Mom's New Boyfriend!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A family with no father - seven children from 15-17, three sets of twins. And the oldest girl (the only non twin) gives blowjobs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at school. But a new game is in town! The new football coach loaded his team with some transfers from the black side of the world. And Cici is about to discover the difference between black and white. cocks! And a man finds opportunity where before there was just a Mom and seven children!

Extra special

I really like school and I am very good at it. Through no fault of my own my name is Cheryl Cook, my middle name I try to hide away, and friends and others call me Cici! The middle name is Sen, like Zen if you cannot spell it! That was my mothers excuse, the idiot in the hospital couldn't spell. They seemed to do OK with all my siblings!

But I do like school, I am like the perfect student! Great grades, in the band, but I like to be in the background so no cheerleading (assuming I could) and no plays and no clic!

I am just around and the guys like having me around. I dress in loose clothes and look a bit like a librarian, plain, mild, a female Clark Kent. If you saw me workout when I know I am alone you would see a little different girl.

I stand about 5'5" and weigh about 105. There isn't much but hardbody - I workout a lot! I'm kinda curvy 36-23-34 and my best feature are my nipples! I play with them all the time and since about two years ago they get suckled a lot ... My other best asset are my lips, or what I am able to do with them. Which brings me to my siblings, or at least the oldest of them. My twin brothers John and James. I am seventeen, J and J are seventeen too! A little over 9 months separates our birth. We are separated by more than that because my Dad is not their Dad! At least according to Mom! Which could be debated but if looks are an indicator we are not full blooded relatives. Not that they are ugly - but - all the facial features are different.

But back to my special event this morning...

I always get to school and hour early. Mom thinks its to study and in a way it is. I study ways to make boys cocks cum fast and often! Yep - my breakfast is usually the cum from ten cocks. I've been doing this for about six months - well the breakfast at school thing. The cock sucking started a couple of years ago. John and James were happy to let me learn by sucking their cocks. And until six months ago they were the only ones - then they bragged to a couple seniors, trying to impress them, and coerced me into sucking those guys cocks. At first I just said no but then they showed me the size of those cocks and I figured it would be good to compare other cocks to see if they were different. The major difference was size - although I think J and J are bigger now. The 'new' ones were about eight inches. I could still deep throat them - at least after a few times. But they didn't have the stamina of J and J - I think I taught them well. But that started a whole new bunch of cocks to suck. I finally had to limit my lunch snacks to ten - ten cocks. But there was a lot of demand and I really really like sucking cock! That was what started the BB - Breakfast Blow. These guys are so creative! NOT! I was getting a reputation as the school cock sucker, but I was not a slut! I have standards and I was still a virgin! No cocks in my pussy! And I hadn't even had a date! Later I figured out that getting a BJ at lunch was enough, the guys got it free and tangle free. Why screw that up by dating me? Not to mention most of the guys were not going to kiss a mouth that spent so much time with a cock in it that wasn't theirs not to mention the cum. A few extras kept sneaking in both at BB and lunch and that led to a later session after school which was attended by more guys and sometimes another girl. I was pretty shocked when Toni (my little sister) showed up and blew a few. Turns out after J and J got left out (of my mouth) because they introduced me to all their buddies they introduced T and T (Toni and Tina) to the art of sucking cock! Can't really blame them - I taught them too well! LOL!

Well back to my surprise for the morning - we had a bunch of transfers from another school this fall - and - they were black! Maybe at your school this was normal, but these were the first black students at Mak Hardin HS in Santa Dismal California ( just outside of LA) the new football coach had brought them in to diversify and make the team much better. I was all for diversification! At least I was after checking their package and then having one of the other little sluts (one of my friends but not my clic) tell me how much it hurt when he fucked her. She said it had to be a foot long! And real thick ... she never sucked on one so we couldn't compare.

Anyway, we cancelled the BB for this morning and it was just James and Linc and Cleve, they were brothers but not twins. Their mom had a thing for old presidents so Lincoln and Cleveland for Abraham Lincoln and Grover Cleveland - really that is what they told little ole me! Me? Believe? Nope! Don't care why, what, only wanted to suck their cock. After all, I told you the only reason I did those other guys was because of the size of their cocks.

They told me they do things together and I should kneel and do them both at the same time. They wanted to share my mouth ... it was fucking amazing!

