Life as a Teenage Human Girl

The assassin entered the bedroom. He looked at the two people sleeping in the bed.

"Yep" thinking to himself "I am not getting out of this one alive."

He breathed out making a whooshing sound.

That little sound was all that was needed to wake the smaller of the two that was sleeping. Faster than anyone could have ever seen, the person moved from the bed, jumping at the assassin.

The assassin moved fast, but not fast enough to save his life, and was dead before he hit the ground, but he had been fast enough before he died to stab his attacker.

The second person woke up from the sound. Seeing what was going on the man ran to his wife side shouting for help.

The man said to his wife. "Don't die my Queen, what will our daughter do without you."

Emily sat in her desk chair looking out her open bedroom window with a piece of paper in her hand.

A bird came in the window and landed on the bird stand next to the desk. The bird looked at Emily, who was still looking out the open window, she did not look like she had seen the bird.

"Are you ok." asked the bird.

Emily, unlike you'd have expected, did not jump at the sound of a bird speaking to her.

"No, I am not ok." She looked at the bird. "My mother is dead." She slammed the piece of paper she had down on the desk and left the room, looking to all the world like she was about to cry at any minute.

The bird dropped from the stand to the desk and read the paper seeing that it was a letter from Emily's Dad.

Dear Emily

I am Sorry to have to send this to you and in this way. But I have sad news to give you.
The war does not go well and now the enemy are sending assassins.
One got too close and your mother used her skills and power to get him but she was not fast enough and got hit by a knife.
I am sorry to say she did not make it. I wish you could have said good bye to her but it is not safe for you to come back now.
You are the last, you are safe there for now.
"Do What You Have To", so that you are not the last any more.
You know what you have to do.

Love Dad.

The Bird looked up "Oooo Grate. Now this is going to be good. Emily is so not going to like that last part"

Emily sat looking at the woman, whom here she called Mum, even though she was not her real mother. Oh no, she of course knew now that her real mother was dead. This woman who sat with her now, was looking after her here in this place. She knew what Emily was, after all. It was better that way, less for her to hide. Like her familiar, who she called Ben. Not having to hide a bird, who is as smart as any human from Mum helped. Not that Ben was her familiar's real name, no, her familiar did not like his real name one bit. So she had proposed to him that she could call him Ben from now on, and he had like that idea.

"I am sorry Emily, I wish there was something I could do, but I am only human." Mum said.

"That's ok, it sucks like hell, but there is zip I can do from here." Emily replied.

"So you will be going back then."

"No, Dad said it not safe for me to go back Home," she got a wishful look on her face as she had said home.

At that moment Ben came in the living room window and landed on the bird stand. "Well..." said Ben, looking at Emily. "Here you are. I hope you did read the entire letter."

Emily looked at him... "Yes, I read the entire letter, even that stupid crap part at the end."

Mum looked at Emily "what part at the end?"

"The part that told her to find a mate." said Ben.

"What!" she said looking at Emily.

"Yes, well you know what I am and what my mother was." Emily said with a sad look.

"Well yes, I do but a mate here, I did not think there was any one here who could be a mate for you."

"Well," Ben spoke up. "If she needed to she can find a mate here."

Emily did not look happy, "Yes that's what he told me to do. What get's to me most of all is that he is right."

"So what are you going to do? Your 34 years old, it's not easy for some one that old to find love, I take it that is what you will be looking for." said Mum.

"Yes, I'll be looking for Love." Emily started to explain. "But he will need more than just love for me, he will need magic as well as to be told all about me. No human adult well believe what they need to know, and without that, the magic will not work and there will be no kids.

"So I will have to have your help so I can cast a spell to change my outward looking age to something younger then I am now."

"You can do that! I never knew that, so how old will you look after the spell is cast."

"14 years old, it will take off 20 years of my outward age."

"Fourteen! Oh My Goddess!" Mum said, slapping her hands to the side of her face. "What can you do looking like a Kid?"

"Ha-ha, well for a start I can go to school. It will be the best place to find someone who will still think there is magic in the world. And I may find others who still have a link to the magic!"

"She's right I cannot think of a better place to look than a school. Maybe she will get really lucky and can find a boy who has a good bit of magic that is still with him!" Ben added.

"But in this world children cannot be having kids. Fourteen is too young for kid's" Mum said in a panic.

"I will only be Fourteen on the outside of my body, my inside parts will still be Thirty-four. Smaller parts on the inside than before, but still 34 years old."

"I don't know, I just don't know."

"My people are at war, I am the last Elf Priestess of Magic Light, and the power to be that which I am can only pass to my children. If I an Elf have to mate with a human to have said child, so be it. I will not let my world! My Home! Be lost just because here on earth you mother your kids for too long." Emily said, standing up with her arms by her side and hands balled up in to fists.

Emily looked at Mum.

"Well, how do I look?" Emily asked in a higher voice then she had before the spell was cast. "Oh Goddess! I hope I still look human, if I have turned back into my elf form, I going to be, So! Pissed off! With having to recast the spell to make me look human again, that spell takes 2 hours to work the casting of it ... it was bad enough with the last 6 hours we spent doing the age spell. So how do I look? Good? Human? Oh please say that I am still human looking."

Before Mum could say a word Ben butted in saying. "Well at least you sound like a teenager."

Without even thinking about what she was saying, Emily replied with. "Bite Me!" As soon as she had said it she slapped her hand over her mouth with an Oh My Goddess look on her face.

Mum stepped in to save the Day by saying. "Yes dear, you still look human." As she was saying this, Mum handed her a mirror so that Emily could see herself.

Emily looked at herself in the mirror, looking back at her was a blond girl of fourteen, with white skin, a spotless face, thin eyebrows, a cute nose (only word for it), and green eyes.

Taking a look at her ears, not to big, not to small, but most of all human looking. Not pointy looking like an elf, that was good.

Holding the mirror a bit away from herself she looked at her blond hair, she could see it came down to her mid back.

Next she looked at her chest. "well B cup, I think not too bad, better than an A cup or flat." she said, thinking to herself.

Ben just looked at her, but did not say a word.

"Well, I look the part. Let's hope the second part of the spell added all the paperwork to the school system, and I got all the paperwork at this end to pull this off." She said as she looked at her legs.

"How tall am I?" she asked.

"I will go get the tape measure." Mum said as she left the room.

Emily continued to look at herself some more as she waited in the magic room ware all the big spells got cast.

Mum came back and measured Emily to see how tall she was now.

"Let see you are 4' 7" or about 140 CM tall." Mum said.

"That all ... man, going from 7' Foot as an Elf to 6' Foot 1" in human form, to this ... you have no idea how hard it is for a elf to be so. Small! The last time I was this tall I was 7 years old." Emily complained.

"Welcome to Life as a Teenage Human Girl." Mum said.

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