Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, InLaws,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Just your average super hero (not)

To look at me you wouldn't think much, ordinary guy in my late 20's yet I have been places and done things the average guy will never do or see, occasionally things I'm not too proud of either.

I'm a (very) junior partner in a private security company. We take on jobs that ordinary police can't or won't tackle; we also take on government contracts when the government want deniability. Most of the time it's communication intercepts; we sneak in to various places and put in a keylogger as it's just plain easier to get someone's password that way rather than trying to break 128-bit encryption. Still, you'd probably be amazed that some people still use their first name as their username and their surname as the password. A lot simply use 'password' as the password too, but they don't tend to be the people we target. We tend to deal with money transfers from some very naughty people, think Middle East and flying planes into buildings type of people. Yes, we co-operate with the security services in a lot of places, but often enough, we can break the law where they can't. We're also expendable too.

I'm pretty fit, anyone who works in the field for the company has to pass four weekly fitness courses scattered throughout the year. As the examiner and tutor is an ex-SAS sergeant, guess how easy it is? No, I'm not saying I'm up to SAS standards, not even close, but I can if necessary run away further and faster than you'd believe if or when things go wrong. I'm also a qualified marksman too in various types and calibre of firearms, though again if we're ever in a situation where I'd have to draw a weapon, it's pretty certain that we'd be about to die. It's not my job to guard my team, it's their job to guard me, whilst I do my job. Essentially I'm a geek. I have a genuine talent for cracking electronic security systems, unnoticed and untraceable by those using them. Where you see a printed circuit board, I see the flow of electrons around it and how to circumvent or bypass the alarms built in. Oh, I'm a pretty good hacker too along with being a natural polymath in the cyber arts.

I was until a year ago, the happiest man on Earth...

I got the call after we'd just sneaked in and out of the Syrian Embassy in Paris and placed a few monitoring devices in their server room, all passive, nothing active. We'd retrieve the things the following night and hand them over to a friendly government. Well, I assume friendly, bit above my pay grade as to who requested the job.

"Geek," Bill Wilson the team leader called to me, "You need to speak to Earl." He handed me a mobile phone.

"David," Earl said, "David, I'm so sorry son. You need to return to London as soon as possible. There's been an accident, it's Julia. She's not dead, but it's pretty bad."

"What happened?" I replied.

"Car accident hit and run," Earl told me.

I felt my legs giving out from under me; Julia was the light of my life and my one abiding love. She'd been Earl's P.A. and we'd hit it off immediately despite her being practically aristocracy (her Dad got a life peerage for undermining the government from within or so I always joked). Whereas I was a working class guy made good, problem being we weren't allowed to tell her family just what it is I did, so I was announced as a security consultant which her Mum shortened to security guard and promptly along with her three sisters disowned Julia. She had the power to make it stick with the rest of the family, such was her hold over them. Still, despite the opposition and hostility from her family we were happy. Julia did hope that the announcement that she was pregnant might just thaw her Mum's heart. I wasn't so sure, but was going to do my best to support her aims.

Bill reached out to support me. He looked very concerned. He calls me Geek as it's my call sign, not as an insult. He doesn't really do insults, he mostly does violence to others he doesn't like. He's also the ex-SAS sergeant who tortures me when I have to do the fitness test and I'd call him a friend, save only he'd probably break my fingers if I ever did. The others clustered around too, we're a close team and a blow to one was a blow to all, besides they all knew Julia and considered me the luckiest bastard alive for snaring her.

Within an hour I was on a private charter air flight from Paris to London Docklands Airport and from there to the Royal London Hospital.

I was met by Earl Hollings, my immediate boss, at the entrance to the ICU. The look on his face told me far more than I wanted to know.

"She's alive, David," he sobbed, "But the baby..."

Earl loved Julia too. He'd been the one to give her away at our wedding when her family refused to attend. Julia called him Dad Too in a play on words, but she meant it. He and his wife had offered to stand as Godparents for us and we'd gladly accepted.

