James 2.0
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Superhero, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Size, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Transformation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - If you are thinking 'Jake 2.0', you're not far wrong. Except this guy has nothing to do with any government, and would prefer for it to stay that way. He's gained great power, and now he has to learn to use it responsibly. All choices and actions have consequences, but he'll learn the temptation that comes with great power is only part of the equation. The future of the world is at stake, and for once one man CAN make a difference. But will he make choices for the good of Earth, or himself?

James wasn't an especially unusual kid. He wasn't ugly, and he wasn't really handsome either. He was rather plain in most respects. He definitely fell into the geek category, though, but he didn't stand out so much that he got bothered much about it at school, even though he clearly hung out with that crowd. He lived a strange existence of being known yet basically ignored by the popular crowd. Plenty of people at his school knew him by name, even though he had no idea who they were. He just smiled, said "Hi," and moved along.

Only on rare occasions would he actually get bothered by someone, and even then it didn't last long. It was as though the bullies could never really find enough motivation for themselves to pay him much mind, or when they did, to sustain it. Given how James saw the other nerds and geeks were often treated, he just kept quiet and thanked his lucky stars that he somehow seemed to navigate around most trouble. Still, he did find it rather curious. He supposed it was because he was a generally friendly person, that didn't really try to stand out. Perhaps the other geeks and nerds somehow invited attention to themselves that allowed James to fly under the radar. Maybe. In the end, it was a moot point anyways.

It was the back end of summer break and on a Saturday to boot, and James found himself in the backyard. He really wasn't doing anything, just sitting in the shade and mostly daydreaming. It was an exercise of the truly bored, and he was looking for shapes in the clouds. His younger sister was visiting with her friends a few houses away, but James didn't really have any friends nearby his home so he was sitting in the backyard by himself, doing nothing. It was during this important exercise of mental challenges that he saw the thing that literally altered the course of his life. It appeared to be a meteor streaking through the sky right overhead, which then crashed in a wooded area only a half dozen blocks away from his house. Since he clearly had nothing better to do, he quickly jumped on his bike and rode to the wooded area.

As he biked to the area he thought it might be cool to bring a meteor to school to show off. It would definitely make him the center of attention for the nerds and geeks at his school, at least for a little while. That was the most he really expected to get out of going through the trouble of finding the crater site. Maybe, just maybe, if he was really lucky, he could perhaps sell the meteor to a museum or something. James never really had any money, as his family was on the underside of the middle class. His family wasn't trailer park poor, but not too far from it either. Every now and then his mother would give him some money for mowing the lawn or something, but mostly he just did such chores because he was told to do them, and to stay out of trouble. He usually tried to save a little, and used the rest for some snacks or some item of interests at the store.

If he was really, really lucky, maybe he could sell the meteor for enough to start a college fund or something. He doubted it. He'd probably have to go into the military like his dad had done if he wanted to pay for college. Of course, his dad never got the chance to go anyways. His dad had died overseas, because he'd been at the wrong place at the wrong time. It had been an attack on U.S. military personnel, a bombing of an enlisted club. His dad was one of the victims, killed while enjoying his down time. James shook his head to clear away such thoughts. He didn't like to think about it, because if he focused on it too long he'd break into tears. He had been 2 years old when his dad died, and it bothered him that he never got the chance to know him. He shook his head again, changing his train of thought back to the meteor.

James reached the wooded area and got off of his bike, and pushed it just inside the woods to keep it out of sight while he looked for the crater. Fortunately he didn't have far to go and found the crater pretty quickly. It wasn't really what he had expected. He had expected a chunk of charred rock or something, not what he saw. It looked like some sort of metallic egg shape, with a bit of carbon scoring, probably from the burn during atmospheric entry, he guessed. He slowly got closer to it, putting his hand out towards the object feeling for signs of heat. Oddly there didn't seem to be any, but he still wasn't willing to touch it just yet. Instead he just moved his hand around the surface of the metal egg shaped meteor, keeping his hand just barely away from touching it.

Suddenly, a perfectly circular hole appeared, as though a piece of the shell had fallen inwards. James slowly pulled his hand away, but as he did a metallic liquid streamed out of the egg and literally jumped through the air and attached itself to his hand and arm. James panicked, but before he could even scream the metal liquid unattached itself from the egg and began to cover his body. James would have screamed, but it was cold like ice as it covered his skin, causing him to breathe in sharply. Then as suddenly as it appeared, the liquid seemed to be absorbed by his skin like water filling a sponge. He was stunned speechless and began feeling himself all over his body. He didn't feel anything, though, he didn't even feel sick or different. It was like he had just imagined it all. He quickly looked at the metal egg meteor and saw that the hole was gone. It was as if it had never been.

