Daddy's Little Bitch
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Big Breasts,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Katie's step dad gets fed up with her bad grades and disrespect and decides to try a new sort of discipline.

Katie wasn't sure if she was the prettiest girl in town, but she knew she was the hottest. She was 18 now and a senior in high school. 5'4" 120 lbs with curves for days and tan all over. She had developed large perfect breasts at around the age of 12 and the attention from men quickly followed. By the time she was 14 she was the possessor of a full 36DD chest and a masters degree in manipulating the opposite gender.

Katie got what she wanted and usually didn't even have to try. All she had to do was make her desires known and boys and men alike would scramble for her attention. That kind of treatment tends to corrupt a person and Katie was no exception. She had become a real spoiled bitch. And why not she thought? It didn't matter, men did what she wanted and she could treat them any way she wanted. It amused her to be cruel to them. She had never held a job, men gave her everything she wanted. She had never studied, nerds did her homework and male teachers gave her passing grades no matter how poorly she performed.

She lived out in the sticks in a trailer, just her, her step father Ted, and the dog kennel that he ran. Katie's mother had run off with another man about a year ago and left Ted with a struggling business and a daughter that he couldn't stand. It was an incredible amount of work taking care of and training the dogs and since Katie's mother had left he was burning the candle at both ends. He had tried to get Katie to help out around the house and with the family business but she had proven completely useless. She had a terrible attitude and any time she was given a chore to do she would complain and put up such a fuss! And then when he finally got her to do it she did such a bad job he had to go clean up after her and redo it the right way. Ted could train a dog to do just about anything on command, why couldn't he get his step daughter to do anything?

Not only was Katie useless around the house, she was also a terrible cock tease. She would sleep in nothing but a little tshirt and panties and walk around the house like that, braless, half the day. Worse than that, she would tan nude and in sight of the trailer in the back yard, even when Ted was home! He wasn't sure if she was doing it to him on purpose or if she was just too dumb to know the effect she was having on him or if she knew but just didn't care. He hadn't been with a woman since his wife had left him and the way his daughter flaunter herself was almost unbearable.

Katie had always shown off her sexuality. When she walked she waggled her ass and bounced a little to make her tits jiggle. Far from dressing modestly she often wore little tank tops and pushup bras, her soft tanned tits practically spilling out of her top. She knew what her best feature was and she was sure gonna show it off! She didn't see anything wrong with it. Some girls are born with big brains, I got the big tits she told herself. What's wrong with taking advantage?? Right around the time her mother left, Katie had decided that tan lines were unacceptable. They lived way out in the country and Katie had taken to using the back yard for her own personal nude beach. Katie knew her step father peeked at her when she was out there but it didn't really bother her. In fact, she thought it was funny to make the old pervert suffer.

Ted would peek out the back windows at her, he couldn't help himself! He felt a little pervy about it but she was 18 ... and clearly a mature woman! Sometimes he would even jerk off while he watched and fantasize about her. He thought she knew about it but couldn't be sure. She would do things out there sometimes that seemed to be intended for him. It looked like she was intentionally putting on a show every time she applied tanning oil, massaging it into the soft skin of her breasts. One time she dropped her tanning oil and crawled over to it to pick it up. Crawled! Bare round little ass exposed to the world, swinging back and forth like a bitch in heat. Tits hanging down under her like massive tanned cow udders. He had cum immediately and thought about it many times since.

In the fall Katie would be going off to college somewhere and then he would be rid of the incredible temptations. He couldn't wait.

And then it happened. Katie was called into the principal's office one Tuesday afternoon and despite all her pleading and crying she was expelled. The principal was a woman and had no patience for Katie's antics. Katie had finally got herself into a situation that her cleavage couldn't get her out of! She had been caught cheating, a pattern had been discovered, and she was to be made an example of.

