Joys of Accounting
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, NonConsensual, Incest, Mother, Son, MaleDom, Group Sex, Harem,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rita becomes a full member of the family

There we sat, three teenage boys side by side as our mothers knelt before us sucking cock. Truly the greatest day of my young life. These were three middle aged cunts at my beck and call. Bobby, next to me was an easy convert to mom fucking, John at the far end, had taken a little pushing. I looked down, it was Jane, John's mom, sucking me, "Jane look up here", I pulled gently on the sides of her head. "Oh you sweet cunt, open your mouth, I want to see your sticky mouth." Jane liked being embarrassed, "That's the way," She moved her tongue over her lips so they glistened, I leaned over and whispered, "You come over without John and I'll spank you and ass fuck you while you eat my mom, then you can lick me clean."


"Tomorrow noon," and then in a normal voice, "Guys, we are the three luckiest guys in the world to have three of the greatest cocksuckers for moms."

When my father had died, I was surprised at the number of people who came to our house after the funeral. I was trying to help my mother and sister so I was playing at being a waiter, a fairly clumsy one at that. I ended up, mostly picking up empty plates and glasses. Twice in my rounds I found people trying to get into my dad's desk or file drawers. Both times there was some sort of phoney story about needing a piece of paper or a pen or something. When I told them we had locked everything when dad had his attack and the auditors would be in next week to check any books or statements, nobody looked happy.

Dad had had a small private accounting practice for some wealthy people. I had once asked about why they hired him when there were so many big firms. He had said something that sometimes people needed a small guy who could quickly do stuff the big firms couldn't. As mom and I were shooing the last of the mourners out the door, one of them, Mrs. Potter pulled me aside, "Peter, I gave your father some personal things that I don't want the auditors to see. If you could get it for me I'd be glad to give you twenty dollars." Mrs Potter and her husband were notoriously cheap, for her to offer 20 was like anyone else offering 2000. I just turned 15, but I'm not stupid, there was something going on that a lot of people were worried about. Funerals are emotionally exhausting, mom had a couple of drinks and wobbled off to bed by 8 PM. My sis and I had the house straightened and the dishes done by 9 PM. Then my sister floored me, "Pete, with daddy gone, if there's no money, would you quit school and go to work so I can finish college?

"What the hell sis, I'm a sophomore in high school, how can I make any money?

"Well think about it, after I got a good job, I'd help you to go to school." ... like shit ... I thought.

As I said, I may only be 15, but I'm not stupid, My dad had/has something a bunch of people wanted, after my loving sister went to bed, I got dad's key ring and went to his office.

Center drawer, bingo computer disks, when I slid them into his computer, I got a request for a password. On the tenth try I got it, me, my sister and mom's birthdays, but in numerical order. Oh dad, I've got a better password then that!

Just a quick scan said I had found a treasure trove of stuff. It looked like he was running a tax scam for several people in the neighborhood. There were all sorts of computer disks and ledger sheets with references to Swiss and Cayman Islands and Panamanian accounts, My favorite was the Nigerian accounts, By now everybody in the world must have gotten at least one E-mail scam from Nigeria and here dad was hiding money there! But better than the money was the box of VCR and video disks that were home made porn! Prominent of course was the cocksucker on screen in front of me, my mother, I didn't recognize the prick in her mouth, but I sure spotted her.

Porn, home made. But still porn, and a lot of it! I started to smile as I recognized Bob's mom, sucking an unknown tit, the camera panned back and the tit belonged to my mother! Well, shit! I went through the other drawers and found more disks, a bunch of folders with numbers on them, coded accounts? His file cabinet yielded a bunch of VCR tapes more numbered files but these were a different sequence. I was boxing up the stuff in those file boxes from Staples when I had an idea, The third drawer I turned over had two keys taped to it. One was for a door lock the other a padlock style key. The very last drawer yielded two safety deposit box keys. I was getting excited, I got several flash drives from my computer and copied dad's hard drive. Then I went and deleted all the accountant style files I could find, and I think I got all the porn except one or two, which might slow down anyone investigating. Last, I changed his password to some nonsense number off a bank statement. Crack that code, J Edger! The two boxes of files went on the floor at the back of my closet under all the off season sports stuff.

