Jake's Harem
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Harem, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, Big Breasts, Prostitution,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jake is a telekinetic telepath in hiding. Meeting a hooker in trouble changes his life... but is it for the better?

Jacob McRory was sleeping in his blankets in the sewers under the outskirts of Las Vegas when he felt pain. It wasn't his pain; it was someone else's pain. He awoke with a start. It had been a long time since he had last felt someone else this strongly. Either his shield were down or the person was close and in terrible pain for him to feel it this strongly. He checked his shield and found them in need of only a little strengthening and does so. He rolls back over to go to sleep again hoping to ignore what had awoken him but can't seem to get comfortable. He tosses and turns, his mind flashing back to the person in pain. Grunting in annoyance, Jake gets up and walks down the tunnel to the manhole opening he thinks is closest to what he now knows is a woman in extreme pain. Concentrating, he detects no one within range other than the woman. With a thought, he levitates upwards while causing the manhole cover to lift out of his way. Landing next to the manhole opening, he sees the woman lying naked in the gutter on the north side of the street. Walking towards her, he causes her to fall asleep while blocking her pain receptors so he can move her without her making too much noise. Levitating her, he takes her down the manhole and replaces the cover with a thought.

Returning to his home in the sewers, Jake lays her on his bed and sits next to her while he examines her body with his mind. Starting at her head, he sees she has a concussion, a knife cut in each cheek, two black eyes and two missing front teeth. Continuing to her chest he finds three broken ribs and cuts in each breast that reveal cut implants. She has bruising and abrasions in her vagina along with some slivers of wood. Both her legs are broken in three places. To top it off, her body is ravaged from the use of crack and Meth. He sits back and wonders what she has done to cause someone to hate her this much.

A slow anger builds in him and he has to take calming breaths or he will be no good to her. Several breaths later and calm at last; Jake concentrates on her body, he soothes away her cuts and abrasions and then removes the slivers from her vagina. Finished with what is bleeding, he gets to work on her legs. For this he will need more power, so he connects to the city power grid through gestalt. His body now thrums with power. Straightening her legs, he causes the bones to heal in seconds. Her gums bud again and two teeth grow rapidly to fill the gap. He causes her body to fill out so she no longer looks starved and gaunt. Looking at the empty implants and her sagging breasts, he makes them firm up and smoothes out the scarring from her previous operation. He removes the drugs from her body along with her need for them. Looking at her face, he sees now that she is pretty, almost beautiful. He removes all the dried blood, dirt, grime and dead skin cells from her body and causes her dry, brittle hair to become shiny and healthy. He looks her over again. She is a slender 5'11", probably 155lbs, and would guess her to be about 38Cā€“24ā€“36. She has wavy blonde hair down to her shoulders. Finished checking over his handiwork, he realizes he is putting off the inevitable. Once he heals her head, he will have no reason not to wake her. Grabbing the newer of his two blankets, he covers her now healthy body and slowly relieves the pressure on her brain by healing the swelling. Finished, he disconnects from the power grid and backs up into the corner and out of the light from the single work light in the tunnel roof.

He watches as she slowly comes awake and discovers her strange surroundings. The panic is plain on her face. Hidden, he reads the thoughts and emotions flitting through her mind. Fear is foremost. Cindy; for that is her name; wonders if Larry, her pimp has come back for her. Wonder follows when she realizes her pain is gone. Panic again when she finds she is naked followed by even more panic with hints of wonder when she sees her healthy body. Her hands go to her mouth and she feels her new teeth with her fingers. She runs her tongue over and over them. More wonder when she realizes she no longer feels the driving need for her drug of choice. Jake remembers with her as she relives the day she met Larry at the bus station her first day in Vegas. He had been so charming. He invited her, a 16 year old hopeful dancer, to stay with him until she found a place. At his place, he drugged her and got her hooked on cocaine. Soon she was hooking for him and turning over all her money for rent and drugs. He even paid to have her breasts enhanced. After two years of virtual slavery, she tried to break with him and go into rehab. He caught her, raped her with a baseball bat, beat and cut her; then threw her into the gutter to die.

Jake's anger was returning. A slow, burning anger at Larry who put this woman ... No, being 18, she is still a girl; through such terror, pain and hardship. In his anger, he makes a small movement and she notices.

