Encounter With Destiny
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the world of powerful men, the Organization binds these men together. It gives them what they crave, complete power and obedience. It gives them the power of owning a slave. This tale documents the experience of one of these slaves as she is enslaved. Prequel to Second Chance.

He turned up the collar of his thick, warm coat against the November wind and glanced up into the chilly London night sky. He knew the security car with its nervous occupants was discreetly tailing him. The looks of dismay on their faces when he declared his intention to walk back to the Organization's club in Westminster was so predictable - as if some hapless mugger would stand a chance if he was foolish enough to accost him! While he wandered through the wet streets, Stephen thought of the last few hours and tried to clear his head. After that meeting with the Albanian brothers, he felt somehow dirtied. They were so vile - the tall one who smiled but had such dead eyes, and the younger one whose voice was nothing more than a cold whisper. Yes, they could deliver any number of fresh and beautiful illegal immigrant girls. Yes, any nationality or race that was required. Yes, innocent and untouched or ready-broken and trained. But they wanted paid in diamonds, membership of the Organization AND United States citizenships! The last demand really stuck in Stephen's throat but he had reluctantly agreed. After all, it was the best way to reign in their murderous gang. The Albanians' ruthless trafficking of desperate human cattle throughout Europe had become so large, so efficient, and so deadly - how many had paid all their precious savings and started their hopeful journeys only to disappear 'in transit' without trace? And now the brothers were dealing in heavy weaponry and fissionable material stolen from the corrupt nations of the old Soviet Union. Giving them access to the Organization's slaves would exact a heavy toll - the Albanian brothers were renowned for sharing in the violation and slow torture of young teenage girls until they begged for death to escape their ruined agony. But what was the price of a few girls' lives when compared with the risk of nuclear war?

What he needed right now was a good cup of coffee. Not much chance of that - nobody in London seemed capable of making one and he couldn't stand their crazy obsession with damned English tea. A crippled, unkempt old woman hobbled past, nearly knocking against him as she mumbled some insane words. Stephen took a note from his wallet and held it out to her. The wizened face that peered up into his own seemed to change in the street light - as though you could also see the child she had once been ... and the beautiful woman hidden when age and infirmity had overtaken her body. With remarkable speed, she snatched the note and nodded before moving off. Christ, this was a lousy neighborhood. He nearly walked past the all-night cafe but a sudden gust of chill wind drove him back to the door. What a dump - no wonder I am the only customer! Picking a table with the cleanest looking cloth, he sat down and waited. A man's raised voice came from the kitchen. Whoever was shouting, he sounded livid to the point where every other word uttered was obscene. There was a smacking noise then the kitchen door burst open. A young woman came fleeing into the cafe, covering her face with her hands. She disappeared from view beneath the counter. Stephen listened to her terrified sobbing for a few minutes before deciding it was time to leave. As he scraped the chair back, the woman - barely more than a girl - stood up and studied him mournfully from across the room. A tiny trickle of blood was still running from her nose. "I don't suppose I can get a coffee around here..."

"Uhh, ohh ... sorry I, sorry sir but I didn't see you waiting." He smiled and reached for the door handle. She grabbed a menu and came rushing over. "Please, I mean please ... you don't have to go sir." He looked down into her desperate, pleading eyes. "Please let me get you a coffee, before he hears you left without being served!" Her hand involuntarily moved up to the reddening mark on her face.

"Sure, why not - a strong coffee then, no cream. Unless you do espresso?" He was rewarded with a brilliant smile and a single nod before she dashed back to the counter. Stephen sat back down and watched her work. She was a small, unremarkable girl of perhaps sixteen or seventeen. Her mousy colored hair was cut too short for his taste. But she was almost pretty in an elfin sort of way ... kind of interesting, actually. When she brought over the tiny steaming cup, he smiled. His eyebrows lifted in pleasant surprise as he sipped the coffee. It was damned good! As the girl placed the tab on the table, he quickly grabbed hold of her thin wrist, making her gasp. "You'd better get that burn seen to, miss."

