The Engineer's Tale
Chapter 1

Tony was chatting to Paul as they watched Tom walk towards them.

"Hi Tom, where have you been?" asked Tony.

"Just out with some mates from work, it's my fiftieth today." he replied.

"Happy birthday mate. See you next week at the club?" said Paul

"Oh yes, can't miss my chance as Robin Hood." he said laughing

They joined in with him. Soon they reached the door to Paul's flat.

"Well, goodnight, see you next week," said Tom as he walked on the bus station

"'Night mate, see you then" they replied.

As Tom turned the corner they heard him shout. Then they saw him break into a run. This was serious: Tom didn't run anywhere. They looked at each other, nodded and ran after him. They heard a girl scream and a man shout. As they turned the corner they saw Tom facing down a giant of a man. 6' 4'' if he was an inch and at least 15-16 stone of solid muscle: massive! Tom on the other hand was 5'9'' and 13 stone, mainly of flab.

"I'll do the pair of you" they heard the man scream, and then, to their horror, they saw him pull a knife and stab Tom in the stomach. The thug then ran to his car and drove off.

Paul, who was a paramedic, ran over to Tom whilst Tony went to comfort the girl. Tony looked at Paul who shook his head. "He's got no chance. He's still alive, but his only chance is Crossroads."

Tony nodded and helped Paul lift Tom up into a fireman's lift. Paul then ran to his flat and disappeared inside. The police and ambulance had been called and Tony comforted the girl while they waited

The police took ten minutes to arrive, the ambulance twelve. They saw the girl was in distress and shock and treated her. They then asked Tony what had happened and he told them what he saw, leaving out the part of the stabbing. They were just about to ask where Tom was when he re-emerged from Paul's front door, looking, it must be said, a lot better than when he went in. Soon all the questions were asked and answered to everyone's satisfaction and the police and ambulance departed.

After all the excitement Tony decided to have a little adventure of his own.

Walking towards Paul's flat he said "Won't be long, be back in about fifteen minutes. Okay?"

And with that he walked into the spare room, opened the wardrobe, and disappeared

Tony had been going to Chaos for many years. His father who was, incidentally, Paul's father's best friend, had introduced him to Chaos. Both their fathers had since retired from going to Crossroads, but when the boys both turned twenty one, each had taken his son with him as Hero Companion. They had enjoyed many adventures on Chaos together, father and son, and had made many friends. When the older men had decided to retire as Heroes, who better to pass the rings on to in order to carry on the tradition.

Tony stepped into the foyer area and Silvi ran towards him. He was 6'1'', dark haired, with deep brown eyes; at first glance you could say he looked like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

"Oh Tony, I didn't expect you yet, what's happened?" she asked.

Tony explained what had happened with Tom and that Paul had brought him to Crossroads.

"We've heard about Tom, he's caused quite a stir," she said smiling. "You remember Mistress Eve?" she asked.

"Yes, I do" He certainly did, she was older, but my, oh my, she ticked every box in the older woman fantasy.

Silvi smiled, "Tom made her pregnant! That's fantastic news, no one knows how, but he did!. There are hundreds of girls lining up hoping he'll choose her for his caretaker."

"That's wonderful news," said Tony.

By now Silvi was rubbing herself against Tony's leg in a way that always turned him on.

"Can we try to make me pregnant? Please!" she pleaded.

"Well we can try, after all, that's the best bit" said Tony, picking her up and carrying her to the bed room. And try they did, several times, until Silvi passed out with pleasure, and when she had recovered, they tried again - with the same result.

When they awoke next morning they were starving; food was certainly the order of the day.

After eating, Tony said "Silvi, we must choose a mission for me."

Silvi pouted. "So soon?" she said, reaching for his cock. "But you've only just got here, have we got to choose straight away?" She bent forward, taking his cock in her mouth, gently sucking on it.

"Well" he gasped, "perhaps not straight away" She hummed slowly on his cock, making his toes curl. 'God' he thought. 'No wonder so many heroes never marry. Where on Earth would I find a girl like this?'

It was lunchtime before they finally got round to selecting a mission. There were three to choose from. One was far too dangerous. A group calling itself the Brotherhood had captured a damsel and they were using her as bait to capture and then kill heroes. This mission had already cost the lives of three heroes. The next was a damsel that had been captured by pirates who were currently sailing from island to island in the southern ocean trying to sell her.

The last was a damsel who was being held by a farmer called Herman in the north of the country. He wanted to marry her, and was keeping her prisoner until she agreed. She was the one in most danger though, as the temperature regularly dropped to minus fortyfive degrees centigrade. She was in danger of freezing to death. Also, it was only ten miles from the nearest bank. It was decided he would go after her. Her name was Martha. He looked at her photograph. He saw a very attractive girl, around 5'4'' with long golden hair, that cascaded down her back like waves. She had nice sized breasts that were firm and sat high on her chest. Her waist was narrow, but her hip flared out to give the classic hourglass shape.

"I can see why he doesn't want to let her go," said Tony. She looks like the ultimate schoolboy fantasy"

"Hm," Silvi pouted, "Am I not your ultimate fantasy?" she said, releasing her dress and allowing it to cascade down to the floor. Tony spent the next few hours convincing her that she was.

Before he was allowed to go, he had to go through the same procedure that Tom and Paul had undergone prior to their adventure. He passed all the tests with flying colours.

"Hmm, you are a big strong boy aren't you?" purred Silvi, rubbing herself against Tony, hoping for one last session before he departed. Her efforts did not go unrewarded. Tony finally extracted himself from her, gave her a last kiss goodbye and disappeared through the portal.

Kindly edited by Leo de Grymme

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