Birthday Boy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt, Consensual, Gay, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On his 14th birthday and his first day back at school after the holidays Louis Cooper learns to his total surprise that he's gay. When the sixth form captain takes him to be punished for breaking a school rule Francis Stowe shows Louis just how gay boys like to play.

It's the first day back after the holidays and I'm walking along the corridor on the third floor and feeling proud. Proud because it's my first day as a senior at school and I'm in my new senior's uniform. I thought I caught something from the corner of my eye and that's confirmed when I hear a voice from behind me.

"Cooper isn't it? Louis Cooper I believe!"

Turning around I don't have to read the metal badge on the lapel of his blazer. I immediately recognise Francis Stowe. Francis Stowe the school's head prefect and sixth form captain! Here at King Edward's school for boys we call the teachers "Sir" and the prefects are "Mr" to us.

"Yes Mr Stowe that's correct!"

I've never had any idea that Francis Stowe knew or knows anything about me so I'm well surprised.

"Well Louis I've had my eye on you and I see you're now officially a senior boy."

"Yes Mr Stowe it's first day back after the holidays and also my birthday; I'm 14 today."

He smiles showing a mouthful of perfect white teeth; unlike mine which are held and decorated by braces.

"What a shame then that on your first day as a senior you've broken school rules!"

"I'm sorry Mr Stowe what exactly have I done?"

I wasn't running in the corridor, making a lot of noise, and I hadn't used the main staircase reserved for prefects and masters so what have I done?

"Well Louis you're in a senior's grey blazer now but you're wearing the old junior tie and that's punishable under the rules."

Oh Lord he's right and I'd hoped no-one would notice. Mr Devon, my form master, never spotted it or if he did he never said a word about it. The junior tie is black and grey stripes while the senior tie is black, grey, and gold.

"I'm sorry Mr Stowe! My mother went to Bradbury's but they had none in stock and I have to wear a tie so I thought the old one would be better than nothing."

"Never the less young Cooper you're out of uniform and liable for punishment. What's your next class?"

"I've 2 free periods Mr Stowe and I was heading for the library to do some studying."

There's a slight smile on his face when I say those words that puzzles me and I've no idea why he's smiling.

"Good then! With no master to miss you can come with me and I'll sort out what's to happen to you!"

Trailing after him he takes me onto and up that main stairway that is forbidden to us mere mortals until we arrive on the sixth, and seemingly deserted, top floor. He doesn't walk me into the prefect's room; instead he produces a key ring from his pocket and unlocks his sixth form captain's room. Once he's clicked on the lights he waves me inside and I look around because I've never ever been inside it.

There's a desk with a swivel chair behind it, an old sofa against one wall, a cupboard, a couple of school chairs and a table, and at the rear of the room there's a door with a frosted glass panel that reads "Toilet" on it. Stowe unbuttons his blazer and stretches out a kink in his back.

"Well now Louis what punishment shall I give you? When daddy was a pupil here prefects could use a cane or a slipper to spank a boy's rear but that's out now. I suppose I'll award you 100 lines. Let's make it "I must attend school in my correct uniform" shall we?"

In my head I think to myself "Oh well could be worse" as he pushes the table over towards the sofa and hands me 2 sheets of lined paper. As I take a pen from my breast pocket and begin to write he takes off his blazer and hangs it on a coat hook on the back of the door. Did I then hear the click of a lock fastening? I'm writing away as he walks over and sits next to me and bends over my shoulder. He smells of some sort of sharp talcum or body spray and I can feel his breath on my neck. That breath smells strongly of spearmint!

"Nice hand writing young Cooper. That's surprising since you're left handed!"

He's moved right up to sit next to me till his thigh and buttock is pressed against mine and I can feel the heat of his body on mine. His hand drops onto my knee and I can clearly see the fine gold hairs on its back. And as he leans into me a little more something weird happens to me. I can suddenly feel my cock stir, harden, and begin to rise inside my clothes. In seconds I'm stirring uncomfortably as a huge erection tents my trousers and I feel an electric tingle in my cock and balls.

As my cheeks flush and redden I feel forced to turn and look him in the eye. Now he's not smiling he's grinning.

"My word Louis just look at you! I told you I'd had my eye on you and thought I was right. So I'm sure now. Why don't you let me help you with that?"

His hand moves from my thigh to settle on my swollen cock and as it does I shudder and grit my teeth. Slipping his other arm around me he pulls me to him and kisses my ear and nuzzles my neck. His whisper in my ear makes me tremble with excitement.

"I can always spot them and I spotted you. You're a slut boy and I know just what you want!"

He's totally wrong! Oh yeah I play with myself and jerk off a lot but I've never touched a boy though there are more than a few boys in my class who I KNOW are unofficially gay. I just can't figure out what's hit me but I'm not going to fight him off. I'm so hot and hard I want whatever he's got in mind. His left arm's still around me but his free hand has unbuckled my belt, popped free the top button, and tugged down my zip. Urging me to lift myself slightly he pushes my trousers down to pool around my ankles.