She stared down in dismay at the angry red line across the back of her hand. "Please ... please don't say anything to him, please sir. I..."

The American stranger released her and nodded then stunned her by placing a twenty-pound note into her hand. "That isn't for the coffee - which is excellent by the way - that is for you." He drained the cup, left some loose change to cover the bill and went through the door. He paused outside and watched through the window as the girl picked up the coins and made her way back to the counter. Then the owner, a fat scowling man, suddenly appeared and snatched the note from the poor girl's grasp, back-handing her hard across the head. Somehow, Stephen fought down the urge to go back in and beat the guy to a pulp. Instead, he slowly walked across to the waiting limousine with an idea forming in his mind. "I'm taking a cab back, gentlemen." He raised his hand to silence their protest. "And I've got a little job for you here. There's a young waitress in that cafe - track her, see she gets back to her home safely and profile her for imminent collection." Yes, she would be adequate as a house slave but not pretty enough for anything else. "Oh, and see that the cafe owner ends up in hospital for a while - do a good job, gentlemen!" He grinned at the feral hungry look on their faces. "I want the girl collected tomorrow night - let's show the Brits how to stalk and capture quarry in their own backyard!"

One of the guards cleared his throat. "But Sir, you're due at the NATO summit in Brussels tomorrow morning."

Stephen looked at him with a deadpan expression. "They can hardly start without me, can they? Besides, surely I am allowed to collect a souvenir from 'little old England' before we go back to Belgium? The Chateau can always find room for an extra slave." He paused to give further instructions to the oldest guard then flagged down a passing cab and left the chuckling men to their night's work.

Alexa sighed and tried to forget about the nice American's generous tip. But that twenty would have let her buy a CD for her cousins - both Nikki and Julie absolutely loved Britney Spears and couldn't afford her latest album since Aunt Faye had to give up work after her accident. Oh, why was Mr Warren so horrible all the time? Her hand still hurt where he'd jammed the hot pan lid down when she was washing up. But she wouldn't cry, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her tears ... and if he tried to put his hand up between her legs again she would tell Aunt Faye - he was a dirty, horrible man and she wished she didn't owe him so much money for that room. Alexa couldn't understand how the electricity bill was so high - she hardly spent any time in the flat above the shop he also owned because he kept her working in the cafe so long. She tried so hard not to hate anybody but with him it was very difficult. Oh, it must be after one o'clock - now she would only get a few hours sleep before starting her next job at the shop. Something made her turn around. But there was no one else in the dark street. Funny, she had felt certain she wasn't alone...

"Sir, are you sure about this one? She's not exactly what you'd call..."

"Are you questioning my taste or my judgment?"

"Uh, no sir. Its just that..."

Stephen looked at the guard as his voice trailed off into a mumbled apology. "This girl is adequate material. She may not have the looks or figure of a pleasure-slave but she'll make one hell of a house-slave AND she knows how to make a proper espresso! Besides, who knows, perhaps she'll scrub up really well." That brought a chuckle from one of the older, more experienced men. He returned to the hastily assembled profile. "Is this all you have on her - no school reports, no medical notes, very thin background research..." So she was called Alexa. Hmm, just turned eighteen ... living alone above a store - excellent! This was much more interesting than spending the whole day looking at Strategic Intelligence Systems! Funny how the girl's face kept interrupting his train of thought during meetings - must be boredom as she was certainly no sex kitten. Stephen closed the folder and looked up at one of the men. "I see you followed my instructions to the letter - Good. Your team is in place? What time is the collection?"

"Everything's set for 2 am Sir - the owner has been dealt with as you requested and we have her under constant surveillance." The older guard waited for further instructions.

"So ... we go tonight then. Have me collected in good time, please." The guard raised a questioning eyebrow. "Oh, I fancy joining the hunt this time - it's been a long while since I led a Snatch Squad. Besides, the girl ... amuses me." No, he suddenly realized - this slip of a girl actually intrigues me!

