People Can Change
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Greg Maitland thought he was coping quite well with civillian life. He had a business that just about kept it's head above water. A lovely wife and two beautiful children. His life is perfect, until he finds his wife is a star on Gang Banged Wives. Something like that can do things to a man.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Cheating   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

Julie moved one dick from her mouth, pulling another round to take its place. The guy who had been fucking her face now moved around to the displace the guy pounding her arse. The guy from her arse moved round so that she could wrap her delicate hand around his dick and proceed to pull him off. Meanwhile the guy underneath continued to fill her pussy. As I watched my wife was satisfying four men, in ways that she had never offered me. My anger was growing as fast as the damp patch in my pants. So far I had seen her being introduced to the four men and then treating each one of them to a blow job. Hell, we had been married to her for two years before she ever did that for me. The four studs proceeded to take it in turns fucking both her pussy and face before moving on to her arse, a treat I had still to experienced. The session culminated in the four men spraying cum all over her face and body.

I put DVD into the drive and saved the file before starting the playback from the beginning. I paused the playback during the introductions. Julies face almost filled the screen. I stared at her face, desperately trying to work out how old the video was. Julies face looked a little younger but not a lot. Julie and I had been married for seven years. We had two daughters, Annabel and Grace, aged Four and Three. Julie had always been a loving wife to me and I thought that we were happy and that she was satisfied. To say that discovering this video on "Gang Banged Wives" was like an earthquake tearing my world apart.

Digging out the family photo albums I went through the pictures comparing the photo with the face on the screen. Eventually I stopped, there was the picture that matched, same hairstyle make up done the same way, the face was identical. The caption said that it was from our honeymoon. I looked from picture to screen and screen to picture. My anger turned to rage as I realised that the bitch had been screwing around, and had made this movie, around the time we got married. For a moment I was stunned. Something had to be done and it had to be done now.

For seven years my men had relied on me for decisive leadership. If I was capable of doing it then I was capable of doing it now. Two things came back to me. Attack is the best method of defence and never underestimate the advantage of surprise. My objective would be to get the slut out of my house with the minimum of loss to me. Julie was still at work and she would be due to pick up the kids from childcare before coming home.

Unlike most of the wimps around here, I didn't have joint accounts at the bank. Julie had her account, I had mine and we had a housekeeping account into which I paid a monthly amount. The most I could lose there was a month's housekeeping. The house was in my name only. If I got custody of the children, and with that DVD I had no doubt that I would, the house would be mine until the kids were eighteen, and I would then make her fight for her half. I started to think of a plan to get her out of my house and out of my life.

I went to the kitchen and pulled a roll of black rubbish bags from the cupboard. As I went around the house I tossed anything that I thought was hers into the bag. By the time I got to the bedroom I had already filled a couple of bags. Going through the wardrobes and the chests of drawers I was amazed by how many clothes she had. Never the less they all went into the bags. I even went through the dirty washing basket. I carried all the bags out to the garage and left them there, Nothing to do now but wait.

Julie worked as a legal secretary for a big London firm. Of late she had been frequently late home but never on a Friday. On this Friday she didn't get home until seven thirty. I heard the car but did not move from the kitchen. She opened the front door and was calling out to me as she came in.

"Greg darling, sorry I am so late something came up at work. I will make it up to you darling. I have dropped the kids off with mum and dad so we can go out tonight for a nice romantic evening, just the two of us. I will just have a shower and change my clothes and we can go"

I more or less grunted an OK and she dropped her keys on the hall table before running up the stairs.

"Shit" I thought "No kids. Still with the evidence that I have of her amoral behaviour I will have no problem getting custody and probably payment for childcare."

I walked over to the hall table. I picked up her keys, removed the house keys from the ring and put them in my pocket. I turned went back to the kitchen and waited. I didn't have to wait long. I heard her going from place to place in the bedroom, then came the question that I was expecting.

"Greg darling, what's going on? Where are all my clothes?"

When I didn't answer she came down wearing nothing but a towel

"Come on darling this is not funny. Where are all my clothes?"

