Jenna's Double Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Wimp Husband, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jenna is forced to go undercover for her husband's job. She is subjected to humiliate herself to gain the confidence of drug dealers.

Jenna was apprehensive. She wasn't quite sure what she was really doing. Her husband was a DEA investigator. He had been doing undercover work for many years. He was gone for long periods of time and they were often unable to contact each other because of his work. He had struggled for some years as an undercover agent. He had made a number of arrests, but each time they would have to move to another city. It was like being in the witness program. He had seldom made a drug bust that was big enough to cover all the surveillance expenses.

Jenna's husband, Joe, came home with a troubled look. "What's wrong honey?" she asked as she brought the spaghetti and meat balls over to the table.

"We can discuss it a little more after dinner, while Stephanie is doing her homework." Joe replied. Jenna sat down and gave him a litany of events that had taken place during the day. She had planted some more grass in the areas of the back yard that looked thin. She had bought some new and interesting Hostas along the north side of the house. These Hostas were quite different than the ordinary shade plants. The "Empress Wu" plants were gigantic, with a leaf that would be two feet wide, compared to the normal leaves about 3" wide.

Jenna told about how she had gone to pick up Stephanie after track practice and had to wait because she had not come right out. They had been bickering about Stephanie not being on time.

Once Stephanie had gone up to her room to do her homework after dinner, Jenna sat down at the dinner table to see what was going on. Joe was hesitant to explain the situation he was in.

"I have been investigating a couple of men we think are from the Calli Drug Cartel in Columbia. They are trying to find a new source for money laundering. We feel they are selling tons of drugs in this country and are struggling for a new way to get the money out of the country."

"So why are you so upset?" She asked.

"We need to set up an undercover money laundering operation. All of our current DEA agents have arrested somebody in the past six months or so. They are pretty much compromised. We need somebody else on the team they haven't seen before. We were wondering whether we could get you to do it?"

Jenna wasn't that excited about the idea of working around drug dealers, but knew her husband needed some help. He was on shaky ground with his supervisors because many of his recent busts had not netted very much money or drugs. Having to relocate him each time had also been expensive for the agency.

"What choice do I have? What do you want me to do?" she sighed.

"We are going to set up an office, get you a nice car and a nice condo. It is very dangerous work. I am the one who will put them in contact with you. You are to take their money and put it in different banks where it can be wire-transferred to overseas accounts. We will work it out with the banks so they don't ask any questions."

Within a week or so, Jenna had been instructed about what to do, how to do it, and set up with an unbelievable cover. She had a huge office near the top of the John Hancock building in downtown Boston. They had remodeled a condo for her. It was the end of a row house. They had remodeled four townhouses so that they were actually one unit. It had a drive-out basement. This meant that there were four different garages and four different units that she could enter and leave by another exit with a different car. She could walk into one unit or park in front of it, and drive out through a different garage with another car. Likewise, other agents could monitor her movements and be in an adjacent unit.

Finally, her husband, Joe, let her know that she would be making her first contact. The first contact was Carlos, who they felt was one of the lower level Cali drug money managers. They were trying to recover from a recent disaster in New York. One of their carriers had been trying to launder money with a stock broker, who turned out to be a DEA agent. Everybody had been arrested. Carlos was trying to start the same setup in Boston.

Joe was taking her to a restaurant at a five-star –hotel. From there, they would go up to his suite and discuss their business. Carlos had never met Jenna, and was paranoid with his last experience in New York. Joe told her to dress up enough to impress him. Joe had laid out an outfit for her.

Jenna took a shower and went to their bedroom. On the bed she found a grey silk dress; grey, suede high-heeled boots, and grey ribbed silk stockings. There was no bra or panties. Jenna wasn't sure now who her adversary was now; her husband, Joe, or this drug dealer, Carlos.

Very reluctantly, Jenna slipped into her clothes and came downstairs. Her silk dress buttoned all the way down the front and fit like a glove. It wasn't so tight that it had stretch marks. Instead, it looked like it had been tailored to fit every crease and bulge in her body. Her long pink nipples strained against the thin fabric and left little to the imagination. Her lack of panties kept her from having any panty lines. The hem of her dress came to the bottom of her thumbs, but the silk stocking kept the short dress from revealing any skin as long as she was standing. Sitting down would be a real challenge. Her long tanned arms shimmered in the light. Jenny's long reddish brown permed hair cascaded down her back to her waist. Her daughter had braided a couple of small braids, starting at her temples, and pulled them back to hold the rest of her hair away from her face. Jenna's frameless glasses gave her the studious look of a sexy accountant. She had to admit that under any other circumstance, it would be a stunning outfit. She just didn't think that it was appropriate for her husband to choose this outfit for a visit with a drug dealer.