"But I don't understand..." Alexa gaped at her colleague in the general store. Mrs Khindria shrugged her shoulders and grinned back. "He's given me the night off and all this money!" She clutched the bundle of ten pound notes and read the badly scrawled letter again, still unable to believe what Mr Warren had apparently written.

"Young 'Lexa, nobody can understand that disgusting man - maybe it is guilt for how badly he is treating you. Now you go, you take the whole day off here too - I will cover for you. Go on, RUN girl!" She watched the elated young creature as she skipped happily out into the sunshine. You do not smile enough, she thought. You deserve more from life, little 'Lexa. Mrs Khindria had omitted to tell her young friend that her boss had been found behind the cafe in the early hours of the morning. He had been so badly beaten that the policeman thought every bone in his arms and legs were fractured. Why spoil her happiness with bad news ... or was it Karma that the girl's tormentor had been attacked and punished? She whispered a prayer of thanks to Maha Devi and asked the Mother Goddess to bless and protect Alexa - that poor white girl needed all the help she could get!

It was the best day she had experienced for as long as she could remember. Alexa had spent the morning shopping - not just wistfully looking at things she could never afford but actually handing over the cash and buying them! Oh, she was still careful though. There was enough for a new pair of sneakers, a little denim jacket, and a pair of gloves with a matching scarf for her aunt, the CD for her cousins and two mobile phones so Nikki and Julie could safely contact their mum any time! She surprised her disabled aunt by arriving with enough food for a delicious lunch and plenty for a big meal later. The afternoon slipped by helping with the housework. Then came the delight of watching her young cousins' faces light up with joy when they came in from school to their gifts. Alexa was sorry to leave in the evening but promised to return as soon as she could.

On the way home she had that funny feeling again, as if there was somebody watching her. But she didn't feel afraid - it was very strange because she felt safer than normal in the dark streets. Just ahead, she could see that poor old lady was still wandering aimlessly around in search of food and shelter. Alexa's heart sank - she always sneaked some of the unwanted cakes and sandwiches to give them to this pathetic creature but she hadn't been at the all-night cafe so had nothing for her. The old beggar-woman was shambling nearer - what could she give ... OH! Alexa took the last of the money she had been keeping to buy some chocolate and pressed the coins into her aged, outstretched hand. "Umm, its all I've got, sorry!" The old woman's face lit up like a delighted, innocent child and she gratefully babbled something in the crazy made-up language she was always muttering. Alexa smiled in sympathy and rushed homeward. Had she lingered, she would have been stunned to see the crippled old woman suddenly stand tall and proud, with a knowing, satisfied expression on her smooth regal brow as she watched her young benefactor disappear from view. Then she retreated into the nearest doorway to quietly observe the approaching men who were tracking the girl...

A tired but happy Alexa treated herself to a long shower and quickly got herself ready for sleep. As she curled up in bed with the new jacket cradled in her arms, she couldn't help smiling at the memory of Nikki and Julie whooping with delight when they opened their presents...

"Graham, be gentle with this one please. Make it a quick, clean capture." Now why did I feel the need to say all that? Stephen sat in the back of the limo and looked up at the unlit window of the girl's room. She's only going to be another slave, so why am I so interested? They're taking one hell of a long time ... no, they're doing it by the book because I am here - I should have left it to them and stayed at the Club.

She didn't hear them, didn't know they were standing over her bed, didn't realize her last few moments of freedom were gone for good...

... Pressing! Holding me down! My legs - can't get away ... my wrists being held HARD! Alexa mewed in shock and distress as a thick rubber mask covered her mouth and nose. She could hear the faint hissing of gas - she twisted her head but they were gripping her hair ... mustn't breathe in! M-mustn't ... C-CAN'T!...

But she HAD to inhale - the pain in her chest was too great. She looked up with desperate, imploring eyes into the face of the man who patiently held the mask firmly in place - he was smiling! In a sudden, ragged gasp, Alexa filled her lungs with the pungent antiseptic-smelling fumes then slipped out of consciousness even as she exhaled...