It was much later when Katie finally got home. Ted was waiting in the living room of their trailer home watching ESPN classic. Jordan had the ball with 30 seconds to go but he lost interest immediately when he heard the car pull into his driveway. The sound of laughter and high heels on gravel and there she was in the doorway, braless, titties bulging out of her two sized too small tank top. Three inch heels that made her 5'4 frame look long and lean and a tiny mini skirt that barely covered her round little butt ... and a big smile on her face.

"What are you smiling about?" He asked her softly. "And why are you coming home so late?" She stumbled a little, obviously she had been drinking some. "And have you been drinking??"

"That's none of your business daddy!" She giggled dismissively. "I was just out having a little fun with my friends! Ooh, is there any of that leftover pizza from last night?" She walked into the kitchen, swaying a little on her high heels, stumbling every few steps, the swinging of her fat little ass accentuated by her heels, tits jiggling as she moved.

"Don't you ignore me damnit!" Ted surged to his feet and stomped into the kitchen, grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. "I got a call from your school today and you've been expelled! For cheating!! Is that how I raised you?? How are you gonna go to college now? You can't even get a job without a high school diploma!"

"Ow! Get the fuck off of me asshole!" She shouted pushing him and stumbling around in his grip. Ted was getting angrier and angrier at the disrespectful little bitch and more and more out of control with every second. Finally he exploded.

"No god damnit, in fact I'm gonna teach you some manners right now young lady, it's been far too long I've let you slide! Its time you learned some god damned discipline!" Ted said, trying to shake some sense into her making her tits jiggle. He looked down at them and then back up at her face, a crazy look in his eyes. "And where the hell is your bra? Are you too dumb to remember to put on a bra? Or are you just a cock tease?? You look like a god damned whore Katie! Is that what you wanna be, a god damned whore??" He reached down grabbed the front of her tank top and tore it open with one hard yank, her fat tanned young titties bouncing out bare in the middle of the kitchen. All Katie could do is gasp, shocked. Nobody had ever treated her like this before!

Katie reached up to cover her nakedness but Ted roughly pushed her hands away and held them there. "No! Don't even pretend like you're shy! If youre gonna show off your fat cow udder tits for the whole town to see why not go all the way? I don't mind! I've gotten used to seeing them with all the god damned sunbathing you do around here! And I know you do it to tease me! You're a dumb bitch just like your mother! But I'm going to show you some discipline god damnit!"

Ted yanked up her skirt and started spanking her bare ass, holding her firmly with his left hand. "You" SMACK!! "Will" SMACK!! "Learn" SMACK!! "To" SMACK!! "Obey!" Katie was sobbing, her tits were bouncing around and she yelping with every blow and begging him to stop. She was completely shocked and humiliated by this treatment. She had never been put in her place by a man before.

"Please daddy stop that hurts let go!!" Katie gasped.

Ted was breathing hard, he paused for a moment and stared at her reddening ass and then looked her in the eyes, enraged. "Did you forget your panties too Katie? God damn it, you're nothing but a dumb bitch in heat Katie!! Well guess what? That's how I'm gonna treat you from now on! Just like one of the dumb disobedient bitches in the kennels, maybe then you'll learn your place!"

Ted grabbed Katie by her hair, bent her over and spanked her bare ass a few times hard. Katie screamed for him to stop and tried to free her hair from his grip but he was too strong. "Come on Katie, you know disobedient bitches aren't allowed in the house!" Ted began to walk out of the kitchen dragging Katie by her hair. He went through the living room towards the back door, keeping Katie bent at the waist, spanking her bare ass every few steps, her exposed tits hanging down from her chest swinging and jiggling. She kept stumbling in her expensive heels but her stepfathers firm grip kept her from falling.

Ow!! Where are you taking me?? Stop daddy please Ill be a good girl!! You're hurting me!!" All of Katie's cries fell on deaf ears. Her step father had decided what to do with her. He couldn't help but smile at the plans forming in his head as he dragged the helpless exposed girl out the back door of their trailer, across the dirty Arizona yard to his tool shed, spanking her ass raw as they went.