"Who's there!?!?!" She cries out; "Show yourself!" She covers her body with the blanket. "What do you want with me? Where am I?"

Jake slowly gets up and moves into the light while pushing calming thoughts at her. "I'm not going to hurt you. You're in my home. I brought you here to heal you and get you off the street." Finally in the light, Jake shows himself to someone for the first time in months. Cindy sees a tall man who looks to be in his late 20's, about 6'3"and 200lbs, muscular without being too big, wearing worn but clean clothes; he is clean shaven with short, red hair. He definitely does not look like he belongs in these surroundings.

"Who are you and where are we?" Cindy is calmer but still nervous.

"You can call me Jake. As to where we are; we are in a sewer under Larson Lane about a block from Las Vegas Boulevard." He smiles. "Does that help?"

She can't help but smile back. She has finally seen his eyes and is instantly lost in their green depths. Jake knows what has happened and curses himself for not shielding himself better. His need for companionship has started to leak out. She has become mesmerized by his eyes, the windows to the soul, or in his case, his power. He breaks eye contact and tightens his shield. But the damage is done, she is infatuated with him and he still can't figure out how to fix what he has unconsciously changed.

Coming out of her daze, Cindy feels confused and attracted to this strange man. "How long have I been here?" She looks again at her healthy, lightly muscular arms. She tries to catch his eyes again.

"You have been here for about 45 minutes." Jake replies.

Shields tight, he looks her in the eyes and sifts through her memories. He sees her as a little girl playing with her twin sister. They are paternal twins and do not look alike. Her sister, Sandy, is poised and beautiful, but shy. They do and go everywhere together. Ballet classes, swimming, church choir, school, and drama classes. They even discover boys for the first time together. They even get molested by their 'loving' single father together. When Cindy turned 16, she reported him to the police. Sandy never forgave her for ruining her relationship with their father and getting them put in foster care. Sandy never wanted to see her again. Cindy ran from their foster parent's house and never saw Sandy again. A week after running away, she ended up in Las Vegas.

Learning this about Cindy takes only a few seconds and makes Jake feel closer to her. He has been alone long enough to feel the need for companionship, friendship, and even love.

Cindy blinks in surprise at Jakes' reply. "Forty-five minutes? It looks like forty-five DAYS have passed." She looks at Jake incredulously. "How have I healed so completely is such a short time?"

Jake is at a loss as to how to answer this question. After all, he has been the way he is for only 8 months and still hasn't figured everything out yet; so he stammers; "Well ... ah ... to tell the truth ... um ... I kind of ... healed you..." He trails off.

"You healed me? What, you laid hands on me and prayed to God?" She looks at him closely. "Are you some kind of prophet?" She asks jokingly.

"NO! God no ... I didn't touch you at all. I didn't have to. I just sort of willed it and you healed." He looks embarrassed and eyes the ground in front of him.

"What do you mean you 'just willed it?'" She holds the blanket around herself and stands. "No one can do that. What are you talking about?"

"Well ... if you must know, I guess I'm what you could call a telekinetic." He purposely omits the fact that he is also telepathic. He looks her in the eye and wills her to accept it and as she does, his need for companionship leaks through and on top of being attracted to him she is now coming to love and be devoted to him. He realizes this and tries slams his shields closed to stop it.

Cindy hears this explanation and it sounds reasonable to her. Looking into his eyes, she feels drawn to this strange, handsome man. "You really healed me?" She looks down at herself and feels her teeth with her tongue again. "It's like magic. Thank you, Jake." She walks closer to him and drops the blanket. She looks down at herself again and back up at Jake. "You do good work." She smirks a little. "But couldn't you have made my breasts bigger? I'm kind of used to the DD's I had after my operation."

Jake blushes; "I guess I could. Do you want me to?" At her nod, Jake reconnects to the power grid and concentrates, making them grow larger.

Cindy gasps at the tingling feeling from her breasts as they grow from firm, perky C, up through D, and to stop at slightly sagging but full, firm, and round, DD. "OH ... My God! That was amazing!" She rushes him and hugs him tight. "Thank you so much."

