Dr. Jackie & Ms Fuck Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A dorky grad student and his attractive but nerdy female lab partner experiment with a new drink designed to make the drinker feel great and party without the downsides of alcohol. Unfortunately the drug doesn't work as expected turning the trial subjects into sex maniacs, including his pretty lab partner Jackie.

Dr. Jackie & Ms Fuck Me is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children.

All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental.

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Dr. Jackie & Ms Fuck Me

"OK, I'm rolling." said the voice behind the camera.

The shaky image stabilized to show a young woman in her early twenties. She had shoulder length dark hair that fell across her face and she wore thick rimmed glasses. The net effect was to hide most of her face from the camera. She was dressed in an oversized grey zippered hoody that went to her mid thigh over a green T-shirt, dark grey leggings, and black flats. She was standing next to a kitchen counter.

"God Henry, don't point that thing at me." She said holding her hand up to block the camera's view of her face. "You know I hate having my picture taken."

"Jackie, we already discussed this." The voice said with a laugh. "We agreed that we need video documentation of the experiment."

"Yeah, well, document him." She answered, gesturing to the other side of the small kitchen.

The view pans over to see a large athletic male with short buzz cut hair and a square jaw. He is also wearing a sweat suit, but this one fit tightly over his muscular bulk.

"Hey, so when do we get drunk?" The boy asks the camera. I'm going out after this and I want to get a good buzz going."

"Shank..." Henry explains from behind the viewfinder. He's clearly explained this to the hulking athlete a few times. "This experiment is not about getting drunk. We've designed a new kind of beverage that keeps you clear headed, actually improves cognitive function, and still makes you feel warm and happy. You get the positives or alcohol without the negatives."

"Yeah, but will it get chicks drunk enough to fuck?" Shank said, leering a little at Jackie.

"The whole point, Shank, is that it won't." Henry answers slowly, clearly exasperated. "Everyone has a good time, but they maintain control and feel great."

"Who the fuck wants that?" He spat back, folding his arms across his chest.

"Why did you volunteer for this test again?" Henry asked, the camera panning randomly down and around the room as the young man became exasperated.

"I told you, I need a lab credit to keep my athletic deferment." He growled, embarrassed.

"Ah, OK, cool." Henry says, the camera coming back up and aligning. He is keenly aware of the football player's growing anger and doesn't want to be on the receiving end if he loses his temper. "Well, let's get started then. You guys have your microphones on?" Both participants nodded indicating the small Bluetooth microphones pinned to their shirts. Shank tapped his making a loud thumping noise come from the speakers.

The camera swings to the institutional clock on the wall to show the time.

"It's three ten in the afternoon, January twenty first." He narrated in his most official sounding voice. "Our subjects for today's experiment are, uh, Shank, what's your real name?"

"Just call me Shank, everyone calls me that." He answered.

"Oh, OK, Shank, male ... How old are you Shank?" Henry fumbled.

"Twenty five." He answered grimly.

"Right, uh, male, twenty five." He panned the camera over to Jackie. "And Jacquelyn, female, twenty two. The subjects will now drink two hundred fifty milliliters of the test liquid in a simple syrup suspension."

Jackie looked up at Henry, gesturing that she didn't see the cups of liquid there for them to drink.

"Ah crap." Henry said, handing the camera to Jackie. Henry can now be seen. He is a slim guy in his mid twenties with short brown hair, a video game T-shirt, and slightly baggy jeans. Grabbing a glass bottle from the refrigerator, he opens it and sloppily pours the orange liquid into two clear cups. He takes the camera back from Jackie and straightens the shot.

"OK, the subjects will now drink the liquid." He continues. Jackie and Shank pick up their respective cups and, with a cheers motion, drink the liquid.

"Oh, it's good!" Jackie says as she puts the empty cup down.

"Yeah, it's a ten percent mix of the serum to a ninety percent mix of Orange Fizz." Henry said, the camera focusing on Jackie until she flicks her head over to Shank. "Oh, right."

Shank can be seen tipping the cup up to get the last drops out. "OK, so when do I start to feel drunk?"

"You don't feel ... Oh never mind." Henry answered, exasperated. "You should start feeling the effects in about fifteen minutes. In the mean time, would you both come into the other room so we can start the cognitive tests? I need you to do these quick tests every fifteen minutes for the next hour."

The camera bounced as the three made their way into a modest living room. The subjects sat down on either end of the couch in front of a coffee table. On the table were two binders containing the premade tests. Henry sat opposite of them, still recording. The each opened the binder and read the sheet.

"Ah nuts, you didn't say there would be a math test." Shank griped as he looked at it.

"It's just a quick test." Henry explained. "A few high school level math questions, a short written paragraph, and a few spatial relations tests. You can go ahead and do them now."

Henry continued to videotape them as they wrote, Jackie for about three minutes, Shank for about five minutes.

"OK, do you feel anything?" Henry asked. It had only been six or so minutes since they drank, so he didn't expect anything. Both subjects shook their heads.

"Maybe we should drink some more?" Shank offered. "I didn't get very much."

"It doesn't exactly work that way, it's less about how much you drink. Just drinking some should do it." Henry answered.

They waited until about the fifteen minute mark, making small talk. So far there were no apparent reactions to the drink.

"I like the orange flavor, I didn't taste anything strange." Jackie offered.

"Uh, yeah, it tasted good I guess, I didn't really taste any booze." Shank offered. Even Jackie rolled her eyes at that comment.