"You want me to stop Katie?" SMACK!! His hand was stinging from the beating he was giving this young girls fat little ass, he could imagine how her backside was feeling by this point.

"P p p p please stop daddy! Please it hurts so bad! I didn't do anything!" Katie sobbed.

"Katie, if you learn to obey me and do as you're told I won't have any reason to punish you! But for now you're just a dumb disobedient bitch, understand?" SMACK!! They had reached the storage shed and Ted turned around and looked down at his sobbing step daughter. He gave her one last big slap making her jump and squirm around, her hair still in his firm grasp. SMACK!! "UNDERSTAND???"

"Yes daddy, Ill be a good girl I promise!"

"Fine." He let go of her hair and she straightened up meekly, covering her tits with her arms, looking at him with terrified eyes. "Damnit Katie, what did I tell you about covering those tits?" He ripped her arms away from her chest, spun her around and spanked her savagely 5 times reducing her to a sobbing blathering mess. "I'm sorry daddy! I'm s s sorry!" As she sobbed her chest heaved, the guttural sobs making her fat titties jiggle. "Those are my tits now and I said I want them bare. Understand??"

"Yes daddy!" She blurted out between sobs. Katie was bawling now, her chest heaving hysterically. Was this really happening??

Ted took a moment to calm down and then began speaking. "Katie, I tried being nice to you. That didn't work did it? So I'm gonna try something different ... Now, It only takes me a few minutes to teach most dogs how to sit. Katie are you as smart as one of these dogs?" He said gesturing towards the kennels, " Can you sit for me like a good girl? " Katie nodded her head meekly, completely in shock. "Ok Katie, SIT!"

Katie slowly sank down into an Indian style sitting posture, humiliated. She started to adjust her skirt but halfway through the motion thought better of it and plopped down on her bare ass. She winced at the pain of her exposed, sore and throbbing ass on the rough prickly ground and squirmed around uncomfortably. She looked at the ground in front of her, miserable.

Ted reached down roughly and grabbed her by her hair again. "No dummy, that's not how you sit!" He slapped one of her tits hard to punish her and she yelped. He yanked the girl forward by her hair onto all fours, leading her in a full circle around him crawling just like a dog. He smiled at himself as he watched the girl crawl, remembering the time she had teased him just like this while she was tanning. As she moved around him he reached out and gave her a few hard slaps on her exposed butt, making her yelp each time. "When I tell you to sit, this is what I want Katie." He said, holding her hair with one hand, pushing her butt down onto her feet, leaving the girl in a kneeling posture with her hands on the ground. "Understand?" She nodded. Ted let go of her hair and stepped back a few feet. "Good."

"Here Katie!" He called. "and don't you dare stand up!" He added. She blushed in shame as she got up on all fours and crawled the few steps to him, head hanging, humiliated at the treatment, ass swaying back and forth, tits hanging down under her like cow udders. For the first time in her life she felt self conscious about her tits as they hung down and swung around.

"Good girl Katie!" Ted reached down and sarcastically patted the back of her head, smiling to himself, thoroughly enjoying this new dynamic. He owned her now and she was his pet bitch. All those years of teasing and attitude were finally over. It would take a lot of training to get her how he wanted her but he knew his craft. Asking her nicely and explaining what he wanted had never worked. This would. She would eventually be a perfectly behaved little pet for him to play with. And it all starts with her learning the basics. "Now Katie, Sit!" Katie maintained her eye contact with the ground and obeyed the command, sitting with her backside on her feet, hunched over, miserable, tears streaming down her face.