The surprise started right away even as their pants were coming down those cocks were starting to come up and I couldn't keep my eyes off of them and the pants went down faster so I could get my hands on them. One had to each cock - and my mouth was watering. My hands could not go all the way around those big beautiful black cocks!

A hand wrapped into my long blonde tresses and pulled my mouth towards the cock on my right "Quit fucking around and suck on it - Cunt!" and although that was offensive and I hated that four letter word - I just opened my mouth and tried to swallow the whole thing. Which was a problem because it took his hand shoving my head onto his cock before I got my lips open enough to get just the head into my mouth. I screwed my head around to stretch my lips more and with a little help from his hand the cock met my throat and ... stopped! Fully fucking plugged, he pulled back, nearly ripping some hair out, and then shoved it hard to slam into my throat.

"Shit! I thought you said the cunt could swallow! This cunt couldn't deep throat even a little fucking black cock! Course neither of ours is little!" and he laughed as he rammed his cock to the back of my throat again! I didn't gag or anything - my gag reflex was completely gone - but this time he left it embedded while I licked it as best I could and sucked as hard as possible. When I thought I would pass out from lack of air he just shoved on my forehead "Suck on him for awhile, I want squeeze those titties you hide all day long. J says they are huge!" and he knelt down and grabbed my sweatshirt and whisked it over my head. Then I had another hand in my hair and two of them squeezing my tits - squeezing the right one with the whole hand a hand that could bring down a running back by itself and the left one was just squeezing the nipple - a fully engorged huge nipple! They stuck out over an inch when aroused - I would have cried out but that other cock was actually entering my throat right then. This cock was thinner but just as long and it now had a foothold (cockhold?) on its way to invading my stomach! That was an exaggeration - but just a little one - not a huge one like these cocks.

I had never been forced like this - others had been forceful - but this was like I was just something to be used. Against my mind, my body was loving the shit out of being manhandled! I don't know how long it lasted - but that cock finally forced its way into my throat until the balls pushed against my chin - then it was pulled out quickly - I sucked air and before I got my fill it was rammed back into me - all the fucking way! Over and over and over and I was getting dizzy from lack of oxygen and my tits hurt from the other guys abuse and then he came! He came hard and he pulled partially out so I could taste his cum. It was the best I had ever had! Then he shoved it deep inside again and finished. And so was I! Jesus that was awesome! I could feel them abusing my tits and hands on my abs and

"Put the cunt on her back on that fucking bench!" and I was moved and landed on a picnic table - I was on my back and I felt my head pulled to the edge and then pushed down. When I opened my eyes I saw the BIG cock right in front of me. "Open cunt!" and I opened my mouth, not sure if it was to protest calling me that name or if I expected what happened next. The cock just thrust thru my lips and embedded itself at my throat - then it thrust again and again and I got little breaths as he pulled back to try harder. My throat was losing its battle to keep that fucker out. Or maybe I was winning in having my throat lose the battle - it had stretched to take the thinner cock and now it was BEING stretched to take the big fat one! All the time my tits were being brutalized and sometime just prior to my throat being invaded by that huge cock I came so hard I thought I would die! What the fuck is wrong with me? I came while being used like a toy and abused by these guys! It wasn't the last time I came during this special BB. Although, Breakfast Blow didn't describe this morning.

The next that I knew I was leaning against my brother and he was holding me tight. I had my clothes back on and you could still see my nipples through the sweatshirt. I hurt all over but could feel a glow throughout my body in spite of the aches and pains.

"Enjoyed the shit out of my surprise! Didn't you!"

When I tried to talk I sounded a bit like Kim Carnes "Yeah - those were amazing ... cocks!"

J laughed - "Guess your vocal chords got abused along with your throat! They want you for lunch!" he lowered the pitch of his voice to emulate Cleve "No fucking blow - we just gonna fuck her throat for an hour!"

"I don't think I was supposed to repeat that, but I think you liked that best!"

