Jemma's Dilemma
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Lesbian, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jemma discovers that everything she believed was a lie and reluctantly agrees to begin a new life with her strange Sir Galahad, but everything is not as it seems.

Authors note: This is the beginning of a much longer story. This chapter is purely scene setting and there is absolutely no sex. If you're looking for a quick stroke story then have a look at one of my "fantasies" instead. If you're looking for something a bit meatier and you have the patience to wait a day or two, maybe a week or two between chapters, then please read on. As always, suggestions and criticism are both most welcome. I hope you enjoy. Lexi x

It shouldn't have come as such as surprise to open the door to another bailiff. After all, for the past year Jemma had been working three jobs in order to clear their debts, the debts that Kyle had run up without telling her.

But that was all behind them now, the last of the debts paid off two months ago, and the weight off her shoulders had felt like heaven. She hadn't realised how much the responsibility of paying back so much had pressed down on her until it was removed. And best of all, Kyle had left yesterday to start training for a new job, one that would pay twice what she was earning now and enable them to finally save up and put a deposit down on a house of their own instead of the poky one bedroom flat they rented at the moment.

OK, so the thought of him being away for three months was hard, but they'd withstood more than this and it had made them stronger and more determined as a couple to make sure all their hard work paid off now. This was why the appearance of yet another debt collector was a bit of a shock, but she didn't let it faze her, she knew they owed nothing now, it was probably someone looking for a neighbour, it was that kind of area.

"Hi there," she said pleasantly, "can I help you?"

The man at the door had that intimidating look that debt collectors seem to be born with and so she smiled a friendly smile, thinking it couldn't be an easy job, having to come into peoples homes and take their possessions, the least she could do was brighten up his day a little.

He stared back at her, face impassive as he asked,

"Jemma Bolton?"

"Yes," she replied confidently, "that's me, but I think you must have made a mistake."

"Really Miss?" he asked wearily. OK, well she could see that was probably a standard line but in this case it was true and so she forced the smile to stay on her face as she took a deep breath.

"I'm afraid so," she replied apologetically. "I'm so sorry for wasting your time but my fiancé and I paid off all our debts a few months ago, I even have the court papers to prove it.

I guess it takes a while to update the records or something," she said with a wry grin. "Typical bureaucracy, it takes forever for the left hand to find out about the right."

The man stared at her for a long while before speaking and she found herself growing nervous even though she knew there was nothing to worry about.

"I don't think that's the case Miss, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you could just show me the paperwork?"

"Sure, of course I can," she stammered. "I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to leave you out here while I go and get it for you, I'm sure you're legitimate and everything but..."

"It's OK Miss, I'm used to it," he interrupted with a glimmer of a smile. Perhaps he wasn't so inhuman after all.

"OK then, well I'll just shut the door now and..."

"Run along and get the paperwork Miss, don't worry about me, I'll be right here waiting." With that he took a step back and stood patiently as promised.

Feeling horribly rude, Jemma pushed the door closed, seeing him disappear behind the solid wood. When the latch clicked she leant back against the door and took a deep breath. Even though she knew this was a mistake, his appearance had brought back all those old feelings, shame, guilt, terror, and she needed a moment to calm down before she walked briskly into the bedroom she shared with Kyle and pulled open the wardrobe door.

Even though she knew it was only temporary, her heart still skipped a beat when she looked at Kyles side of the closet and saw most of his clothes gone. They'd decided that as he was going for three months and because they were trying to save money, it would make sense for him to take everything just in case, I mean what if there'd been an important meeting and he'd forgotten his good suit, a new one of those would eat drastically into their budget, and that was only one occasion! In the end he'd taken everything except a few old things that didn't fit him or were too tatty to wear in public, and, while she was enjoying having the space to spread her clothes out a bit, it still felt a bit odd. They'd lived together for five years now and dated for two before that and this would be the longest they'd been apart.

Pulling her thoughts back to the task in hand she delved into the back of the wardrobe, feeling around for the battered old suitcase they used to store all their paperwork, letters, bank statements and the like. Moving a couple of shoe boxes out of the way she touched hard wood and realised that when they were packing Kyles clothes they must have moved it along a bit to be able to get his shoes from the back.

Pushing her clothes to the other side she reached back, expecting to feel the soft leather under her fingers, instead her hand went straight to the back of the closet again with no obstruction, well this was ridiculous, it had definitely been here the day before yesterday because she remembered dragging it out to get to one of his ties that had wedged itself at the back.