At Henry's signal they turned the page of their books and started the next testing stage. Every stage was designed to be about equally as challenging without becoming predictable. He noticed that the pair was taking longer with this round of testing. Jackie seemed to have to think more, and her testing took almost five minutes, while Shank seemed to get frustrated and tossed his pencil down after ten minutes.

"Those were a lot tougher." Shank said as he tossed his pencil onto the table.

"They shouldn't have been ... They're written to..." Henry tried to explain before he was cut off by Jackie.

"They were totally harder. And that writing one was so silly!" She said, breaking into a gale of giggles. Quickly she covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my, where did that come from?"

Jackie suddenly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She appeared to sway a little. "Oh wow, I just felt like a weird rush for a second. I'm OK now though."

"I guess this is a good time to ask you guys if you feel anything different?" Henry said, zooming in on Jackie.

Jackie looked around the room, not really focusing on anything before returning her gaze to the camera. Henry notices that her eyes look a little dilated, and her cheeks a little flush as she thinks about her answer. The shot lingered on her.

"I feel good, not, like, drunk or anything ... Happy I guess." She said, brushing the hair back from her face. "Yeah, I feel good, positive, a little warm. I don't know if it's the drink, or my expectation of the drink."

"OK, how about you Shank?" Henry asked, still keeping the camera on Jackie.

"Yeah, same here. I feel pretty fuckin' good." He said, leaning back against the couch and stretching while he grinned broadly.

Henry followed him with the camera. Then he paused and focused a little lower. It looked like the big athlete had a discernible bulge between his legs. No, probably not, must be the way the sweat pants were fitting.

Zooming back out the frame showed Jackie staring at Shank as he lay in repose. All of a sudden she hopped onto his lap and lay back against the arm of the chair, one hand in the air. She mugged for the camera.

"Photo op!" She yelled, dissolving into another fit of laughter. The big athlete put his large arm around her and looked at her, leering. Jackie gave Shank a hug and climbed off his lap, standing a little unsteadily while she fanned herself with her hand. "Wow, it is warm in here. Are you warm Shank?"

The tall college student slowly stood up. "Yeah, it is getting hot in here." He said, pulling his sweatshirt from his massive chest to reveal a muscular torso. Standing up also removed any question about a bulge. He sported a rather sizable lump on the front of his sweatpants. He stretched; apparently unaware of his growing state.

Jackie was definitely aware of the state of the young man, staring at the lump in his pants. She followed suit and unzipped her sweatshirt. She pulled it off to reveal her tight white T-shirt with a picture of giant glasses and the slogan "Nerd Girls Are Sexy". The glasses just happened to sit over Jackie's breasts. Henry focused on the girl, obviously centering on his friend's hard nipples as they pushed against the material. She continued to stare at Shank, slowly licking her lips.

"Definitely hot in here..." She said in a husky voice, closing her eyes and swaying back and forth a little. "Whoa ... Wow ... I'm definitely feeling something Henry. It feels really good. I mean really good."

"Yeah, really good!" Shank agreed, eagerly looking at the petite brunette's chest, his cock growing in his pants.

"Um, OK..." Henry said, trying to figure out how to gain control again. "Well why don't we sit down again, it's time for the next round of tests."

Shank shrugged and sat down, leaning back, his erection becoming prominent in the grey cloth.

Jackie walked over and stood close to Henry. Her eyes were extremely dilated; looking almost black. "Henry, I feel strange, maybe we should stop." She whispered, biting her lower lip. "We could just hang out or something?"

Henry could be heard to take a deep breath. Judging from the camera angle he was having a tough time keeping the frame off her pert breasts, the picture cutting off just below her eyes now. "We agreed ahead of time that we need to finish the test, it won't be long. Please, Jackie, sit down so we can do the test."

"Ugh, Henry, I don't want to do the stupid test again!" Jackie harrumphed as she sat down, pressing herself against the athlete. She looked over at his obvious bulge hungrily. "I want to have some fun!"

"We'll have some fun as soon as this test is done, I promise." Henry offered, not quite sure what to do.

Jackie was noticeably breathing heavier right now, having trouble concentrating on the test before her. She kept glancing over at Shank, shifting herself in her seat, and fixing her hair.

"I need to go to the bathroom!" She blurted before quickly getting up and running from the room. Henry panned the camera as she left before returning to show Shank still sitting there. The camera floated on Shank, occasionally drifting over towards the short hallway.

The microphone was still picking up Jackie's audio. The volume of her breathing began to get louder, faster, shallower. She was almost whimpering, the sound reverberating off the bathroom walls. Henry decided to investigate.

Forgetting about the camera shot he walked down the hallway, the camera frame pointed at an odd angle towards the floor. "Are you OK Jackie?" he asked through the door. He could hear her heavy breathing through his earphone. In fact, the sound of her breathing right in his ear was kind of turning him on.

"Fuck!" He heard her quietly curse. "I'm fine! Just be a minute!" She called cheerily through the door.

"Uh, OK." Henry answered back. "Just checking..." He added timidly as he slowly started back down the hall.

"Now fuck off and let me finish." She whispered obviously not remembering that she was mic'd. Her breathing quickly intensified again, and Henry could hear a moist sound almost like she was scrubbing something. "Yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... oh yeah..." she whispered urgently. The pace of the noise and her breathing increased until she let out a long hushed groan of pleasure. "Ohhhhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahhhhhhh! Oh yeah ... Oh fuck yeah..."