Feeling this wonderfully attractive and vivacious young woman hugging him, is it any wonder that Jake responds the way any man would? Hugging her back, his member rises to the occasion as he runs his hands over her trim body. He feels her large, firm breasts pressed against his chest and lets his hands fall to her ass. Feeling the slight sag in her buttocks, he firms it up until it is tight and hard. Cindy feels the tingle in her ass and moans into his neck as she kisses his throat and unfastens his shirt buttons. Reaching down, she does the same for his pants and pushes them and his boxers down. Access granted, she gasps as she grasps his fat 10 inches in her hand and slowly stokes it up and down. She can't grip all the way around it. It's almost as big around at the base as a Coke can and curves like a banana upward along his stomach with the head inches above his belly button.

Stepping out of his pants and boxers, Jake picks Cindy up and she wraps her legs around his waist. Walking to the mattress, he lowers her to her back and kisses her deeply, their tongues entwining and hands roaming. Reading her, he can tell what excites her and what doesn't. His left hand finds the moist cleft between her legs and inserts his middle finger inside, crooking it so he can massage her G-spot while his thumb plays with her clit. Knowing which of his actions turns her on most, he repeats them ... often. Soon she is cuming and her body contracting around his finger.

Cindy slowly regains some composure and smiles up at her new lover. "That was wonderful; but I need you inside me." She grabs his engorged member and guides it toward her opening. Jake feels the heat of her love passage as it gets nearer and starts to groan when the head presses against her hot lips. Slowly, he enters her newly tight and very moist passage. He even encounters her newly healed hymen. She gasps at the feel of his large cock entering her and feeling the pain of him hitting her healed and newly blocked passage.

"My God! You really did ... heal me." She pants in her excitement. "Go ahead; Take me Jake!"

Jake does so and quickly breaks her second cherry and she takes him to the hilt. He pauses there as he feels her need to accommodate his large phallus. Slowly he pulls out and because his member is so thick and curved, the head passes over her G-spot with more than normal pressure. Her body convulses as she orgasms again. He pushes in again and moving just three inches, makes the head slide over that spot faster and faster. Soon Cindy is having orgasm after orgasm and screaming "OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod" over and over again, while scraping her nails along his back as Jake pumps faster and faster over that one wonderful, delectable spot.

Reeling with the continuous orgasms, Cindy puts her hand up when she can take no more. "Stop Jake... , please stop ... for a minute." She pants, out of breath.

Jake plunges himself into her and stays still so she can catch her breath. She convulses again at this and closes her eyes in rapture.

"Oh shit ... and you ... haven't ... cum yet..." Still panting but finally able to breath, she continues. "Okay ... time for round two." She smiles up into his green, green eyes.

"Are you sure?" Jake says; "I can wait a little longer. Being in you like this, I don't think I'll ever go soft." He smiles back and kisses her tenderly.

Kissing him back, she hugs him tightly. When he breaks the kiss, she says; "Yes, give it to me. Make me scream, Jake."

Taking her at her word and with her legs tightly wrapped around his waist, Jake starts to pump in and out of her with long, slow strokes that leave only the head inside on the way out and bump her cervix lightly when on the way in. Speeding up, Jake can tell Cindy is on the edge of orgasm again and makes it so she can't quite reach that pinnacle as he pushes it just out of her reach. Cindy starts grabbing his muscular arms and raking her nails down them as she starts yelling "Ohshitohshitohshit" in time with his now rapid pumping. Feeling himself about to orgasm, he allows Cindy to finally have hers and they cum together in one large, blissful climax. Cindy actually stops breathing for a few moments as her body explodes in wonderful torrents of creaming, cascading girl cum. She actually has her first episode of squirting.

Jake feels his body detonate in delectable orgasmic delight. His cock spews forth jet after jet after jet of ropey, creamy cum into her cervix and he can't help opening his mind up to this delightful, enchanting, and fantastic woman. Their minds comingle as they feel each other's joy at what they have just accomplished.

