Kristin and Matt's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Size,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How Did I Get Here continues with the kid's story.

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked up to my older brother. That changed in the last year when, physically, I shot past him in height; now I look down on him. Let me tell you about myself. I'm five foot ten inches tall; I weigh one hundred and fifty five pounds. I know; you think I'm overweight. Well, I'm not. My measurements are 38-23-33, and to set the record straight for you boob lovers out there, I'm a B cup. My weight is not in my boobs, it's in my muscles. I'm sixteen years old and for the last six years, I've been working out. You see I'm a gym rat in the truest sense of the term. My parents own Kris's Gym, a full service, co-ed facility, that has become the focal point of my life. Although I do a cardio workout every morning, I spend most of my workout time in either our weight room or in our boxing room.

Let me tell you a little more about the rest of my family. My mom is the biggest influence in my life. Even at age forty five, she has the body that any twenty five year old would die for. I must have inherited most of my genes from her. She often joins me in my early morning workouts and is always encouraging me to push for new personal bests in whatever I'm doing. Mom is the driving force behind the gym; she's a great business woman and runs the gym under her rules. She also, definitely wears the pants in our family. Now don't get me wrong, my dad is a great guy, I love him to death, but whenever we have a family meeting, it's my mom that, after listening to input from all of us, makes the final decisions. I think my dad is cool with that.

My dad is what we loving called, vertically challenged. Basically his body just stopped growing when he was thirteen. At five foot two, or a little less if you ask me, and ninety pounds, he certainly looks out of place in the family photos. He is good natured, extremely intelligent, friendly, and in great shape. He's a runner. He probably does a minimum of five miles a day, every day. And he absolutely worships mom. A few years ago, mom told me the story of how they met. How he had joined the gym after being transferred here from California, and how he had been acting like an ass in the gym and to the other members, and that she had invited him to spar a few rounds with her. She kicked the crap out of him during this "attitude adjustment" as she called it, and afterwards, invited him upstairs to her apartment. It was during that night that she really got to know him, and that they fell in love. They still go a few rounds every once in a while. I've watched them on the security camera. I know that mom doesn't go all out during their sparing sessions, but dad does put up a good fight. The one thing they never do is get in the ring if either of them is angry at the other. I told you, dad's not stupid.

Now for my brother, Matt. Matt is about five foot eight inches tall and weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds. He's the other runner in the family. Ever since I can remember he has been running with my dad. They leave the gym early in the morning when the weather is good and head out to the countryside. They come back an hour or so later totally soaked in sweat but grinning from ear to ear. Matt is one good looking guy. Ever since we started high school, all the girls try to get his attention. They ask me to put in a good word for them, which I almost never do. You see, I want him all to myself.

Let me explain.

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