Second Chance
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Fisting,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In the world of powerful men, the Organization binds these men together. It gives them what they crave, complete power and obedience. It gives them the power of owning a slave. This tale documents the experience of one of these slaves as she is tested by her new Master.

He watched the monitor for a few moments before unlocking the cell. She was a pretty, dark-haired creature, slight of build - almost fragile in appearance. He noticed she had not touched her food and was miserably fingering the heavy steel collar that was chained to the wall. A second chain hung from the front of her collar to the fetters round her wrists & ankles. Her eyes were red through sustained weeping but she made no noise. He drew back the bolts and went in.

"P-please Sir," Alexa swallowed nervously, "h-have you seen my master? He's been so poorly..." The girl dissolved into silent tears.

His voice was so gentle, so kindly ... so disturbing! "Slave, he is no longer your master."

The tears increased and Alexa began to shake as the awful words sunk in - No Longer Your master! No Longer..."Ohhhh - I've failed Him! My master ... f-failed H-him!!!"

"No slave, you did not fail him. Your former master has finished with you and you have served him very well."

"B-but why has H-he left me?"

"Little slave," his voice dropped to a whisper, "he was very ill - he has died."

The slave stared open-mouthed at the stranger and began to whimper. A tiny strangled cry finally escaped from her throat as she hid her face in her cuffed hands and sobbed heavily. He watched the distraught girl curl herself into a tight ball of anguish and listened to her agonized wails of despair. In between the awful cries, she was gasping words over and over..."Master! Ohhhh my poor master!" Finally, her weeping subsided to a low keening noise. He knelt down and touched her auburn hair. Startled out of her grieving, Alexa looked up into his eyes. "Am I g-going to be s-sold, s-sir?"

"No, your last master forbade it."


He shook his head. "You have been an excellent slave."

A shiver ran through the girl's body as it finally dawned what was going to happen. "Y-your m-my execu ... You're going t-to k-kill me?" It was more of a statement than a question. "W-will it b-be ... q-quick?"

She saw his answer in his hand - he was holding a syringe. "Your late master requested you be offered medication - your body will suffer but your mind will not."

Alexa stared at the needle. It offered merciful oblivion but her heart rebelled against this easy death. No, she would face her end with dignity - she would honor her beloved master by refusing the drugs. "Please Sir - p-please don't make me have the injection! I w-want to d-die properly f-for Him!"

He stared in admiration at the girl, marveling how such a fragile creature could show such courage. "Slave, are you sure? Once I have started, you may change your mind but it will be too late!"

Alexa summoned all her strength to smile and shake her head. "P-please Sir," she begged, "c-could I be g-gagged p-please?"

He smiled back. "Of course, little slave - I have it here." He removed a black ball gag from his belt.

Alexa felt his fingers slide between the heavy collar and her neck. It nearly broke her heart when she remembered how her beloved master had brought her to this cell and removed her lovely gold collar, replacing it with this rough steel band. He had lingered with his fingers on her damp cheek while she held his hand in both of hers. A severe coughing fit had forced him to leave - it was the last time she had seen the most important, most wonderful man in her life, the last touch from her beloved master.

The stranger had freed her collar chain from the wall. "But first you have to pay me for your execution, little slave."

Alexa stared in confusion for a moment. How could she pay? What did she have to give... ? "Ohhh! Y-yes Sir, of c-course." She knelt before him and paused before reaching for the front of his slacks. "Sir, please..." Fresh tears ran down from her eyes.

"What is it, little one?"

He voice was barely audible. "Can I close my eyes, p-pretend you..." she faltered, "m-my master?"

He smiled and brushed her tears away with the hand that held her collar chain. "Of course you may!"

Alexa served him with such longing, with desperate yearning to please, so his gasps of pleasure were like music to her ears. And all the time it was as if her beloved master was with her...

She finished licking him clean and lowered her head. "It is time, slave." The hard rubber ball pressed against her lips. Alexa whimpered but opened her mouth and received the gag. Once it was securely buckled, he freed her wrist cuffs from the chain and guided her hands behind her back. She heard the click of the lock between them. A sigh escaped her and she began to panic. Despite her best intentions, Alexa was absolutely terrified and fought against losing control.