Cindy also sees just how Jake became the way he is:

He turned 47 last May and was on the road as a truck driver. At the time, Jake weighed 350lbs, was mostly bald, wore glasses and was still a virgin; partly because he had been overweight all his life; but mostly because he had just given up being attractive to women. He was at a rest area outside Phoenix, AZ when he decided to walk to some rocks about 100 yards out into the desert. He found a nice rock to sit on and was leaning back against another when he fell asleep. Waking up in pain, he had fire ants all over his body and started slapping at them and jumping up and down to dislodge them. Brushing against a bush, he picks up a brown recluse spider that bites him on his arm. Screaming bloody murder, he trips over a rock and falls directly on a rattle snake with his face. It bites him on the cheek. Standing, he rips it off his face causing the holes to rip. Holding it in his hand, it bites him again on the wrist. Tossing it away, he tries to make his way back to the rest area and angers a hornet nest that starts attacking him. Waving his hands violently, he trips in a hole and his hand ends up being stung by a scorpion. To top it all off, the hole is home to a Gila monster which bites him in the ankle, injecting its poison into him too. He soon passes out from pain and poison.

He wakes in a hospital bed looking the way he does now but much less muscled. He is surrounded by and connected to machinery but can see no call button in this minimalist looking white room. There are stark, white fluorescent lights and two doorways but only one door. The one with out the door he sees leads to a bathroom. The single door looks to be made of metal with a small, square window about head height with wires in the glass. There is no door knob, but a card reader where it should be. He reaches up for the wires on his head and finds his body is weak. Grabbing hold of the wires, he tugs them off and alarms start going off and a red light over the door starts flashing. Men in white uniforms come running in and stop in their tracks when they see him awake. One runs back out the closing door and returns with another man who looks to be a doctor.

"Ah ... Mr. McRory, you are awake; good." He gives a weak smile. "How do you feel?"

Jake looks at the man and instantly doesn't trust him for some reason. "I feel ... weak. Where am I? What is this place? Why am I here?"

The doctor frowns as if deciding what is safe to tell him. "Well, as to where you are; you are in a research center run by the government. You are here because no one else knew how to treat you. You have been unconscious for the past 45 days."

"You mean a coma?" Jake asks, confused.

"No, not a coma, just not awake. It had everyone very confused." He smiles weakly again, as if he doesn't get enough practice. "You still have everyone a little confused I'm afraid."

Jake looks at himself and sees that he is thin to the point of emaciation and understands his weakness. Looking again at the doctor, he notices that he can hear a humming coming from the man. He concentrates on the hum and it becomes a voice ... have to wake up now of all times. Damn it, this sucks. Maybe we can put him under again. Jake realizes he is hearing the man's thoughts and does not want to be put under again by these people. Instinctively, he reaches into the good doctor's mind and sifts through memories. He finds that they have been steadily draining him of blood because they found that it heals wounds and cures disease. They still haven't found out what in his blood is the cause of this, but they have been stockpiling it for the last 20 days. No wonder he's weak.

Seeing the man is just standing there with drool coming out of his mouth, Jake realizes he has been too rough in his sifting. Removing himself from the doctor's mind, Jake watches as the man collapses to the floor. The two orderlies stare as the doctor crumples. The man on the right looks at Jake then back at the doctor. Somehow he knows who is responsible. The other orderly reaches behind himself and presses a red button on the wall causing alarms to sound and lights to flash. They both grab the doctor and drag him out into the corridor. Meanwhile, Jake is removing everything that is connected to him as fast as he can. He wants out of here now. His skin crawls at what he has done, but what they have been doing to him scares him even more. Feeling very weak and afraid, Jake reaches out with his mind and finds power all around him. The electricity in the machines and wires in the walls calls to him. He reaches for it and through some kind of gestalt; he pulls the power into himself. His body and mind explode with power and he watches in wonder as his muscles fill out and strength fills him with vitality. Looking around for something he can wear, he goes into the bathroom and sees himself in the mirror. He is amazed at how young and healthy he looks. This is the way he secretly always wanted to look; his dreams come true. Finding nothing to clothe himself in the bathroom and still connected to the power all around him, he causes the air around his body to solidify into clothing. He now wears skin tight white shorts and a shirt that are made from solidified air. It's time for him to leave when he hears gas coming in through vents near the ceiling. Causing the wall of the bathroom to become like air, he walks through into the next room. Doing this room after room, he finally comes to solid rock and realizes he is underground. Looking upward he makes the ceiling permeable and levitates upward through several floors and about 200 feet of rock before coming out on the side of a mountain.

