Becca: Life Sentence
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Historical, Harem,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young girl in Medieval England is kidnapped by white slavers.


Becca Cobbler ... female lead, twenty years old, captured as a white slave trade victim
Lord Dunnington ... minor part, regional feudal Lord, age late 10's
Bit Parts ... several of age bit players

The sun was just an hour old on that fine June day, sixty-five years ago today. That would have been in the year 1360, and Edward III was then King of England and I, Becca Cobbler, was twenty years old.

The ravages of the Black Death over the decade just previous to that had been horrendous and would continue, off and on, for some time to come, but to a lesser degree. The tremendous loss of life and consequent social upheaval resulting in a general lawlessness that followed the plague of that decade, may have been the root cause of the existence of the events I am about to relate.

On that self same day, I left my father's house, the village cobbler, on an errand for my mother. I was on my way to the shop of the village baker to get our bread for the day. The day was Friday and I was not looking forward to the bakery visit. Why? Because it would mean a brutal ten or fifteen minutes with the baker.

You see, I was unmarried at twenty, somewhat unusual for a girl for that day. Royalty or other nobility may have had arranged marriages at thirteen or fourteen, but commoners such as I normally waited a little longer--baring an unexpected pregnancy. Single, I was considered well on my way to spinsterhood, if not already there. Many understood the reason why and just shook their heads in sadness.

I was still mourning Larkspur. I lost my heart to him at thirteen and my virginity at fourteen. Then I lost Larkspur at sixteen just a month before we were to wed. The Plague again. We bedded four times before he got sick.

I was the third oldest of twelve children born to my parents, with another bun in Mother's oven. Papa just could not afford such a large family. So, when the Baker's shrewish wife died and approached Papa with a lecherous proposition, Papa reluctantly agreed. Every Friday, I would satisfy the baker's sexual hunger and desire in return for five loaves of bread.

I arrived at the shop and entered. Baking had been underway since the wee hours so the Baker could leave things in the hands of four sons for the short time he would spend with me. As soon as he saw me, Baker (also his name) nodded toward the door that led to their living quarters upstairs. After a word or two with the eldest son, he quickly followed me.

Although I knew what was coming, I was still unprepared for the ferocity of his assault. The man was ugly, unkempt, and stinky. His rotund short body on spindly bow-legs looked ridiculous. His vile, odorous breath nearly burned me as he smothered himself on me and started pawing at my breasts and clothes.

He had my top bare in a flash and his stubbled face raked my tender skin as he sought first one nipple and then the other. In the process, he backed me into a table and laid me over it on my back. Me feet and legs hung down.

Baker quickly had my skirts above my waist. He whipped his cod piece aside and freed his ugly cock, all three inches of it. He forced my legs apart and stepped in to force immediate entry into my nether lips. Within three strokes and a series of harsh grunts, he dribbled his juice just inside me.

That quick was a record, even for him. But he seemed satisfied. He withdrew with a growl, "Pick up your bread and leave."

I sorely missed the sex I had found with Larkspur, but this was just plain hell, not sex. I was left totally unsatisfied and worse, scratched raw around my breasts and sore from the dry sex below.

I was only too glad to leave that place. Somehow, I had to get out of such a horrid arrangement, even if I had to run away. I'd had all of Baker I could stomach. I was halfway home, wrapped up in my thoughts and not paying much attention to my surroundings.

Suddenly and without any warning, I was snatched by two burly, filthy ragamuffin men who hauled me into the alley I was passing. The five bread loaves fell in disarray onto the wet and filthy cobblestones

All children had grown up with warnings of "boogymen" of one kind or another, but not all of us paid heed to such warnings. There were known disappearances of young children, especially females, from age nine or so, on up into the mid twenties, but that was something that rarely got talked about, out in the open anyway.

The general consensus was that "witches" were responsible and therefore, the less said the better. None of these people who disappeared were ever seen again. Of course, we all thought nothing would happen to us, it was always someone else who became the victim. Ha! A lot of good that did me now!

I was immediately overpowered, gagged, and then bound hand and foot, before I could scream. Few if any other people saw the quick snatch into the alley and if any did, they were not about to interfere. The two vile men were none too gentle and both managed to explore the more intimate parts of my anatomy as they performed their dastardly business.