It finally dawned on Henry that she had been in the bathroom masturbating, and he had just heard his friend enjoying an intense orgasm. He adjusted his erection in his pants just before the bathroom door opened.

Jackie stepped out of the bathroom, looking around a little furtively, unsteady on her feet. The camera caught her silhouette, backlit from the bedroom behind, accentuating her hard nipples as they pressed against her T-shirt. She slowly turned and walked towards Henry. It was clear in the video that she weaving as she walked.

"Are you OK? An obviously concerned Henry asked.

"Mm-Hmm." Jackie answered with a smile as she passed him in the kitchen. She bent over, mugging for the camera as she passed. "I feel great."

The camera focused on her as she walked into the living room, it tilted down a little to focus on her ass, tightly wrapped in her leggings. There was a pronounced sway to her hips that was not normally present. Henry followed behind, not sure what to think.

Shank looked up from the test paper as she entered; obvious lust in his dull eyes. Jackie spread her arms wide as she approached him.

"Hey baby! Didja miss me?" She exclaimed as she sat down on his knee. She put her arms around him and hugged him. He reciprocated, one big hand sliding down to cup her tight ass. Henry was amazed that she didn't protest. Normally she would have slapped anyone that tried to touch her like that. Instead she looked up at the camera, her eyes glazed.

"I don't wanna do any more tests Henry." She said with a slight slur in her voice. Henry was shocked, she always spoke with perfect diction, and this wasn't like her at all. "They're a total buzz kill."

"Uh, OK, sure. No more tests." Henry said as he focused on his subjects. Jackie remained perched on the football player's muscular thigh. She giggled and flicked Shank's nose with her finger. The athlete, on the other hand, only had eyes for Jackie, or rather only for her body. His hand stroked up and down her thigh between her knee and her ass. He stared intently at her breasts as they moved beneath the tight material.

"So, ah, tell me, how do you feel?" Henry pressed on. The two of them were definitely altered, almost as it they had been drinking or stoned, but something was different. "You seem a little out of it?"

"Oh, I'm totally fucked up." Jackie said, bursting into a gale of laughter. "I feel amazing! It's like my whole body is tingling! It's like I'm a fucking million watt light bulb!"

"Yeah, heh, yeah me too." Shank added, lasciviously looking up and down Jackie's body. He reached over with his other hand to stroke along her torso, stopping short of her breasts.

"OK, you feel really good. What else? Do you feel drunk? Stoned?" Henry asked, unable to do anything but continue videotaping.

"Stoned..." Shank murmured.

"I don't know, not drunk exactly..." Jackie said, pausing to think, pressing her thighs tightly together, stroking Shank's arm. "I've never been stoned, so yeah, stoned ... and..." She looked at Shank and started to laugh, he started to laugh too. "Yeah, right?"

"What?" Henry asked; feeling left out of the joke.

Jackie turned to look directly in the camera. She suppressed a giggle, and tried not to smirk.

"Henry, I'm horny as fuck!" She managed to get out before laughing.

"What?" Henry asked. He couldn't believe his timid friend would say something like that.

"I'm horny as fuck Henry." She said resolutely. "My pussy is fucking wet. That shit you gave me is great. Shank is fucking touching my ass and it's making my pussy drip. Oh god I want him to touch me all over!"

Shank obliged by grabbing her right breast with his huge hand, rubbing it through the material of her T-shirt. Jackie moaned loudly and leaned back against his shoulder, one hand sliding between her legs. She looked up again at the camera. Her eyes were heavy and glazed. She was breathing heavily.

"Fuck yeah, that's it, grab my tits!" She said to the unblinking lens. "See Henry? I'm so wet it's soaked through."

The material between her slim legs was dark and wet from her arousal. She leaned back her head and moaned again as Shank slid his hand under her shirt to touch her breasts. The outline of his big hand pressed against the thin cotton. She reached back and began rubbing her hand down his broad chest then down to his erection. The oversized student moaned as a big greasy smile slid across his face.

"Fuck it's big! God, I want to get fucked Henry. I want his cock so bad!" She moaned before looking back up at the camera. "Do you know what I did in the can Henry? I fucked myself. I had to cum. So I went in there and fucking rubbed my clit until I came. Did you hear me Henry? Did you hear me cum?"

Henry started to mumble something, but Jackie sat up and took the lens of the camera in one hand. Shank slid both hands up her shirt to grab her breasts; her eyes fluttered as he pinched her hard nipples. "I know you fucking heard me Henry. At first I tried to be quiet when I 'membered that had the mic on. But then I wanted you hearing me ... your cock gettin' hard when you heard me finger fucking my pussy." She reached down with her other hand out of camera range. The microphone picked up a quiet moan from Henry. "See? Your cock is hard, just from listening to me fuck myself. I like making your cock hard Henry. Speaking of which..."

Jackie let go of the camera and slid back against Shank before standing up in front of him and took his hand. Pulling him to his feet she turned back to the camera.

"Lessee if Shank is expermincing the same effects from your little cocktail." Kneeling down Jackie looked at the large bulge in the front of his track pants. She ran her hand up and down the outline of his big hard cock before slowly pulling the waistband down. "Oh, he's totally feeling it babes." Slowly she revealed a thick hard shaft, pulled down by the elastic waist, until his large cock popped up and bobbed in front of her face.

The camera lens swung around the room. "Hey Jackie..." Henry started to say.

