Jimmy... the College Boy
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jimmy is at college now and missing all the sex he had at home. Chapter one is a slow start but the sex will pick up in chapter 2. Codes will be added as they occur. - This story is completed. Is there more to cum from Jimmy?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Black Female   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism  

My first week of college was very confusing. I had trouble finding some of my classes. From the first day the work assignments from the professors were daunting. This certainly wasn't high school. I couldn't even have phone sex like I had planned. There were no phones in the dorm rooms.

My roommate Derek laughed at me. "This isn't a hotel Jimmy. There's a payphone down stairs in the common room. I couldn't very well have phone sex standing against the wall on the phone while a room full of students looked on. By day four I had purchased a cell phone and plan. An expense I hadn't planned on but still lacked the privacy that I needed...

By the beginning of week two I had joined a study group because a couple of my subjects were a little harder than I had thought they would be. I helped the others with trig but I needed help with English and the social sciences. My roommate Derek was part of the group along with a black kid named Jerome who was uncanny with English. The fourth member was a cute little girl who looked like she should still be in high school. Lynn always wore skirts or dresses. She never wore pants or shorts even when we studied outdoors in the nicer weather. She was a cute strawberry blonde, only about five feet four inches tall with a slender build. Her breasts and butt were both smallish but well shaped. I didn't know when but I knew that I would eventually have Lynn sexually.

Lynn was smart but she was very quiet usually not speaking until spoken to. The way she was always the one to volunteer to get the snacks or make sure we all had beverages I could tell that she was comfortable being subservient to men. I loved that in a woman. I always enjoyed having submissive women around me. I knew how to push their buttons so that they appreciated my commanding presence.

I took control of the group without even trying. They were all followers. I began to tell Lynn what to do. Instead of waiting for her to volunteer I would say things like. "I'm thirsty Lynn. Why don't you get us all a beverage."

She accepted my lead with a smile and a "Sure Jimmy. Whatever you say." I got a few looks from the guys but soon they took it for granted. We spent a lot of time in the common room studying. Girls weren't allowed upstairs in the dorm rooms but it wasn't hard to sneak one in if you wanted too. My problem was that Derek hardly ever went anywhere. I didn't even have enough privacy to jerk off. I had to wank myself in the john.

Phone sex was out of the question. There was no privacy in my room I couldn't very well whip out my pecker anywhere else on campus while trying to talk dirty on my new cell phone. I did talk to my mother and also to Rita but sex wasn't part of the conversation. It seemed like I was always horny with no way to satisfy myself. I had become so use to fucking and sucking that I was having a hard time going without sex.

Towards the end of the third week, after our study group, I started walking with Lynn to a coffee shop just off campus. It was usually fairly quiet that time of the evening so we had the opportunity to get to know each other better.

She opened up to me but it was a gradual thing as she began to trust me more. I learned that she had a strict upbringing. Even though she was now twenty years old she did exactly what her father told her. Lynn and her mother waited on Lynn's father and sixteen year old brother because it was expected of them. I found that to be a little old fashioned but who am I to criticize anyone else's family when I had been regularly using my mother and step grandmother's bodies like they were my personal sex slaves.

One evening she told me that her father demanded that she stay a virgin until her wedding night. I laughed. "Just how the hell would he know? Get on the pill and you can do what you want."

Lynn shook her head to the negative and whispered something I couldn't make out. When I asked her to repeat it she blushed and still softly said. "My father checks every week."

I was utterly taken by surprise. "Just how does he check you? You can't tell virginity by just looking." Kiddingly I added, "Does he use a lie detector?"

Lynn blushed even more still whispering. "He uses his hand to see if my hymen is still in place."

Telling me something so intimate surprised me. I hadn't realized how close she thought we were. My cock was starting to fill with blood picturing in my mind her father using his hand between her legs checking her, what I assumed was a small pussy, for signs of penetration.

I didn't question her anymore about it but my tilted head and quizzical look must have indicated to her that I wanted details. "You know I go home every weekend. I'm sure I've told you that. When I get home on Friday it's just in time for dinner. Afterwards I go to my room and wait for my mother and father. I take off my skirt and underwear and just lie on the bed with my legs spread like I have been taught. When they come into my room my dad sits on the edge of my bed while my mother closes the door and sits on a chair across the room. That's when my dad uses his hand, most of it anyway to check for my hymen."

"Doesn't that hurt Lynn? A grown man using his hand down there forcing his way into your cun ... vagina?"

"No Jimmy, He doesn't want to hurt me. He uses his fingers to get me excited enough for the lubrication to allow him to gradually work all four fingers into me to check."

"Are you going to tell me that doing that doesn't get your father hard between his legs."

"Of course he gets excited touching me. My mother told me that any man would get excited looking at and touching a young girl between her legs. Even his own daughter. That's why she is present to insure nothing incestuous will happen. Her job is to give my dad relief when we are finally done."