The more burley one of the two said, "Careful, Jud, no marks and we're not to 'seriously' molest her. Not that a feel or two will do her any harm, har har har!"

"Ungg." grunted the one called Jud as drool spilled down his chin and as his hand made another filthy swipe under my skirts between my legs, digging into my privates with a vengeance.

Although I shuddered in revulsion at the touch of the two odorous villains, the hands between my legs had set off an involuntary release of wetness in my nether lips. Treacherous lips. But it was something Baker was never able to achieve.

Lord, I thought, don't let these two uglies see that I am getting aroused!

My body was then tied down to rings in the bottom of a farm cart so I couldn't move or drum my feet or hands. Hay was thrown over top of me. The ox was then prodded into motion, jerking the cart forward and my journey, longer than I could ever dream, had begun. I was laying on my bound hands and the hay on my face made it difficult for me to breathe. The gag in my mouth was about to choke me. I was almost out of my mind from then itching caused by the scratchy hay. I was also near frightened out of my wits.

The ride was lengthy, but I had no way to judge just how lengthy, covered up and in the dark as I was. But at the pace of an ox, it probably was not all that far. The only stop made was that at the end of the journey and that, when I was uncovered and could see again, was in the courtyard inside the walls of a very large castle.

I had a fair idea of whose castle this was to which I'd been delivered. Within oxen walking distance and the sun close to but not yet directly overhead, there was only one possibility as to who owned such a large castle. After all, there weren't that many such castles all that close together. I had never been inside the walls before, but the Lord of this manor was well known in the region. But I would have to see more to confirm my suspicion.

Apparently, I was not supposed to see these sights as, belatedly, I was blindfolded to the curses of the the as yet unnamed thug as he said to the one called Jud, "Fool, she was to be blindfolded immediately, you idiot!"

My last vision was of the very large castle keep and that is the direction I was led. Once inside the first door, the blindfold was removed and I was led down a long, steep, stone stairway to what turned out to be the castle dungeon.

In addition to being very frightened, I was confused. Why was I brought here, especially since I was kidnapped? What was going on? What would happen to me? What had I done wrong?

The dungeon was one huge room covering the entire dimensions of the voluminous round keep and extending into several cavernous rooms off to one side beyond the circle of the keep itself. The whole place was cold, shadowy dark in the torch light, damp, and held a stench that was horrible.

There were four other young women, all standing and chained to the wall with their wrists together above their heads. Their ankles were also shackled with a short chain to the wall with their feet spread slightly wider than their shoulders. And, they were completely naked!

I was forced to a halt near the center of the main room. A large, not entirely unhandsome man walked over. He was naked but for sandals, loin covering, and the black leather, skin tight head mask that left only his chin, mouth, and eyes uncovered. He'd been working over a hot forge fire and was shiny with a sheen of sweat covering his entire body.

That body was very lean and muscular and carried very broad shoulders with a tight, flat stomach that looked like a quilt of six patches. The loose flap of a loin covering he wore began to rise as his man root apparently began to grow on his walk over to me.

The still unnamed thug holding me in place by my arm greeted this hooded man with, "Greetings, Dungeon Master, we bring you a new morsel."

In a deep basso voice, the Dungeon Master asked, "Well now, what have we this time? We shall soon see!"

Dungeon Master looked me up and down and then turned back to his forge and motioned for the two thugs to bring me along. I cringed some as Dungeon Master picked up an iron collar which he proceeded to place around my neck and padlock shut. A small leash chain was temporarily snapped into place and the loose end was given to the unnamed thug to hold.

A very sharp, curved dagger appeared in Dungeon Master's hand as he said, "Ah, 'my Lady, ' it is now time to inspect the goods."

With that, Dungeon Master slowly cut the clothes from my body. When the knife started to cut my home spun blouse, I stepped back from the knife a pace and immediately felt the blow of leather straps land across my backside through my skirt. Dungeon Master held in his other hand, a short length of stick with a dozen or more rawhide strings attached.

I yelped as Dungeon Master brought the whip out front and pointed it at me with the words, "Stand still until told otherwise and obey instantly or you will suffer severely."

Several shreds of my skirt dropped from the rawhide.