All I could see of Julia was a mass of wires and tubes. A machine was used to help her breathe, but her heart was strong, though the worrying lack of a lot of wiggles on the brainwave monitor was worrying. As all I could do was stare in horror. I was approached by a doctor, who asked for a word.

"She's got multiple fractures and lacerations," he said. "All those we can fix. There will hardly be any scarring either. Sadly she also lost the child she was carrying and it seems unlikely that she could ever conceive again. Also she suffered some severe subdural haematomas. We've relieved the pressure on her brain and we expect activity to pick up, but there's a strong possibility of long term effects on memory and control."

I nodded to him, too mentally drained to even speak. I wasn't even sure what to do, all I did for the next few days was sit and hold her hand. Eventually though they moved her out of the ICU and into a private ward that Earl was paying for. Her wounds healed and eventually she opened her eyes.

"Julia?" I spoke softly to her. There was no response, nor was there really to a battery of tests the doctors gave her. Her eyes tracked, she responded to sound, she could even get up and be lead, but nothing else, no recognition, no speech, and if left she'd just stay, not moving at all.

Not once did her family visit.

She ended up after being discharged in a residential care home paid for by the company. her needs were met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but my Julia had gone, retreated to who knows where and left me alone.

I returned to work, it was all I had left, save only my family, though they lived 300 miles to the North in Newcastle upon Tyne, so we rarely met. Though I know they keenly felt my loss as Julia had charmed them too.

A year later.

The team were going through a debriefing on our last job. It had, as usual, been a success, but you don't keep on being successful by getting sloppy. Bill took us through every stage and asked pointed questions as to whether or not we could have improved things.

Bill was the team leader and also the tactical weapons and mission planner; though mostly this was a joint effort on all our parts. At the end of the day it was Bill who had the final say, always.

John Eddings (Ex-Royal Engineers) was also tactical weapons and our engineer. Where I did electronics, he did buildings, breaking and entry, though preferably without the breaking. If there was a way in without tripping an alarm or simply avoiding them, he could find it from the plans and often enough from just walking around the place. He also did demolitions too.

Brian Barnes (Jobbing actor) was our disguise specialist, the most unobtrusive unnoticeable guy your eyes ever slid over, average height, average build, completely Mr Average and multilingual, fluent to native standards in over 18 languages and a pretty talented sleight of hand magician too.

Emma Watkins (Ex-Military Police), our driver, can handle practically anything. She once took our pursued getaway vehicle at 60mph down a narrow alley with only something like 5mm to spare either side of the car, amazing spatial awareness, also the best shot on the team bar none and able to do all this wearing 6 inch high heels too.

Very pretty and very smart, oh yes, she's also a lesbian, but apparently doesn't hold the banter about it from the guys on the team against them. Anyone else though? Well, let's just say a 6-inch heel can do a lot of damage if you don't take no for an answer.

It was Bill who took the call, he looked up puzzled to me and said "Geek, there's some woman in reception wants to see you, apparently she claims to be your sister-in-law..."

To say I was puzzled was an understatement. I have four sisters-in-law. Sharon was married to my brother, I doubt it was her, she had my phone number and we occasionally chatted when I phoned my brother. The others though...

Laura, 36, eldest of the three, married to Chris who was something in the City, that something being a corporate drone kept in place by an old boy's network that allowed him to make millions shifting money about without anything approaching original thought or intelligence. Laura's tall 5' 10" slim and can chill a room in seconds with a haughty glance. She takes very much after her mother, a queen bitch in the making. Two kids Alex, 10, and Adele, 9.

Jennifer, 34, middle of the three, married to Tris who's a government minister's 'Special Advisor' or SpAd as they are generally known. I'm not sure what advice he gives as he's never had a proper job in the real world in his life. He essentially lives in the Westminster bubble of the political classes and will probably be the worst Prime Minister the country's ever had one day. Jennifer is 5' 9", slim but generally cheerful except when under her mother's influence. Generally she does as she's told. Three kids, Justin and Thomas, 9, (twins) and Alice, 7.