Joe escorted her out to her new car. It was a 1994 Singer Porsche 911S. The Singer Porsche is a 911 or 964 that is disassembled, and rebuilt with a bigger aluminum engine and frame, taking a substantial amount of weight out of it and adding quite a bit of horsepower to it. The body was almost all carbon fiber with aluminum fittings for attachments. It had been further modified to be a mid-engine car. The wheel wells had been modified to accommodate much wider tires. The "bug-eye" headlights had been removed and recessed like the racing models. The mufflers had been removed, and baffles installed. It now sounded fairly quiet, but seemed to have an echo like it was being run in an empty concrete basement. This was much more believable of somebody who was a successful person in the drug business.

Joe escorted Jenna around to the driver's seat and opened the door. Jenna was not sure what to do, but got in. Joe went around to the passenger side and got in. Joe turned in the seat to help her buckle up into the five-point safety harness. The seat belt strapped around her waist, then back up to the roll bar above her. The last strap came up from under the front of the seat, between her legs and attached to the center of the seat belt around her waist. Joe had to unbutton her dress almost to the crotch in order to get the seat belt buckled. Joe set the GPS for the hotel and they headed out. At the first stoplight, he showed jenny how to turn the two handles on the windshield in order to remove the targa top. They folded it up and set it in the back.

A large four-wheeled pickup truck pulled up beside them and the young boys inside ogled the middle-aged woman in the driver's seat. The exhaust echoed off of the masonry buildings on each side of them. Jenna was unable to cover her long legs because of the seat belts and the position of her feet on the clutch and gas pedals. When the light turned green, she floored the guard's red sports car and they were soon out of sight.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Carlos was waiting at the curb. He walked around to help Jenna out. There was no way to offer much modesty when she tried to get out. She nervously struggled with the seat belt, trying to get it loose. Carlos had opened the door, noticed her struggle, and leaned over. He put his right hand under the junction of the clasps, and against her crotch. His left hand reached forward to undo the belt between her legs. In order to free the clasp, he pretty much had his hand between her legs and almost to her crotch. It was an innocent but erotic moment for him.

Carlos held out his hand. Jenna swiveled her legs up over the edge of the car, and out. Carlos tugged on her hand so she could stand. When she reached a standing position, they pretty much had their arms around each other, putting Jenna in a somewhat awkward position. Joe had come around the car and was introducing them to each other in an almost useless and too-late exercise of formality. Jenna had her head turned sideways to avoid his closeness.

Jenna walked into the restaurant with the two men at each side of her. The evening went well enough. Jenna and Carlos were able to gain a certain amount of comfort with each other. After supper, Carlos suggested that they go up to his suite to discuss business.

The three of them boarded the elevator to go up to Carlos' room. The tension began to build. Jenna could not acknowledge that Joe was her husband. She could not lean on him for support in her time of apprehension. He was now just a fellow associate of Carlos'. Jenny was forcing a smile and casual conversation as much as she could, trying to gain his confidence. Everything depended upon it.

Jenna's high heels clip-clopped down the honed sandstone tiles to his room. The credit card access key clicked and winked a knowing green as they entered the suite. Once they got inside, Carlos invited them to sit on the couch. He went into the kitchen and poured everybody some drinks. After serving them, he sat down in a large leather upholstered recliner opposite Jenna. Joe was on another chair between them in front of the balcony.

Carlos was comfortable with Joe, because they had been together often. "O.K. young lady. You are going to have to remove your clothes." Jenna froze. Her face turned white, but she struggled to not appear panicked.

"Why are you asking me to do this, Carlos?"

"I don't know you young lady. We have had big problems with the DEA before. Lots of people have gone to jail. I need to be sure that you do not have any recording devices on you." You don't have to do this if you don't want to, but without being perfectly sure, I will not deal with you. You can leave right now.

Jenna looked over at her husband. This was not a scenario that they had discussed. Joe could have seen this coming, but if he had discussed it with Jenna, he knew she would not have gone through with her part. Now their lives depended upon her cooperating. He knew she would not let them down.