I'm wearing dark blue "Y" fronts of nylon and my cock is so hard and swollen it's pushed up above the elastic waistband. My foreskin has peeled back to show the crown of my cock is deep red and throbbing as he now drags my briefs off.

"I know you love this Louis!"

Pursing his lips he drools warm saliva onto the end of my cock and bends over me. His lips part and he takes the length of my erection deep into his mouth. His tongue slides over the bloated head of my cock, he swirls more hot saliva around, and now he's sucking on me and his head is bobbing up and down. I feel like a fire's been lit somewhere back in my arse and it moves forward towards where my balls are. He's cupped a hand under the sac of those balls and he's stroking and gently squeezing them as that line of heat is rising like a volcano up my cock towards its helmet.

"OH! Oh my God! Oh fuck!"

I erupt into his mouth like I've never cum from my jerking off! My cock's pulsing and each time it does I send another spurt of sperm jetting into his mouth. He doesn't slow or stop! It seems like he wants to suck me dry as I buck and writhe to fill his mouth with my cream. Moaning and gasping for breath I slump back against the cushions as he raises his head to kiss me deeply on my lips. I can taste my own thick cum in his mouth as his tongue slips onto mine.

"Oh yes I was right you're a real slut boy! Your turn now to do me."

He strips hurriedly, kicking off his shoes, unbuckling his belt, and then stepping out of his trousers and jockey shorts in one movement. His cock is actually shorter than mine but quite a bit thicker and he's been circumcised. His cock's helmet, like mine was, is swollen and almost purple. Half naked he settles on the sofa to lean back and smile at me.

Suddenly I'm ready to do just what he says and my mouth is aching to taste him. Dragging free my tie I toss my shirt aside and kneel naked, but for my shoes and socks, between his thighs. Bowing my head I take that thick cock deep into me. At first I almost gag at the size of it but in no time I get down to business. Drawing my tongue over its fat end I lick him till he groans and clutches at my head. I can feel a thick vein throbbing against my tongue as I imitate him and start to bob my head as I suck on that cock like a machine.

He's breathing faster and faster and I can feel his cum on its way up from his balls like a lift rising in its shaft. His hands crush my face down as his hips jerk and he spouts his load into my mouth! Again I start to gag but then I taste his thick juice and I find I love the flavour and texture of it. Swallowing some I let more fill my mouth as the school's head prefect slumps back and his cock finally goes limp. Imitating him I kiss him and dribble his cum into his mouth as I do. After a short while he opens his eyes to look at me.

"Jesus you give great head! I'll bet the boys in your class love the way you do it!"

I just grin at him as I wipe the smears of his sperm from the corners of my mouth. If he thinks I'm hot then I'm not gonna tell him it was my first time. Only then, after eating his cock, do I realise my own is hard and throbbing again. Reaching up I take his cock in my hand and begin to knead and caress only it to find how fast it hardens all over again. This time he looks surprised that I'm taking the lead!

"Fuck slut boy you want more and so do I so just wait there!"

Standing up, as if his legs are shaky, he walks over to his desk and as he does he too sheds his tie and shirt. His buttocks are firm and muscled and lightly furred with golden down like the golden fuzz around his cock. Reaching into his desk drawer he returns carrying a metal tube like a tube of toothpaste. Uncapping it he squeezes out a generous dollop onto his palm and thickens the length of his cock with it. His erection now is full blown and his thick cock is gleaming from that jelly.

"Get on your knees on the couch and let me lube you up slut boy! I'll bet you've got a real tight arse and I want to get in there!"

I've heard my classmates talking about "arse bandits" and "bum boys" and here I am gagging to take a cock up my rear end! I've also heard people talking about being "turned on" and now I understand completely. I'm rock hard and my cock feels red hot. I feel fingers smearing that thick gel onto my pucker and a finger pushes some inside me. It feels cool and I get a tingly feeling from it. Then his hands are on my hips and I feel hot flesh easing between my buttocks.

I wriggle and push back and he gets the wrong idea.

"Its okay Louis it's not your first time I'll bet and it won't hurt you; just hold still!"

But then he gets the message that I'm not trying to pull away I'm trying to get him into my arse. Grunting a little he pushes his thick cock against my slick pucker which stretches wide and I feel his hotness and pressure piercing me.

It hurts a little! I've never felt anything like it before! Like I said it hurts but it's a wonderful pain. I gasp and groan, try to help him in, and then, with a rush and a thrust he's deep inside me and I moan with delight! His hands clamped on my hips he begins to pump back and forth and that hot cock is driving home and my arse is burning with pleasure and my own cock is as hard as stone. He's grunting with each thrust and my face is pressed against the sofa cushions as I feel his cum building higher and higher.