Dungeon Master returned to his task of stripping off my clothes. I stood in a petrified brace as he wielded his knife and slowly slit the front of my peasant blouse from waist hem to neck and allowed an assistant to peel it back and off. The knife went to work again as my chemise was the next to feel its blade. The chemise was sliced and then pulled free of my skirt and dropped on the floor with my shredded blouse.

This action had now bared me to the waist, exposing my very generous size breasts to the fetid air. My nipples popped erect of their own accord, further mortifying me. Dungeon Master laid a hand on my right breast, causing me to flinch as well as to set my breast on fire with pleasure. Treacherous breast.

He glared at me, so I made no further movement as he roamed his hand at will over both breasts and nipples. I just couldn't help myself as a small moan escaped my mouth. Treacherous body. Dungeon Master just gave a sly grin as he turned to my skirt.

My last article of clothing, my pantaloons, were next. The knife started at the waist band just below my navel and proceeded down and between my legs, blade edge down, and then up behind to the waist band in back. The two halves just eased themselves down my silky thighs to crumple in piles at my feet. A quick slice of the knife at each foot and I was left standing clad only in my peasant shoes.

Now I was completely naked, baring my most intimate and secret parts for all to see. Once again, despite my willing it not to happen, I felt strong arousal pains as moisture began to gather and ooze from my nether lips, running in a tiny stream down the inside of both thighs. I wanted to die. Treacherous body.

The four naked women chained to the wall were watching as intently as the three men. One of the women even appeared to me to be lookin' on with lust and desire in her eyes. She was lookin' straight at me.

However, none of the women made the slightest sound.

Dungeon Master just smiled even more broadly and brought an empty hand between my legs. I felt his fingers begin to caress and fondle me. His middle finger slipped deeply into the entire length of my slit, back to front before it found my sex gate and plunged inside me.

Once inside me, Dungeon Master moved that finger around for several minutes before he withdrew and talked to me again. At first, I barely heard the words because of my arousal and near climax. But the words registered quickly after a hard smack in the face with his open palm.

Dungeon Master said, "Ahhh, a beautiful bitch, if I do say so myself. Vermin, does she have a name?"

"I think it's Becca, master."

"You only think so?"

This was followed by a hard blow to the unnamed one's face by the Dungeon Master.

"Yes! Yes, Master. That is her name. Wellnow, 'my Lady Becca, ' you are about to enter training to become a sex slave."

My reaction was a sharp, "Whaaat?"

I immediately felt a second sharp crack of the whip, but this time on my bare bottom. The blow stung sharply and it left welts with a thin line of broken skin that seeped a little blood. The lustful bitch on the wall was spilling drool from her mouth.

"You don't speak unless asked or otherwise required!" exclaimed Dungeon Master. "Yes, a sex slave! You will learn your new role in life under my teaching as well as that of others and then you'll be sent to the harem of a sheik across the seas. Luscious, virgin white girls such as you are in high demand by the Sheiks of Araby and the land between the two rivers. The Lord of this manor gets a very tidy little sum indeed for lovelies such as you."

"Please," I timidly ventured, "I'm not a virgin."

Somehow, I escaped another blow and the Dungeon Master answered my comment.

"Makes no difference. You are to be a sex slave, maybe a harem member of low order, not a high wife of royalty."

Dungeon Master paused to reach under his loin cloth and scratch his semi-exposed man parts.
"Then," he continued, "Your first lesson begins right now. ON YOUR KNEES!"

Shakily, I complied.

"Slide my cod piece around and out of the way."

My hands shaking even more, I did as bid and bared his manly sex to my eyes and everyone else's.

"Now, take my pud in your mouth and suck. Use your hands to help 'til I tell you to stop."

I hesitated a moment too long. CRACK! Another blow of the whip, this time across my back, pushing me forward and Dungeon Master's pud into my mouth. As I had cared for them as babies, I had seen the puds of my younger two brothers, but the only grown man puds I had seen were those of Larkspur, big I guess, and Bakers piddly little thing.

Never had I seen one of the size that stuck out and up like the log in front of me now. It looked monstrous. It was monstrous. And, I did have some trouble getting my mouth around the end of it. Clear liquid was oozing from the little eye in the bulb at the end of that long, thick pud.

After some puffing, sucking, and licking, I heard Dungeon Master order, "Use one hand and move the shaft of my pud not in your mouth, up and down. Use the other hand to play with the balls in the sack hanging below. Don't squeeze anything too hard."