Grabbing handfuls of coat-hangers she began to pile the clothes on the end of the bed, moving faster now, conscious that the poor man was probably freezing out there in the cold, the weather had been awful recently and although his coat had looked like wool the wind could be cutting across the entrance porch to the flats.

Breathing heavily from the exertion Jemma laid the final bunch of clothes on the bed and surveyed the mess at the bottom of the wardrobe. A few dresses had fallen off the hangers and there were shoes piled every which way, she really needed to organise this while Kyle was away, that would give her something to do with the long nights.

Stacking the shoes on the floor to the side of the bed Jemma felt a sense of satisfaction as the large wardrobe began to clear out, it had really gotten too messy in there, finally everything was out and she was forced to acknowledge what she'd been avoiding, the suitcase just wasn't in there.

Well it had definitely been there when they were packing, Kyle must have put it somewhere and forgotten to put it back. Climbing up onto the bed, carefully avoiding the coat-hangers, she scrutinised the top of the wardrobe, she wasn't tall and it was difficult to see all the way to the back from the floor, if Kyle had put it up there she was going to have to get the man to give her a hand getting it down. Typical, having to invite a stranger into their bedroom just when it was as untidy as possible. She let out a huff of annoyance as she scanned the space between closet and ceiling, well where on earth had that bloody man put it, it clearly wasn't up there.

The bed was a divan and there wasn't the space to squeeze anything underneath it, that had been the whole point when they'd bought it, having see his method of cleaning at home she had dreaded having to drag out the debris from underneath the bed, mould encrusted bowls and socks so yellow and crusty they could probably walk out on their own, and so they (well she) had decided a divan would be so much more practical. There would be drawers for their clothes so it would save on space and it was also cheaper which was a deciding factor. She supposed he may have put it in the drawers but it was heavy and the base of each drawer was only thin MDF, if he'd thrown it in there to "tidy" and broken one of her drawers she'd kill him!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the drawers pulled out easily, revealing only clothes, but now she was baffled. Where on earth had it gone?

Taking a quick look round the room Jemma decided she'd left the poor man waiting long enough, she'd just have to explain to him that she had temporarily misplaced the paperwork, but surely the court would have a copy anyway. She hadn't gone down for the final sign off, work had refused her the time off and so Kyle had collected and signed the paperwork for her, but that shouldn't be an issue, she'd just give him a call once she'd explained it to the bailiff and then Kyle could verify everything she'd said. She really ought to invite the poor man in though, it wasn't fair for him to have to wait outside all afternoon for nothing.

Putting the kettle to boil, Jemma opened the door. The debt collector stood impassively where she'd left him, he must be made of stone to be able to stand in the bitter wind without moving or shivering. Apologising for leaving him so long she invited him in for a cup of coffee or tea but he politely declined.

"Just the papers will be fine Miss, I have other visits to do today..."

Feeling unbelievably guilty for keeping him from his work she apologised again, explaining that there was a slight hitch.

"We keep all of our paperwork in a suitcase and I seem to have mislaid it," she stammered, "but it's OK, I'm just going to ring my fiancé and he'll be able to tell me where it is, I'm sure he's just put it somewhere when he was packing and forgot to put it back."

"Packing?" He drawled sarcastically.

"Oh, sorry, yes of course you don't know," she stuttered nervously, "he started a new job yesterday and he's had to go up north to do a training course for a few weeks, but I'm sure he must be on his lunch break now so I'll just give him a quick call on his mobile and he'll tell me where he's put it and then we'll be all sorted..."

"Your fiancé?" he queried, looking down at his folder, "that would be a Mr Kyle Peters, is that correct?"

"That's right," Jemma agreed, relieved. "I'll just call him now and then we can get you off to your next job."

Reaching over he gripped her hand as she picked up the phone and slowly lowered it back into the cradle.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible," he said slowly.

"What do you mean?" she protested shrilly, "let go of my hand and let me call my fiancé!"

"Your fiancé, Miss, was arrested this morning on several charges of fraud, embezzlement and theft. I doubt he'll be able to answer his mobile even if he wanted to."

"Let go of my hand," she demanded and he did. Picking up the phone she dialled the familiar number, hearing it ring out before going to voice mail Again she tried, and again it went to voice mail, trying to stay calm she left a garbled message before hanging up, still defiant but less confident.