"They are out in the garage. You can pick them up on the way out" I told her

"What are you talking about?" she asked "You and I are going out tonight."

"I'm going nowhere with a slut like you but you are getting out of my life forever"

"Greg stop this" she said as tears started to run down her cheeks" What is wrong with you?"

"I just got wise to you" I said "now are you going to leave or do I have to throw you out?"

Now she was getting angry.

"I am going nowhere until you tell me what this is all about" she said.

"In that case" I said "you leave me no choice."

I took hold of her arms and moved towards the door. She was trying to resist but she was no match for a man like me. In the struggle she stumbled. When she refused to get up I grabbed a handful of hair and lifted her. As she got up the towel dropped to the floor. My rage was now in full flow. She screamed and beat at me with her fists but this had no effect. As we reached the hall she stumbled again and I looked down to find I had a clump of her hair in my hand. I reached out and grabbed her arm with my right hand while opening the front door with my left. With the door open I backed through it and pulled her out. I swung her around so that she crashed through the rose bushes onto the front lawn. Going back into the house I grabbed her car keys and the DVD I had burned. I opened the door again and stepped out onto the front porch.

Julie was half sitting, stark naked out on the front lawn there was blood running from the scratches made by the roses and she was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Here," I yelled throwing her car keys at her. "Take your car and get the hell away from me"

She just looked at me, still crying.

"But why Greg, why are you doing this?"she sobbed

"You want to know why. This'll tell you why " I shouted throwing the DVD at her."

"and don't worry there are plenty more where that came from" I yelled.

The DVD in its jewel case flew like a Frisbee and the corner of the case caught her just below her left eye.

I walked back in and slammed the door. I watched through the window as she got to her knees. There was blood running down her cheek from the wound caused by the jewel case. As I watched she used her hands and arms to try to cover herself. "Strange" I thought "she was not that modest in the video."

Across the road a door opened and out came Mrs Edwards, the old busy body who was always complaining about my dog shitting on her lawn. She was carrying a raincoat over her arm. As she approached Julie she wrapped the coat around her. I thought that it was just typical that that old biddy should come to aid of the slut. Julie slowly got up wrapping the coat around her as she did so. Mrs Edwards obviously had plenty to say about what she had seen but I could see that Julie wanted to get away. She went into the Garage and found some clothes to wear, then got in her car and drove away. Mrs Edwards made her way back home.

With Julie gone I went up to our bedroom and picked up the clothes that she had been wearing when she came home. I picked up her hand bag and took the clothes and bag out to the garage and put them with the rest of her clothes. Once the last traces of her had been removed, I got in the shower and then got dressed to go out. I ate at the pub that night and stayed there till closing time. Thankfully the pub was within walking distance of my house so it was no problem having had a skinful of booze. I staggered home and put myself to bed to start my new solitary life.

In the morning my mouth felt like a wrestlers jock strap and my head was thumping. Someone was ringing the doorbell and thumping on the door.

"I told you yesterday, all your stuff is in the garage now take it an get your slut arse off of my property" I yelled holding my head as I did so.

"Mr Maitland this is the Police Open up."

I staggered down the stairs and opened the door. Two Police constables stood outside. The nearest officer looked at me.

"Mr Maitland? Mr Gregory Maitland?"he asked

"Yeah I'm Greg Maitland" I said

"Gregory Maitland, I am arresting you on suspicion of assault causing actual bodily harm. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Now I must ask you to accompany me to the station."

I couldn't believe what was happening. A steam hammer was thumping in my head and I was still getting to grips with being awake.

"Hang On, just who am I supposed to have assaulted?" I asked.

I couldn't remember much after ten the previous night. Was this something that happened on my way home?

"The charge is that you assaulted Mrs Julie Maitland causing her actual bodily harm."

I couldn't believe it the slut was charging me with assault.

"All I did was throw the slut out after finding that she starred in a porno film. What's wrong with that?" I asked.