It is dark and in the distance, he sees the faint glow of a city miles away in the desert night. Using his new abilities, he flies at great speed following the power lines to the city. Nearing it, he recognizes it from all the lights as being Las Vegas. He quickly enters the city and finds refuge so he can come to terms with what has happened to him and to hide from anyone who, he is certain, will try to find him.

This memory flashes through both Jake's and Cindy's minds in moments as they lay together in post coital bliss. Shaking from his release, Jake feels the woman in his arms beneath him also shaking and sees tears coming from her eyes.

"What's wrong Cindy?" He asks in concern.

Wiping the tears from her face, Cindy looks up at him with love, devotion and understanding in her eyes. "N ... nothing; I ... I'm just so happy right now. I never want it to end." She gives him a beautiful smile and he responds with one of his own. He realizes now that they are somehow bonded to each other. He can feel the link between them that binds them to each other. He doesn't know how it happened, but he doesn't think he wants to or even can sever it.

Connected, both mentally and physically, Jake feels himself getting hard inside her. Purring in delight, Cindy starts moving her hips under him as his member hardens and lengthens inside her. Feeling a delightful gripping-squeezing from Cindy, Jake starts to slowly move in and out of her wanting this time to last longer. He shifts position and levitates her body a little so she is at slightly inclined angle and feels her excitement increase at this show of his power.

"Oh Jake! This feels wonderful!" Cindy closes her eyes in rapture. "Please ... faster and harder."

Smiling in delight at her pleasure, Jake increases his speed. Soon his hips are at max speed and the slapping sound of them meeting is like a continuous roll of thunder in the confined space of the sewer tunnel. Cindy orgasms over and over again while raking her nails over his back. With the connection between them, Jake feels her pleasure more thoroughly and starts to orgasm himself which sends them both into greater feelings of bliss until Cindy passes out and Jake collapses on top of her.

Easing her body back to the mattress, Jake rolls off her and lies next to her while cuddling her into his body. Her firm, large breasts press against his right side as he holds her close and kisses her forehead marveling at the thoughts and feelings he has for this young woman who has entered his life so quickly and completely.

Soon, her eyes fluttering, Cindy comes out of her coital coma and smiles at Jake as she snuggles into him and hugs him tight. "That was fantastic." She cranes her neck and purses her lips to have him kiss her which he does. "I can't wait to do it again, but I'm a little bit tired and sore."

Jake grins at her. "I can take care of that you know." He lowers his hand to cup her lower lips and causes her to heal and gives her a refreshing jolt of energy.

"OH ... my ... God ... What did you just do?" Cindy rises up on her arms over him and looks deeply into his eyes. "I feel fantastic!" She straddles him, grabs his now erect penis and plunges down onto it, feeling it fill her to the brim as she starts bucking up and down on him like a true equestrian. Soon he is thrusting upward to meet her plunges and they are again feeling each other as they start to climax together for the third time. Spent and sweaty, Cindy collapses onto Jake and they both fall asleep still connected physically and psychically.

Jake wakes with Cindy cuddled against him like a large, sexy kitten and just watches her sleep. He feels for her what she feels for him; he knows this and does not care at all that it was caused by his own need for love and affection leaking into her. He wants her to want him, but he has a problem. Will he be able to keep her? He knows he will have to change the way he lives because he wants her to happy and how happy could she be, living in a sewer? He wonders if the government is still looking for him and suspects they are. He will have to change his appearance and fingerprints. He knows he can do this now. In fact, he will let Cindy decide what he should look like as she will have to look at him all the time. He also has to worry about money. He knows he could make gold from just about anything, but he will need some in the first place in order to make more as he has never seen of felt the precious metal.