Sometimes what seemed like a good idea at the time turns out to be something you wished you'd never considered. That was how James was feeling. He decided that whatever had just happened, he'd rather just forget about it. "Screw it," he thought. He didn't need to be popular, he'd rather just avoid getting killed or something. James ran back to his bike and quickly rode home, intent on forgetting the whole thing as a bad daydream. Whatever his intent, he felt the need to wash himself clean. He went inside and took a cold shower, letting the stream of water massage his stress away. In the shower James repeated to himself, "It was just my imagination, it didn't really happen." He hoped it was true.

The fact that the rest of the day went by in such an unextraordinary fashion helped him to convince himself that it was just a bad dream, and to ignore that it had ever happened at all. He had dinner with his sister and tried to pretend it was just another boring day. When he went to bed that night his dreams were ... interesting. His mother, April, really didn't give her kids much supervision, as she worked 60 hours a week to make ends meet, so mostly James was allowed to do what he wanted. He was often on the computer looking at porn, reading erotic stories, and basically jacking off over it. It wasn't unusual for him to have erotic dreams, but that night those dreams seemed more intense than usual.

James woke up the next morning with a serious erection. He'd woken up that way before, so at first he wasn't really concerned about it. Until he actually saw his erection, that is. He'd often fantasized about having a long thick cock, and a large pair of balls to go with them. Seeing it in reality left him in a state of shock. He couldn't believe it, even though he kept feeling it and jacking it. It felt really, really good. He just had to still be dreaming. Didn't he? One thing didn't feel like a dream though; his boxers were too tight.

This new monster cock felt really good, and it demanded that he jack it off immediately. Pre-cum was oozing from the slit at the end of his cock, giving him plenty of lubrication. He had to use both hands to jack off, and the sensation was more intense than he'd ever felt before. It wasn't long before he fired off a dozen or so thick white streams of jizz that landed on the wall on the other side of his room. Again James was stunned, that couldn't really happen! That only happened in cheesy, clearly fake, erotic stories. Yet the big mess on his wall seemed to indicate that it clearly was possible. Until that very morning James' biggest orgasm had been only a few relatively small squirts of jizz. Now he was equipped with a damn super soaker! It was then that James understood that yesterday had not been a dream, and perhaps, it also wasn't a bad thing. He couldn't help but wonder if there were going to be any other changes to his body.

Now that he was actively looking for it, he realized his body was much more toned, muscular even. He tested his strength by picking up various heavy objects, and damn, he was a lot stronger than he'd been the day before. James kept notches on his door frame to measure his growth in height, and he decided now would be a good time to check it again, even though he'd done it just a few months ago. Sure enough, he'd grown from 5'4 to 6'2, and he was still only 16 years old! Realistically there should only been a couple of inches at most.

He decided to check his weight, too. The last time he had measured he had weighed about 115 lbs. James went to the bathroom to use the weight scale. He checked again and now he was 345 lbs.! It certainly wasn't from fat, as he now had a very toned body, with very little fat to be found on him. He wondered if it was muscle, as he'd heard it was actually heavier than fat. James decided that had to be part of it, although that liquid metal had to somehow be contributing to his body weight too. At this point he was sure that the liquid metal wasn't hurting him, as it had only given him what he'd wanted with his body. Damn, his dick was hard again and demanding to be jacked off ... again!

James worked his cock again, and it felt so good he was wondering if it was possible to get addicted to the feeling. Amazingly, when he finally came, he shot out every bit as much cum as he had done before! This time his cock stayed hard, so James stroked it harder and longer than the first two times, until he finally came again. James had aimed his spend into the shower so he could easily clean up the mess. He had expected the load to be somewhat smaller this time, but it wasn't. James knew this whole situation was completely insane, and not at all along the lines of reality. He used the removable shower head to quickly wash away his spend, but his mind was preoccupied with the unreality of it all. No one changed that much literally overnight, at least not without something equally extraordinary to cause it. James wondered if he was still even human, since the metal liquid had already changed him so much.

This line of thought had James wondering if he had invulnerability, sort of like Superman. Everyone else was still asleep as he made his way to the kitchen. That was good, because he really didn't want someone seeing what he was about to do anyways. Once he got to the kitchen he pulled a big knife out of a drawer and held it in his hand, looking at it for a few moments. Finally he turned the knife and began pressing the point into his other hand, gently at first. He slowly increased the pressure, but it didn't hurt, even when he increased it a lot. He applied so much pressure that the knife actually bent, and he hadn't even broken the skin at all. It hadn't been a flimsy knife, so he knew it would take considerable force to bend it like that. He gently bent it back into shape, but he couldn't quite get it perfect. He decided to leave well enough alone and put it back into the drawer. Invulnerability ... check.