"Finally done?" I asked

"Oh yes. Since I am already bare below the waist he gives me my weekly spanking after he checks my vagina. He sits on the edge of my bed so I can crawl over his lap for a spanking. A girl my age usually needs to be punished for something she does during the week. I can feel his erection while I lie there feeling his big hand walloping my bottom. Unless I have done something really bad he usually just gives me ten spanks before letting me up. My mother leads him to their bedroom to grant him relief while I get dressed to go downstairs to watch a little TV."

"What kind of relief?" I wanted to know. My cock was very hard by then, my tight jeans making me uncomfortable.

"I don't know silly. I don't watch them. I imagine she probably uses her mouth like I used to do to my last boyfriend. Or maybe they have intercourse. I don't know."

Here I was hard as a rock sitting across from this petite young girl in a coffee shop where I could do nothing except sneak one hand down between my legs to give my erection a gentle squeeze. "You use to blow your boyfriend?"

Lynn blushed yet again stammering. Sur ... sur ... sure. If you can't have intercourse you need to do something to keep a boyfriend happy. My mother suggested I do it because it was too much to expect a guy to date a girl for over a long period of time without getting some kind of relief." She hesitated before continuing. "Jimmy, you look like you need some relief."

I thought about a quick run to the bathroom but jerking off in a public rest room wasn't conducive to a good cum. I would wait until I got back to the dorm to use the almost private bathroom on my floor. I finally answered her. "Thanks for noticing." She blushed. "How about we leave now? It's almost closing time anyways."

We walked outside, Lynn taking my hand which was a first. She pulled me into the narrow dark alley between the coffee shop and the used book store. She never said a word. She gently pushed me so my back was against the brick wall of the book store, dropped her sweater to the ground in front of me and kneeled on the sweater casually unzipping my fly. This was totally unexpected. Is this girl going to blow me? I hadn't even kissed her yet. I was getting nervous because we were only about six feet into the alley but I realized that she had stopped where the ambient light from the street turned into the pitch black of the alley.

I couldn't see what was going on but I could feel her small hand fishing inside of my pants until she got a good grip on my prick and pulled it out into the night air. I felt her mouth engulf my hard on. The dark was taking away some of my enjoyment. I always looked forward to seeing my stiff shaft sliding into a woman's mouth. Lynn wasn't a pro at sucking but her enthusiastic head bobbing and profuse use of her tongue on my shaft brought me to the brink quickly. I warned her just as I began spurting my cum into her little mouth.

When I was done she calmly stood up, grabbed her sweater and using the back of her hand wiped a little bubble of jism from the corner of her mouth. She took my hand again and led me off towards school. "Better?" She asked.

I just nodded my head unsure as to what this side trip into the alley for a BJ meant to her, or for me that matter.

That wasn't my last BJ in that alley. I wasn't getting laid but my little Lynn used her mouth on me again just a week later. After that I realized that all I had to do was ask and she would blow me to orgasm, swallow my cum and never ask anything in return. Finally I bribed my roommate with a twenty dollar bill to give Lynn and I an undisturbed hour in our room. So here it was probably four blow jobs later that I finally touched this girl's modest tits and kissed her mouth.

She blushed at almost anything but I had never seen her so red as when I undressed her for the first time in that small room. She loosened up some when I promised that I would not try to penetrate her pussy with my seven inch erection. Her last boyfriend had never gone down on her so I needed to show Lynn the ecstasy of having her pussy eaten by an experienced man as myself. She balked at first not thinking any man would want to lick her there but once my tongue started the slow caressing of her pussy lips she said. "Oh Jimmy, that's the most wonderful feeling I have ever had." Since this was the first time she had seen my cock in the light she added "I knew it was big but you have a beautiful penis Jimmy."

I wish she would just call it a cock! I thought, then said. "Lynn, it's a cock or a prick or even pecker. Penis is too clinical sounding while we lie here naked."

"Let me kiss your cock Jimmy" Lynn whispered as she pursed her lips brushing them against the soft head of my prick.

For the first time with me, Lynn had such an intense orgasm that she needed to let my prick fall out of her mouth so she wouldn't bite into it. When she calmed down my cock was reinserted into her loving mouth. In the sixty nine position Lynn was able to get my cock deeper into her mouth than when she knelt in the alley, constantly running her tongue along the underside of my hot prick until I finally let loose with several hard spurts of my cock juice. Dutiful Lynn swallowed all of my emissions before getting up to get dressed. Our hour was almost up. I think Lynn wanted to leave before Derek returned not wanting to face him.

I was getting my rocks off regularly now but I wanted to go home and have some real sex but I needed the weekends to study for upcoming exams and knew if I was home I wouldn't get any studying in. When I went home for the Thanksgiving break I planned of fucking everyone in sight starting with my ex math teacher Rita. Just before leaving for school I had found out that Rita and her deceased husband Luke had been into some mild bondage. I was anxious for the opportunity to tie up my thirty year old girlfriend for some kinky sex. Derek was talking about going home next weekend. Lynn won't be around but maybe I could jerk off while getting a little phone sex.

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