"That is not for me to say sir" the constable said "Now would you please get dressed and come with us."

I got dressed and went out with them. Outside most of my neighbours had found urgent work to do in their front gardens. They all watched as I was put into the police car and driven away.

I was at the police station for most of the day. During the interviews I was shown pictures of Julie's injuries. She had deep scratches to her legs and buttocks quite heavy bruising to her arms and legs, a cut on her right cheek and a clump of her hair was missing. If their aim was to make me feel ashamed of myself, they were succeeding. I had never hit a woman in my life yet the injuries on show were entirely down to me. I tried to explain what I had done.

"The slut made a porno while she was married to me, what did you expect me to do?" I asked

"I expect you to obey the law" the detective responded.

It turned out that several neighbours had already given statements about what they had seen and, of course, one of those was Mrs Edwards. I was formally charged and given bail to appear at the magistrates court on the Monday. I was eventually released and got a taxi back home. The garage door was open and all of Julie's stuff was gone.

I expected to get some communication from Julie or her parents over the weekend but got none. I spent Monday at the magistrates court where my case was referred to the crown court and I had to surrender my passport. This meant that it was Tuesday before I could get a solicitor working on my divorce. I gave him a copy of the video file of the gang bang and the photo of Julie on our honeymoon. He gave me a time span of about three months for degree nisi and a further six weeks for it to be made absolute. He thought that given the evidence of amoral behaviour there was a good chance of my getting custody and therefore the house. Since Julie was employed, and on a good salary, she was unlikely to be awarded maintenance. That conversation helped to dispel some of the gloom that had settled on me over the weekend. I went into work at my tyre sales business.

The postman caught me just before I left for work on Wednesday. He had a letter that I had to sign for. I ripped open the letter and found to my shock that it was from a firm of solicitors advising me that Julie was petitioning for divorce on the grounds of cruelty. They also advised that she had obtained an injunction forbidding me from going within two hundred yards of either my wife, her parents or my children. I couldn't believe what I was reading SHE was divorcing ME. No way, I was the wronged party in our marriage. If she wanted a fight she was damn well going to get one and if that meant dragging her name through the mud then so be it. I decided to go back to see the solicitor and made a point of calling him from work.

The second interview with the solicitor was less pleasant. To say that he was annoyed was putting it mildly.

"Mr Maitland" he said "I give you advice based on what you tell me. If you don't tell me the whole story how do you expect to benefit from my advice? Now your wife alleges cruelty, have you any idea to what she is alluding?"

I told him that I had no idea unless it was to do with my throwing her out. I then outlined all that had gone on that day and since. When I got to the part about being referred to the crown court on assault charges I saw his eyes move up as if to look at the ceiling.

"So you are about to go before the court charged with assaulting your wife and causing her actual bodily harm." he said "Well you can kiss goodbye to getting the injunction lifted until after that case and if it goes against you the injunction may stay in place till the divorce hearing."

"How certain are you that the person in your video is your wife? he asked, returning to the divorce.

"Absolutely" I said "You have seen the pictures"

"Yes Mr Maitland, I have seen the pictures and I grant you that it does look like her However, looking like her and being her, can be two very different things. What does your wife have to say about it?" he asked.

"I don't know, I didn't ask" I told him "Look I know my wife when I see her"

He held his head in his hands while shaking it.

"Mr Maitland" he said " if your wife can introduce a reasonable doubt that it is indeed her in the video then our case falls apart and given the evidence her petition will be accepted. If that happens you could end up paying maintenance and child support plus paying half the mortgage on a house that you will not be allowed to live in. Add to that your wife will be entitled to at least half of your joint assets and she will also get custody of the children and you will be liable for her costs."

"Given these new circumstances my advice to you is that we moderate your petition to make the grounds Irreconcilable Differences." he continued "If I negotiate with your wife's solicitor we can possibly get them to do the same which means no hearing and a much cheaper solution. Your wife will probably still get the house and custody but we would be able to negotiate over most things"

"No way," I said "the bitch was screwing four different blokes in every possible way. At one point she had three dicks in her. You can't expect me to ignore that."