"That's better Katie, but arch your goddamn back, stick those titties out for daddy!" He reached down and gave her left boob a hard squeeze making her wince. Immediately she arched her back, making her large firm breasts stick way out in front of her. "Good girl!" Ted said reaching down to pet her head. She flinched a little when he touched her hair but remained in position. "Now STAY!" He commanded staring down at her for a brief moment to reinforce his dominance. Then Ted turned away and unlocked his shed and went inside. Katie heard her step father rummaging around for about a minute inside. She knew she could run away but to where? The nearest neighbor was 20 miles away and she wasn't even sure if she could walk that far, let alone get that far without her step dad finding her. Plus she was practically naked! She had no choice. She would have to obey for now.

Ted came out of the shed and walked behind Katie. Katie could hear something jingle. She tried to turn to see what her stepdad was carrying but he grabbed her head and roughly turned it forward. "Eyes front!" She felt something wrap tightly around her neck and something click. She reached up quickly to feel and gasped in horror. Her step father had locked a dog collar around her neck! The reality of what was happening set in and she panicked. "Oh my god daddy no!! Get it off, I can't breathe, it's too tight!!" She hollered, grabbing at the collar. "I'm not a doggy!!"

"Yes you god damned are!!" Ted shouted and grabbed her roughly by the her hair and shoved her face into the dirt and savagely beat her ass for nearly a minute. When he was done he stood there breathing heavily, standing over the cowering, whimpering girl.

"Ok, listen up dummy. You were too stupid and lazy for school. You were too stupid and lazy to be any help in the family business. You've left me no choice so I've decided to train you to be my pet bitch. I know how to train pet bitches to obey, I've got a lot of experience in it, and you WILL learn your place. You didn't turn out to be much of a step daughter, but you're damn well gonna be a top notch pet bitch by the time I'm done with you. Got it dummy?"

Katie just stayed on the ground sobbing. Not wanting to believe that this is her new life. Not understanding how her life had changed so drastically in just the last few minutes.

"I own you now Katie, just like a pet dog, and you will obey me or you will be punished severely and without hesitation. Understand?"

Katie remained still gently sobbing. Ted reached down and yanked her head up and got right in her face. "UNDERSTAND???"

"Yes sir" was all Katie could manage to say.

"Good girl. But from now on, no talking. Pet doggies don't talk do they?" Do they???" He said staring down at her. She shook her head timidly in agreement. "Besides, nobody gave a shit about what you had to say before anyway. Guys only acted like they were interested in what you had to say because they wanted to see your tits. And now look, everyone can see your tits. So now nobody needs to hear your dumb ass speak. Understand?" She nodded.

"And pet bitches don't need clothes either do they dummy?" He said reaching down and pulled the tattered tank top off her back, yanking off her skirt and heels, leaving her completely naked on the ground. "Now isn't that better? Are you starting to feel like a real doggy yet dummy?"

Ted let go of her and stepped back, smiling. She would make a magnificent bitch once he was done with her. "Now the next thing you need to learn is how to heel. You know what that means right? You need to learn to walk like a good bitch on your leash." He reached down and clipped a short chain link leash onto her collar and pulled it taught. "Now be a good girl and walk next to daddy. If you do a good job I have to punish you, understand?" Katie nodded.

Ted began to walk Katie around the yard. Her butt swung back and forth with each step, her tits hanging down swung rhythmically under her. He walked her towards the kennels and the dogs went wild seeing her like that, jumping on the cage. Katie looked at them with big terrified eyes thinking that she was about to be put in the kennel. She slowed down a little and Ted gave her a big spank on her exposed ass to make her catch up. She crawled as quick as she could to catch up, her big titties hanging down swinging wildly under her. "That's better Katie. Look at those big floppy titties bouncing around!" He laughed and reached down and grabbed one hard. Katie winced but kept crawling obediently. Ted stopped and stood over her. "Sit Katie!" She obeyed, sticking her chest out like she had been taught. "Good girl!" Ted said praising her. He reached down and slapped her tits around a few times to make them bounce around and laughed again. "You know what? These big floppy titties are your best feature Katie. In fact, you'd be nothing without them, just a dumb worthless bitch. Who would want that??" Katie knew there was some truth to what he was saying but kept quiet. "I think I'm going to call you Floppy from now on!" He laughed cruelly. "Floppy, do you understand?" She nodded. "Good girl Floppy!" He reached down and pet her head then continued their walk. It took several hours, but Ted was going to make sure his new pet was perfect on her leash before quitting for the day. Katie's hands and knees were raw, her ass red all over and throbbing from all of the punishment it took to get her to walk on her leash properly.