There was always something rather pathetic about seeing a newly captured slave being carried over a guard's shoulder. And this one looked all the more frail and vulnerable due to her slight build and shabby nightdress. Stephen wound down the limo's window and called the guard over from the rear of the 4X4. "Not in the cage - in here with me, please. No need for the tranquilizer either - just a ball-gag, a leash ... and a pair of scissors." He would see to her personally. It was unusual for him to take any interest in a new slave but there was something about this girl - something he could not quite figure out. The cleaners emerged with two half-filled black sacks for incineration - not much to show for her life. The girl lay unconscious on the spacious floor of the limo, oblivious for the time-being of her predicament, of the locked steel fetters around her ankles that were hobbled together, of the cuffs that pinned her wrists together behind her back, of the heavy steel collar around her throat that was linked by a short chain to her manacles. He accepted the extra articles from the guard and signaled his driver to move off.

The scissors were hardly necessary as her cotton nightdress almost fell apart - it was so threadbare and faded. What delightfully small, pert breasts - she was so thin her ribs were clearly outlined but the girl's skin was flawless. One snip through either side of her panties and she finally lay naked before him. Stephen leaned down and pushed her limp thighs apart. The barest wisp of ginger fur covered the girl's pubic bone - it felt soft and inviting when he thoughtfully stroked her cunt. She's not what I expected, this Alexa - quite a cute little creature up close. The outer lips appear well formed and full ... Hmm, I wonder ... He peeled her labia apart and noted with satisfaction the perfect symmetry of her pink inner petals and the exquisitely pronounced ridge of her partially erect clit - she would easily take a lateral 10-guage ring through her tiny member. This girl continues to delight and interest me! He slid his middle finger along the line of her cleft. She gave out a tiny sigh but did not move. He pushed his middle finger deeper until it was probing inside her vagina. She was very wet! And he could feel her muscles faintly contracting against the intruder. What if I ... He lifted up his hand and rubbed his moistened finger inside her mouth. She mewed very softly, beginning to come round, and licked her lips. As her eyes flickered and her shocking predicament burst into her consciousness, she opened her mouth and gasped. But he was ready with the ball gag before she could make the first fearful cry. By the time she had stiffened and begun pulling desperately against the cuffs, he had the gag tightly buckled behind her head. Alexa's eyes searched wildly about the luxuriously upholstered limousine, taking in everything and quickly realizing that she was naked, trapped and utterly helpless!

The American man from the cafe! M-my clothes! Ohhh NOOOOOOO!!! She struggled back as far away from him as she could possibly get, drawing her knees up to hide her bare breasts from his eyes in shame and fear. He didn't even pay any attention to her and poured himself a drink from a small cabinet. Her fingers tested every inch of the steel around her wrists. When she tried to pull her hands down below the small of her back something hard pulled upwards under her chin! It ... ohhh PLEASE, ohhh is it really th-there? She knew she was in chains and wore a metal collar around her throat. Her tongue felt against the round object wedged behind her teeth - no matter how hard she tried to force it out, it wouldn't budge! In confusion and shock, Alexa gave in to her emotions and began to mew piteously. Nobody would save her - nobody would help her and they were going to hurt her, t-to rape her and th-then they w-would kill her!

The American just sat looking at her. Then he leaned forward and clipped a leather dog leash to the front of her collar! Alexa shivered uncontrollably and began to keen in greater distress. "Hush, girl. Hush, little Alexa." Oh my Lady - he knows my name! "You are safe - you have never been so safe in your whole life as now." His calm words made her stop wailing but she was still so very afraid! "And you can forget about your boss - that creep will never come near you again, you have my promise on that." She visibly shuddered at the reference to the man who had abused her then given her all that money. Stephen loosely held the leash and pondered as he examined her. The naked kneeling girl eyed him warily back. This is a critical moment - she will either resist and withdraw in denial of her new status or ... He gently patted his thigh, not taking his eyes off her face - would she come to heel?