"Very well Mr Maitland" the solicitor said " we will let the petition stand and I will inform the court that your wife has cross petitioned. All we can do then is wait for a hearing date."

I have to say that I was a lot less happy walking out of the solicitor's office that day.

I decided to try to get on with my life and went back to work. I sat in my office and sorted through the invoices. It struck me then what my first job would have to be. Julie had always done my books and I have to say she had always done a good job. My accountant always said that she did most of his job for him. I now had to find a book keeper to do the job for me. I spent the afternoon on the internet and on the phone and was still none the wiser. I ended up phoning round some of the garages that I did business with and soon got a list of people to check out. The service was going to set me back about £100 per month. I took two thousand pound a month out of the business. This development was going to mean that I would now have to take out one hundred pounds less.

Within a week I had found my bookkeeper and handed over all my paperwork. Her name was Clare and she seemed like a nice woman. She was in her early fifties, about five feet eight inches tall and a little overweight. She was not unattractive but certainly not someone that I fancied. What I did find appealing was her bluntness. She was a divorcee and this gave us something in common. Although I did not tell her what had happened in detail, I did tell her that I had left my wife and that she had previously done my books. She laughed and told me that my education was about to begin. When I asked what she meant she said

"Now you are going to learn how much it costs to provide the services she gave you for nothing."

In the next few weeks I started to realise just how right she was.

The days went by and the events of that Friday evening softened in my memory. Without the anger to sustain me I started to miss Julie and the children. I don't mean that in anyway I had forgiven her, it was just living in the empty house. Most of the time I didn't feel like cooking for one so I would eat at the pub. Of course, having eaten I spent the rest of the night there so I got home late and drunk. I would still be hung over the next day which began to get to some of my staff. I found that my weekends were occupied doing washing and cleaning the house. My nights in the pub were taking a large chunk out of my cash but this was still affordable. Affordable that is until I got a letter from the building society saying that the direct debit had been cancelled and that the monthly mortgage payment of six hundred pounds was due. Within a week I got similar letters from Electricity, Gas and Water companies. The following week came a letter from the local council demanding four hundred pounds for a month's council tax. It would seem that the thousand pound I normally put into the housekeeping did not even cover the cost of keeping the house going. I brought all this up with Clare on my next visit and she just laughed.

"Welcome to the real world my friend" was her comment.

The weeks turned into a month and I got a date for the divorce hearing. The solicitor was pretty well spot on with his estimate. In another two months I would be free. I was still a little surprised that I had received no communication from Julie in all this time. I suppose that I had originally expected her to come around begging me to take her back. O.K. so that isn't going to happen but I still expected her or her solicitor to try and open negotiations. No contact at all made me wonder whether there was something they knew that I didn't. I still had no date for my trial on assault charges.

Even though I had stopped going to the pub every night I was still not living well. I fed my self on sausage egg and chips or on takeaway food. Once a week I would drop by Clare's house to drop off the weeks invoices and income details. We would have a coffee and a chat. Perhaps it was because she. like me, was a person on their own struggling to survive in the world but I really enjoyed talking to her. We would share details of our week. Mine was mainly work but Clare seemed to have an active social life. When I told her that I had got a date for the divorce hearing in two months she didn't share my joy. Her only response was

"Well at least you will know where you stand after that."

On the day of the hearing I dressed in my best suit and put on a tie, which is unusual for me. I arrived early at the court and waited for my solicitor. I saw Julie come in with her legal representative. I was about to speak when she looked in my direction. She did not even acknowledge my presence. Her stare went right through me. Our case came up at eleven and we all filed into the court. It was decided to hear my petition first so my solicitor opened the proceedings.