"Someday when you've learned to be a good obedient house trained bitch Ill let you inside the house." He said leading her up to one of the dog houses outside the kennel. "But for now you sleep here." He locked the leash attached to the doghouse to her collar and took off her walking leash and hung it up. Katie's eyes grew huge as she realized that he was serious. "Sit Floppy." She sat, looking up at him with big pleading eyes. "Floppy, stay." As he turned and left she wanted desperately to cry out to him but she knew the punishment would be severe. He went inside the house and to her horror brought an armload of her clothes out with him and heaped them in a big pile in the middle of the yard. Then he went back into the house. "What in the hell is he doing with all my clothes?" She thought to herself. "They're gonna get dirty and wrinkly like that! Oh no, he's coming back with more!"

After many trips Ted stood by the big pile of clothes, shoes purses and jewelry in his yard, smiling as he looked down at his handiwork. Then he looked over at Katie and his smile dropped. He called over to her, "You're not going to be needing any of this stuff anymore are you dummy?" He smiled deviously and got a can of gas from the shed. After dousing all her clothes in gas he threw a match on the pile and it went up with a big "THWOOOMPH!"

"See that fire Floppy? When its totally burned out there wont be anything left of Katie the bitchy spoiled little cock tease. There will only be Floppy, daddy's dumb little fat tittied pet bitch. Understand?" She nodded miserably, staring at the bonfire. The sun was setting. He looked down at her for a moment then said, "And try and cheer up dummy! Enjoy the fire! When it's gone it's going to get damn cold out here. And dawn is still a long time away. Goodnight Floppy, Ill see you in the morning." He said and turned to head into the house.

"Daddy no, don't leave me out here Ill freeze!" She shouted after him. Ted turned and gave her a look like he was about to come back and beat her for speaking but after a moment he turned and left her out there. She curled into a ball in the smelly dirty doghouse as the fire began to burn down and she felt the cold creep in.

Katie spent the whole night shivering and cursing her miserable life. She had just begun to fall asleep when she heard loud barking all around her and noises coming from the storage shed. Her step father appeared in front of her with two bowls, one full of water and one full of dog food and set them down on the ground. "Good morning Floppy, I hope you slept well!" He smiled as he looked down at her crawling out of the cramped dog house, still shivering. "Aw did poor doggy have a cold night outside?" She looked up at him annoyed and hateful then at the dog food and water and her eyes grew wide. Did he really expect her to eat this??

"Doesn't that look yummy Floppy? Show daddy how good a girl you are and eat your breakfast." She looked up at him then at the food and slowly, miserably she crawled over to it and put her face into the bowl and got a nugget in her mouth. It was rock hard but it crumbled as she began to chew it ... and it was awful! Dry and tasting like foul cardboard, how could the dogs live on this crap? She gagged a little but got it down then washed it down with some water then went for another bite. Ted stood over her with a big smile on his face. The sight of his step daughter totally humiliated, naked on all fours chained up like that was too much for him. He had been dreaming of this for years and unbelievably he was in the position to make his dreams reality.

Katie was absorbed in the horror of the situation, completely focused on getting this awful food in her stomache and wasn't paying attention to her step father as he stood over her grinning like a kid on Christmas. Ted walked around in front of her and yanked her head up by the hair in front of him. She was face to face with his half erect 8 inch cock. Her jaw dropped and she gasped as her eyes grew wide with terror. Ted laughed. "You're such a dummy Floppy! You're not gonna be eating dog food for breakfast! This is what you're going to be eating for breakfast." He said bringing her face to within an inch of his dick. "This is what you're going to be having for breakfast from now on. Every day for the rest of your pathetic life. Don't worry you'll learn to love it!"