Deborah or Debby as she prefers to be known is 31. She's the youngest of the three, but still older than my Julia. Married to Kenneth who is a director of one of the water utility companies, the one who keeps putting its prices up yearly, makes massive profits, but never fixes the leaks, yes that one. Slim but short too, only 5' 4", the quiet one of the family. I've always assumed she's under her mother's thumb, but it might be that she's just shy. Two kids, Sandra, 10, and Janet, 7.

None of them have ever worked; all are, to my knowledge, kept women a bit like that TV program, 'Desperate Housewives', only without the affairs and occasional murder attempt.

"We've gone over your bits, Geek" said Bill. "Best go down and see what it's all about whilst we talk about you behind your back."

"Nothing new there," I said with a grin.

It was Laura in reception, which was surprising, as far as I knew she didn't know where I worked, or cared too for that matter.

She glanced towards me as I entered the reception foyer, not the usual 'can chill hydrogen into a liquid state at 60 metres' stare either. She looked desperate and at the end of her tether.

"Laura," I said by way of greeting.

David," she replied, "I ... I need your help, please. It's Adele. She's been kidnapped and I've been warned not to go to the police."

Desperate indeed, I thought, only something threatening her immediate family could break her out of her icy shell to seek my help. I led her to one of our meeting rooms in the public area of the building. I also paged Bill and the team to listen in.

"OK," I said, "tell me about it."

"I got a phone call from her school, asking me why she hadn't turned up for the new term," she said, almost in tears. "I then got a phone call from a man claiming to have her. He wanted the username and password to Chris' laptop. I presumed to log into his company's server and steal millions. I said I didn't know it. He told me I'd better get it or I'd be seeing Adele one bit at a time. He's going to ring back later today and I'm supposed to have it for him then, but I don't know it and Chris wouldn't even if I begged him."

"Do you have your phone?" I asked.

"Yes, here it is, but the voice was disguised, almost electronic, and there's no sender number," she replied.

"We'll see," I said. "Give me a moment."

I wandered out and into the next room where the team had assembled.

"Going to help?" asked John.

"Yes," I replied. "But I'll need help." I threw this at Bill.

"If it was just her I'd say fuck her," said Bill. "A kid makes it different though."

I nodded, then opened one of our secure laptops and inserted Laura's sim card. It didn't take long to trace the call back through the network's system of masts until I had the phone, a fairly anonymous pay as you go model, triangulated to somewhere in the Neasden area.

"If I can get to within 100 metres of the phone in the intercept van we'll be able to pinpoint whoever this is," I said to Bill. "Do you have to cover this with Earl or higher?"

"I'll let Earl know what's happening. I doubt it will be refused though," he replied.

We all wandered back into the meeting room. I didn't introduce anyone, they all had a pretty low opinion of Laura and her family anyway and it would have just caused more tension.

"We know roughly where they are," I said. "What we do need you to do is ask to speak to Adele, no contact, no deal. We need to know if she's with him or her. Then give them this username with this password, it links to a remote unit here where they'll end up in a Mobius loop of never ending requests.

"Can I come with you, please?" Laura begged.

I glanced at Bill who nodded. "She'll have to stay in the van though," was his only comment.

We all set off in a fairly non-descript white van as used by delivery drivers and contractors the UK over. Emma was driving and wearing some form of off the shelf corporate wear, Bill was sitting next to her and the rest of us were in the back watching as I fiddled with the commo gear. I was also very aware of Laura's presence too; her eyes had bugged out at all the hardware including the firearms in the back. I kept catching a faint whiff of her perfume and it was driving me nuts. I hadn't had a woman in over a year now, hadn't wanted one, so why was this arch bitch having such an effect on me?

Once in Neasden we drove to the area that the masts said the phone was operating in. The user had apparently not shut it down, which was damned sloppy of them and very convenient for us.

"Target 30 metres at our 3 o clock," I said, "moving east."