The picture froze.

"Wait! Why did you stop it?" Jackie asked. She was seated in front of the monitor on the desk dressed in a puffy white bathrobe, her damp hair hanging around her face.

"That's kinda when things got out of control Jackie." Henry said, rubbing the back of his neck. "You don't want to see that do you?"

"Henry, we agreed before we started. And I need to see what I did." Jackie said firmly. "I don't really remember what happened yesterday and I really need to know. Plus, how can we learn anything about the experiment if we don't review the results."

"I don't know Jackie..." Henry said while trying to come up with a good reason not to continue. "It's pretty embarrassing..."

"Just play it Henry."

"I don't think we should..." Henry started to reply, but Jackie reached forward and tapped the spacebar on the keyboard, setting the video in motion again.

" ... let's, ah, OK, let's call the experiment done." Henry's voice continued, the camera pointed at the floor. "I think we proved the effects of the beverage."

"Henry, point the fucking camera at me!" Jackie's voice demanded.

Henry could be heard to grouse behind the camera, but did hold it up and point it at Jackie. The image stabilized on the brunette as she looked at the camera. Her right hand was holding Shank's impressively long and thick erection at the base. Her other hand was shoved down her tight leggings playing with her pussy.

"Look at the size of this thing?" She said as she turned back to the cock in her hand, looking at it in fascination. The football jocks erection was big, easily the length of her forearm. The shaft was rock hard and heavily veined up to the dark flaring head. It swung in front of him like a thick tree limb. Her delicate hand looked tiny as she slowly started to stroke the shaft. "God, it makes me dizzy just looking at it..."

The video paused again.

"Wow, I remember that part now." Jackie said as she examined the freeze frame of the huge cock. Her eyes were almost as glazed as in the video. "I just assumed it seemed that big because of the psychotropic properties of the serum. It looked like the most beautiful thing in the world at the time. I wanted that big cock more than anything I could imagine. It still is fucking huge though, and beautiful in a coarse way. God, his balls are big too. He's really hung."

"Uh, yeah, I guess..." Henry reluctantly agreed.

"Oh, it totally is, it's huge." Jackie corrected.

The video started up again to see Jackie on screen reach up with her other hand to cup the athlete's large testicles while she continued to stroke him with the other. Shank moaned and thrust his big cock through her fingers. A small spurt of cum erupted from the thick cockhead and proceeded to drool down the shaft. Jackie giggled and licked it from the shaft like it was a drip on an ice cream cone. As she reached the head she slipped it into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing inward as she sucked on it.

Jackie actually squealed with pleasure as she pulled the hard cock from her mouth with a pop. "Oooh! It tastes so good!" She exclaimed as she looked up at it adoringly. "I wanna make it cum!"

The video froze as Jackie reached up to tap the space key.

"Why am I talking like that?" She asked quizzically. "I sound like a moronic high school cheerleader. Well, a slutty moronic high school cheerleader anyway."

"Um, I noticed that..." Henry fumbled looking around in his notes, trying not to look at the frozen image of Jackie with a big cock in her mouth. It's not that he'd not like to see that, but it was embarrassing with her sitting right there, and he would rather it be his cock anyway. "Yeah, here it is. Your test scores dropped with each successive test. Your baseline test was what I expected. Your time was just under three minutes. Your math and problem solving were perfect, and your creative test was excellent."

He flipped through his papers for a second until coming up with the next test set. "Your next round took you about five minutes."

"Five? But these tests are designed to be virtually identical in challenge." Jackie replied.

"They are. These tests have been used hundreds of times for their repeatability and predictability." He confirmed. "And on the second round you scored only four out of five on the math, three out of five on the cognitive, and your creative was, um, interesting."

"Interesting? How?" Jackie asked.

"Well, um, here." Henry handed her the paper. "Look at the last line."

Jackie read aloud: "And the warriors charged their enemy, their bodies naked and gleaming in sweat, and their cocks engorged and hard as they charged?" She looked at the paper, checking the first page to see where she had written her name. "I wrote that?"

Henry looked down at his notes, not quite able to look her in the eye. "Yeah, it was you. And you made a couple of spelling mistakes too."

"I remember the test seeming a lot harder the second time. I had a lot of trouble concentrating, it's like words I knew wouldn't come to me." She stared at the paper. "I don't remember writing this though. I must have had cocks on the brain already."

"You could say that." Henry said, trying not to sound too sarcastic. "You only got through part of the third test. You only got one math question right, only two attempted. You only attempted on cognitive test, got that one wrong. And as for the creative ... Well, here, you read it."

Jackie took the proffered papers and started to read. "I don't even remember taking the test. Holy cow, my handwriting is almost illegible. Henry, is this really what I wrote?" Henry nodded at her. "Shank hasa big sexy cok. He's hard fer me. I want him in my wet little pussy." She looked up at Henry quizzically. "And then I drew this crude picture of a giant erect penis? Oh my. You know, this might be consistent with over stimulated Limbic Amygdale coupled with suppressed Occipital Gyri."

Jackie closed her eyes for a moment and seemed to waver. When she opened them again her eyes were definitely dilated and glassy. There was a slight blush to her cheeks. "I wanna to see more cock." She said before she started the video again.

The on-screen Jackie continued to work on the large cock. Shank looked down at her, an evil grin on his face, as she slowly pushed his cock through her hand and into her mouth. Jackie moaned in pleasure, her free hand reaching up under her T-shirt to play with her breasts before sliding down between her legs to play with herself again. It wasn't long before her thighs shook, and she started to hump her hand, her arousal nearing a peak.

