Mom's Career Advice
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My sister saw me naked and couldn't believe how big my cock was. I really didn't realize it was out of the ordinary but she wanted to sample it and eventually so did mom. Then she gave me some great advice. Here's what happened.

I discovered my dick pretty early, maybe like you did. It was really fun to play with and as I grew, it began to expand when I played with it. And it felt better as I got older. Lots better.

I really only knew my own dick, I wasn't into sports much where you might be in a locker room or showering with other guys. It was really my sister who brought its size to my attention. Yes, my sister, my younger sister, Nadia.

I was seventeen at the time, just finished showering and getting off nicely in the shower, thinking that I was home by myself, and after drying off, I opened the door and began walking down the hall to my room. Right then, Nadia turned out of her room and gasped at the sight of me.

"Omigod, Ron, you're dick is huge."

I was so stunned that I just stood there. Then I realized I didn't have a towel so I made a lame attempt to cover myself with my hands.

"No, Ron, no, let me see it."

I moved my hands away and she stepped closer.

"It's huge."

"Well, I just got off in the shower, that's why," I told her.

She laughed, telling me, "Oh, that may well be but I've seen a few hard-ons in my time and, Ron, you're the biggest I've seen. How long is it?"

"I don't know, I don't go around measuring it, you know."

"Come to Mom's room, she's got a tape measure in her sewing stuff," she told me and I followed her to our mother's bedroom where she got the tape out.

"Okay, is that as big as it gets?"

"I guess so, I don't know."

"You want me to see if I can make it bigger?"

She really asked me that, my sixteen-year old sister.

"Well, yeah, if you want to."

"Do you like it sucked?"

"Um, yeah, I guess."

"You've never had your dick sucked, that big cock of yours?"

I was surprised that my sister was using words like that but it just shows that I didn't know anything about her sexual experience level at the time. It was rather more than mine, I would soon discover.

"No, but all my friends tell me it's pretty good."

She smiled and crouched in front of me to slide her lips over the end and begin sucking.

If anything could make a dick hard, my sister's mouth could. She sucked me for a minute or two, then put the tape measure up to me and held it steady.

"Eight and a half, wow, Ron, I know a guy with a seven-incher and, well, my big brother is really big."

"I guess I didn't know, I mean I don't hang around naked guys with erections, Sis. I just thought this was the way guy's equipment looked."

It was funny, I was feeling kind of relaxed now standing there buck-naked with my sister as we talked about how big my dick was. It was really kind of cool.

"Have ... um, have you had sex with that?"

I laughed, "Just by myself."

"You mean I'm ahead of you in the sex department? Wow, I never knew."

"If you've had sex, yeah, I guess you are."

"I have but not with one like that. Too bad you're my brother," she said grinning.

"I thought the only problem with sibs doing it was if they had babies, then there might be a problem," I said, laughing.

"Are you trying to say something, big brother?"

"Could be. I've been wondering what you look like under those clothes."

"Mmm, I guess it's not fair for you to be naked and me to be like this," she said as she began taking her clothes off. "Maybe we need to go to my room," she added and I followed her down the hall to her room where she finished undressing.

She stood there, beautifully naked.

Now, my sister is very pretty. She has long, dark hair down past her shoulders, brown eyes, clear peachy skin and now I see the rest of her.

Her breasts are luscious, full and round and they even point upward a little ending in cone-shaped nipples that looked delicious.

"You must shave, huh?" I asked looking at her plump slit looking so young and pretty.

"Yeah, most of the girls I know do. I started when I was thirteen."

"Looks pretty that way. You're really beautiful, Nadia, you're incredible, what a body. I've seen you in a two-piece but, wow, you're really hot."

"Am I helping that stay up?" she asked nodding at my erection.

"You sure are," I told her as she stepped forward and embraced me, then kissed me, kissed me like she'd never kissed me before. Her hand went down between us to grip my cock as her tongue snaked into my mouth.

We held each other and kissed for a few minutes. The first second or two, I thought how strange it was to kiss my sister that way but it soon began to feel good, it felt right, sexy, erotic, even.

She pulled back and reached over to sweep back the covers on her bed.

"What are you doing, Nadia?"

"I'm going to have sex with my brother," she said softly as she got on her bed and spread her legs open.

"I've always wanted to try one like yours, Ron, and here it is right in the family," she said while I got up between her legs. "All I ask is take your time, you're big and I'm not," she said as she reached down to take it and rub up and down as she raised her legs up.

She rubbed a minute or two, then asked me to try pushing it in. I pressed my hips forward but nothing really happened.

"Go ahead, push harder," she said and I arched forward, pushing as hard as I thought I should then backed off.

She spit on her three fingers and went down to rub that on her, then pulled her pussy lips apart telling me to try again.

I put my dick right inside where it was pink and wet where she was holding herself open and pushed. Then I felt her pushing down and saw that the head of my cock had entered her.

"Oh, it's in. Omigod, you're so big, just go slow, okay, just take plenty of time, Ron, nice and slow."