He was determined not to give himself away by showing any concern for her. Jenna knew that Joe needed this plan to succeed, and she knew she could not afford to be the problem. Maybe this would be all that was expected; like a doctor's visit; nothing more. No wires; no problem. Once she got down to her panties and bra, it would be obvious she had no recording devices. Suddenly, Jenna panicked. She just realized that she had not put on any panties or bra! Her face was turning red. She forced herself to take several long deep breaths to conceal her panic.

Jenna went over to him and handed him her purse. He went through it and didn't see anything obvious. Jenna returned to her seat and sat, uncertain how to procrastinate this situation.

"Stand up. You look magnificent. Joe and I want to enjoy this. Don't we Joe?" he said, pausing to turn and smile in Joe's direction.

Jenna stood. Knowing she had few options, she slowly reached down for the hem. She brought it up and started unbuttoning the dress. As she freed each button, she exposed more and more of her shapely legs. Each time she opened one button, her hands moved up the dress a few inches. She managed to keep the sides together as she unbuttoned it past her bare vagina. Soon the bare bronzed flesh of her abdomen glimmered below her hands. Jenna could not bear to finish as she vainly tried to use her elbows to keep the sides together as she struggled with the last buttons. Once done, she stood there without moving, desperately trying to keep the sides together.

"We're waiting!" the voice in front of her whispered.

Knowing she had no choice, Jenna peeled the dress over one shoulder. One of her long pink nipples popped into view, followed by the other. Jenna brought the dress around in front of her to cover her breasts.

"As you can see, there are no wires or recording devices." Jenna whispered, trying to sound confident.

"You're not done." He said as their eyes met. He held out his hand with his palm up. Jenna stepped forward and handed the dress to him. She held her hands crossed in front of her breasts.


Jenna raised one knee and unzipped the boot. She was able to stand on one foot as she removed the other boot. Jenna raised the other foot, unzipped it and removed it while holding eye contact with Carlos. She tried valiantly to appear defiant in order to mask the terror and humiliation within her.

Carlos continued to glare at her. Without any words spoken, she knew he expected her to continue. Without looking at Joe, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her silk hose, and slid them down her slender bronzed hips and legs. When her reddish blond bush came into view, she felt the cool air-conditioning air on her exposed love center.

Jenna had shaved the top of her pubic area into a "landing strip" configuration. The rest of her labia were totally bare. The alabaster white of her pouty lips were framed beautifully by her bronzed legs and rippling abdominal muscles. She dared not cry or otherwise show any vulnerability.

"Come here." He whispered, almost hypnotized by her beauty.

Reluctantly, Jenna walked towards him. Carlos held out his hand. He grasped hers and used it to turn her around.

"Bend over." Jenna's face reddened as she put her hands on her knees and bent at the waist.

"Put your hands on the ground!" She leaned over and did as ordered.

"Spread your legs further!"

Jenna was fighting tears now as she widened her stance. She felt his fingers on her. She felt his fingers enter her. His fingers were calloused and rough. They felt bigger than her husband's. From her position, she was able to make eye contact with her husband. Her eyes pleaded for mercy or some sign of compassion from him. Since he was facing Carlos, he gave no sign of pity or recognition to her.

"You can turn around now." Carlos sighed. I am confident you have no recording or listening devices, but how do I know you're not a cop?

With her head down and her hair falling down around her face, "I can assure you I am not a cop." She replied, as she raised her head to look squarely at him and brush her hair back over her shoulder in a defiant manner.

"How can I be sure?" he said, glancing both at her then over at Joe.

I know. "You can suck my dick!" Carlos knew that a police officer could not coerce people with sex, and felt he would be safe if she complied.

Jenna looked up at him as their eyes met. Jenna forced a smile. In her most seductive voice, she said: "I can assure you I am not a cop."

"Prove it."

Jenna closed her eyes, fighting for time to measure her options. She had to assure him that she was an ally. She was humiliated to know that her husband was in the same room watching. What was she to do? She knew she dared not look over at Joe for fear Carlos might recognize some sort of relationship between them. She had no choice.

Jenna leaned forward. She reached for the man's buckle and opened it. She unsnapped the brass button behind it. Slowly she unzipped his fly. The man put his thumbs in his waistband and slid his slacks and underwear down past his knees.