Jackie broke off before she came, pulling at her T-shirt to get it off. Shank reached down and helped pull it over her head to reveal her perky breasts. He reached back down to grab them with his hands eliciting a loud moan from Jackie as he pinched her hard nipples. She quickly stood up and started to pull off her leggings, but the muscular athlete grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over with one arm while he grabbed the waistband of her tights and pulled them off. Taking her hips with either hands he effortlessly lifted her up so that her legs went over each shoulder and placing her wet pussy against his mouth. It also served to place her head right at the level of his aching hard cock.

Without missing a beat Jackie started to suck on the fat cock before being interrupted by her own cries of pleasure, coinciding with the loud slurping sounds of the jock sucking on her clit. Her suspended legs flailed as she came. Unable to pleasure the big cock she instead held it close to her face as if hugging it.

"Oh god that was amazing!" She cried as her orgasm subsided. She started to bob her face back and forth, sucking on the huge erection. Shank continued to suck on her erect clit eliciting moans of passion from her before she quickly succumb to another orgasm. "Oh god oh god oh god!" She squealed in pleasure as she again shook with ecstasy.

"Wow, he's good." Jackie said as she intently watched herself on the screen. "I feel my pussy tingling just watching him." She watched, fascinated, as the jock spun her back around and placed her on the couch. Jackie inhaled deeply. "Oh, look, typical simian dominance play by him! He's really strong, and what a big cock."

The on-screen Jackie spun around, leaned up against the arm of the couch, her legs apart, arched her back so her ass thrust out and looked back at Shank. She reached back to spread her ass to give the Neanderthal a good view of her dripping pussy and her little pink asshole.

"Oh god! Look!" Jackie exclaimed while looking at herself as she enticed the big stud to mount her. "I look hot! Um, but I mean look, I'm totally putting on a, um, that word I just said, the monkey thing..."

"Simian dominance display?" Henry offered. He noticed that Jackie's robe had slipped open allowing him a peek at her breasts. He tried to ignore the sensation of his penis engorging in his pants.

"A what?" She said looking at him briefly before turning back to the screen.

"Simian dominance display." Henry explained, confused at her seeming change in concentration. "Where a great ape poses in such a way as to make itself more masculine and to dominate other apes in the group?"

"Yeah, that, but no." She said thinking for a moment. "I'm doing the monkey thing to him so he'll fuck me."

"Oh, a simian submissive sexual display." Henry realized what she was talking about.

"Yeah, a fuck me pose." She said watching intently. "It's working too. Look he can't wait to drive that thing into me!"

"I don't know, it might be a result of an over stimulated Limbic structure, but it doesn't look like a suppressed Occipital Gyri to me." Henry discussed clinically.

"Whatever you say silly!" Jackie said laughing. "Let's watch me get fucked."

The camera focused on Jackie's face as Shank lined up behind her. He rubbed the end of his hard cock up and down her wet slit to lubricate it. She opened her mouth in a gasp of pleasure as she felt his swollen cockhead start to press against her pussy lips.

"Keep the camera on me Henry; I want to watch this later. I want to watch my face as he puts that big hard cock in me." She said into the camera, her eyes wide with anticipation. She gasped suddenly, her face desperate with ecstasy. "Oh god ... He's putting it in ... It's so big and hard..." Jackie's face took overwhelmed look. Her mouth opened in a silent "oh" and she swooned, her eyes losing focus as the beefy athlete slid his huge cock into her tight opening.

She snapped back to reality with a squeal. "Holy shit it's big! Oh god! It feels like he's stretching every single inch of my pussy!" Jackie threw her head back with a howl of ecstasy. Panting and licking her lips she looked back at the jock then back to the camera. She whispered breathlessly into the camera as Shank slowly started to fuck her. "Holy fuck! I can't believe my little cunt took that whole big cock! God I'm shaking."

"There's more." Shank grunted as he pushed the remaining inches of his thick cock into the petite coed.

"Oh god! Oh shit!" Jackie exclaimed in shock as he pushed deep inside her. She groaned and bore down, unable to resist the huge invader. Swooning again, her eyes fluttering closed. Unable to think, she felt the overwhelming urge to cum overtake her. "Ugh! Fuck I'm cumming! Oh fuuuuck!"

Jackie pushed against Shank's thick cock as she came. Her body shook with ecstasy and her face twisted into a mask of uncontrolled animal pleasure. Henry couldn't take the camera lens away from a close up of her face, even as his own cock throbbed from watching his pretty friend get fucked. Her glazed blue eyes looked upward as she was overwhelmed by her contracting pussy grabbing the massive cock sliding in and out of her body. As she started to come down from her orgasmic high the jock started to pound her petite body.

"Oh god, yeah, fuck me like that!" Jackie moaned with pleasure as she was pushed against the arm of the couch. "Ooh yeah, yeah, harder, harder, harder, ohmygod!" She cried as she came again. The sound of his hips slapping against Jackie's ass was clearly heard on the video soundtrack. The brunette cried out in what sounded like blissful agony, her head buried against the arm of the couch.

Just as she started to recover Shank began to mercilessly pound into her dripping pussy sending a new wave of irresistible ecstasy through the pretty young student. "Oh god! Not again! He's so hard!" She cried as her body tensed. "Ooooh god I want your cum! My cunt is for you. I was made for your cock! Come on baby, cum in my pussy!"