I didn't try to talk - just shook my head - sort of in the yes direction. I drank a bottle of water and just as I was going into my first class Linc threw a T-shirt at me. Then stood there waiting - I looked at it. It was a half tee now, the bottom was cut off, the neck was slit in the front. On the front across the top of my tits it read BLACK COCK, just below that it said SUCKER. I started to head in and he pointed to the shirt and the restroom. I'm not stupid so I went into the head and took off my tops, replaced the T-shirt with my new one. Took a quick pic with my phone, put the sweatshirt on and went out to the classroom. Linc was still there and he pulled the sweatshirt up to peek. Tapped my nipple as I showed him the picture - he gave me his number so I could send him the pic while he tortured my nipples - I almost came before the bell went off! I was really looking forward to lunch!

I had to claim laryngitis in my classes - I could barely speak. Not to mention my mind was all over the place. Lunch is fifth hour for me and around the middle of third period I got a text. It said "Want more than two at lunch?" and I texted back a tentative "Yes ... but not too many" and a few minutes later I got a reply "Six OK?" and I said "Yes" and then I wondered if that was a total or additional six and then figured it didn't matter much. I was having trouble keeping my mind off the feel of those testicles pressing down on my eyeballs while that cock kept trying to go deeper and deeper...

Lunch could not get here soon enough! Cleve and Linc met me as I came out of Calc III and escorted me to my private playground.

"Got something special for you..." said Cleve and Linc pulled a shiny chain from his pockets. Then pulled it over my head - it barely fit over my head but its destination was my neck. The larger ring reached on a few inches down - it was a choke chain for a dog! Customized just for little old me! How was it customized? The dog tag said ... you guessed it "CUNT" all capitals. I started to be pissed but they just ignored it as two more of them surrounded my breasts! Then a carabiner attached all three rings. They were very tight around my neck and the base of my breasts! A "Fucking great, they are almost a perfect fit! We did the fitting in shop class this morning AND the engraving! Never done that for any other..." I was thinking when Cleve's phone signaled a text and for just a minute one tit was free of hands. I was thinking I was honored except I hated that name... "Hey, cunt!" and he paused until I looked at him, he was smiling! "Some of the guys from the old school are interested in an after school visit from a Black Cock Sucker! You up for that? They want to see under the T-shirt and pound your throat!" I must have paused "Don't like the gift Huh? I thought you would like the personal touch but maybe not!"

"No! No I like it, you shouldn't have ... and I'd rather do your friends after school then the guys here..."

"Cool! I'll let them know..." and he texted something. Then said "I saw J's and your Mom here yesterday - how come he never talks about your Dad?" I thought he was finally thinking I was a girl not a throat and answered "My Dad was history long ago, J and J's Dad stuck around to bring us T and T, and split. Will and Roberts Dad got thrown out by Mom before they were born. No Dad, just lots of asshole boyfriends the last few years."

"Sorry to hear that!" he said but he was smiling so I don't know if he cared. Not that it mattered much, Linc was doing something to my nipples that hurt a lot! And he kept asking if that was better! Better than what? Cutting them off? I kept grunting something that he took for Yes! I now had fishing line tied around the base of my nipples. I heard part of a conversation Cleve had that seemed to pass on my family information. We had arrived at the picnic table and there a bunch of black guys there and my brothers J and J! I heard J tell Cleve our address and he repeated it. I must have been looking at J with the question on my mind. Why did you tell him our address because J said "So he can bring you home when the after school suck fest in done." I didn't have time to say anything because I was flat on my back on the table, my T-shirt was around my throat someone or two was pulling on the fishing line, some others were tightening the chains around my neck and tits - everyone was having fun except me and ... then it got fun for me because a Big Black Cock slipped between my lips and I got to suck and lick on it a little while as it got hard and then it pushed down my throat. It wasn't as big as Cleve's but it was filling my throat and blocking my air - something they all seemed to enjoy. I heard Cleve say "No fucking anything but her throat, finger or lick her virgin two and three holes if you want." "Virgin cunt? Alright - I like eating virgin cunt! No leftover cum to screw up the taste!" Much agreement was voiced but that was just background as they pounded my throat for over an hour. It wasn't like I didn't notice them eating my cunt! I came more times in the hour than ever in my life! They didn't talk to me except to tell me I was a good little cunt! I tasted good! Finally a cunt that knew what she was good for...

