Rose's Date
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Ma/mt, Mult, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rose has her first date since her divorce. She was horny but the night didn't end as she had expected, thanks to her son.

Rose Dunn wasn't beautiful but she was a very attractive, well built thirty five year old woman. She had divorced her wandering husband over a year ago. She worked out three times a week to keep her body taught but she wasn't sure why. She hadn't dated since the divorce. The only one who asked her out was slovenly Bob from work. He asked her out at least two times a month not understanding her refusal. Bob thought Rose should be happy that a widower with his stature in the community wanted to date her. Aside from Bob not turning her on she didn't want to date someone that she worked with. When she was a young woman, fresh out of college she had made that mistake, When she and Joe had broken up it became unbearable at work. Rose had quit a job that she really liked because of the break up. That wasn't going to happen again.

Her next door neighbor Carla Ebber, who was Rose's best friend, had finally talked her into a date with her friend Jim. Jim was single and never been married. Rose didn't think, even if they hit it off, a long time bachelor like Jim would be interested in taking on a thirty five year old divorced woman with a seventeen year old son living at home. Carla had told her. "Don't worry about a long term relationship. What you need is a good fuck." Carla never minced words. She always told Rose about the sex she was having. At least the sex with her husband. Rose suspected that Carla was getting a little nooky outside of her marriage, but Carla just smiled smugly when asked about it.

It seemed that Carla's only complaint about sex with her husband John was that his preference for his oral pleasure was to ram his large, according to Carla, penis into her mouth in a fucking motion until he spewed his juice down her throat. Carla had blushed a deep red when she heard about the oral sex. A vision leaped to Rose's mind of her best friend on her knees while her husband fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. Other than that bit of her husband's kinkiness Carla enjoyed having his big fuck stick in her vagina which would according to her make Carla orgasm multiple times.

Rose pulled her four year old Toyota into the driveway in front of her house, putting the shifter into park then shutting off the engine. She couldn't believe it. Her mouth was watering thinking about sucking cock. She wondered if Jim would expect a blow job in payment for her dinner tonight or would he want to bring her back to his house for a good fuck? She hadn't even met the man yet and she was already thinking about sex. In her youth she had sucked many a cock. She was frugal about who she let into her vagina but her mouth satisfied many boys in college. Even her ex husband, after his first blow job, had dubbed her The Queen of cocksuckers. She couldn't begin to count how many times her ex had spurted his cum into her mouth. Even after a long evening of intercourse he would prefer to empty his load into Rose's waiting mouth. She had always loved the taste of sperm delivered in hard spurts into her hot mouth. Rose could feel the warmth of her juices leaking from her pussy. Get a hold of yourself Rose.

Rose rubbed her hand between her legs feeling the wetness on the crotch on the material of her pants. She needed to stop touching herself. She guessed that her date Jim was going to get lucky tonight. Rose hoped he was at least decent looking with a pleasant personality, but as horny as she was, the man was probably going get very lucky indeed.

She reached onto the passenger seat to retrieve the pizza she had picked up on the way home for her son Brad Jr. She was going out to dinner but her son wasn't and needed supper. Rose had picked up Brad's favorite, sausage and pepperoni with extra cheese.

She wondered about her son. Was he having sex at age seventeen? She was at his age. For the longest time Rose had noticed while doing the boy's laundry, the cum stains on the front of his briefs. She often thought he would eventually figure out that using a tissue wouldn't be as uncomfortable as spewing his jism in his shorts. Maybe he wanted his mother to see how much he was cumming. Lately though his briefs were not loaded with the yellow cum stains on wash day. Maybe he finally started using tissues or maybe he had found a young girl to cum into or onto.

She went through the back door to the kitchen dropping the pizza box on the counter top. Before she had a chance to call out to him she saw, through the cut out to the living room, her son on the couch with his head casually lolling back on the rear of the couch. Between his legs she could see a pony tailed brunette bobbing her head in the teen's lap. My son's getting a blow job! She thought. That explains where his cum was going instead of in his shorts.

Brad arched his back pushing his pelvis against the mouth that was sucking his cock. "Here it cums bitch! Swallow it all." The boy's cock exploded filling the mouth with his seed. When the little cock sucker pulled off of Brad's prick and sat back, Rose realized that it wasn't a young girl after all. It was the youngest long haired Jones boy. Was Brad gay?

Rose backed away from the opening waiting as Brad told the boy to leave and. "Thanks for the blow job faggot." The boy smiled at Brad as he left through the front door with his hard prick pushing the front of his pants out. Brad didn't even let the boy get off. Cum in his mouth and send him on his way. What a prick he was.

