The Family-s
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Humor, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Slow, Caution, Violent, Workplace, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about a young and depressed young man who's life takes a turn for the strange and the erotic which will forever change the world.

I have re-released this chapter because of some spelling errors and I want to thank Gerald Davis and Bachgen for re-editing this chapter

Duke Temple was sitting in his math class in a slightly depressed mood, as he was eyeing Vanessa Elder the most popular girl in his high school,"I wonder what she would say to me if I asked her out?"he thought to himself as the teacher droned on. He saw that Vanessa stood at the five foot mark, had long blood red hair, and light jade green eyes along with her elf like ears that fueled his nighttime fantasies.

"She'd probably kick my ass if I asked her out."Duke thought to himself with a really depressed sigh, since he was a freak of nature due to his silver gray hair and gray eyes that he had been born with, and he had to take a moment to compose himself as he recalled how all the other kids since kindergarten had mercilessly taunted him and called him a freak.

Also to make matters worse, he never had any friends when he was growing up, not only due to his looks, but he also had an aura of freakishness that seemed to drive most people away from him. So much so that he never had kissed a girl in his life, and the proverbial salt in the wound was that he didn't fit in with any of the high school crowds, because his personal interests did not classify him as a nerd, even though he enjoyed computers, role playing games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the entire Star Wars trilogy and the like.

Also he had no real interests in sports, since he was freakishly thin and gangly, and there were the twin facts that he had no stamina whatsoever or the aptitude for sports.

Music, forget that action, he had no real interests in the musical arts, and his musical and singing skill were even more pitiful then his sports skills. Academically he was just barely scraping by, and as such he was way out of his league with the more gifted students.

Art, well to put it quite bluntly, his stick figures always ended up looking like a victim of an attack of mutant hemorrhoids from hell so that was a no go for him.

He was one of the minority of boys and girls who, for whatever reason, were the silent majority of social outcasts that were doing their level best to survive the hell known as high school, and even these lost souls considered him a freak of nature, and as such would have nothing to do with him.

"What a boring day!"Vanessa thought to herself, as she was whishing for nothing more than to leave this shitass class and hang out with her circle of social elites, and lord it over the lesser students of HER high school, when she got the unwelcome feeling that she was being watched. She saw that the teacher was facing the blackboard and quickly looked around the classroom.

"What the fuck?"she thought to herself with a hateful heart as she saw a tall thin boy looking at her, and she could see that even among the freaks and fuck ups in her school that he was the worst of them.

She gave him a hateful look, and when she saw him look down at his desk in shame she felt the need to rip him a new asshole for daring to sully her by thinking his perverted thoughts about her.

Suddenly the lunch bell rang and there was a migration for the door of the classroom. Vanessa got up from her seat and walked over to the perverted freak and tore into him,"What the fuck do you think you are doing!"she shouted, and watched as a panicked look appeared on the boy's face, which just stoked her fiery hatefulness all the hotter.

"How dare you think about me, you fucking freak!, I bet you have an inch long limp dick, you fucking faggot ass bitch!"she added, as she continued to verbally castrate the boy who was looking like he was about to burst into tears.

"Hey, Vanessa, is this little prick giving you a problem?"an all to familiar voice said, and when Duke looked towards the sound of the voice he felt his heart sink even lower, as he saw that it was Brock Stone, the school's fullback and god of the jocks."Why Bret, it's nice to see you."Vanessa said, as she turned to face the missing link with a sweet as pie tone of voice, and a coy look on her suddenly angelic face.

"It's Brock."the human tank said, as he was openly leering at her.

"Whatever, to answer your question, this lowlife piece of shit was looking at me with his filthy eyes."she said in an innocent and girlish voice as she fluttered her eye lashes at Brock.

"FUCK!"Duke thought to himself, as he realized that the bitch had the walking bulldozer wrapped around her little finger, which meant that there was a good chance that he was in for another asskicking from the hairless whale ape."You want his worthless balls on a platter?"he heard Brock say in a lusty look on his face, and he knew that his time on earth was fast coming to an end.

"Oh, would you ... thanks so much, Brick!" Vanessa said in an shy and playful tone of voice as she gave him an interested look. "It's Brock, sweetie pie, don't worry, this fag boy is going to be a bad memory." Brock said, as he looked at Duke and began to loudly crack the knuckles of his hamfists. "Thank you so much, ta ta for now, Brok." Vanessa said, as she turned and left the classroom in a better mood now that Duke's death warrant was soon to be sign in his blood.