Four days after the funeral, we had a robbery, dad's office was ransacked, the computer was stolen, file drawers broken into. When the police came, they guessed that we must have scared whoever it was, since nothing else was taken. Next day, I opened my own safety deposit box, I got mom to sign on it telling her that some of my baseball cards were valuable and we might need the money. When I showed up with all the files, it was no problem to get a bigger box. Now I had a box that no one knew about. It took two weeks but I found a receipt for a two year rental on a storage unit. I practiced my dad's signature for a full week until I went there. I could have saved my time, I signed and nobody really looked. When I opened the unit I was a little discouraged as all I could see were those cardboard file boxes. The second box was packed with 50s and 100s. I had to stop, lock the unit and find a toilet, before I pissed my pants! When I got back, I didn't try to count, but out of twenty boxes, twelve were filled with money! I'd seen enough movies to know that this kind of money meant problems. That day I took a little over 10,000 home. It took me almost two weeks to figure out how to move that money. I rented another cubical under my middle name. The guy at the desk who didn't bother to check signatures never really looked up as I rented a unit for six months, I used my middle name as a last name and he barely glanced at my fathers driver's license for ID. The day I rented the new unit, I transferred the money. I figured best to leave half the files for anyone who comes looking. I had brought a duffel bag and left with almost 300,000!

The money was a scary thing, I didn't want to give it up and I couldn't get a handle on my own mother. Did she know about the money, I didn't think so. In these porn tapes she sure was a willing player, as my mother, I had not got a flicker of that side of her. One thing I did know, if she could fuck and suck all those guys, she sure was going to fuck me. I just couldn't figure out what was with my mom. I was watching my mom lick Bob's mother's cunt while someone fucked her in the ass when I made up my mind. If my mother is fucking me, I can trust her! My mother and I together will have to figure out what to do with my sister.

I spent a lot of time copying files so I now had one set of porn in the vault and one set at home. All the financial stuff I left in the vault. On one disc, my folks and Bob's, our dads and moms going down on each other. Both moms spanking each other, lots of 69'ing. For the next week it was a beat off festival in my room. I had looked at a lot of the neighbor moms and casually thought about them but watching the film of my mother was driving me nuts, I couldn't look at mom, without seeing her naked, If she bent over for a pot all I could see was her getting ass fucked. Now that I knew she was horny, I had to have some! As I watched a naked Mrs Potter sucking off a black guy, I had to laugh, $20.00 MY ASS! As I sat, with a hand on my dick, and watched most of the mothers I knew, sucking and fucking and basically every woman ate pussy and seemed to like it. I was beating off four times a day. But my mom, I guess dad loved her, she sure got a lot of camera time. When I saw my mother with three guys, three guys that rotated from hole to hole; it was almost more than I could take, when I came, I just kept squeezing my dick until the pain got me out of my semi trance. I labeled the tapes and disks with my friend's names rather than their mothers. I was surprised at the people on the tapes, where I recognized either by name, or by sight, say 15 women on the tapes I only recognized about 6 of the men. Who were the other guys and why were the local ladies fucking these strangers?

Well mom would know and the only way I was asking her is after she was fucking me. Even though I had never even had a glimpse of that side of mom, the tapes left no doubt that mom was a highly sexed woman. If she can fuck neighbors and strangers the very least she's going to do is fuck her son and his friends.

Sis was back at school when I corralled mom. "Mom, come here, you have to see this! Sit down, I want you to watch this." It was the tape where mom was made watertight and Bob's mom sucked her out. We weren't 10 seconds into the film when mom started yelling to turn it off, while grabbing for the remote. She started to claw at me and I grabbed her in a sort of hammer lock. "No sit here, we have a lot to talk about. Stop the yelling." Every time she would try to screw her eyes shut, I'd give a little twist and yell for her to keep watching.