"It is my client's position that while married to my client Mrs Maitland did star in a pornographic video which has since been posted on the internet on a site known as "Gang Banged Wives". In this video Mrs Maitland can be seen having Oral, Vaginal and even Anal sex with four different men, none of whom was her husband. Furthermore" he continued " my clients view is that Mrs Maitland's immoral and perverted behaviour as demonstrated in the video makes her an unfit person to bring up his two daughters. He asks the court to grant him sole custody of both girls and the use of the family home until such time as his daughters are deemed to be independent"

"If it please the court I would like to submit this DVD as evidence of the said video"

He passed the DVD to the clerk of the court.

The judge then turned to Julie's solicitor.

"And how does your client answer these charges" he asked.

"It is my clients position that she has never appeared in any pornographic video or film and what is more, that from the time of their first meeting up to the present day she has been completely faithful to her husband."

"Oh come on" I yelled "take a look at the video"

The judge told my solicitor to keep me quiet until he asked me to speak. He then asked the Clerk to bring in some equipment to show the video. The clerk fetched in the equipment put the disc in the player and set it going. The judge watched without comment for the duration of the video. He turned to me.

"Well Mr Maitland the woman in that video does indeed demonstrate immoral and some would say perverted behaviour. The question would seem to be, is that woman your wife?" He turned to face Julie as he continued "I have to say that the evidence of my own eyes would indicate that it is."

"What do you have to say in your defence Mrs Maitland?"

Julie looked straight at the judge. "That woman is not me" she said "It is someone who looks like me, in fact looks very much like me but it is not me."

"Oh come on Julie we have seen it with our own eyes" I yelled.

The judge looked over at me. "One more outburst like that and I will hold you in contempt Mr Maitland."he said.

Turning back to Julie he said "If, indeed, it is not you then I would suggest that it is your doppelgänger. Do you know of ant such double Mrs Maitland?

"Yeah nice one judge" I thought, then I heard the reply.

"Yes I do" she said. "The woman in the video is my sister, Caroline Baker, and she is waiting outside."

My jaw dropped and my solicitor put his head in his hands.

"Well bring her in and let's talk to her."the judge said.

Julie's solicitor left the room and returned with a woman. He led her over and stood her next to Julie. The resemblance was astonishing. Her face had a few more lines than Julie's which gave her the appearance of being a few years older but apart from that they were identical.

"Are you Caroline Baker" the judge asked

"Yes sir" she replied.

"And what is your relationship to Mrs Maitland"

"She is my sister sir. In fact she is my twin sister. The years have been kinder to Julie than they have to me but that is probably to do with my lifestyle. A few years back you couldn't tell us apart."

"I am having difficulty right now" said the judge. "Now suppose you tell us how you got to make that video."

"Well sir," she said "Julie and I were never the stereotype identical twins. We looked identical but personality wise, we were worlds apart. Where Julie was the good twin I was the bad twin. Julie worked hard in school, I mucked about and often when I got caught I would give her name so that she got blamed for my sins. Through all this Julie just accepted it. Even when at school I would fool around with the boys and lost my virginity at thirteen. Julie was little miss straight laced and because the boys couldn't tell us apart she was labelled as Easy Annie the same as me. The only time she turned her back on me was when she found me in bed with her then fiancé. He claimed that he thought that I was Julie but, I told him who I was as soon as he got in the bed. I think he was hoping to have us both at once".

"After that I got into drugs. I became addicted to heroin and would do anything to get another fix. My parents disowned me after I stole the money they had been saving for dad's hip operation. I turned tricks on the street, I stole, I did anything to pay for another fix. That video was made about seven or eight years ago. I would like to tell you that I was forced into it and that I hated every minute but the fact is I did it voluntarily and they paid me £400. I don't know if I enjoyed it because I was too spaced out to notice. I ended up being arrested for theft and I was offered a reduced sentence if I went into rehab but there were no places available in the state system and I had no money for a private clinic. In spite of everything I had done to her my sister paid for my rehab. This time, however there were conditions. She said that when I got out of rehab I had to move at least one hundred miles away and she didn't want to see me ever again. She always knew where to find me but I could only contact her through a post office box No."

"What about now young lady" asked the Judge.

"I have been clean since I left rehab Sir. I have a good life in Nottingham. I have tried to make my sister proud of me."