He felt the girl tense up and looked at her wild searching eyes. She was a good slave and deserved better. He swiftly jabbed the needle into her arm and emptied the syringe. "There is no need to suffer, my dear Alexa - you are not dishonoring him!" She nodded and closed her eyes, pressing against him while he cradled her in his arms. Sounds grew fainter; things seemed distant - like everything was receding.

By the time they reached the stage, she was almost gone. She stood obediently while the tip of the spike was positioned between her legs and her collar was chained to the beam. The creaking trap under her feet trembled. She looked straight ahead, oblivious to everything except for the last thought in her mind...

'Master - my love!'


It was as though her eyelids were stuck together. A hoarse whistling noise kept repeating - it was her own breath! Alexa ached terribly and struggled to open her eyes. She wanted to move her hands up to rub them but something was keeping her arms down. Why couldn't she turn her head?

When her vision began to clear a little, all she could see was white. No, a white wall. Alexa lay on her side and stared at the painted brickwork. She felt so weak, so sore! There was something in her mouth, not a gag but long and curved - a tube! A breathing tube! And her head was braced with a collar - a stiff collar like in a hospital! With great difficulty that almost drained her completely, Alexa struggled up and managed to peer down at her arms. Both hands were completely sealed in leather mittens, taped round her wrists over thick gauze bandages. The tips of the mittens were attached to chains that were secured to the front of a broad leather belt round her waist! Alexa whimpered but it hurt to make any sound and all that came out of her mouth was a sharp hiss of air from the tube!

Tears dripped down her face. Alexa looked at the heavy gauze bandages round each of her ankles but her feet were free to move. The insides of her thighs were covered with dreadful bruises and long scratches. She swung her legs over the edge of the plastic mattress and tried to get up. Alexa managed one faltering step then collapsed in a heap on the bare floor. The belt round her waist tugged her back. There must be a chain joining it to the bed, she realized. On one wall, there was a large mirror. Alexa knew it would be two-way but could only see herself and she was not a pretty sight. Her long auburn hair was a mass of tangles, her eyes were all puffy and bruised, and her neck was enclosed in a cervical collar. She wanted to cry, to wail in misery but her throat ached so awfully. She couldn't even hug herself because of the mittens and chain. Next to the bed was a slop bucket. Somehow, Alexa struggled over and managed to squat as there was just enough slack on the waist chain. It hurt so much when she peed that fresh tears welled from her swollen eyelids.

The door swung open and a pretty black girl slowly came across the room. She was naked too and collared. The girl smiled gently and removed the slop bucket, returning moments later with a clean one. After she had gone, a man came into the room. Alexa stared at his shoes, then raised her eyes up and started with shock - it was the man who had taken her to be killed! Nothing made sense - why was she alive? What happened? Why...

" ... Why are you still alive? Why indeed!" He ran a hand through her hair. "Slave, if I knew the reason then perhaps you would not have lived."

She didn't understand him. She just sat dumbly on the cold floor unable to take in what was happening. He knelt beside her and began to loosen the tape at the sides of her mouth. He gripped her hair and slowly drew the horrible tube out of her throat and mouth. Alexa fought back the urge to retch and gasped in agony. "Try not to make any noise, slave. The pain will pass in time." But she HAD to know; she HAD to find out...

Her voice was a faint whisper. He had to lean closer to hear the words. "Wanted ... die!"

The man tousled her hair and smiled. "Yes, Alexa - I believe you sincerely did want to die. But your body didn't!" All she could do was stare at him, puzzled by his reply. "Oh you fought - you thrashed about so hard that you managed to clear the spike! You damn near broke your wrists and ankles in their cuffs..."

Alexa looked down at the angry bruises above her feet. All she could vaguely remember was the moment her feet touched nothing, the excruciating pain between her thighs, the choking ... then oblivion. He continued to stroke her hair. "And, technically speaking, you DID die - your breathing ceased and your heart stopped!" He shrugged his shoulders and looked bemused. "And for some damn reason I took you down, little slave, and gave you CPR..."