Reading Cindy's thoughts, Jake finds out where her ex-pimp Larry lives. Putting her into a deeper sleep, Jake leaves for a little revenge, mayhem and acquisition. Knowing the sewer system very well from his months of exploring, Jake quickly finds the nearest manhole to 4001 Villa Rafael Drive. Scanning the area for people close by, Jake finds that most people are asleep except for the house that is his target. There are three men and two women awake in the house. The men are sitting at a table; stacking and binding money that is being put through a bill counting machine. The women are sitting on a couch and relaxing, having just had a hit of crack each. Jake levitates himself to an upstairs bedroom, flowing through the wall to enter quietly. Before touching anything, he makes the air around his hands solidify into gloves. He looks around and finds himself in the master bedroom. Finding the closet, he discovers a large safe that he quickly opens. Leaning down, he inspects the contents and finds a gun with a silencer on top of a 100 packets of hundred dollar bills. At 50 bills per packet, there is a half million right here on the top shelf of the safe. The second shelf has several small wooden felt lined boxes that he discovers hold diamonds. The bottom shelf holds twenty 10lb bars of gold! Jackpot! Finding a duffel bag in the corner of the closet, Jake quickly fills it with the bars, boxes and bills. Hefting it, he smiles at the weight.

Taking the gun, he walks to the hallway and looks through the other rooms up there. He finds a room with three beds and seeing a picture of a young Cindy with her sister, he enters and finds clothing for Cindy. He places everything that looks like it belongs to Cindy in a second, smaller duffel he has found and heads toward the stairs, clumping his feet as he goes. He hears a man's voice; he assumes it to be Larry; tell someone to go see who is up stairs. Soon there are two men at the foot of the stairs and with a silent FFFT, FFFT, Jake shoots them both through the head. He walks down the stairs with the two duffels in one hand and the pistol in the other. He steps over the bodies and can see Larry with another gun pointed at him from across the room. He freezes him in place, walks over and replaces the 45 revolver in Larry's hand with the silenced gun he has just shot the two men with. He then looks at the two women on the couch who are staring at him in drug addled surprise. Stepping back, he makes Larry shoot the wall above the two dead men. Reading the two women, he finds that they are friends with Cindy and both have wanted to leave Larry for a while but were afraid to do anything. They also think she is dead and were trying to bury their grief in their drug of choice. Lisa, at 6 feet; is emaciated and weighs only about 115lbs, with long, red hair to her ass and green eyes. She is only 17 years old with a thin 36D-23-34 frame. Melissa is 19 and 5'10", weighs only about 110lbs 36D-23-35 and has long brunet hair to her mid back with vivid blue eyes that are dulled from drugs. The bones on both women stand out prominently due to poor diet and drug abuse.

Jake walks over to them and they cower on the couch. "Would you like to get out of here? I'm sure Cindy would like to see you both safe and I'm in the mood to rescue women tonight." He tosses the 45 revolver over to the bottom of the stairs and one of the dead men's hand reaches up to catch it. The gun now points at Larry and fires, hitting him in the heart. "Help me get the money from the table and put it in this bag and we can go."

He heads to the table as the girls just stare at him from the couch still unable to comprehend what is happening. Jake shakes his head in disgust at their condition. Getting to the table he finds another 300 thousand and change in piles of 10 thousand. Putting it all in the now full duffel bag, he notices a case on the floor. Opening it, he finds it full of cash with a note saying 200 thousand dollars. Closing the case, he grabs it and the duffel then turns to the two girls. Sickened at what has been done to these two pretty girls, he cleanses their bodies completely and tells them; "Go upstairs, pack your things and come with me." The girls quickly do as bidden and they are soon off. Opening the door, he leaves with the duffels and case in his hands and the two girls following through the door behind him. Entering the sewer system, he makes his way back to his home and Cindy.

Getting back, he sees that Cindy is still asleep. Setting the duffels and case in the corner, he causes the two girls to sleep, settles them on the mattress beside Cindy and starts to heal them the way he did for his new love.

He starts with Lisa who looks to be in worse shape. Connecting to the power grid he starts by scanning her body, he finds she is about a week pregnant and causes her body to absorb the fetus while he makes her body fill out and her muscles to tone up and bulk out a little. He converts her implants into flesh and fats so that her breasts are natural and causes her oily hair to become healthy. He straightens her teeth and whitens them while he's at it.

Finished, he scans Melissa and discovers that she has cancer in both her fallopian tubes. He cause the cancer to break up and be absorbed while treating her body to the same treatment he gave Cindy and Lisa. Both girls now look like they have been exercising every day for most of their lives. Looking at the three healthy, pretty girls laying on his bed, he wonders at what has brought this drastic change in his life. 'No good deed goes unpunished.' He says to himself. He removes the dirt, grime and dead skin cells from all three women and allows Cindy to wake up.