It took me some time and no little effort, but I eventually felt Dungeon Master's pud swell more and pulse harder. Then I heard a grunt just before a flood of sticky goo spewed forth into my throat. I gagged and choked and slobbered that stuff all over my face and Dungeon Master's pud and belly. Larkspur had never made me do this to him.

"Well, I see you've either very little or no experience at all in the art of cock sucking. You've a very big pile of shit to learn, bitch. But learn you will. Now, for lesson two."

Dungeon Master's monstrous pud was still rigidly erect as he ordered me down on all fours.

"Drop you head to the floor, bitch. Stick your ass right up at me."

I learned my lesson. I moved quickly enough this time to avoid another lashing. Dungeon Master moved behind me and straddled my backside. I felt the bulb of his gigantic pud contact my crevice as he rubbed it up and down from my rosette to my little button and back several times. Without warning, he plunged into my pudenda and viscously sank in as far as he could reach.

There was utterly no regard for my condition. Luckily I had been releasing a lot of female juices as my body involuntarily responded to all that was taking place in the dungeon. Treacherous body again! Still, he was so large that I tore and suffered some damage and a great deal of pain. My pudenda simply couldn't stretch large enough or fast enough to accommodate such a large missile so quickly.

Dungeon Master must've been a sex fiend. Even though he'd just cum in my mouth, he came again quite quickly and with what appeared to be a similar volume of man juice. Thank heavens I didn't have to endure that punishing pud very long in my pudenda.

The women on the wall either drooled in envy or cringed in fright at what was transpiring before them as I endured Dungeon Master's vile behavior. Damn them anyway. I briefly wondered if they had suffered a similar fate. Likely, they had.

Dungeon Master pulled his emptied poker out of my pudenda and yelled at my two abductors, "Take her to the wall and shackle her for now. I'll take the place of the Lord of the Manor and give her a much longer work out later tonight!"

My two lunkheaded abductors hesitated just a mite too long. "Damn it all, fools, take her over to the wall, I said, and chain her with the others."

Both brutes received a pair of lashes for their slow reaction.

After I was shackled in place, I turned to the girl next to me and asked, "Who are you? How long have you been here? Where ar..."

She looked at me with fear in her eyes and I immediately found out why. I felt the unexpected blow of the whip across my chest that cut off my question. My breasts took much of the blow. That really hurt and new weals showing blood appeared on my tender flesh again.

"No talking unless you're given permission, bitch!"

"That's enough!" said a quiet, new voice. Don't damage the goods."

When he emerged from the shadows, I immediately recognized the graying man as the owner of the castle and the Feudal Lord of the region. He had appeared in my village a few times on festival days. Lord Dunnington!

"I see we've some new wenches to process. Let's see what we have this time."

Lord Dunnington walked down the line in front of us, starting at the other end from where I was chained. He felt a breast here, a navel there, and brushed through all the bushes between each set of legs, pushing his hand all the way under those places and pulling it back out. Each time, the Lord would place his middle finger under his nose, sniff, and then lick it clean before moving on to the next girl.

When he got to me, Lord Dunnington caressed both side of my face along the line of my jaw, after first pinching my earlobe. His words were spoken quietly, I don't think anyone but me heard them.

"I know you, little one, Becca, I believe. I've seen you in the village and I have been waiting for this day to savor your sweet scents and sink my pud into your soft depths."

He moved down and felt around both my breasts and played with both nipples. My nipples had betrayed me before and they did again with the attention of Lord Dunnington. They had gone fully erect once more while he played with my face. Those nipples now grew even more hard and long as Lord Dunnington played with them.

"Yes," said Lord Dunnington, "these beautiful rosebuds need lots of attention also, don't they? They look to be craving attention now," he intoned as he tweaked hard with thumb and forefinger.

Next it was the turn of my butt cheeks to feel Lord Dunnington's caress. The other women were looking on with relief at all the attention bestowed on me by the Lord. They figured they were off the hook and that I was on it.

"Ah, quite the silky little pillows, aren't they my sweet."

Moisture had already begun to ooze from my nether lips once again and the leakage now increased considerably in volume. Treacherous body. But, by that time, I'd bee so often stimulated without relief that I hungered for that self same release. All other thoughts had fled but for those of my sexual desires.