Other than a few fingers in what I found out later was my two hole or deuce and a few in my cunt which was called the 'three' they left those two area alone, well penetration wise. There were lots of tongues in my cunt. There was also a lot of cum - everywhere. Lips, face, tits, and my new T-shirt was used to wipe it off! And J was enlisted to rub it into my tummy and abs and ass and ... even my cunt! When we were almost done Linc tied the fishing line to my collar - on either side of the engraving which was in back under my hair. He pulled them up so my tits looked perky ... Then they put the sweatshirt over them. No way to mask the cum smell that exudes from every inch of my body.

I definitely could not go to class smelling of cum! Nothing would cover it up. I made a beeline to the library, my own private hideout! Hardin had a nice library and I had used it often to make my grades. Doing homework at my house was almost impossible. Seven kids! After I became the school cocksucker last spring I had to make better use of my time. The librarian liked me and hid me in a back room sometimes. This was where I ensconced myself today. Of course the problem with this hiding place is my siblings knew where to find me. In the meantime I was wondering if I had lost my mind. I had three dogs choke chains on my neck and tits and that fishing line hurt like hell. And I had just let a bunch of black guys fuck my throat and eat my cunt and abuse my tits! They even had a couple of bruises! Not to mention all the cum - it hasn't dried yet and that was an hour ago! I didn't even contemplate what a slut I was being! The real issue was every time I thought about one of those cocks in my mouth all the arguments for doing it went away.

I was thinking about Cleve pounding away at my throat - he had the biggest cock - when my brother and sister slipped into my sanctuary.

"You get Mom's text? Dinner will be later - like 7:30! She has some hot prospect looking at houses and she doesn't want him off the hook!" he said it with disgust and didn't hide it. Mom was not our favorite person at the moment. The last guy she hooked up with had actually stolen our phones and posting the text messages on our Facebook pages. I was just glad he didn't hang around after that. He stole Mom's car and split. They found the car stripped and burning in downtown LA.

Tia said "So, you get more time after school to swallow cocks!" I just looked at her until she turned away. Little sisters are a pain in the ass.

I was about to say something "Cleve knows you're ditching class. Said if you want they are down in the shop... " J just looked at me.

"Well, I don't have homework and I am going crazy sitting here. I suppose you guy's don't want to go with me?" Amazingly they both said Yes and we were off to the lower floors that could hold the heavy equipment. I hadn't been down here often. Brainiac - remember!

When we walked in there was just Linc and Cleve making metal things.

"Hey J! Found the Cunt I see!" that was all the recognition I got from Cleve and Linc pulled me over and pulled up my tops, then he let me suck on his cock while he fiddled with the chains. I was happy! I could hear Cleve and J talk, then Cleve made a phone call. He seemed to only listen - "You a cock sucker like the Cunt?" "You want to lick it?" I could hear rustling and slurping, evidently Tia wasn't very good at cock sucking ... Later I find out that the phone call was still going and the voice on the other end was telling him what to say! "You think you a dirtly little slut?" don't just shake your head I heard Tia "Yes" "Yes What?" "Yes I am a dirty little slut!" this time she said it loud and clear, Cleve chuckled "How dirty are you slut? What dirty fucking things you like to do? Tell me Slut! Tell me how dirty you are?" "I''m dirty dirty I love to suck cock! I love to lick balls..." but she didn't know where to go from there.

Linc said "The really dirty little sluts like dirty nasty cocks, cocks fresh out of a cunt, or an ass, but the really really dirty little cunts like a drink. A nice fresh drink from a black cock - swallow all that piss!" He had said it low and slow and I saw him looking at me the entire time. But I was not his audience - all that was for Tia's ears. He was telling her what Cleve wanted her to say and do if she wanted to touch that cock again.

"Oh, oh, I want your cock ... I want you to piss in my mouth, I want to taste your piss..." she said it like a really dirty nasty slut who really wanted another taste of that black cock. And assumed that was the only way for it to happen.

"Yeah, slut, dirty slut! You can have your elixir of life. Take it now" and J backed up a bit but didn't leave. And I turned to watch my sister Tia, the dirty little slut, do something I had never even thought of doing! Drain a cock of all its piss - be a living breathing urinal! And she never spilt a drop.