My solicitor made a last ditch attempt to save the situation. "Well Ms Baker thank you for that very touching tale but as you said even Mrs Maitland's fiancé couldn't tell you apart, how do we know which sister is in the video?" he asked.

Caroline looked at the clerk "Have you got zoom facility on that thing?"

"Yes" he said

"Right" she said "zoom in on the right ankle"

The clerk zoomed in on the woman's right ankle and there clearly displayed was a tattoo, a small butterfly. She unzipped her right boot and pulled it off. There on her ankle was the same tattoo.

The judge looked across at me "Mr Maitland" he said "it would seem that your case is non existent. I am dismissing your petition." He turned to Julie "Mrs Maitland I will hear your petition after lunch, assuming that you still wish to go ahead."

As he left the courtroom I looked across at Julie " I'm sorry" I said. "I didn't know"

"And you didn't wait to find out did you?" she said as she turned her back on me and left.

"I did warn you it was risky" the solicitor said.

The afternoon went by with me on autopilot. Julie went ahead with her petition and I decided not to defend it. I knew that I couldn't win and defending the case would only result in me being confronted with what I did to her. It was bad enough at the police station but now, I couldn't even use the video as justification. The judge awarded custody of the children to Julie and gave her the house up until the children were eighteen after that it must be sold and the money from the sale to be divided equally. All of our combined assets were to be split 50/50. When Julie said that she intended to continue working he ruled out maintenance, because she earned far more than me. However I would have to pay child maintenance which would be decided by the child support agency. He warned me to expect a sum of between one hundred and two hundred pounds per week per child. Because I had an outstanding assault charge against me he was referring access to the children to social services. In the meantime the injunction would stay in place.

With my heart in my boots I left the court. When I got home there was a letter from the crown court setting the date for my trial on the assault charge in two weeks time. I desperately needed to talk to someone and the only person I could think of was Clare. I gave her a call and arranged to go over. On the way I picked up a bottle of decent Rioja. We sat on her sofa drinking the wine and me telling her all about what had happened. She was astounded to hear what I had done.

"And you thought that was the right thing to do?" she asked.

"Well looking back I think it sort of got away from me" I said. "she was almost daring me to throw her out and I just lost it"

"Do you think it was right now?" she asked.

"No of course not" I said. "It wasn't even her in the video and I acted like a right bastard"

"Even if it was her Greg you had no right to treat her like that. To make it worse I think you still love her don't you?"

"I don't know" I said "right now I feel like shit. I am ashamed of what I did and that is blocking out everything else."

"What would you have done if she had dropped her petition?"she asked.

"I would have tried to be the best husband and father a man could be."

"Just as I thought you love her. I know these things Greg, I lived long enough with a man who didn't love me to know one when I see one. What a pair of fools we are, you for acting the macho cowboy and me for being soft enough to think that he would change."

We both sat there drinking wine and we were into the second bottle by the time we decided to call it a night. I picked up my coat and went to leave.

"Where do you think you are going?" she asked

"Home" I said.

"After what you have had tonight, you are going nowhere. I am not having your death on my conscience" she took my hand. "Come on cowboy, make an old lady very happy."

We made our way to the bedroom. I have to admit to a certain feeling of apprehension. I considered Clare to be a friend and I didn't want that to change. Although I had not had any sex for more than three months I would rather let it go a bit longer than lose Clare as a friend. She seemed to read my mind and squeezed my hand.

"It is just two friends helping each other out" she said.

Seeing Clare undressing was a revelation. She was broad in the shoulders and hips with quite a trim waist. She had large full breasts which did sag a bit but for a woman in her fifties, they were pretty damn impressive. She had a little fat around the top of her thighs. She noticed me looking and said

"Not quite the tight little bod you are used to huh?"

"Don't sell yourself short" I said "I was just thinking how much of a fool your husband must be to have let you get away?"