She just stayed there staring at it with a shocked expression on her face, Ted laughed loudly. "I know you're dumb Floppy but you're not so dumb that you don't know what happens to pet bitches are you?" Another laugh. "They get fucked like bitches!" He laughed again loudly. "What possible other use could I have for you?? What possible other use could anyone have for you??" She began to panic, clamping her mouth shut and struggling and squirming to get away. Ted reached down and gave her 10 whacks on her bare ass and then stood over her, holding her by the hair.

"Now listen very carefully Floppy. You're my pet bitch and this is what pet bitches get used for! That's all they're good for and that's all you're good for too dummy! If you really don't want to cooperate and be mine I wont be offended... " She looked up at him hopefully. "But you ARE a dumb pet bitch so we're gonna have to make sure you get used like one! He held her hair and started looking around. "Now lets see, where are we gonna find someone else who can put you to good use? Ah! How about them Floppy?" He said looking at the dogs barking and jumping around their kennels. "I bet they wouldn't mind having a dumb fat tittied breeding bitch to keep them entertained. And hey! It looks like they like you! Is that what you want Floppy? You wanna play with the doggies?"

He gave her a moment to let that sink in. Oh the horror of being fucked by all those dogs she thought to herself! Could there be a worse fate?? On the other hand, all hes asking for is a blowjob. That's not so bad compared to being gang raped by a kennel full of big horny unneutered dogs. And they look angry, they could even kill me. "I've given hundreds of BJs, probably thousands," she thought, "one more wont hurt I guess..." She looked up at her step dad and slowly obediently opened her mouth. Ted smiled wide.

"Good girl Floppy. Maybe you're not as dumb as you look!" Ted kept a firm hold on her hair and fed his hardening cock into her sweet mouth young. He had often thought about what it would be like to slide his cock between her plump lips and get satisfaction is his little girls mouth but it was even better than in any of his fantasies! And now it was his for the taking. Any time he wanted. He owned her.

Ted started to gently hump Katie's mouth. "Suck it bitch." He leaned over and smacked her ass. He could feel the immediate reaction as she sucked down hard on his dick. Her wet little hole started to make a slurping sound that was music to his ears. "MMM That's a good girl Floppy." Ted kept humping her mouth as he rocked her back and forth by her hair, her tits gently swinging underneath her. He could tell she had a lot of practice. He began to fuck her mouth harder. His large cock banging against the back of her throat making her gag a little. Drool was running down her chin and she was squirming around every time he choked her with his cock but he didn't care. She wasn't going anywhere till he was finished with her. This was her life now, shed better get used to it. As he felt his balls tighten he began to fuck even harder making her tits flop around and right as he was about to cum he grabbed her firmly, pulling her to him and forced his dick all the way into her throat.

Katie could feel her step father about to cum. Just as he was cumming she felt him force his way balls deep into her tight little throat. Her eyes grew wide as the air was cut off and she felt the cum spurting down her throat. She struggled but couldn't move, her hair firmly in her daddy's grip. Katie's face turned bright red and she began to panic but Ted held her firmly until his cock stopped its twitching. He let go of her just before she passed out and she fell on the ground huffing and panting, her face returning to its normal golden brown. He stood over her chuckling to himself. I could get used to this he thought to himself, tucking his wet cock back into his pants. "Ok dummy, daddy's going to town. Be a good doggy and I'll bring you a nice present. Enjoy your lunch." He said tapping the bowl of dog food with his boot and laughing to himself as he walked off towards his pickup.

Although many of the details in the beginning of this story are taken from my real life, this story is a work of fiction. This story is only a fantasy that I have about my step father and no one should take this as anything but that. If enough people like this chapter I may publish more. -KS

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