After about ten minutes I felt all the fight go out of mom, I could almost feel her bones go limp. I released my head lock. When I looked at her she was crying, ashamed I guess, I would have to find out if she was ashamed to have me see her in action or just ashamed that she had to watch herself perform. I grabbed her hand and entwined our fingers. "Now, let's sit quietly and watch the end of the film." For the next fifteen minutes whenever there was a new partner or a new position, I would give mom's hand a lover's squeeze, her hand was limp the entire time.

As the machine hit eject, I turned and not releasing mom's hand said, "Now let's talk. I like what I saw! You're a hottie and I want some of you and your friends." Mom tried to jerk her hand away and actually wailed. I had never heard anyone make a sound like that, but I was pretty sure it was the same as the lost souls in hell must make. "Stop mom, I've seen the film, we've seen the film! Don't tell me you didn't like that, I saw you, you like fucking, you love sucking cock. Maybe as much as you like eating pussy, so no more bullshit. Here's what you have to do today; you start with me or get ready to go to jail! Me, I go into a foster home for two years, but how long for you? I think the worst foster home is going to be better than the best woman's prison. One nice thing, I'm sure you'll find some black whore that will have you eating pussy full time. Now, listen closely I've found some money of dad's, a lot of money in fact, if you and I can work it out, you won't have to work, you're only job will be taking care of me!"

And there it was, I said money and mom got interested, I knew that dad's insurance was 200,000 but even as a 15 year old I knew that wasn't going to last forever.

"Money, how much did you find? I need money for the house and for your sister's college..."

"Mom, there is more than enough to keep us going for quite a while,. 500,000 maybe a million." I had had a hand on mom's frozen knee, when I said the word million, mom's knees actually swung wide. I guess we're all money whores. "Now the only real question is are we going to share it? I want you and I to do everything I saw on those films. If you don't want to, maybe I just turn the money over to the police, let them work out who it belongs to."

'What kind of a son are you? I mean to want to have ... to make lov..."

"Mom, I'm the kind of son who watched several hours of his mom sucking and fucking, I've seen you suck multiple cocks and lots of pussy, so don't ask who I am, without telling me who the fuck you are! Bang, Mom was off to the mall or where ever they go when they're pissed. Two nights later my bedroom door opened, "Can we talk?"

When she turned on the light, mom had one of those semi transparent nightgowns on. Sure she came to talk. "Mom there's nothing to talk about, either you and I are doing everything I saw on those tapes or I'm turning the money and tapes over to the cops. I go to a foster home, you go to jail, I'm out in two, I don't know what they do to the wife of an embezzler, I know they won't let you keep the money."

"Well how much money is there?"

"Ahhh mom, you telling me there's a price tag on you fucking your son? What, a kiss on the cheek for a thousand, hand job for ten K, blow job for 100K? How about this; if that's your price scale, you'll be doing a lot more than blow jobs." Now mom sat on the edge of the bed.

"Well what are you talking about, I mean how..."

"No, that bullshit, there's plenty but only if you're nice to me, real nice to me."

"Well, we wouldn't tell anybody, I mean, just us right?"