"He must still be in lectures," she said stubbornly, seeing his pitying look, "it doesn't matter anyway, I can show you the payments going out of our bank account and then you can call the court and they'll confirm it all to you.

And then you can take your lies and accusations and get out of my flat!" She spat out the last few words as she jerkily flipped open the lid of the laptop and pressed the power button with more force than necessary. The screen lit into life and she typed in the simple password before bringing up their internet banking and logging in, frowning slightly when she saw the balance was less than expected, but then Kyle would have needed to buy a train ticket and some food on the way up, nothing to worry about.

Scrolling down to past statements she brought up one from a few months ago, pointing triumphantly at the screen to show him the four figure sum with the narrative "HM Courts".

"See," she hissed, "there's my proof, and now I'd like you to leave."

Standing she moved to open the door as he remained seated.

"Come here a second," he called quietly.

"No," she answered, "just get out, you've seen the evidence, now I suggest you call your manager and tell him he's made a big mistake, harassing innocent people in their homes, making wild accusations..."

"Come here," he repeated more forcefully, "and let me show YOU something Miss!"

With that he brought up the web-page for the courts service. She hadn't even realised there was an internet site and she kicked herself at her naivety.

"This," he said calmly, "is the register of insolvency," and tapping a few keys he easily brought up a link with the names of Kyle and herself. Curious, she took a step closer as he clicked on the link and 'DEFAULT' stood out in big red letters. 'Last payment date 11/04/10' it read.

"Well that can't be right," Jemma protested, "that was the first payment we made and we've made every payment on time ever since! I know, because I checked every month just to make sure and they're there right in front of you on the bank statements!"

Flicking back to the banks web-page the man brought up the statement for the first payment and then the second before muttering to himself, skipping between the two once more as if to check something.

"Just as I thought," he said gently, "the payee was changed after the first payment. I would suspect that your fiancé has been siphoning the money off into another account each month as a little nest egg. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen this."

"What do you mean?" Jemma whispered, shocked, Kyle wouldn't do something like that, she KNEW him, he wouldn't do that to her.

"I think Miss, that your fiancé has well and truly screwed you over. Which unfortunately leaves you with a rather large debt to pay on his behalf."

"But ... I just don't understand. Kyle wouldn't do something like that, there must be some kind of mistake, we've been making all the payments, the court signed off on the paperwork, the debt is paid... ?" she tailed off as she realised that the man hadn't said anything, was still looking at her with that steady gaze, but now there seemed to be a slight gleam in his eyes, as if he were assessing her.

"Miss, you owe quite a considerable amount of money, I'm afraid I'm going to have to take anything of value with me today, I'll make it as easy on you as possible, but I have the feeling that what you have here isn't going to cover the amount you owe."

"Well of course it won't!" Jemma bit out angrily, "we've already sold everything of value to pay the debt, we don't have the money to pay it all over again. I'm certain there's been a mistake here and once my fiancé gets on his lunch break..."

"Miss, just accept it, your fiancé is a thief, you haven't made any payments, you need to come up with some other way of paying your debts, there is no 'we', it's just 'you' now, and I'm sure given some time you'll come up with an alternative payment plan, however for the moment I need to get on with my job and I'd appreciate it if you would stop yelling at me."

Taking a deep breath Jemma dropped her head into her hands, fighting tears. She couldn't do this again, it had almost killed her the first time when both of them were working, to do it by herself was unthinkable.

Racking her brain for some way out of the situation, Jemma was aware of the man removing her clothes, furniture, even books! Another man joined him at some point and they started carrying the white goods out of the kitchen. The last straw came as the man reached out to take her laptop. Slamming it shut she held it tight to her chest, her lips drawing back in a snarl as he reached for it again.

"Miss, don't make this more difficult than it has to be."

"You're not taking my laptop, you have everything else, this I'm keeping!" and with that she stood, backing up until she was pressed against the kitchen cabinets watching nervously as he advanced towards her.

Leaning one hand either side of her head he crowded her, making her panic and push against his chest but he was all hard muscle and she couldn't escape. Taking a deep breath she got ready to scream but he slapped his big hand over her mouth, his fingertips digging punishingly into the soft flesh of her cheek as her breathing grew rapid and terrified. Looking up at him like a deer in the headlights she struggled to escape as he relentlessly lowered his head towards her.