"Got him," came Bill's reply. "It is a he, probably a Muslim from the Indian sub-continent from the way he's dressed, blue van marked Medina Dairy."

"On him," Emma's reply.

We followed cautiously, though it was fairly obvious that our target wasn't practicing any evasion techniques. Finally he drove into a dairy yard, left his van and went into a building.

Parking up, the team piled into the rear of the van and John pulled up the buildings plans onto a screen whilst I superimposed our targets phone signal onto them. The signal was getting fairly flakey, but still detectable.

"Basement," I muttered. John nodded and brought up what he could get of the lower floors.

Just then the target's signal flared on the screen and Laura's phone rang.

"Remember what I said," I told her.

She nodded and put the phone to her ear as the rest of us went silent.

"Hello," she said.

(A distorted voice vaguely heard)

"I have it yes."

(More noises)

"Not unless I can speak to my daughter!"

(Angry sounds)

"No details unless I have proof she's OK!"

(Silence, then muffled sounds)

"Mum?" came the sound of a young girl's voice.

"Adele!" sobbed Laura as the team poured out of the van heading towards the source of the signal.

"Yes Mum," came the sound of a very frightened young girl.

(The voice again)

Laura gave out the username and password. "When will you give her back?"

With an audible click and no reply the target hung up.

I watched the team via their head cams with a sense of pride, they had moved stealthily into position without attracting any undue attention from the dairy, they were just about to force an entry when the door opened on them and things got very tense very fast.

Bill reacted first, using a Taser he immobilised the man exiting the building whilst Emma with incredible skill used her Taser to fire over the man's collapsing body into the person behind him. Whilst this was happening, John had wrenched the door open and was already moving past the two targets, heading towards what was on the plans a stairway.

"Clear," John said via the comms. "Moving down". He was followed by Brian. At the bottom, "Locked door, padlock. Any of the Muz got a key?"

"Key here," said Emma.

"Door open. Girl's OK." said Brian. "Shit, Geek, get down here. Bring the B kit!"

"Crap!" I muttered as I grabbed the B or bomb disposal kit. Laura just looked at me bewildered as I leapt from the van and rushed towards the door. Within seconds I was down in the basement looking at a bit of a problem. Adele was fine, well fine for now, problem was attached to her was a bomb complete with countdown timer. Good news was I had ten minutes; bad news was this looked tricky.

"Adele!" the shriek came from behind me. It was Laura, she'd taken it into her head to follow me. I don't blame her. I never said not too after all.

Fortunately Bill grabbed her; otherwise we might have had a catastrophe on our hands rather than a tricky situation. I'd noticed that Adele was sitting on a pressure plate, a bit of extra weight and probably boom.

I carefully approached the sobbing girl, following in the footprints left by her abductors. "Hello Adele," I said. "I'm your Uncle David. I'm going to get you out of this but you have to promise not to struggle or scream, OK?"

"I don't have an Uncle David," she said.

"I'm your Aunty Julia's husband," I said. "The one you aren't supposed to talk about."

"Oh," was the reply.

I calmly talked to Adele about Julia and I and our life and what happened to her, though I could almost feel Laura's outraged eyes boring into my back as I refused to skip any details. Interrupted only once by Bill's, "Hush, he needs to concentrate." To Laura's outraged gasp at my mention of the fact that the family abandoned Julia when she chose love over what her family wanted.

Meanwhile my eyes and a few instruments were scanning the device. I could tell how it worked, however I had the feeling I was dealing with an utter bastard here and was missing a trick. Fortunately I'm an Olympic class world record holder when it comes to understanding utter bastards and, with three minutes to go, I reached in with a pair of snips and cut the red wire. Which wasn't as easy as it sounds as the git who made it had used red wire for everything.

One sharp knife and a pair of bolt cutters later Adele was free and in her mother's arms.