"Mom stop bargaining, you got nothing to bargain with. Right now, take that off and get under the covers with me, or tomorrow the cops get a lot of money!" She turned and I thought she was leaving, but no all she wanted to do was turn off the lights before dropping her see though nightie! My mother may not have wanted to commit incest with her son, even though she fucked everybody in the neighborhood, what was really important to her was losing the money. Not for the last time I learned what cunts, some cunts can be. I wanted to demand she leave the lights on, but my dick was screaming Pussy and my dick rules in those situations. Once she was in the bed, I was the one that was shy. I knew what I wanted, I was not 100% sure how I was going to get it. Fortunately, then my bed was a narrow one so we were touching. It was actually easier for us to put arms around each other than to try to lay apart. In the semi dark I was engulfed with mom's perfume and the smell of her freshly washed hair. Then I realized she had fixed herself up to get into this bed. I was winning! I pulled her close and for the very first time I was laying belly to belly, naked with a female! It was hard to breath for a moment. Seeing how our relationship has developed it's interesting to remember that my first intimate grasp of my mother was her ass. Sure it was softer than the teen butts I saw in school all day but it was a naked ass and it was in my hand. It was a golden ass, well worth worshiping.

Looking back now it's hard to believe that I was careful not to get any fingers close to her asshole, I just held that big firm butt cheek and pulsed it. Every squeeze and release was a separate exciting adventure for my mind. I started to tentatively try to kiss my own mother on the lips and suddenly remembered; my bed, she came here, she wants the money, she wants the money she gets me! With that I changed from a child to a full grown motherfucker! I took my first kiss as something I expected and deserved. I moved my other arm from her back to her head and pulled her into me, our lips hit harder than I planned but only made both of us open our lips in surprise, My tongue darted into mom' mouth like a heat seeking missile. All the while I was exploring mom's mouth with my tongue and exploring the sensations of having my tongue inside something wet and warm I couldn't ignore those two soft yet firm boobs burning holes in my chest. For the first time in my life I understood the concept of a kid in a candy store. I just didn't know how to let go of mom's head or ass to grab one of those, in my mind, legendary boobs. Once again, my bed! She came here! I let her ass go and grabbed a tit. If I hadn't seen those films and beaten off so much to them, I'm sure I would have cum right there.

Oh yeah, those films, "Hold my dick mom!" And as she did, I was stunned, pleased, overjoyed, my mother did what I told her, not what I asked her, what I told her! "Good girl, what a good girl you are. Keep this up, lots of money for the new baby." That got me a friendly squeeze and a gentle yank. Money seemed to be the universal lubricant here. The light was off but there was enough light from the street and the hallway that I could see mom's boobs her hips her face, with her suntan and the white sheets she was a stunning outline. My lips went to her boob while my hand went to her crotch. I was so horny that just touching her pubic hair was a turn on and when my fingers grazed her pussy lips it was as if I had been burned! I gave mom's crotch one warm loving squeeze and then I had a finger in her. I had thought my tongue had experienced something special inside mom's mouth, but this was something else, if my fingertip had melted or been burnt off I wouldn't have been surprised. There may be a first time for everything, but some first times are better than others. My mother, my finger, her, no my pussy; in comparison, Edmund Hillary had a little climb up a hill. My finger placement was greeted by more yanks. 'Whoa mom, we wouldn't want me coming outside of your sweet little puss would we?" Not a word as I rolled on to her. I will say this for mommy, she kept her hand on my dick and centered me on her. With a little up down wipe on her part I was there, as she released her hand, I slid into ... there are no words ... puss cunt vagina love grotto, closest would be, heaven on earth. Just a short while ago I had never even thought of sex and my mother in the same sentence and now, my dick was in her cunt! I came, not even one stroke, I came; I had mentally jacked myself off!

Mom must have felt it as I finally heard her talk, "Oh Baby that's..." I stopped her with a kiss. There was no way I was going to take my dick out, not that quickly. Now the mind that had just jacked me off came to my rescue, thinking about where my dick was made sure that my dick never went all the way soft. In less than three minutes I had a working semi-hard on again. And two minutes after starting to stroke I was the man of steel once more. But this time I had just came and I had seen the films, I knew my mother liked to fuck and fuck strangers too. Soon I was running through some of the positions I had seen her in. When I got her legs over my shoulders It seemed to light her own afterburner. The thing that porn movies can not portray is that moment when you feel your partners sex drive take charge of their bodies. With my mother it was very obvious when she lost it. One minute I was fucking a warm piece of meat that was laying still beneath me and all of a sudden it was as if her body temperature went up ten degrees, I could feel the light beading of sweat breaking out over her body, as I looked down, hell I could see it on mom's forehead and her upper lip. Then her hands rose up from the bed to at first push against my chest but then they were pulling at me, her hands moved across my chest looking for a grip. She finally got both hands under my arm pits and was pulling me down to her. As I came closer to her face her legs were bent so far her ass was off the bed. I could feel her ass cheeks against my thighs, but most of all I could feel my own mother's cunt. What wonders that was, Mom's cunt was clutching at me as she started to cum.

