The Apprentice
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jenny works hard for a degree so she can support herself and young daughter. Her eagerness and desparation to do well works against her as she becomes a hostage and sexually humiliated in front of huge black strangers.

Jenny was tens as she got ready to drive to the office. Her first assignment was very important to her and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Stephanie. Their futures depended on it. Ever since their divorce, Jenny had worked as a waitress at an all night diner, trying to make ends meet and take courses at the local University. She was now in her last semester, and one of the last requirements was an internship program. She had to get a job in an Architect's office for one semester and document what she had to do. She had worked summers for Higdon and Sink for several years now, so the internship was somewhat of a formality.

She had doing red-line, or pick-up work most of the time for the older architects. She was exceptionally good with AutoCADD, and Architectural Revit 3D, but was still a little green with the detailing aspect.

Jenny slid out from under the 1960 Volkswagen Beetle and yelled: "Try it again!" Stephanie made sure her mom was clear before pressing the clutch and starter button. The engine roared on the first try. The dual exhausts echoed a beautiful low reverberation like a Harley with their baffled ends which Stephanie had begged her mom to use instead of the old mufflers.

Jenny had to admit it was a nicer sound and a lot cheaper fix than replacing the German mufflers. Jenny took the coveralls off and flung them into the back seat, and threw the screwdriver back in the toolbox which was a permanent fixture in the old bug. Stephie inched it forward while her mother pulled the brick shocks from in front and back of two tires and threw them on the floorboards behind the front seat. Stephie scooted over and Jenny jumped in before it coasted very far.

"Are you going to need a ride home from school tonight after track practice?" she yelled out the open passenger window at her daughter. "No, Mom. I can catch a ride with Amy and her boyfriend today." Stephie yelled over her shoulder as she began a slow trot towards the front door of her school.

Jenny pulled out of the drive and headed towards the office. Today was a big day for her. She was in the middle of a new assignment.

The Mid Town area of Kansas City had been in decline for decades. Crime had been high and many of the buildings had been boarded up for years. Things had been changing. Lots of the Garment District had been converted to Condominiums, hotels, and boutique shops. The art students had transformed it into an area of growing popularity.

Jenny's boss had given her an assignment. An old apartment building had been boarded up for over thirty years. The old Jewish man who owned it was intrigued with the possibility of opening it up again; either as apartments, or condominiums. He had taken Jenny to the building and showed her how to get in. The doors and windows on the brick building on the first floor had been covered with plywood. He went up to the front door with her. He had a cordless drill with an 8mm socket.

There were two lag screws at the top, bottom and each side of each plywood panel on the doors and windows on the first floor. The two at the top and bottom were fake: with just the heads showing; but not actually going into the wood frame behind it. The two at each jamb were three inch lag screws that came out pretty quickly with the cordless drill.

Jenny's job was to take all the measurements of floor-to-floor heights, door and window openings to make new drawings for feasibility study. She had to show designs for condominiums, apartments, and an excel spreadsheet with costs, construction interest rates and vacancy rates. She was excited because she knew she could sell the ideas with her 3D drawings and walk-through animations.

Jenny was dressed in her high-heeled suede boots that zipped up the side; her form fitting black levis; a dark purple, oxford cloth dress shirt with a button down collar; and a thin leather sports jacket. Her long reddish brown hair was done in a French braid that went down her back almost to her waist. She needed the jacket for the pockets. She needed some scales, drafting pencils, sharpener, and eraser. She also had a black foam core board with several sheets of drafting paper clipped to them. Over her shoulder she had her laptop in a carrying case.

She would take a series of measurements, then add them to her computer drawing that she had started. She had already gone around the outside of the first floor showing overall length, width and location of all masonry openings. Today she had to get inside to show stair openings, floor to floor heights, sill heights and general finishes.

Jenny unscrewed the plywood over the front door and set it aside. She also had some large flashlights to see better. The rooms on the upper floors did not have their windows boarded up, so measuring there would be easier.

Jenny was stunned with the interior as she walked through the building. The building had evidently been an elegant hotel at one point; then turned into apartments. The front lobby / reception was covered with marble on the floors and walls. The columns, and walls were covered with intricate tooled carvings. It had truly been a lavish building in it's time.

Jenny noticed a barbeque grill in the middle of the lobby floor. At some time, homeless people had been in the building. Jenny went up the ornate staircase to the next level up. There was much more light. She walked down the corridor and peeked into the open doors.