Linc sat me on the bench while he fucked around with my chains! His cock was in my hands the entire time. Cleve's cock was in my sisters mouth most of the time. While Linc tightened up those chains to extraordinary lengths and pain. Cleve talked to my sister about being a dirty little slut and that dirty little sluts should advertise that they are dirty little sluts. Do you know what a dirty little slut looks like? Do you know ... it went on and on and on and then he said he had some earrings and were Tia's ears pierced. Note he did not say Tia! Her only appellation was now Dirty Little Slut! When she didn't extract her lips from his cock and answer he grabbed her hair and pulled it off. "What?"

"Yes, I have piercings!"

"You want a dirty little slut badge? So we all know!"

"Yes..." and he pulled her up and over to the bench - in a drawer he pulled out an ugly black steel ring that had something dangling from it. The ring was about a quarter steel and looked like it would need welded to close ... and when I got another look it was an old black nail that had been into a ring - still had the head attached!

"Think this will fit Slut? Think it suits a little slut like you?" Tia was nodding Yes but looked like she wanted to run. J was just watching - I kinda got it now - he was here to learn how to treat a girl like a cunt or a slut - it was just a coincidence that he had two sisters to use for his education. I knew then he wasn't ever going to get the chance to use it. But he didn't and I was just interested in playing with Linc's cock, I even rubbed it against my cunt - my skirt was short and my underwear nonexistent...

Cleve took a spike and had Tia get it wet with her tongue, then started expanding one of her piercings on her left ear. She whimpered a lot! I am sure it hurt but whiny little slut! I must have made some noise because Cleve looked at me - he didn't talk he just gave the impression that I would do something like that later and returned to preparing my sister for her badge of sluttiness.

He finally pushed the ring into her piercing and then put the dangles back on it. The ring was about two inches - the danglers were a cock, one of those gothic crosses in black, and three little tags - DIRTY - and LITTLE - and SLUT. Linc went to help him weld it shut - mostly so it didn't get too hot and burn the little bitch...

Well, he took his cock with him - It is all I think about ... I really need to get a grip - and that just brings me back to what I want to do with a cock. I am so fucked...

Cleve said "Got something to make notes you Dirty Little Slut?" Tia rummaged in her bag and pulled out a spiral and a pen "Now write down anything you think makes a dirty little slut look like a dirty little slut! And I mean dirty like piss drinking, shit lickin, gang banging little slut! You will be graded on it later! Don't disappoint me!" and Tia began writing...

Linc was back between my legs and I was rubbing my cuntlips over the head of his cock.

"Thought you wanted to stay a virgin - Cunt?"

"But it feels good - I don't want to lose it but it feels too good..."

"You want a big black cock inside you? Not just in your mouth but deep deep inside you? You know that song - Baby -one -two -three, inside of me!" I nodded yes "Know what it means?" I shook my head no "See cunt - a real cunt is 3HQ - that means three holes qualified, which means ALL three of your orifices have been thoroughly penetrated by cock! They are" and he held up fingers and pointed at mine "One-your mouth - yours is definitely qualified, Two-your ass! Which we'll cum back to later, and Three-your cunt you Cunt! Which you want kept unqualified. Now I might argue later, butt, I want you to think about two, it follows one and is next in line. AND you can still be a virgin because your cunt is not qualified. Just imagine your deuce, your ass, filled tightly with my cock. You are getting closer to being the black cock slut you really want to be. And you keep the attention of my black cock longer AND me and Linc can qualify you TONIGHT! Before you get home for supper - And J tells me we got more time tonight to fill you up!"

Linc was rubbing his cock on my cunt now - I was just enjoying it. I was pretty hot and bothered! But I had never thought of getting fucked in the ass! I had thought of getting fucked, but it never crossed my mind that was an option and the more I thought about it the more I thought it would be a way to get fucked and still be a virgin and that was what I said and so my night would have at least that as a first. Who knows what else?

We were in the car on the way to wherever Cleve and Linc went to school last year. J and Tia had gone home and I was alone with Cleve and Linc. I was on the floorboard sucking Cleve's cock because he wasn't driving. The drivetime was about thirty minutes. They were talking about the Dirty Little Slut and wondering what she might write down. They were hoping she would search the net and get really dirty and slutty.

My sweatshirt was in the back, the chains on my tits and neck were very tight. I spent most of the trip with my shoulder hunched to loosen them up. That won't be possible when they spread me over a table and fuck my throat like this afternoon. They know I don't have to be home until 7 or so - J told them. It is only 4 and its a half hour home so I have two and a half hours of black cock to enjoy! Optimistic little me...

