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Her Cock Was Bigger Than Mine!


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, TransGender, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Size, Porn Theatre, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: What began as a casual encounter with a beautiful girl in an adult theater turned into a bizarre, mind-bending scene with a pre-op transexual.

Occasionally, I like to spend an evening at my favorite adult theater, "The Paradise." It's one of those complexes that has a "Straight" and a "Gay" theater connected by a short hallway. I always start out in the Straight theater for appearance's sake, but that quickly gets boring, so I eventually gravitate to the Gay theater because I'm a closet queer at heart. I've never had sex with a man, have never even touched a penis, but I do like to watch Gay porn and fantasize about big cocks and tight asses.

Both theaters have loosely arrayed couches in them so I quickly found one that was unoccupied. I was watching a hot movie that featured two guys fucking and I started kneading my cock through my pants when, to my surprise, in walked a cute little blonde. Girls in a porn theater are a rare, but appreciated, sight

She was about twenty-five years old, a slender 5'-6", with hair cut in a "pixie" style and little ringlets framing her face. She wore a tight white miniskirt with a lavender stretch top that hugged her perfectly round, braless tits. I knew she was braless because her nipples protruded like .45 caliber bullets. And then I noticed her heels! They were highly-polished red stilettos and they made her tanned calves look gorgeous. Can you tell that I'm queer? I mean, what other guy besides a faggot notices what a woman wears?

I stopped grinding my cock as I watched her moving about to find a seat. Most of the other guys in the theater were openly stroking their cocks and one guy was busy going down on the guy next to him, but when she came in, they all paused long enough to leer and ogle at her. As she moved about, she smiled sweetly at everyone, but she passed them all by. When she got to my couch, she motioned with her hand.

"Is this seat taken," she asked in a melodic whisper.

"No, please," I answered, as I patted the cushion beside me, "make yourself comfortable."

"Thanks. My name's Lisa."

"Hi Lisa. I'm Will."

She sat down gracefully and unfolded her long, shapely legs. As she looked around, she smiled and said, "It looks like everyone is already having fun." Then she saw my hand lying in my lap.

"You know, you don't have to stop on my account. I enjoy watching."

"That's okay," I answered, "I've kind of lost the mood anyway."

"Oh, no," she whimpered, "I didn't mean to interfere."

She quickly scooted next to me and boldly clutched my cock wilting in my pants. Within seconds though, she had me hard as a rock and shifting uncomfortably in my seat. Then without saying a word, she unbuckled my belt and reached into my underwear to pull my cock out.

"There, that's better," she said. "Let's give it some air."

She stroked me with a gentle, feminine touch which felt wonderful and she even took the time to study my cock, lightly caressing the head with her thumb and titillating the pee-slit. At that point I noticed her nail polish, which was also lavender.

You have a nice penis, Will."

I appreciated the compliment, but in fact, my cock was just an average six inches. It was, however, straight as an arrow, drooling pre-cum, and pointing right at the ceiling. Actually, I was kind of proud of the little guy!

I watched with pleasure as she gave my cock long, luxurious strokes and I knew that it would blow soon. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I reached up, pinched her nipples, and traced small circles around her areola.

"Oh, Darlin'," she cooed, "that feels delicious."

Having said that, Lisa grabbed the hem of her top, pulled it over her head, and tossed it on the seat beside her. Her tits were absolutely perfect and they didn't go unnoticed by the other guys.

"You have beautiful breasts, Lisa."

"Thanks, Sweetie," she said with a giggle. "They were worth every penny."

I was curious about her comment, but I just assumed that she had undergone a boob-job. As we fondled each other for a few minutes, I knew that I was dangerously close to the edge.

"Lisa ... I'm getting real close. I'm gonna ... I'm gonna cum!"

"No, Baby," she exclaimed, "don't waste it!"

As my body lurched and I felt cum surging up from my balls, she dropped her head in my lap and took my bone to the root. But instead of swallowing my load outright, she collected it all in her mouth and then slowly spit it out over my cock, using my cum mixed with her saliva to continue stroking me. Now I was gasping like a trout and the guys that could hear us turned around to watch the action.

After she drained me, I collapsed back into the couch, totally spent. I tried to open my eyes to look at my new girlfriend, but all I could do was watch her through partially closed eyelids. Lisa leaned back into the couch and forcefully rubbed her crotch through her miniskirt. Obviously, she needed to get off. She lifted the hem of her skirt and revealed her silk panties, which were lavender like the top that she was wearing. I watched as she reached up to caress her taut nipples and urgently knead her crotch.

"God," she moaned, "I'm so fucking hot.!"

"Why don't you pull off your panties? I want to eat you."

"You would do that for me," she asked. "In here?"

"Oh, yeah!"

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