One of the sinks had been lined with a plastic bag to hold water? She noticed a bedroom had lots of empty whisky bottles on a dresser. Down past another apartment she peeked in and noticed a large one-pound block of cheese. It had teeth marks in it but was not moldy. Jenny froze! She realized that people had been in there recently. She didn't know whether to run or stay.

Jenny was constantly fighting the perception that you cannot send a woman to do a man's job. She knew she could not go back and tell her boss that she was afraid to be there alone. Hesitantly, Jenny continued her reconnaissance mission to asses her safety before making a decision on whether to stay or not.

She went into another room; nothing there. When she came out, she sensed that she was not alone. Standing in the corridor, she had enough light to see that there were a couple of forms in front of her at the far end. She turned to run! It wouldn't work. At the far end in the opposite direction she could see a couple more huge figures in the dim light.

"Hello!" she said in a soft voice, trying vainly to sound confident. She could barely get the words out. "I'm sorry. I didn't know anybody was here. I will leave."

"Well, young lady, we can't really let you do that now that you're here; can we!" the biggest shadow in front of her said. In the dim light she saw a huge flash of light. As the man had approached her, he pushed the button on the 12" handle of a switch blade. It was turned sideways to her, so her mind saw the full 12" blade swing out in slow motion and click as it locked. It looked like a saber as it shown in the faint light. Jenny backed up as far against the wall as she could. She held the computer case in front of her for what little psychological protection it offered.

"P ... P ... P ... Please, please, please let me leave. I d ... d ... d ... don't want to be any trouble!" she stammered.

"What to do ... what to do... " the man murmured. "Let's go upstairs. There is more light there. The man extended his arm holding the switchblade, and used it to prod Jenny to turn towards the stairs. The shadows in front of her parted as she was guided down the corridor. Jenny started up the stairs towards the upper floor. The location of the blade changed its point of contact as she went up the stairs. It shifted from her waist, gradually down. He now had it between her legs at her crotch. The blade was down, but she couldn't tell. She could see the tip glimmering between her legs as she went up the stairs.

The situation seemed to be changing from life-threatening to one with sexual overtones. Either way, Jenny was terrified.

Fourteen steps later, they arrived at the top landing. It opened up to a marble duplicate of the first floor entry. There was a large oak picnic table, barbecue grille, several coolers and large leather couches. The windows were open and there was plenty of light. Jenny could see the windows of adjacent apartments across the courtyard. There were open windows with the drapes fluttering in the wind past flower boxes blooming with blue wave petunias and white pansies. Freedom and safety was so close, yet so far away.

"Well, young lady; tell us why you are here. You hardly seem to be here to buy or sell drugs. By the way you are dressed, I hardly think you are homeless; although that Volkswagen might make it believable.

Jenny explained that she was here to do drawings for changes in the building, and begged them again to release her.

The monster that had the switch blade was eventually identified as Marcel. He was at least six foot six inches tall, and had his head shaved. "I'm not sure how we can release you because we would have to give up this free housing which we have so diligently re-decorated." He said as he threw back his head while they all laughed.

"While we try to decide what to do with you, I think you should show how urgent you are to please us. What do you think?"

"W ... w ... w ... what ... what ... what do ... do ... you ... you ... want?" she asked, not really wanting an answer. "I think that you know exactly what you want. Don't you?" he smiled.

Jenny dropped to her knees and put her hands over her eyes and laid her face on her knees in the middle of the floor. "I can't do this" she whispered to herself. Without getting up or moving, she heard Marcel say: "Stand up!"

"I think you know how this starts. Hand me the bag." Jenny pulled the computer case strap over her shoulder and set it on the floor.

"The jacket."

Jenny was fighting with her emotions now. It wasn't about the jacket, she thought as she slid the leather outer garment over her shoulders and let it fall over the computer case.

"Next!" Jenny fought with herself. Slowly she reached for the "boy scout" buckle of her braided nylon belt. It had a brass clasp through which the belt ran. She opened the clasp. It was the only sound in the room as it clanked open and the belt slid through on its own. Jenny's face reddened as she reached up to undo the brass rivet snap holding the top of her levis together. The belt and snap were actually un-necessary as her slim athletic figure hardly needed them to keep the outfit together. Her countless hours of jogging and working at the restaurant hardly gave this forty-year-old goddess time to gain weight.

You could hear a pin drop as she grabbed the tab and lowered the zipper on her fly. Jenny was at a cross roads now. The jeans would have to come down. Slowly, reluctantly, the terrorized and humiliated mother reached her thumbs into the top of her jeans and worked them down her sides. Her French braid flipped down over her head, almost to the floor as she pushed the jeans down over the edge of her high-heeled boots. She had to bend down in order to get the garment around the ends of her heels. She used her heels to step on the cuffs to pull them off.