At this point James was wondering if he should make a check list. So far, he had a super cock, was super strong, and invulnerable. James wondered if he could fly like Superman, too. Probably not, he decided. Still, maybe it wouldn't hurt to check! How did one go about figuring out how to fly without wings, anyways? Could he have some sort of telekinetic powers that would give him flight? Actually, he thought telekinesis without flight would be cool enough, but he probably didn't have even that. James got dressed in the only clothes that he could barely make fit. He put on a pair of swimming trunks and an oversized t-shirt he rarely used. He then made his way out to the back yard.

Once outside, he just jumped from the porch and tried to will himself to fly. No such luck. Oh well. Perhaps telekinesis would work. He focused on a stick with his mind and tried to make it move. If the stick could laugh, it probably would have. Still, he calmed himself and really tried to focus in a second try, and this time he could feel ... something. He concentrated on that feeling and willed it to project away from himself. It took several moments of concentration, but finally something did happen! An electrical arc flew from his fingertips to the stick halfway across the yard, and with a crack it jumped into the air and landed, scorched and in flames.

James was in awe now. He really was. He was like a bona fide superhuman or something... ! He had superpowers and everything! James considered what other abilities he might have that he simply hadn't had a chance to discover. Suddenly he broke into a run down the street. In what seemed like no time he found himself at the edge of the wooded area. Super speed? Check. James ran back home, as he still was uncomfortable with the idea of being near the crater site. As fast as he'd run, he didn't feel winded at all.

It made him wonder how much stamina he might have. He guessed it might be a lot. In the privacy of his back yard he started stretching and testing the limits of his agility and balance. As it turned out, he had a new sense of balance that was allowing him to walk on his hands, do hand springs, cartwheels and flips forwards and backwards. It was exciting. Just for kicks, James jumped to the top of the roof in a single bound, and then jumped back down. He barely felt the landing, and it was as graceful as if he'd only jumped from a couple of feet. 'Wow', he thought, 'I really could become a super hero if I wanted.'

By now James had decided that it would probably be best to keep his secrets to himself. After all, super heroes, and often even super villains, in the comics did it, and probably for good reason. James realized he could now make the football team easily, and probably even make the MVP with no problems. Not only that, James had a hope of possibly getting a sports scholarship for college, and maybe even making it into pro sports. With his abilities, there was no telling what he could do with his life. There were so many possibilities.

Damn, his dick was getting hard again! He went back inside and into the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. His face had changed, not a lot, but subtly, and now it was what James might consider as being almost handsome. As long as the changes remained as they had so far, James felt his future was looking very bright. He shut the door as he needed to jack off again, and this time ended up spraying the shower wall with his jizz. It was easy enough to clean it off, though, he just used the removable shower head to wash it down the drain. As he was finishing up he heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?," he asked.

"It's me," replied his 14 year old sister, Narissa. "I need to use the bathroom," she said.

"Okay, I'm almost done," James responded.

He opened the door and his little sister stood there waiting. At 14 years old it was wrong to call his sister cute. She was gorgeous. She had a slender body, already developing large breasts at such a young age, and a beautiful face framed in long flowing blonde hair. His sister had a different father than him, so it was only natural that there would be some cosmetic differences. James had dark brown hair which he got from his own father, while their mother had light brown hair. Still, it was obvious that his sister was going to get a body much like their mother's. His mother was slender, but very curvy with very generous breasts. She had topped out at 5 feet, and it was likely James' sister would be short, too. His mother was a short but very well proportioned woman. James' father had been 5'8, and he was already 6 inches beyond that.

"It's all yours, Water Nymph," James said.

Narissa smiled, as she rather liked the nickname; besides, it was the literal translation of her name anyways. James had started calling her that a few years before, when he saw just how much she loved swimming. She was very agile and talented as a swimmer. It was her element. James was always mesmerized when he watched her swim, to him it was like watching art in motion. Narissa's smile suddenly took on a slightly confused appearance.

"Are you ... taller?" she asked.

"Yeah, you just haven't noticed before because you're always hanging out with your friends and we haven't spent a lot of time together this summer, but your right," he replied.

"Oh, okay." she said. "You must be right, because it just seems so sudden. I guess I haven't been paying attention."

James grinned and said, "It's okay, you've been having fun. Besides, your growing, too, we both are. I just hit a growth spurt over the summer, is all."

Narissa smiled again. "Well, I need to ... you know," she said.

"Right," replied James.

He left and went on to his room. He needed to clean up the mess in there quickly and open the windows. He should have done it earlier, but he was too eager to see what else he could do. James decided he needed to pace himself a bit. After cleaning up, James sat at his desk and pondered what he should do with himself.