Lord Dunnington's left hand came around to my bushy mound and was inserted underneath me, between my legs, forcing them open wider.
The fingers began moving back and forth on my nether lips with the middle finger trailing in my expanding slit. My ankles chained apart wider than my shoulders facilitated his actions. The moisture was now running down my leg and had to be heavily coating those fingers. The hand came out and Lord Dunnington placed his fingers under his nose. He smiled broadly and then gave that finger a lick. The finger then arrived at my lips.

"Suck it clean, my little lovely."

As he withdrew his finger, he said, "This one! This one definitely will warm my bed tonight while I ravage her as is the Lord's right. See to it and her preparation."

Lord Dunnington was reaching some. The feudal "right of first night" of the Feudal Lord, though rarely invoked, was not questioned. A feudal lord had the right to bed a bride on her wedding night, before the groom. But, this was not my wedding night. Old as I was at twenty, I was not even betrothed yet! Not since the death of Larkspur It was just his excuse to take me as he wished.

I could tell the Dungeon Master was not pleased. He had earlier stated his intention to enjoy me that night. But I could see his defeat and acquiescence in his eyes and deference to his Lord. I laughed, inwardly of course, at his frustration.

I could almost see his mind turning with the thought that there were four others from which to choose for his bed. Apparently the supply of virgins was sufficient that some of us could be used and abused and sold off as servants or slaves just as easily as the virgins. Besides, in my case, I was no longer a virgin before I even arrived at this forlorn place.

The Dungeon Master unlocked me from the wall and gave my leash to my unnamed abductor who led me to a secluded area of an upper floor. I was led to a door and my leash locked to a conveniently placed ring. My guide knocked twice on the door and I watched as he quickly retreated down the hall, back the way we had come.

At the sound of the opening door, I turned in that direction and gasped in shock at the two naked men who stood before me. Boys, really, that looked to be early teens, very early. I say naked, but they did wear a loin cloth of sorts. The loin cloth was entirely of transparent and very thin silk, it hid nothing. Something didn't quite look right, but at that startled moment, whatever it was, did not immediately register in my mind.

I was led into a second room and the presence of two naked females. Again, I say naked because the wispy nothing they wore was totally transparent, thin silk that hid nothing, not even the fluid leaking from their nether lips! The two boys turned around and left us.

"What's wrong with those boys?" I asked.

"They are Eunuchs, they have no ball sack or balls. They are the guardians and servants of the residence of the women or harem said the one who also added, "I am called Sheenan. This is Shallah and we are odalisques, that is a rough equivalent of a eunuch except that we are females and sexually intact."

"Completely intact, including our virginity!" added Shallah "And, our purpose is to serve the women of the Harem. Now we are to bathe and prepare you for tonight with the Lord."

"Why are you here in England? Harems are in the eastern lands."

"Yes," replied Sheenan, "but we are here on indefinite loan to your lord. Our service now is in preparing women such as yourself for their life in the harems of the east."


"First, the bath," exclaimed Sheenan. The eunuchs will bring the hot water for the tub."

"A bath? I've not had a bath since the first warm day of spring. No one bathes again until next year."

"Yes, we have found that problem with you people of the West. Such a barbaric practice. No wonder the West and its people stink so badly and we must place scented scarves before our noses to filter out some of the smells. We of the Eastern world bathe at least once a day, sometimes oftener."

"Oh. But excuse me," I said, "that must be why your names appear to be strange, uh, foreign."

"Yes," said Shallah, "We are from Araby and are highly trained in what we do. We will begin, but by no means complete, your sexual education tonight."

I was still naked, so when it was ready, I stepped into the steaming tub with care. Once I settled back in water up to my neck, I gloried in the experience of the fragrantly scented, hot water.

I had experienced only one bath a year in my twenty years and that was in the cold spring water of the little brook behind our home. What little washing we poor village folk did was a simple sponge off while still mostly clothed. I could get used to this!

After the lengthy bath and the thorough, very thorough cleansing, I was perfumed with the most delicious scents and dressed in a diaphanous and transparent set of whispery nothings such as the two odalisques wore. A light meal with wine was next. Then, since there were at least four hours yet before the Lord would lie abed for the evening, it was instruction time for me.

Sheenan spoke first, "We will begin with this cucumber and instruct you in the art of pud sucking."