Jenny blushed as she was now bare below the long shirt tails of her dress shirt. Her long tanned legs shone in the medium afternoon light. She stood there, trembling, waiting for the next order.

"The shirt!" came the almost inaudible whisper from Marcel, who was mesmerized by her beauty.

Jenny could not hide the tears forming as she reached for the top button. Her fingers trembled as she fought to force the first button through the eyelet. She closed her eyes as she worked her way down the shirt. Finally, when she had finished with the buttons, she bowed her head in anguish as she clung desperately to the two sides of her shirt, procrastinating with what she knew she had to do.

"If you can't do it, I can cut it off of you. Then you won't have anything to wear home; if you get to go home."

A tear spilled from her cheek down to her breast as she arched her back to let the shirt slide over one shoulder; then the next. Jenny bowed her head again as she brought the tousled shirt over in front of her for cover. Marcel started to lean forward as though to take it from her. "No, no, I'll do it." She said as she slowly folded it and dropped it on top of her growing pile of clothes on the floor.

Jenny was standing there, now in her high heeled shoes and underclothes.

"We're waiting." Another voice snickered. Jenny's head bowed again as she crossed her hands in front of her for cover.

Her hair cascaded over her shoulder again as she bowed her head in order to reach up behind her for the clasp. The bra seemed to burst as the clasp opened. She was able to catch it between her ribcage and her arms so that it didn't fall off. She brought her hands around in front of her to cup herself and procrastinate the unveiling for a few more seconds.

"Give it to me!" Marcel whispered, in a threatening manner. Jenna walked the few steps over to him. She bowed her head in shame as she handed him the bra. Marcel placed the razor sharp point under her chin and used it to raise her head so their eyes met. He used the point again against her hands to force them away from her breasts. She stood there, looking Marcel in the eye with her hands to her sides.

Marcel looked down at her black lace panties. They were not thongs. They had a full panel in the back that covered her entire butt down to where her rear met the top of her legs. The front had only a small band that connected the front to the back. The high-waisted style only accented her incredibly long legs further. Marcel stuck the point between her skin and the edge of the panties. The knife went through the thin flimsy fabric like a razor through butter. Her panty fluttered down to the floor like a leaf in the fall breeze.

Jenny trembled at her feelings of nakedness and humiliation.

Marcel and the others starred, dumfounded. They had not really seen a white woman with pink nipples as long as hers. They were at least 3/8" of an inch long. Her breasts were melon in shape and size. They seemed to stick out almost sideways, at about a 45% angle. There was no sag to them. With most of her body tanned to a medium bronze, her alabaster white breasts and vulva were even further accented by the sun. Jenny's vulva was shaved to a "runway" strip above her slit. The rest of her was bare. This was her lone secret of sexuality. This was her only venture of any erotic nature. Now it was out there for strangers to see and jeer.

Instead, the men were stunned with her beauty. Her high heels thrust her body in a manner that had them transfixed. Jenny struggled in her humiliation to meet Marcel's eye contact and not hide herself.

Marcel reached out with one finger and raised it to the bottom of one of her nipples. He wasn't trying to be rude. He wasn't trying to degrade her. He was transfixed by her physique. He caressed her nipple. Jenny recoiled in shock, knowing subconsciously this would be coming. She fought to regain what little self control she had. Her nipples reverberated like manometers to reflect her sudden movements.

Marcel shifted his attention to her vulva. Her pubic hair was so soft and downy, like the fine hair on a newborn baby. It was darker in the center, but fading to a lighter texture and color on the edges where she had been keeping it trimmed. There was no hair or stubble from her slit down. The skin was soft and tender around her pouty lips. Her clit looked like a miniature penis that protruded slightly. Her nudity was beyond fascinating to these homeless behemoths.

Marcel reached out again with the point of his knife. He used it to reach around to the back of her left hand. He guided it up to his belt buckle. She looked into his eyes questioningly. He looked down at his own fly. She still wasn't sure what he wanted; didn't want to know what she thought he wanted. He stuck the point on her elbow. She seemed to understand he was forcing her hand down the front of his jeans.

Jenny blanched with the realization of what he was making her do. Slowly, she forced her hand down the front of his pants. It didn't go more than an inch or two until she felt something gigantic. His partial erection had been forced by his underwear tight against him so that it had almost reached his belt. Her mind recoiled at the realization of what she had found. Her fingers seemed to go numb; neither searching nor responding to what she had found. She stopped, not knowing what he wanted her to do.