"Um, Jackie? Is that such a good idea?" Henry whispered, his voice worried. "I mean, you don't want to get pregnant!"

"I don't care!" Her voice broke as she felt herself go past the point of no return to another orgasm. "I want his cum! I want to feel him pumping it into my cunt! I want his cock to fill me. I don't care if he makes a baby! Anything he wants! Ohhhhh god! Oh he's cumming!"

Shank grunted and slammed his cock as deep into Jackie as he could. Jackie pushed back, impaling herself on his big erection, her spasming pussy massaging the thick shaft, urging more cum deep into her body. As their mutual orgasms subsided Shank leaned back onto the couch, his still hard cock slapping against his taut belly as it pulled out of the young woman. Jackie leaned her head down on top of her crossed arms as she closed her eyes and smiled.

"Mmmm, god that's good." She murmured in cum drugged stupor.

The camera switched to focus on Shank who lay back, breathing deeply, and stroking his long cock as he stared at the brunette's slim hips. It was obvious that he was only satiated for the moment, and had every intention of fucking Jackie again very shortly.

"Fuckin' amazing bro!" Shank said to the camera in between breaths. "I feel so fucking amazing. And this chick is such a piece of ass! Look at her! Fuck!"

The camera focused back towards Jackie, or more specifically, Jackie's ass. "Like my ass don't you Tiger?" Jackie's voice came through over the microphone. Henry slowly panned up to see her watching him through heavily lidded eyes. Her face was a mask of drunken arousal. Henry started to try and answer, but Jackie cut him off.

"Oh, it's OK Henry; I like you looking." She giggled as she turned around and slid down the arm of the couch until she was reclined in the corner on her back. She spread her legs to reveal her well trimmed pussy, reaching down to play with her engorged clit. She thrust her hips in response to her touch, spreading her labia to reveal a thick white mass of cum pooled in her vagina. She reached under the camera with her other hand. She made a "tsk tsk" noise as she stroked Henry's obvious erection through his pants. Henry could be heard to moan over the camera mic, his breathing increasing.

"Poor Henry, you're so hard. I bet you'd love to put that hard cock in my tight little pussy." She cooed seductively, making little oohs and gasps of pleasure as her fingers flicked over her clit. "Maybe you can fuck me after he's done with me. Sloppy seconds." She indicated Shank, who had apparently caught his breath and was ready for another go. Jackie slipped a couple of fingers into her cum dripping pussy. Her back arched as her fingers flew, stimulating her G-spot. She let out a loud groan of pleasure before quickly stopping. "Not yet ... Not yet..." She gasped as she eased back from the brink. Slipping her cum coated fingers in between her lips she sucked on them seductively while locking eyes on Shank.

Looking up at Henry Jackie smiled seductively. "Don't you want to know how I'm feeling Henry?" She asked before pausing to suck on her index finger provocatively. "I mean for your little experiment?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess." Henry stumbled. He had never seen Jackie like this; she was always so quiet and, well, nerdy. "How is the drink affecting you? What are you feeling Jackie?"

"Well, right now I'm feeling your hard cock Henry." Jackie deadpanned with a barely suppressed smirk on her lips.

"Funny." Henry answered, sounding a little frustrated. "Describe to me how you feel."

Jackie stretched, showing off her surprisingly shapely body, and made a purring groan in the back of her throat. "How do I feel? I feel totally amazing, totally fucked up, and totally horny. I want to fuck. I want cock. I want to cum again and again. My whole body is a giant cock toy. Everything feels soooo good."

She took her hand off Henry's cock to put them between her legs and spread her pussy wide for the jock. "Ready for another fuck?"

Shank raised his glazed eyes from staring at Jackie's pussy to slowly focus on her. "Oh fuck yeah." He mumbled as he knelt between her legs, lining his huge erection against her well lubricated slit. "Fuckin' tight." He groaned as her pussy slowly stretched around his invading girth.

Jackie gasped and squealed in ecstasy as the large cock entered her dripping pussy. She looked down at the invading organ through glazed eyes, her mouth hanging open awe. As he buried his cock she stretched in ecstasy and looked up at the camera. "I have a cock in my pussy." She said with an evil grin. "Make sure you get a shot of how much his big cock is stretching my little pussy." She moaned before throwing her head to the side with a soul wrenching cry of ecstasy.

Shank wasn't wasting any time as he pounded his hard cock into the writhing brunette. Her shuddering cries of pleasure only served to spur him on, slamming harder and deeper. Henry had to begrudgingly admit; the athlete had an impressive physique as he pistoned machinelike into Jackie, and he really did have a big cock. So much for jocks and steroids making for tiny penises.

"Oh god baby, cum for me!" Jackie cried suddenly as Shank started to groan. The pretty brunette stared at her lover, her eyes darting between his face, and the rock hard shaft plunging into her stretched pussy. "Oh fuck yeah! Fill my cunt! Oh fuck I'm cumming again!" She begged through clenched teeth as the big athlete stopped his thrusting, his thick cock pulsing as he pumped load after load of cum into her convulsing pussy. Jackie writhed in mind bending ecstasy as she felt his cum filling her pussy, driving her into the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced. The camera moved back and forth capturing first his orgasm, then hers, until it once again lingered on her semi conscious face.