She proceeded to show off her technique with occasional verbal instructions when she came up for air.

"When the Lord is near his point of release, you will usually be able feel his pud swell some more and pulse harder. That will be followed very quickly by an expulsion of his sexual juice into your mouth. You must swallow it without showing any disgust and, if possible, no gagging"

"That is," interjected Shallah, "unless he has expressly told you to do something else such as if he wants to spray his seed somewhere on your body. Now, it's your turn, Becca, to show us what you just learned."

I seemed to be in a near perpetual state of sexual arousal and Sheenan's demonstration didn't help matters any. When I put the cucumber in my mouth, I really got turned on! My thighs were wet again.

Shallah then asked, "Have you ever been pud fucked by a real man, Becca?"

I blushed furiously and answered, "Yes." I went on to explain about Larkspur and Baker.

That long, thick cucumber got quite a work out in Shallah's nether regions. That vegetable was fully twelve inches long and at least four inches around. Needless to say, I was still running wet in my own juices. Then, it was my turn to demonstrate what I had learned.

Sheenan stepped in when I faltered some and took control of the cucumber. I climaxed very quickly after that. When I came back down to earth, I asked, "But I am no longer a virgin, my maidenhead is no more! Won't the Lord discover that?"

"That," Shallah said, "is your last lesson of the day. Take this small vile of pig's blood and hide it securely in your hair. Another servant will lightly drug the Lord's wine, just enough to muddle his thoughts some, not enough to knock him out. After he is finished, quickly, but discreetly, pour out the blood. Some should go on your pudenda, some on the sheets, and a bit on the Lord's pud with your juices. If needed, the same technique will be used wherever you end up to fool the man in whose harem you land.

Lord Dunnington is aware that we 'fix' the loss of virginity of the girls he uses first, but he is not aware, that if these girls are not virgins before he uses them, we use the same technique to fool him as well!"

Sheenan added, "Doubtless, you have also been told that you may also end up as a sex slave and virginity is of no importance in such a case."

"Yes, so the Dungeon Master informed me."

"One other thing for now," added Sheenan, "we have been using polite terms among ourselves for sexual references. But you will have to know the crude terms men use about these things in case any of them want to hear you talk crudely with them or to them."

So my education went on to make sure I knew the basic terminology for the private regions of both men and women. The list of names was nearly endless, but I fairly quickly learned the most often used. I was also instructed to use those terms in private in order to get used to them and not show embarrassment in their use in front of any male company I was to service.

This instruction had barely concluded before a Eunuch appeared and stated, "The Lord has sent for you, lady. It is time to go."

A very quick clean up with a cloth and warm water and a fresh dousing of scent and I was on my way, following the lead of the Eunuch to my first mating with a man as a captive slave. The neck ring had also been quickly removed along with the words that I would die a prolonged and extremely painful death in the dungeon if I tried to get away.

In what seemed only moments to me, but was actually much longer than that, my naked Lord hovered above me, his cock, how hard that word comes to my lips, hovered at the entrance to my cunt. That word is not much easier for me either.

Although my Lord knew this was supposed to be my first time, he was none too gentle with me as he swiftly plunged that long, fat sword of his into my slightly used pussy channel with a single, hard, thrust. My cry of fake pain as he did so, must have been convincing. That, and the blood that appeared at the appropriate time.

A very satisfied, "AHHHhhhhhh!" burst forth from the mouth of Lord Dunnington as his balls slapped into my butt crack. He was "in" as fully deep as he was ever going to able to reach. I moaned a bit as if in pain before I began to fake enjoyment of what was happening. I was roughly used far into that night, a night I never forgot for a number of reasons.

I was repeatedly and thoroughly reamed in all three holes, mouth, butt, and cunt, as well as heavily tit fucked. I was creamed inside and out so copiously, I wondered how Lord Dunnington could "cum" up with so much in one night!

I was very, very sore the next day, all over. And I had to spend that next day plus another two in a coach, traveling to the seaport of Ipswich in County Suffolk! I almost didn't survive that ride.

In strictest secrecy, I had been told by Shallah and Sheenan, who had learned of it on the castle grapevine, that Lord Dunnington had received payment for his next pound of flesh, ME, even before I had arrived at his castle and that I was being shipped to the Caliph of Grenada, not too far from the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain, to become part of his Harem!

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