When we arrived it wasn't some dingy dirty place - it looked like a strip mall in my neighborhood. Cleve said "Don't fucking talk Cunt! Just listen and then we'll get you some cock down your throat - a guy managed something special and you are going to be a star!"

then we were surrounded by a lot of guys! All black all pretty hot and in shape all ... did I say there were a lot?

"Here's her tag - and all the shit she needs to sign - make sure she gets the name right! CUNT right?" and he laughed.

The tag looked like an ID. And there was a thing that reminded me of the gun the vet used to put an RFID chip in our cat - Lacey! I just stood there trying to figure out what was happening. And I was thinking about all this cock going down my throat...

"Cool! See cunt, we're making it simple for you!" and he held up the tag - which was a drivers license with my picture on it. The birth date was mine except for one thing - the year was a year before mine. That made me eighteen and maybe I knew that made me eligible to sign official documents. I was disappointed it didn't make me twenty one so I could drink alcohol! It didn't dawn on me what might be happening.

"See the name?" and I looked Carrie Uma Nan Tanna - fuck - the initials were CUNT! And pop went the injector and I now was told I was chipped! The gist of the talk was that was the new driver's license in California - latest shit from DMV. Then the guy read my tit - that was where they inserted it! And yeah it hurt but only like a shot.

Then he showed me the readout - yep - CUNT!

Another guy came up and checked my chain - "I hear you finally used my DIrty Little Slut ring! Bout fucking time! You been over there almost a month!"

"Yeah, well you know who wouldn't OK anyone until today. Any idea what's happening?"

"No, he got a tear on earlier - something about a family to fuck over! Speaking of fucking - this CUNT ready to go?"

"Yeah" and they headed into one of the stores. Inside was a table with two old women who checked my ID, looked at the documents.

"You are Carri Uma Nan Tanna?" I nodded yes.

"Sign here, here, here and here!" Then the ladies signed as witnesses and checked my chip records.

"OK you boys enjoy bangin this bitch!

Cleve laughed "Didn't you see her ID? She ain't a bitch, she's a CUNT!" and they looked at the papers and laughed along with everybody - I just smiled because I wasn't supposed to talk and my voice was still fucked up!

We went in back - they took the chains off my tits but left the choker around my throat. Then they told me to talk to the camera. Show off my tits. The voice was great because it made me seem older and smokey (whatever that meant) they told me to talk about big black cocks and getting throat fucked and use all the shock words - not bj or pussy or anything like that.

They only did that shot once - I guess it was OK. They told me to get it fucking right because they weren't going to fuck my throat or let me touch a BBC until I did that. Of course I did it right the first time! I wanted those cocks inside of me! My BLACK COCK SUCKER T was all fucking dirty with dried cum but they said that was status!

Anyway, after my little diatribe about how much I loved to suck cock and have my throat fucked I got two big fucking cocks to suck and then tittie fucked and then while that long black cock was slipping between my knockers they pulled my head back and this big fat cock started ramming into my mouth and then the back of my throat and after the one between the tits exploded all over my neck and tits the one in my mouth finally slipped down my throat. I almost passed ... from no air and then pulled it out. He let me take a couple of breaths and pushed it very slowly deep into me. He had huge testicles that fit perfectly over my eye sockets and he liked being buried. He made sure I was begging for air before he slipped out and let me breath. My chest was heaving and my cunt was so wet! And it went on and on and on and then he came all over me. My mouth, my tits, my tummy, and even some on my cunt. Then he went down to my cunt and pushes the cum inside me with his fingers until I writhed and writhed and begged and begged but he didn't let me cum. Then he left with me begging for cock begging to suck or get fucked and that was the end of the scene.

It was also the end of my current acting gig! They let a bunch of guys in and they force fed me their cocks until Cleve and Linc returned. A couple of them spent their down time going down on my cunt, I came like a banshee! Unfuckingbelievable! Nothing could match the day I had that started with my brother's special breakfast surprise!

My first big black cock!

Of course I forgot that before I went home Linc and Cleve were going to split my deuce! And believe me it is not something I will ever forget ... but we'll get there later when I have a little more time to write!

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