Driving Against the Traffic
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Spanking, Humiliation, Interracial, White Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harry has taken a new job. His last job was very stressful for many reasons. Hopefully his social life would improve even though the driving distance is much longer. His chubby but very friendly neighbor Teresa is "The perfect date" but she wears him out with her many demands. His co-worker Doreen needs his cock and she is willing to do anything to get it. The fact that his new job would mean supervising a half dozen young females seems most interesting.


Harry is happy in his job in the Embarcadero. But he needs a change and heads to Palo Alto. The music of "Do you know the way to San Jose?" keeps running through his mind but it is in a slightly different area even if in the same direction. His predominantly Gay work environment is about to change into supervision of almost a dozen sweet young things in an office with almost no male workers. Still, Doreen's bent over position on the roof of his old work building was most memorable. At least, his friendly Market Street neighbor Teresa was ever available providing he has the prerequisite condom to alleviate her fears of unmarried pregnancy and the difficulty of explaining it to her fiancée back in Mexico. In part II, he makes the switch to Palo Alto working on the Stanford Campus and supervises eight females. Despite the zero tolerance concerning sexual harassment, he makes a vow to score with all of them before he moves on to the next job.

"Do you know the way to San Jose?"

The song was running through my mind like a brain-numbing Hare Krishna chant.

Of course, the only exposure I had to the saffron garbed neophytes had been at "flower power" encounters at the local airports. I did not know why I had taken the job on the Stanford Campus in Palo Alto other than the increase in pay. The job I was leaving in San Francisco was pretty good, everything considered, but the unintended consequence of being a very small minority straight guy in an office filled with gay male workers tended to wear on the nerves after a while.

There were only a few eligible female co-workers who were interested getting their baby-making equipment filled with a friendly weapon and most of them were married to boot. Not that that presented any great obstacle to my moral compass since I was quite relaxed in changing course without the baggage of guilt. In fact, I had found it to be an inducement to "getting some" when my immediate bedmate target was already swimming in the blissful waters of holy matrimony.

My boss's secretary Doreen was the friendliest of my co-workers.

She had been the one to sort of "get me settled in" on my first day of work. It was her who clued me in about the fact that most of the males were not interested in the female workers at all. She was kind of feeling me out about my sexual preferences without asking the nitty-gritty question directly. That was sort of a no-no at that time and in that place. I was young enough to be a bit naïve and always saw guys as guys and girls as girls. The concept of non-straight relationships was not distasteful, it was just incomprehensible to my way of thinking.

A few days after starting the job down on Battery Row near the Embarcadero, I found myself alone with Doreen on a little-used staircase at the back of the office building. She invited me to join her for a "coffee break" that was devoid of coffee and filled with cigarette smoke inhaled with guilty gusto. As a non-smoker, you probably wonder why I would subject myself to the dangers of second-hand smoke; but I readily confess I was quite consumed by the lure of Doreen's heart-shaped hindquarters hidden modestly under her sexily tight skirt.

Within seconds, I was cradling Doreen's breasts with my inquisitive but gentle fingers and we were swapping spit like old-school romantic lovers on a desert island. The taste of the bitter nicotine did nothing to dissuade me from my desire to push my tongue into every corner of her delicious mouth. Her hand wandered down to my heated groin and she gasped in surprise when she felt just how hard I had become from the wetness of her beautiful mouth.

"My goodness, Harry, I guess you really are straight after all. The girls all think you are just like all the other guys here and didn't really like girls."

I figured my usually passive nature and fear of rejection had formulated this opinion in the office female's minds because I seldom entered into conversation with anyone except for the purpose of efficiency in the workplace. Also, I had made no bones to hide the fact that I had no current girlfriend and had never been married.

I guess I would have to be guilty until proven innocent which went against the concept of fair play in a democratic society. I might as well be working in downtown Moscow selling Five-Year plans to a captive audience.

In order to seal my credentials as the straightest of guys, I slid my free hand up under Doreen's hitched-up skirt and began to play with her delightfully hairy vagina which she kept unshaven and scented with peach-flavored lotions that made her smell delightful on my greedy fingers. Her slit was already drenched with her shower-every-morning juices and I could tell she was really enjoying her "coffee break".