Her writhing made Shank's still thick cock slip out of her pussy, standing to hover just above it. "No, no, no!" She cried suddenly as she scrambled to push his cock back down into her pussy. "Don't you go soft on me now football. Keep fucking! More cum!"

Although he was already panting from exertion, Shank groggily complied, his cock hardening at her needful cries. He continued to fuck her like an animal, urged on by her hand holding the base of his cock tightly. Jackie's eyes rolled back as she verged on unconsciousness from multiple sustained orgasms. When she was able to focus, she stared at the athlete in rapture as if madly in love with him.

It was only a few minutes before Shank groaned and came again, his cock buried in the petite student, his head hanging in exhaustion. Jackie held him close, her legs tight around his waist to hold him deep inside her. Despite her best efforts though, he slowly slumped back against the other side of the couch in a stupor. His cock, still stiff, pulsed against his belly, a thin stream of cum pumping from the fat cockhead.

The camera watched as Jackie writhed on the couch, whining at the loss of the big cock from her cum dripping pussy. "Put it back in!" She cried in desperation. "I want you to fuck me more!" After a few moments she looked up between her legs to see that Shank essentially passed out. "Oh shit!"

Languidly, the pretty grad student sat up and swayed where she sat for a moment. She stared over at the prone athlete. Spying his still somewhat stiff cock she smiled. Leaning forward she was able to fall onto her hands and knees. Crawling over to Shank she quickly started to suck and stroke his cock, bringing it back to life.

"Mmmm, I can taste my own pussy." She purred as she turned to look at the camera. "It's like a pussy and cum sundae." She concluded before going down on the hardening cock again. The camera had a perfect view as she stretched her lips around his thick shaft. "That's it ... Nice and hard..."

Jackie raised herself up unsteadily and straddled the jock and positioned his thick cock with her small hand. She looked over at the camera again. "I want you to get a good shot of this." She said, indicating behind her where she held the cock against her ass. "I want a real porn star video to whack off to later."

"Jackie, this is supposed to be a scientific record..." Henry whined, exasperated. His experiment was totally out of control. "This is a documentary, not a fap video!"

"So document this big hard cock impaling your friend's tight little pussy!" She slurred as she lined up the fat cockhead with her wet slit. She moaned as she slid it back and forth against her opening. "Besides, you'll totally beat off to this too, I know you."

The camera framed her pussy and ass as it seemed to float over the huge cock. With a long moan of pleasure Jackie slowly lowered herself onto the monster. The cockhead insistently slid between her swollen labia and forced its way into her tight orifice. The camera captured every detail of the heavily veined shaft as is slid into the girl's quivering body.

The camera zoomed out to show her whole body as she engulfed the big organ. Arching her back she started to grind against the semiconscious athlete, his huge cock sliding in and out of her tight body. It wasn't long before her moaning became loud and insistent. With a cry of release, she orgasmed, her ass clenching, her body shaking as she came. Shank moaned in his semi conscious state.

Lifting herself off the still hard cock, Jackie turned around and positioned the thick shaft into her open pussy. She let out a long wail of ecstasy as the massive organ filled her pussy, stretching it around its girth, making her erect clit pop up for her to play with. She started fucking the big cock, slowly moving forward on his lap bringing the big cock into contact more and more with her g-spot. The farther forward she moved, the deeper she moaned and the more intensely she fucked the huge hard cock. Her mouth hanging open she started to squeal and rub her clit furiously until the thick cock popped out of her pussy followed by a gush of fluid as she experienced her first squirting orgasm. Overwhelmed, she leaned back on Shank, her whole body flailing out of control as she moaned, her eyes closing as she almost passed out from the intense ecstasy that wracked her entire body.

"Oh god ... oh fuck..." She moaned, unable to stop shaking for a full minute or more. When she finally did she reached over to grab Shank's rock hard cock, stroking it lovingly as she shakily remounted it. "Oh god ... It's so fucking big." She leaned back against the athlete's muscular chest and started to frantically impale herself on the hard flesh.

Suddenly, as if waking up, Shank started to moan loudly. He grabbed Jackie and pulled her back, his big hands groping her firm breasts as he started to jackhammer his cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Jackie screamed in pleasure as she lost control, the huge erection pounding in her pussy the only thing she was aware of. With a final loud groan Shank buried his huge cock deep into the pretty student. The camera clearly showed his ball tightening rhythmically, and the thick center vein of his cock swelling as it pumped load after load of cum into Jackie, pushing her into yet another orgasm.

As his orgasm subsided, so did his cock. Quickly softening it slid from her overworked pussy followed by an overflow stream of cum. In moments he had again passed out and started to snore quietly while Jackie slid to her knees before it. As if worshiping her own corporal god the brunette valiantly sucked on the unresponsive cock.

"Oh shit!" She said in disappointment as it became clear that the organ would not be revived. Swaying on her knees she turned to face the camera. "OK loverboy..." she slurred drunkenly. "Lessee how much you love me Henry."

"Come on Jackie, you know I'd like to..." Henry stammered nervously. "But you're wasted, and it wouldn't be fair..."

"I'm not wase-ed Henry, I'm ficking horny!" She said, barely able to enunciate. Despite his protestations she reached below the camera and was obviously working on his pants. "Your lips may say nose Henry, but your cock sez fuck yes!"

The camera panned down just as she successfully pried Henry's erection from his jeans. She wasted no time in stroking it as she leaned in to take it into her pretty mouth. She looked up at the camera, her blue eyes glazed with the effects of the drink, and of the multiple orgasms.