"About as big a fool as the bloke who throws out his pretty little wife without checking his facts first"

I winced and got into bed. Exploring Clare's body was a delight. Using my lips, tongue and teeth on her large nipples produced amazing results and with a little help from my fingers in her vagina and around her clitoris I had her cumming before we even got started. As we made love my mind was on Julie almost the whole time. With every movement I was apologising for hurting her and trying to make her love me. We fell asleep in each others arms. Not sleeping alone was almost as bigger treat as the love making itself.

Over breakfast the following morning we chatted. Something had been on my mind for a while and this seemed like a good time to bring it up.

"Clare," I said "I go to trial for the assault in two weeks. There is every possibility that I will get sent down. The prediction is that I might get up to six months. The two guys who work for me can handle the sales and fitting. Could you oversee the running of J&G. Tyre Services while I am inside?"

Clare looked shocked. "You really think that you are likely to be put in prison?" she asked.

"I think it is highly likely" I said. " I don't want to shut the business down. Although I think I can trust the blokes with most things, someone needs to do the ordering, paying of invoices and paying salaries."

"O.K. I'll do it." Clare said "but I don't think it will come to that. You are pleading guilty, right?"

"Yep throw myself on the mercy of the court" I told her.

Clare taking on that job was a weight off of my mind. At least I should still have a business when I got out. Two weeks later I was back in court. I entered a plea of guilty. My barrister started to enter a plea of mitigation. When I interrupted, neither the Barrister nor the Judge were very pleased. I still pressed on.

"Your Honour," I said "My counsel was about to show you a DVD which I thought contained a pornographic video of my wife. I now know that the person in the video was not my wife and I will not put her through the indignity of having to watch it again. I jumped to a conclusion reacted very badly. I never gave my wife a chance to explain and when she refused to leave, I lost my temper. My actions have lost me everything I held dear, my wife, my children and my life. I am truly sorry for all that I have done sir. I would give my right arm to wipe away the last four months but I know that can't happen. I can only throw myself on the mercy of the court."

Since there was now no need for any prosecution case the next item was a victim statement from Julie she entered the witness box

"Your honour," she said "My husband had always been a kind and caring husband which is what makes his treatment of me all the more disturbing. I am now frightened to be in the same room with him and it has made me apprehensive about being alone with any man. However, in his rush to take all the blame for this assault he has neglected to tell you that I kept the existence of my twin sister from him. It was my sister he saw in the video. Sir, we have two small children who need to see their daddy. They and I ask you to spare him a custodial sentence."

I have to admit that was a surprise. Julie actually asking for mercy for me. I could not see what I had done to deserve it and tears welled up in my eyes. The judge asked my counsel if there was anything he wanted to say before sentence was passed. He pointed out my previous good character my military service and the necessity for me to continue to run my business in order to pay child support. The judge listened to all of this and retired for fifteen minutes. When he returned and I was once more returned to the dock. The judge looked at me.

"Mr Maitland," he said "You have admitted to an unprovoked attack on a defenceless woman, causing her Actual Bodily Harm. This is a very serious offence which demands a custodial sentence. However, you have shown great remorse and have tried to spare the victim any further distress. I have taken into account your previous good character and your service record. I have also listened to the victim statement from your wife and her plea for clemency. It is the sentence of this court that you should go to prison for six months."

On hearing the length of the prison term Julie gasped. However, the judge was not finished.

"This sentence is to be suspended for two years" he said. "Do you understand this sentence as I have given it to you?"

My Barrister whispered "Keep your nose clean for two years and you are a free man. Get into trouble again and you will serve the six months"

"Yes your honour, I understand" I said

"Good, now go from this court and I expect not to see you here again" he said.

I got rid of the barrister as quickly as possible and hurried out hoping to catch Julie I was just about in time as I left she was walking away from me down the corridor. I ran after her and called her name. She stopped and turned around.

"I just want to thank you for what you did in there" I said to her "I know you must hate me and I certainly have no right to expect help from you. I think that, but for you, I would be on my way to prison now so thank you."

