Her Name Is Emily
Chapter 1

I met her when I was only 20 – She's 12 years old.

Before you leave, thinking I'm some sort of pedophile, we met playing Words With Friends.

I had gotten tired of playing with Cutehunny99, awesome1492, ladybug4red and PrincessKim24.

I selected 'Random Opponent' and I met BossofU99.

Now, I'm pretty good at word games, like Boggle and Scrabble, and my first word was 'MORE' for seven points. BossofU99 used my 'E' and came back with 'ME.' I next played 'TAME' and my random opponent had extended it to 'TAMED.'

I sent her a chat saying, 'Hello, my name is George, I'm 20 and live in Bakersfield.'

BossofU99 played 'Toxic' and replied, 'Hi – I'm Emily, 12 ... I live in San Diego, only three hours to the south.'

We started playing and chatting from that point on, sometimes three games a day.

It's harmless and I'm not chatting things like, 'What are you wearing?' or 'I've got something in my pants for you.'

More along the lines of 'What did you do in school today' or 'Nice word choice.' I gave her some strategy clues in the game and recommended she play with a Scrabble Dictionary, which she said she did and her words got better and more complex, now using words like 'Fete, ' 'Cited, ' and 'Amused.'

I was watching this 12-year-old get smarter right before my eyes. About three weeks after we had started all of this, we started another chat.

BossofU99: 'Are you playing your best, or what?'

George20: 'Why do you ask?'

BossofU99: 'You are – aren't you? I'm only 12, and a girl. You're helping me and playing easy on me. Don't deny it?'

George20: 'Sorry, Emily – I thought you needed some encouragement, so I held back. No More – prepare for Armageddon.'

BossofU99: 'I will if you will, OK? You know my real name; is George your real name?'

George20: 'No!'

BossofU99: 'Why not?'

George20: 'There are a lot of people on the Internet just looking to cause trouble, so I picked a random name to play with a random person. Is everything I know about you real or made up?'

BossofU99: 'Mostly real!'

George20: 'Here's the deal, I tell you one real thing, and then you, OK?'

BossofU99: 'Sounds fair. Go ahead?'

George20: 'My real name is Steven.'

BossofU99: 'OK, I'm really 16 years old.'

George20: 'Why would you lie about that?'

BossofU99: 'People are nicer to a 12-year-old?'

George20: 'Do you have an email so I can communicate that way with you?'

BossofU99: 'Sure, it's EmilyRH@globaline.com – what's yours?'

George20: 'StevenVanderbilt@metricsystem.com'

BossofU99: 'My sister went to school with a Steven Vanderbilt'

George20: 'What's her name?'

BossofU99: 'Susan Bradshaw-Simpson. She got married.'

George20: 'Yeah, I remember Susan – really tall and red-headed?'

BossofU99: 'That's her'

George20: 'OH, I remember you now; you were only about 13 when Susan and I dated for just over a year. Email me a picture of you please?'

BossofU99: 'Why?'

George20: 'I remember just how cute you were at 13, with your pigtails. I'd love to see how pretty you must be by now.'

BossofU99: 'Did you use a line like that on my sister?'

George20: 'No, actually she hit on me when we first met. I didn't think I was her type, but she asked me out.'

BossofU99: 'OK, I sent you a picture – don't laugh, I just took it with my smartphone.'

George20: 'I'll log out and we can email chat instead, all right?'

BossofU99: 'Yeah, see you in a minute.'

I had a vivid memory of Susan Bradshaw. She wore high neck sweaters and blouses, and was very modest in her dress and her mannerisms. I was something of a horn dog - still am.

I logged into my email account and opened the email from Emily.

Holy Shit, she's fucking beautiful – her braids are now gone, her red hair reminds me of that girl who played Ginnie Weasley ... Bonnie Wright, that's her name, Emily looks just like her.

I sent her an email.

'Emily, excuse my bluntness, but you were cute at 13, but at 16 you are beautiful!'

I pressed send!

Email can be so slow sometimes. I just sat there and waited – ten minutes later my computer got my attention with its ding

I opened it and saw a long response.

'Steven, before I sent this I called up my sister and she barely remembered you, but seemed to at least remember that you were a nice guy.'

'I'm 16 and not dating anyone and you are 20 and not dating anyone. Do you want to meet somewhere and see if we have as much chemistry face-to-face, as we seem to have online?'

'I'm not usually this assertive, but I feel that we might just hit it off, so I'm willing to meet you anywhere between our two cities for a date.'

Wow! Out of the blue, I meet the younger sister of a girl I dated over two years ago. She could be just as opinionated as her older sister, but that picture she sent ... makes me think that I should at least make an effort.

I wrote an email to her.

'Emily, like you said, we have some kind of connection already, so why not? Will Susan have a hissy fit if she finds out?'

I sent it. Over two minutes later, I received a response.

'I don't give a damn what my sister thinks about whom I go out with. How about, we meet in front of the entrance to Magic Mountain tomorrow?'

"It's a date – see you at 10am – wear something comfortable, my treat!"

I was waiting for her the next day, having arrived at 9am. I was nervous even though I've been dating since I was 14 and lost my virginity at 15. I was pacing back and forth, trying to figure out what I would say to her.

As I had my head down, wondering how to break the proverbial ice, I heard what must have been her voice.

"Steven, is that you?"

I turned and saw the single most beautiful redhead I had ever laid eyes on in my life. Much prettier than her sister ever was, this vision could win any beauty pageant she entered. She has a pretty smile, dimples and a body any 16-year-old boy, wouldn't have a clue how to deal with.

"Emily? Tell me your name is Emily, please?"

She smiled and giggled in her yellow tank top and worn out jeans.

"Yes, Steven – I'm Emily. I saw a picture of you and Susan that must be over two years old. It doesn't do you justice."

"Emily, before we do anything else, today – Can I please kiss you?"

She walked up to me and I leaned into her and we kissed. Oh my, she smells so nice and tastes so nice. I put my arms around her and I felt her arms on my back, as this kiss became the best kiss of my life ... that's saying something.

After a couple of minutes, we pulled apart and we got in line to buy tickets to go into the park. The whole time I was paying I kept looking over at her - amazed that I found this fabulous girl playing Words With Friends.

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