Half an hour later the police were there and had taken away the two and we were under arrest, all save Laura and Adele along with Emma who had returned the van and all equipment to base as this was pretty much par for the course for us. The rules we followed were pretty much set in stone, we said nothing for 12 hours until finally we were released on our own recognisance, following, no doubt, a phone call from one of our higher up's to the Home Secretary, and no doubt down via the Chief Constable to the Chief Inspector to the Detective Inspector and finally to the Desk Sergeant. We're popular like that, but we get results and occasionally the government finds us handy.

Because of all the furore over the kidnap and the ensuing capture of the kidnappers (the police getting fulsome praise, we as ever not getting a mention) it was a week before I met Laura again.

"I cannot thank you enough," she said. "How can I repay you?"

"Two things," I said. "One of them is not negotiable."

"What are they?" she replied.

"First, please visit Julia regularly and just talk to her. Tell her about all of the goings on in the family," I begged.

"OK," she replied.

"Second is negotiable," I said, remembering her proximity in the van and that delicate fragrance that I'd found so distracting. "I want you, for a date, with dinner, talk and possibly sex."

"I'm a married woman!" she objected. "What would Chris say?"

"I wasn't planning on asking him," I replied. "I'm asking you."

"I er ... I, I, I don't know," she stammered.

"I can't make you Laura. I'm no rapist or sex pest. I've just been so lonely since Julia's accident and your scent reminded me of her in so many different ways last week," I confessed.

Laura blushed deeply, "Ok, but I get to back out at any stage," she replied at last.

"Deal. I said.

She then smiled, gave me a small peck on the cheek and a hug. "I'll be in touch," she said.

The following Friday I did my usual visit to Julia, I noticed Laura's name in the visitors book, along with Adele's too. As I reached over to hold Julia's hand for the first time I felt an answering squeeze back as I told her of my adventures and I decided I wouldn't rest until I had reunited and reconciled her with her family.

I met up with Laura the following week. "Chris is away and the kids are at school for the term," she told me nervously.

"Remember you can back out any time," I replied as I led her into the small bistro we'd chosen for our assignation.

"I know," she said.

Laura looked different to her normal well-tailored self. Her hair was drawn back in a simple pony tail. She wore a pretty, though obviously not a designer, blouse and instead of a skirt, comfortable tailored jeans. She also wore very little in the way of make-up, just a little foundation, some lipstick and that beguiling scent.

Dinner was a quiet affair, though I gradually got Laura to open up in conversation about her life, the family, its comings and goings and came to the odd conclusion that she was bored with life, that it held very little joy for her outside her children.

In return I told her as much about my life as Julia knew, including some of the wilder slightly more unfeasible tales, which were true if comically so.

In the end, as we finished our meal, I had her laughing at some of the teams more ludicrous adventures. It was then I leaned over and kissed her very softly on her lips, time seemed to freeze for a second until Laura finally responded by leaning into the kiss with a sigh and a hint of tongue brushing across my lips.

"You sure?" I asked.

She nodded and reached out her hand to mine as we left the bistro to stroll to the hotel across the street and a room I'd booked more in hope than expectation.

In our room she stood silently, seemingly unable to decide what to do or respond. Until I approached her and simply held her for a while, feeling her body trembling at my touch, until we kissed again and she seemed to just collapse against my body, tears streaming down her face.

"Oh David, I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "I didn't know. I just didn't care to find out. I abandoned her in her hour of need. We, the family, abandoned her."

"Shhhh," I whispered. "You have a chance to make amends to her by just seeing her."