Since she was unwilling to fondle him, he used the knife point to guide her hand out of his waistband.

"Undo me!" he whispered as they were locked in eye contact. Jenny blanched again at the command.

She brought her other hand up to open his top button. He had no belt. The sound of the snap sounded like a clap of thunder to her. It wasn't the action so much as the implication of what was to come afterwards. She looked down at his pants then back up to him, then back down to the zipper. She pulled the tab up and opened his fly.

Marcel grabbed her hands and guided them to the sides of his jeans. She had her thumbs into his waistband. She felt his hands on her shoulders forcing her down. She struggled to lower herself to her knees with her thumbs in his waistband. Resigned with the sequence of events, she didn't really need to be told as she looked up into his gaze looking for sympathy that would not come.

Jenny tugged slightly on the jeans as they lowered without much effort from her. He had no underwear. As the jeans cleared his black phallus, it seemed to explode into view. Even though it was only partially erect for him, it smacked her in the face and she almost fell over backward at the shock of making contact with this huge, black, throbbing member.

Jenny managed to recover and used the back of her forearm to wipe off the traces of their contact from her cheek. She was on her knees, somewhat sideways to him with one hand on the floor looking up at him, imploring him with her eyes to end this humiliation.

Marcel stuck the shaft of his knife through the braid close to the back of her head and used it to guide her back to an upright position in front of his blazing erection. Jenny didn't know what to do with her hands. She crossed them in front of her breasts.

"You're going to fuck everybody here, so you better get used to it. For starters, you can suck me off first. The more you cooperate, the better it will go for you. We'll let you decide what order you will do us in. If you are good enough, you may have some say in what you do. You can fuck, suck or get corn-holed; but you will have to do a pretty good job for us to let you make the decision."

The Goosebumps didn't show, but they swept across her like a spring breeze fluttering a field of daffodils. At her age, Jenny could probably accept an unavoidable rape from a stranger if there was no pain involved. She might be able to recover; but this was something that seemed unthinkable to her. She thought back about how her ex-husband and dates during her teenage years had tried to coerce her through the years. She had been brought up to think this was unthinkable. Now it was about to become a reality.

Not quite knowing how to start, Jenny looked away. She looked past the smirks outlined against the silhouettes in the windows. She looked at the curtains blowing through the windows of the apartments opposite them in the bright sun; so close, yet so far away.

Without looking, she brought her left hand up, searching for the obscene creeping salamander that had been dancing in front of her. She slid her left hand up his leg until she found the base of it. She wrapped her index finger and thumb as far as she could, around it. It wouldn't fit within her hand. Her curiosity caused her to raise the remainder of her fingers on that hand to gauge exactly how big it was. She still could not get her hand around it. It throbbed up and down she could feel his pulse through the blood pounding through it. She still had her right hand braced against her right thigh, trying to keep some distance from it.

Marcel shifted his knife to his left hand. He used the point against her nose to draw her closer. As she leaned in, her left cheek brushed his tip and sent shock waves through her.

Jenny closed her eyes. She could not bear to look at it. She used her left hand, braced around his shaft for support. She brushed the side of her face against the tip. She touched it with her ear, and turned her head so it brushed the side of her face, from her left ear to the left side of her lips. Back and forth a few times she went, trying to accustom her mind to what she had to do.

"I'm tired of waiting." Marcel said as the others chuckled.

Jenny leaned forward and kissed him softly on the opening and then looked up to meet his gaze, hoping that would do it. His glare told her otherwise. The tears down her face were increasing now. There was little holding them back. Her despair about what she had to do was about to kill her.

She wagged it slowly from one side to the other, examining the bulging veins. Each time she moved it, it seemed to uncoil an inch or so. "This is going to hurt!" she thought. Maybe she could bring him off first. She squeezed and pulled her circle of fingers from the base up towards the crown. The motion milked a slight gob of white out the end. She looked from the gob, inches from her lips up to meet his eyes and then back down. Reluctantly, Jenna leaned forward again, and kissed the tip as she sucked the small gob into her. She tried not to gag.

Jenny knew she was probably going to get rapped. She was probably going to take these huge baseball bats up her butt. They could tear her or get her pregnant. She hadn't been on the pill for years. She would have to give them the time of their lives at one of the most heinous acts she could think of.