Doreen sighed and wrapped her arms around me as she opened her legs for my greedy exploration.

"God, Harry, please don't stop! I haven't gotten off for a very long time. Push your fingers right up deep inside my vagina. Yes! That is the way. Give it to me good. Make me feel it deep inside. Be real nice to me, Harry. Yes, just like that!"

The sounds of Doreen's orgasm were comforting to me.

I always enjoyed watching a woman having an orgasm. I had recently become aware of the fact that females experienced anal and oral orgasms as well. That is another story best kept for another time.

There was no time for us to take my little fellow out for a full inspection and we hastily pulled ourselves together to rejoin our less depraved co-workers chained to their desks with reluctant industriousness.

My interlude with Doreen inspired me to set a Friday night date with a chubby Hispanic girl who lived down the hall from me in a walk-up apartment on Market Street. It was necessarily a "walk-up" because the ancient elevator had not worked for many years. The pretty girl's name was Teresa "something" and she seemed to "jiggle" all over when she walked or climbed the stairs. I was first attracted to her when I walked behind her up the stairs. We were both carrying bags of groceries from the market and I noticed she had selected the same type of French bread which stuck out of the top of the bags.

"Hi neighbor. My name is Harry. I see you like the same bread. It is so delicious with soup. Do you live here alone?"

The girl giggled and stood 3 or 4 steps above me on the stairs. When she bent over to push the bread down more securely in her bag, I could see right up her frilly summer skirt. Her ass cheeks and pussy were absolutely bare and she had carefully shaved all of the hair from her puffy pussy lips. I felt certain she had to know I had this glorious view and she was enjoying the fact even more than I could ever do.

"Oh, Mr. Harry. Was that your Mama I saw you with last Sunday?"

I stifled a heartfelt chuckle.

My erstwhile "Mama" was actually a mature drinking companion I had talked into an early Sunday morning fuck session in my cluttered apartment. I had to admit she was a bit long in the tooth but her ability to gyrate into seldom assumed positions was truly an education in itself.

"No, just an old friend of the family. I live alone. My family is back East."

Teresa shifted a bit on the stairs. I could see her pussy lips a little clearer now. There were a few glistening drops of female dew visible to reveal her hidden excitement. It was obvious to me this was a female that desired the immediate insertion of a stiff cock.

"Are you free on Friday night? I wanted to take in a movie but didn't want to go by myself. It is so nice to have company at a movie."

"Sure, Mr. Harry. I like all kinds of movies. I will meet you downstairs at 8 o'clock. My sister doesn't like me going out with non-Hispanic guys. She thinks I will get pregnant."

I laughed a little nervously as thought the thought of slipping my friendly member into her lovely fully plucked pussy had not included the possible prospect of a pregnant Teresa. I absent-mindedly felt my full wallet in my back pocket safe in the knowledge it contained not one but two "rough rider" condoms for emergency situations. As long as I was equipped for all emergencies, there would be no need of running to the drug store and buying a pregnancy test kit.

The Friday night excursion proved to require the use of both condoms for a pair of very satisfactory vaginal impalements. The first was with the lovely Teresa's ankles wrapped firmly around my neck and the second was when she stuck her ass up high for a perfect ass smacking "doggy style" impalement that came close to wearing me out before the movie ended. We were in one of the last "drive-in" movies still open south of San Francisco in the Daly City area.

Teresa turned out to be the "perfect" date because she did not hesitate to get right down and lick my cock clean after removing the condom with her teeth. She swallowed down the last salty drops of my creamy cum with an appreciative smile on her pretty face. I was so aroused by her erotic ministrations that I begged her to let me "give it" to her in her wide and pleasantly plump buttocks. She was very coy at first and told me her "Mama" always told her to keep her brown eye private and closed to all cocks. Somehow I doubted she was serious in her negative attitude and my suspicions were confirmed when she presented her posterior for my rock-hard cock. I could see the puckered anus winking in anticipation. The touch of my cock on the rim was enough to make it open like a "welcome home" sign and I figured she had quite a bit of experience in ass fucking probably gained by trying to keep her virginity as long as possible down in old Mexico.

