Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rhea's life is turned upside down as the truth of her marauding and unfaithful partner is shockingly revealed. She has to decide what to do with her boyfriend as they face eviction, while she gets increasingly concerned about her brother and Zoe - a close family friend - is struggling to get pregnant. This is the prequel to Repentance.

The five year old stood at the very top of the climbing frame and folded her arms defiantly. "No," she shouted with a steely determination.

"Come on. It is going to rain," the young mother repeated but the girl sneered at her mother standing akimbo ten feet below.

"Mummy, not coming down," the young girl shouted stubbornly. "Not been here long enough."

Rhea scowled at her errant offspring. "Izzy. You will come down now," she shouted firmly but the girl shook her head resolutely.

"You can't make me," the girl teased and Rhea Williams sighed. It was not the first time her daughter had been disobedient and naughty and her hot-headed stubborn nature, that sometimes bordered on malevolence, mirrored her own personality with worrying accuracy. She looked at her watch: it was half-past four and her partner, Izzy's father, would be home shortly; she needed to start cooking dinner.

Rhea looked around the deserted adventure playground and rationalised. Her daughter was out of reach, she was too high up, but eventually she would get bored, surely?

"If you don't come down now, we won't come back," Rhea threatened and Izzy snarled.

"We come here 'cause I drive you crazy," the young girl responded, repeating a well-worn accusation often thrown at her by the exasperated mother.

The 5ft 6in Rhea tried bribery, offering the infant "a trip to the newsagents to get a chocolate bar" which was firmly rejected.

"Try harder, Mummy," the five year old teased and moved to the highest part of the climbing frame. "Can't get me." Rhea tried blackmail, coercion, threats, bribery again and then pure anger, but eventually she gave up and had to climb onto the metal frame in the pouring rain to retrieve her corybantic daughter and drag her onto solid ground. Izzy got a smack on the back of her legs for her wilful disobedience, but this did not seem to bother her in the slightest as she gleefully jumped from puddle to puddle on the way home.

Rhea thought heavily as she escorted her daughter through the pouring rain. She desperately wished Simon, her long-term partner, would manage to spend a bit more time at home; Izzy was always better behaved when he was around. She knew his job was very demanding, but she did have a lot of work to do herself – housework, childcare and a 30-hour a week job - and she wondered if he knew how much she did?

The sounds of flesh slapping together echoed around the small office, but Simon didn't care. The eighteen year-old sales assistant squealed as his thick cock rammed into her tight, slick opening. She briefly opened her eyes on his desk but, the ceiling light directly above he was too bright and she closed them again.

Alison groaned loudly as her deputy manager rubbed her clitoris with his thumb. Her legs began to quiver and her fingers dug into the side of the wooden desk.

Simon groaned as he exhaled sharply, the internal muscles of the young girl was clamping down on his cock wonderfully. He was nearing his climax, he began pumping into the girl faster and faster, the table shaking the last few documents onto the floor.

Alison cried out in ecstasy, her body convulsing as the waves of immoral pleasure swept through her. Simon grabbed hold of her hips and pivoted into her faster than before. Her muscles gripped his cock and he moaned as he pumped his seed into the condom.

They stayed for a brief moment, savouring the aftershocks and then slowly disentangled themselves. "We made a mess of your office," Alison said surveying the wreckage with her wild hair and smudged make-up.

"S'ok," the Deputy Manager said with a grin. "It'll clean up."

Alison smoothed out the white blouse of her uniform and picked up her skirt from the floor. Simon grinned as she looked for her knickers and he picked them up off the pot plant in the corner of the room.

"A keepsake?" Simon asked and Alison blushed. Rumours of Simon's womanising had swept around the office, but she never expected the handsome Deputy Manager to be interested in her. She was blown away when he asked her on a date two months previous and still could not believe that he was with her, although their snatched rendezvouses were always sexual.

Of course, he still lived with his long-term partner, but she didn't make him happy; he had told her on one of their dates and he was planning to leave her. Alison had let him know that she wanted him to move in with her and he had let her believe that one day she would be Mrs Matheson and have children, and all would be well. "So honey," Alison asked as she smoothed out the navy skirt. "When are you going to move in with me?"

Simon flinched and sucked in his lips. "I don't know babe, it's not great right at the moment, but soon. Real soon."

"But you do love me, don't you?"

Simon gave a grin and nodded. "Yeah, of course I do." It was almost too easy.

Alison skipped out of the office and he leant up against the wall of his small office in the flagship Watford store of his northern Supermarket chain. His office was a mess, and he better tidy it up. It wouldn't do much for his job if the elderly Store Manager came in to see him with the room in this state. Grudgingly, he started retrieving documents, pens, staplers and knickers that had been scattered around his desk.

He could do nothing about the faint smell of human arousal and sweat in this room; he could hardly leave the window open overnight, but did his best with some peach air freshener that masked it significantly.

Simon looked at the clock and swore: he was going to be late home and Rhea would kill him. Scampering out of his office, he ran through the warehouse, grabbing a cheap bottle of wine on the way through and made it to his car in the manager's car park, ensuring he dumped the used condom, wrapped in tissue paper, in the outside bin.

He would not have wanted to explain that to Rhea if she had found that!

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