Duke knew that the teachers were of no use to him, because he had gone to them many times about the 'roid monkey's bullying, but since the school's football team was on the verge of taking the high school championships, they were not going to do anything to put that victory at risk.

In fact Brock was such an all around sportsman, that he knew in his pea sized brain that as long as he kept winning games the teachers would not hassle him. "See you after school, Dog Meat!" Brock said, as he could see that Duke was looking like he was about to lose all control over his bladder and bowels. That put him in a far better mood then he had been in since the school day started, and he left Duke to make peace with God before the day was done.

"I'm so dead." Duke thought to himself as he gamely picked at the lunch that been made for him, as he was having visions of all the ways a person could die, with him in the lead role.

"Fuck it!" he said to himself, and threw out his partly eaten lunch and left the lunchroom to find a quite place to ponder the mysteries of death that were going to be revealed to him at the end of the last day of his life.

When the last bell of the day rang, Duke finally understood how a death row inmate would feel as he was being taken for a long, hard ride on Old Sparky, because he knew that there was no way he could escape from the beating from Brock, he had tried before and failed every time.

As he was walking to the front doors of the high school, he could have sworn that the students in the hallway stood off to one side like he was a leper, and that they were whispering things like, "So that's the freak that's going to get his ass kicked," or "Dead Man walking, Dead Man walking." and the like "It's a nice day to die." he thought to himself as he saw that it was bright and sunny out and that the air was still but cool.

"Here we go!" Duke thought to himself as he saw Brock waiting for him, and a large crowd of students who had came to see him be turned into an ugly red smear on the high school's otherwise pristine front lawn, suddenly there was the sound of a car horn that shattered the tense and expectant air.

"Dukey it's Mommy!" a voice said, and Duke did not know if he should be thankful that his mom had come up to pick him up, of if he should hide under a rock and never come out due to his shame at having been rescued from certain death by his mother, as he saw the looks of scorn on the faces of the other students.

Once he quickly made his way into the car, he sank as far down as he could in the passenger's seat as his mother pulled the car out of the high school's parking lot, Susan looked at her son and saw the really depressed and stressed out look on his face, "Why so glum, chum?" she asked, in a voice that sounded like she was stuffed to the gills with happy pills, as well as having a pot of coffee to wash them down.

"It's nothing." she heard Duke say in a frazzled tone of voice, and she could tell that some was deeply troubling him. "It's ok, Bunky Poo, you can tell mommy what is bothering you." Duke heard his mother say in an insufferably sweet tone of voice, and for a moment he had to fight down the urge to put his head through the windshield.

"MOM! I'm not a child any more, damn it!" he snarled in an exasperated tone of voice, not that he didn't love his mother, but it was most of the time that she treated him like he was a baby that was lighting the fire under his ass, "Aww don't be cross, Snuggle Wuggms, you know that you will always be my little baby boy." Susan said in a slightly hurt tone of voice.

Duke looked at his mother, and when he saw the loving and motherly look in her dark green eyes, he knew that no matter what he would say to her, nothing would ever change the way she was, and he took a deep breath, held it in for a minute or so, and slowly let it out. "Now, do you feel better my wittle Dukey?" he heard his mother ask, and he just sat there and sulked as they continued the long drive home.

"What is troubling you, Dukey?" he heard his mom ask, and he knew that if he did not tell her what she wanted to know, that she would keep asking him until he gave in and spilled the beans. "Well there is this girl at school." he said, and watched as a slightly troubled look appeared on her lovely face. "Oh, who is this girl?" Susan asked, as she felt a deep pang of motherly concern, and a slight fear as well.

"Her name is Vanessa Elder, she sexy, but she's a mega bitch from hell." she heard her son say, and she felt a stab of anger well up in her normally peaceful heart. "I see." she said in a slightly displeased tone of voice that made Duke roll his eyes as he thought that tone of voice was one of disapproval, as they pulled into the driveway of their home.

"Welcome home, Sir." an eerily quiet voice said, and when he looked to the front door of his house he saw Girl standing there as she bowed to him, and he began to feel an all to familiar sense of unease.