Waking, Cindy sees Jake first and smiles happily at him. "Hello lover; how long have I slept?"

Jake smiles back and looks to the side of her where Lisa and Melissa are still asleep. "I was busy while you were sleeping."

Cindy looks next to her and frowns, at first not recognizing her two friends. When the realization hits her, she squeals with glee at seeing her friends healthy and alive. "Oh Jake, how did you know to find them? I was so worried about leaving them with Larry." She gets up carefully; not wanting to wake them and hugs Jake to her still naked body. "You are the best." She pauses a second. "But, what about Larry? Won't he be looking for them?"

Shaking his head, Jake says; "No; Larry won't be looking for anyone, ever again. He somehow killed the two men with him and they killed him ... or at least that's what the police will think." He smiles reassuringly. "Don't ever worry about Larry again."

Cindy holds him tight while tears of happiness stream from her eyes. "Thank you for everything you've done for me Jake." She looks at her two friends and only now notices how deeply asleep they are. "Why are they so still? Jake, what's wrong with them?"

He hugs her tighter and says; "They were drugged out of their minds trying to forget their grief over you. I put them to sleep so they wouldn't put up a fuss while I healed them."

"Well, wake them up! I want to talk with them." She playfully slaps his shoulder.

"Don't you think you should get dressed first?" He smiles and floats the bag with clothing over to them.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that." She grins as she dives into the bag, pulling out clothing until she has g-string panties and a sundress which she puts on with delightful wiggles. The form fitting dress accentuates her slim waist and breasts without the need for a bra. To Jake, she looks wonderful.

"I think I'll just stand over here in the corner until you've had a chance to talk." He walks to the dark corner and wakes the two girls.

Cindy kneels next to her friends as they wake up. They both look around in no little fear and fail to recognize Cindy. Smiling reassuringly, Cindy says; "Lisa, Melissa ... it's me; Cindy. You're both safe." Sitting up, they both look at Cindy and finally recognize her. They both try to hug her at the same time while tears stream down their cheeks. The three girls kneel together on the mattress hugging while their tears mingle.

Pulling back a little, Melissa says; "Cindy, you look fantastic. Larry said he beat you to death after cutting you up." She frowns; "You look better than I've ever seen you."

Cindy smiles and says; "Look at yourself Mel. You look like you've been training to be an Olympic swimmer. So do you Lisa."

They both back away and look at themselves then at each other. Lisa touches Melissa's face tentatively, not believing what she is seeing. "I remember an angel coming down the stairs at Larry's. He sent Larry to hell and then asked if I wanted to be saved." She looks at Cindy. "We aren't in heaven, are we?" She looks around at the dark brick walls lit only by a single caged work light. "If it is, it's not what I expected."

Cindy giggles and Melissa says; "I know what you mean. I think I saw the same angel. I remember thinking he was so beautiful ... but he shot Josh and Danny and then had Danny shoot Larry when he was dead." Frowning, she looks at Cindy. "At least I think that's what happened."

Cindy smiles again; "We aren't in heaven and I guess Jake is the angel you remember seeing and although I think of him as an angel, he's not a real one, like from heaven." She hugs them both again. "He's such a wonderful man. He saved you both for me." Pulling back with tears again in her eyes, she continues; "He healed me the same way he healed you both. He has ... um ... powers I guess you could say. He healed me to the way I am in just 45 minutes. I remember having broken legs and my front teeth were knocked out." She smiles brightly to show her perfect teeth. "He made new ones grow. When I woke up, I was back to being a C cup and asked if he could make them bigger." She grabs each of their right hands and places them over her breasts. "Feel them. No implants!" They both feel her breasts and marvel at how they feel. Cindy reaches out and feels both their breasts and says; "Looks like he did the same for both of you."

Lisa and Melissa both feel their own breasts and wonder. Lisa says; "Where is this miracle worker now, I'd like to thank him personally." Melissa agrees with her and they both look around for their savior. "I remember him as being very good looking."

Cindy giggles and whispers; "He's hung like a horse too and knows how to use it." All three giggle at this statement. "I love him and would do anything for him." Both newcomers stare at Cindy when she says this.

"You already love him? Are you sure?" Lisa is surprised and lets Cindy know it.