Trying to be a super hero had an interesting lure, but he couldn't help but wonder if it would be worth it. He knew that would attract attention, and no matter how strong he was now, the wrong kind of attention could be VERY bad. Even if they couldn't hurt him they might threaten his family, and he really loved his family. Still, if he could covertly take down drug dealers and take their money, maybe he could improve his family's financial status. James knew he'd really have to think that over first. It was very tempting, the idea of getting 'easy cash', but he was worried it could go horribly wrong.

He decided that if he did do it, he'd first have to make sure that his identity was as protected as he could make it. That meant some sort of mask, at least, and some sort of outfit that would be hard to identify and blend well into the shadows. "Lots of black," he thought to himself. Still, how would he explain having a lot of cash to his mom and sister? James strongly considered telling them his secret, because he really wanted to tell someone. If he couldn't trust his family, who could he trust? It wasn't like he had an over abundance of friends to begin with. He was friendly but also reserved, so he had few that he really considered friends. James was worried his mother might freak out, so he felt his sister might be his best choice. It was true they hadn't spent a lot of time together over the summer, but he and Narissa weren't estranged or anything.

"No" he decided, "Not yet."

He'd spend more time with his changes before he disclosed them to anyone. James was young, but he wasn't stupid. He knew a lot of things could go wrong; things he hadn't even imagined yet. For one thing, what if these changes didn't last? What if the changes suddenly turned bad? James hoped they wouldn't, but really, what guarantees were there? Assuming it was permanent, he figured that he could slowly start to utilize his new abilities to benefit himself and those he cared about. James himself might not have gotten bullied very often, but that didn't mean he liked standing by while the bullies went after others.

James' mother would be awake in a few hours, and he desperately needed some new clothes. The clothes he'd put on barely fit, and he managed to squeeze into a pair of flip-flops to use for shoes. "Crap," he thought. "I'm going to have to try and convince mom that I've outgrown all my clothes and hadn't noticed." Maybe he could bluff her into believing he'd gone around in only shorts over the summer. It might work; his mother worked a lot of hours and didn't get a lot of time to spend with her kids. Sunday was her day to spend with James and Narissa, and Monday was her day to take care of bills or other business. She worked every other day of the week, and had very little time for anything outside of work, sleeping and meals. Fortunately, with school starting next week, the family had already planned to buy new clothes.

His mother, April, shook her head and sighed. "I really hope this growth spurt you went through is over," she said. "Good grief, you're already taller than your father was! I mean, I always figured with me being so short, you'd end up being shorter than him, not taller."

James just shrugged and asked, "I grew, what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Alright, alright" replied his mother. "It's just weird, that's all."

James shrugged again. April and Narissa got ready (James didn't have anything else to wear), and then they left to browse the local clothing shops. Shopping wasn't one of James' favorite activities, but it really was necessary, so he accepted it gracefully and didn't complain too much. It wasn't too bad, though, and James just read from his e-reader while waiting on his mother and sister to complete their purchases.

In the process, James made sure to put together an all black ensemble of clothes for any nightly activities he might want to do. He found an old pair of black army boots, a pair of black biker gloves, and a black utility vest at the Goodwill that fit him, which was only one of the places they stopped. Like any true bargain connoisseurs, his mom and sister insisted they stop there to check out potential bargains. They did raise their eyebrows when they saw his choices, but said nothing. He also got a pair of baggy black pants, black belt, and a black turtleneck made of light weight material at the other places they shopped. James was thinking about using a black motorcycle helmet that had been in the garage for several years, to complete the outfit. That would hide his face very well, and hopefully he would be able to see and hear through it okay, too.

The helmet idea made James wonder if maybe he had enhanced senses as well. He decided to try and find out. James closed his eyes and concentrated on hearing individual sounds and conversations from as far away as he could. It seemed to be working, but to test it for sure he opened his eyes again, picked out a few people on the other end of the store having a conversation, and focused on them. Sure enough, once he concentrated he could hear their voices clearly.

He'd have to wait until it started getting dark before he could determine if he had any night vision. He rather thought he might, though, given he had discovered the super hearing. As they drove home that evening, it was clear by then that James did in fact have night vision. He could tell it was getting darker, but he could still make everything out very clearly, just with a bit less color.

Next Monday James would be starting school again, and would people be in for a surprise! He wouldn't go out of his way to antagonize the bullies, but he would no longer standby and do nothing either. He'd have to hold back a bit, though. He was unnaturally strong and fast, and he didn't want to give away just how capable he really was. He'd best use the last week of summer vacation to get a handle on his abilities, otherwise he could do something extreme by accident when it wasn't a good moment to be seen. The next few days, weeks and months ahead would be very interesting. James mostly hoped that his fortune would remain positive. If he wasn't careful, things could get as phenomenally bad as they could get good.

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