Bending down, he whispered in her ear, "have you thought of a solution yet?"

Frantically she shook her head, tears welling at the corners of her eyes as the fear took over. She was entirely at his mercy, there was no way she could escape, he was just too strong!

Tenderly, he wiped away her tears with the roughened pad of his thumb as he carried on whispering in her ear.

"Really, you have no choice. You can't raise the money quickly enough to satisfy the courts, you have nothing left to sell but yourself, and I doubt you'll be able to make a lot that way, the customers know when a whore isn't enjoying herself and they don't like it. At best you'll get knocked around a bit, at worst end up in a ditch. I can offer you a solution."

Jemma was shaking now, the harsh bite of his words kicking in and driving the terror, her eyes wild as she fought for release.

"I will pay off your debts. In return I expect your complete obedience. You will serve me, do whatever I ask of you, willingly I might add, you will be my mistress, housekeeper, sex toy, slave ... Not forever, not unless you want to, but until I decide you have cleared your debts to me.

I will give you an hour to decide. When I return, I want to hear just one word, yes, or no. The choice is yours."

With that he turned and walked from the flat, the door slamming behind him as Jemma slowly slid down the cupboard until she collapsed in a heap on the floor, shivering and in shock at the sudden strange turn of events.

Up until this morning she had been happy with life, debt free, engaged to a wonderful man and with a bright future stretching out before her. Now she was broke, debt ridden and the only options she seemed to have was to sell herself to one man, or to many in order to pay what she owed. It was mad!

Realising she was coming close to hysterical she made a conscious effort to slow her breathing and get herself under control, the deep heaving sobs giving way to little hiccups as she calmed slightly, the immediate danger having passed.

Her mind though was racing, what could she do? She already worked three jobs, some nights she didn't even get two hours of sleep, and a pay-rise or promotion in any of them was nothing but wishful thinking. But the idea of giving herself to a complete stranger made her feel sick. And it wouldn't be for just one night, would it? He wanted to keep her as his slave, whatever that entailed! And besides, she was engaged to Kyle. She loved him. She could never sleep with another man.

But Kyle clearly doesn't love you, piped up a little voice in her head. He was just using you as a free ride. While you were working your ass off to pay for everything he had his cushy little job, and not only that, all the money you were putting towards paying off the debts he ran up in the first place, he was siphoning off into his own little slush fund.

He was using you. And apparently not just you...

But Kyle wouldn't do that, she protested in her head, Kyle loved me, look at what we achieved over the past few years, look at the hardships we battled through.

Some hardship, her brain snapped back, when he had plenty of money to do whatever he wanted and worked a 9-5 job because he needed the sleep to be able to function properly. Just accept it, you were a mug, Kyle's been using you for years, you never knew him, you were in fact sleeping with a stranger all along, at least this one says he'll look after you!

And if she was honest, did she not find the idea of being looked after a little appealing? The thought of having no worries, no responsibility except to please him, no need to work all hours of the day, no need to stress that paying the electric might mean they couldn't eat this week, did that not sound like her idea of heaven?

And he seemed polite, rather old fashioned in fact, although a little intimidating with his size and his muscles, but still, he had been gentle when she was crying, could she trust him?

She was still tossing the idea around in her head when there was a knock on the door, an hour had passed already. Unsteadily she got to her feet and opened the door just a crack, uncaring about her reddened eyes or tear-stained face, he knew she was coming to him because she had no other choice.

"Yes!" She said, before collapsing at his feet, exhausted, the strain showing on her face as he lifted her as if she were nothing more than a child. Resting her head against his chest, the stress and lack of sleep caught up with her and her eyes drifted closed.

She did not see the way he tenderly carried her to his waiting car or the way he laid her gently in the back-seat as if she were some precious cargo.

She did not see the battered old Ford pull into the driveway as they left and the man jump out carrying a tatty leather suitcase. Didn't see him fall to his knees at the open door and empty flat. Didn't hear his cry, like a wounded animal as he realised she was gone. Didn't see him tear off the letter pinned to the front door before reading it as tears poured down his face. Didn't hear him whisper "too late, too late."

The debt collector saw though and smiled to himself, before giving instructions to the driver. And as the car pulled off he stroked her hair from her face as her head lay in her lap, congratulating himself on a job well done.

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