"I don't hate you Greg" she said " I hate what you did and I doubt that I will ever be able to forget it. I never wanted you to go to prison. You must know that the way you reacted was not normal. You need help Greg and the sooner you get it the better it will be for everyone."

The first thing I did on leaving the court was to phone Clare. I told her that I was free and so I would not be needing her to take control. She told me that she needed to talk to me so I arranged to go over to her place that evening. When I strode into work Eric and Tom, my two tyre fitters gave me a cheer. It was certainly good to be free and know that there was nothing else hanging over me.

Clare had agreed to give me dinner that night and I found that she was not a bad cook. I had wondered whether the reason she wanted me to come over had more to do with her sexual appetite than business but I was soon disillusioned. She pulled out my company books and started asking me questions about whether anything came in that didn't go through the books and about the money I had been taking out.

"Now here is the problem," she said "for the last five years you say you have been taking two thousand pounds out of the business every month. In effect that has been your salary."

I confirmed that was indeed the case.

"The problem is that the company only makes an average of twelve hundred pounds profit per month according to these books. This made me ask why you haven't gone broke by now so I trawled through your bank statements. Up until your break up your balance has been slowly improving, since Your wife left it has taken a nose dive and you are already starting to use your overdraft facility."

I was totally mystified I listened to Clare as she revealed all.

"If we look carefully through each monthly statement we find a credit transfer every month to the tune of one thousand pounds" she explained.

Now I was really puzzled. " So," I said "who has been giving me a grand a month?"

"The funds were transferred from the account of Ms Julie Maitland, your ex-wife."

"But why would she do that?" I asked

"To protect that massive male ego of yours." she suggested "I am man, provide for my family, always pay my way. She was trying to make you think that you really were an equal partner when it came to providing for the family, hiding how much greater her contribution was than yours. I hate to say this Greg, you are a good bloke and a great lover but you really fucked up big time losing that girl."

"You think I don't know that? I asked "No offence Clare but on the mornings I have woken up in your bed I would have given my eye teeth for it to have been her lying there next to me."

We ended the recriminations and put our minds to what needed to be done. There were only two possibilities, increase the income or cut costs, the biggest cost was staff and if I went back on the shop floor we could afford to lose one of the fitters. The first option would take time, time that I did not have. The second would be very painful for me and the guy I was going to have to fire.

Clare broke out the wine and we sat sipping and talking through my problems. I told her that I was supposed to be out of the house by the weekend but still had not found a place to stay and that I still had to work out visiting arrangements for seeing the kids.

"Well," she said "I can't help with the second part but as far as finding somewhere to live, you can have my spare room for a while, just till you get on your feet."

I must have given her an odd look because she answered a question I hadn't asked.

"No not as my live in lover, just as a lodger."then she grinned "though a bit of loving wouldn't go amiss. Now how about a little down payment on the rent?"

Sleeping with Clare was always one of two things. Either I was fucking her as hard as she wanted or I was making love to Julie. At least that is the way it felt in my head. That night I did both and for Julie I was the gentlest most caring lover she had ever experienced, at least I hoped so. Clare was right I had fucked up big time. I might never get back to where I once was either with Julie or with my kids but I had to try.

During that week I moved my belongings out of the house. There was not much. I took only things that were solely mine, everything else I left for Julie. Also during that week I cleaned the house from top to bottom. If there is one thing a Royal Marine knows it is how to be clean and tidy. By Friday night the house was spotless. That afternoon I stopped by the florists for a couple of bouquets and placed them in vases one in the main room the other in Julies bedroom. I put all the keys in an envelope and dropped them round to Julie's parents. I knew they wouldn't want to see me so I just put them through the door.

I had already diverted my mail to Clare's house and the weekend brought me more bad news. Social services had decided that my access to the children would be limited to two hours a week and that had to be supervised. The second item of bad news was that the Child Support Agency expected me to pay one hundred and thirty pounds a week, per child. So having found that I can only take one thousand pounds out of the company per month and now the CSA want one thousand and forty. It seemed like my world was collapsing around me.

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