Alexa looked up at her captor and watched his hand move. But he wasn't pulling her closer - surely he didn't really mean ... OHHHH! Something suddenly BURNED in her heart - an insane desire t-to ... t-to...

Her faltering movement nearly made him smile but that would have been wrong. This slip of a girl had cautiously crept closer, close enough to satisfy his command but then she looked down at his thigh. She paused, let out a tiny moan and started lowering her head towards his leg! My God - she's such a pure natural submissive! He kept very still - any sudden movement right now might scare the girl and he wanted to see how far she would submit. But she had frozen, obviously shocked by her own actions. Such a pity, he thought, for a moment it seemed she was actually going to do it ... Alexa gave out a tiny, strangled sob and looked up directly into his eyes, as though she was seeking reassurance or permission! Despite his best intentions, Stephen smiled and nodded. Very slowly, this remarkable, trembling creature moved her face closer until her cheek pressed against his thigh. She had done it! He had never seen a girl submit so readily or so rapidly before - and she was doing so without being broken and trained! He hesitated then gently placed his hand on her head and began to stroke her hair. She was crying softly but did not flinch or pull back. My God - she's begun to imprint herself to me! Stephen was stunned - this wasn't what he had planned at all. I have no need of a personal slave ... she is not my type, not what I'm attracted to ... she is only supposed to be a welcome diversion from my busy schedule. But his hand betrayed him by straying down the back of her head, his fingers automatically sliding under the rear of her collar, finding their rightful place as he firmly gripped the steel band around the neck of a newly mastered girl. Damn, what am I doing?

He kept his voice low and as casual as possible. "And did you enjoy your day off, little slave?" A violent shudder ran through the naked, chained creature but she did not draw back, did not recoil at the word 'slave' - no, she had even whispered a barely audible 'esss' past the ball gag and kept her head resting on his thigh. She was amazing - he had NEVER seen a girl accept bondage so readily, so rapidly as this one. Her small hands were fingering the steel cuffs around her wrists but she wasn't trying to free herself - she seemed to be stroking the rough metal as if it was expensive jewelry! Stephen thought for moment then reached down and loosened the buckle at the rear of the gag strap. "I don't think we need this now, do we little slave." She lifted her head to let the ball fall from her mouth then immediately lowered it again. "What's that? What did you say, Alexa?"

This was usually when a girl would beg, plead, demand or even threaten in a desperate attempt to be freed. She would promise not to tell if they would only let her go ... or that a ransom would be paid ... or even that her family would exact revenge ... but the girl who knelt on the limousine's thickly carpeted floor repeated the word he had totally disbelieved the first time - she had whispered 'sorry'! He was completely unprepared for this,. "'Sorry'? Why are you sorry, slave?"

Again, the naked girl showed no adverse reaction to being called a slave. "F-for n-not being p-pretty enough..."

My God, she meant it! This was no thinly veiled attempt at winning praise - those tears were genuine remorse that she would not be good enough for him! He put just enough disapproval into his voice to mask the tenderness he felt toward this surprising girl - she needed to hear that he remained in firm control. "A slave should never doubt the choice of a Master - you will not be warned about this again, Alexa. Do not question my judgment about whether you are pretty enough to serve, unless you want to be severely punished!" Damn it, she isn't plain after all - she'd look fairly acceptable with her hair longer and a bit more flesh on those bones. In fact she is quite pleasing to the eye now that she has been properly collared and fettered. Stephen pressed the intercom and spoke to the chauffeur. "Maurice, just drive about for a bit will you - I want to spend some time with this one. Tell Heathrow Control to hold the flight until I am ready." He returned his attention to the girl who was looking at him with a mixture of awe and uncertainty. "You don't seem very shocked by all of this, Alexa - its almost as though you expected to be here."