"Jackie, I don't think we should do..." He said as her lips touched the tip of his swollen cockhead. "Jackie wait!"

It was too late. Henry's hard cock erupted, his pent up need overwhelming what little control he had. The image froze on Jackie's pretty face as she squealed in delight, her smiling mouth wide open to receive the stream of white cum that was splattering across her face and onto her glasses.

"Don't stop it!" Jackie cried in the lab as she watched the video screen.

"That's all there is." Henry answered without turning to face his lab partner. "The card was full."

"Oh god, look at me!" Jackie said, her voice shaking. "I love the look of your cum on my face!"

He turned to face Jackie, only then realizing that her robe was wide open and she was sitting back against the chair, her feet resting on the edge of the chair, her legs spread wide, and the fingers of her hand furiously rubbing her clit. Her body stiffened and she threw her head to the side as she came.

"Oh! Oh god yeah! Fuck!" She cried out, her body shaking. As her orgasm subsided she turned to face Henry, desire in her eyes. "Henry, you totally came all over my face!"

"Yeah, sorry, I..." Henry tried to explain, looking down at his feet. "I mean you surprised me. Fuck, I'm sorry Jackie."

"Sorry?" Jackie said as she stood up and walked towards Henry. Straddling his legs, she opened her robe wide and leaned her chest into his face. The musky smell of her wet pussy mixed with the freshly washed scent of her breasts. "Don't be sorry Henry. I loved your hot cum on my face. But I want your cum inside me Henry."

Reaching down, she slid her hand into Henry's pants and took hold of his hard cock. It was already throbbing from watching the video, and her hand glided nicely over his wet cockhead and down his shaft. Unable to resist his partner he moaned in pleasure as she stroked him. He took one of her hard pink nipples into his mouth and was gratified to hear her gasp as he flicked it with his tongue.

"Oh god, get your cock out." She murmured breathily. Putting one arm around the back of his head she pulled him closer to her breast. Henry fumbled with the button on his pants and clumsily pulled them down. Jackie immediately held his cock in her hand and positioned herself above it. His cock slid into her hot wet pussy without any resistance. Her tight body hugged the length of his cock as she ground against him. "Oh ... oh ... oh ... oh yeah I'm cumming!" She cried out as she clung to him, her hips jerking as she came.

"We shouldn't be doing this." Henry gasped as the pretty girl fucked herself on his erection. "It's not ethical."

"I don't care Henry. I just want you to cum in me."

"But Jackie, this is a scientific experiment..." Henry said in gasps. The feeling of her hot tight body stroking his cock was too much for him to handle. "Oh shit Jackie! Stop! You're gonna make me cum!"

"I know, I can feel it getting bigger, harder." Jackie panted in his ear, the need in her voice driving him to orgasm. "Come on Henry, cum in me."

Henry couldn't resist her anymore. The smell of her skin, her soft breasts against his face, the feeling of her tight wet pussy as it stroked his cock. Unable to hold back he felt the first jet of cum travel up his shaft and blast out of his sensitive cockhead. Jackie cried out in ecstasy as she felt him spray cum into her pussy. Slamming her body hard against him she clung tightly as he pumped his seed into her. She shook and moaned as she came hard again, slowly gyrating on his cock as his orgasm subsided.

"No ... no..." She murmured as she felt his cock start to soften in her. Undaunted, she slid off his lap and took his semi hard cock in her mouth. She eagerly licked his shaft clean of cum, enjoying the taste of her own juices as she ran her tongue up the shaft like an ice cream cone. Her ministrations were immediately successful as Henry's cock hardened again in her hand.

"Jackie, we shouldn't..." Henry said, barely able to concentrate as he watched the pretty brunette suck his cock. "I mean, it's wrong, plus we don't have any protection..."

"Henry, shut up." Jackie said as she kissed his once again swollen cockhead and smiled. "I'm sucking your cock, what more do you want? Sides, you're gonna cum soon. So cum in my mouth and we'll call it good."

Henry just nodded in agreement. She was right, he was about to cum again, and he desperately wanted to feel her mouth around his cock again. He didn't have to wait. As if sensing his desire she rose up and slowly slid her mouth over his rock hard erection, her tongue dancing along the underside of the head. Before he knew it, Henry was cumming, his cock twitching and spurting his load into her greedy mouth.

Finally, after sucking his cock of every drop of cum, she looked up at him and leaned her head against his thigh. Her heavily lidded eyes were glazed, and she looked like she was ready to pass out. She caught herself falling to the side as she almost lost consciousness.

"Take me to bed tiger. I need some sleepies." She slurred before hanging her head down, and throwing her arms up for Henry to pull her to her feet.

Pulling her up, and mostly holding her up, he waddled down the hallway with his pants still around his ankles. Frustrated after getting her halfway there he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed and took a moment to drink in her perfect body before pulling up the covers. As he was about to make his way back to the living room to sleep on the cum stained couch she grabbed his arm and pulled him down onto the bed.

"Need cuddles Henry." She slurred. Henry gave up and lay down next to her. He was careful not to spoon with her, afraid the proximity to her firm warm flesh would cause an erection, and unsure if he could resist taking advantage of his pretty young partner.

"We need to talk about this in the morning." He said quietly.

Jackie replied with a giggle. "Forget talk, I wannna do it again tomorrow. I wanna be fucked up like this alla time."

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