"Is that pizza I smell?" Did he know that she had watched him getting his blow job?

Rose stumbled with her answer. "Yes sweetie, your favorite, sausage and pepperoni with extra cheese. I'm going out. I have a date for dinner tonight."

He stood zipping his fly as he headed for the kitchen. "Pizza. Great! I'm starving."

Rose didn't know what to say to the boy as he opened the box to grab a large slice of the gooey pizza. She blushed as she asked her son. "Are you gay Brad? I mean it's O. K. whatever you prefer."

Brad guffawed. "Hell no Mother. I just like getting sucked off. I really don't care who does it as long as I can shoot my stuff in their mouths." She was mortified by Brad's response. "According to Dad you give great head yourself Mom."

She sputtered again. "Your ... your ... your father actually told you that?"

"Sure, according to him you are the The Queen of cocksuckers. Is that true Mother? Are you as good at it as Dad says you are."

Rose didn't want anymore of this conversation. "I need to get ready for my date. Eat your pizza and stop asking me embarrassing questions."

While Rose was in the shower she couldn't contain herself any longer. She quickly brought herself off with the intense rubbing of her clit with two of her fingers. There, that will take the edge off so I don't wind up raping my date tonight.

Brad could hear his mother's shower through the closed door to her bedroom. His dick was hard again. He had never talked like that to his mother before. It had aroused him knowing she had watched the Jones boy sucking him off. Then, having the nerve to ask his mother if she was a great cocksucker like Dad had said. He didn't know why his father felt compelled to tell Brad about his mother's oral expertise but he had and now that thought was embedded in young Brads mind. He gingerly touched the doorknob wanting to get a peek at his mother in the shower. He had never seen his mother naked but he very much wanted to look at her in the shower while he fondled his prick. The door would not yield. Rose had locked her bedroom door before undressing for the shower. Brad left for his room knowing that he would have to use his hand on his prick to get his relief.

Jim arrived at Rose's house around six thirty. Brad had come down for introductions but stayed only for a minute acting very cool towards Jim Jealous of me? Jim thought. Rose made two cocktails for them before they left for the restaurant.

They had another cocktail after ordering their meal at the nice steak house Jim had selected. A couple of glasses of wine with dinner and finally an Irish coffee for desert.

Dinner conversation was flowing in a relaxed manner. Jim was ruggedly handsome, well spoken and very much the gentleman. He stood a good chance of getting lucky tonight Rose thought feeling her pussy becoming damp with the thought of seeing this man naked.

After dinner there was an awkward silence in the car before Jim spoke. He leaned over giving Rose a warm, soft kiss on her lips. "My sister is in town for a couple of days. She is staying at my house so my place is out. I would very much love to stay with you at your house tonight if you think that it would be O. K."

They were still in the restaurant parking lot. "I haven't been with a man in a long time. I don't think I am ready to bring someone home while my son is in the other room."

"Damn, I had forgotten about your boy living with you. Let's just plan another dinner for next Friday, after my sister leaves. We can have desert at my place."

Rose reached her hand into Jim's lap finding him hard. She stroked her thumb gently along his length saying. "How about I give you a little mouth action to hold you over 'til then?"

Jim gently moved her hand from his erection. "No Rose. I want our first time together for us to naked in bed where we can explore each other's bodies at our leisure."

Rose couldn't believe that Jim was turning down a blow job. No one had ever said no one of her blow jobs before. She was, at the same time, amazed at his restraint but also angry because she really wanted to taste his prick. Watching her son getting sucked earlier had started her horny evening and now it looked like she was going to go home and have to masturbate one more time.

Rose did understand where Jim was coming from and she was sure that in the long run she would be happy that they waited. He drove her home and even refused the offered night cap.

Rose was a little drunk already but she made herself a large bourbon and water to take to her bedroom. She would sip the drink slowly as she used her fingers on her damp snatch. She was still very aroused and knew she would not get to sleep until her pussy had a good cum. Walking to her bedroom Rose saw the light shining under Brad's door. It was still early, only about ten thirty.

Rose knocked softly on Brad's door figuring he probably fell asleep with his lamp on while reading. "Come in Mother." Rose opened the door. Brad was sitting up in bed with a novel in his hand with his well developed chest exposed. She figured that under the covers he had his briefs on. "How was your date Mother? He seemed like an O. K. guy."

