-shirt, she simply was too tired, she had put her decent clothes in her backpack and made the commute in her slutty clothes.

When she arrived Karen's home she used her new key to enter. She washed her slut clothes and took a long shower then she dressed again in her volleyball outfit. She tried to start working on her thesis, she took her computer and looked at her email and found one from Ms. Barbara.

"Lillian, we need to talk about your project. Your proof that you are really interviewing a model was insufficient, You may call me or you may get me some real studio photos of your friend. Time is running out, I can help you and move the deadlines a bit in order to accommodate your advance but I need a proof that you are really working on this. Next week I have to certify that all the thesis I am tutoring are indeed original works and have no other etic fails like fabrication. I don't feel confident to certify the authenticity of your work. Giving your false start with the fabricated interviews I have to be extra careful and you are not giving me anything to reassure myself. You are missing deadlines, your current work is too superficial. I still have faith in you, just give me something to be confident, if I you can't give me something this week I will put your work on probation and inform the committee ". Ms. Barbara sounded desperate, the reality was that her job was on the line, if she took the wrong decision and was fooled again with some academic fraud she would be surely fired.

Lillian was pale, she couldn't face a committee, not now, her work was seriously delayed and she didn't feel self-confident enough to face a bunch of old teachers and talk about porn, and worse, they will questioning her seriousness. It will be too stressful. No, she had to avoid that. She thought, "I need some studio photos of Karen, now! I can't wait anymore.", She was sure there tried to find something but the rooms where closed, however she could see a few photos in the living room portraying Karen in bikini. She was beautiful, Lillian started to mentally compare herself with Karen. Karen was taller and had bigger tits, her hair was black and she had a tattoo in her navel and a big birth mark under her right tit ... Lillian paled, "Oh no, Ms. Barbara will instantly notice that the photos are not from the same person". Lillian started to hyperventilate, she had no way out, she was fucked, she was simply too stupid or too drunk when she decided to send photos of herself in the first place. She forced herself to calm down and after a few minutes of breathing exercises she was able to think on her problem and came to a painful conclusion. The only way out was to have nude studio photos of herself, she had to take Megan's offer as soon as possible.

She didn't advance further in her thesis that afternoon. She was simply too nervous and full with anticipation and anxiety to think clearly. Instead she ended looking at some basic porn to remember the modeling poses and trying to figure out how to make Megan do the session as soon as possible.

When Karen arrived she interviewed her for a little time, without any serious advance. Finally Megan arrived and Lillian felt a lot of apprehension. She definitely needed some nude photos of herself that looked professional and her only mean to get them was Megan but it was just too shameful and she felt somewhat intimidated by Megan extroverted personality.

"Hey Lillian how are you? Nice clothes..."

Lillian blushed, she knew she was dressed like a slut and only managed to say, "thanks" in a meek voice.

"What about our little rule? You are too shy, if you don't loose a little bit you won't be able to do an audition. Come on, give me that blouse", and then added, "Karen, I need to help me with this. We said she should be topless at all times when she was in the apartment, otherwise she will never overcome her shyness"

"Megan is right Lilly"

Lillian blushed and was starting to take off her top when she stopped and said, "No, it is not necessary, I think I can handle a photo session, as a matter of fact I was thinking of asking Megan to do my portfolio"

Karen was surprised, but then she thought, "She is surely trying to avoid being topless and still be on character, but that won't work with me"

"I think that is wonderful Lilly! I think Megan could book her studio in maybe three days or so. It is a very busy studio, and we don't want you to chicken out and waste the opportunity, so you must be prepared and prove us that you are ready"

Megan was amused, she could use the study that night if she wanted and Karen probably know it, but she saw that Karen was maybe trying to pull her cousin leg and she decided to join in, she was enjoying the visit, she was bisexual but she rather liked girls and her roommate was definetly straight but her cousin ... Well it was hard to know but she definitely will give her a try or at least have some fun.

Megan said, "Karen is right, I can book the study in three days, but I maybe wouldn't have another chance to book it for a couple of weeks, so you will have to be ready by then but I still see you too shy. I won't book the study if you are still so uncomfortable to take off your clothes even in front of only us that we have to remind you every time. If you think you are brave enough for a studio session, you should commit to be completely naked all the time that you spend in the apartment."

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