They came with plenty of warning, it was a shame that none of it reached the public. When they came mankind had no defense, no power to stop it, not even a chance to run. We were like rats trapped on our own ball of dirt.

NASA knew about it. The Russians saw it too. And the French saw it first. They were just beyond the orbit of Pluto, hiding behind the planetoid that got knocked off the list of planets. They knew about it two years before they struck, yet they never saw fit to tell us. They said it would create mass panic and widespread hysteria. The supposedly smart guys in the government didn't think of what would happen when they finally arrived.

It was an invasion without contest. They were superior in every way compared to us. Their fighters could outrun any of our advanced fighters, and even the American F/A 22, supposedly the best mass-produced fighter jets in existence, failed to win against the mass of the enemy's fighters. Their ground troops wore armour that was impervious to our weapons. Even a full clip of 5.56 mm rifle bullets emptied at point blank range failed to punch through their personal armour, much less wound them.

And their ships! Even the smallest of their ships, barely 100m long, were able to destroy our seafaring ships with twice its length in just two shots. Their mothership, the largest construct the human world had ever seen, was over 50 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. It would have been an awe-inspiring sight, if men, women and children weren't running away from alien bombardment of their neighbourhoods.

Missiles were launched. They were shot down before they even reached the mothership in orbit. Shuttles were flown, but none could even get close. Mankind finally understood.

We are weak.

It is now 2023, seven months after the alien's invasion of our beautiful Earth. Four months ago, after suffering three long months of continues defeat, the governments of our world lay in ashes.

We have lost the war.

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