Her vocal appreciation of my flooding her rectum with creamy cum and her long shuddering convulsions immediately after proved my theory of anal orgasms. I decided to do more research into this area whenever the opportunity presented itself. Teresa's willingness to lick the vestiges of her tight little ass juices from my friendly weapon confirmed the depths of her depraved passions. She would certainly make some man a very valuable wife someday.

We made a point of entering the building a few minutes apart so the landlord would not be carrying tales to her protective sister.

When I saw Doreen on Monday morning, she pulled me into a vacant office and started to French kiss my mouth with a greedy tongue. After a few minutes of determined "soul kissing" she came up for air and managed to whisper in my ear with a passion-laden voice.

"Harry, I was masturbating all weekend just thinking about our little interlude on the staircase. I tried hard to get my husband's cock to stand up but he was just too drunk. Let's go to the roof at lunchtime and you can make me take it from behind standing up."

That sounded so nice to me that I spent the rest of the morning just going through the motions of opening mail, answering inquiries and interacting with other co-workers. All I could think about was the opportunity to bend Doreen over and giving it to her all the way up her wet and wild pussy.

I had never been up to the roof before.

There was a sign on the door that said something to the effect that only authorized persons were allowed on the roof. I was certain that neither Doreen nor I would qualify as "authorized" persons.

Doreen was waiting for me in the shade of the stairwell. I could see the ships sailing under the bridge and off in the distance the partially fogged in outline of Alcatraz Island stood sentinel to the harbor.

There were only 2 other buildings that stood taller than our building and I was immediately aware that residents in the 2 apartment buildings could probably see us down below if they were looking. As soon as I saw Doreen's heart shaped bottom moving sensuously under her tight pencil skirt I lost all interest in who was watching us copulate like animals on the rooftop.

We kissed and I stroked her lovely breasts feeling the hardened nipples sticking out like warning signals to her heated arousal.

She loosed my belt and pulled down my trousers and my jockey shorts. My long hard dick stood to attention in the cool breeze from off the misty Bay. Softly she cradled my hanging sacs and bent to touch her lips to the tip of my throbbing cock. She caught up a few drops of my pre-cum onto her lips and gently licked them off with her slow moving tongue. It was so deliciously decadent that I did not hesitate to push up her tight skirt above her hips and then quickly pull her control-top panty hose down to her knees.

Now Doreen's heart-shaped ass was presented in its entirely unique splendor.

I wanted so much to press my cock into her lovely brown eye but I knew that would have to be saved until much later.

When I touched her hairy bush with my cock, I could feel the wetness engulf my shaft. I was able to slide inside with no effort at all. She was so wet that I am certain the nasty girl squirted as soon as I entered her pulsating lips.

Doreen was shouting like a dirty street girl getting reamed by gang of boys with no shame. Her sexual vocabulary was of the most obscene variety.

I loved every dirty word she uttered.

All of a sudden she started begging me to go faster, to go deeper and I knew she was on the verge of a strong orgasm.

It hit her and she staggered like a drunken sailor. I guided her away from the edge of roof and looked up to the heavens as I loosed a flood of creamy cum deep into her womb. I thought I could see a woman on the floors above us peering at us with resolute intensity. Her hands were hidden below the railing and I was certain she was frigging her own slit with vigorous strokes.

I looked out at the beautiful Bay and soaked in the scenic wonder of it all. With a firm hold on Doreen's hips, I banged her bottom as hard as I could extracting a few last spurts from my depleted cock. She was squealing like a helpless piggy serving only to harden my cock further. My renewed spanking of her soft ass cheeks with my muscular legs made her go into a secondary orgasm that seemed to last longer than the first. She collapsed in the heap on the roof floor causing my cock to pop out with a soft little plopping noise that made her giggle in relief.

I thought I heard a noise on the stairs below and quickly pulled up Doreen' pantyhose and straightened her pencil skirt back down to a presentable level. We were just barely covered up when 2 of the silly office girls scurried onto the roof with their lunch bags and cans of soda.

Doreen and I quietly exited without a single word and the two startled girls just looked at each other and continued their business erasing us from their thoughts.

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