Chrissy and Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, Heterosexual, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Hairy, Amputee, Teacher/Student, Public Sex, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I wrote this story for a friend.

The alarm buzzed and I reached out to shut it off. Chrissy mumbled and went back to sleep right away. I kissed her and told her it was time to get up. She just mumbled again. I pulled the covers off her scrumptious naked body and STILL nothing. She really hated waking up in the morning. Well nothing for it.

WHACK! Then "HEY" the red handprint on her white butt looked sexy. "OK I'm up, I'm up" she said.

Taking a shower with one leg is tricky. You have to lean on something like the wall, or Chrissy which is so much more fun. But as we washed each other I slipped and banged my stump on the faucet of the bathtub. It hurt like hell, and I had a small cut. That was it. No leg today. Damn!

I got dressed as Chrissy fixed breakfast naked. I had no idea how she could fry up the bacon like that but she never seemed to get burned.

As usual breakfast was good, but I had Chrissy drink 2 extra cups of coffee. This made 5 cups total. She'd be wired but I had plans.

After eating it was time to dress. I pulled out a leotard type t-shirt a pair of tight jeans and the belt. I normally have her wear a half shirt that showed her sexy flat belly. That was OK because she'd be showing it later. A little breast adjusting caused her nipples to become erect and gave the illusion that her shirt was painted on.

The pants were so tight it took both of us to pull them up. The belt locked her pants on so she'd be unable to take them off by herself. Shoes and socks on I grabbed my crutches and we headed out. We chatted about school. I teach and she's a student.

Strictly speaking students and teachers aren't supposed to see each other but we were together before she started school here and she didn't have any of my classes. It was finals week and I'd been busy not only preparing my own tests but helping her prepare for hers. I'd spoken to her teaches and gotten them to show me their tests with the promise I'd not show her, but it gave me an idea where to concentrate her studies. Besides she had no need to cheat as she's super smart.

Chrissy and I didn't have a normal husband/wife relationship. She was my slave. She had committed herself to her previous master a year before I'd met her. He was a jerk and started mistreating her as soon as she'd made herself his. I didn't like the guy but when I met his slave, and saw how he treated her I was determined to make her mine. I knew he liked my car, a 1984 Ferrari GTO but when I offered to trade he wouldn't. So at a party, after he got a little drunk while playing cards I got a good hand. He must've had something good as well because he kept raising. That led me to raise. Finally it was just him and I left. I offered my car for Chrissy. My hart thumped as I laid down my full house.

"Shit" he exclaimed as he showed 3 aces. At first Chrissy was apprehensive about me. She couldn't believe her master had bet her in poker and lost. She didn't know me but I hoped she'd like me. Rules were simple. She'd be naked at all times when at home, which she was used to, she'd do all the house work, and of course provide me with sex. I'd never had a sex slave before but I enjoyed it.

It soon became obvious that she was super smart. She had made herself Donnie's slave when she was 16 and he didn't let her finish high school. I decided that she would have to get her education so I helped her earn her GED. She struggled at first but with a combination of encouragements and spankings she was soon earning A's. It was hard at first. Her butt was so sore she had to wear loose skirts for the first month.

After she got the GED I got her enrolled into the college I work at. Her major was physics (my choice) and she struggled but I knew she could do it. My goal was to get her a PhD but she was still an undergrad.

Now she happily told me about her classes and how much she enjoyed them. Well she was going to start enjoying them a lot more if my plans worked out.

I parked my Ferrari in the faculty lot and we went our separate ways. Her round sexy ass looked great in those pants. I noticed the college boys checking her out. I'm not jealous. I just smiled to myself.

We met up for a light snack between first and second class. I made her drink 2 Cokes. I could tell she was feeling really jittery from all the caffeine but she'd never complain. She always did what I told her without question. I knew she must be feeling the need to pee but trusted me to let her go in a reasonable time. Normally she could hold it until after lunch but I knew today with all the extra caffeine she was drinking she'd have to go early. I pretended not to think of that as we kissed goodbye and I left to give my second final. She looked a little desperate but I knew she wouldn't ask to go unless it was an emergency. I wanted to make it an emergency.

Her next class was clear across campus from mine and she had a long final. We normally wouldn't see each other until lunch but as expected halfway through my final I got the text. "I need you. I have to pee right now." I ignored it. As expected 2 minutes later I got another text. "I REALLY REALLY have to go. Please help."

"Are you done with your final?" I texted back

"No but I have to go so bad. I can't wait any more."

"OK I'll come to you. Keep working on your test until I get there." I asked my TA to watch over the class. I grabbed my crutches and started on the long walk to Chrissy's class. Twice she texted, "Are you almost here?" I had to stop both times to reply. She was being naughty. I reminded her I was on crutches today and that I could not text and walk at the same time. I had to stop every time she sent me a text, read it then type a reply. I told her to concentrate on her test rather than her bladder.

I finally arrived, after taking a short detour to grab some chips and eat them. She was sitting in class holding herself with her left hand and writing with the right. She looked a little sweaty. I got her attention and she jumped up and nearly ran to me bent over. People noticed her holding her crotch. No one at school knew the nature of our relationship. Those who know we lived together assumed we were married, despite the fact I was about 15 years older than she was.

She seemed to be in a big hurry but I took my time. Again she behaved and didn't complain but I knew she was dying to tell me to hurry. She knew better than to tell me what to do.

We went to the faculty restroom on the third even though there were student restrooms on the first floor. It's hard to walk up stairs on crutches and I took my time. I knew the flood gates were going to open any second. I pretended to enter the wrong code to open the bathroom door twice while Chrissy danced. Then we went in. I bolted the door then started searching for my keys. When I told her I'd forgotten them she let started to cry. I saw the dark spot forming between her fingers. Just then I found the keys because I knew it was already too late.

She looked embarrassed about having to go back to class with wet pants so I decided to ease her mind. "Oh dear, we had an accident I see. Well let's get you cleaned up." I unlocked her pants and pulled them off. The crotch of her leotard shirt was see-through and I could see her dark pubic hair. I peeled off her leotard, wet a towel with a little soap and cleaned her all over. I could see she enjoyed it. Then I picked up her clothes and threw everything away.

"But I can't go to my classes naked!" She exclaimed. She looked worried.

"Well about 5 years ago a student sued the school and won. He was allowed to attend all his classes naked for 4 years. So there is a school rule on the books that allows you to go to class naked." I explained to her. She looked even more worried.

"Now you need a spanking for pulling me out of class and texting me over and over, so bend over." I wanted her butt bright red and I wanted everyone to see. Once her ass was bright red I slipped a finger between her legs. Yup, she was soaking wet. I could not believe how much she got off on being spanked. I've even made her cum just by spanking the crap out of her.

"If anyone asks why you're naked you're to tell them it's because you pissed yourself and you don't have any other clothes and it's ok for you to be naked on campus."

With that I took her back to finish her test and I started the long walk back to my own class.

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