The Super
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Lolita, Drunk/Drugged, Prostitution,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This started off as a vignette, maybe an interlude, thatI wrote it for an internet chat buddy. It was intended to be a launching point for lots of stories that he - or you - might imagine. But I got some requests for some specific new tenants, so I guess it is now a series... :)

Karl woke up. He still had a smile on his face. He stretched slightly, and then, acting like he feared crushing something with his weight, he reached gently across the bed. She was gone.

He sat up quickly. He pulled all 210 pounds of his 6 foot frame into a sitting position, swinging his feet over the side of the bed. He stood up and glanced around the room. His first move was to a switch on the dresser. Flipping that, he knew that the digital video cameras would now stop recording.

Naked, he walked into his living room. He glanced over by the couch. His clothes were mostly dropped in a heap, next to the much smaller pair of jean shorts and top. White panties and a pair of flip-flops were a couple of feet away. On the table sat two shot glasses; emptied of their contents. And on the table was a white envelope. Letter sized. It was undisturbed. He gave a sigh of relief.

He walked over and picked up the envelope and the shot glasses. He moved toward the kitchen. Then he heard a sound ... a gentle tapping ... coming from the alcove that is his office. Opening a high cupboard, he tucked the envelope full of cash alongside the dinner plates and closed the door. Reaching down to the counter, he grabbed a bottle of Jim Beam and refilled the two shot glasses.

Picking up the glasses, he walked toward his office. As he got closer, he instinctively sucked in his gut. When he got to the door, there she sat. Becca, age 11. All of 4 foot 10 and 83 pounds soaking wet. Naked as the day she was born. Spindly legs, slender arms, a near complete absence of body hair and anything resembling breasts. She was seated at his desk chair. Turning her head to the right, she saw him standing there. She looked him over from head to toe, and then toe to head.

"Hey sleepyhead. Have a nice nap?"

"Yeah. How long was I out?"

"Not long." She glanced at the computer screen. "Maybe 20 minutes."

He took two steps toward her, leaning down as if to give her a peck on the cheek. She turned to face him. Her mouth met his. Somehow, every time, he was surprised by how aggressive Becca was. This time, she pressed her tongue so far into his mouth he was sure she must've somehow detached it from her own. She put her hand on the back of his head and hung on, making him kiss her, deeply, two or three times longer than he would have dared do with one so young if he were calling the shots.

Finally she released him. He set down one glass on the desk. Becca immediately scooped it up and threw it back. She shuddered; her whole body shook. Then she set down the shot glass and reached over with her right hand. She didn't even have to look. She immediately took hold of Karl's soft cock. Tugging on it ever so slightly, she pulled him right up to her, behind her as she reached over her shoulder. With his right hand he began to sip from his own shot glass. With his left, he began to run his hands through her short blond hair. Becca had commented that she wanted to grow out her hair this year, and she had started. It now fully covered her ears and almost would have reached the collar of her shirt ... had she been wearing one.

Karl ran his fingers through her hair, and found some of it matted near her left temple. Leaning out to get a look at her, he realized it was his own cum that was sticking her hair together. With a sense of conquest, he smiled and sipped a little more of the shot.

Now he turned his attention to the desk, to see what Becca had been looking at. His ledger was open, as was an Excel spreadsheet on his computer desktop. Before he could make sense of what she had been looking at, Becca tugged on his cock, still soft and exhausted from two adventures with the little blonde in less than an hour.

"So I got a couple questions Karl."

"Yeah sweetie? What do you want to know?" Karl reached to close at the ledger book and minimize the spreadsheet window, but it was hard to do with his cock in the 11-year-olds hand.

"How come the rent on every apartment is different?"

"Well some of the apartments are different sizes. And some are in better condition than others. And..." the building super struggled for a little more explanation, "some of the leases are older and have lower rents." That should work. She had no reason to question it.

"And how come every apartment's rent is due on a different day of the month? I thought most places the rent was due on the first." She turned the chair, hanging onto his cock, till she was facing him. She leaned forward and slipped her lips right over the head. Try as it might, his cock was unable to respond properly.

Karl was also barely able to respond properly. "Its an ... accounting ... thing. Its just easier ... for me to keep ... track if I don't have all the ... rent coming in ... at once."

Taking one hand to cup his balls and wrapping the other around the soft shaft, Becca sucked hard. But to no avail. She leaned back. "Too tired?"

"Oh, Little Cunt," she grinned; she liked it when he called her that. "Between the first load in your pussy, and the second in your mouth and face, I'm afraid I'm done for the afternoon."

"Okay." She sounded disappointed. "One more question. Is it just coincidence that every apartment in this building is rented to a single mom with at least one daughter between seven and 15 years old?"

Karl was trying to figure out how to answer when Becca relieved him of the responsibility. "Yeah. Probably just coincidence." She grinned knowingly at Karl.

Then she sprang to her feet and quickly walked toward the pile of her own clothes. She pulled on the three items of clothing, all a little undersized and skimpy even on her small body. She started toward the door; stopped. She sprinted like the child she was back over to Karl, and gave him a kiss. Pulling his head down, another full tonsillectomy French kiss.

"I gotta go. I just remembered, the guy's coming by to collect the cable bill today, and he likes me in my old first communion dress, so I better go clean up and change ... See you next month ... unless you, uh, need to see me sooner," she said with a seductive smile as she scooted out the door and closed it behind her.

Karl sat down in his chair. He opened the ledger. He wasn't going to bother count the rent. It was all there. He marked, "apartment 3C. June rent paid."

"I really like my job. Now whose rent is due tomorrow?"

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