It was her turn to look puzzled. She tried to swallow and gave up, wincing as her throat screamed for mercy. "Can't sell ... master said, not sell."

"No, little Alexa. You're quite right my dear - you can't be sold. But you can be claimed!" He was standing now. "Slave, you ... intrigue me. Damned if I can think why!" She stared into his piercing eyes. "Look at you! Not my taste at all - small, far too skinny, small breasts, dark hair, pretty but not exactly stunning!" He knelt again and touched her cheek with a finger.

"C-claimed?" Alexa's mind raced in turmoil. She had technically died? This man had resuscitated her just before the end. But she was no good - a discarded slave without a master!

"You're mine, slave - the Council has agreed it, though it is highly irregular!" He grinned. "Matter of fact, some of the members think I've gone slightly mad!" His laughter was loud and made Alexa jump in fright. "Sit back on the bed, slave!" He pulled her up but gently, almost tenderly! Alexa sat, too stunned to respond. He was removing the mittens and belt. She lifted a hand up to her collar but he caught it and brought it down. "No slave, that has to stay on for a while." Somehow, Alexa managed a weak smile.

"M-master? Y-you really m-my ... master?" She hardly dared uttered the words.

She was rewarded with a brilliant smile. "Against my better judgment, slave! Now, THAT ought to be changed..." he was pointing at the brand above her cleft, "but I think it will remain - your last master was a good friend of mine and you will keep his mark to honor him. Do you understand?"

More tears. Alexa gulped and coughed at the fire in her throat. Ohh this was ... it was more than she could dream. She lifted his hand in both of hers and kissed it then pressed it against her damp cheek. He pulled it out of her grasp and tousled her hair. "And now, as my property, you will recover - get better! It will take a few weeks, slave - but when I return I expect my slave to be ready to serve!"

Alexa didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Both would have been too painful. She struggled off the bed, knowing she was disobeying him but she was determined to express her feelings towards this man. She sank to her knees and managed to kiss his shoe. Using all her strength, she croaked one word - "master!"

He walked out of the room and the black girl entered. "Hey! Back to bed, sister! I'll be punished if you don't get well real quick!"

It took nearly all her strength to hobble the few yards to her bed. Alexa sat down on the plastic mattress and closed her eyes. She felt the black girl's hand grasp her left foot then the soft click of a lock. Looking down with dismay, Alexa stared at the single cuff that secured her to the bed frame by a long chain. She looked mournfully at the girl.

"Hey, don't worry sis - it's the rules here!" The smiling girl sat next to Alexa. "I'm Christina - you're Alexa, right?"

Alexa nodded and managed a tiny smile. "Master," she croaked hoarsely, "who... ?"

Christina looked surprised then concerned. "You mean you don't know who he is?" Alexa shook her head then winced. Her neck was so sore! "Your new master's Head of Security at the Ranch. He's one of the Council members!"

It all meant nothing to Alexa. She tried not to sound stupid. "He's American too..." The black girl, Christina, looked puzzled. "Ranch? What's the Ranch?" Every word was torment for her throat.

"No, not American - Canadian, I think. The Ranch - you know, the American Center in New York State."

Alexa just sat looking at her. She wanted to ask more but her voice had gone completely. All she could do was move her lips. She mouthed, "water, please, water" at Christina, hoping she would understand.

"Ohh - a drink! Sure!" she slipped out and returned immediately with a plastic cup and a straw. Alexa sipped the iced fruit juice and felt a surge of relief as it soothed her throat. "Hey, not too fast!" Christina gently pulled the straw out of her mouth. Too weak to resist, Alexa accepted the girl's control and sipped more slowly. When she had finished, Christina made her lie back and told her to rest. "You need time to heal - my master's coming again to see you later. He's the doctor here." Alexa felt drowsy - was the juice drugged? She curled up on her side and slipped into a deep sleep.

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