Ohh, how could she tell him - this man wouldn't understand. He would think she was crazy. "Please..."

"'Please master', slave."

"P-please ... m-master,, I, uhh ... I mean umm the dream ... been here b-before..." He was looking down at her with a puzzled expression. "I ... kept dreaming I was wearing umm a c-collar but I always w-woke up b-before..." She gave up trying to explain - it was useless.

"Do you mean you have been a slave in the past? You haven't slipped your leash I hope." No, it did not make any sense - she could not have been owned by the Organization without being branded and she was neither pierced nor marked. Besides, in the near half-century of the Organization's history, the number of escaped slaves could be counted on one hand ... and each had been successfully hunted down then destroyed. "Are you into BDSM then girl - is this fetish just a scene to you?" But she looked up blankly as though the terms meant absolutely nothing to her. My God, this girl really IS a natural submissive of the highest pedigree!

Alexa looked up in fascination as the limousine swung past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. She should be terrified, embarrassed by her naked vulnerability as she knelt in chains on the floor by the man's feet. But it felt ... natural - as though she were in her rightful place and everything was all right! What kind of people were they who drove around in expensive cars and could pluck a girl from her bed so ruthlessly and efficiently - why had she been chosen - surely there must be so many other more beautiful, more desirable girls available ... so why pick her? His earlier warning kept her from asking - she was totally at the man's mercy and he obviously meant what he had said. "Now, what am I to do with you, little slave - I intended you for the kitchens or general duties but with the correct instruction you might just be of greater value." He lifted her head by her chin. "I think I shall see to your training - you will remain at the Club until I have finished the summit and then I will take you to the Chateau. Hmm ... parlez-vous Francais peut-etre, ma petite esclave?"

"Umm, oui m-mon Maitre - je parle un peu, s'il vous plait."

"Tres bien! I can see there's a lot more to you than meets the eye, little Alexa." She glanced up at his smiling face then self-consciously lowered her gaze rather than offend him. He laughed and reached across to ruffle her hair. "Good girl. Now we are here." The limousine had stopped inside a covered area. The chauffeur had opened the door and was examining her critically. "What do you think of our catch, Maurice - was she worth the hunt?" She was suddenly overcome by shyness and tried to hide her naked body behind the American's legs. "Now now, little slave - you are not allowed any modesty and should always display yourself in as pleasing a manner as possible." Alexa searched his expression for reassurance and somehow overcame her embarrassment. She knelt as straight as possible and managed a faltering smile for the chauffeur.

"She is more 'agreable' than I expected - you have made a 'bon choix', n'est pas monsieur?" The chauffeur's compliments made Alexa blush so intensely she felt as if her face was on fire.

The American was holding the ball gag in his palm. "Time I was going, little slave - come along, take it from my hand." Alexa stared down at the red rubber ball threaded on the black strap. She knew it would be forced between her teeth even if she resisted and she desperately wanted to please this man as much as possible. She parted her lips and moved her head down until the gag was pushing against the roof of her mouth. "Good girl - VERY good girl!" Somehow she didn't seem to mind the buckle being firmly tightened at the back of her neck - his words of praise thrilled her so much. "Now Maurice will tether you until Security arrives. Remember, I will be back soon so behave yourself and do not let me down, Alexa. I have an idea that with intensive training you could become a most excellent acquisition!"

She struggled out of the limousine, feeling his reassuring pat on her bare buttocks as she attempted to step out on to the bare concrete with her fettered ankles hobbled together. It was so strange having to take such small paces with her hands stuck up her back She felt like some kind of untamed animal being tugged forward by her collar. The chauffeur hitched her leash to a ring that was bolted to the wall above her head so she had no choice but to stand up straight. He returned to the limousine and made ready to drive off. The electric window at the rear door slowly moved down and the American's face looked across at her. Alexa couldn't help shivering - was it from cold, shock or ... excitement?! "Now remember to show respect and obedience at all times - be good for me, little slave!" With that instruction, he was gone and she was left alone...

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