Cindy just smiles; "I love him. I don't know why ... I just do. I think both of you will too. He's just so wonderful you can't help it." She looks toward Jake in the corner. "Jake, come here and introduce yourself to Mel and Lisa."

Jake steps out from the shadows with a nervous smile on his face. "Melissa, Lisa, it's a pleasure to meet you both." His smile brightens. "I'm just glad I could help you both and Cindy too." He looks at Cindy with love in his eyes and they both see it and sigh to themselves.

Cindy looks at her friends and then at Jake. "Um ... Jake honey ... I was just wondering if ... well ... would you mind if we, all three of us, um ... hadsexwithyou?" She get's this last part out in a rush. "I promise you won't be disappointed."

Jake actually steps backward at this. He is definitely surprised. He also, once he thinks about it, becomes excited and his member hardens and becomes very noticeable. He looks at Lisa. "But she's only 17. I don't know if it would be right."

Cindy laughs at this. "Jake, she's been hooking for 3 years now. You won't be doing anything to her that she hasn't done before."

Lisa grins at Jake. "Thanks Galahad, but she's right. I would like to thank you personally the only way I know how." She stands and walks to him while shedding her shorts, tank top and shoes. Melissa and Cindy join her and all three, now naked start to strip Jake and lead him to the mattress. Lisa and Melissa exclaim and coo over Jake's large member while they both stroke and fondle it and his balls. Cindy plants a lip lock on Jake and proceeds to try and clean his tonsils with her tongue. Moaning, Jake fondles Cindy's breasts and tries to keep from cuming too soon. He reaches inside himself and makes it so he can last longer by numbing some of the nerve endings in his dick. Relaxing into what is happening to him, he kisses Cindy back with all the passion he can muster. Cindy grabs Melissa's shoulder and guides her to a sitting position over Jake's mouth. Grinning, she sits on his face and Jake supports her with his hands on her thighs while licking and sucking her lips hungrily. Lisa, the six foot, red haired goddess grabs Jakes tool and slowly lowers herself onto him. Pausing with him all the way in, her slippery tight walls adjust to his length and girth. She starts to lift herself slowly and drop down, impaling herself over and over again. Sooner than expected, both Lisa and Melissa start to orgasm. Even Cindy starts to orgasm from frigging herself. Jake feels himself getting ready to cum. He accidently lowers his shields and opens himself to all three girls when he does finally shoot his load over and over into Lisa's young, tight tunnel. All four people become lost in each other's pleasure. This sharing multiplies what they all feel and they orgasm over and over again. Soon, all four are exhausted and also linked. All feel love and devotion for the other three and know it is returned. Jake felt the link between himself and Cindy expand to include Lisa and Melissa. He now knows all their hopes and fears and loves all three, not in spite of, but because of them. He accepts them for who they are and wouldn't have them any other way. He knows they feel the same way about him and each other.

Pulling power from his gestalt with the electrical power grid of Las Vegas, Jake feels power and strength return to him and then pours that strength into his three new lovers. Cindy, Lisa and Melissa wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. There is a moment of silence and then all three girls pile on Jake hugging and kissing him and each other. It's a mutual love fest and all four feel it and want to express their love in the best way possible. There is mutual caressing, kissing, sucking and licking as they find expression for their new found love. Jake is in heaven as he feels these three beautiful women caress, suck and touch all over his body as he does the same for them. His face is buried between Lisa's legs, his right hand explores Cindy's breasts while she rides his cock and the first two fingers of his left hand are buried in Mel's pussy as he strokes her G-spot over and over while the thumb presses against her clit. Jake feels himself about to cum inside Cindy and it will be his fourth climax in the last two hours of constant love making. Just as he starts to ejaculate, all three girls start to cum too. They all collapse into each other and make a naked, sweaty, loving puppy pile on the mattress and the girls fall into a blissful, exhausted sleep. Cindy is still impaled on him and laying on his chest while Lisa lays curled under his left arm and Mel curls up under his right. He feels three sets of breasts and three wonderful bodies pressing against him and is contented for the first time in his life. He manages to concentrate just enough to remove the juices and sweat from their exertions and leave their bodies and bed clean and fresh. Satisfied, he falls into a blissful sleep.

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