"I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"No, I just feel full, really full, like stretched. I think if you go slow it'll be okay."

So, I took my time, just pushing a little at a time, pulling back a bit, pushing forward, just as slowly as I could go. But the truth was it felt so good I just wanted to jam it all inside her. But it was my sister and I loved her, of course, though now that may be changing, I thought.

While I was gently pressing in and pulling back, repeating that over and over, my dick was slowly moving deeper. She was wiggling herself trying to make it easier, too, and the feelings were sensational. Now I realized there was something much, much better than how it felt when I jacked-off.

I looked down and saw that I was now about half way inside her.

"Is it okay?" I asked.

"Oh, man, way better than okay, just keep getting it more inside, I want to see if you can get all that in," and I kept moving back and forth until I finally just pushed, feeling her pushing down as well, when I said, "I think it's all the way in."

"Just hold it there, just keep pushing like that. God, you are big, Ron, wow, just let me feel it like this for a while."

So, I kept pressing into her as I felt her tightening herself inside, then relaxing, just doing that over and over making us feel good.

"Now, start doing it, going back and forth, go slow," she asked and she was so tight that it took some effort but it felt so good. I looked down at her and my sister was grinning up at me.

"What's the big smile for?" I asked.

"The big smile is for what I'm feeling right now, Ron, I've always wondered, ever since the first boy put his dick in me, what a really big one would be like. Mmm, now I know. So, how's your first time?"

"I never thought it would be with you, Sis, but, well, it's a lot sexier than I ever thought it might be. I love your body, you look so hot and, well, this, oh, man, this is the best. I can't believe how good this feels. Should I pull out before I cum?"

"I'm on the pill so it's okay. It'll be fun to have my own brother's cum inside me. I'll carry it around the rest of the day, that's cool. Mom'll never know," she giggled.

I knew I was really close now as I took slow, deliberate pushes back and forth. She raised her legs up high over us and began to softly moan.

She began wiggling under me and that did it, my cum began shooting into her as she whimpered and shuddered, pulling me tight to her.

"Omigod, that was the best. Oh, wow, my own brother, my own brother with the whopper of a cock. Who knew?"

"I guess I didn't either, Sis. I just thought it was like every other one."

"Mmm, oh, it's not, not at all. Oh, if my friends could only see it," she said as I continued moving back and forth, I just didn't want to quit and Nadia seemed to be enjoying it as well.

"What would you do, Nad, just put me on display for your girlfriends?"

"Wouldn't that be fun? Would you do it?"

"You are kidding, right? Like get it out for all your friends to see?"

"Maybe even more, maybe feel it, maybe even, well, kiss it? Maybe even more?"

"You are kidding, right?"

"Maybe not. Would you do it? Would you show them?"

"Who would it be?"

"Lois, um, Bethie, Anna, Susan Combs, I don't think you know her, um, Lucie, and, maybe BethAnn."

I knew most of the girls she named, they were all hot girls, just like my sister. So, I figured, if she was bluffing, I'd call her bluff, "Sure, I'll show them, maybe even do a little strip dance for them."

I still had my cock inside her as she asked, "Think we could go for a second orgasm? It was that good, big brother."

So, we just kept going, I was still hard, after all, it was my first time and if you think it wasn't sexy doing my sister, well, think again. We were kissing like boyfriend and girlfriend and it has changed things between us ever since.

Nadia and I have always loved each other but now it was beginning to deepen and become different. We began having some form of sex every day. Weekends were hard because our mom was home a lot, our dad was long gone, they were divorced many years ago.

Then, after about three weeks, I was just working my cock into her when she brought up what we'd first talked about.

"Remember me asking you if you'd show my friends your big cock?"

I told her I did and she went on, "Well, Bethie's mom and dad are going away for the weekend in two weeks, so she's supposed to be staying with Lucie but we could use Bethie's house for your big unveiling. What do you think?"

Well, there it was. I really didn't think she'd go through with her idea to show all her friends how big my cock was but here it is, she sounds like she was serious.

"You really mean this, don't you?"

"I think it'll be a hell of a party, Ron, and you'll be the only guy there. Every one of these girls is on the pill and we've all had sex so I can't imagine that you'd want to turn this down. Think of all the pussy you'll get. Maybe even mine. None of them know we're fucking but, well, maybe we'll show them how siblings can do it, huh?"

"You really think you want to do that? They're your friends, Sis."

"You wanna know something? The whole idea of us fucking while they all watched turns me on more than anything I've ever thought about."

"You're kidding. All your friends? Us doing this?" I asked her as I rocked back and forth, now used to sex with each other.

"Yeah, pretty slutty, huh? God, I'm such a whore," she said laughing.

"Well, I guess I'd do it if you want to but it's really up to you," I told her.

"I think I want to but maybe we'll just see what happens. So, I can set this up? You ready to flaunt that nice big dick of yours?"

"I guess so. Can I collect money from them, you know tips?"

"Oh, now you're getting into it. Look, just fuck me and we'll talk details later," she laughed. And that's exactly what I did.

A few days later, she came in my room with something behind her back.

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