He looked at Girl and saw that she stood four feet nine inches tall, with long platinum hair with no blond in it and that was in a singe braid, and when he looked into her light gray eyes he still could not get over the fact that she looked like she was twelve years old, which was impossible because she had been the family's maid and domestic servant ever since he was a baby.

"Girl, inform my husand that we are back." Susan said in a slightly cool tone of voice, "That is impossible, Sir is busy and does not wish to be disturbed." Girl said in a lifeless tone of voice, and her trade mark deadpan look that still spooked him to this day despite the fact that he had grown up with her.

"Girl, make me a cup of coffee." Duke said as he was trying and failing to understand how Girl was still spooky to him, despite the fact that she had been a major part of his life.

"This girl hears and obeys." Girl said in a deathly quite tone of voice that gave him goose bumps, and went into the house. Once he had his cup of coffee, he made his way up to his bedroom to chill out, as he felt like his entire life was nothing more then an exercise in utter futility, as his mind's eye painted a grim picture of him being utterly alone, friendless, and a virgin until his dying day.

"Fuck it, why the hell do I go on with this fucking shit for? he thought to himself, as he was seriously considering suicide as an escape from his torment.

"If I offed myself, Mom would go to pieces." he mused to himself as he was laying on his bed and looking up at the dark ceiling of his black painted bedroom, and then sat up on his bed so he could drink his coffee.

"Dad ... Dad would curse me for being so weak if I took my own life." Duke muttered to himself as he thought about his father, Dr. Alistair Temple, and he felt a lump in his throat, because his father was not only so strict that he would make the most anal retentive Russian Spetnaz commando look like a drunken man-ho, but was one scary ass motherfucker, for he had seen how, with a look, he had made a hardass cop flee in fear.

But what really pissed him off as well as depressed him about his father, was the fact that even though he had never come out and say it to him personally, whenever he tried to talk to his father about his troubles he would give him a look of contempt that all to clearly told him that his father considered him a weakling.

Between his cold hardassed father and smothering mother, Duke had to wonder why he hadn't offed himself sooner.

"Girl ... who the fuck knows what she would think if I decided to blow my brains out." Duke snarled, because he had learned at an early age that not only was Girl even more of a freak then he was, but that confiding in her was pointless, because no matter what he told her about his feelings and problems, she would just look at him with that cold deadpan look until he took the hint and stopped bothering her with his problems.

However, the one thing that really puzzled him about Girl, was that she would do just about anything he would tell her to do. A case in point, when he was seven years old he had noticed that she was always doing the household chores around the house, and so out of bored curiosity, he intentionally messed up his bedroom as best he could, and as any one man or father knows, seven year old boys are the masters of mess making.

Once he had finished making his bedroom look like a mega-mall that had been blown to hell and back, he walked up to Girl, who had just finished polishing the family silverware, and said to her, "Girl, go and clean up my bedroom." and for a moment the two of them looked at one another for what seemed like forever.

Then, without saying a word, she turned and made her way up to his bedroom with him in tow to see what she could do. Once she had seen the natural disaster that was his bedroom once they got to his room, he watched as Girl surveyed the war zone that had once been his bedroom, and she then started to pick up his clothing. As she was cleaning, he had decided to try ordering her around, and really made the cleaning of his room a nightmare as he belittled her and verbally degraded her as she went about cleaning up his room.

When she was done, she turned around and gave him such a strange and spooky look that he felt like a major shit heel for being such a childish asshole towards her, and that was the first and last time he had ever tried to order her around like he had done.

After an unknown amount of time pondering the matter of his self inflicted death and how it would effect the few people he knew outside of his family, there was a soft knock at his door, "Come in," he said. He thought it was most likely that it was Girl knocking on his bedroom door to inform him that supper was ready.

Sure enough, it was Girl at his door as it opened to reveal herself to him, "Your father wants to see you." she said to him in her trademark lifeless tone of voice, but he could see an apprehensive look on her face that surprised him, and he realized that when his father had told him through Girl that he wanted to see him, he meant like yesterday.

"Oh shit!" Duke thought to himself, as he felt his guts turn to ice water at the thought of his father being angry with him for some reason, because the first time he had made his father angry he had paddled his ass so hard that he thought he would have to go to see a doctor. But what really scared the ever living shit was the cold hard look on his father's face that made him think that his father was going to kill him.