She straightened it up and laid it against his abdomen. She leaned forward to smell it. She rubbed her nose against it from the base to the bottom of the crown. The skin was as soft as a baby's bottom. How this huge, muscled black man that rippled with muscle could have such soft skin in one spot, she wondered. She stuck her tongue out, flattened it and used it to explore and examine the length of his shaft. It continued to grow.

Reluctantly, Jenna straightened it out to point straight at her. By now, she was able to place one hand in front of the other and still not cover the crown. She placed her forehead against the crown, steadying herself for what she knew she had to do. She thought about the giggling conversations she had been a part of as that teenager so long ago. She looked up again at him as she kissed the tip. She opened her mouth enough to feel the opening against the tip of her tongue. She began stroking the soft tight skin back and forth between the hand at the base of his shaft and the crown within her lips.

Beneath cover of her lips she slowly bit down on the very end with her teeth; slowly, but firmly on the tip; not savagely; yet hard enough to be painful; in a slow and increasingly solid "squeeze" that was enough to send shockwaves all the way up his spine. It wasn't so much the pain, but the Idea that she was biting him with her teeth that electrified him. He didn't know if he was in pain or ecstasy! He couldn't take it, but wasn't about to ask her to stop!

Slowly, inching her way up from the tip towards the middle of his shaft, she continued the biting stimulation, moving about 1/8" at a time towards the edge of his crown; then slowly back to the tip. Marcel, this incredibly huge and muscular grown man, was bucking, and flopping.

The spacing of the bites got farther apart once she passed the head, but she bit down with increasing force. Once her lips has gone past the edge of his crown was all she could get in her mouth, she stopped the biting. She then used her lips and tongue to soften the pain and change to a different stimulation. At that point, she held it there, and didn't move. She kept her warm lips and tongue wrapped around him and stayed motionless. It throbbed and bucked like it was trying to escape. The change in stimulation was an exciting reprieve to the biting, and clamping foreplay of her teeth. Marcel was shaking like a man in hypothermia.

She felt his hands at the back of her head start to press. She felt his body tighten and shudder. She looked up to see his head go back. His body was telegraphing what was about to happen. Jenna tightened her thumbs against the canal along the bottom of his shaft and was able to trap the stream of fluid before it shot into her mouth. He groaned and shook in spasms. As the spasms started to subside, Jenny was able to accept the fluid into her mouth in small increments that she could swallow. She fought the urge to gag as the steaming hot fluid shot into her mouth. She used her right hand to "milk" the rest of it out of him. She kissed the tip and used her tongue to lather and sooth the disappearing black salamander as it seemed to withdraw from her grip.

Jenny looked up at him to see if her performance had met with his approval. His eyes were closed. He was drained. No thanks; no chastisement; no reaction. His hands moved from the back of her head to caress the side of her face affectionately. He pulled her head against his abdomen. She turned her head as they embraced with her cheek against his abdomen. They held their position for several minutes.

Marcel got dressed. Somebody else came over with a smooth white nylon cord about a half inch wide and twenty feet long. He tied one end around her arm above the elbow. He wrapped the rest of the rope in neat overlapping loops around her arms above the elbow. He took the end and tied it in a square knot around her arm. The loops were not tight, but had the cumulative effect of pulling her arms back behind her back and causing her already perky breasts to rise even farther. Her long pink nipples rose erotically to point up even higher. It was an erotic sight.

Jenny was so overcome with humiliation at what she had been forced to do in front of these men, she collapsed so that her head and face rested against her knees with her ankles splayed out on each side of her butt.

She was not aware of the men going through her purse. She was not aware that they had found her driver's license with home address. She was not aware that they had found her cell phone and sent a text message to the beautiful young girl in her address book.

"Stephie, honey, I am going to need some help this afternoon with my measuring. I have sent a young man from our office to pick you up after track practice. He will bring you her to help me do some measuring on this project. I will make sure you get that new prom dress you want for next week." Was the message Stephanie got when she turned on her phone after school.

She was standing by the front entrance of the school, with her MP3 on, chewing gum, and texting some of her friends that she would be going to the prom after all, and with the greatest dress they had ever seen. Stephanie hoped into the old Volkswagen, hardly looking up at the huge black man who was driving her mother's car.

He couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance this lithe, gangly fourteen-year-old girl with reddish brown hair had with her mother. The suede high-heeled boots, the skin-tight blue denim shorts that were cut so short that the pockets stuck out through the bottoms, and the melon shaped braless breasts that pressed against the snug tube top gave a hint of what was in store for them that afternoon...

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