"Ohh, fuck me, fuck this cunt, wrong, so wrong, good, feels real good. Oh, Oh, OHHH." Mom's cries sealed her fate as far as I was concerned. Mom licked her lips and grinned up at me. "You got me, you got me good."

"No more mommie now, Cunt Mary now, my cunt, my baby, fuck your son, get used to my dick, it's going to be the most important thing in your life, now be a good cunt, a good baby, sweet little fuck mommie, love me,. Fuck Me!" I was babbling, I was overcome with the thought that my mother was coming on my prick. My prick was making my mother come. I put my hands on each side of her head, "Mom, who's fucking you?

"You are" I used my hands to shake her head,. She caught on. "You are, my son is fucking me, God forgive, I'm cumming on my son's dick, Shit? I love it, I love your cock! Let me cum one more time please, please sir fuck me to heaven again please!"

I stopped my stroking and with my dick fully buried inside my own mother, I started her new sexual catechism. "Who's my pussy?"

"I am"

I twitched my dick inside of her, "Who's cunt is this?"

"Yours, your cunt"

"Are you mine, do I own this? Give me your ass and mouth, say it!"

"Paul, I give everything to you, it's your pussy. Your mouth, your ass, you be my daddy and I'll be your baby. Now please, daddy, fuck your baby some more Please!"

Who can resist that kind of pillow talk? As I started my stroking again I slid my hands forward and gave her a finger from each hand to suck on. Mom was sucking hard on my fingers and she came again! I thought that stuff only happened in movies! I pulled out for a moment and moved my hand, wham I had four fingers inside her and mom was writhing on my hand. "Oh look at my cunt squirm, you like that cunt?" At first she just vigorously nodded, "Talk cunt!"

"Yes, yes, I love it, but I love your pi ... prick more!" Quick as I could; hand out of her cunt and the same hand soaked with our juices, into her mouth, my mother sucked those pussy soaked fingers as if they were ice cubes in the Sahara. I slammed back in to her. Now it was some sort of punishment fuck. The harder I fucked, the faster I fucked the more mom's body betrayed her. I may have been a young kid, but I knew she was never going to forget this fuck; she was just about passed out, eyes had gone almost lifeless and her tongue was just sort of hanging on the corner of her drooling mouth.

"Mom", I yelled. She came around a little,. "MOM, I'm going to cum and right away you are going to suck my dick clean, right?" She licked her lips and nodded. My dick just seemed to expand and then I came, not any of my beat off fantasizes had prepared me for this, I Had a soul cum. Oh Fuck was I happy! Mom was almost too quick for me, she slithered out from under and was down and on my cock right away ... It really was too soon, my dick was too sensitive, As close as I can describe it, imagine your prick was a funny bone and you just hit it. But I had asked, no, I had told, and I wasn't backing away. My mother for her part was taking her new position seriously, as she licked my dick clean inside her mouth, she moved to hold my dick out of the way as she licked up everything around the base and my balls. My freshly cleaned dick got a warm kiss, and mom slid up to my chest. "Oh daddy, your baby loves her new dick. Thank you, thank you, I really needed that. You are the daddy here, I love my daddy and I love my daddy's dick!" I pulled her up closer and kissed her sperm flavored lips. I think we both fell asleep at the same time.

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