He got up off his bed and followed Girl, as for the second time in one day he got the feeling he was being led to his death.

Alistair watched as Girl came into the large and richly done up living room of his house followed by his son, and he could see the fretful look in Duke's eyes, "Very intresting." he thought to himself, as he saw that his son could not look him in the eyes because of his fear of him.

"You're slut of a mother tells me that you are interested in a girl." he said in a cold tone of voice, and watched as his son looked at him with a shocked look, but beneath that look of shock he saw a flaring of anger and smiled to himself.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" Duke thought to himself as he felt like some one had walked up to him and kicked him in the balls, for in all of his sixteen years of living he had never heard his father cut down his mother, in fact he had never seen his father and mother fight, whenever they disagreed on something his father would say "We will discuss this later." and that was the end of the mater, so needless to say he was very confused as his emotions when bugs shit on him.

"Excellent." Alistair thought to himself as he saw the barely hidden look was raw anger in his son's dark gray eyes, and knew that he had his son's complete and undivided attention. Duke looked to his left and saw Girl standing beside his mother, and he could not tell what they were thinking due to their world class poker faces.

When he saw that he was not going to get an answer to his question, Alistair decided that it was now time to set his son straight on the matter of not only sex, but the true nature of men and women and their relationship to one another.

"Girl! Get me the tenderizer." he said in a commanding voice, and he saw the freaked out and pissed off look on his son's face deepen considerably, "At once, Sir." Duke heard Girl say, and watched as she left the living room.

"What the fuck is going on here?!?!?" Duke thought to himself as his out of control emotions stabilized into an equal mixture of fear, anger and confusion, as his father was giving him a death head's look. Four minutes later Girl walked back into the living room with a long black whip that nearly made him piss himself in fear, and he watched as Girl dropped to her knees, bowed her head, and lift her arms up and held out the coiled back whip out to his father in her tiny hands.

"Good, things are progressing quite nicely." Alistair thought to himself as he took the coiled bullwhip from Girl, and he could see that his son was trembling in near lethal terror.

"On you're feet." he said to Girl, and watched as she got to her feet while looking down at the floor. He looked back to his son and saw that he was looking like he was in the middle of a bad Twilight Zone rerun while on LSD.

"Stand next to the worthless cunt!" he said with a menacing purr in his hard voice, and looked at Duke who looked like he had no idea of what universe he was in, let alone which way was up or down.

"Now the fun begins," he thought to himself as he put a truly frightening smile on his face, as he saw that Duke was looking like he was going to faint. "STRIP!" he bellowed at Susan and Girl, and watched as he could see the range of naked emotions at play in his son's eyes as his wife and Girl began to get undressed.

"..." Duke thought to himself, as he watched as not only his mother but Girl were now standing naked before him, and he felt himself become aroused as he got his first look at a naked female since his father had put enough anti porn filters on his computer that it would be easier to rob the world of all it's gold than to try and find porn on the net with his computer.

Alistair could not only see the arousal in his son's eyes, but he could also see that he was sickened to the core from becoming aroused at his mother's nudity, "HOLY SHIT!" Duke thought to himself as he looked at his mother, and saw that she had fairly large tits that were capped with pale pink nipples that looked to be harder than a forty foot thick bar of rebar steel.

He gulped with sickened nervousness as he let his eyes wander over his mother's naked body, and saw that while she was thin and petite she did not look like a concentration camp victim.

"FUCK!" he muttered to himself, as he saw that her fairly long legs suited her five foot two inch body, and that there was not an ounce of fat on her, and when he looked between her legs he felt like he was going to cum his brains out, as he saw that not only was her mother hairless between the legs, but that her small and tight looking pussy had flowered opened to reveal her outer and inner lips that were a healthy pink as they glistened with her womanly love oil.

Susan felt her pussy burn with lusty desire as she saw the small bulge in her son's pants, and she felt such a thrill at being naked and aroused in front of her son, since she and his father had done everything humanly possible to steer Duke away from anything sexual.

"God I'm such a slut!" she thought to herself as she was doing everything in her power to keep herself from finger fucking herself senseless, as she saw the freaked out and hungry look in her son's eyes as they roamed over her body.