"Yes Jim was very pleasant. We are going out again this Friday night. What did you say Brad?"

She hadn't quite made out Brad's question but he repeated it as he put his book down on the bed. "Did you suck him off Mother? Did you put Jim's pecker in your mouth tonight?"

Rose stuttered. "No ... No ... No I did not. That's a question you should not be asking your mother." She was frowning now.

Brad patted the bed next to where he was sitting. "Sit Mother. Tell me about your date."

Rose sat next to Brad hardly noticing that her short skirt rode up her thighs and barely covered her underwear. She hoped Brad could not smell her arousal because she was even wetter now sitting next to her handsome son. He was his father's son for sure. She just hoped he wouldn't develop his father's wandering ways but the way he had used the young Jones boy's mouth as a cum dump she expected he was very much like his father.

"He was very nice. I think I will probably go out with him again." She told Brad.

Brad put the book down with one hand as his other hand rested on the inside of his mother's right thigh. She noticed and should have pushed him away but instead she took a healthy swallow of her bourbon enjoying the feel of a man's hand on her leg. It had been a long time since someone had touched her like that. But this was her son's hand. Rose didn't care.

"What?" She asked startled.

"I said, Mother did you suck your date off?"

Her face flushed. She took another deep swallow of her drink feeling the heat of the drink flow from her throat directly to her pussy making it even more juicy. "What kind of question is that to ask your mother?"

"Stop ignoring he question. Did you give that Jim guy head tonight? Answer me."

"No ... No I didn't. His sister is staying at his house. He didn't want one in the car."

"But you offered Mother?" She nodded her head. "You wanted to suck him didn't you?" She nodded her head again. What a slut I am she thought, knowing her son thought so too.

Although she knew better Rose took a swallow of her drink still sitting on the bed close to her son, her dress riding up more to expose her legs half way up her thighs. Another three inches and her damp crotch of her panties would be exposed to her seventeen year old son's eyes. Brad moved his hand on his mother's left thigh sliding his hand further up her thigh just inches from her still hidden pussy. "So, you didn't do anything with Jim tonight? "She shook her head no. "You sure you didn't suck that man's pecker. Dad says that you love to give head."

She shook her head no again. "No I only just touched him with my hand for a second."

"But you wanted to, didn't you Mother? You wanted to taste that strangers cock, didn't you?" Rose nodded in the affirmative. "You were horny and wanted to suck him. You wanted him to squirt his cum in your mouth." Rose nodded yes again. "Are you still horny Mother?" Rose finished her bourbon and water with one large gulp before putting the empty glass down.

"Yes, dammit Brad I am so horny that my pussy aches. I haven't had a penis in my mouth in over a year and I wanted to suck him until he climaxed in my mouth. Is that what you wanted to hear Brad? That your mother is a wanton slut cock sucker?"

Brad had never heard that language coming from his mother's mouth before. "Yes Mother. That is exactly what I wanted to hear." With that statement he threw his covers to the end of his bed exposing his lower half. He was wearing his jockey briefs. They were tented by his erection. He had seeped so much precum that the head of his cock was visible through the transparent material of the front of his shorts. He pushed his briefs down his thighs finally kicking them off. "Here's a cock for you to suck Mother. Suck your son good, so I can give you a mouthful of my cream.

Rose stared at her son's exposed prick. It looked exactly like Brad Senior's cock but just slightly more slender. Rose knew what she was about to do was wrong but she licked her lips in anticipation of tasting her son's teen age cock. What would Carla think of her if she gave her son a blow job? Little did Rose know that her best friend had already tasted her son Dale's creamy spend, and that of the parish priest also.

"Go ahead Mother, do it. Put it in your mouth."

Rose leaned over first using her tongue to lap up his creamy precum, then swallowing her son's six inch cock with one fluid motion. Brad had been ready to cum since his mother had walked into his bedroom. He didn't waste any time spurting four strong jets of jism into his mother's waiting mouth.

He was still hard when Rose let him slip from her mouth. Rose pulled up her dress and just slid her panties to the side before dropping her sopping cunt onto her son's still hard cock. Rose rode the boy hard going faster and faster until her pussy erupted all over Brad's cock. That was the best cum she had had in over a year and it was with her own son. She slid down to engulf her son's prick again. He hadn't cum yet the second time but she knew he would. She was good at this. She licked and sucked the boy's cock like he had never been sucked before until, with a loud grunt, he spermed his mother's mouth for the second time.

"God Mother. Dad was right. You are The Queen of cocksuckers."

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