Jenna leaned forward a little more. She had to adjust her seating position by moving forward. She reached up with her left hand and wrapped her index finger and thumb around the base. They wouldn't fit all the way around. Not wanting to really touch him, she used the end of her index finger and thumb to make contact. Without moving, she used the contact to get her mind adjusted to what she had to do.

Jenn slowly wagged the monster from side to side. With each movement, the thing slowly jerked forward, slowly increasing its length. It got heavier and heavier. Jenna leaned forward, but turned her head sideways, unable to open her eyes to look at it. She could tell by the heat and the touch of her left hand, where it was.

She lifted it straight up against his abdomen. She leaned forward and rubbed her cheek against the underside of it. She kept the side of her cheek against it without moving for quite a while, trying to wrap her mind around the indignity and humiliation of performing in front of her husband.

Jenna allowed him to place her left hand around the base of his shaft. She braced herself with her right forearm against his left thigh. She looked up at him for some sign of assurance; then back down at the thing in front of her. She squeezed her fingers around it. She wagged it slowly from one side to the other, examining the bulging veins. Each time she moved it, it seemed to uncoil an inch or so. "This is going to hurt!" she thought. Maybe she could bring him off first. She squeezed and pulled her circle of fingers from the base up towards the crown. The motion milked a slight gob of white out the end. She looked from the gob, inches from her lips up to meet his eyes and then back down. Reluctantly, Jenna leaned forward and kissed the tip as she sucked the small gob into her. She tried not to gag.

She straightened it up and laid it against his abdomen. She leaned forward to smell it. She rubbed her nose against it from the base to the bottom of the crown. The skin was as soft as a baby's bottom. How this huge, muscled black man that rippled with muscle could have such soft skin in one spot, she wondered. She stuck her tongue out, flattened it and used it to explore and examine the length of his shaft. It continued to grow.

Reluctantly, Jenna straightened it out to point straight at her. By now, she was able to place one hand in front of the other and still not cover the crown. She placed her forehead against the crown, steadying herself for what she knew she had to do. She thought about the giggling conversations she had been a part of as that teenager so long ago. She looked up again at him as she kissed the tip. She opened her mouth enough to feel the opening against the tip of her tongue. She began stroking the soft tight skin back and forth between the hand at the base of his shaft and the crown within her lips.

She felt his hands at the back of her head start to press. She felt his body tighten and shudder. She looked up to see his head go back. His body was telegraphing what was about to happen. Jenna tightened her thumbs against the canal along the bottom of his shaft and was able to trap the stream of fluid before it shot into her mouth. He groaned and shook in spasms. As the spasms started to subside, Jenna was able to accept the fluid into her mouth in small increments that she could swallow. She fought the urge to gag as the steaming hot fluid shot into her mouth. She used her right hand to "milk" the rest of it out of him. She kissed the tip and used her tongue to lather and sooth the disappearing black salamander as it seemed to withdraw from her grip.

Jenna looked up at him to see if her performance had met with his approval. His eyes were closed. He was drained. No thanks; no chastisement; no reaction. His hands moved from the back of her head to caress the side of her face affectionately. He pulled her head against his abdomen. Jenna turned her head as they embraced with her cheek against his abdomen. They held their position for several minutes.

"That was great. I am sure now, that you are not a cop. On the other hand, I have other partners. They may need convincing also. It will be up to you. There will be lots of money that will have to be laundered. You will be getting a good commission. I think we will work well together."

Carlos went over to the closet. He opened the door and pulled out a medium sized soft nylon travel suitcase that had lots of emblems of different countries on it. He zipped it open and sat down to count it with Jenna. Jenna put her clothes back on and sat down to check the amounts. There was over $500,000.00 in $100 bills. He made Jenna count it again.

Jenna explained to him how she would deposit it in a bank that she had a good relationship with. The money would be wired to several accounts that Carlos had identified. They were to skip around through several different banks in different countries before going into some Swiss bank accounts. From there, Carlos or his associates could move it undetected.

Joe picked up the bag and carried it out to the car. The men helped Jenna back into the car. Joe and Carlos left together, and Jenna took the money to the bank. This was the first of many transactions Jenna made with Carlos, and many others. She flew from Boston, to New York, to Miami, Paris, Barcelona and a number of other countries to keep people from following her and tracing the money from a single bank.

All the time, Jenna was being followed by Joe's associates and the bank records recorded.

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