After a few long and breathless moments that seemed like forever and a day, Duke looked over to Girl and saw that she looked like a ghost due to her pale china white skin, and he felt not only aroused by her naked four foot nine inch tall body, but he felt a certain amount of trepidation because she looked like she was twelve years old, which shamed him since he found himself becoming even more aroused by her small mosquito bite like tits that had small pale nipples that were so pale that they looked almost bloodless.

"OH WOW!" Duke thought to himself as he saw that Girl's bald cunt looked even smaller and tighter then his mother's, and that it was splayed open and shining brightly with her feminine dew, but when he looked at her face he could not tell if she was horny or not due to her dead looking face, and that put a dampener on his teenage lust.

"Very good, now it's time to take this to the next level." Alistair thought to himself, as he was delighted by the look of raging lust and shame on his son's face, and he found himself enjoying this erotic moment as well, "On you're faces, you worthless bitches!" he snarled, and watched as Susan and Girl turned and bow to him as they pressed their faces into the thick blue shag carpet of the living room.

"WHAT THE FUCK? This ... this is bullshit!" Duke thought to himself, as he felt his cock throb at the lovely sight on his mother's trim ass and Girl's smaller but even firmer ass. He looked up at his father, and he felt his heart leap up into his throat as he saw the cold and extremely cruel look in his hard cobalt blue eyes.

Then without any kind of warning Duke saw his father snap his arm and crack the evil looking whip on his mother's vulnerable pussy, and when she screamed he went as insane as a starving and rabid pitbull on a mixture of LSD and meth as it attacked a little old lady in a walker.

"LEAVE MY MOTHER, OU FUCKING COCK SMOKER!" he screamed, and he took a step towards his father with his hands balled into fists as he felt rage burn away his fear of the giant of a man who had sired him, and for a moment father and son stood there eying one another.

"Perfect!" Alistair thought to himself, as he saw that he had provoked his son into a rage that he had never seen in his son before, which told him that he had his son right were he wanted him, "Sit down!" he said in a deadly cold tone of voice, and he gave Duke an evil glare, and for a moment he was not sure if his son's rage would win out over his fear of him.

"I swear if you touch my mother I will fucking rip your damn heart out and eat it!" Duke snarled as he felt himself riding high on not only the raw emotions at work in his mind, but the major adrenalin rush that made him feel like Death incarnate.

Alistair could see that his son would indeed attack him if he so much as farted in the general area of his mother, then he did something that took not only his son by surprise, but his two slaves as well.

"He's fucking shit bat insane!" Duke thought to himself as he saw his father laughing with a strange look on his face, and it was the confusion of his father's actions that put his all consuming hate of his father on hold for the time being.

"Son, I am sorry for that, but you have reached a point in your life that you do not understand because of the mental and physical changes you are undergoing." Alistair said with a loving smile and kind tone of voice, and when he saw the befuddled look on Duke's face he felt the nearly overwhelming desire to hug him.

"What are you talking about?" Duke asked, as he was surprised to see that his father was human and not some kind of ogre that he had thought him to be for all of his life.

"Son, I had to shock you in order to snap you out of your usually depressed and repressed state of mind." Alistair said as he saw the questioning look on his son's face, and he realized that his son was in for one hell of a wild ride because of what he was going to explain to him, as well as show him.

Duke stood there looking into his father's eyes, and it took him some time to see that this strange human side of the man he had grown to fear and loath was a true look into his soul. "What the hell is going on here, father?" he asked, as he felt a deep sense of apprehension replace his simmering rage and confusion.

"Son, your mother has told me there is a girl at school that you are intrested in." he heard his father say to him in a friendly tone of voice, and for a moment he felt embarrassed and unsure of himself because of it.

Alistair could see that his son was not sure if he could trust him or not, and he knew that he had his work cut out for him, but he could also see that he had Duke's undivided attention as well.

"Ok, what the hell kind of game are you playing?" Duke said in a flat tone of voice, as he felt his stomach do a few flip flops due to his nervous tension. "Son, you know we have never been close, and God knows you have hated me at times, but it was very necessary for the distance between us." he said to his son, who was giving him a questioning look.

" ... You're not making any sense." Duke said, and he saw a slightly sad look on his father's face that made him feel something that he could not understand. "I know, Son, but trust me when I say that everything that I have done in my life, and the way I have treated you, was in preparation for this moment." he heard his father say to him in a slightly sad and worn out tone of voice, and for some reason he could not understand why he was trusting his father at this point in time.