"Oh, I will," she promised. Then she kissed me passionately, our tongues intertwining as we explored each other's mouths. My fingertips ran gently up and down her spine making her back arch slightly in an involuntary action and Laura proceeded to just hug me closely, our lips never parting as we took pleasure in the beginnings of intimate contact. I carefully lowered Laura onto the bed and started to undo the buttons on her blouse, one at a time. I moved my lips from hers to kiss her skin as each button came loose. Her stomach muscles tensed and untensed at each touch and her head whipped from one side to the next as her body responded to my touch. When the blouse was finally unbuttoned, I also undid the top button on her jeans and slid the zip down before sliding the blouse off Laura's shoulders and away from her body. Laura looked quite lovely there, her hair cascading to one side of her head, a plain white bra and a hint of plain white panties under the jeans. Reaching behind her I unclipped her bra, allowing her small 34 B breasts to come fully into view, capped by small pink nipples which already showed signs of arousal at my ministrations and sprung to an almost painful hardness as my lips and tongue sought them out. I kissed, suckled nibbled and blew a stream of cool air onto them each in turn. Laura had in turn reached up to remove my shirt her hands running over my skin so softly, pausing at the occasional scar and planting the odd kiss here and there.

As my lips were enjoying the bounty of Laura's breasts, my right hand had slipped down her stomach feeling the slight softness where carrying two children had caused a slight dip in the musculature along with a delicate tracery of silvery stretch marks. Finally I reached the top of her jeans and sought out the hidden treasures within, pausing to run my fingers along the waistband of her panties and their silky softness before sliding underneath the elastic to gently caress her mound. I felt soft hairs and a hot wetness welcoming my invasion. Looking up at her, she gave a nod and a nervous smile and I moved down the bed to hook my fingers to each side of her jeans and pulled them and her panties down her shapely legs. I looked down at the lovely lady exposed to my gaze, small perfect breasts, a flat tummy, well rounded slim hips and a well-trimmed soft downy bush. Laura's hands fluttered across her breasts and pussy trying to conceal them from my gaze, "Don't stare," she whispered. "I'm so ugly I know."

"You aren't ugly at all Laura, you're so beautiful," I replied.

"Don't mock me, please David!" she cried.

I reached out and took her hand to press it against my hardened penis. "What does this tell you about my view of you?" I asked.

Her hand shot back as if it had been dipped in scalding water only to return a second later to squeeze and fondle me. "So hard," she whispered in wonder. "You really think I'm beautiful?" she asked. "Chris tells me I'm flat-chested and ugly, not a real woman at all, he hardly touches me these days."

"Man's a fool Laura," I replied and kissed her tenderly, moving slowly down her body until my lips and tongue reached her nether lips and parted them as I explored and tasted my delightful sister-in-law. The effect on Laura was amazing, her back arched and she let out a loud moan, almost a scream of pleasure and shock.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" she cried "Oh don't stop, please don't stop!"

Her desire and enjoyment was obvious as a fresh flow of her vaginal juices flooded my tongue, until, with a shattering scream of painful intensity and shock, she orgasmed to just the touch of my probing tongue. Her arms and legs flapping wildly and out of control and her waist pushed hard into my face as she sought ever closer contact.

Finally, and with deep shuddering breaths, she managed to gain some control over her errant body, only to twist away from me, sobbing deeply into a pillow.

I moved up beside her and cuddled her gently till the sobs ceased, save only for the odd muffled sniffle. "Where did you learn to do that?" she finally asked.

"Er, it's a normal part of lovemaking," I finally replied, not entirely sure what she meant.

"Not for me it isn't," she replied. "Chris normally just sticks it in and waves it about till he's finished, then rolls over and goes to sleep. Truth to tell, I don't think he's all that fond of women, though he does demand I suck him to hardness whenever he decides he wants it."

"Laura, if it isn't fun for you, then it won't be fun for me," I replied.

"David, I was just expecting you to use me then forget me," she confessed.

"That was never my intent Laura. I just found your presence in the van a reminder of what I'd lost. I wouldn't have gotten upset if you'd said no, but was determined to make it very good for you if you said yes," I replied.

"I've never had an orgasm like that before," she said. "No-one's ever gone down on me before either. It was just so wonderful, thank you."

"Not finished yet," I replied, "unless you want to back out now?"

"No," she said. "I want this so much."

Turning her onto her back I kissed her gently, my teeth gently nibbling her lower lip before releasing it and seeking out her soft mouth with my tongue. I used one hand to part her thighs and moved on top of her.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she sighed and reached down to guide me to her entrance.