He's moving faster and harder inside me and he's slapping against me as he stiffens, rears back, and pours his sperm deep into me like molten lava. His scream is high, shrill, and quickly stifled, as he crumples on top of me pressing me flat on the old cushions. His chest, belly, and thighs, are slick with sweat as he lies on me and I can feel his heart pounding in his chest. It gradually slows and his now limp cock comes out of me with a wet sucking sound and he rolls over; but as he does his fingers cradle my own rigid length.

After licking his lips he makes one and then two attempts before he can speak.

"God that was fantastic; your turn again now! What do you want? I'll suck you again or jerk you off or maybe you want a piece of my arse this time?"

There's no doubt about what I want! I want to try what he's just done to me! I want to fuck his arse and cum inside him. I thicken my hard-on with that gel, coating its helmet thickly, and he's kneeling and ready for me.

Holding his hips like he held mine I slip my cock between his solid buttocks and find he's looser than I am so I slide right into him. As I said his cock is thicker than mine but mine's longer than his and he takes every inch of it; and as he does my foreskin peels right back and I gasp at this amazing feeling. However he has this trick and he somehow locks himself onto my stiffened cock. It feels like a hand clamped just firmly enough on my flesh to help me get off inside him.

Pumping away I can feel that burning line rising from the base of my cock and I don't want to cum this fast but its hard not to. He sort of swivels his hips and I can't hang on any longer! I squirt out wads of sperm as I pound his rear with my quivering cock till I can't cum any more. When I pull out of him he rolls over and pulls me down atop of him, drags my mouth down to his, and for a long time we kiss and caress each other's bodies.

"I should have made a move on you ages ago Louis! You're an amazing fuck if you must know the truth!"

Moving a little across his body I can feel yet again he's getting hard and I'm surprised that it has an identical effect on me just as quickly. I didn't think I could get hard again that fast but the evidence is my stiff cock pressing down on his flat belly. His hands cup my buttocks and he's grinning up at me.

"Ready to do it again eh? Let's go then!"

He starts rubbing his thick cock up against mine and I soon get the idea and grind right back against his! Somehow we get into a perfect rhythm and all that can be heard is our grunts and gasps as we thrust against each others cocks until he grits out a few words.

"I'm cumming now!"

His hands clutch my arse like a vice and squeeze and then we both shoot our sperm out all over each others bellies in wild spurts. We lie there for quite some time leisurely kissing and stroking each other until he finally stirs himself, pushes me to one side, and sits up.

"Well young Louis I hope you enjoyed your prefect's detention? I guess we better get cleaned up before we go back to studying."

It's only then that I realise that even after all that sex I've never called him anything other than "Mr Stowe" and that doesn't seem right now we've fucked each other like maniacs. Looking down at myself and at him for that matter, I can see he's correct. My own rear, thighs, belly, and the coppery hairs around my cock, are sticky with drying cum. And he's in the same condition as I am!

"Oh yes Francis we can't go back to classes like this can we?"

He gives me a sort of lazy sexy smile as I speak.

"Louis I do think after having your cock up my arse you could call me Frankie like my friends do! Now let's use that toilet room to clean up properly."

He takes my hand and leads me across the room, through that glass panelled door, and into an old fashioned but spotless bathroom with white tiled walls. As we walk I find my arse is a bit sore but it's a good sore with a sort of warm glow to it.

My cock feels tender too but I'd use it again on "Frankie" if he wanted it. There's an old fashioned white sink with tablets of soap and a pair of towels so once he's run the sink full of steaming water we lather up and wash ourselves spotless. Once dried we head back into the big room without saying a word but as I look at his naked body I feel first the stirrings and then a full blown need for one more session with him.

As my cock hardens and stands erect he turns to look at me and his is stiffening too.

"Good God my slut boy's a horny slut boy. Yes let's do it one more time!"

We cross to that sofa and he lays back on it and guides me around so my long cock is next to his mouth and his erection is right in front of mine. Taking his hot and throbbing cock into my mouth I shudder as he does the same to me. His cock tastes faintly of Ivory soap and the first seep of cum.

We lick and suck and moan around hot stiff flesh and this time of course it takes longer than before but at last we both reach a peak at almost the same moment and we're gobbling each others cum as we pump out spurts of hot cream. Cocks limp we've finally reached the end of our stamina!

This time we only have to wash our faces and get dressed. At the door he wraps his arms around me and kisses me hard and his tongue wraps around mine. He pulls away from me finally as I was beginning to wonder if he might fuck me up against the door!

"You're a wonderful find slut boy and I hope you enjoyed my cock for a birthday present. How would you like another prefect's detention after school next Friday?"

"I'd love one and your present was fantastic. I hope you liked my cock too Frankie.

I kiss him back hard and we both leave that darkened room but we'll be back there soon! As I walk off down the corridor though my mind is spinning with the surprised thought that I'm now a gay boy for certain!

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