"Son, I am going to explain the real deal about the true nature of the sexes, but first I want you to tell me about this girl you have taken a fancy to." Alistair said, and for a moment he was not sure if his son was going to open up to him or not.

After a long moment of silence Duke decided to tell him about Vanessa.

"Well her name is Vanessa Elder and well..." Duke mumbled as he felt a deep embarrassment at talking to his father about girls and sex.

"Basically you want to crank a load down the cunt's throat, right, son?" he heard his father say with a wry and slightly freaky and knowing smile that made his face turn a thousand shades of crimson.

"Uhh yes ... but she's such a bitch." Duke said, as he was having a hard time looking his father in the eye due to he's nearly terminal embarrassment. "Really, why do you say that?" Alistair asked, as he could not help but to take an interest in the girl that had his son so bent out of shape.

As his son was explaining who Vanessa was to him, he felt his displeasure grow considerably as Duke told about his encounter with not only Vanessa but Brock as well.

Duke saw the cold and displeased look on his father's frowning fac, e and thought nothing of it due to his lingering embarrassment about telling him about the girl he had a mondo woody for. "Well, Son, I'm not surprised about that." Alistair said, and watched as his son gave him a questioning look.

"Son, this is going to be hard for you to understand, but please trust me when I tell you that men are the dominant sex, and that women and girls are nothing more than slaves to men." he said, and watched as Duke's eyes bugged out of his skull.

"What the fuck?!" Duke thought to himself, as he could not believe what his father had just said to him.

"I know that's some harsh shit, son, but it's true, but thanks to the menhateing lesbo feminazi bitches, they have destroyed real men for the most part with their hatred of men." Alistair said in a grim and frightening tone of voice.

"What are you talking about?" Duke asked as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, and he got the very unwelcome feeling of standing on the edge of the deepest, darkest pit of hell.

"Son, a bitch can have you thrown in jail on a false charge of rape, those bitches get a sick thrill in baiting men into having sex with them, then go running to the pigs and scream rape because they are not only evil cunts that should be slowly skinned alive, but they are completely fucking insane." Alistair said, and watched as Duke was looking like he was going to be sick to his stomach, and as much as he hated to put his son through this hell. He knew that in order for him to survive in the anti-male western world, he had to be made aware of the nearly insurmountable dangers he faced because of his gender.

"Those bitches get off on sexually mutilating a man or boy, they think that castrating or emasculating a man or boy is all fun and games, and take a sick pleasure from it, but if a man so much as makes a joke about harming a woman's pussy, he'll be swarmed by a rabid mob of bitches who will string him up by his balls!" Alistair said in an enraged tone of voice, as he had to fight down his nearly all consuming hatred of women.

Duke felt like he was going to puke his guts out as his father's words rang true, as he recalled all the bullshit that women and girls had said on the net and in real life, about how it's a good thing that men and boys should be desexed, and he could mentally hear the hate, scorn and unholy glee in the voices of those he heard say of such things.

"Shh, son, it's ok." Alistair said, as he dropped the whip and came over to his son and hugged him tightly as he saw the look of horrified understanding in his eyes. After a time they broke their embrace, and Alistair could see the tired and worn out look in his son's eyes, and he vowed that he would protect him, no matter how many people he had to kill in order to do so.

"I think that's enough for one day, son. In the meantime, if you want to get laid you may use Girl, but you are not to maim her or scar her, other than that, anything goes." he said with a smile as he saw the questioning and slightly lusty look in his son's gray eyes.

"But she's only twelve years old, for fuck sakes!" Duke said in a scandalized tone of voice as he looked over to Girl's upturned ass, when suddenly his father cut loose with a belly shaking laugh, "No, she is not, son, she's as old as you are, remember, you grew up with her right?" Alistair said with an amused smile after he got over his laughing fit.

"Umm, ya." Duke said, as he felt his cock become hard at the thought of sinking his rod of manly might into Girl's lovely looking pussy. "Son, go rest for now, you have a lot to think about for the time being." he heard his father say to him, and he realized that he was confused and tired out by the revelation he had just received, and walked up to his bedroom lost in a maze of confusing thoughts and feelings.

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