She was so wet I think I could have just slammed my cock into her, but instead, I just slowly pushed down and forward savouring the moments that her vaginal walls stretched, enveloped and accommodated my length.

"Ohhhhh!" she gasped, "sorry, I'll shut up." Looking embarrassed at me.

"Feel free to show me how much you're enjoying yourself," I said.

"Chris insists on me saying nothing, he says it puts a man off," she replied.

"Doesn't put me off," I said. "I like to know if I'm getting it right."

Laura looked at me as if I'd grown a second head for a second, then gave a gentle smile just before I kissed her. Slowly I drew back my penis from her before gently thrusting back into her hot, wet, tight depths. Keeping a steady rhythm I felt Laura begin to respond to my desire for her. First, her long legs slowly crept up my own until they were crossed over the small of my back. Then the moans and gasps increased in volume and passion until, with a squeal of exquisite agony, she orgasmed under my pounding.

"Oh David, that was so lovely!" she said between gasps, "I've never come that way before, always it was after, using my fingers."

"Seems I'm getting it right," I said with a smile.

"Oh yes," she replied. "Oh God! Here I go again..."

Her body bucked and spasmed under me as another orgasm shook her to her core. There was a wild look to her eyes as my hips thrust my cock into her willing pussy and orgasm after orgasm shook her slender frame as I put my own stamina to the test. Finally though I could hold back no longer, "I'm going to cum Laura," I groaned.

Her body tensed against mine and she drew me as close as possible. My cock blasted my seed into her welcoming depths and we held each other tight as tears streamed down our faces.

Finally my softening penis withdrew from Laura's well satisfied pussy and we hugged in the afterglow a new affection for each other.

"That was so good, David," sighed Laura. "I never really knew what I was missing until today."

"You were most enjoyable yourself Laura," I replied.

"Thank you, kind sir," she said. "But until today I never realised just how good sex could be. It was nice, but never great and I always felt just used afterwards with Chris."

"Some men are pretty selfish," I replied. "As for me though, I like to see and feel a lady having a damned good time with me."

"Well, you got that right," she said with a grin.

Not finished yet," I said glancing down.

"Good God!" exclaimed Laura. "I've never, I mean, twice in one session?"

"Who said anything about just twice?" I said with a cheeky grin.

"Oh Lord," she replied with a resigned look that rapidly became a grin of her own.

We kissed passionately and ran our hands and fingers over each other's bodies before I turned Laura over and onto her knees. Moving behind her I slid my penis into the folds of her pussy, found her entrance and slid my full length into her welcoming passage.

"Ooooh!" sighed Laura. "So, so good!"

This time though, I proceeded to thrust deeply and powerfully into her. I could feel her internal muscles squeezing my penis and hear her growing moans and growls of pleasure as I took her good and hard. Until that day I'd never seen a woman have multiple orgasms, each falling into one another in a cascade as her body's chemistry took over from her conscious mind as she became one with the sensation of our fucking. I could not keep such a pace going indefinitely though and sooner than I expected my own orgasm shook me to my roots. Again I filled her with my seed before I collapsed next to her, our bodies heaving to draw in breath from our exertions.

"I can see how this could become addictive," said Laura. "Assuming you'd like to do this again?" she said with pleading in her eyes.

"I think we'd be good for one another," I replied.

Laura just hugged me, tears again forming in her eyes. "I've never been wanted just for me," she said finally. "It was always for the family, or because it was expected, I've never done anything just for me."

We just lay there for the longest time, enjoying the touch and feel of each other's warmth until finally Laura said she needed to head home. We promised to keep in touch and meet again as soon as we could.

"I have to be careful," Laura admitted sadly.

"I know," I replied. "Don't worry, I won't cause you problems."

"Thank you, David," she replied. "Thank you for being there for me and thank you for this afternoon."

"It takes two for such pleasure," I replied.

And so we parted.

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